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Old 05-19-2007, 11:57 AM
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Default Golden Smile, Silver Tears (ONE-SHOT/PG-15)

So, another one-shot attempt! ...but this time, it’ll be successful! Baleeted!

I hope you people enjoy it... the whole entirety of this idea came to me while I was half-dazed and trying to sleep. Blame the lyric and my Goldlovingnessnessness. It’s set in the game canon, by the way.

Also, here’s a question: if you write a story that is 99.9999999999999999% character development and 0.0000000000000001%, is it a shipping story?

Golden Smile, Silver Tears
By Ino

I hate you so much.

I do. It’s rather unbelievable, how much that is, but I do. I hate you. I hate you as much as I can. Every fiber of my being... it’s all aimed at one thing. Hating you.

I don’t understand it. I had seen which of the three you had taken. I knew which Pokémon I had to grab, in case I happened to come across you. It should have been that simple: break into the lab, steal the Pokémon, then run away and think of my next step once I was far, far away.

But things never go that simple... especially when you’re involved.

Not much longer after I had made my escape, we met up. I had already noticed you, of course – especially after you annoyed me while I was trying to think how I was going to break inside. I had to push you away, onto the ground, and try to ignore you.

But you wouldn’t let yourself be ignored, even if you didn’t know that yet.

So, we met up, on the entrance to Cherrygrove. You were tired from the trek that old man had sent you on, while I had managed to avoid anything on my path. Just from looking at you, I knew you wouldn’t do much against me, and it would have been an easy victory.

How in the ****ing HELL could I have been so mistaken?!

My Totodile lost to your Cyndaquil, despite the energy difference and the fact that I had even made sure that the attacks would be vicious and lethal. I don’t get it... I never did, even now. Why did you win? I had every advantage I could get, and yet...

And yet, I was the one defeated.

That... that enraged me deeply. How could I lose to such a weakling like you?! How could you be the one who succeeded where I failed?!

I couldn’t think straight like this... and I had no time to waste. So I ran.

I ran away, trying to set my thoughts straight. I had to figure out what went wrong. Why I had lost to you... why I had been so weak.

I was surprised, later on, when we met in the Sprout Tower. I hadn’t expected you to be that desperate to bring me back to your city... and the fact that you were intent at battling me, and not the Elder Sage, made me confused. I had just won a series of battles against the same people you had beaten, and since you had just pushed through them, I assumed you had wanted the same thing as I did... to test your strength against ‘strong’ trainers.

My surprise only grew further when you spoke.

“I’m not here to take part on this test... I’m just here to stop you and take you back to New Bark! Now please give back that Totodile!”

This was too much for me to face... so I ran away once more.

I couldn’t believe my reaction... why were you so scary, so much I couldn’t stand to come closer to you? Why did I keep running away, whenever you pressed that point, and made your attempt at taking me back?

I couldn’t stand that... but all I always did was run away. Always...


As time passed… we met more and more, you and me. At Azalea, we had another battle, one that resulted once more in your victory… despite the fact that you had ignored type advantages and, again, used your Cyndaquil against my recently-evolved Croconaw. That, in itself, was what intrigued me the most: I had stronger Pokémon, you had not used Pokémon that had severe type advantages against mine, and yet… you still won.

Barely, maybe, but you won.

And that only made me hate you more.

I had been led to believe, before that fateful day, that strong Pokémon are all that mattered. Being a Pokémon trainer implicated in getting the strongest Pokémon, and from then on train them. I believed that, truthfully, the only use Pokémon had was becoming tools and serving you to the best of their capacity, or else…

But you had to beat me, hadn’t you?

Thanks to you… thanks to you I began to change. My father’s teachings were slowly discarded as wrong… since, if a strong Pokémon could not beat a weak Pokémon, then what could? There had to be something… something I did not know yet, but that I would.

And this only made it worse for me, as I realized what would happen, once I was done with what I had originally planned to do here. My father… my family… it would all change, wouldn’t it?

My family… it was broken from the start, I suppose. I wasn’t really meant to be ‘born’, anyway – my father had already his ‘prized child’, why would he need another one? Especially one that, as it was proved, was not compatible with the DNA he planned to implant.

Not that I don’t have anything from my mother, bar her red hair, but if he had used me like he used her… I wouldn’t have the respect I had for him, before. My sister may have suffered… but I admit that, at times, I thought ‘better her than me’.

It was just the way things were in our household, when there were the four of us.

Then my mother left us, taking my sister away, and leaving me with my father. At first I thought she never loved me, and I admit that, indeed, I hated her. Almost as much as I hate you. During that time, my father would have been the one who had loved me, and wanted to keep me as the sole reminder of the happiness we shared for those few years.

It wasn’t until later on that I realized that he never loved me, either, and just wanted to make sure there was someone left for the duty of ruling that damn organization he made. I hated that, too. Still hate them all, as a matter of fact. But… the thing remains that, even though I was unloved by my father, I still loved him. If only because, and nothing else, he was the only adult I thought I could believe.

It’s great to know how much of a retard I was. He lied to me constantly, it seems… he made me believe all the wrong things about strength. It’s not the power of the Pokémon, or the type advantage, or the other dozens of things that people think give you an advantage that really matters, right? It’s something you had to beat across my head, time after time after time, just to get me to understand, isn’t it?

Whatever. I’m digressing. Better talk about the previous topic.

So, our next meeting was in Ecruteak, at the Burnt Tower. I had decided to go search for those Legendary Beasts, as I was certain that, with them, I would be undefeatable… but I had no such luck. Maybe, if I had looked further, I’d have found them… but guess what? You had decided to meddle further, making me mad at everything.

Team Rocket’s routing… I had always thought that I would have been the one to push them back, to make them realize why I was his son and why they should fear me… but I was too late. While I was preparing myself, you went on and faced them… you took my chance! Mine! I should have been the one to stop Team Rocket, not you! I deserved that chance! I, not you!

So, we battled again. I had most of my actual team, having fought and gotten rid of several Pokémon, before… and yet, while I kept using the same, ‘strong’ Pokémon, you used different ones. You always ignored the type advantages, using a Pokémon that matched my own… and yet, was not the same. Your Quilava and my Croconaw… they were equals in battle prowess. I confess that, at times, I had wondered what would have been, if they had been partners, instead of enemies… and this reflected on my own feelings towards you, as well.

But I shut those feelings out. I couldn’t like you. You, or your friends… they were all distractions, to my goal. I had to be the one to snuff out Team Rocket, and not you, or anyone else, would stay in my path. I would do anything to fulfill this… I had stolen before. Why wouldn’t I steal, lie, cheat, or do other crimes, all in order to fulfill my ambitions?

But… you wouldn’t let me. As I pushed my Pokémon to fight, even as they were severely injured, you showed worry towards me. It wasn’t common worry, like the one the old fool had when I battled him in Violet… it was like you were, truly, empathizing with my Pokémon, feeling their pains, and wanting me to change.

“Stop… you have to stop fighting! Can’t you see how hurt she is?! She’s too hurt to continue!”

At the time, I thought you were even more foolish than usual. ‘Hearing your Pokémon’… what kind of counsel is that? Pokémon can’t speak, that’s common knowledge. Only a complete moron would believe that.

…and yet, maybe there was some truth to your words. The way you spoke to your Quilava, trying to goad it into obeying you… how you seemed to know the reason behind your Mareep’s attachment to you… how you kept cheering for your Oddish, saying things that, it seemed, were the ones it wanted to hear…

That was impossible. Pokémon could not talk! Even the most advanced Psychic Pokémon are unable to project their thoughts into our minds… but you ignored any indication of believing in that. In fact… you seemed to have a problem believing in anything being impossible.

“Flammie, unable to fight? You must be kidding, right?” A quiet laugh, as if the speaker had just heard a bad joke. “So your Ravage can tear through rocks with his claws easily… well, guess what? Flammie’s fire burns with more power than even the brightest of suns! And I’m going to show it to you right now!”

That battle… it had ended with another defeat for me. Even though I had the advantage, you won. I… I couldn’t stand this… you were a weakling! There should have been no way… no, there could have been no way for you to have so much power! Someone cannot become stronger if they are born weak!

But… if that was true, then…

My father had drilled that into my mind, as I said before. ‘Strength comes from birth,’ he said. ‘Strong people are born strong. Weak people are born weak. That is the rule of the universe.’

He then went on to add more fuel to this fire that was my weak, young mind. ‘You were born strong, from having been born to strong people. However, you look weak. Your sister looked weak, too, but she is a woman. Women do not need to look their strongest to be strong. Men must. Therefore, you must prove to me you are strong, by being the strongest of them all… if you can surpass my strength, then this will make you the strongest!’

I believed him. I still believed it, until that day.

You, however, thought I was wrong, when I told you… you couldn’t believe what I thought was an essential truth. You said that this strength is not one to be measured in such a manner, and then just poured more water onto my fire.

“Is that really what he told you?” A pause, as if the speaker was frowning. “That… that’s a really stupid thought, isn’t it? Why would anyone tell their child that the only way to live was through hating everyone?”

You were right. I didn’t realize that. I was such a fool…

This… this had been too much. I ran away from you, before I could have done anything more, trying to leave the city as fast as possible… but nothing I did could make your words stop ringing in my mind. Every time… every time, you said something that made me feel so disturbed… so enraged at my father… so mad at my mother… and so confused about my sister.

I had heard she found a role somewhere in a different Region, one that, apparently, served her plans well. I don’t know much… we didn’t make much contact with each other after my mother took her away. It was pure accident, really…

Time passed, before we met once again. My mind was set… I had to beat you. I had to prove that my life was not a lie… that my father had a reason for telling me those things… that I hated Team Rocket out of a true desire, rather than, maybe, just a means to an end.

I didn’t battle you then, oh, no… I didn’t bother. I had heard about what had happened in Ecruteak – about how you had managed, again, to do what I could not. You had released those Beasts, and they had fled…

WHY hadn’t you captured them, you moron?! Why had you let such powerful Pokémon go? It was ridiculous, really… I would have been at a disadvantage, even if you had caught only one of them. Having all three of them would have been exactly what I would have done, in your place… but you, who claimed to still want to take me to New Bark, had ignored your best chance of doing so! How stupid could you be, I wondered, if you would let such a prize go over your amazingly dense head?

Even so, I did not battle you that day. It was not due to a lack of hatred, believe me; the sheer amount that came when I heard about the Gym Leader’s leaving of the Gym, in order to take care of a sick Pokémon, of all things, would have been enough to make me face you at any moment of the day.

However, I was still disturbed by your actions. I did not understand… why did you care so much about me? What was it about me that made you act in such a stupid manner… ignoring everything else, just to make me go to a city I had no intention of ever returning to, to give back a Pokémon I would never give up anymore, and to ‘surrender myself to the authorities’?

That distressed me… so I tried to misdirect you. I told you to go to the Lighthouse, knowing fairly well that the Gym Leader would be there, and ran away at once. This place… I hated it! It was too nice… too clean… too much of what I hated!

I didn’t care about ‘badges’ anymore… my intention, simply put, was to defeat you. If I could defeat you, just once, it would prove I was ready… ready to crush Team Rocket, and to recover my father’s love, which was rightfully mine! I believed that I would finally have a family again… my mother and father would quit their differences, and we would live with my sister, happy once more. How foolish… and it was not even your fault.

I hated that fact.

So, while I had the advantage of time on my side, I went to Cianwood, in order to find one last, strong Pokémon to help me defeat you, and then proceed onto my true mission. There, I saw a young kid playing with two Pokémon… one of them looked like a stupid turtle, but the other one… I saw a lot of potential for that one. Ah, yes… it would be the perfect Pokémon to defeat you, once and for all!

You already know what happened. I stole it from the kid, taking the Pokéball from him while he was distracted, and earned myself a new partner… which, when I realized it, was your fault again. How stupid… why couldn’t you just leave me alone?! Even in my dreams, I was unable to stop losing to you… I never won, no matter what I did. It was like you were miles… no, planets… no, galaxies away from me! I couldn’t believe this, it was so absurd!

It only became worse, weeks later.

GekiRyuKen! RyuKen Key! Activate!

Change! Ryukendo!

GekiRyu Transformation!

Serious, mature roleplayer who has a preference for dark, moody, adventurous, heroic, shadowy, 'no side is the right side' games involving the Legendaries, the canon characters, the future, alternate and alternative realities, and finishing with a happy ending that involved a lot of work and a seriously dangerous final boss being defeated thanks to everyone's help.

No nihilists, please.

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Default Golden Smile, Silver Tears (ONE-SHOT/PG-15)

I had gone to Mahogany already, by the time you came back from the Island. Call it ‘luck’, ‘karma’, ‘fate’, or whatever, but I came right on time – the Rockets had already infiltrated the place. Nobody seemed to have noticed my intentions, which was good… all I had to do was finish my preparations, and then I could storm their hideout, becoming the ‘hero’ I thought I was.

Hero. Like I was one… that word fits you more, you know that?

It took time. Not as much to locate the hideout itself, but rather to find the backdoor. Yes, I know you took the regular entrance – but trust me, they always used a backdoor. I had been witness to the Kanto attacks – I knew what I was dealing with.

So, by the time I did find the backdoor, and I prepared myself to storm the place, you appeared. I had seen you in time, but I chose to hide rather than face you. I wouldn’t let you be the hero this time, I was going to be the one to stop Team Rocket right then and there.

It would have worked, too. The only problem was him.


He found me, right as I was coming close to the Admins’ location. I was full of confidence, certain that nothing could get in my way, so it was no wonder that, as I saw him, and realized who he was, I challenged him.

But… he crushed me. Even harder than you ever did… every single thing I had done so far, every little dirty trick I had pulled, and he still crushed me with so much ease, I could not help but wonder if I hadn’t gotten into a mess too deep for me.

What broke me wasn’t the battle, however.

It was what he said after it.

“Your style… it’s full of weaknesses,” a deep voice said, in a patronizing tone. “You insist in using ‘strong’ attacks and ‘strong’ Pokémon… but you pay little attention to their states, don’t care about how much energy they waste in repeated attacks, don’t change your strategy at all… you just try to trudge through everything, as if winning was everything. It isn’t. You have to care about your Pokémon too, or else…”

“Or else what?”

“Or else you’ll be no different from the ones you are fighting against.” A gasp of surprise, revealing distress and a lack of nerve.


“The Rockets… why do you think they are so despised by most Pokémon trainers?” A pause, as if the other person has no idea of what to reply. “That’s because they act carelessly, harshly… they would kill their Pokémon gladly, if this was going to let them win. Tell me… would you kill your Croconaw, just because it is weak?”

“K-kill?!” the person stuttered, in complete surprise. Then, a sound rung, as if a metallic object had collided against the floor, bouncing for a few moments.

“Yes. Kill. That’s how far the Rockets have fallen… to them, anything they can control is a tool that can be disposed, once it becomes weak. If you believe that, then you’re no better than them… and even if you do not think so, releasing a faithful Pokémon because of a single battle is just as bad as killing it.”

“…I…” A shuffling sound, as if someone had slumped onto their knees, staring at the ground, arms hanging limply to the sides. Footsteps leading into the distance followed, soon after.

Yes… Lance had managed to finish what you had started. He shattered all my dreams and hopes… all my ambitions, built upon the simple wish of having my father happy with me… all because he told me I was no better than him.

And I realized that I never would be.

Not if I had been raised to follow onto his footsteps…

…how could I have been so STUPID?!

It was obvious, from that point on, that everything I had believed on wasn’t true. ‘Strength comes from birth’? A commoner had defeated me! ‘Be stronger than me, and you will be the strongest’? All I had been was a mere shadow of him… and of all he ever built! I hate him! I hate my father! I hate everyone who he corrupted! I hate…

…I hate myself.

I realized that, then. I hated myself, all those years, because I had been unable to stop my parents from separating. I had been unable to make my father love me, or my mother love me, or anyone at all truly care about me. My family was broken, and had always been… I just had never been able to face the truth.

Your family… I had seen it, when I first came to your town. I stopped there, having noticed the odd house, when compared to the others… and saw you and your mother. I couldn’t help but admit that she was pretty… she kind of reminded me of my own mother, in a way. However, there was something she had that my mother never had.

She loved you, dearly, and I could see that.

And the more I saw, the more I hated you.

My hatred for you… it was born at that moment. So you did not have a father – at least you hadn’t had to live with him, forever unloved! You had a mother who cared for you – I had nothing! You had no sisters to worry for – my own sister barely acknowledged me! I hated you, from then on, and everything else was just a build up on this hatred! How… how convenient!

Yes… it is true. Even before we ever met, it seemed I was destined to hate you… everything just points towards it. If there is a fate, then mine was to hate you, and to fight you constantly, never willing to stop. Your fate was to hate me, and to fight me constantly, never willing to stop either.

But… but you had something that made it worse, much worse for this. You did not want to follow fate… you never did. You wanted to be a free person… you wanted to just be yourself, and live life as it was. And that… it just made me hate you more! You were supposed to hate me, to dislike me, to always want to destroy me, just as much as I did to you!

…and yet, your first words, when we met in that lone, empty room, were simple and meaningful.

“Are you okay? I had been worried… when I heard Team Rocket was here, I thought that maybe you might have gotten in trouble, or worse, from trying to fight them. Do you need help standing up?”

Why… why do you have to keep torturing me? Why can’t you just hate me, and stop this pathetic game? We weren’t friends… we were rivals, enemies… we weren’t supposed to like each other!

But you kept on. I couldn’t handle the strain your words had on my body, and the weakness I showed at that moment… it was very real. I hadn’t just been touched by Lance’s power, and nobility, however… you were a part of it too. The biggest, deepest, and most painful part.

After I made my escape, I had barely enough time to heal my Pokémon, and try to leave the city, once more, when I heard it – the same call all the inhabitants of Johto heard, the continuous call sent to my father, in order to make him return to Team Rocket.

That was the last straw. I had been trying to crush my father’s organization, doing what he wanted me to do in order to have me succeed him… and it was all for nothing? He had never… never been the one to give the orders… never done anything… never…

I had a breakdown. It was the worst of them all… for before, I at least had one final achievement in my life, that I knew I had to follow – find my father, defeat him, and prove I was the strongest. Defeating you was just a necessary step, but it never changed my final objective.

But now I had nothing. Team Rocket was a sham… crushing it would be meaningless. My father’s teachings were nothing to me anymore, as you had beaten them out of me completely. The only thing I had left… was defeating you. And I would do that, at any cost… it was all I had left. If I couldn’t defeat you…

So I followed you. I didn’t go into the Radio Tower, knowing you wouldn’t just fly out of the top… no, the populace was certain to want to congratulate you; you’d have to come down, and then I’d have my battle with you. But then I saw the Rockets running away, towards the Underground, and I followed them. I couldn’t stop them… but I knew that you’d come there eventually.

And you did.

I had no more want to continue this war I had raged against Team Rocket, but I had to stop you. I couldn’t let you win… if I stopped you, I’d have defeated the only other one who could stop Team Rocket. I would be the only one remaining, and I would defeat them, and then… and then…

Maybe it was my lack of thought of what I would have done in the future that made me lose, at the beginning. Maybe I just knew, instinctively, you would win. Doesn’t matter; the battle was fierce and dangerous. I was no longer as surprised by your choices of Pokémon – the only exception was the one you chose to battle my newest prize. It was fitting, however… like our first Pokémon, these two would probably have done their best as partners, rather than enemies.

One by one, my Pokémon fell… and bit by bit, I felt the hatred subside. All this time, I had been fueling it, believing it would be the one thing to let me succeed… but all the defeats I had suffered by your hand were too much for it. At the end of the battle, I cried… I couldn’t help myself. I just had to cry. I had lost… lost everything. Pokémon battling meant little to me… my mission in life was a pathetic shadow… and my dream was a mere child’s fantasy. I just wanted you to finish me, and get this over with… but you stopped. You did not finish me off.

And, once more, you spoke to me.

“Hey… what’s with you? You keep saying that my strength – the bond of friendship I made with my Pokémon – is weak, and that your hatred is the strongest… but you don’t even sound like you believe in that anymore. Why do you keep forcing yourself into believing that, instead of admitting that maybe, just maybe, you simply are overlooking a strength you have had all along?” a voice said, in a childish tone – as if saying something that was an obvious truth, to it.

“A… a strength I had all along?”

“Yeah!” the voice laughed, happily. “Your Pokémon… you’ve been showing some restraint with them, more recently. Doesn’t that mean you care for them? Maybe you’re finally bonding with them, just like me.”

“Bonding… with them?” The words sounded… alien, to the speaker. Why would this be true?

“Well, I noticed you’ve been keeping Ravage out of his Pokéball, and you hadn’t retrieved him once… and the way you encouraged him, right at the end, it was very much unlike what you usually do! You were even worried for him, right now! Maybe if you did that more often, your bond with them would grow stronger… and maybe you could, honestly, become the best!”

“Become… the best…”

These words… even if I did not believe them fully, knowing now that I would never be able to defeat you… they were my new light of hope. A light in a life of darkness… who knew that would be possible?

Of course, that had to be you… and with that, my hatred for you seemed to lose its effect on me. I… I didn’t want to hurt you anymore. In fact… that was the first time you made me smile.

“Hah! That’s funny… you sure have a nice smile! Maybe if you did it more often, you’d be less gloomy!”

I didn’t do it, while you were still there… but when you left, I laughed. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more… an honest, good laugh. What you had said… it had been one of the most hilarious things you had ever told me, for some reason…

We met much later, after that. I know what happened… you beat Team Rocket, became hailed as a hero, and then went on to Blackthorne to receive the eighth and last badge you needed. I knew what was going to happen next… and I couldn’t miss it.

While you did all those things, I headed ahead, towards the Victory Road… I knew this was the path for that year’s tournament, and you’d have to go there. I had an advantage, since you spent one last night at your hometown, resting… I know that because I was there.

And, although I was envious of your mother, I did not hate you.

I wonder… did you ever feel uncomfortable, around such a pretty woman? Did your lack of a father ever make you latch onto her, in manners that are unbecoming of young boys? Did her lack of a husband ever make her do the same towards you, having feelings that are unbecoming of young women?

I am uncertain… and I don’t need an answer. It’s not like I was serious, anyway.

We met on the road to the Indigo Plateau, so close, and yet… still so far. I was no longer the person I had been, when I first crossed this road… and I wanted to prove it to myself. Prove that I was not wrong, that I had changed for the good, and that you were right.

So we battled.

We both know what happened, then. I don’t feel like speaking about it… although I thought it was fitting, how both our Pokémon evolved on that day, just from the emotion of defeating each other. Flammie and Ravage… they certainly were two of a kind, eternally destined to make conflict with each other, but also, somehow, capable of having the happiest of times together.

This reflected our relationship – even though we were rivals, we still felt… good, in the presence of the other. Battling was just a means for the emotions we felt to come – for us to be who we truly were… to ignore everything else, to become one with the other. Who cared about the power we used, about the differences in our strengths, about the emotions that powered us? Battling… made us who we truly were.

Sun and Moon… two different entities. The Sun, shining brightly on the sky, his powerful light illuminating everything he can see. The Moon, shining with a pale face, basked in the sunlight and bringing it back to the Earth.

Both are different… both are needed. The Sun is the light; the Moon reflects it. The Sun is the true power; the Moon is dependant on it. The Sun is the ever-changing force; the Moon is the immutable force.

We had our differences, but we complimented each other… and as the battle continued, it was obvious that my attitude was much different… I was happy, and joyful, and I wanted to live. I wanted to be your rival, forever… because I would not be satisfied with anything less.

When the battle was over, we shared one actual laugh… and you spoke again.

“Now THAT is what I call a battle! It’s great… so great the feeling! I can’t wait for the next time!”

“…I… am unsure if I will be able to face you, during the Pokémon League.” A cheeky laugh sounded, from the first person.

“The League… so what? You will meet me again, just like you’ve done all these times… and we’ll fight again! Of course, you’re still a bit weak… but then again, you didn’t do much well against Dragons, did you?”

“…how did you know?” the second person asked, curious. An odd sound, like if someone had smiled, came from the first person.

“Well, you’re the one who lost to Lance, aren’t you? But don’t worry… I know how to help you. In Blackthorne… there’s this place called the Dragon’s Den. Apparently, that’s where they teach the apprentices to Gym Leaders… so, think about it. If I passed their test, then surely you can do the same, right?” His voice was so full of confidence, and cheerfulness… the other person couldn’t help but give a smile.

“Yeah… I probably can. Tell you what – when we next meet, I’ll be so much stronger, you’ll be on the ropes!”

“That’s the spirit! But don’t forget…” The voice of the first person became somber, now. “I’m going to face Lance, too. And I’m not going to let myself lose… which means that if you slack off, then all this training we’ve done with each other won’t have made a difference. You had better not give up… and that is a promise!”

That promise… it was something a bit foolish, maybe. But I accepted making the promise… because I wasn’t going to lose my newfound inspiration for life. I wouldn’t lose you, and you would do your best to not lose me…

But then, why do I hate you?

It is simple… too simple, maybe.

I hate you because you changed me.

I hate you because you made me hate my father.

I hate you because you made me believe you were a weakling.

I hate you because you could change the girl.

I hate you because you made me stronger in a way that nobody could ever understand.

I hate you because you made me become someone I still shouldn’t be.

I hate you because I am still not the strongest… even though I already should be.

I hate you because I have no other way of showing my emotions.

I hate you because of the way your existence disturbs me.

I hate you because I can only do so, or else I will have to feel the other emotion.

I hate you because if I hate you, then you should only hate me.

I hate you because I have to.

I hate you because you made me love you.


So, that is it for now, I suppose. Yay for the ending of my first one-shot, yay!

Any questions that remain will be answered in a future post. Please ask them!

Finally… thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy everything else!
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Default Re: Golden Smile, Silver Tears (ONE-SHOT/PG-15)

I love it. I love the idea, and how it's well described. I like the part with "I hate you"'s, it's so.. clear-stated. It contains a lot of feeling, and the rival describes it very realistically. Though I don't see why it's PG-15. It's hardly more profane than my fic, which is PG.
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