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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 05-30-2007, 11:26 PM
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Default Pokèmon VS Yu-Gi-Oh

Pokèmon VS Yu-Gi-Oh:War of the Dimensions

Welcome to my latest fanfic, ladies and gents. For those of you wondering, "Is this kid going to write more of these amateur rags?", the answer is a resounding "YES!!!". So, with no more chit-chat, I give you Pokèmon VS Yu-GAY-Oh!

Prologue:Loss of Life, Loss of Friends, Loss of All

A figure in dark green army fatigues ran across the compound. In the night, one could hardly see his raven hair as it was ruffled by the wind whipping by. The figure ran at full speed towards a building on the edge of the compound. The building had an official-looking sign on it that read: Commander-in-Chief Maximillion Pegasus.

The figure grinned as he saw this sign, for he now knew that he had the right builing. Oh,the months of searching every compound, it was all going to be over-

But that was irrelevent. What mattered was that he killed Pegasus. If that didn't happen, then his world was doomed. Ever since Pegasus had opened a hole to their dimension-

Mind on the mission, he reminded himself. He reached the door. The guard there was fast asleep, and did no more than let out a slight grunt as the man opened the door to the building. The man made his way up the stairs to a door flanked by two guards. They, like the other man, seemed to be unarmed. But the figure knew better. He knew they had, concealed somewhere on their person, the most deadly weapon ever devised.

"Night night, boys.", he grinned, and gave each a Vulcar Neck Pinch, knocking them out without a sound. He cautiosly made his way into the room. There, sleeping on the bed, was a man in a red suit, with pale gray, shoulder-length hair. The man grinned. This was it. The end of the war-

He noticed it too late:What kind of guy wears his best suit to bed? But by that point, the other man was on him.

"So, my good man," he said triumphantly," you thought you could-" At this, the man stopped, staring at the figure. After a moment's pause, his face turned a shade of red to match his suit. "This is an outrage!", he cried. "An absolute insult! I offer them peaceful lives as slaves, I give them every chance to end the bloodshed, and not only do they continue to fight, but they send a fifteen year-old boy to eliminate me!"

At this, the figure growled menacingly, as though he were a wolf ready to strike. "I'm no boy, Pegasus. I'm the Pride of Pallet Town." And with that, he whipped a sphere from his belt and tossed it, with a shout of "Go, Blastoise!". The sphere landed, and from it a beam of light shot. The beam materialized into a giant tortoise-like being. Its shell was a lightish-brown color on the back. Its front was gray, while its head and limbs were an light azure.

"Ah. So it all comes down to this.", the tortoise said.

"Indeed, old friend." The figure grinned. He turned his army-issue camoflauge hat backwards. "You're dead, Pegasus."

Pegasus stood there, looking amused. "Am I?" he asked with a smirk. He drew a small, flat rectangle of a thing from his pocket. The figure gasped.

"Blastoise!Drown him!" he screamed.

The tortoise looked frightened. "But you'll die too, Ash!", he called back.

"That's not important, dangit! KILL HIM!"

The tortoise, looking sorrowful, allowed his water cannons to come forth, glinting in the moonlight.

"Summoned Skull! Dark Lightning!"

The tortoise fell down. Pegasus, with a smirk, stood behind a towering nightmare of a figure. It was a giant skeleton, with some sort of purple muscle in between its ribs, and in the gaps of its bones. It roared, showing off glinting horns and leathery bat wings made of the same horrid purple substance.

"Blastoise!", Ash cried to his friend. The tortoise looked at him.

"Leave, Ash. You must.", he said weakly. "My life is over. Yours isn't. Keep fighting, old friend."

"I won't leave you!" Ash sobbed.

"Your creature is right." Pegasus smirked. "You must leave now, because I'm about to kill you. Summoned Skull! Dark Lightning." The monster bellowed again, and began forming a ball of murky purple electricity between raised arms.

"I die by my friend, then!" Ash cried defiantly. But this would not be so. A jet of water sent him flying away just before the ball of lightning hit. Ash looked back at Blastoise. A single tear rolled down each of their cheeks.

"Be well." Blastoise said gently. And he closed his eyes, never more to open them. But he was not to have died in vain. He had saved his master. That was enough. He heard a voice calling to him, from a distance down a tunnel...

"My old friend, you join me at last.", it said. Blastoise grinned, although he could not show it in our world.

"Venasaur, good to see you." he said. He took his friend's hand. "Will... will it hurt, Venasaur?" he asked.

"No. Not at all. It's just... peace." , Venasaur replied. Blastoise smiled. To think that a moment ago he was afraid of death. But not so now. He walked, arm in arm, with his friend, towards a bright light.

************************************************** ************************

Ash was back at his own base. He had flown there on his Pidgeot, holding his tears for fear of his life. But now, sitting alone in his tent, he cried. He sobbed uncontrolably, his face in his hands. But underneath that sorrow, anger was bubbling. Pegasus had killed his friend. And his forces had taken another. Now, he would kill them...
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