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Old 05-08-2007, 12:00 AM
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Default Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon.My version

Hello i am from Pokemoncrater.Well i was till demonspawn Raiblade,banned me for 3 years.well since i strive from pokemon forums i joined this place.So without later a do my first fanfiction in Pokemoncrater and my last one.well let this fanfiction begin.
Chapter 1:The story begins enter the Bulbasaur.

The area is dark, nothing but darkness when then suddenly some giant words appear atop of a shadow that resembles a human that is sleeping. The words say, "you’re quest begins now" and some music starts to play. The music sounds like a great quest is about to begin but one with many challenges and now let the quest of a lifetime begin. But how will it end?

"Wake up! You're about to go on an adventure! Wake up! WAKE UP!!!" a voice said, but the human like shadow is still sleeping and snoring like a Snorlax (big pokemon, that sleeps a lot), "Wake up or else suffer!!" the voice yells.
"What? Who said that?" asked the human like shadow.
"I'm the narrator so wake up, already," the narrator answered
"What? A narrator?! Did Victor hire you to make me pay for stealing his copy of Pokemon Diamond?"
"No," the voice answered, subtly, "And who's John? No, don't answer that. I'm just here to start you up on your quest so just answer the questions and go on your way, alright?"
"WHAT?! Look, there's no way I'm going to go on a quest! I just got a Nintendo Wii and I want to play it. So, if you don't mind, you're going to tell me where the exit is and I'll be out of here."
"You don't have a choice," the narrator said, "Plus, I'm not telling you where to get out of here. There really isn't an exit, yet."
"Suck my *****, you f***in' a******. I'd shoot the bird at you, if I had fingers."
"If you don't answer the questions, I'll make you a female Wobbuffet in your quest! And that, my friend, would suck dearly," the narrator said with a demonic angry voice.
"Okay! Okay! You win! Just don't turn me into a God-forsaken Wobbufet!" the character cries out, in a scared to hell sort of way.
"All right. I knew you'd see it my way...First question, there's an alien invasion! What will you do?" the narrator asks.
"I'd fight them and then call them pussys when I win," the human like shadow answers.
"That's it? I thought you'd do worse?" the narrator asks, in a joking tone.
"I would but, you know, they're aliens. They need to be taught that they're all a couple-a *******" the character snicker.
"Okay, next question. Your friend is being bullied and you're around. What do you do?" the narrator asks.
"Find a weapon, hit the bully in the head and heckle the bully around till he said 'Uncle, Uncle!!' a hundred times," the character said, proudly.
"Okay, next question, what is your least favorite pokèmon?" the narrator asks.
"I have a number of them but Bulbasuar is my most hated. I REALLY hate Bulbasuars. They're like little dinosaurs with a tree ready to grow on their backs," the character answered, in a hateful, but snickering, tone.
"I'm going to make you pay for insulting my favorite pokèmon..." thought the narrator, "Last question. Are you a boy or a girl?"
"I'm a GUY. Do I sound like a little girl that makes cookies and stuff to you?" the character answered, angrily.
"Okay, that's enough. Drum roll, please!" drum roll is heard, "You are...a female Bulbasuar," said the narrator, probably smirking.

Two days later...

"That's vengeance for insulting Bulbasaur and telling me to suck your ***** and calling me a f***in' a******," the narrator said, probably still smirking.
"I'm a f***in' girl. I can live with that, but a Bulbasaur?! WHY?!?" shouts the female Bulbasaur, crying like a baby.
"So, who do you want to be your partner?” asked the narrator.
"What? How else do you want to torment me? I'm a girl, and I was born a guy! Do you even know how much therapy I'm going to need to recover from this?! This is beyond disturbing!!" shouts the female Bulbasaur, still crying.
"Look, I don’t give a flying' ****, just pick your partner and lets get on with our lives," said the narrator, in a rude voice.
"Just give me anyone. This day can't possibly get any worse," said the crying, female Bulbasaur.
"Be careful what you wish for..." said the narrator.

The whole area warps and the Bulbasaur is warped to the middle of a clearing.

"What? Were am I and what’s my gender?" said the confused Bulbasaur, groaning, "That's the last time I play Wii for 12 hours straight hours and drink barbeque sauce before bed. Thankfully, that whole shenanigan was all just a crazy dream" the Bulbasaur stops, looking into the lake and seeing his reflection. He, I mean she, realizes this isn't a dream, "NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Damn you, narrator!! Damn you to hell for this!!" the Bulbasuar calms down a bit, "Well, let me review what's happened so far. I got transformed into a female Bulbasaur, born a guy, I'm going to need a whole s***load of therapy to get my life back together and and I may never play with my Nintendo Wii ever again. DA**ED NARRATOR, I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS!!!!"
"Why don't you complain a bit more and talk more crazy talk so everyone considers you a total nutcase?" asked someone from behind.
"If it's a guy, telling me I'm pretty, I swear to God I'm going to..."
"You're going to what? And I'm a girl, FYI!"Said the Pokèmon from behind, which is a Female Pikachu (small rat pokemon, that’s colored yellow).
"Hey, narrator, you said my life's going to get worse than this. Is this the best you can do?!" said the female Bulbasaur, mocking the narrator, shouting to the sky.
"Who's this "narrator?" And the name is Zelda," said the female Pikachu.
"What kind of retard calls their Pikachu child 'Zelda?!'" said the female Bulbasaur, laughing her brains out. Zelda get angry at the comment and hits the Bulbasaur over the head with her tail.
"Ouch! Why'd you do that?!" shouts the female Bulbasaur.
"Cause you where insulting me! Well, whatever. Just tell me your name," Zelda said.
"Take it easy, and the name is Max, by the way," said the female Bulbasaur.
"Odd name for a girl," Zelda said.
"Well, I was a guy till the narrator of this world meddled in my affairs and made me into a female Bulbasaur," said Max.
"Then change your own name, into something more...suiting. What about Gwen?" Zelda suggests.
"No. Effing. Way," Max responded.
"It's either Gwen or a painful shock. You decide," Zelda, charges up.
"I'd rather take pain than a girl's name any day," Max responds.

1 painful minute later...

"Okay!! Okay! Gwen it is! Just get away from me for a second, you F***in' Pikachu!!"Said Max, newly named Gwen.
"Better had. And here's a helpful tip, if you want to win a fight, try using your moves," said Zelda.
"What are my attacks? I never liked Bulbasaurs," Gwen asks.
"I don’t have a clue. And, either way, you can't use moves until you start your quest, you f***in’ newbie," Zelda said, annoyed.
"What did you say something?" Gwen said, after ignoring Zelda.
Zelda was about to hit Gwen again but had a different idea in mind, "Never mind! Try using Razor Leaf or Vine whip" Zelda said, snickering.

One useless and very long day later...

Gwen is gasping for air, still trying to use either move, extremely tired. Zelda is just sitting there waiting for Gwen to fall, so she can start laughing herself into a concussion.
"Why didn't Vine whip or Razor leaf work?!" Gwen asks, gasping for air.
"Two reasons!" Zelda holds up two fingers, "One, you're a newb and you haven't even learned the attack, and two, even if you know the attack, you can't use them until you start your quest!" said Zelda laughing her a** off.
"Why didn't you tell me that earlier?!" Gwen asks, in a very angry tone.
"Because I wanted to have good laugh for calling me a guy and for ignoring me when I tried to tell you that earlier!" Zelda said, sticking out her tongue at Gwen.
"Help! Help! Someone, please help me!" said a panicking Butterfree, fluttering towards the two.
"Lady, you're not the only one with problems, you know," Gwen said, annoyed.
"If you help me, I'll give you 250 Poke!" Butterfree said.
"What the crap is a Poke?!" Gwen asks.
"Its money, you dumba**," Zelda said, subtly.
"Well, excuse me. Not my fault I'm just now trying to get the hang of this," Gwen clasps her paws together, toppling over, not standing on her hind legs. Both Butterfree and Zelda laugh at that, while Gwen gets up, not phased by the little incident, "Okay then, so what's the job?" Gwen asks to Butterfree.
"You have to help rescue my baby, please!" Butterfree said, "He's to you-"
"As if there aren't enough bug types in world as it is!" Gwen interrupts, "Do you really need to make the world full of bug types?"
"That's not the point," Zelda said.
"Forget it! I'm not doing this mission! Especially not to rescue any stupid bug Pokèmon!" Gwen turns away.

Ten seconds later...

Gwen is now being chased by a stampede of Heracross, using Megahorn."AAAHH!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!" yells Gwen, running her butt off from the stampede.
"This is hilarious," said Zelda, holding up a box of popcorn, watching it all from afar.
"If you decide to rescue my baby, I'll call the Heracross stampede off so they'll stop chasing you!!" shouts Butterfree.
"DEAL!!! JUST CALL THEM OFF ALREADY!!!" Gwen shouts back. Butterfree calls them off, pointing to a tree full of sap. The Heracross immediately stop chasing Gwen and rush off to suck on the tree sap.
"My Caterpie is in Tiny Woods. Go rescue him or else I'll call the Heracross stampede on you again," said Butterfree.
"Okay!! Okay,” said Gwen, then muttering under her breath, "I HATE bug types..."
"Bring Caterpie back, safe and sound, and I'll make it worth your while!" Butterfree shouts to the couple.

A few moments later...

"So, since our adventure starts, I guess we can use moves right?" Gwen asks.
"I guess. Just don’t try to pick a random fi-" Zelda said, with Gwen already picking a fight with a random Rattata, "Newbies these days..."
Gwen tries to use Razor leaf against a wild Rattata.
"Tried to warn you..."Zelda said while watching Gwen get her ass kicked by the weak Pokèmon.
"No! Wait, wait! I got it this time!!" Gwen charges back in.

Fifty seconds later...

Gwen slides over to Zelda, with bite marks on her.
"That’s one tough rat," said Gwen with a powerless voice.
"Stay down, don’t move, talk or even think," Zelda said.
"Or what?" Gwen said.
Zelda used Thundershock on Gwen.
"That. Now, do as I say or else you'll be having another one, just as painful," Zelda, said, smirking.
"Okay, I think I get the point..." Gwen said, and falls unconscious.

Five minutes later...

There's a path of beaten Pokèmon that is trailed back behind Zelda. She's carrying Gwen by her foot, dragging her along the road.
"Wow, you're tough!" Gwen said, slightly amazed.
"Thank you. Now, keep your mouth shut! We're near Caterpie, now," Zelda said, catching Caterpie's attention.
"Hey, are you here to rescue me?" Caterpie asks, still crying.
"Yes, let's get you out of here," Zelda said, Caterpie hops up in happiness.

One minute later...

"Thank you for returning Caterpie to me but what happened to your friend?" Butterfree asks.
"He got KOed by a Rattata and I'm just carrying him," Zelda said.
"Well, still, thank you for rescuing my baby. Here's my end of the deal" butterfree said, giving Zelda 250 Poke and some berries, then she and Caterpie leaving the scene.
"Well, I'm pooped! Let's go home! And thank you for being so worthless," Zelda said.
"I would have helped if someone hadn't thundershocked me cr**less!! And I have nowhere to go! You wouldn't happen to know a place where I can stay, do you?" Gwen said, still being carried from the foot by Zelda.

Sometime later....

"Here, this is a place I found a couple days back. I'm not a fan of green houses so you can keep it," Zelda said.
"Thanks a lot. It's a nice house. And one more thing, can you please let go of me?! Sheesh, it's bad enough I'm a girl and a Bulbasaur, but being carried around by a Pikachu from my leg is really bad! Wait, I get it! This is the narrator's punishment! Grrrrr, F***in' narrator..." Gwen mutters, Zelda hearing every word.
"If you say one more word about this narrator, I'm breaking' your leg right now," Zelda said.
"What? It is the F***in' narrator's fault!" Gwen complains.
"That’s it “Zelda said

One minute later...

Zelda breaks Gwen's leg by means of half-nelsoning Gwen's leg and snapping it backwards.
"AAAAAUGH!! YOU BROKE MY LEG!! MY F***IN' LEG, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!" Gwen continues to cry out in pain.
"Heheh. Serves you right," said Zelda.
"Can't you at least take me to the hospital?" Gwen asks.
"Alright, let me just-"
"Fine," Zelda pulls Gwen to the Hospital from her other leg.

One hour later, in the hospital...

"How do you feel?" Zelda asks.
"Bad. Very bad..." Gwen replies.
"Look, I know it's a bad time but do you want to make a rescue team together? I'll teach you how to defend yourself, as well as save some Pokèmon," Zelda said.
"Okay, just, please, don't break my leg again" Gwen said.
"Okay, so let's choose a name," Zelda said.
"What about 'The Idiot and the Tough?'" Gwen suggests.
"Nice name but too long," Zelda said, Gwen falling out on the comment.
"That was sarcasm..." Gwen said, in a low voice.
"Gwen and Zelda," Zelda said.
"It's too obvious," Gwen, said, "What about Eternal?"
"I don't like it but I'm not going to waste my time, so we'll use that," Zelda said.
"Why is it always about you?" Gwen asks.
"Because, I have more power over you," Zelda said, charging up again, making Gwen jump.
"Good point! Well, I need my rest, so I can recover from my broken leg. Bye-bye! See ya! Don't come back in a hurry!" Gwen said.
"I will come tomorrow to pick you up, so we can go on rescue missions and we already have a rescue team starter pack so don't you worry about that," Zelda waves the toolbox over her head.
"Oi..." Gwen groans.
"See you tomorrow!" Zelda leaves Gwen alone
what do you think?,post youre opinions,comments and critism
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Default Re: Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon.My version

The comedy Stylings of Eternal Legend everybody! That was just plain funny. Keep up the good work dude.
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Default Re: Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon.My version

The sware words burn my eyes. =(

Could you make it a little less clumpier, please?
Originally Posted by Ridley View Post
I suffer from some desease where I just don't feel like catching a pokemon unless it's rare, which ends in me never catching com mons.

I finished Gold with a pokedex of 6.

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Originally Posted by Charbok View Post

Haagen-Daz is an ice cream company, dumbass.

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Default Re: Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon.My version

Originally Posted by Hoshika View Post
The sware words burn my eyes. =(

Could you make it a little less clumpier, please?
Care to explain?,well about the sware words.I try all I can to block them,but i won't change the story.And for the record,i am only transfering.I already wrote 12 chapter for this story,so all i am doing now is editing and adding.Also i guess i will point out that there are a few explination chapters,but even though they don't have that much comedy they have story.A good story that guess far beyond the game.Well i guess i will post my update in a few minutes.
Thank You for posting Hoshika and Eeveeking929.
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Default Re: Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon.My version

This chapter was edited,so i did not bother re-editing it or checking it.well enjoy.
note:till chapter 5 all my chapter were edited by a friend,now i do the editing myself.
Chapter 2:The Hospital

In a dream Gwen's having...

"Zelda? What’s up? Do I have something on my face or something?" Gwen asks.
"No, worse, look," Zelda, responded, pointing below Gwen.
"What the f***?! It’s an egg!! NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo," Gwen yelled, her voice getting smaller as she starts to wake up.

Gwen, now waking up...

When she does wake up, she's glad it's just a dream, "Phew! It was just a dream! Thank god, it would have been horrible to have a baby, especially since I'm actually a guy. There's no way I could've lived with the fact I had a baby..." Gwen said, sighing in relief.

Then, "the voice of doom" is heard...

"Hello, Max, or should I say "Gwen." I hope you're enjoyed your quest so far! I've been laughing at every moment of it," said the narrator, snickering.
"Oh, crap, it's you again. Well, since this might as well be my only chance to call you these names, I'll start now. YOU F***IN' BALL SUCKING, DONKEY RAM****, S*** EATIN', te******, WORTH NOTHIN' BUT PIG S***!! UNCLE F***TARD THAT'S MARRIED TO A SEACUCUMBER!! I hate you so much! Do you have any idea how much pain I've felt since you brought me here?!" said Gwen, pissed off to the 125th power.
"Not really, and don't blame me for this. All I did was make a deal with Zelda that she would be at level 30 if she did what she did to you. And I do mean the whole breaking your leg and the thundershocking incidents. That's all," said the narrator.
"Why?! You do realize I hate you even more now, right?!"
"Yes. That's the whole point. You can hate me all you want, you can't do squat about it. And to top it all off, I'm at your house, doing this whole gig, to make you feel better."
"Oh my God, I hope you aren't using my Nintendo Wii cause if you are..." said Gwen, threateningly.
"Yes, your Nintendo Wii's a nice fun console and I played it for hours and hours but since I wanted you to suffer some more, I threw it in the blender and fed the scraps to Yanmega the bug type pokèmon. Now, it's completely destroyed, along with the games you had. Ha, ha, ha," said the narrator.

AAAAAAAAAA?!?!?!?! My precious NINTENDO WII!!! WHY? WHY?! WHY?!?! WHY?!?!" Gwen weeps. It was that exact moment that Gwen gets even more pissed, "THAT'S IT!!! I'M GONNA BECOME THE GREATEST RESCUE TEAM EVER, KICK YOUR ASS AND MAKE YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MY NINTENDO WII!!!!" Gwen said, still crying and weeping.
"Go ahead. Make my day and humor me some more. Your life's already bad enough today so I'm going to leave now. I'll see you again, if I feel bored," The voice fades away.

Zelda then comes into Gwen's room, right after the voice leaves.
"Hello Gwen. I just want to say that I'm sorry for breaking your leg. There, I said it. I broke your leg cause some newbie asked me to break it in exchange for some experience points. I couldn't refuse so I did it and now I'm level 30! Pretty cool, right?” said Zelda explains.
"You’re a pi******** for breaking my leg..." Gwen smirks, "Now, allow me to return the favor..."
Gwen uses vine whip to pick up Zelda and swings her around and smashes her leg against a steel pipe.
"OUCH!! My f***ing leg! You broke it!" Zelda said, wincing in pain.
"Whatever, now let's call the Chansey and see what they can do to patch us up so we can walk, do a rescue mission, get some Poke and go eat somewhere, okay?" Gwen told Zelda.
"This some sort of a Truce?" Zelda asks.
"Yeah, it is."
Gwen presses room service button in the room and some Chansey come into the room.
"Hey, my friend here broke her leg. Can you patch it up?" Gwen asked the Chansey.
"No, sorry. We Chansey can only heal wounds, not broken bones. Blissey is the one that can help you two," said Chansey #1.
"Okay, so call blissey and patch her up, for Pete's sake!" Gwen told the Chansey, annoyed.
"It'll cost 500 Poke to get her to heal both of you," said Chansey #2.
"What?! S***! Look, we only got 250 Poke now. Can we pay you what we have now and pay the rest of the poke later or tomorrow?!" Gwen said.
"I have a better idea! You become a mom for a day and Blissey will heal your friend's bone for free," said Chansey #3.
"Egg, baby and mom for a day?! F*** you narrator!! F*** you for this!! F*** you to hell again!!" Gwen sighs, "Okay, I'll be a mom for a day, just don’t expect that much. After all, I still have a crippled leg, and I can't walk much. Still, as long as the little munchkin doesn't kick me in the leg, we got a deal," said Gwen.

Just then, an egg is put on the bed, in front of Gwen. The Chansey place Gwen on the egg, with Gwen wincing in pain. Still, she sat like a chicken on it's egg...err... sort of.
"So what now? Do I just sit here all day till the damned thing hatches and take care of the baby?" Gwen asks.
"Yes," said a incoming voice.
"And who would you be?"
"I'm Blissey and I'm here to heal you and your friend's broken bones!" said Blissey, in a happy-go-merry voice.
"Take longer with my friend's. I say about an hour, okay?" Gwen whispered to Blissey.
"I heard that," Zelda said, making a disgusted face.
"I know but I really don't care. You deserved the broken leg for taking experience over my physical body. And besides the point, at least YOU'RE not the one who has to sit on this egg and then, when it hatches, take care of the baby!" Gwen tells off Zelda.
"Ouch! Don't be a sour puss. Baby pokèmon are cute and helpful!" Zelda said.
"If you feel that way why don't you tell the Chansey that you want the baby Pokèmon inside this egg?" Gwen asks Zelda.
"Nice plan! Hey, Chansey, when the egg hatches, can I keep the baby Pokèmon?" Zelda asks Chansey.
"Sure, why not? You're actually doing us a favor by taking the baby Pokèmon. Just sign these adoption papers and it's yours," Chansey #4 responds and gives Zelda an adoption paper.
"ZELDA! I'm warning you only once! There's no way I'm taking care of this baby Pokèmon, no matter how much you pay me!" said Gwen angrily.
"Fine," Zelda said, signing the papers.
A smug smirk crosses Gwen's face, "Hey, Chansey, can you get Zelda ten thick books about how to raise a baby Pokèmon and then get me a milkshake for waiting? Thanks!" Gwen asks the Chansey, putting Zelda in shock.
Chansey gives Zelda ten rather large books on "How to raise a baby Pokèmon" and give Gwen a milkshake.
"Wow, I love this milkshake! It tastes just like chocolate! But... where did the chocolate milk come from? Chocolate Miltanks?" Gwen said, taking another sip and then chuckling over her own joke.
"How'd you know?!" answers Chansey #5.
"Just a guess," Gwen answers.

Five hours later....

After much unneeded egg-marked butt sitting time later, the egg starts to shake.
"What's happening to the egg?" Gwen asks.
"Its hatching, you dumb**s!" Zelda says, shoving Gwen off the egg and putting herself in full view when the egg hatches. The Pokèmon's a piplup and the first living, breathing thing it sees is Zelda.
"Mama," Piplup's first word to Zelda is Zelda
"Aaw, how cute! It's a whole new Pokèmon species!" Gwen said.
"You're right about that, but still, you didn't even know what it was so you're definitely a newb" Zelda said to Gwen, who scoffs.
"So, what are you going to name him?"
"I was thinking about you being male, so I'm going to call him by a name similar to yours. I'll call him Mike,"
"Nice name. Now, Chansey, we kept our part of the deal so you have to keep yours as well! And, since I'm at it, and were keeping the baby, I want something extra. I want one hundred milkshakes and two hundred bottles of milk for Mike, deal?" Gwen said, secretly ripping off the Chansey.
"Deal. But that's going to cost you your last 250 Poke," Chansey #6 said, with the other Chansey raiding their Poke bag.
"It's the least we can do, since you're taking more than our Miltank can handle. Usually, she'd expect much more."
Gwen scoffs again, "Fine..." Gwen turns to Blissey, "Do you’re thing."
Blissey hands an egg to Zelda and Gwen, who consumes the contents and are healed immediately.
"Now, let the feast of 100 milkshakes begin!!" Gwen said happily.
"What about me? I want some milkshakes too and the same goes to Mike!" Zelda said
"Okay, just make sure Mike learns bubblebeam in a day or two. If he's staying with us, he's got to contribute some sort of help to us, even if he is little. No, I don’t want him as a servant, just as a rescue team member. And one more thing, where's he staying because he's definitely not staying' with me, that's for sure!" Gwen says,
"Oh, he's staying with you. You hatched him!" Zelda argues.
"Well, I didn't sign the papers. Your baby, your problem," Gwen argues back. Mike starts to sniffle and then cry very loudly, almost as loud as an Exploud. This started to get on Gwen's nerves, "Okay, okay! Just shut him up! He can stay with me!" Gwen said, Mike stops crying almost instantly.
"This has been a tough day, but, still, we should go on a rescue mission. I mean, after all, we did get robbed of all our Poke, thanks to your stupid one hundred milkshake and two hundred bottles of milk requests," Zelda said
"Okay, let's just hope it's an easy one," Gwen said.
"Okay, lets check the mailbox... the news... a couple of difficult rescue requests... Hey! There's something here! It's a dvd called 'Pokèmon The Movie' and a whole s***load of other movies with the name 'Pokèmon' on them!
Zelda gets an idea, with the bulb appearing above her head, "Let's call it a day and watch these movies, okay?"
"Okay, Let me just get some popcorn and some drinks," Gwen rushes off to get some
Mike, Gwen and Zelda watched those movies, playing "100 glasses of Milkshakes on the wall" but they soon got sick with the Milkshakes so they all had Diarea for the rest of the night. They had to crap so badly, the toilet was clogged up so they ended up crapping all over Gwen's house. And, in the morning, they had to call some Muk to clean up their house, since it was so badly stinking and pretty much filled with so much crap, the floor wasn't visible.
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Default Re: Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon.My version

My mistake and i will update my story for all the time i didn't
Chapter 3: The girl curse and the Ray of hope

Gwen and her housemates rise to the morning sun, all groggy and "hang over ish." After having called the cleanup Muk, they still speak groggily, as Muk cleans up.
"Uuugh... Zelda, remind me never to drink one hundred milkshakes at one time ever again... I want a limit of 50 milkshakes per day or less..." Gwen groaned.
"Okay but only if you do the same," Zelda's stomach churns, "I really hate diarea..." Zelda responds.
After all the renovations were done, it's time for the bill!
"It's going to cost you 300 Poke for the cleaning of the house. Mainly, for the crap and other bodily waste that you left around this dump," Muk says.
"We don’t have 300 poke!!" Gwen and Zelda say in unison.
"In fact, we're quite broke," Gwen, added.
"Then we'll simply keep the house till you pay up," Muk says, picking up Gwen and Zelda and throwing them out of the house.
"Ow! Next time, I'll call a cheaper cleaning company!" Zelda shouts, then groans.
"Let's just do a rescue mission, pay muk and kick his stupid...err. Mucky butt out," Gwen said, checking the mailbox. Checking the mailbox, Gwen finds a newspaper, three fan letters, a marriage proposal, a rescue mission and five letters from the narrator. "Okay, so let's categorize what we got here," Gwen holds up the newspaper, "toilet paper," Gwen holds up the fan letters, "three fan letters," Gwen holds up the marriage proposal, "a letter from a guy that wants to marry me," Gwen holds up the rescue request, "a rescue mission," Gwen holds up the letters from the narrator,” and five letters from my tormentor," Gwen suddenly is shocked, "Zelda, can you give me 10 minutes to go read, insult and respond to these letters?"
"Sure, just give me the fan letters," Zelda responds, taking the letters, gladly.
Gwen gets a couple of papers, sits down on the grass and starts to read the letters.
Marriage Proposal

Dear Bulbasaur.
I am in love with you. Truly, I am. I love you from the bottom of my heart... *scribble of them together* Will you marry me? Please?


P.S. I admire you so...


Dear Heracross,

NO! Never! Go F*** your own kind. I hate bug types and here's a little info for you, I got chased by a Heracross Stampede 2 days ago. Don't even get me started...

Gwen, the Bulbasaur

P.S. Burn in hell, you M***** F***in' Heracross...



1. Hello, Max.

It's me, the narrator. Just wanted to let you know that I have some good news.

2.Remember that I feed your Wii to a Giratine? Well even thought I feed him the scrapes of you’re Nintendo wii... *Ran out of room*

3. You may still be able to get it back.

4. You just have to beat me. And, yes, I am 10 times tougher than ganondorf in the... *Whoops! Ran out of room again! *

5. Legend of Zelda, twilight princess. Well, I got to go remodel your room. I'm going to make it look like a heaven for girls. I'll paint it pink with Bulbasaurs on it and, most of all, girly dolls! And the, I'll take a picture of the room and put it on my space. HaHa! Ah, I'm so enjoying you’re pain.

-The Narrator

Gwen’s response letter to the narrator

1) You b****!! Why are you doing this to me?! And why my space?!

2) First, you make me go on a quest I don’t want to go on,

3) Then, you make me a female bulbasaur, hire Zelda to break my leg, destroy my Nintendo Wii and I'm pretty sure you put something in those milkshakes to give me a bad case of diarea, you bastard.

4) That's why, in the end, I'm going to make you pay.

5) I'm going to make you pay for this, you pig ****er! I'll get you for this! Mark my words!!

Gwen finishes writing the letters and puts them in the mailbox for the delivery Pelipper to pick up.
"Finished! Let's read this rescue mission now," Gwen tells Zelda, whom also finished reading the fan mail.

One boring, explanatory mission minute later...

"Okay, we go to Thunder wave cave, get to level 6 to rescue some Magnemites stuck together and we're done, right?" Gwen asks.
"Yep, that's the mission, alright," Zelda, said.
"Let's go, then" Gwen says.

Sometime later...

"Finally here!" Gwen said, then finding something interesting, grinning widely, "Hey, Zelda! Want to make things more interesting?" Gwen asks.
"Sure. What do you have in mind?" Zelda replies.
"I found this on the way here," Gwen responds and shows Zelda 2 pink dresses that look like they could fit a bulbasaur and a pikachu," I just found this at random and since we're both on the same mission, let me make this a small, but simple challenge. Whoever beats more pokèmon within 10 minutes becomes the loser's master. The loser has to wear the pink dress that fits her for one week has become the winner's lackie for three days" Gwen explains to Zelda.
"Okay, but I have to warn you, I'm not going to lose!" Zelda responds, with a confident look.
"All right. 3...2...1...GO!!"
And the hunt was on...

Ten minutes later...

...and now it's over, with the score being:
Gwen: 10 Zelda: 100
"Oh yeah!! Now, as you promised, you're my lackie for three days and now have to wear that ridiculously pink dress," Zelda said, smirking widely.
"This isn’t right. I'm a guy, in a female Bulbasaur's body and, to top it all off, I have to wear a dress for a week and be her servant for three days! Dammit, this sucks!" Gwen groans, "Still, I'm a guy of my word, so give me that stupid dress," Gwen puts on the pink dress.
"..." Zelda tries not to snicker, " Okay, servant, let's finish this rescue mission and get the reward so we can pay Muk for our house back," Zelda told Gwen, marching forward.
"Yes, master..." Gwen responds, following up with a sneer.

Ten more minutes later...

Zelda and Gwen found the Magnemite and got their 500 Poke reward. Gwen, still sneering at the fact that she lost the bet, goes home with Zelda and Mike, who's been snickering the whole time, since the end of the bet, follows along.
They pay the Muk, and kick them all out, due to a request from Zelda, Gwen apologizing every Vine Whip toss.
"Well, I'm tired. Servant, take five," Zelda said, walking home. Mike laughs.
"Oh, shut it, you..." Gwen mutters.
Gwen enters her house and starts to watch the T.V. She was trying to tune into the girls rule channel when, suddenly, the T.V. becomes possessed by a God-like force and the narrator appears on the T.V. screen.
"Hello, Max. How you been? Haven't seen you since I created you," the narrator said, from the T.V.
"Craptastic, thank you. I mean, come one, I'm wearing a pink dress, for crying' out loud, though, really, it isn't all that bad..." Gwen replies.
"Good, good. Then, my backup plan is going smoothly..."
"What do you mean "Backup plan?" I hope you're not thinking..."
"Yep, you guessed it! I made a backup plan just in case you, somehow, win. Now, that I have you around all these girly things, your real life body will begin to shift. When you've fully become a girl here, you'll lose all your sense out here. In short, you'll be transformed into a girl."
Gwen screams like a girl, though, still talking in his, slightly feminine now, male voice, "YOU BASTARD! You know that makes me hate you even more than before, right?"
"I know, but I don’t really care, since you can't beat me. And even if you do, it'll probably be too late and you'll be a girl," the narrator said, laughing as the T.V. becomes staticy and then tuning back to his previous channel.
"That’s it, you damned narrator... when I get out of here, I'm going to f*** you up so bad, you're momma's not even going to recognize you... As I said, Mark my words, you bastard..." Gwen turns off the T.V, picks it up, destroys it, wakes up Mike, and puts it outside while Mike's crying. Gwen then goes back inside to take care of Mike.
Pokemon are Pocket Monster right?,well why do we love them?.We love them cause we just do, DEAL WITH IT!!!.Well i was from Pokemoncrater till i got banned for 3 years,now i am here to continue my love and passion for Pokemon Forums.That is all i got to say and Lets catch em' all(for those who own pokemon games)

I don't like mods and admins, respect it

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Default Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Gwen's Key and the tour around Pokemon square

Last night, Gwen has a strange, but informative, dream.

"Hello? Who's there?" Gwen asked.
"No one important..." said a voice, which moved into a whisper.
"You wouldn't happen to know how on earth I can wake up from this horrible nightmare of being, not only the pokèmon I hate but also from turning into a girl, do you?"
"There is a way... Find Gwen's key and all shall be...” the ghostly voice whispered, fading away.
"Wait! Tell me more! I need to know!" Gwen yelled, desperate. Gwen wakes up.
"Gah!... Phew, just a dream...though, that voice said to find "Gwen's Key," whatever that is..." Gwen said, next thinking, then shrugging, "Oh well, maybe next time! Well, better go check that mailbox before Zelda gets me to do it in some other way, which frankly, I don't want to know how!" Gwen runs out of the door, quickly checking her mailbox. What she gets is a big surprise. She finds a mysterious letter with no return address.
Better keep this away from Zelda until my lackey business is done. Don't want her doing something funny with it or something... Gwen thought. And who else but Zelda is to come along the road to ruin Gwen's life some more.
"Hello, slave," Zelda said.
"Hello Zelda, I-"
"No! NOT ZELDA! WHILE YOU ARE MY SLAVE, YOU MUST REFERE TO ME AS "MASTER," UNDERSTAND?!" Zelda said, threateningly, holding a whip in her hand.
"Y-yes, Master!"
"That's better. Now, what's our mission for the day?"
Gwen is now calm, but stingy, "Well, master, we have no missions for the day."
"And one more thing, since we got Mike, he's been living with me and I've been feeding him, changing him and cleaning up after his messes. When are you going to take over for your child?" Gwen asks, stingily.
"Yeah, well, about that, since you are my servant, he's to stay with you until your terms up. Since I pretty much have you do all my dirty work, you're to take care of Mike until the term's up, as I've said," Zelda replied.
"Look, I never agreed to-"
"You can't agree to anything! You're my servant for the next two days. So you have no say in the matter," Gwen grumbles under her master's words, "Now, lackey, I'm tired of walking today, so I'm going to mount you like a horse and ride you around. Mike's coming along for the ride," Zelda starts walking towards Gwen, who's backing up, utterly shocked and pissed.
"WHAT?! Oooooh No! Of all the crazy crap you're going to put me through, this is one where I have to put my foot do-"

6 minutes later...

Zelda and Mike mount Gwen and go to town.
"Oh, I'm soooooooooooo going to get you for this, you know..." Gwen said, with a saddle on her back and those things that horses have in their mouths in hers.
"Hey, your fault for making the deal you couldn't win," Zelda commanded Gwen, "Now, giddy up!"
The two make a tour trip. First it was the Felicity bank.
"This is the Felicity bank. You can save your money here and it'll never get lost!" Zelda said, holding up their Poke bag. Just going to make a deposit with our money..."
"Welcome to the Felicity bank. Would you like to make a deposit?" asks Persian
"No! Get me out off here!!" Gwen said, hopping on the desk with her front paws, knocking back Zelda but Mike, surprisingly, staying on.
"Down! Off the counter!" Zelda commands. Gwen whimpers, like a dog, and gets off. She gets a lick from Zelda's whip for knocking her over, "Yes, we're making a deposit," Zelda gives Persian 25 Poke, which leaves the team with 50 Poke.
"Very well, I'll guard it jealously," Persian, said. And Gwen and friends leave.
Their next stop is the Gulpin Link shop.
"This is the gulpin link shop, you link moves here. I'm not going to bother explaining, Zelda said.
"Gulpin, you wouldn't happen to be able to clean houses filled with pokewaste for cheap, would you?" Gwen asks.
"Yes, 100 poke per hour. And not only that but I'm slow and I work alone," gulpin replied, but was now pulling out a board, "but if you want, I could set up a time-share plan and th-" the others fled, "Hello?"
Their next stop was the Kangaskhan Storage center.
"Here, is Kangaskhan Storage. You can store stuff here and it'll never go missing," Zelda said.
Gwen gets a clever idea. Gwen upchucks a Oran berry, while Kangaskhan's not looking, and then wraps it up in a paper that makes it look like a fresh Oran berry.
"Hey! Kangaskhan! I'll give you 10 Poke if you eat this fresh Oran berry," Gwen said, snickering under her breath.
"No problem!" Kangaskhan said, taking the Poke and the "Oran berry."
When Kangaskhan eats the Oran, she turns green with sickness and falls out. No, she didn't die, she's still green. The Ambulance didn't arrive until several hours later, but before then, Gwen, Mike and Zelda were already gone.
"Finally, this is the Kecleon shop. You can buy neat stuff here," Zelda said.
"Hey, is using the toilet free?" Gwen asks the Kecleons.
"No, its 10 poke per use~" Green Kecleon replies.
"What? You guys are too cheap to let the toilet go for free?! Cheap-ass tightwads!" Gwen shouts.
"You take that back!~" shouted the pink Kecleon.
"Make me!" WHAP! POW! BAM! BIFF! WHACK!! "OW!! All right! I take it back, already! Sheesh!" Gwen shouts.
"That's for calling us cheap tightwads~" the Kecleons said, in unison.

The return home...

"That's it! I'm tired and hurt both emotionally and physically. Can I please take the rest of the day off?"
"Sure, but it's going to cost you," Zelda said.
"Oh, crap, what are you tormenting me with this time?!" Gwen said.
"Well, since you want to take the rest of today off, you can wear these," Zelda shows Gwen 4 pink bracelets that look like they could fit a Bulbasaur.
"Oh, no! I put up with having a mob of angry Muk that are surely going to be on my tail before this adventure is over, having to ride you around everywhere, being whipped by you and being Kecleoned by two Kecleon at that shop but this is just too much!" Gwen protests.
"Well, it's still your fault for making that deal in the first place," Zelda said, putting the bracelets on Bulbasaur.
Gwen groans, "How long do I have to wear these?" Gwen asks, in a pitiful and disappointed voice.
"3 weeks," Zelda responded.
"Too bad. You have to listen to me and if you break your promise, I'll do something even more embarrassing to you. Is that what you want?" Zelda asks.
"Geh... no..." Gwen said, defeated.
"Good. Mike and me will be going now. Ta-ta!" Zelda said, she and Mike going home.
I'm going to slaughter that Pikachu, the next time I get a hold of her... Gwen thought
Pokemon are Pocket Monster right?,well why do we love them?.We love them cause we just do, DEAL WITH IT!!!.Well i was from Pokemoncrater till i got banned for 3 years,now i am here to continue my love and passion for Pokemon Forums.That is all i got to say and Lets catch em' all(for those who own pokemon games)

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Default Chapter 5.

I wrote this story,but it was edited by Arctic_Master from Pokemoncrater,so this day we are best friends.Well this is my favorite chapter,basically i wrote this chapter but he Arctic-fied it.Well this a very funny chapter and with any luck will get the PAS of my tail.
People Against Swearing
Chapter 5:The worst day of Gwen's life

Gwen is snoozing' like a baby when Zelda comes in the house and yells, through a megaphone, startling Gwen crapless.
"WAKE UP, YOU CONSTIPATED BUTT-MONKEY!!" Zelda yells through the megaphone, which is right besides Gwen’s ear.
"AHHHHHH!!! FOR GOD"S SAKE, ZELDA!!! WHAT GIVES?! IT'S 5 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!" Gwen furiously yelled back.
"Cause today, I'm making your life a living hell," Zelda said with a broad smirk on her face, which evolves into an evil laugh.
"Oh God..." Gwen said, eyes affixed with horror.
"Here's your list of what I want you to do, and you are to complete them without question during doing them. And, to break out more pain, you have to carry me, doing all of this," Zelda gives Gwen a long list of things she wants Gwen to do.
Of all the crappy things that stoned narrator made me do before, I wonder how badly he's getting Zelda to punish me with this long list of...O...M...G... Gwen thought, "You want me to-" Gwen said but was interrupted by Zelda, who has a smile that could creep out the devil.
"Yes..." Zelda has something behind her back.
You are so going to burn... Gwen thought.

Some time later...
Gwen, whom's now in a ballerina's tutu, shoes and microphone, stands ridiculously in an opening, while Zelda is holding up a camera, chuckling out of her skin.
"I'm soooooo going to get you for this, you f***in' bastard..." Gwen whispers.
"I heard that lackey. Now, dance and sing karaoke!" Zelda said.
For the next 2 hours, Gwen is forced to sing Karaoke and dance, at the same time, while Zelda records all of this. Gwen's going to need some serious therapy after all of this is done.
"Okay, that's it! Now, I'm going to take this dress and I'm going to throw it in my fireplace and burn the cr-" Gwen was, once again, interrupted.
"Wait a second. You can do whatever you want with the dress but today, you're wearing' three sets of clothes under this outfit I'm going to give you," Zelda pulls out a horse suit.
"WHAT! Okay, I've had enough of this s***! First, you make me sing karaoke and dance around like a Ballerina on crack and now you want me to wear a horse suit, probably to have my back saddled up again and so you c-"
"Yep! You guessed it! Saddle you up and then ride you around. But this time, we're going in a race. We're competing against three Ponyta and if you lose, you're my lackie for another day. Sounds fair enough?"
This was way too much for Gwen to handle so...she fainted.
"Now's not the time to mope, lackey! Get up now or you're my slave forever," Zelda said.
Gwen wakes up in a heartbeat, "YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME TWICE!!" Gwen jumps into the Horse suit, after putting on three more sets of clothes, and throws the saddle around her back.

After a while...

Gwen blacks out, after a while. When she wakes up...
"Uugh...what happened?" Gwen asks.
"You were giving me a massage, then you suddenly blacked out," Zelda responded,
"what time is it and what why the crap am I wearing this Maid get up? What the c*** just happened?" Gwen asks.
"Let me break it down to you. You were just fine a second ago. Let me see...You won the race against those ponyta, you wore every single dumb, girly and funny dress I had for you and then you were giving me a massage. I had someone video tape it all and it should be done by tomorrow. And, to make things more painful, I'm showing it to everyone in town, when it's finished," Zelda answered.
It took a while for this news to sink into Gwen's head, "Wait, it the afternoon already? All right! I'm not going to be your lackey anymore in just a couple of hours! Mmm...Still too bad I have to wear that stupid pink dress," Gwen grumbles.
"You really forgot everything, didn't you? Well, you begged me to do a few changes to your dress and you signed this to seal the deal, but to make this less painful for you, I better tell you this, one piece at a time. First, here's your dress, like you asked it to look like," Zelda said, holding out a more girlish, or princess-like to be exact, dress.
"Wait a minute WAIT A DARN MINUTE!! What the f*** happened to the pink dress I had to wear?! It's waaaaaaay girlier than before!!" Gwen cries.
"Look, you asked me to change your pink dress so it looked girlier than before, so I couldn't help but not comply with your only, non-aggressive request, could I?"
Zelda asks, "And here's the contract you signed, endorsing the action," Zelda holds out a contract, which has Gwen's signature on it.
"What's this?! I don't remember signing any contract! Neither reading one, for that matter! Gimme that!" Gwen takes the piece of paper, reading the text quickly, to herself, "WHAT?!?! I HAVE TO WEAR THAT DAMNED DRESS FOR ANOTHER TWO WEEKS?!"
"You didn't read all of it, apparently. It also says you have to start behaving like what you are for one week. Which is, a girl. You also have to wear all of this girly stuff or at least ten other items, which I have in my suitcase, here," Zelda opens the suitcase, revealing even more girly stuff, which is makeup, lipstick, the works. Any shopaholic feminine products, such as these, would probably go nuts for, "And, one more thing, for every bad word you say, you have to wear another item and wear it for five more days."
Zelda gives Gwen the suitcase. Gwen's in utter shock. She calmly walks behind Zelda’s house and shouts all kinds of bad things, that aren’t curse words, but nonsense words that you usually hear when someone's really frustrated and mad. When she was done, she comes back outside, ready for her punishment.
"When does this thing start?"
"Tomorrow, the day you're done being my lackey. Now, go home and get some rest. You'll need it in order to keep your sanity."
"Wow, that was about the nicest thing you've done to me, so far today!" Gwen was surprised.
"But before you go, you have to beat me,"
"Oh sh- I mean, well, let's have at it"

Several seconds later...

Gwen's ass was pretty much kicked and served back to her. She got beaten to the curb, and still is receiving a merciless whopping "AHH!! HELP!! ZELDA! YOU'RE GONNA KILL ME, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!" Zelda picks up Gwen's immobile body and was about to throw her at her door but...
"Stop this at once!" said a voice. Gardevoir appears from the sky, "I am Gardevoir, the last remaining guardian spirit of Gwen's Key and I sent a message to Gwen, but it was never opened."
"Hey! I was getting' around to it! I would've opened it tomorrow, so Zelda, here, doesn't open it herself or tear it up!" Gwen said, still in a panic, since she's being held by a Pikachu, about to be thrown at her own door.
"So, I decided to come here in person and give you the message and tell you a story," Gardevoir sets the sky in a cosmic power, that seems to shift as Gardevoir tells the story.
"Can you please tell her to put me down, first?" Gwen asks. She's ignored.
"Long ago, there was said to be a key with the power to eliminate any curse and grant it's owner the power to go to the world of man and the world of pokèmon at will. But the ancient ones broke the key in 20 pieces, fearing that if a pokèmon, with a heart full of pure evil, got it and would be able to enter the world of man and take control of it. But, there is a legend, that a guy, who was turned into a female Bulbasaur, would gather the pieces of the key and make a new world. A world where pokèmon and humans would live in peace, bring down all of his foes and have his vengeance. But the ancient ones wished to have the key hidden forever so they called it "Gwen's Key" and hid its pieces all around the world, to be guarded by Legendary Pokèmon," Gardevoir explained.
"So, you're that voice in my strange dream?" Gwen asks.
"And what happened to me today, did you cause it or was it the narrator's fault?"
"That was not my doing and probably of the narrator's. Now, Gwen, open my letter and guard that piece of Gwen's Key with your life and it will do the same for you,"
"GREAT! Now, if you'd be so kind, as to tell Zelda to not body slam me against the face of my door, I'd be very grateful, if you do!" Gwen said, panicking.
"You're such a crybaby..." Zelda said, putting Gwen down, sparing her the pain.
"Well, Gwen, Zelda, I must leave, but hear this, Gwen, you mustn't fail. You're future and the future of the Pokèmon and Humans are in your hands now," Gardevoir said, patting Gwen on her shoulder, "And Zelda, take this orb," Zelda is given an orb, "It might come in handy. Farewell, you brave souls!" Gardevoir teleports.
"Okay, Gwen yo-" Zelda just got a glimpse of Gwen hightailing her way inside her house. You can hear boards being hammered on, so that's official that Zelda's not wanted in there. Zelda just has an anime sweat droplet on her head and walks home, with Mike on her side.
Pokemon are Pocket Monster right?,well why do we love them?.We love them cause we just do, DEAL WITH IT!!!.Well i was from Pokemoncrater till i got banned for 3 years,now i am here to continue my love and passion for Pokemon Forums.That is all i got to say and Lets catch em' all(for those who own pokemon games)

I don't like mods and admins, respect it
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Default Chapter 6

Okay i guess you people must be tired of so many chapters?,well that is if you even mind reading it.Well i am not done,i want to write new chapters.But to do that i need to post the ones i have.On a side note:Gwens key can't break Gwen's curse to break it Gwen needs Maxs and Gwens key.

Chapter:6 The Pathway of the future is revealed

Gwen waked up, yet again, to another morning. She goes to check the mailbox where she finds 3 mysterious letters.
"This is odd," Gwen said. She opens one of the letters and reads it.

To change the future, as you see it, say the word "Chaoquezin" and you will be transported there.
P.S.: You and Zelda can go to the future as much as you want. :)

"Really?" Gwen said, "Chaoquezin!"
For a few seconds, nothing happens, "What?! This stupid letter does-" Gwen couldn't finish her sentence before she was transported to the future, " That, there, was awkward. Where the hell am I, anyway?" Gwen takes only but a few steps until a princess appears, approaching Gwen. "Hello, Gwen. And to answer your question, you're in the future," She said.
Gwen was confused, "How do you know my name?"
"Isn’t it obvious? I am you."

Gwen sheepishly laughs and then faints. The Princess takes Gwen to the hospital.

Gwen was still in a daze when she got to the hospital, "…ah, what happened?" Gwen said, groggily.
"She is awake. Good. Someone give me the anti-faint necklace, quick!" the princess said. She puts an anti-faint necklace on Gwen.
Gwen, who’s still groggy from fainting, gets up, "Again, I ask, where am I and who are you?"
"You’re in the hospital, now, in the future, and I am you," the princess explains.
Gwen looks at the princes, as if she was crazy "How, in the name of crack, can you be me, when I was born a guy?!"
"A male?" the princess said, in shock.
"Yes I am male, well I was till the narrator made me a girl, anyways," Gwen looks back at the princess, "So elaborate, you."
"Hmm... you mean that... well, I'm afraid have bad news for you, then,"
"Bad news? Don't tell me I'll end up being pregnant one day!"
"No, it's not that bad. You’re stuck like a girl forever, but the good thing, at least, is that you can't die by age or being sick... are you okay?" the princess asks this, since Gwen has this beyond shocked look on her face.
Gwen eventually stops yelling, an hour later.
"Calm down! It's not all that bad, once you get used to it," the princess said.
"I can't believe it! All my past endeavors to prevent that... failed! I'm stuck as a f***in' girl forever!! I'm going to need a ton of therapy to get over this!!" Gwen was now in tears.
The princess pats Gwen on the back, "There, there. Hey, maybe this will cheer you up," the princess gives Gwen a Nintendo Wii
"A WII!! O...M...G! Thank you, me!! I'd kiss you but then, I'd probably need therapy after that, too."
"I knew that would cheer you up" the princess smiles.
"So, I've been meaning to ask you, where's Zelda and Mike?"
"They are in our rescue team base. Do you want to see them?"
"Take me to them."
"Of course."

The Princess takes Gwen to Team Diamond's base

"Here we are."
"Holy s***! What happened to my house?! It looks waaaaaaaaaaay cooler than before!!" Gwen was in amazement.
"Long story. Let's just say we made renovations..." said a voice, coming out of the base.
"I would recognize that voice anywhere," said the princess.

A Raichu comes out of the Team Diamond's base.

"Hello Gwen. What? There are two of you now?" said the Raichu.
"Oh hello Zelda. No, this is just me from the past."
"Oh. Can't believe I didn't recognize you."
"Where's Mike?"
"What?! THAT's ZELDA?!" Gwen said.
"What? You didn't recognize me?" Gwen nods "Well, I evolved from a Pikachu a couple of years back, after finding a Thunderstone."
"Ah that's awesome. Well, it's nice to see you’re okay," Gwen grins.
"Hey, Mike, come on out!" shouts Zelda.

An Empoleon comes out of Team Diamond's base now.

"Here's Mike," said Zelda.
Gwen was in utter astonishment, "What happened to him?!"
"He fully evolved, a while back."
"Hello, Gwen. Long time, no see," said Mike.
"Ditto. So, I suppose we still run a rescue team and are first class, right?" Gwen asks.
"You quit a couple of years back," said Zelda.
"What?! Why?!"
"I don’t know. Ask yourself"
Gwen turns to the princess, "Why did I quit the team?"
"It’s a pokèmon rescue team and I am a human. I can transform into almost any pokèmon but still I have a lot of things to do. There's a lot to do. I just so happen to be free on Sundays," the princess explains.
"Thanks for the info."

Gwen and Zelda leave the rescue team and go on a walk"

"So, what happened to the narrator? He's no-""
"He's dead."
"I had to kill him. If you want, I can take you to his grave so you can spit on it."
"How did I kill him?"
"I planted a leech seed in his throat, it sprouted and constricted his neck and he eventually choked to death."
"Oow... Don't you think that is a bit extreme?"
"Not really. He had it coming to him, eventually."
"So true...especially since he broke my Wii in chapter 2."
"Well, after I got Gwen’s key, He had, somehow, gotten enough power and tried to take over both the human and pokèmon worlds. It was either kill him or the world would be taken over by him. I had no choice."
"So, exactly why did he try to take over the worlds, again?"
"He got angry that I got the pieces to Gwen’s key so he tried to do what he did, but I killed him. End of story."
"Speaking of Gwen's key, where is it?"
The princess summons Gwen's key. It has the look and shape of a keyblade but it has a small icon of a Bulbasaur, with the word, in bold, "Gwen" printed on it.
"Sweet! Can't wait to build it! Now, I have one more question."
"Then ask."
"How do I return to the present? If the first word sent me to the future, how do I get back?"
"Just read another letter from the three you got and say the magic word from it. That should take you back."

Gwen opens another letter and starts to read

You saw the future and know what must be done, say the word "rayquinaki." to return to the present.
Use both of the words as much as you wish.

"If you ever see a pokèmon, gardevoir, know this: I am her," said the princess.
"I'll see you again, if I ever feel like it," Gwen take a deep breathe, "Rayquinaki!"
And, with the power of that word, Gwen is transported to the present. Once she returns, she notices Zelda, approaching the mailbox.
"Hello, again, Gwen," said the present Zelda.
"Hello, Zelda. Man, I've had the craziest day today!" said Gwen.
""Had?" It's only noon. How could you have "had" the craziest day?"
"I went to the future. Don't believe me? Say this word, right here, to go to the future and that word to return to the present," Gwen points to the words that causes time travel.
"Oh really? This better not be a joke... Chaoquazin," and before Zelda notices, she's transported to the future.

The rest of the day...

After a while, Zelda returns to the present.
"Believe me yet?"
"Yes. Wow, I can't believe how strong I've gotten..." Zelda said, still in awe about her future.
"Yeah, well, let's call it a day. You've been out long enough."
"Yeah, sure. See you tomorrow, Gwen."
"See you."

This chapter explains about Gwens future,but it only says what Gwen needs to know for the moment.
Pokemon are Pocket Monster right?,well why do we love them?.We love them cause we just do, DEAL WITH IT!!!.Well i was from Pokemoncrater till i got banned for 3 years,now i am here to continue my love and passion for Pokemon Forums.That is all i got to say and Lets catch em' all(for those who own pokemon games)

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Default Chapter 7

5 updates in one day,if anyone reads this enjoy and i won't update for 3 more days.Maybe i will update a little more today.Also please post,how am i supposed to know if this story stinks or is good if you don't post?.

Chapter 7:The Dummies guide to payback

"Hello, is this the team diamond's base?" asks a voice.
Gwen, who's always sleeping like a snorlax, doesn't reply.
"HELLO!!" the voice yelled.
"GAH!" Gwen looks left and right, "Who said that?!"
"Oh, sorry. Can't see us. Right..." Dugrtio pops out of the ground.
"AH! Oh, it's just a Dugtrio. Well, what the heck do you want?" gwen asks, still startled.
"We need you to go and rescue our son, diglett. He was taken by Skarmory, a vicious ruffian, he is... Well, time to go! Good-bye!"Dugtrio burrows under, in a hurry.
"Oooh, NO YOU DON'T!!" Gwen yanks Dugtrio back up from his hole, "I am not gonna rescue your son, unless a certain deal meets my certain criteria, ya dig? No pun intended," Gwen said.
"What do ya mean, girl?" Dugtrio asks.
"Well, for starters, you're not leaving me, empty handed, if you catch my drift."
"And I repeat myself, What do ya mean?"
"Well, for starters, I'll need a whip and I want an advance for a guide on "dummies guide to making a pitfall trap," you got me?" gwen demands.
"Fine, just rescue our son and stop holding me up with your stupid vines," Dugtrio said and puts a book in front of Gwen that the title reads "Dummies guide to pitfall trap making." Gwen, satisfied, went outside, made a quick pitfall trap and then checks the mailbox, using vine whip.
“Please let It be here, please..." Gwen pulls a book out of the mailbox, "Thank you!!" Gwen reads the title aloud, "Finally! "Dummies guide to using grass and poison attacks version one!" Gwen said, with pride. Gwen then goes back inside and spends the next couple of hours reading the book, until...
"AAAAAH!!" Looks like Zelda fell for Gwen's trap. Puns are still not intended, "GWEEEEEN!!!"
"Sucker in the trap," said Gwen, who walks out, quite pleased with herself, "Wondering when you show up. Like the pitfall trap I made especially for you? Just a little somehting for my vengence,” Gwen said, smirking widely.
"oh...s***" Zelda's face is now in horror.
"Now, prepared to be Blown away, you sorry excuse for a Pikachu!!"
Gwen aims her seed hole at Zelda and uses Leech seed on Gwen, to start draining her energy, then Solar Beam to really put the hurt on Zelda. Gwen falls out, exhuausted, "Huff, okay...we're even now, Zelda," Gwen huffs.
"YOU BASTARD!!" Zelda starts huffing, probably due to those leech seeds on her sides, "Get me to a hospital... you...idiot..."
"Sign this piece of paper and your off," Gwen hands Zelda a document of some sort that Zelda can't read, due to her fading the black. She manages to scribble down her name and then blackout.
"Wh-where am I? What happened?" Zelda
"Well, you had seeds and were hurt pretty badly. Gwen brought you here, so we healed you,” Chansey number one hundred eleven said. Gwen creeps up in view of Zelda, holding up the piece of paper.
"Hiya, Zelda, remember that piece of paper you signed earlier? Well read it, I am sure you will love what you’re going to do. Or at least I am..." Gwen said with an evil grin, snickering at the last part.
Zelda reads the document that she signed and horror, yet again, struck her dead in the center.
"WHAT?! I have to-"
"Yep," Gwen interrupts Zelda.
"You're kidding me, right?" Zelda had a nervous grin on her face.
"No and here it is! It's the same one I found the other day. Only difference is, I asked Blissey to make a few changed to it. Still, it costed me all my Poke but it well worth it,” Gwen said, smirking evilly.
Gwen show’s Zelda an even girlier and more princess like than the one gwen is wearing. You could've sworn Zelda screamed, for the first time in this story.
"It's either that or this," Gwen said, holding up a dress that the Fairytopia series of movie’s and dolls Barbie wears.
Did Zelda scream again? Most likely.
"Either the princess one or the Fairytopia one. Your choice."
"Let me think. How about neither?" Zelda protests even more.
Both it is, then! You start wearing this dress in the afternoon and the Barbie one in the morning," another look of horror hits Zelda square in the face.
"I didn't say that!!" zelda
"You should really read the contract. It says that if you choose to wear niether, you will have to wear both of them. One at noon and the other in the afternoon. So, I suppose that you'd like to choose, before I change my mind..." Gwen threatens.
"Okay! Okay! I'll choose!" Zelda sighs,"I'll take that princess dress," Zelda said, then puts on the pink dress, after getting healed, "so, how long, exactly, do I have to wear this thing?"
"Same as me, three weeks."
Zelda thought she couldn't take this. In rage, she then goes to another room and starts shouting nonsense words, in frustration and anger. Zelda then comes back, with a smirk on her face, and her part of the legal document Gwen signed earlier, "NOW, it's your turn. Hope you didn't forget that you were suppose to we-"
"I remembered! Look! I'm wearing two earings, all four of my bracelets, and I have two bows on each side of my seed thing, for cryin' out loud!"
Gwen had a point and Zelda was, yet again, in shock, just now noticing, "I didn't notice!" Zelda said, astonished.
"Well get up, we have a mission to do. We have to rescue a diglett, who's being held hostage by Mr. Steel bird Skarmory on Mt. Steel," Gwen explained.
Really? About time! Okay, let's go!" Zelda said, excited to finally be going on a mission.

Some time later...

Zelda, Mike and Gwen are now at Mt. Steel.
"Welp! Here we are! Mt. Steel!" said Gwen, ready to take on what's ahead.
"So, Diglett's on the top floor right?" asks Zelda.
"That's right!" Dugtrio pops up in front of them, "He's on the 9th floor! Okay, g'bye!" back down under he goes.
There's a brief moment of silence.
"Well..." Zelda mutters.

Ten minutes later...

"Well, here it is the staircase that leads up to skarmory." Gwnen says
"Hey, wanna make things a bit more interesting" Zelda suggests
"How can we do that?" Gwen asks
"Who ever beats skarmory first, gets to torture the other person in any form she wants" Zelda announces
"Why would I accept that if you’re torture me almost everyday with me not having lost a bet?" Gwen retaliates
"Accept the bet and I will give you 100 poke" Zelda offers with a but Gwen is already leaving when she hears zelda
"Did anyone say poke?" Gwen says rushing to Zelda
"Yep,1000 poke all you're just accept the bet" Zelda tells Gwen and then showing the poke to Gwen’s face
"Okay, just give me the poke" Gwen responds
"Okay, now let the best Pokemon beat the feathers of Skarmory" Zelda announces, but Gwen already left to the 9 floor.

Gwen and Zelda reach floor 9 and once there Skarmory starts to talk, but Gwen ignores all that skarmory is saying and replaces with bla bla bla

"bla bla bla ta pa blew" Skarmory says
"Oh shut up, just let me beat you already" Gwen asks
"Never" Skarmory responds and prepares to attack Gwen

Several minutes later…

Gwen is upside down looks like someone beat her up 10 times worse than Zelda did

"HELP!!!" Gwen yells as she lies in the ground severely beaten
"My turn, prepare to get roosted you over grown metallic chicken "Zelda mocks
"Bring it on rat meat, BRING IT" Skarmory mocks

10 seconds later...

Skarmory is on the floor beaten so bad his mom would not recognize him even if Skarmory had plastic surgery

"I win the bet Gwen" Zelda smirked

Gwen has fainted

"Gwen?" Zelda asked

still no Response from Gwen who is in the floor

”Hello did you forget about me" Digglet yells
"yes" Zelda responds

Digglet gets a huge anime sweat in the back
"Well am can you please RESCUE ME!!!" Digglets yells at Zelda
"Well let me see how do I rescue that groundhog thing? Maybe I can use the chicken as a bridge or use it wings to fly" Zelda thinks

Zelda approaches Digglet but sees that there is a deep trench between them

"Sorry, I cant get a cross, maybe after im back from my cruise in the sea I can come rescue you" Zelda tells Digglet
"Maybe we can help Bzzz" Magnemite 1 said coming to Zelda location along with another Magnemite
"Oh brother. you had to come did you not, well there goes my cruise plans. Well I still win no matter what happens" Zelda thinks

The two Magnemite go rescue digglet, Gwen is still fainted

"thank you" Digglet complemented the Magnemite
"Bzz Bzz thank you, but really we just Bzz Bzz returned a favor so give the reward to Gwen and Zelda Bzzz" Magnemite 1 responded
"Thank you magnemites for helping us" Zelda told the Magnemites

Magnemite #1 and 2,digglet, Zelda and Gwen return to team diamond's base. but Gwen is still unconscious and just then Dugtrio popped up from the ground

“Thank you for saving our son. Here is you’re reward" Dugtrio said and giving Zelda the reward

Dugtrio give Zelda 500poke and a whip

"what's the whip for?" Zelda asked
"Gwen wanted it" Dugtrio answered
"Okay now I got to go take gGwen to the hospital. and after all I won the bet so torture for Gwen here I come" Zelda smirked

Zelda drags Gwen's body to the hospital going through the path with rocks and cactuses and then reached the hospital

"Gwen is pretty badly hurt, so I suggest you leave her here, so she can recover. as for us we will do all we can to heal her" Chansey #1111 told Zelda
"How did you know I was going to ask you to heal Gwen?" Zelda asked
"we read the chapter" Chansey #1112 answered
"O_O Okay I am leaving and give this message to Gwen when she wakes up." Zelda asked
"sure what is the message" Chansey #1113 accepted
"You lost the bet and I am not going to give you the poke" zZelda says with a smirk and leaves the hospital
Pokemon are Pocket Monster right?,well why do we love them?.We love them cause we just do, DEAL WITH IT!!!.Well i was from Pokemoncrater till i got banned for 3 years,now i am here to continue my love and passion for Pokemon Forums.That is all i got to say and Lets catch em' all(for those who own pokemon games)

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Default Chapter 8

Sorry for taking so long,well i don't know if i will be able to fully edit it.but here you go.Also this is more of a.... extra chapter,it does not need to be in the story.It was just a gimmick i got from an ealier chapter.

Chapter 8:Horse for a day, Zelda’s torture

-Gwen is in a dream-

"Hello Gwen, I have good news." Gardevoir mentioned
"Finally good news" Gwen says smiling
"I found a way to get return you to normal. but you must still Gwen’s key and save the world" Gardevoir reclaims
"Fine just tell me how I can return to being a guy" Gwen says
”Well I heard of an item called Max’s key. Apparently when used with Gwen’s key it will destroy every evil in this world and cure the user and give him or her immortality" Gardevoir informs
"Sweet" Gwen says smiling
"But it is guarded by Arceus the strongest Pokemon in this world. If you want to beat him you need to recruit Regigigas" Gardevoir speaks
"S**T F**K" Gwen complains
"Well that is all I know at the moment, also I see much pain in the near future" Gardevoir mentions
"thank you captain obvious, like I always get a dose of pain and having a creator that wants me to have a bad time and makes thing worse" Gwen comments
"Yeah, well you get used to it" Gardevoir comments
“In how many years?” Gwen asks
“ About 4 years” Gardevoir answers

-Gwen wakes up-

"What happened, where am I and who the f**k is that Bulbasaur in the mirror" Gwen asks
"That is you" chansey #1234 answers
"WTF happened to me, I look like a mummy or Michael Jackson" Gwen comments
"Yeah, well we will take them off in a moment" Chansey #1567 assured
"So what happened to me?" Gwen asks
"Zelda brought you here yesterday, since you got really beaten up by a metal chicken on steroids" chansey #1890 says and then bursts into laughter
"When I get this bandages off , I am going to make you’re world upside down" Gwen threatens
"I dare you to try" Chansey #1890 back talked

Gwen then used vinewhip to hang Chansey #1890 upside down

"Take that" Gwen smirked

Zelda comes in the room where Gwen is

"Hello Gwen, what are you doing?" Zelda asked
"This Chansey was being a p*****le so I decide to made him pay” Gwen answered
"Ah well never mind that, we have some stuff to do" Zelda comments
"Well before we do anything I got a message from the princess apparently a lot of bad things are going to happen and that she found an item that will cure me of my curse" Gwen informs
"Ignore her, you are to be tortured today" Zelda said smirking
"Ah Jesus, I really got to remember not to agree with Zelda" Gwen thought
"Well what do I have to do, dance the salsa or maybe eat mikes droppings" Gwen guesses
"No just put this on we are going to a chariot race and you are the horse" Zelda said, smirking

Zelda gives Gwen a pink unicorn suit

"You’re kidding me, look I am not going to wear that" Gwen defended
"You have no choice and yeah its either that, or you go through a death course" Zelda threatened
"Fine, I will put on the stupid suit and be you’re horse" Gwen agreed
"Good, good meet me outside when you put the suit on" Zelda ordered

Gwen puts on the unicorn suit and goes outside

"Where did you get that" Gwen asked
"It’s a free gift I got when I bought all the girly dress at the store, and I got my pokes worth, I buy a lot of girly dresses for you to wear and i also get a chariot to race in the town chariot race. now go to the front of the chariot" Gwen said

Gwen goes to the front of the chariot where Zelda straps here in

"I feel like an idiot and a horse" Gwen commented
"You are an idiot and a horse for the rest of the day" Zelda pointed out

Gwen starts to pull the chariot in which Zelda and mike are on

10 minutes later...

"Where are we going" Gwen asks
"To the chariot race in town square and I already told you" Zelda informed

Zelda then hits Gwen with a whip for asking such an obvious question

"You still have that f**king whip" Gwen asks
"Yes, I always keep weapons" Zelda answered

10 minutes later

"Here we are town square, now stay here while i go sign us in for the chariot race" Zelda informs
"Thank you captain obvious and can u give me some food?" Gwen asks

Zelda attaches a food bag to Gwen’s face, like if she was a horse

"This is not what I meant" Gwen yelled, with thoughts of getting payback

Zelda goes register for the chariot race

"Is this where is sign in for the chariot race?" Zelda asks
"Yes and sign here and you will be in the chariot race" Marowak responds

Zelda returns to Gwen and the chariot, but finds that the chariot is full of poo

"WTF!!!!!!!!!!" Zelda yells
"This is payback, I really had to go and I think I got diarea from that horse food" Gwen answered

Zelda go finds a phone and calls Muk

"You need cleaning, we need poke so name ya business" Muk greeted, sorta
"Muk I need you to come to town square I have a job for you" Zelda asks
"What kind" Muk asks
"Clean up my chariot, Gwen got diarea and did number 2 on the chariot, so now its full of poo" Zelda answers
"100 poke and if we don’t do it in 10 minutes you get you’re poke back" Muk responded
"deal just hurry up" Zelda responds

Zelda hangs up the phone and starts to wait for muk

2 minutes later...

"You’re finally here, now clean up the chariot and Hurry" Zelda says
"Okay" muk agreed

3 minutes later

"You done get?" Zelda asks
"Yes now pay the 100 poke" Muk demands

Zelda gives Muk 150 poke

"Nice doing business with you huh" Muk says and leaves

A voice is heard

"Attention the race will start in 2 minutes" announcer warned

2 minutes

"Ready to race?" Zelda asked
"No, but I don’t want to go through a death field" Gwen nodded

"The race starts in 3,2, 1 go" judge says

3 laps later

"The winner is Gwen and Zelda, congratulations" judge congratulates
"We won, we won!." Gwen and Zelda cheer together
"For winning you get 10000 poke and 100 pairs of girly clothes designed for you two." Judge announces

Gwen and Zelda leave Pokemon square and go to Zelda's house with all the prizes

"Okay, lets split the poke 5000 poke for me and 5000 poke for you. About the dresses, we keep what we can use deal" Zelda negotiated
"No I want 6000 poke since, I was the one doing all the work" Gwen complains
"No way" Zelda answered
"fine I will take the 5000 poke" Gwen accepted

Gwen and Zelda split the stuff and each get 5000 poke and the pairs of clothes that fit them

"Looks it is getting late, so lets call it a day" Gwen proposed
"Okay, well good bye" Zelda says

Zelda then leaves, but falls into a pitfall trap that Gwen made

"What the f*** is this!" Zelda complained
"If i cant have the poke, I will have you’re pain, so good night" Gwen said, smirking

Gwen then put several bars over the hole so Zelda couldn’t get out and then heads for her house and starts to watch TV and then she orders a new coach, TV, bed, fridge, book case and 50 dummies guide books
Tomorrow i have to attend a Graduatation, so expect an update on saturday.If you people even read this, story.
Pokemon are Pocket Monster right?,well why do we love them?.We love them cause we just do, DEAL WITH IT!!!.Well i was from Pokemoncrater till i got banned for 3 years,now i am here to continue my love and passion for Pokemon Forums.That is all i got to say and Lets catch em' all(for those who own pokemon games)

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Default Re: Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon.My version

I'm reading it.

Keep up the good work Eternal Legend. Hope you get cake at the graduation. And pie, lots of pie!
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Default Re: Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon.My version

Thanks,but there was no party.So in terms,IT SUCKED.Well now to an update.BMS13 you read this chapter,but i am changin' a few things.
Chapter 9: Robyn, Max’s little sister

-Gwen’s dream-

"Hello Gwen, I got some good news" Gardevoir informed
"Does it involve horses, cause if it does I’m gonna throw poo at you’re face" gwen warns
"No and if you try I will transform you into a Wobbuffet" Gardevoir threatens
"How can you do that?"
"When I got Gwen’s Key, it gave me a lot of powers, it did not cure the girl curse, cause for that I need to make the Soul key, which to make I need to have Max’s and Gwen’s key. but the point is, Gwen’s key gave me power, one of which is transformation." Gardevoir explained
"So that key is really strong is it not " Gwen commented
"Why do you think it was split and hidden, you don’t even want to know, what I had to do to get all the pieces. I remember that one of the piece was hidden inside a gloom and another in a giant muks ass, I had to stick my vine into his ass, it took me a month to get the smell of me" Gardevoir told
"To much info, so what is the good news anyhow?" Gwen asks
"You’re little sister Robyn got turned into an Eevee" Gardevoir revealed
" that is good news, cause she was a pain the ass in the real world" Gwen complained

Just then an Espeon appeared

"Hello Gwen, its me Robyn" Robyn saluted
"Ah Jesus no, look Robyn it was bad enough you pulled pranks on me and I wont forgive you for what you did to the cat" Gwen complained
"That is not the point, Just go rescue Robyn. Before she is eaten by starving Hunckrow’s” Gardevoir complained
"Fine, I will go rescue you Robyn and then you can join the team" Gwen agreed
"Also Robyn is in the area where you woke up and became a Pokemon" Gardevoir informed
"Okay thanks for the info" Gwen thanked

Gwen wakes up

-real world-

"Well it seems, like my dreams are becoming chat rooms, well I better go to try and persuade Zelda to help me find Robyn" Gwen thought

Gwen went outside and noticed that Zelda was not in the pitfall trap, which Zelda was trapped in

“Hello Gwen, did you think I was going to stay trapped in that hole forever" zelda asked
” YES, I thought you would" gwen responded
"Well you’re dead wrong and for that you will pay" Zelda said
"Wait, can we go rescue my little sister first" Gwen asked
"Fine, but only cause I want her to see you getting beat up" Zelda said in an evil voice

Gwen and Zelda go to the place where Gwen first appeared in the world of Pokemon

"Hey there she is" Gwen pointed out

Gwen and Zelda approach an eevee

"Robyn are you okay" Gwen asked
"Where am I and who are you" Robyn asked
"You’re in the world of Pokemon and I am Max, you’re older brother" Gwen explained
"How can you be Max, if you are a girl, wear girly stuff and are a Bulbasaur" Robyn asked
"Look the god d***ed narrator made me into a girl and here we are all POKEMON!!!" Gwen explained
"I am not a Pokemon, I am a little girl" Robyn complained
"More like Demonspawn, well check you’re self in the river" gwen suggested
”I am not a Demonspawn” Robyn complained

Robyn checked herself in the river and got shocked at the fact that she really became a Pokemon and that she did not look as cute as before

"Now I am going to say this once, I am max, but since I got girl cursed and unless I get Max’s key, which is going be near imposible. Also call me Gwen okay" Gwen explained
"Okay Gwen" Robyn accepted
"Hello? are you not going to introduce me?" Zelda asks
"Nope" Gwen responded

Robyn then attacked Gwen

"Ouch, why did you do that for"
"Cause you ignored me"
"You’re still a spoiled little pi** ***ker aren’t you" Gwen suggested
"You said the p and f words and yeah I am still spoiled rotten" Robyn said

While Robyn and Gwen were fighting, Zelda took the chance to do a charged up thunderbolt maximum power

"Robyn move back" Zelda ordered
"why should I" Robyn asked
"Fine then"

Zelda now unleashes the maximum power thunderbolt and it hits both Robyn and Gwen

1 hour later...

"What happened" Gwen asks
”Hello Gwen, that was payback"
"I think you broke a couple of my bones" Gwen says
"I feel the same way" Robyn said

Robyn and Gwen faint and Zelda takes them both to the hospital

"What happened, where am I" Gwen asked
"You’re in the hospital, and most of you’re bones got broken, so Blissey is healing them" chansey #2000 answers
"Blissey, Zelda will pay for you’re healing services" Gwen informed
"Okay, now just stand still" Blissey asks

Blissey now heals Gwen’s broken bones and Zelda arrives

"Hello bone breaker Zelda" Gwen mocked
"Hello Gwen, how are you" Zelda asks
"I am hating you to death but besides that I am okay" Gwen responded
"Good Good, now sign this and this" Zelda asked

Zelda gave Gwen a contract

"What is this for?" Gwen asks
"It’s a contract, if you sign it what you’re contracts says will be applied to Robyn and the slave thing to" Zelda explained
”Awesome, let me sign this right away" Gwen said

Gwen signs the contract

"So where is Robyn either way" Gwen asks
"She is in another room" Zelda answers
"Can you take me to her?" Gwen asks
"Sure, just follow me" Zelda answered

Zelda now leads Gwen to the room where Robyn, but once they get there, they find that the room is destroyed

"ROBYN!!!!!!!" Gwen yelled
"Don’t sweat it, remember the contract. she is going to fix this room all by herself" Zelda whispered
"Hello Gwen, my bones got healed a while ago, and I got bored of waiting for you so I practiced doing stuff with my new body and learned how to do Shadowball so I used it and destroyed the room so you would have to fix it” Robyn explains
"That is where you’re wrong, I signed a contract so you’re Zelda's slave for the next three days and you have to wear a maids clothes for the same amount of time i have to wear this pink dress" Gwen explained
”This is so not fair” Robyn complains
“Yeah well, I have the same contract so DEAL WITH IT” Gwen says

Just then 100 chansey’s appear

"Hello, it seems you’re sibling broke one of our rooms. So we demand you give us 1000 poke to fix the room" chansey #2001 demanded
"Look she is under contract, so she will fix the room" Zelda explained
"Fine then" the chansey’s said and left
"So Robyn here is the dress and here are some tools to fix the room" Zelda said

Zelda gives Robyn 1 maid clothes and stuff to fix the room

3 hours later

Robyn fixed the room and Zelda and Gwen are watching TV in another room

"Done" Robyn sighed in relief
"Good, good now lets go home, check the mailbox and do a rescue mission" Zelda suggests
"Okay Zelda" Gwen agreed

The group returns to Gwen’s house

"Say hello to my house Robyn" Gwen introduces
"This is you’re house?" Robyn asks
"Yeah, so lets check the mailbox" Gwen suggests

Gwen checks the mailbox and finds lots of mail

"Lets see 10 letters from the narrator, 5 letters from the princess, 1 letter from Nintendo, 1 rescue mission and 20 mails telling me to go to the post office to get some packages" Gwen says
"So what are the details on the rescue mission" Zelda asks
"It seems we have to beat a Raichu that has been bothering a Pichu" Gwen answers
"Okay, so lets go" Zelda says

The gang now goes to see the Raichu and start to fight him

1 hour later...

The gang returns to Gwen’s house, but they seem beaten up

"That was one tough Raichu" Gwen comments
"I agree, I think we where lucky that Robyn helped us beat him" Zelda comments
"Zelda I am going to go get some packages at the post office, but you go home" Gwen suggest
"Okay, bye" Zelda says and leaves

Gwen and Robyn go to the post office

”Hello I am here to get my packages" Gwen says
"Ah yes Gwen, we have a lot of packages for you, well am there are quite heavy so I am going to give you the choice now, do you want us to send the package to you for a small 100 poke fee or can you take them you’re self" Peliper asked

Gwen put 100 poke in the table

"Send the packages to my house" Gwen choose
"We will send them right away" Peliper informed

Gwen and Robyn return home where they find a couple of machamps

"Ah good the coach and TV are here. now guys put the stuff inside and replace the old stuff with the new stuff okay" Gwen ordered
"Fine lady" Machamps said

The machamp’s throw out the old stuff and replace them with the new stuff

"Thanks guys, but can you please but the old stuff inside the house in a pile in a corner?" Gwen asked
"Fine lady" the machamp’s agreed

The machamps put the old stuff in a pile and then they leave

"So what is inside that box?" Robyn asked
"My most priced possession, my Nintendo Wii" Gwen said and then bowed before the box containing the Wii

Gwen then opens the box, connects the Wii to her new high definition TV and starts to play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess till Dawn

5 hours later...

"Gwen it is late,turn off that crappy piece of technological **** already and go to bed” Robyn complained
“NO" Gwen responded
Robyn then used a charged up Shadowball to knock Gwen unconscious then she turned off the TV and Wii and went to sleep
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Default Re: Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon.My version

No. You apparently didn't read the rules for PE2K before posting this. First, swearing like that is not allowed. Second, you have grammar and spelling problems like mad, and you don't split up the various paragraphs, which makes it look like you threw it together in five seconds.

Clean up the language, fix the problems, and I'll open it back up. Until then...

*Thread locked.
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Unhappy Re: Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon.My version

OK, i liked this, but it's getting too dumb now. i stopped reading halfway through chapter 5. it's just a bunch of gwen living in h-e-double hockey sticks and stuff. *goes to read another story but pops back in* sorry for flaming!
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