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Old 05-12-2007, 10:16 PM
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Default Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Little Legend, Go!

This is rated PG for now, but PG-13 from Chapters 6 and on. (Rated for violence, language/sexuality is not in this Fan fiction.)

*Fire burns in eyes* This is one of my first fanfictions, and I feel I did good on it! Anywho, I hope you like it.

~Chapter 1~

“Wake up already! Come on Mew-there are tons of rescue missions today!”

Jirachi’s voice was sweet and gentle, yet forceful as it tried to wake up his lazy rescue partner. However, Mew wouldn’t wake up-the sad part was that Team Little-Legend had to go through this entire process every day.

“How can he even sleep with his base all neon pink and bright…?” Jirachi thought, gazing all around his teammates vividly decorated room. Not only was Mew’s room brightly colored, but the pink legendary also kept various figurines and other rare items scattered around the small room called a rescue base. It was a truly messy but beautiful sight.

Celebi ambled into the base, holding a few letters close to her. She had clearly checked the mailbox, and had gathered all the rescue jobs ALREADY. Now she just stood by the open glass door, giggling as she saw Jirachi and the sleeping Mew.

“Mew, you give me no other choice….,” Jirachi said softly as he jumped onto Mew’s bed and began to wrestle the sleeping pokemon. Mew immediately woke up and adjusted to his surroundings, wrestling his rescue partner back.

“Yay! A game to start the morning! I’m going to win!” Mew replied as the two rolled around the dirty floor, giving play punches and kicks to each other. Jirachi’s calm pose was lost as he began laughing. Fun was evident in Team Little Legend.

“Guys! What about me?” Celebi replied, hovering over the two’s wrestling match. Celebi’s voice was fragile and beautiful, almost like colored glass.

At that moment, Mew had noticed his quiet teammate.

“Hi! You checked the mail already! Cool! Let’s go into Pokemon Square and prepare for the mission! Oh and good morning!” Mew said, getting off the floor and smiling at the grass legendary. Jirachi also got up and retained his calm demeanor, waving at the only female pokemon on Team Little-Legend.

And so the pokemon flew out of Mew’s base, with Celebi taking another look at Mew’s outer base. It looked as it normally did-bright pink with two cat like ears emerging from the top, and eyes in the form of windows. A clean glass door was the “Mouth” of the base. It all looked the same to Serebii, yet something about it was wrong….maybe Celebi was just imagining things. She did wake up mighty early. So, she caught up with her teammates.

The path to Pokemon Square was calm and peaceful. Plants and trees were on either side of the path, and then the occasional pokemon would be met scurrying over to the forest. The path was a short walk to Pokemon Square, and it was also the way to get in and out of Pokemon Village.

All 3 legendaries bases were in the forest, which was heavily overseen by Celebi. Their bases were all so beautiful and well done. Why? Simply because Jirachi, Celebi, and Mew were all part of a pokemon rescue team called Team Little-Legend. Team Little Legend was highly favored as a rescue team because they were so strong and innocent. Currently, their rescue rank was Diamond-better known as being undefeated, or undefeatable.

“So what’s our mission about?” Mew asked, breaking the silence. It was funny that he always seemed to be the first to speak.

“It’s about rescuing a Wurmple in Wish Cave,” replied Celebi, fiddling with the letter. It was clear that she was trying to avoid looking at Jirachi, who had just gone pale.

The entire group stopped, and an awkward silence formed. Not even Mew spoke.

“My former home…” The star-shaped pokemon muttered, looking down at the ground as if it had become suddenly very interesting. True, Jirachi had once lived in Wish Cave, sleeping his life away and granting any wish. However, that pattern was broken one day, when he had woken up and had found out that he simply couldn’t go back to his sleep. It was a huge mystery.

They all stared at the eye catching ground until a very young and loud voice caught their attention.

“Hi Team Little-Legend!!” The rambunctious yell from two small figures running over to them from Pokemon Square.
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Old 05-12-2007, 10:39 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Little Legend, Go!

Legends as main characters - Bad Concept.

Though, I've seen worse. Far worse, so don't worry about it too much. If you want to write it up, write it. I wouldn't mind reading it, just making a suggestion.
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Old 05-13-2007, 04:18 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Little Legend, Go!

JentleViolence, you've done a nice job. A transcription of the game, I mean. I don't mean this to be offensive, but you don't really do anything. The chapter is rather short and there's really nothing interesting in it.

Of course you do have the legendaries. I'm not sure how this'll work out, but if they're just really regular pokemon... I don't see why you need them. If you plan to make the pot fit in, I'm fine with it.

As for the writing, it's okay, I guess. You've got a nice pace, though you could have described some more. For example, you didn't explain what Pokemon Square is. I myself have never played MD and so don't really know what it is.

Originally Posted by Ketchup View Post
Legends as main characters - Bad Concept.

Though, I've seen worse. Far worse, so don't worry about it too much. If you want to write it up, write it. I wouldn't mind reading it, just making a suggestion.
Ketchup, it's not really the legendaries that make it bad, it's how they're used. For example, if they're sort of 'illegitimately born' children of the real legendaries (think Zeus + _______), then they might have a resemblance to the legendary but then also have weaknesses and flaws of their other parent.
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Old 05-13-2007, 07:38 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Little Legend, Go!

Ah. Thanks for reviewing, both of you. ^_^ I'm really trying hard on this. The legendary pokemon in this fic do fit in, and they have backround behind them. Well, here's chapter 2. (it's a longer chapter, I promise)

~Chapter 2~

“Who is that?” Celebi whispered, straining her eyes to see the face of the ever-jubilant Pachirisu approaching them. His best friend, the cute and adorable Eevee, was by his side. The three legendaries filled with happiness as soon as they recognized their good friends.

“Hey Pachirisu! Hi Eevee!” Mew practically yelled, waving his hand with such force that you could have thought that it was on fire. The two remaining pokemon, being their quiet selves, waved “Hello.”

The fox and the electric squirrel finally ran all the way up to them. They were their size, but Team Little-Legend was still much stronger and older. However, they were very good friends-Pachirisu was an intelligent, brave pokemon. Eevee was very favorable. She was cute, adorable, and sweet on the inside.

“Hello guys! Are you going to take one of your rescue missions now?” Eevee asked politely, eyeing the letters in Celebi’s hands. Pachirisu and Eevee always talked about how they wanted to be in a rescue team one day, saving all different pokemon. So of course, they were always hyped when they saw Team Little-Legend leaving for a mission.

“Sorry to both of you…but you can’t come on our rescue missions….it’s prohibited, and you could get hurt….” Jirachi muttered, barely loud enough to hear. He wanted them to come, but he cared for them more.

Eevee pouted, and whimpered. Pachirisu opened his mouth to say something, but then he closed it quickly.

“Fine…. But take us next time, please?” He said after a while. Pachirisu always thought before he spoke, a trait rare in some pokemon.

“You got it!” Celebi couldn’t help herself-Pachirisu and Eevee were both so cute. And their intention was always good.

Team Little-Legend waved back at the two pokemon, as they proceeded into Pokemon Square and Pachirisu and Eevee headed into the forest-probably to play hide and seek again.

Pokemon Square was crowded, busy, and bustling as usual. The only thing that could be heard were the shouts and talking of other pokemon all over the town, and what could be seen were the tops of pokemon shops and houses. To avoid being pushed and shoved, Team Little Legend always hovered above the town on bright mornings. The wind was like a soft blanket from way up in the sky, but the three legendaries couldn’t enjoy it for long. They had a mission to prepare for.

“Hey, there’s Kangaskhan’s shop!” Mew had blurted out, stopping and pointing to a large brown building that had two huge horns pointing out of it. That was definitely the mother-like pokemon’s shop.

“So it is…” Celebi simply replied, as they all descended from the safety of the sky and down to the waking ground of pokemon square.

Kangaskhan’s shop always smelled of cinnamon, was very warm, and held an aura of welcome around it. It also looked to be the cleanest place in the entire pokemon universe. These things were partly expected of Kangaskhan-she was the mother of one of the most helpless pokemon. Her baby, spitting and giggling, sat in her mother’s carrying pouch. The welcoming building was also a place for rescue members to storage their belongings when they weren’t on missions.

“Hello darlings,” Kangaskhan-better known as mother Kangaskhan-greeted the three legendaries with her gentle voice and a friendly smile.

“Good morning!” Team Little-Legend exclaimed, all smiles. Kangaskhan was a very good pokemon-what was not to smile about? Her little baby gurgled and then laughed, spit dripping down its chin.

“You are here for your items. Don’t worry; I’ll get them for you! Have a cookie while you’re here.” the normal type pokemon said, leaving the room and entering a seen door. She came back around two minutes later with a stuffed leather bag and a plate of cookies.

The three small pokemon bowed their head in thanks for the kind actions and then left Kangaskhan’s shop, waving to baby Kangaskhan and saying a happy “Thank you!” over their small shoulders.

For the remainder of the bright and sunny morning, Celebi, Mew, and Jirachi continued getting ready for their mission. After stopping by the storage shop, they visited the Keckleon brother’s shop for any items they didn’t have. (They were expensive, but that really didn’t bother them…) Finally, they went to Persian’s money saving shop for 1,000 out of a possible 999,999,999 poke they had deposited.

Persian loved money and so his job was to safe keep it. The cat store owner seemed like a suspicious pokemon, but not one pokemon had ever lost any money to him.

The Keckleon brothers were wacky and odd. They sold anything a pokemon needed, and although they were very pricey, they proved to be smart pokemon when it came to what items were good in battle, what food items to take, etc….

With all their items and confidence within themselves, Mew, Jirachi, and Celebi flew out of Pokemon Square and towards Wish Cave to succeed in something that was important to them! Jirachi seemed a little shaken, but he was ready for anything. Along with his two other teammates.
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Old 05-13-2007, 08:16 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Little Legend, Go!

I'm liking this story so far and looking forward to the next chapter. In my opinion I think having legendaries as mains (seeing as you say there is a story involved) is quite good. I'm new to the forums, but I'm guessing not many people use legandaries in their stories. It's all good ^___^

Author Archive
Beauty and the Somewhat Beast
Done @ 1380
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Old 05-16-2007, 11:50 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Little Legend, Go!

Thanks for your support. ^___^

~Chapter 3~

A familiar face. A known, yet unknown pokemon. Who is it? Why does this pokemon look like me? Why am I so small? Why can’t I see the pokemon’s face? …Who and why is in my memories? What memories? I don’t remember this….I don’t remember anything!

Mew blinked a few times, breaching his mind to see exactly who that familiar pokemon was. His teammates didn’t notice this, as Team Little Legend was silent when on the way to missions. They remained silent so they could focus, but Mew was focusing too much. He couldn’t figure out the mysterious pokemon in his unusual flashback, which soon ended as his teammates tapped him on his pink shoulder.

“Here we are….” Jirachi said, staring at the large diamond gates that led into Wish Cave. Celebi glanced at both her teammates, with concern in her glazed eyes for Jirachi.

“Are you ready?” She asked Jirachi, about to push open the huge doors that were the entrance to such a mighty dungeon, Wish Cave, Jirachi’s home.

“I’m ready for anything!” Replied Jirachi, holding his threatening fist up to his face, his expression brutal and angry, like that of a wild beast. Seeing this, his teammates were energized like the energizer bunny as they pushed open the gates to a whole new world, a dungeon to be feared, and a dungeon once abandoned by its former guardian…

They precise moment Team Little Legend took a tiny step in Wish Cave, they flew fast-fast and violently, dropping attacks to any pokemon that were close by them. For they were in a large monster house, and the three legendaries weren’t about to faint and lose their undefeated title on the first floor of a dungeon.

“Guys, you see the exit?!” Mew transferred his question into the minds of his teammates, while dodging a luring sing attack from a Jigglypuff.

“There’s a staircase exactly 5 meters to your left, turn, and then 2 meters to your right,” Replied Jirachi, whom Mew nor Celebi could see due to the madness of a Monster House.

The two silently thanked Jirachi for his amazing psychic abilities, and then they maneuvered themselves over to their left, trusting the star pokemon’s ability. They flew fast-turning in 360 degree turns, dodging attacks quickly, and sending attacks back. All three pokemon could no longer see anymore-everything was a twisted blur, and thus they relied on their Psychic powers to get them where they needed to go: The wonderful staircase.

“There it is!” All three pokemon ecstatically blurted out, flying only faster as they reached the exit. There was still a fair number of pokemon to fight in that monster house, but bleh! They were going to make it--!

ZOOM. They all dived into the exit at once, which then magically transferred them into a brand new room. Suddenly everything calmed down.

My first attempt at an action scene. Comments happily appreciated.
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Old 05-17-2007, 01:58 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Little Legend, Go!

i like the Story so far so Keep up the Good work ^^ and YAY mew is in it!

"Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war!"
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Old 05-27-2007, 12:16 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Little Legend, Go!

~Chapter 4~

“Phew…” All three pokemon said, breathing hard and drinking water from their toolbox they had brought. After a few minutes, Mew started dancing around the tan floor of the dungeon as he cheered.

“Oh yeah! Team Little-Legend got through the first floor! We rule!” Mew exclaimed, punching his fists into the air dramatically.

“Yes, but that’s just the 1st floor. Don’t get too excited,” Celebi replied, giggling. The happiness of their partner always made everything better and brightened their day.

Jirachi himself said nothing. His eyes were scanning the dungeon floor clearly, especially now that his head wasn’t spinning in 360s. Shiny emeralds of all sizes crunched together to create the walls that surrounded them, and the floor was a pale tan color. It was a dirt floor of course. However, it felt like a flimsy floor….The perfect place for a chestnut trap. The “roof” was a transparent clear blue color. Paw Prints of huge pokemon could be seen from there.

All in all, the place was beautiful, like a freaky fairy tale castle….and the prince of this castle was Jirachi….the idea of it once again angered the wish pokemon.

“Just what happened? What is causing me to not be able to go back to sleep? Am I destined to never fall asleep in my home ever again?” Jirachi seemed to ask his questions directly to heaven, for he said everything out loud. Celebi grasped him by the shoulders.

“Destined is a very strong word Jirachi-Chan. And I can tell you right now that all of our destinies are great. There has to be a reason why you can’t go back to sleep. Look at me-I can’t time travel anymore. Finally, ask Mew. He has no memory of his past childhood at all. We’ll find the answers to these questions all together. You’re not alone. Now, lets’ continue through this dungeon. We have to get to floor 70, remember?”

“We’ll definitely figure it out!” Mew replied, his mind briefly flashing back to his earlier flashback. He felt sympathy for Jirachi and Celebi. He knew how they felt, and he was determined to do something about it.

“But for right now, he have to get through 68 floors of dungeon dancing!”

The pink pokemon ecstatically exclaimed, starting to run as he looked through the floor for the exit. His two teammates followed him, screaming “Wait up!” over their small shoulders.

“Thank you….both of you…”

For the next week, Team Little Legend traversed through the mighty Wish Cave. They fought many vicious pokemon along the way, fainting them all. Being careful not to step in a trap, flying was necessary. Food became limited; however, Team Little Legend persevered. They were small, but this rescue team wasn’t one to underestimate. Plus, they had a notorious rank to live up to.

“They don’t call me the forest guardian for nothing….and I have to help my teammates find out the answers to all this mysterious outings…”

Celebi whispered to herself, using a psychic attack to hold down a powerful Delcatty. The team was currently on the floor that their client said it needed rescue in, and they weren’t going to die now.

Mew and Jirachi then used their psybeam attacks to faint the deathly prim pokemon. They were all very tired, but no way in heck were they going to give up now.

“Wurmple! It’s Team Little Legend! We’re here to save you!” Mew yelled out in a now hoarse voice.

“Yo! I’m right here! Hurry!” With a quick sigh of relief, the three legendaries hurried over to their client.

Mew, Jirachi, and Celebi crowded together in front of their client. In unison, they yelled out, “Team Little Legend lives to the rescue!” As Mew used the almighty rescue badge to teleport them and Wurmple out of the huge castle-err, dungeon. An accomplished yet tired feeling overwhelmed them.
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