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Default War VI: After World's End

After World's End: Jirachi's Sacrifice

Note: Most info found HERE

General History

Inspired By: City of Heroes, X-Men

Years ago, the end of the world began. Four legendary horses, each carrying a single rider, the harbingers of Death, Famine, War, and Pestilence. Starting at the continent known as Greyland, these four beings and their steeds traveled the four corners of the continent, killing each and every person they came in contact with. The land was in turmoil, with everyone doing what they could to survive, hiding in bomb shelters and killing each other over small hiding places that might save them from the horrible fate that was coming there way. However, those who chose to hide had an even worse fate, thousands of year’s worth of pain shot into their very soul, leaving them chained to the core of the world itself without the luxury of death.

It was during this time of suffering that the world’s legends, large, small, winged, or cute all banded together to strike back at the four horses, leading armies of the Pokémon of the world. The site brought hope for the inhabitants, rising the human’s fighting spirits once again. Though having never before needed firearms such as guns or rifles because of their Pokémon partners, the various humans had studied martial weapons and arts, as well as trained their Pokémon specifically for wars and battles. It was at this time that the two sides, Pokémon and Human alike decided to ban together, whether it be by a Mew’s pleas or another human’s briberies. The various armies of the continent and the world itself all massed for one large strike, old enemies working together for the first time in ages.

Some of the most powerful armies were led not by the various governments, but instead by the groups that inhabited them. This was the most prominent in Greyland, where the different teams all fought for control of the land, each ruling a portion. Each different group sent out their own squads, most sending all they could to help the effort, but some keeping their best out of the fight, in case the attack failed.

The war took place on various spots of Greyland, though the largest and deciding battle was fought on Mount Salic. With the outcomes of the various battles already decided, and Famine and Death already defeated but with Famine’s stead surviving, and Pestilence’s stead dying while Pestilence himself lived, the survivors on both sides all gathered at the same point, all ready to make a final strike.

Though it took a full day, Pestilence was finally defeated, as Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres launched a deadly tri attack at the Pokémon, draining their energy and killing themselves off in the process. However, War and the surviving stead of Famine proved to be too much as they wiped out all of the surviving legendary Pokémon before setting their sights on the leaders of the various groups themselves, murdering them all one by one.

It was at Jirachi’s death, sacrificing himself to save a surprised Mewtwo, that the battle finally swung in the favor of the humans. As the blood of the Wishmaker mixed with the cloned Pokémon’s tears, that the body of Jirachi glowed, reviving a dying Mew and Arceus as well as filling random humans with a strange energy. This energy gave the humans different powers, each with the power to match the various legendary Pokémon. Now, with newfound power, War and the two horses were suddenly on the defensive. As a last strike, War slammed his massive Warhammer into the ground, obliterating the mountain. Though many humans and Pokémon alike died, some still managed to escape. Inexplicably, a few hours after the battle was finished, the powers faded away as if they were never there.

Many years later, the land where the final battle once took place, and where Mount Salic once stood, was turned into a tourist attraction. Many from around the world traveled to the land to see where the great battle once took place. After a while, a city was built in the ruins of the mountain, called Vittoria.

After time, and the city grew, some of the citizens noted small powers. Though they were nothing like what was once used to defeat War, they were noticeable nonetheless. Some could change the color of their eyes by blinking, while others could take off the pants simply by jumping into the air, those this trick quickly became embarrassing as the user got older.

Over time the history of the land was forgotten, as the final documents blew into the wind, though the powers themselves were slowly growing in magnitude. Some chose to use these powers for good, saving small children and becoming super heroes, others chose to use them to become the heads of businesses, or well paid hitmen. Still others chose to use their power not for good or evil, but to keep the balance and protect the city. Some of the more down to earth types simply pretended they had none, not wanting to be treated any different, because there were those who despised the ones with powers. Inexplicably, if one traveled too far from the city the powers simply vanished. A powered hero even erected a wall around the and where the powers vanished to hint to others where the stopping point was.

As the powers became more evident, more groups rose up to spite them. Some did this simply out of jealousy, while others were simply afraid of those who were more powerful then them. It was this that caused the gifted men and women to join together, supporting each other or just going around doing good deeds together. It was a while after the individuals banned together that the groups came back.

Some groups had not survived the war, such as the tragic falls of Aqua and the Typhoon Alliance. However, after time some of the teams that had existed came back. No one seemed to know the leaders, but each powered individual seemed to have picked their own side. These six teams, NRSK, Syndicate, Alpha Guild, Rocket, Swarm, and Trainer soon grew as more joined, each taking a particular part of the city as their own. Now the lines have been drawn, and each member seems to have their own goals, while those of the leaders are still totally unknown.

The Violent Path: The City
Inspired By: Full Metal Alchemist
Note: May be edited/ have stuff added

With the various powered individuals just getting started into their various groups, many are forced to meet new people and get settled into their own group. With the different team having different goals, while Syndicate might try to corrupt a small business, NRSK might try to feed the homeless. While the path of the individual is determined by the teams alignment, each team will do their own thing, decided and changed by the people themselves, within limits.

However, one new side remains a mystery. A new group, led by a man simply known as Superbia has emerged. While it’s purpose and actions are random and unknown, they still manage to cause damage against the city and the various members. One thing is known for sure, they all seem to be faster, stronger, and smarter then any normal humans could be, giving the various groups pause.

At the same time, the groups are still building, trying to expand their influence and build up their group. Though each has a small area of influence, this is just because the locals have put up small to no fight, the groups themselves are just starting to grow and find themselves. Teams themselves must find their own way to persuade or beat the locals and other teams into giving up neighborhood, taking control of more area. Then once they establish a hold, teams can try to hire and build new buildings, take over a nearby bank, try to make some of the children join their cause …

This is a more open area of the RP, but do not try to take advantage of this. It takes time to take over area, make people join your side, whatever you want to do. Cops in this town have the state of the art anti-power devices, giving them some of the same powers that we do. If you draw too much attention to yourselves, the government may step in with their own super soldiers.

As well, the storyline itself will change and grow as the RP goes along, adding new characters and obstacles to stand in the way. Take your time and enjoy the openness, I really do not want to have to limit it ^^;. I thought it would be fun to keep it more like that one TOD one, where we are just coming back, don’t go as fast as you did there. You are a growing team, not a one post building machine <3.

The School: A path for both
Inspired By: The Magickers, Myself
Note: May be edited.

Straight in the middle of town lies the college known as Marc University, named after the legendary Light of the town. The college is well known for teaching famous trainers such as Lance from the Elite Four, professors such as Professor Oak. Of course, regular majors and minors can be handed out, but the college is frequented by students hoping to learn from the various Pokemon experts.

This year, special scholarships were handed out to various new students (the roleplayers), but also forcing them to live in a brand new dorm, Jirachi Hall. This dorm is as advanced as can be, the living spaces generously large.

It was on the very first day that Fred Lodiab, the man who sponsors and heads the dorm, handed out a large document, which held the entire history of the great war of the past. The professor then went on to give them a speech …

”It was on a dig that I found an ancient manuscript. Though the language was not entirely as that which we use today, most of it was still readable, and I managed to type out that which you now read. Further studying led me to believe that the land where the battle once took place happened on the very land on which this city now takes place.

I moved here last year, studying the war itself. During my search I discovered clues to something that might change the world around us as we know it. I knew, however, that I could not get to it by myself, as one of the researchers with me was murdered in pursuit. I was forced to lay low, and in this time I started to study the powered individuals, just like those in the past. With the help of one I was able to create an object that helps me find these special citizens. I chose you all for a certain reason, I think that you will be able to help me out.

If my notes are correct, something very important might be found in this school, though I am not quite sure yet. However, I believe that some of the teachers were involved in the murder of my researcher. All of you should try to keep an ear out, but for those of you who are less pacifistic, stop them if you can.

Now I know that not all of you are on the best of terms, as I have heard about these apparent groups you have all started, but try to keep it civil, okay? Or at the very least, keep the pranks and fighting from me, or I will be forced to keep things civil.

For those of you who are more pacifistic, there is the new Pokémon habitat and training zone, where you can battle and bond with Pokémon. However, catching is prohibited unless given the ‘ok’ from a teacher.

Also, thanks to the miracles of modern Pokémon, a rift in the world was somehow opened in one of the college’s many rooms. This is a small land, with not even a single Pokémon inside. Professor Nagina’s Pokémon Mysteries class will be able to study and explore it, while Professor Cheftun’s Shop class will be building a small house the college will be able to later use, so make sure to sign up for one of those classes.”


-Thanks to Mikey for helping me with the power rolling
-Thanks to Finch for the idea and the random power idea
-Thanks to KB and Sakura for ideas with the School bit of the RP
-Neptune for help with ideas
-Firefly for the Teachers
-Mikey (again) for the map ...

"God, my brilliance is now somewhat of a burden. Get back to me."

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Default Re: War VI: After World's End


-Only those whose sign-ups that have been accepted may roleplay.
-Only the Roleplay Judge, TheScottMan, may give official warnings or ban others from the RP.
-Three Warnings = You are out of the RP.
-NO excessive violence in the Violent portion (no mass murdering … be smart, killing will have consequences) and no murdering in the school portion.
-NO Grunt Complex (Meaning, one person cannot sit back and use grunts to do the dirty work. One person may only use up to 2 NPC’s to fight with, though *friendly* NPCs can be used at any time. BUT they have to strike WITH their NPCs).
-NO creation of mass-harm devices unless given the OK (i.e. to up the story, to give another side an edge if one side is too powerful).
-NO Gmodding or bunnying
-Scott may change/limit your powers to even them out if it seems that the power is being taken advantage of or seem too weak.
-Nothing past PG-13 ish. Keep it clean, people
-Your main characters alignment must align with your team. Therefore, Sent’s character must be evil. However, NPC’s may be of another alignment.
-When you are given a power, follow it, do not try to make it stronger
-Within the team pecking order, you are a simply a member. Not a leader, not a co-leader. In fact, the hierarchy of every team is hidden in a shroud of mystery, and the most known would be a lieutenant.
-There are no guns / missiles / etc., as they use Pokémon, but members WITHOUT an offensive power may use some weapons (Blunt weapons).
-Any team may not steal any other teams MAIN territory, though they may enter it and do whatever.
-A note on the School, classes are how they are because I want it so that RPers will more then likely end up in the same classes, though not as much in the pacifists. Also, pacifists have a seperate wing in the Jirachi Dorm just for them.

The Help
-Tiana, Tyranitar Trainer, DU, Marth, Neo, and Draconic Espeon may warn people, help with the RP storyline, stop fighting, etc. in case I'm just not on :D

-NO post max
-350 Word Limit for Posts, 200 for Conversation Posts. Exceptions are made for conversation posts, but do not abuse it <3.

-Charizard Mike
-Draconic Espeon
-Firefly (2)
-Ninja Emperor
-Deoxs Trainer
-Tyranitar Trainer
-Tiana M
-Lord Zangoose
-Scott and Special Everything Scott Character


"God, my brilliance is now somewhat of a burden. Get back to me."

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Default Re: War VI: After World's End


Location: Outside Vittoria
Character: The Prophet
Something wicked this was comes

“Onix, you’re finished here!” I said, my strange deep quality voice loud enough to make the Mew and Abra beside me wince a little, they had never gotten used it. I held up a gloved hand, holding a painted black and silver Poké Ball, a beam of red light sucking up the giant rock figure.

{Oh come on, do you really have to keep that stupid voice amplifier?} my Mew asked, her thoughts sent directly to the my mind. The pink creature twirled her tail as she talked, spinning around a little. The Abra simply stared at the moving creature, following her with his eyes, wondering if the Pokémon had ADD.

“Yes, I’m supposed to be a mystery figure, remember?” I retorted right back, rolling my eyes. The hood was down currently, showing of hair that normally never saw the light of day. “It’s so hot in here…” I continued, mumbling a little as the figure walked slowly to the hole that the Onix just made. Reaching into the black gown, I then preceded to grabbed another ball, moving my hand behind its back, returning the Abra.

The Mew moved to float beside me, moving to peer into the gap as well. The Mew’s mouth opened as much as it could, gaping down into the hole at the Poké Balls that lay there. “That’s different …” I mumbled, my voice sounding less mechanic and more human with those words.

The Mew turned to look into my eyes, {Something about those balls are different …}. She stared into the small hole before slowly moving down into it to try to grab one of the balls. I watched as she barely touched them, and moved away with the pink creature as the balls flew into the air before finally shooting to the city of Vittoria, each reaching the four corners of the city.

“Ah, Onix feces …” I mumbled to myself, staring after the moving items. “This can’t be good …” With a sigh, I pulled out Abra’s Poké Ball again, dropping it to the ground. The Psychic Pokémon popped out, and after simply placing my hand on the creature and thinking of the city limits, the Pokémon instantly transported me there.

Mew appeared beside me after a while, {Where to?}

Inside the city limits, I fixed my hood so it covered everything, making sure to put on my mysterious face and personality. “To the teams of course, they should be able to help …

"God, my brilliance is now somewhat of a burden. Get back to me."

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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Location: Channelston Lake
Character: Chara

It was a beautiful afternoon. I sat by the lake, watching the Golduck and the Magikarp swimming about. Kichi and Spirit were on either side of me, Kichi dozing, and Spirit meditating, it appeared. He did that quite often these days, though I'd never found out where he picked up such a habit.

I reached up to lower my hood, allowing a faint breeze to play with my long hair, and smiled down at Kichi as she shifted in her sleep. We'd had a rather rough battle earlier, and the poor little rabbit had been extremely tired afterwards. She'd refused to be healed, though I was somewhat worried she'd pushed herself too far in the battle.

My gaze was pulled back up to the lake as a Golduck quacked loudly, and several others responded in turn. They started to dive, one after the other, and soon they had all vanished. The Magikarp seemed to follow, because within moments they were gone as well. I then became aware of a flapping noise and looked up, seeing a pair of Staraptor as they winged into sight. No wonder the Golduck and Magikarp had fled underwater. One Staraptor was big and strong enough to cart off a small Golduck. A mated pair could, between them, carry off the largest, fatest Golduck they could close their talons on. I watched them fly by, calling to one another as they flew in wide, searching circles. Knowing that Kichi would make a nice snack if they decided to go after her, I placed an arm around her until the birds had passed on by.

Once the Staraptor had passed, the Golduck resurfaced and went back to what they'd been doing as if nothing had happened. I chuckled a little, then sighed. It reminded me of how things had been the past week or so. Danger coming and going like lightening. I glanced at Spirit, who was looking at me now, and offered a faint smile.

"Are you done?"

"Zor," the armored insect replied with a nod. I nodded as well and gently picked up Kichi, cradling her in an arm as I stood. She mumbled and snuggled closer to me, but didn't wake. Spirit rolled his eyes, but I could see the ghost of a smile on his face. "Zor, sci scizor sci," he said, motioning with a large red pincher to the where his favorite eartery was located.

"You're huingry, then?" I asked, and he nodded once more. I looked down at Kichi and softly shook her awake. As the little brown bunny yawned and rubbed at her eyes, I said, "Spirit wants to go to Bonsa's Chinese. Would you like comething as well?"

"BUN!" Kichi replied, instantly wide-awake. I laughed as she bounded out of my arms and danced a few circles around me, looking joyous. Both she and Spirit loved Chinese food almost as much as I did. Spirit rolled his eyes again and shook his head, and together the three of us started off towards lunch.
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

(YES!! Oh, and Tamaki will be in Class Schedule B.)

Marc University, Campus

Tamaki Kurokawa

The sun was bright and warm, the sky clear of all but the faintest traces of clouds. It promised to be a nice day, and Tamaki certainly wasn't going to waste it. She sat at a wicker bench, her long hair tied back in the heat of the day. A textbook was balanced on her lap, one hand holding it in place while she petted a Luxray sprawled out beside her with the other. The lion-like creature, happy to simply lounge on such a beautiful day, was thuroughly enjoying the attention. He was a bit small for his species, not that his trainer much minded. He was honestly little more than an affectionate house pet.

A draconic form soared above, the bright sunlight bringing fond memories back of the desert where she once lived. The Flygon had never actually flown there, having been a Trapinch at the time and lacking wings, but she imagined it must have been nice. Niera dove down, the wind from her wings stirring Tamaki's hair. The girl looked up, smiling as the brightly colored dragon landed gracefully.

"Always the show off, aren't you?" The girl said with a laugh. Both Pokemon could sense her ease. It meant only one thing- Reeah was away.


Vittoria Docks

Reeah Kurokawa

"Gimme my cash, weakling." Far away from the bright and cheery university, a girl much like Tamaki sneered over a young trainer. A purple behemoth stood behind her, with the boy's Houndoom not far away, beaten badly by the Nidoking. A Murkrow perched on the girl's shoulder, its eyes watching the beaten boy. He glared at both her and the bird, his hands clenching into fists. He'd spent days training his Houndoom, thinking it could beat anyone- then this girl shows up, acting like she owns the place. He'd meant to teach her a lesson, but she'd thuroughly owned him. Who'd ever heard of a Nidoking that knew Surf?

"... Fine." Reluctantly, he pulled the bills from his pocket. Not making any attempt to actually hand them to her, they were simply tossed, falling to the dirty ground below. He took a Pokeball from his belt, the white portion painted black, and badly at that. He returned the Houndoom, then pointed at Reeah.

"This isn't over yet, girly. I'll be back, and when I come, you won't be so high and mighty."

"Bring it on," she replied, her lips curled into a malicious grin. "I'll beat you down any time." She watched him walk away, and flicked a finger boredly at the Murkrow. Takeru dove down, picking up the dropped bills in his beak and handing them to his trainer. Reeah, flipped through them, counting.

"Not bad," she commented to herself, shoving them in her pocket when she was done. "I suppose we'd better head back. Long distance recombining is weird as heck, and our time's about up." She took out a Pokeball, returning Daisuke, and began the long walk back to the center of town, and back to her clone.

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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

(Hope this is good enough)

Location: Neptune Blue Department Store
Character: Jack

Here I was back at the department store again. I had lost a battle and since I didn’t have time to go to the pokemon center and get my pokemon fully healed I had to come here and get two hyper potions.

“Here you go. Have a nice day.”
“Huh. Oh yeah thanks.”

I rushed to the elevator and started to click the down button hoping it would make the elevator hurry up, but it did no such thing. I couldn’t take a bus or anything to school since I had spent all my money I had on the potions.

After what seemed like forever the door to the elevator finally opened. I jumped into it and pressed the first floor button. This music came on for me to listen to. It was the music you always hated to here when you were in a hurry. Then suddenly the elevator stopped. I pressed the emergency call button yet nothing came on.

“AHHHHH!” Of all the times for this to happen it had to be when I was in a hurry to get to class. I started banging my head on the wall. If I was late again to Professor Vazero’s class again she would either kill me or make me clean her room again. Hopefully it would be the kill one because the last time I cleaned her room I found food that was moving.

Suddenly an idea popped into my head.

”Luxray, come on out.”

Luxray popped out and seemed a little confused on why he was in a dark elevator. I quickly opened the little door underneath the control pad and found the wires that gave the elevator energy. I quickly disconnected them and wrapped them around Luxrays tail.

“Luxray, I need you to send electricity to your tail and transfer the energy to the to wires. Got it?”

It seemed like he had actually shook his head. He closed his eyes and I saw the electricity shooting into the wires. The elevator still wasn’t working.

“Come on come on.”

Then the elevators lights turned back on and it started heading down again. When we finally reached the ground and the elevators opened I quickly returned Luxray to his pokeball. I scrambled out of the department store and looked up at the giant clock on the building. It said 8: 45. That gave me 15 minutes to get to class when it’s a 30 minute run from here. This was really not my day at all.

Location: Channelston Lake
Character: Jack

I was looking at this guy who apparently was trying to catch a Remoraid yet he wasn’t doing a very good job. He had rock pokemon so he definetly wasn’t going to get very with it. I walked up to him and when I touched him on the shoulder he turned around.

“Need some help?”

He nodded his head at me which meant it was time to go to work. I grabbed my pokeball from my ball and tossed it into the air.

“Luxray, come on out and use spark.”

Luxray, sent the energy forward shocking the entire lake. Remoraid looked knocked out after the attack.

“Throw a pokeball know.”

He fumbled to grab the pokeball. He flung it at the Remoraid. I walked off to behind a tree without him noticing. He turned to where I was standing looking to thank me, but he got confused when he saw that I wasn’t there. I had done my job for the day and started to walk back to base.

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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Marc University, Admissions Office

Both Plots

Hotaru Avaria Amiko, Ne Jane Beth Baker

The sun's scorching rays were absorbed by the black tiles of the school roof. Though the hum of an air conditioner told Hotaru that the room was being cooled, she could not help but strip off her sweatshirt as soon as she stepped inside. Though the building was white brick, the ceiling was of dark colored shingling, and looked liable to absorb heat.

Then again, her hair, too, was dark colored, and while it wasn't long, it fell past her shoulders now. Recently, Hotaru had let it grow out. The university was in a far safer city than her previous home, after all, and she no longer had to worry about having long hair during combat.

At the moment, however, said hair was tied up. The heat was just too much, with the dark locks drawing in so much heat. Instead, Hotaru had tied most of it up in a ponytail. As usual, a few strands near the front of one side slipped out, hanging beside the side of her face. Used to this, she ignored the stray parts, instead of uselessly trying to gather them up again.

"Hello, dear," the woman at the desk greeted her. Used to such greetings, Hotaru tried her best to stay polite. She was, after all, young looking. Unless one had seen her dressed to look older intentionally, or in a fight or serious mood, it made sense for them to mistake her for someone too young to be a student.

"I'm here about the scheduling conflict," Hotaru said flatly, to get rid of any misconceptions right from the beginning. Stepping to the side of the desk, she reached around, taking the woman's spare chair. After all, the chairs set out for visitors were of metal, and uncomfortable. She preferred to be on an even keel with those she was talking to- and she certainly enjoyed throwing this annoying secretary off guard. The woman's smile became obviously fake as Hotaru took her other chair, sitting down on the soft pleather.

Deciding that it might be going too far if she put her feet up on the desk, Hotaru chose to instead get right to business.

"I'm only going to be attending school part time this year, but my schedule has the full five classes. Also, I didn't choose any of these."

Wordlessly, the woman across from her handed her a form to fill out. Taking it, Hotaru reached into her pocket for a pen. As she did so, she let a pokeball slip from her clothes. Scuffing her foot against the floor to hide the sound of plastic striking the tile, she carefully kept her eyes on the paper as her Natu was called out. Shiloh, as he was called, took a look around, and begin to hop quietly towards the connected room. Hotaru wasn't sure if there was anything interesting there, but she planned on finding out.

Taking her time filling out the form, she remained quiet, though she knew the secretary was staring at her. Unwilling to give in to the silent pressure to hurry up, or make small talk, she took her time with the paper.

Class 1: Pokemon Family Structure/Taming
Class 2: Pokemon Art
Class 3: Professional Grooming

~There's an open window. I'll meet you outside~ Shiloh said in her head. Appreciating the psychic type's warning, Hotaru finished the paper more quickly, then handed it back to the secretary. Without waiting for an answer, she smiled slightly, and rose from her chair. "Have a good day," she said, leaving the woman thoroughly confused, and strode out.

Back in the sunlight, Hotaru slung her backpack off her back, and sat down on the steps. Shiloh was already waiting there, the little Natu watching impatiently.

~It's just a list of who has what classes,~ Shiloh informed her. ~I did not see Eden's classes, though,~

The Pokemon sounded disappointed, though that came as no surprise to Hotaru. Shiloh liked Eden, even if he didn't spend much time with her.

After heading back to the center of campus, Hotaru glanced around to see if anyone else was around. She didn’t see anyone, though that was likely because classes had started. She would begin going to them the next day, since the admissions officer had to fix her schedule first.

In the meantime, however, she didn’t plan on wasting time. Though there were many places Hotaru wanted to explore, it wouldn’t be as fun without Eden around. Since Eden undoubtedly was busy now, she decided to spend time with her Pokemon, instead. Even though no one was around, she stuck to using their public nicknames, lest she be overheard, however.

“Dzaxey, Brazen, Baylie,” she called, as she let her other Pokemon out. All three appeared to be in a relatively good mood for the day, even Baylie. The Bayleef was often short tempered, after all.

{I like this place,} Brazen commented inanely. He, too, didn’t appear to be in the mood to make trouble, or even to play or train. Quietly, the Arcanine lay down on the soft grass, tail swishing softly with the wind.

Beside him, Dzaxey also reclined on the grass. She, however, was more alert. The Persian’s tail moved lazily, curling and uncurling, but her eyes were open, and darted back and forth. She appeared to be memorizing their surroundings.

Sitting down cautiously beside them, Hotaru tossed her sweatshirt onto the grass. Because of the heat, she was wearing only a plain short sleeve short, along with jeans. Even in warm weather, the girl was rarely seen in shorts, nor, indeed, in jeans that were not a little baggy. Her usual pants, sweats, and movement-permitting jeans had been left behind for the day, however. First impressions were important, much as she hated trying to make a good one, and so she was dressed quite nicely for the day. Someone standing close enough would be able to see that she was even wearing a little mascara, quite unusual for her.

{She actually doesn’t feel like training for once,} Persian hissed softly to Hotaru, as the girl sat down beside her. Though she hadn’t specified who she meant, Hotaru knew she had to be referring to Bayleef. And, for once, she was right. The normally belligerent grass-type was calm.

Not wanting to stir the calm waters, Shiloh took a neutral path. Instead of choosing hard training, or pure play, the little psychic type fluttered over to Hotaru, and plopped down in front of her. ~We could work on hand signals, since no one’s around to see,~ he suggested.

{Easy for you to say, you can communicate with her easily,} Baylie pointed out snarkily. {She doesn’t always understand what we say.}

{I still have to know the signal, so I can understand what you’re signing if we’re somewhere where we have to be quiet,} Shiloh said calmly, refusing to rise to the bait. Instead, the bird merely seated himself quietly, folding his little wings together as the other Pokemon gathered around.

My hands have yet to build a village, have yet to find water in the barren desert, have yet to plant a flower, and I have yet to find the path that leads me... I have not loved enough, but the wind and the sun are still on my face.

I have yet to sow green fields, yet to raise a city, yet to plant a grapevine on each chalky hill... There is so much to build and so much to be, and my love is just beginning.
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

OOC: Let's do this, shall we?


Location:Middle of Nowhere
Name: Cress Albane
Plot: Violent

"Dammit! Where is everybody?" I asked myself as I wondered aimlessly towards nowhere. I had been following a strange caravan that was carrying some sort of prisoners from the heart of Greyland to a suburbian city. I took out my binoculars and scanned the area. All I saw was tons and tons of dust. "Dangit! How could I have lost them?" was I could think about. Then, I heard footsteps coming from my right side. I looked around and saw nowhere to hide. "I hate these situations!" I said as I pulled out a Pokeball and threw it high into the air.

The ball burst open and Scizor popped out. It's scarlet body flashed in the burning sunlight and it turned to face me. It gave a fighting stance and it knew what was going on.

The footsteps were getting closer as Scizor covered me with his body. I yelled from behind him, "Tell who's there! Before I have to hurt someone!" I knew I had shown that I was scared. I looked up to Scizor to se that he was looking stright ahead at whatever was coming closer.

A minute went by and I wondered if the footsteps I had heard were just an imagination, when I heard a deep voice coming from right behind me. "What are you doing in the middle of the desert? You could die of thirst out here!"

I turned my gaze to behind me and saw an elderly man standing right on top of a sand dune. He looked to be about in his fiftys and he was walking on an old fashioned walking-stick. He was very tan on some parts on his body and others were as pale as ghosts. He was wearing a tunic that looked very light as if he actually lived here in the desert.

I stood up straight and replied, "I was following a caravan here from the heart of Greyland. I suspected they had something I wanted. I lost track of them about 15 minutes ago. Have you seen a caravan running through here?"

The old man shook his head and gave a smile. "No I haven't, but we need to get you out of this desert before you die. Follow close to me. I shall take you to my home."

I glanced over at Scizor and it gave a shrug. I glanced back at the old man and said, "Fine. We will follow you. But you'd better not pull anything. Got it?"

The old man turned stern and gave a sharp nod and he turned the opposite direction. He motioned for us to follow and we did through the unforgiving desert.
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

San Diesel Church: Trainer HQ (A7)
Channelston Territory

MIchelle was dressed in black jumpsuit with hair extentions to make her hair look longer. It was still day light outside but Michelle had the afternoon off from school. She walked around in the church gaining some stares from many of the people inside. It seems to them that they never seen anybody wearing a jumpsuit inside a church. Michelle walked into the location of Team Trainer's headquarters which was also a nice looking church with many pews. She would enter from the back but she wanted to give back to the church for allowing the people who own the church for allowing them to make their headquaters here. She walked towards the donation box and place a few large number bills. Once she did that Maria began to leave the pew room of the church to enter from the back.

Team Trainer had gained the trust of the people in this neighborhood by helping them with some task and keeping out some of the other teams in the city. After a while the people in this neighborhood began to trust Team Trainer and the people in this church allow Team Trainer to use this church for whatever needs they may need.

Michelle enter the back side of the church. THe church was a nice size and had some trees around it and lots of small buildings around it used by the church for their services and for what Team Trainer use for meetings and jobs. Still to relax and work in private the basement of the church was all Team Trainers where they even have a great healing center downstairs.

One of the people there then looked at the black haired girl named Michelle and said, "Mikey. How are you doing girl?"

Michelle looked at the small teen and nodded to him. She was always called Mikey when she was working for Team Trainer. She then said in a cold tone, "Nothing. What are you doing?"

"Just taking a break. MIkey. That is all." said the teen. "Kind of warly for you isn't it? Don't you need to sleep?"

Michelle nodded and said, "I spent all of the other night working for Trainer and I slept a little this morning. I be fine."

Michelle walked towards the board and saw what was there to do. There was nothing really for her but she did saw that there was some stuff to do here at the church. It seems as if somebody decided to place some gratfii to decorate one of the church buildings close to the lake. Michelle nodded and said, "Be on top. Cleaning stuff." She then made her way towards the surface with a bucket and sponge.
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

OOC: Ugh, you've really made it confusing in this, Scott. I'm confused about the part about which RPs to choose to participate in.... Screw it, let the party begin!
Both plots? Still confused about this part.

Location: Honeybee Shopping Center
Character: Lett Le Shigeki w/ Summer the Vulpix

The light erected from the bulbs on the Mic' Ballances shop ceiling began to fade in the section where Summer and I were shopping in. Because the weather began to cool, I found myself wearing clothes from a brand I casually wouldn't wear. Summer cruised down the aisle, looking for her favorite snack that she usually comes to add to the cart. The little Vulpix instantly began wiggling her tails once she jumped on top of a shelf. It appeared as though she had found her favorite snack: Pudding Apples. They were a brand of snacks that were purely made out of pudding, inside and out. On the outside was a perfectly molded apple of pudding, that, inside, held gloops of delicious, pudding. Summer's favorite flavor was strawberry. She was instantly able to tell flavor from flavor without even turning her back towards the snacks. Pouncing on the bag, and rolled on the ground in a perfect tumble, dropping the Pudding Apples inside the cart.

"My my, isn't somebody here a little bit jumpy.", I smiled at Summer as I picked her up from her stomach, and placed her in the part of the cart where babies would sit. Summer gave a doopy face, and jumped onto my chest, licking my face.

"Ah, stop that!", I giggled, putting Summer back in the cart, "It tickles."

There was not much about the Honeybee Shopping Center I could describe. It was like a regular mall, except that it had many shops I've never heard of. Mic' Ballances was one of those shops I've never heard much of before, but I came to learn that it was very handy when it came to groceries shopping. Their chain of stores were unique, spread around the less commonly known parts of the world.

As we approached the counter to pay, Summer leaped onto the counter, trying to scan herself on the item scan laser. I quickly pulled her off the counter, as the cashier might count her as an item if I didn't. I looked quickly to the side, and spotted a trio of men in their 20s, giving me nasty stares and grins. Turning away didn't help me stop hearing their conversations.

"Pretty nice girl over there, ain't she? Maybe we can make a score with her?", one of them said, and the others laughing loudly.

Summer began making frowns at those creeps, but instead of letting her at them, I felt it wise to just leave after paying. And we did just as I said. After exiting the Honeybee Shopping Center with our groceries in arms, Summer in her bipedal stance, holding a watermelon in her two front arms, we began to head towards an office building.
OOC: Ugh, it's so hard to RP with such limited information. The instant you get on, Scott, the instant I come up to you, offering you a watermelon in exchange for some info about the WAR, deeper into school and etc. >.>
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

OOC: Taking ze classes Pokemon Intelligence, Myths of the Legendaries and Pokemon Gyms. xD

Loki 'Draconifer' Galeon [Syndicate/Both]
Marc University Campus Grounds

It was another new year for the college. And of course, that meant new students. Marc University always prided itself for developing great legends like Lance of Blackthorn, leader of Kanto’s Elite four. Then there was also the famous Professor Samuel Oak, head of worldwide Pokemon research. Many people had worshipped and admired them, wanting to be just like them. However, there were others who did not. Others like a certain seventeen-year-old teenager…

“Godamnit, Lucied – for the last time, NO!” snapped the annoyed green-haired student as she strode into the campus grounds. Loki Galeon - otherwise nicknamed ‘Draconifer’ due to her rather sudden mood swings and hot temper at times, growled in annoyance as she batted away the Mightyena that tried to glomp her. “I just fell down, got my bag dirtied and lost my lollipop. I am not in a particularly good mood right now, Lucied… so BUZZ OFF.”

Lucied the Mightyena whined and pouted as he tried to look at his trainer with puppy dog eyes. Graced with the darkest fur with streaks of red running along the sides of it, the wolf was a remarkable sight, especially with bright crimson eyes and a scar that ran down its right eye. Remarkable, but still strange all the same. Loki turned, her emerald ponytail comically whipping along as bright green eyes and dark eyebrows upon a slightly tanned face twitching at the look her Pokemon was giving her before sighing aloud. “Alright, alright. You can come with me to class, but I expect you to not make a ruckus. Understand?” the human warned.

At this, the wolf’s eyes lit up, and the Mightyena bounded upon the girl, knocking her down to the floor and licked her face in happiness. Despite her usually annoyed face (sometimes even locked with a seemingly permanent scowl), Loki laughed and snorted as Lucied licked her. “Stop it, pal!” she exclaimed between breaths. The wolf did after a few more licks, and then moved away so that the teenager could stand up. Brushing off the dust on her Bermudas and black polo shirt, Loki washed her face at a nearby fountain before looking at her watch. “Oh, crap! Class gonna start soon!” she shouted. “C’mon, Lucied!”

With that, the not-so-young genius ran towards the school building with a smile on her face, her Mightyena companion yipping behind as Lucied chased after his emerald-haired trainer.

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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Marc University Library

Sonic bounded down along a bookshelf, looking for subjects on one particular book. Even now, Lodiab's speech still rang in his ears. There was a murder somewhere in the school, and someone was guilty. No one could possibly know who or what had happened to Lodiab's researcher. Only the guilty one would have any idea what had happened. And he had said something important would be found out. This was an obvious hint that this murder was not simply some roadside killing. This researcher must have been extremely important, or Lodiab wouldn't be so interested in it, even if he did know him well. He wouldn't have said it was such an important mystery if it wasn't, obviously. But how would we know that teachers were in the plot? And how would we know? Maybe it was just a single incident in which a man was killed, or if it was going to be a huge rampage? How could the students know? Unless Lodiab wanted them to do some research.

But the murder pushed aside, other parts of the speech were quite interesting as well. What clues had he discovered? It seemed a bit shady to mention them but not give an example. And the students? What could the students do to help Lodiab? Use their powers to make answers come out of thin air? The student's are not here to study. They're here to be little detectives for Lodiab. "Watch out for teachers. Look for clues. Plant a garden."

And then, there was that thing about a rift. Lodiab had pushed mentioning that to the back of his speech, for some reason. It seemed like a miracle. How could that have possibly happened? It was quite odd to have treated a subject like a portal to another world so calmly and naturally. There is not a single Pokemon inside, and everything in there is just plain. However, we're going to build a cottage inside? The only ways in were through Mysteries class and Shop class. So Sonic, like most of the other students who wanted to get in, signed up for both. But he had said, "through the miracles of Pokemon." So it was created by a Pokemon. But no ordinary Pikachu would be able to tear a rift in our world. It was too strange. He had to look into this. But first, his job for his "little group" as Lodiab had referred to it. He was trying to find a bit of information on the war in the research that Lodiab had compiled. Best way to find a book is look in a library. What else could he do?

Sonic came to a dusty old book on a shelf. It was dull in color and the words, "The War. by Fred Lodiab" were writtin on the front. Sonic held out his hand below it, and the book began to slide out without any force. Finally, it slipped over the edge and missed Sonic's hand, heading straight for the ground. He gasped and held out his hands, barely managing to grab it before it pummeled over. Quickly, he looked around to see that nobody was there to his relief.

Sonic quickly found an empty table in the corner of the library. He sat the book down and put the blank notebook in his hand next to it, as well as a pencil. He stared at both books for a second, and they both cracked open to the first page in an instant. He waved his hand over his pencil, which picked itself upright. Sonic began to read down the first page, the pencil scribbling furiously as he did. This Animation power made taking notes so much easier.
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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Hank Blackstone
Mitehill Independent Law Firm Outside

I didn’t get caught up in what most people here are trying to do. Genetically enhance Pokémon. You know you’re in a science lab when people talk really fast, walk around wearing white lab coats and say plenty of scientific jargon that only people like them would know. I wasn’t interested in learning it either. Not my job, not my interest. The merc life was better. Follow instructions, get the pay. I was off assignment for the moment, just watching the front. I’d rather be up here than be a lab rat. Being cooped up in those labs for hours would make me angry enough to punch a baby.

But up here, Mitehill was no paradise either. The usual burning trash can, the broken windows, and the graffiti gave the area its darker colors. The heat was extra. Snow would actually cover some of this mess up, like primer paint to hide the ugly spots. But no, that wouldn’t be the big picture of Mitehill. That would be more like Mitehill in a temporary clean state, the way some little kid cleans his room by putting all the junk on the floor in his closet.

Little crimes as well, if I called in every time a car was stolen, I’d be on the phone all day, and I hate phones. Look at my face, and I’ll ask you if you think I’m a people person. I’m not. I do my own thing, my way. I talk to faces, not to plastic. You don’t want to see me, that’s fine, but then don’t talk to me.

Rent here was cheap, so lack of assignments would only be an issue if it got late. It was true, no one really likes living here. Self included, I hated my apartment here in the housing projects, but that was me. With me, I wanted to get back in action soon, as standing around here looking like a shady thug only stays exciting for so long.

I had gotten the daily paper, not for satisfying my need for reading, but to find out more about Superbia and his posse, as I called it. Attacks in the area, but most of them weren’t around here in Mitehill. I figured nothing around here was interesting, especially for some undercover group like them. It was in our interest to spread our realm of influence, but I knew these guys would try and pin that down. We were dealing with the dominant gang here, and we just didn’t have the money or the manpower to take them down.

I figured that wasn’t his real name though. But hey, if I was in his position, I wouldn’t want people to start on my paper trail. That’s bad news. But, I’m neither the commander or the leader of Team Swarm. I don’t even know who it is to tell the truth, they’ve kept their name pretty secure to make sure there aren’t any interlopers. Every now and then we get one though, but they never make it far up the ranks.

Two hours into the search, I still sat here on this old, wooden bench probably looking like I was either bored out of my mind or homeless. I knew that wasn’t an uncommon sight around here. Another burning trash can, and some old, ugly homeless guy shouts at the teens that made it, thinking there could have been something useful in there that they were burning up. They back off, give him a really whacked out expression, and just walk off. Why they were setting that stuff off, I didn’t know. It wasn’t for heat, I knew that much. It was hot enough to melt faces off of their skulls. But those teens, especially the one with the messy brown hair and the black hoodie… I figured they were just out there to burn stuff. Teens around here were getting too bored, and when that happens, it just seems like the next option for them to obtain entertainment is to raise hell whenever they feel like it.

I checked my watch… the cheap digital one I got for free just for eating cereal and sending in proofs of purchase. Three hours of shift to go, which left me with a whole lot of thinking time to probably imagine something stupid or think about what I was going to do after this was all over. I needed some gym time, I knew that much. Dinner… I hated preparing dinner. Never know what to have, and how to select from what I do have left and wonder what I could have gotten if I had gone shopping in the first place. I hated the corner market though. Ugly faces, everything was dirty, and smelled like somebody tossed their cookies.

Superbia was somewhere out there, and I wasn’t sure if the cops were turning a blind eye, or were being bribed. Or maybe both, there was no true way to tell. They were somewhere around here, but where? I didn’t know. Heck, I could wake up tomorrow and find out the whole thing was a joke. It’s possible. Or… I could wake up tomorrow and find out it wasn’t a joke after all, and it was more real than I would have liked it to be. Eh, I figured maybe I was just caring too much. No one around here seemed to care, and with that in mind, I figured I probably should be doing the same. Superbia wouldn’t target Mitehill, this place would have nothing for anyone with bossy intentions in mind.

I guessed the only way to find out about Superbia… was when it was too late to do anything about it.

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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Marc University Campus
Constantine Saranethi

Constantine silently read to himself as he sat on a campus bench and let the warmth soak into his face. Although he would never admit it to himself, he had recently begun to enjoy the nicer and more pleasant aspects of life, as opposed to his somber, deadbeat old self. I suppose that business man I took over a few months back must have affected me. Interesting, how he always rambled on about the sun and the animals and how beautiful life was, and now I begin to see what he’s saying a little bit.

His logic was seemingly sound, but the idea that such a sarcastic, pessimistic man such as himself would change so drastically was nearly unthinkable. People just didn’t change like that, it didn’t happen.

Almost as if reading his thoughts, and it probably was, Gengar interrupted with his own opinion: Normal people don’t. You, however, are far from normal. That was true. It could not be denied that Constantine’s powers and upbringing were not typically classified as normal. One just couldn’t control minds and believe in heathen gods and witchery and pass themselves off as the average human, whether it be mental, emotional, or even physical in a way. It was entirely ludicrous.

Must you always give your opinion? You really do take advantage of the fact I let you communicate with me mentally. Most people who have a psychotic ghost for a Pokémon wouldn’t do that you know. The sarcasm, although seemingly rude, was just a part of the friendship of the two oddballs. Gengar had his moments, but was, in the end, loyal to the ectoplasm.

Oh, do be quiet. And most self-respecting Gengars wouldn’t choose to bear the burden of having to be with you and your incessant sarcasm, responded Gengar in the accent of a British gentlemen, one of his many voices, but his favorite of all.

After a momentary pause, both let out a chuckle outside of their minds, and drew a few looks because of it. The sheer irony of the statement, considering the near-symbiotic relationship shared by the two and the fact they were both nearly identical in personality could not help but be laughed at. And the laughter had had uses beyond providing some amusement. The sound of Gengar’s own chuckling gave away his position in the shade of a tree next to the bench where Constantine sat. However, in such a relaxed, comfortable environment, the normally secretive and elusive ghost didn’t bother hiding himself. Some of his master’s newfound nice personality must have rubbed off on the wicked being.

Might you be interested in a battle today Constantine?, inquired Gengar. The Pokémon had been scouting out many other students and even a few faculty as he spoke, or rather thought, to his trainer. Perhaps the young woman with the Luxray?, he further specified.

It was then that Constantine finally took notice of the lady sitting across the pathway from him in the campus. And took notice he did. He was struck dumb by her beauty. Ebony locks cascaded over her shoulders and down her back, while below the hair deep wells of blue laid, the color of clear tropical oceans. At once he knew that he must go and talk the girl at some point.

Perhaps this schooling won't be so bad after all…

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Default Re: War VI: After World's End

Location: Valeth's Artifact Shop
Name: Rhauk Valeth

"Good morning, Mrs. Dawson. How can I help you today?" Said Valeth, beaming at the old lady with a bell-shaped dress as she paced slowly through the shop.

"Oh, Rhauk, I didn't see you there. How are you today?" She answered, her cheeks turning the same tone as her scarlet dress.
Rhauk paced slowly behind his crystal counter. The artifact shop was small and square-shaped. There were no glasses to show-off the inventions. Instead, he had a collection of images of his inventions pinned on the walls. People would inquire about the artifcats, or request a customized one.

"I'm fine today, thank you. I take it you left Mr. Dawson back at the pharmacy, didn't you?" He replied, trying to get in good terms with her. After all, the Dawson's owned the only pharmacy in the surrounding neighborhood.

"Yes, James was too busy to come here by himself. We've had a recent increase in the demand for certain medications... but I won't overwhelm you with boring pharmaceutic chit-chat." She said with a smile.

"I'm glad, Mrs. Dawson. I suppose you came here for a request, didn't you?" He asked, piercing his customer behind his black-rimmed glasses.

"Yes, we are quite satisfied with our previous order. This is what we want now." She said, handling Rhauk a paper sheet with an ugly image and some written instructions.
Rhauk took a quick glance at them before putting them in one of his green coat mutli-pockets.

"It should be done in three days at most, Mrs. Dawson." He said, adding something to his inventary notebook.

"Thank you Rhauk. Would you want me to pay half now and half then or..." She began, but was promptly interrumped by Rhauk's waving hand.

"Don't worry, you are a valuable customer. You can pay me whenever you can, and I'll throw in a small discount, just for you."

Mrs. Dawson blushed again. She gave Rhauk one final smile before leaving the shop.
"You are a kind man. Many blessings to you, and stop by at the pharmacy for a cup of tea anytime. Good-bye Rhauk." She said, closing the door slowly. The bell attached to the top jingled merrily.

Keep going like this, said a voice inside Rhauk, and we'll own that business in now time.
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