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Post Pokemon: Amethyst

I figure a lot of people are going to be too lazy to go to my homepage and read the story, so I'm just gonna post it here. Be prepared, the first chapter's quite long. Also, there may be a VERY small amount of language. Nothing that parents would say 'OMG!' and put blocks over, but I'd figure I'd put that little warning there.

Pokemon: Amethyst

Chapter One
An Uncomfortable Alliance

“You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your rivals.”

“Summer! WAKE UP!”

A girl opened her eyes doubtfully. Of COURSE she forgot that today she began her Pokemon journey with some other guy whom she didn’t even know his name. Of COURSE she woke up late. But isn’t that how Ash Ketchum started out?

It was that very thought that got Summer Kallinheim going. Ash Ketchum, the Pokemon Master, had hailed magnificently from Pallet Town. It gave Summer hope to know that he started out as a loser, a nobody, especially when compared to his rival Gary.

“Gack, what do you want, Mom?” Summer obviously didn’t want to be woken up so early. She was not a morning person, which was why she nearly worshipped Zubat. Okay, that was oddly disturbing, but that’s beside the point.

“Honey, you don’t want to be late. I bet that lovely son of the professor is already up and waiting for you.” Her mother was so, sickly in love with Professor Willow, even though she was already married. Summer had never understood why her father chose to extensively study the art of Pokemon training instead of raising his family. She didn’t even remember what his face looked like.

“You wanna know what I think Mom?” Summer hissed, sitting up from the bed. “I DON’T CARE WHAT THAT SON-OF-A-GUN JAKE IS DOING!” Ah, this was normal. You see, she was a very loud person. That got her in trouble more than she had liked.

Summer’s mother flinched for a moment before smiling sweetly and genuinely. “You like him, don’t you?”


“Don’t deny the truth, Summer. A mother needs to know these things. I know that your hormones are acting up—“

“My hormones are NOT acting up, Mom! I’m only ten, for God’s sake!” Summer could stand for this insanity no longer. She got dressed into a long, pink skirt and a white tanktop with a pink azalea in the middle. Instead of wearing her normal white sunhat, she let her long, spiky-at-the-end auburn hair go free. She felt exposed without it, but for once, she didn’t mind.

“I still can’t believe you’re old enough to finally start traveling,” her mother said, all teary eyed and emotional that her only child was leaving her for who knows how long. “Make your father and I proud!”

I can’t wait for the day that I can kick Kyle’s ass! Summer thought. She never called her father by ‘Dad’. She called him by his first name, since he never really felt like a father, anyway.

“Don’t worry Mom,” Summer said with a smile as they walked into the kitchen. “I’ll send mail!” They went into a tight embrace before Summer walked out the door and said goodbye.

But she didn’t expect anything that was about to happen.


“Oh man, this sucks! Why do I have to go with a GIRL?”

Jake thought that his life couldn’t possibly get any worse. He had woken up with a sense of pride and didn’t expect anything to get in his way…until his father told him that, of all people, SUMMER had to come with him! She was such a whiner and a complete snob!

Professor Willow looked at him seriously. Of course, Jake thought. He’s, like, the biggest fan of Summer. He thinks she’s got huge ‘potential’ or whatever. Oh, how he wished she would just die…

His father then grinned. “Oh, I see where you’re coming from. You’re jealous that she has a legendary Pokémon trainer for a father, aren’t you?”

Jake flinched. Sure, that was definitely true, but that only made up for about fifteen percent of the reason Jake hated Summer. He hated her because she was…well, her. He despised how free she was, how she didn’t care about other peoples’ opinions. Jake, on the other hand, had paraded around, acting like the person they wanted him to be. He could never be himself, and Summer would be no different with him.

The ten-year-old groaned before saying reluctantly, “Fine, I’ll go with her, but it’s not because I want to.”

“Do you have a choice?”

“No, but I don’t care about options at this point.”

Professor Willow smiled at how immature his son was. He really doesn’t know Summer too well, does he? Willow mused, laughing. Well, Jake was in for a real surprise come a few minutes. But there was one problem; Jake looked like he came out of a dumpster. His short, spiky jet black hair wasn’t brushed and was extremely messy, he wasn’t dressed, and he forgot to put his contact lens on. Jake hated having to wear those things, and if his father told him that he had to wear glasses, he would jump out of the window.

In the outside world…

“Oh man, I haven’t been this nervous in a long time…”

Summer hadn’t expected her nerves to get so uncontrollable. They were usually made of steel, and everything usually failed to faze her. She had the ‘I don’t care that you don’t care’ kind of attitude. It hadn’t grown from experience, since there were, what, three people in Pallet Town. The female Kallinheim had been born that way.

As she went inside Professor’s lab, Summer saw that there was no one there. “Hey, anybody in here?” she called out, walking a little further inside. The place was filled to the brim with notebooks, journals, textbooks, and some weird machines that Summer couldn’t identify. It didn’t appeal to the bland, uninteresting Summer. She didn’t even take a second look at the oddly colored Pokéballs sitting comfortably on the table in front of her.

Summer was just getting used to be alone when the door flung open to reveal Professor Willow and his son, Jake (the total freeloader), arguing rather loudly.

“Please, Jake, just listen to me for a moment, you can’t be so hasty—“

“I’ll do whatever I want!” Jake shouted in response to his father. Rude much? Summer contemplated. She didn’t like Jake already. Of course, they knew each other since their diaper days, but as a partner, he was terrible. Summer had never actually seen him battle, but she could assume that his Pokémon, whomever he chose, wouldn’t listen to him out of disrespect.

Summer cleared her throat to get their attention. They immediately looked at her. Professor Willow smiled respectfully and said, “Oh, I didn’t see you there, Summer.” Summer frowned. She had HOPED that she would be noticeable enough, but apparently, she wasn’t.

“He put up a fight?” she inquired discreetly, not wanting Jake to hear. Willow grinned cunningly, quickly giving Summer her answer. She couldn’t help but smirk to herself. What an idiot, she thought to herself. He’s gonna get creamed not even two minutes into the game.

“What are you guys talking about?” They were disturbed by Jake, who was staring at them blankly.

“Oh, nothing really,” Summer said with a bit of disdain in her voice. “Just talking.”

Jake didn’t look too happy about this, and walked over to her. He was well over three inches taller than Summer. This didn’t intimidate Summer, but there was an uncomfortable silence between them. It wasn’t until Professor Willow broke in that there was a sound.

“Well then, I believe we should get started, shouldn’t we?” Willow said, walking over to the second room, where the peculiarly colored Pokéballs were on the table. Summer and Jake walked over to the table and observed the holding devices. The blue one must be Squirtle, the red one Charmander, and the green one Bulbasaur…they thought to themselves. Of course, since they were determined to defeat each other, they seemed to automatically assume that the other was going to choose Bulbasaur, and they both put their hands on the seemingly regular red Pokéball at the same time.

“HEY! I chose this one first!” Jake yelled, trying to shove Summer out of the way.

“Are you crazy?! I’m the one who put my hand on it first!” Summer shouted right back, attempting to push Jake over to the green one.

And all the while, Professor Willow just stood there, sweat-dropping nervously. “Um, can’t someone agree on something…?” His words were lost in the vortex of time and space.

“FINE! I choose Squirtle, then! You can keep your Charmander!” Summer finally screamed, grabbing the blue ball. Jake didn’t realize that Summer now had the supreme advantage over him.

When finally did realize, he stomped his foot and yelled, “NO FAIR! Dad, she’s cheating!”

Professor Willow laughed warmly. “It’s your own fault for not realizing that Water-types have the advantage over Fire-types.” Great, his own FATHER didn’t even support him. Couldn’t Summer and him trade lives? Maybe that would be better. After all, Jake knew that Summer’s mom was so much nicer to him than his father was to him, and Professor Willow liked Summer more than her mother liked her.

Summer laughed bitterly, seeing how she was now equipped with the stratagem to aid her plot to practically murder Jake Willow. “Looks like you’ve lost the first battle, Sonny,” she said. He shot her a deathly glare that clearly stated, ‘Say that again and I will send the Grim Reaper after you.’

“Well then, here are your Pokédexes,” Professor Willow informed, handing them one each. “Remember, no matter how tough it gets, you’ll pull through. Just try to be friends with your Pokémon, and there’s no obstacle you can’t face.” His black eyes seemed to twinkle as he said that, as if he were recalling a memorable experience. They both raised eyebrows and Jake said, “Well, I guess we’re gonna go now.”

With that, they walked out, not knowing what to expect.


“So, I guess we’re going to be stuck with each other for a while. At least, until we defeat Steven.”

“Who’s Steven?”

“You know, the Champion of the Elite Four in Hoenn?” Summer smiled as she thought about him. She had seen him in the newspaper once. Ever since Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn united, many new trainers were discouraged. Everyone you battled, except for gym leaders, were in pairs, even the Champions. Lance and Steven had teamed up to find that their skills were twice as strong, presenting a huge challenge for anyone who faced them. If Summer had to choose between the two of them, she’d pick Lance, but she liked Steven, too. But her REAL crush was on Falkner, the gym leader of Violet City.


Summer was snapped out her thoughts. They both stopped, dead in their tracks, on Route 1. They saw two trainers—unsurprisingly, a boy and a girl—fighting a Pidgey. The boy stopped the girl, probably because she was going too hard on the poor thing.

They looked up to see Summer and Jake standing there, looking at them as if they were psychotic.

“Oh, hey!” The girl shouted. “You’re from Pallet, right?”

“We need your help,” the boy said seriously.

I don’t like these guys…Summer thought…
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Default Re: Pokemon: Amethyst

Interesting beginning. You've got me interested. I'd like to see how this progresses.

So far, your story has been pretty good. I really like your humorous beginning and your cliff-hanger ending. Keep up the good work.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Amethyst

Originally Posted by Sceptile Frost
Interesting beginning. You've got me interested. I'd like to see how this progresses.

So far, your story has been pretty good. I really like your humorous beginning and your cliff-hanger ending. Keep up the good work.
Thank you. ^^ Yes, I managed to bring the dreaded cliche of the 'Wake up one morning to get new Pokemon', but I decided to let them BOTH pick a Pokemon, so things got a little more interesting.

I appreciate your compliments, and I'm working on the second chapter as we speak.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Amethyst

Wow, I like your story. I especially like romance-like stories, not forcefully saying yours is if it is not. But anyways, nice start. ^.^ I'm looking forward to reading it.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Amethyst

Alrighty, peeps, it's chapter two time! (does happy dance)

Chapter Two
Home Sweet Hoenn

“Teamwork is essential—it allows you to blame someone else.”

-Author Unknown

Summer and Jake had only just begun their journey off of Pallet Town when they had encountered a pair from Littleroot Town. It wasn’t a good sign. They weren’t used to being in social situations, since they were stuck in Pallet Town for most of their lives. The only time they trekked outside of their humble suburbia was when they needed to travel to Viridian City for supplies.

“Um, if you don’t mind me asking,” Jake began. “Why do you need our help? There’s no Pokémon Centers or stores or anything in Pallet, so—“

“No, that’s not it,” the girl said warmly. “We’re looking for Professor Willow.”

I wonder why they would be looking for Dad, Jake contemplated. “You’re talking about his dad?” Summer blurted out without thinking. He nudged her for acting hasty.

“Why’d you have to tell them that?” he whispered into her ear. Summer looked disconcerted.

“Oh my God, it’s illegal to tell them that Professor Willow is your father, shoot me, will ya?” If she weren’t a girl, he would’ve killed her by now.

The pair looked surprised for a brief, fleeting moment. “Professor Willow is your father?” the boy asked, almost disgusted with the fact.

Jake winced. He didn’t like these guys, and he doubted Summer liked them any more than he did. “Well, yeah, he is, and to be honest, I don’t think your dad is any more spectacular than mine.” Despite him being only ten years old, he packed a major punch in the gut if someone got on his nerves.

“Quinn! Be nice! You’re such a killjoy!” the girl yelled, hitting the boy now known as Quinn over the head. He murmured an inappropriate word before eyeing Summer.

“Your girl?”

Jake looked at Summer. “Well, yeah, she’s my partner, but BLECH! I hate her!”

“That’s one thing we have in common,” Quinn said, this time a little less coldly. In fact, he even smiled. Jake could see Summer growing uncomfortable with that. Since he’d known her all his life, he could easily say that Summer was nervous around boys (all except him). Well, he had to admit that any normal girl would fall for Quinn at first sight. He had spiky, light brown hair that stood up almost magically (probably lots of hair gel), had stunningly bright blue eyes, and was wearing a sour yellow, blue, and gray tartan jacket shirt with a dark blue t-shirt on the inside and somewhat long, tan shorts.

“Serena, we better hurry up,” he said to his female partner. Serena nodded. “Yeah,” she replied. She averted her eyes to Jake and Summer. “Can you take us to your dad?” Serena asked.

“Sure, but we just left—“

“Let’s make a deal, then,” Quinn proposed. “If you help us, we’ll help you. We’re both going all out for Kanto, Johto and Hoenn, right?”

The team from Pallet nodded.

“Then why don’t we travel together? It’ll be better that way, and it’ll be a heck of a lot more convenient. I don’t wanna be traveling with a GIRL all the time.”

“I feel you,” Jake said with true empathy in his voice. Summer and Serena glared at them, but they didn’t even notice.

As they walked back to Pallet, Quinn seemed to notice that Summer was staring blankly at him. He leaned over to Jake and whispered in his ear, “Um, why’s she staring at me?”

“Don’t worry; she gets like that around every guy. By the way, I’m Jake, and she’s Summer.”

“Cool. Quinn and Serena.”
“I kind of figured that out already.”

“I knew you did.”

It was at this time that Jake truly understood what the wild looked like. Patches of grass concealing Pokémon were virtually everywhere. Few trainers were lingering around, and if they were, they were probably busy with something, whether it be camping or trying to capture a Pokémon, or just hanging around with friends.

For some reason, it made Jake feel alone.

Jake shook the feelings off and, when they finally got to Pallet Town, led the throng of newbies to his father’s lab.

“Back so soon?” Professor Willow laughed, even though he saw the Legion of Noobs in tow with his son.

“These guys claim to need your help,” Summer said toughly, even if it was just a disguise to mask her fear of being a complete idiot in front of everyone. Professor Willow looked at Serena and Quinn quizzically.

“So? What seems to be the problem?” he asked.

“Professor Birch wanted you to look at this,” Serena said, handing over a black egg with blue stripes going long-ways. Summer and Jake looked at it with genuine interest. What if it contained a new Pokémon?

Professor Willow took it from Serena and examined it, weighing it, feeling it. After what seemed like forever, he handed it back to the female.

“Well, this could be a new Pokémon,” he informed. “but I’d personally go to Professor Elm. He’s good with these things.”

“But Dad! Newbark Town is a million miles away from here! We’re never going to get there before the egg hatches!” Jake whined.

“Besides, the new rule is that you can’t go to another region unless you have written permission from a police officer,” Quinn noted.

Professor Willow looked serious for a moment before his face lit up. “If it hatches, it hatches. Professor Elm can look at it once it’s hatched. I’m sure that there won’t be a problem with that.”

All four looked at each other before beaming. A deal was a deal. They were now officially partners.

At least now if someone made a mistake, they could blame it on someone else.


“I’m tired!”


This wasn’t what Serena and Quinn had in mind when they said ‘team up.’ Summer and Jake were the ones who were making the most trouble, even if Serena and Quinn were fighting too—and that was pretty frequent.

They were still on Route One, trying to raise their Pokémon’s mad skillz. So far, Serena’s Treecko and Jake’s Charmander were holding the best. Summer’s Squirtle and Quinn’s Torchic weren’t doing so hot.

Summer eyed a Rattata and smirked. “HEY YOU!” she yelled to it, catching its attention. “I’m gonna fight you!” Quinn, Serena, and Jake decided to take a rest a little earlier, so Summer had gone out on her own. Talk about headstrong, huh?

The rat Pokémon got into a defensive stance as Summer summoned (no pun intended) her Squirtle. “Squirtle!” it hollered.

“Use Tackle!” Summer commanded, pointing her index finger towards the enemy Rattata. Squirtle attacked it, but the Rattata quickly got back on its feet and used Quick Attack. It only dealt a small amount of damage, since Squirtle’s defense was superb in comparison to other, more common Pokémon’s.

“Keep using Tackle, Squirtle!” Summer yelled, and the turtle-esque Pokémon did as it was told, but the enemy Pokémon was working just as hard as Squirtle. This isn’t good, Summer thought, a bead of sweat dripping down her face. Squirtle’s at the edge of the ring. Who would’ve thought a simple Rattata would be so strong?

Then she came to a disturbing conclusion.

Maybe…I’M the one that’s weak…

NO! That couldn’t be true! All her life, Summer had turned her pain into power. That was how she lived. She turned pain, anger, and frustration into a devastatingly powerful force, and she kept it bottled up, just so that she could channel it into her Pokémon. And now, she saw the results. But how could this be? Was she weak emotionally? Physically? Mentally? It just didn’t make sense to her.

With a new found frustration, she pushed Squirtle even harder, and triumphed as a result of the challenge. The Rattata was too burned out to go on. Since she couldn’t catch anything yet, Summer left it to heal on its own.

“Good job, Squirtle! You can come back now.” Summer called it back to the inky blue Pokéball, where it could take a rest for a little bit. She decided to go join the others. She was STARVING, and if Summer didn’t eat, she turned into the modern day Godzilla.

When she got back to the camp site, she saw that Quinn was gone. “Hey, where’d Quinn go?” she asked Jake and Serena.

They both shrugged. “He said he went out to train, but I have no idea where,” Serena said. She was two million times prettier than Summer she had long, flowing raven black hair with a yellow-orange headband in the front, an elaborate lilac tanktop with flower and curly designs over the front and back, and somewhat tight black capris. A handsome boy and a pretty girl. Yep. Quinn and Serena were meant for each other, unlike her and Jake…

Summer joined the duo in sitting down and asked Serena, “So, are you going to start off in Kanto? Or did you already go through Hoenn?” Serena’s eyebrows knit together.

“Didn’t you hear that all new trainers have to start out in Kanto now? You can get your Pokémon in your hometown, but then you’ve got to travel ALL the way to either Route One or Pallet Town,” she explained. Beauty and brains. Rare combination.

“No wonder we get so many visitors,” Jake said casually. “We don’t have enough houses for all those people.”

Summer remained quiet throughout all of this, contemplating seriously on what Serena said. The rule itself was nothing serious, but she was trying to figure something out. The ring leader of the new, united mafia-like team (Team Heaven), Giovanni, had resided in Kanto, so why the heck did the Ambassadors of the United Regions (AUR) make new trainers start in Kanto? Giovanni was more dangerous than ever, so Summer was dubious about the AUR’s IQ.

“Hey Summer, what’re you thinking about?” Jake’s voice broke through her thoughts, and, for some reason, it seemed comforting.

“Nothing much,” Summer replied, preparing to explain her theory to the two. “But don’t you think it’s a little strange that the AUR made that rule?”

Serena and Jake were a little lost of this one, so Summer had no choice but to explain.

“Well,” she began. “You both know who Giovanni is, right?” They nodded. “From what I heard, he’s somewhere in that new town, Redfern Heights, but he really lives in Viridian City.” They already knew that the evil son-of-a-gun lived in Viridian City, but they didn’t know about Redfern Heights. They waited for her to continue.

“Okay, so anyway, he’s in Kanto right now, in that new city. He’s leading Team Heaven, even though they’re anything but heavenly. So WHY, of all places to start out, would they make new people start out in Kanto? I think Johto is the safest place to start.” Summer took a breath.

“Why not Hoenn?” Serena asked.

“Well, you’ve got Kyogre and Groudon, and that’s the least of your problems. If someone got a hold of the Blue or Red Orbs, then we would be in for some serious crap,” Summer explained further.

“Yeah, she’s got a point. We could all suddenly or slowly die,” Jake said, shuddering at the thought of coming to a death caused by two spheres.

Serena nodded in acceptance, then, for one, fleeting moment, looked sad. “I miss Hoenn. I felt so safe there, but now that I know that we’re never going to be safe, no matter where we are, I really want to go back home.”

Summer felt sorry for her. At least Summer knew Kanto well enough to get by, but Serena was in a completely different position.

“Don’t worry,” Jake assured brightly. “We’re a team now, so we’re implied by contract to help you.”

“Yeah, and once we get to Hoenn, you can help us there,” Summer joined in. This made Serena smile.

“I can help you with Johto too. Quinn and I had to go through there on our way here, so now we know the place pretty well.”

Summer had to force herself not to ask if they had seen Falkner. I’m such a lovesick fool, she mused painfully.

Quinn came back a few minutes later, with his Torchic in tow. “So, we ready to had to Viridian City?” he inquired boldly, unaware of their previous conversation. Serena looked wary, but then grinned.

“Yep,” she replied, standing up, along with Summer and Jake. “Let’s get going, shall we?”

So they made their way to Viridian City, prepared for anything, now that they knew they were officially allies.


They were now in Viridian City, after almost another half hour of walking. It wasn’t a place to jump and squeal over, that was for sure.

“Let’s go to the Pokémon Center first,” Quinn commanded more than invited. He led the legion inside without their answer. It seemed as though Quinn had taken the role as leader (even though Jake had been wanting that ranking, but he was towel boy, technically), and Summer and Serena seemed fine with it. Jake was reluctant to comply, but he knew that Quinn was a little more experienced, since they traveled through Johto and all.

He couldn’t help but wonder, as they sat down in the über-comfortable chairs, if Quinn and Serena had really seen it all.

Summer quickly broke through his thoughts. “I hate this! I wish I had gotten Charmander! I mean, Squirtle almost got completely pounded by a Rattata!” She glared at Jake enviously.

“Don’t worry,” Quinn assured. “I felt like that, too. But you need to have confidence in yourself.”

Why Jake hadn’t come up with those words, he had no idea, but at that moment, he hated Quinn’s guts.

They were just settling down to go to bed when the door flung open to reveal a boy with messy red hair that fell down just above his eyebrows and distinct yellow eyes. He pointed arrogantly at Summer.

“Hey,” he said. “Aren’t you Kyle’s daughter? Autumn, was it?”

What an idiot.

“It’s Summer, and who would you be?” Summer asked cautiously, avoiding the subject of her father.

He smirked and announced gloriously, “My name is Zane Kallinheim, and you’re my cousin.”

Dad…had a brother?
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Default Re: Pokemon: Amethyst

Chapter Three! Huzzah!

Chapter Three
Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

“Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.”

-Will Rogers

Alright, things were a little freaky now. Why didn’t anybody tell her that her father had a brother? SO MANY LIES!

“Hey, what’s the big surprise?” Zane asked, acting as if it were no big deal. He probably didn’t even know that Summer wasn’t aware of his existence before this.

“Um, well, YOU'RE the big surprise.” Jake took the words right out of her mouth. Summer’s cousin raised an eyebrow and Jake could tell that Zane thought that he was a complete idiot. Well, who’s the REAL idiot?

“Ha ha, very funny,” he said with contempt. Even Quinn and Serena started to look at him as if he were the biggest jerk in the history of popcorn (please excuse the authoress’s randomness). And what in the world kind of name was Zane? Summer’s uncle had a pretty vivid imagination if he wanted to name his son that…

“Alright, so what do you want with me?” Summer asked. She wasn’t ready to do anything for this son-of-a-gun, especially if it involved him.

“I already know you just got your Pokémon, so I’m not even going to bother asking you to fight me,” Zane said. “And besides, you’d probably be no match for an Aggron, would you?” Oh, so this guy came from Hoenn, just like Quinn and Serena, but they didn’t look like they recognized him in the slightest. That was a good thing.

“Go suck an egg, why don’t you?” It wasn’t Quinn. It wasn’t Summer. It wasn’t even Jake, who hated the guy beyond human comprehension. But it was none other than the sweet and nearly silent Serena. She had it up to there with the guy and couldn’t take it any more. Summer, honestly, couldn’t blame her.

Where was the love when you needed it?

“Oh please, don’t look at me like I’m crazy. The world would be better off if you went somewhere far, far away,” Serena snapped when she saw Zane’s nearly stunned expression. He probably sensed that she was a sensitive and quiet person and didn’t expect for her to make any comments.

“Fine, I’ll leave, but I won’t be gone forever,” he warned darkly. “You’ll see me once you get to Redfern Heights!” With that, he stormed out of the Pokémon Center.

Redfern Heights. Summer had to remember that. It could be an important piece of the puzzle later on…

Once he got out of his shock, Quinn said dazedly, “Way to go, Serena.” She blushed a little with a look that said, ‘Just doing my job.’

“What was THAT all about, anyway?” Jake asked.

“I have no clue,” Summer replied. “I barely even knew who my dad was, so who expected me to know that I had an uncle anyway?” She reached into her backpack and pulled out her pajamas. Looked like they were spending the night there.

Quinn and Serena got out their night clothes too, so Jake decided that he probably should too. “We’ll be right back,” Serena informed, motioning for Summer to follow her into the ladies’ room.

Jake and Quinn nodded to each other and marched into the men’s room.

In the girls’ room…

“What an idiot!” Serena yelled in fury. She was seriously P.Oed because of that guy. “I can’t believe how rude he is!”

Summer stared at her for a brief moment before responding. “It’s not like you to act this way. I understand where you’re coming from,” she paused. “and I can’t even believe that he’s my cousin, but remember what he said before he left?”

“That we’ll see him in Redfern Heights?”

“Yeah, but I’ve got the feeling that he said more than he meant.” Summer was now fully dressed in a pink tanktop and black shorts. Serena was clad in a long, green t-shirt and baggy white pants. She probably inherited them from her mother, or even her father, because they looked WAY too big for her size.

“What do you mean, ‘said more than he meant’?” Serena was a little lost on this part, and Summer could understand. It was complicated…in a way.

“What I mean is that when he said he was going to be at Redfern Heights…well, first of all, I’m assuming you know that there’s not much at all to do there, since it was created by Giovanni, right?” Serena nodded.

“Well, maybe Zane works for Giovanni. He looks like he’s old enough, and he’s definitely got the attitude of a Team Heaven executive.” Summer knew that assuming her cousin was a Team Heaven executive was seriously biased, but there were enough signs to make a conclusion.

“An EXECUTIVE? He looks too young to even be a towel boy for them!” Serena objected, stuffing her old clothes into a bag. Summer evaluated what she said, but Serena was just trying to make things believable. Summer couldn’t blame her for that.

But this is the real question I’m asking, ‘Is ANYTHING going to be believable at this point?’ Summer thought.


It seemed as if morning came too early. Summer wished she could sleep a little longer, but she had a huge to-do list today. Go get Pokéballs at the Pokémart, split up to capture Pokémon, and reach Pewter City by nightfall.

When she was aware of everything, Summer saw that Serena and Quinn were awake and loitering with their Pokémon. Jake was still zonked out. She rolled her eyes and decided that, as his partner and his only motherly figure for a long time, she had to wake him up. At first, she just shook him gently, whispering his name. But when he refused to even stir, THAT was when she got violent.

“JAKE! WAKE UP OR THERE’S GOING TO BE HELL TO PAY!” she yelled, but not loud enough for Nurse Joy to come out and scold them, as she did last night when they couldn’t sleep.

“Huh, what’s going on…?” He was still in his subconscious mode. Summer groaned and left him to figure out what was going on. She released her Squirtle. He deserved to stretch its legs. Eventually, Summer would let him sleep outside of its Pokéball and with her, but since it was so early in the journey that would possibly take them years, she didn’t feel comfortable doing it right now.

Once everyone had gotten changed, they trekked to the outside world (NOO! SUNLIGHT! IT BURNS!). They all turned to Summer.

“Where are we gonna go next?” Quinn asked.

Summer looked surprised. Why were they asking her, of all people, to lead them? Of course, she was a headstrong chick and could take care of her friends, but what if it came to something possibly life-threatening? What was she going to do then?

But that wasn’t the time to think of such things. “Well, how are we going to get anything done without any Pokéballs?” she mocked more than asked. They looked at each other and started walking in the direction of the PokéMart.

If this was how it was going to be for the majority of the time, then this was going to be a really boring story. But we didn’t even get to the good part, did we?

As Summer browsed through the seemingly endless isles, she saw something in the Pokéball section that caught her eye. She extended her arm to the back to pull out a small, mildly decorated box that depicted a Pokéball with a white bottom and purple cover, with two hot magenta stripes coming from the sides. It took Summer a moment to register what it was, but when she did, she nearly died of shock.

It was a Master Ball!

Her first instincts told her that she ought to grab the thing and get out of there. Hell, it wasn’t even supposed to BE there, so she was doing them a favor by taking it off their hands. If she told a clerk, they’d surely take it away from the shelves.

And what then? What if Summer, Jake, or the other two party members came across a legendary before they could get their hands on a Master Ball? Ultra Balls weren’t too rare nowadays, but it was going to take way more than an Ultra Ball and a little strength to catch any of them.

Summer couldn’t risk that, but then again, she wasn’t promiscuous when it came to values. So she went to the supreme force for help; Serena.

“Hey Serena, come over here!” Summer whispered loudly, beckoning for her only female partner to come over to where she was. Serena quickly complied and strode over there.

“What’s up?”

“Take a look at this baby,” Summer said admiringly, showing the box to Serena. She would’ve gone into cardiac arrest, had it not been for the environment.

“Well, what do you expect me to do?” she asked quizzically.

“I wanted to ask you if I should do the right thing or the wrong thing, and in this case, the wrong thing seems like a pretty good option,” Summer replied. “Should we steal it or tell the clerk that we found it? If we tell, then we’re probably never going to see it again.”

Serena looked contemplative for a moment. It was a tough choice, even if she was a morally right person. In fact, it would’ve been a tough choice for any normal trainer, especially if they were experienced.

“Let’s leave it in the back and forget we ever saw it. When the time comes, we’re going to come back here and buy it. Make sure you put it in a place where nobody will find it,” Serena said at last.

“Good idea,” Summer commented, shoving the box beneath the Potions shelves. For now, they would have to leave it behind. When that special time came, they’d come back. It was a comforting thought, but Summer would have rather ensured that the ball would be theirs for certain.

Well, we’ve all got to make sacrifices, eh?

“Hey, Serena, Summer, we can go now!” Quinn shouted, waiting by the front door for the females to come along. They looked at each other, debating on whether or not they should tell the guys about their little ordeal.

They decided to cross that bridge when they got to it.

“Let’s split up,” Jake suggested when they got outside. “Serena and Summer can go along Route 22 to catch their Nidorans, and Quinn and I’ll go along Route 2.”

“We’ll meet you there in a half hour,” Summer said. And off they went…

Route 2

“So, what kind of Pokémon are you going to catch?”

This question left Jake thinking. He hadn’t contemplated much about that, but, considering there were only Weedles, Pidgeys, and Rattatas, there really wasn’t much choice.

“I’ll just catch everything, I guess,” Jake replied. Quinn nodded in approval.

“Besides, if all else fails, we’re going to reach the Viridian Forest soon anyway. I hear there’re Pikachus there,” Quinn stated.

“Please, we don’t want to end up like that Ash guy, do we?” Jake rolled his eyes. He didn’t exactly idolize the Pokémon Master, only because he was just too…innocent, he supposed?

“Yeah, I don’t really favor him either,” Quinn said. “But he’s better than Gary. Guh, I HATE that guy!”

Jake was about to reply when he saw a Weedle, just loitering around, ripe for the picking, err, catching.

“Watch and learn from the pro, my friend,” Jake announced like he were the king of the world.

“PREPARE TO FACE YOUR DOOM, WEEDLE! Go, Charmander!” Jake called out, throwing Charmander’s Pokéball into the air, and out came the lizard-like Fire Pokémon.

The Weedle looked at the pair curiously. It certainly wasn’t expecting was about to happen next.

“Use your Scratch attack! Keep going till it’s begging for its life!”

Wow, Jake’s really passionate about this, isn’t he? Quinn thought, sweat-dropping. “Uh, Jake, I think you’re getting just a LITTLE over-enthusiastic about this…” he said, for the poor Weedle’s sake.

Jake paused for a moment to consider Quinn’s words, but then continued watching as the Weedle got beaten to a pulp. When it could stand no more, Jake got a spare Pokéball from his belt and threw it into the air. Once the Weedle was trapped inside the ball, it didn’t even attempt to put up a fight and started to sleep.

“YES! IT’S MY FIRST POKÉMON!” Quinn watched in horror as Jake did his happy dance, and nobody likes it when Jake does his happy dance.

Meanwhile, Summer and Serena had run into a little bit of trouble…
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Default Re: Pokemon: Amethyst

This is a pretty good story so far.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Amethyst

Originally Posted by charmeleonblaze View Post
This is a pretty good story so far.
yea charmeleonblaze is right it is good i wander what happens next
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Default Re: Pokemon: Amethyst

This is a pretty good story. You could have descibed the enviroment too though. Also, everyone knows Gary is better than Ash.
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