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Old 05-31-2007, 09:23 PM
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Default Deadly Alliance [PG-13]

Yeah, this is that story I was asking about in the Author's Corner thing... I decided to go ahead and post it anyway...

This fic is rated PG-13 for violence, lil' bit of blood and mild language. (Though it will be censored) And yes, there will be some stupid parts in here, for I'm not that great at writing yet...

So, anyway, on with the fic!


Deadly Alliance


Join them or die. Those were my choices. Those were the only choices I was ever given.

Everyone; friends, family even strangers, all were gathered to see what my decision would be. It wasn't exactly a no-brainer, but it wasn't the hardest question there was, either.

"What's your choice, Ketchum?" he boomed, stepping up so that his large, somewhat muscular figure overshadowed me. I merely glared at him. I wanted to fight back so much, but I couldn't. I had already tried - and failed. By now, I could hardly keep my head up to look at him. Every muscle in my body was aching; I just wanted to collapse and tell them to wake me up when it was all over. But, I couldn't. Despite this, though, I felt my legs give way underneath me and fell to my knees.

He snapped his fingers, and immidietly two Rocket men were on either side of me. Each grabbed one of my arms and jerked me back to my feet, whereas he enclosed his fingers around my neck, holding me up that way. My arms fell limply to my sides as they were released. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted those three. The three who had caused me so much trouble over the years, the three who had always managed to get on my nerves at least twice a day, the three who had turned me in.

Jessie, James and Meowth, who were thought to be the lowest of the low, the worst Rocket agents out there had captured me. It was like it had all been so easily planned out...

The fingers tightened their grip, complicating my breathing.

"I said, what's your choice?"

When I didn't answer I felt the grip loosen before I was shoved back to the ground. A small groan escaped my lips as I came in contact with the cold, hard concrete.

"Well, what about her, then? Will you do it for her?" I looked up to see the he had seized a girl from the crowd. But, not just any girl. This girl was one I really cared about, one I had grown fairly fond of and close to. This girl was May, the Hoenn beauty who had appeared in my life and changed me forever.

"Ash." I was snapped away from my thoughts as I heard what seemed to be her voice whispering my name hoarsely. As I looked up, my eyes locked on hers. She was completely terrified, yet somewhat determined. "Don't give in to him, Ash. No matter what he does or says, don't do it."

He had wrapped his arm around her neck by now, and was holding her so tightly I knew she probably wouldn't last anymore than one more minute.

"Silence," he hissed into her ear. "Make your choice, Ketchum. Now!"

I swallowed dryly. After all those years of defeating him, foiling every plan he had ever come up with, it was brought down to this. For once my choices had changed. 'Join them or watch my friends die.' Either way, it was a losing battle.

"Ash..." I looked back up to May's pleading eyes, clouded with pain.

"Let her go," I said softly, attempting to fight my way to my feet. Around me, a handful of Rocket grunts each whipped out a Pokeball.

He stared at me with cold, unforgiving eyes. "Should I take that as a no?"

A sharp pain seemed to tear through my heart as his grip grew even tighter on May's neck. This pain then grew worse as I saw a Rocket grunt emerge from the shadows with Pikachu. Bruises covered its tiny yellow body, and a large gash could be seen above its right eye. Its fur was matted and stained with blood from the numerous cuts on its body.

"Pikachu..." I whispered; my stomach tied itself in a knot at the sight, and for a short moment, I felt as though I was going to be sick.

"Last five seconds, boy," he growled, leaning down, closer to my face. "What's your choice?"

"Let them go." I spoke more firmly than before. He raised an eyebrow. With a regretful sigh, I added, "I'll join you."

A grunt escaped May's lips as she hit the ground, having been released. A satisfied smile spread across his face, and he snapped his fingers again. Two more Rockets appeared at my sides and yanked me to my feet.

"I'm glad you see it my way now," he grinned, turning toward a bunch of Rockets behind him. "Prepare the 'copter." They nodded, and at once were off.

"Ash, you can't just surrender to him!" I turned to look at May, who was struggling to her feet. She started to say something else, but I held up a hand, silencing her.

"I already have," I told her quietly. I could hardly stand the look on her face. But what was it truly of? Anger? Hatred? Sorrow? Betrayal? Or all four? I started to say something else, but a sharp pain was felt in my neck, stopping me. I could feel my conciousness slipping away. I did, however, manage two last words before passing out:


So? Any comments.....critsism...? If it looks good enough, I'll put up the first chapter soon. If not, meh....

And people? Please do not bash the dern fic just because Ash is joining up with Team Rocket. I can't tell you how many times that's happened already, and it drives me nuts!
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Default Re: Deadly Alliance [PG-13]

Well, it looks pretty good. (And yeah for Advanceshipping!) Your description doesn't seem to suit, but that might just be me.

Nice job. Just keep working on your style and tone and this will turn out well. You've definitely gotten me interested.
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Old 06-03-2007, 03:12 AM
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Default Re: Deadly Alliance [PG-13]

Um, thanks, Sceptile! Yeah, my description still isn't good, even after all this time, but meh...


~Chapter One~

I casually strode into the fairly large building, acting as if this were any other normal visit to a bank. I did look a little young to have an account, but the people in this town never paid any attention to that kind of stuff.

I pulled down the brim of the black hat residing atop my head, hiding my eyes from most people. As I continued through the building, I kept my eyes on the floor, completely aware of where I was going, but not wanting to look anyone in the eye. If I did, there was a slight chance that they'd recognize me. I didn't want that until it was time for it.

A few older - elderly, if you want to call them that - men stood in a corner near the front counter, eyeing me suspiciously. My fingers, residing in one of the deep pockets in my black jacket, wrapped around the handle of the small, but deadly object inside.

I looked up at the man behind the counter, daring to reveal my face for a few short seconds. He seemed preoccupied for the second; distracted. Perfect. The only problem now was those men. I rolled my eyes inwardly as I realized they were still staring at me, and by now murmering amongst themselves. Pulling the brim of the hat back down, I made my way over to them, my grip tightening on the object in my pocket - just incase.

"May I help you gentlemen?"

The men seemed surprised, and one or two of them jumped, muttering something about kids these days being so fast and/or sneaky.

"Oh, that's not all I am," I lifted my head, letting the evil smile I had been holding inside come out, making itself visible on my face. I noticed all of their faces go pale. Man, was I that much of a threat to them? I couldn't help but grin wider as their eyes widened in what appeared to be realization and horror. It was just my nature now.

"Y-You're Phantom!" One of the men, the closest to me, shouted this out. I quickly reached out and put a gloved hand over his mouth.

"Silence," I hissed, my auburn eyes flashing briefly. I then removed my hand, and the man took off, followed closely by his elderly friends.

Looking back around, I realized the man's outburst had attracted the attention of many, and the phrases, 'Phantom's here?' 'Phantom?' and other things of the sort were being whispered throughout the entire room. While all attention was attracted elsewhere, I silently slipped pass the front counter, opening a door in a corner nearby. It would've appeared just a part of the wall to the untrained eye, but I knew better.

Closing the door silently behind me, I pushed the button of a small device that was attached to the front of my jacket, causing a bright light to emit from it, bathing the long, dark tunnel before me in light.

"You in yet?" I jumped slightly as a voice came over the small device residing in my ear. I reached up and pulled the tiny microphone attached down toward my mouth before speaking.

"Yeah. Had a little run-in with a couple of old geezers, but they weren't too hard to scare away," I answered, smiling to myself at the comment.

"Ash..." The owner of the voice (which was a female, by the way) appeared to sigh. "Haven't you learned your lesson about revealing yourself to people like that yet?" I rolled my eyes and adjusted the earpiece to cut down the volume of her voice. "You're in a bank, for Pete's sake..."

"Hey, it's not my fault they put the bloody thing in a bank." I glanced ahead, looking for the door that would lead me where I needed to go. "They hid it pretty darn well, too..." I heard what seemed to be a laugh coming from the earpiece. "Oh shut up. You're lucky Father hasn't sent you out on a mission like this."

"He's not going to, either." The tone in her voice made me want to wring her neck. She was right, Father didn't think of her as qualified, or "the right material" for missions like these. He always sent me out to do it... "Geez, Ash. How hard can it be to find one door?"

I said nothing, but her comment stirred up my insides, tempting me to say something back. Something I'd regret...

I brought my hand up to the wall, running it along the smooth, bricked surface as I ventured deeper into the tunnel. I couldn't help but let out a frustrated sigh. She was right. It wasn't supposed to be this hard to find one measly door. Had Father underestimated me?

Suddenly, the sound of a door opening, followed by footsteps was heard.

"Is someone in here?" A deep, gruff voice echoed off the tunnel walls. It resembled that of Father's voice, in a way.

I quickly reached up and flicked off the light attached to my jacket.

"Who's there?" The footsteps seemed to be growing closer. Seconds later, a flashlight flicked on - right in my face. I instinctively brought my hands up to shield my eyes.

"Ash? What's going on?" I had to ignore her voice, although her tone appeared to be worried. Heck, I couldn't have answered if I wanted to, for right after the flashlight was shone in my face, the sharp, painful shock of a taser shot through my body. I couldn't resist a small cry of pain, which seemed to grow stronger as the shock kept on. "Ash? What the h*** is going on? Answer me!"

Eventually, I broke away from the paralyzation that had come over me a short moment ago, and grabbed the man's wrist. Gathering up the strength that resided somewhere inside me, I twisted around and slung him over my shoulder, hearing a faint pop coming from his wrist just before I let go, allowing him to fall to the ground in a painful, crumpled heap. His thumb still held down the button of the taser, allowing the shock coming from it to persist.

Not wanting to risk him calling any of his allies, or worse, police, I grabbed his hand and turned it to face him. Nothing but a small whimper came from him as I forced his hand closer to his body, causing the taser to connect with him. I put my thumb over his, making sure the button was held down until the desired time I wanted.

Finally, I let go, allowing his thumb to fall back. The taser fell to the ground, making a soft clatter as it hit the cold concrete. I picked it up, gripping it tightly, possibilities of what I could do running through my mind.

Deciding to do none, I turned away, preparing to resume my walk down the tunnel. As I flicked the light on my jacket back on, I heard a faint voice behind me, supposedly the man's.

"Why, Phantom...?"

I turned around, not letting the sorrow in my eyes be shown. Instead, I put on a cold, heartless look - the one I had seen Father use so many times before. I forced myself to shrug, then simply answered, "You attacked me first."

"Ash, if you don't answer me-"

"Chill out, Nik." I spoke into the mic casually, as if nothing had ever happened.

"Don't talk to me like that!" she snapped.

I snickered, despite the pain I was still in from the shock. "Worried, weren't you?" A frustrated groan was heard from the other side, and her voice was heard once more.

"Why do you always feel it necessary to mess with you co-workers?"

"It's fun." I glanced back toward the spot where I had left the man, and a chill went down my spine. I hadn't wanted to do that, but...I'd had to. Besides, Father said that when I was engaged in combat or anything of the sort, I was to show no mercy; kill them, if necessary - or possible. And Father was never wrong...

"Well, what about the door? Any luck with finding it yet?"
I sighed in frustration.

"No. They've got the dern thing hidden; even I can't find it," I answered.

"Aww, is Daddy's favorite losing his touch?"

"Shut up, Nikki."

I let out a groan of frustration and turned around, letting my back hit the wall. I felt something move, and the next thing I knew, I had been flipped over onto my stomach. Another groan escaped my lips as I opened my eyes. I was lying on the floor - a carpeted floor. I rolled over onto my back and sat up, looking around.

This new room was bathed in light; a warm, yellow light that one might have seen through the window of a house on a cold wintry night back home. It was comforting in a way, but creepy in most. What was a room like this doing in the confides of a bank in the first place?

"You alright? You went silent on me there for a moment."

"Yeah, fine, fine. But I think this may throw us off course a bit..." I answered, getting up and dusting myself off.

"Whaddya mean?"

"I, uh, took an unexpected detour..."

"Ash, what've you been told about-" Nikki's voice was suddenly cut out, and replaced by a strong, somewhat gruff voice.

"Ash, I've only got one question for you this time." I gulped.

"F-Father?" was all I could manage.

"Why is it that the backup agents I sent with you returned with the desired item, and you didn't?"

"Well, I-I, uh..." My toungue seemed to fail me; I couldn't speak.

"Why did you not complete the mission?!" he bellowed in my ear, causing me to cringe.

"I-I tried, Father, but-"

"I told you, Ash, failure is out of the question. I will not tolerate any excuses. Just get back here as soon as possible so I may give you your just punishment."

"But, Father-"

"Silence!" he bellowed. "Just get back here - NOW!" The line then went silent. I shivered, thinking of the possible types of punishment that could be waiting on me. It wasn't my fault. It was never my fault. But, I always had to take the blame... Of course, it shouldn't have mattered; Father was as just as he could be. If punishment was deserved, he'd give it. And, obviously, I was deserving of a whole lot of it right now...

I looked around the room, trying to figure out how I was supposed to get out. No doors, windows or anything of the sort were to be seen. But, I knew better. I walked along near the walls, my hand running along the smooth surface, even pushing on some in hopes of flipping through. Thankfully, I came up on one part of the wall that seemed somewhat loose. A small smile of relief coming across my face, I pushed on it, and it flipped, landing me on my back in another room. Looking up, I realized I was back in the bank's main room.

One weird bank...

But, unlike before, the lights were cut out, casting the room into darkness. Great. How was I supposed to get out now? Oh well. If I set off an alarm, it wouldn't matter right now. I'd be gone before anyone could come...

With a sigh, I walked forward and pushed on the front doors. Surprisingly, they came right open. But, as I had predicted, a shrill, somewhat annoying alarm went off. I quickly slipped through the door, pressing my back against the walls to hide myself within the shadows.


"You've been told time and time again, finish all missions - BEFORE the backup agents!" His voice came through a speaker somewhere overhead as the sharp cord of a whip was brought against my skin.

"I tried..." I said, barely loud enough for anyone to hear. The whip struck me again, bringing a slash of blood onto my cheek.

"Now, I will give you one more chance to redeem yourself. In the Hoenn Region, there is a most sacred jewel that is known as the Millenium Orb (I know, lame name...). I want you to go out and pursue it. Now, will you accept this challenge?"

"O-Of course, Father," I answered as my hand ran along my cheek, smearing some of the blood that had made its way out. I slowly stood up, not daring to look the Rocket grunt beside me in the eyes.

"Good. You will set out first thing tomorrow." It sounded as if Father were smiling. "Oh, and one more thing. There's a certain family that the Orb is closest to. I wish for you to seek them out and destroy them, got it?"

"Yes, Father," I answered, almost monotone. "May I ask what their names are?" I glanced timidly at the grunt beside me, who was drawing the whip back - just incase.

"I have come to know them as the Maple family," Father answered, causing the grunt to lower the whip. "But the one I mainly wish for you to go after happens to be the family's only daughter. I believe you've met her once before." I waited patiently for Father to announce the name of my victim. "From what I heard, she carries the Orb around with her most of the time."

"And...her name?" I inquired, regretting it almost instantly. I winced as the grunt pulled the whip back once more.

"Ah, yes, her name," Father's voice caused him to lower it yet again. "I believe she goes by the name...May."

Meh, sorry the whip scene was short...and a little stupid... Told ya some of it would be.

Anyway, next chap should be up soon. Hope you enjoyed this'n!
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Default Re: Deadly Alliance [PG-13]

Wow, awesome fic, a_f. I've seen your others, but you've never shown me this one...

Hope you can get the next chapter up; this is awesome!
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Default Re: Deadly Alliance [PG-13]

I haven't? Huh... Oh well. Thanks for the comment anyway! And, I'm glad you could finally get on the site.
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Default Re: Deadly Alliance [PG-13]

This fic is looking pretty good so far. However, there's one thing about it that I found dissatisfying- annoying, in fact:THE ASH + MAY FANDOM. Not to flame, angel_fire, but I really, really don't see the logic in being an Ash and May fan when Ash and Misty are so obviously going to end up together. Call me stuck in the '90s. Call me an old-timer. But whatever you do, don't calll Ash and Misty "just friends", and don't call Ash and May "more than friends"!....... Okay, that's finally out of my system...
*looks at the post* Did I write that?

Please vote me the head of the Ash + Misty fanbase. Thank you for your time, goodnight.
After a long thought process, I have come to this conclusion: F*** the world, I wanna get off.
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Default Re: Deadly Alliance [PG-13]

Did you post this on another site? I seem to remember commenting on the same exact story.
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Default Re: Deadly Alliance [PG-13]

Yes, I did post this on another site;, I think it was. Um, the next chapter will be up soon, I guess... Depends on how many people want it.
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