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Default Five Swordsmen of Kagura: The TV show [Pg-13]

This is going to be in script format. This is the first part of the 1 hour pilot.

(Intro Starts. Colors by Crossfade starts to play.)

(Ezra is sitting on a rock outside looking up at the stars. Then it switches to Leo sitting in an identical space. The camera then cuts to Rose also sitting in an identical area. Then it cuts to Leah sitting in an identical area. All four are looking at the stars. There are four panels and a tear runs down the right cheek of each one. Then they all get up and leave. Ezra is shown fighting off two black cloaked figures with two trench knives. The actorís name appears under. Leo is shown fighting off two black cloaked figures as well with his fire element. Rose is shown fighting off two black cloaked figures dodging the thieves attacks. Leah is shown blocking several of two black cloaked figures as well. Then all four faces are shown in four different vertical panels. Ezra is leaning against a tree in the shade. Leo is on the grass with his arms and legs spread out. Rose is in the flowers. Leah is sitting on top of the tree. Then it cuts to all four standing side by side. Then the Intro and Song end.)

(The Four Swordsmen of Kagura logo fades in. Then it rises off of the screen.)

(During VO the words he says rise from the bottom of the screen)

VO: 150 years from a medieval time in Kagura, four brothers fled from the Village of Darkness with their families.

(The words fade away to reveal a blurry image of 15 black figures leaving a larger black place behind them.)

VO: As they searched for shelter, the leader of the four brothers found a hidden passage to a place he named the Village Hidden in the Trees.

(A man walks through a hidden passage through the trees

VO: The four brothers left their new home to seek help from the Villages of Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water.

(A fire appears when the Village of Fire is mentioned in the top left corner. In the top right corner a swirling sphere of water is shown. In the bottom left is a flowing wind to the right. In the bottom right is a pile of rocks.)

VO: They were given elemental swords corresponding with each village. They were told they had special powers that were forged at the beginning of time.

(The four elemental swords are shown.)

VO: The four brothers set out and using the swords and their elements they destroyed the Village of Darknessís army and leader.

(The four brothers are shown leaving the village and then fighting the army of evil soldiers and defeating the leader

VO: They saved the village and returned to their own villages.

(The brothers are shown returning. After that the words reappear)

VO: The six villages grew over the 150 years. However the Village of Darkness grew corrupt again: The leaders were angry with the restrictions and unhappy being the weakest village. War is surely upon the villages. The Village Hidden in the Trees asks that the Villages of Fire, Wind, Earth and Water to choose four people to wield the Elemental swords sealed away long ago. The fourís story begins here.

(The darkness fades away to reveal a shining sun. As it lowers down there is a bustling street with plenty of markets. The camera pans through the street. Then it cuts to Ezra with a book walking through the street bumping into several people mumbling an un-carrying sorry to the people. The camera cuts to the people he is bumping into and they turn towards Ezra in disgust. The seen goes to Ezraís side. A hand is put on Ezraís head. Ezra closes his book and looks up. In his point of sight we see three boys looking around Ezraís age. All three in anger and looking for a fight)

Butch: Okay, Ezra enough with your little romance book. Iím going to teach you a lesson for humiliating me and making me look stupid in front of everyone. No one messes with Butch.

(Butch pounds his fists into his hand with an evil grin on his face.)

(The scene shows Ezra looking up laughing.)

Ezra: Well Iíll be glad to do it again....and in front of your little friends too.

(Butch with a red face is very angry while Ezra is calm with a straight face)

Butch: You may be able to outwit me but you remember what happened last time? Donít you?

(Butch laughs along with his friends as Ezraís face turns into one of horror. The scene fades away into black and then re-fades in to a similar scene. At the bottom the screen says ď5 months agoĒ. Butch and his two friends surround Ezra. Butch is laughing. He runs at Ezra and punches him into the face. Ezra falls to the ground. One of the friends picks Ezra up and knees him in the back repeatedly. The other runs forward and hits Ezra in the gut twice. Ezra gets the wind knocked out of him and coughs up some blood. As the boy is about to punch Ezra again a tall figure grabs both boys and throws them towards Butch. Butch and his friends attempt to fight the tall figure but they fail and run away. The man picks up Ezra.)

Man: Are you okay?

(The scene fades away back to the current scene. Ezra is on his knees crying. A sad morbid music is playing.)

Butch: Yeah. You remember donít you? You remember him? Well now you can meet him. You wonít be going on much longer.

(By Myself by Linkin Park starts to play. Butch rushes forward. He grabs Ezraís shirt collar and raises him off of his feet. Butch knees Ezra in the gut and drops him onto the ground. Ezra weakly stands up. Butch hits him on his left cheek.)

Butch: Just give up. Leave with your life. Youíre a loser. You wonít last more than a few years in this world. Not without him.

(Ezra with tears and blood smeared over his face raises his head. He is muttering)

Ezra: wrong.......your.......Wrong!

Butch: Now youíre angry. No big deal.

Ezra: Youíre wrong. I am strong. He may be gone now. But that only made me stronger!

(Butch smirks and lets out another fist. However Ezra grabs it in mid-air. He has his right hand clenched and as tears roll from his eyes he sends his fist straight into Butchís jaw sending him in the air and on the ground unconscious. The other two run towards Ezra. They are about to punch Ezra. Ezra ducks from the two punches and sweeps both off of their feet. They get up weakly but Ezra runs away before they can do anything else. The camera cuts to the crowd panning across the shocked faces from the bloody fight. The camera cuts back to Ezra. He stops running and heads into an alley. The High Elder walks into the alley. The camera is on Ezraís face as the High Elder talks)

High Elder: Ezra I-

(Ezra angry and frustrated yells)

Ezra: I know I shouldnít have fought but I had to. What was I supposed to do!?

(The High Elder walks over to Ezra. He puts his hand on Ezraís shoulder. Ezra looks up at the High Elder.)

High Elder: Iím proud of you Ezra. You fought with bravery. Your father would have been proud. I have a favor to ask you.

Ezra: Yeah?

High Elder: We are on the brink of war. I have gone over with the other elders. We chose you to wield the Sword of Wind. You are a pure-blood of the Wind Clan and you have a lot of potential.

Ezra: Those elemental swords are just myths. Youíre just trying to make me feel better. Itís all a con.

High Elder: It is not. Ezra we are on the brink of war! If I wanted to joke around with you it would not be now!

(Ezra is now intimidated and sighs)

Ezra: Okay, whatever you say. Now what am I going to do?

High Elder: First you must past the test. Follow me.

(The two walk through the alleyway. The High Elder presses on a brick and a sliding wall of brick moves and the two walk in. The scene is at the front. The High Elder lights a candle and points at an athletic tall boy only slightly older than Ezra)

High Elder: You must kill this man with your bare hands. That is your test.

(The camera cuts to Ezraís shocked and frightened face.)

Ezra: I think Iíll pass.

High Elder: There Is no passing here Ezra. If you lose, you can go back to your normal life. If thatís how you want to live it.

(The High Elder smiles knowing Ezraís reaction. Ezra is now angered and his eyes widen.)

Ezra: Fine! Iíll fight and win! Just watch me!

(Ezra charges forward but the boy simply steps to the side and hits Ezra. Ezra gets up and turns on the defensive. He narrowly dodges a punch and tries to sweep the boy off his feet but the kick is blocked. Ezra rises up and hits the boy in the gut. However the boy easily recovers and grabs Ezraís arm. Ezra crouches down and now sweeps the boy off his feet. He then rises up and his fist collides with the boyís gut. He lies on the ground. Ezra is standing above him.)

Ezra: I wonít kill him. He does not deserve it.

High Elder: (sighs) Ezra your passion to kill is not great. In battle you must kill your opponent. It is the way of war. If you go soft on your opponent they will kill you without any hesitation. I knew you would not kill him and if you tried I would have stopped you. However, you won the fight. In the future if you do not come at your opponent with the intention of killing.... then you will be killed

(Ezra falls to his knees. The High Elder goes forward to Ezra.)

High Elder: You exhausted yourself. (Looks at boy.) You may go home now Carter. (Looks back to Ezra) You need to stay for the moment

(Carter leaves. Ezra gets up)

High Elder: Now let me show you the sword.

(As they leave the room and head into another the scene fades away then cuts into Leo walking down a bustling street of the Fire Village. Everyone is very friendly to Leo, saying hi and giving hi-fives.)

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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