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General Hang out here and talk to people participating the Ultra RPG. Talk about anything related to the Ultra RPG, or just any casual discussion with fellow participants of the Ultra RPG. New to Ultra RPG? Come in and see what's it all about.

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Old 03-04-2004, 10:57 PM
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Exclamation READ FIRST- Rules

Pokémon Ultra RPG: Rules and Introduction

by: Nefarious (banner winner)

Welcome to The Ultra RPG! Everyone is invited to join and new members are always welcomed.

This group started in the January 11th, 1999, as a Yahoo Club under the name The Ultimate Pokémon RPG. Then all clubs were transferred to the Yahoo Groups. With internal leadership problems, the group was deleted but all was not lost. A new group and title was born as backup- The Ultra Pokémon RPG.
People were not happy with the Yahoo Groups because of the advertisements, the layout and the inactivity (when the first group was deleted we lost many members), and thus this RPG was moved to the PE2K Forums in February 2003 where we have stayed ever since.

In case of emergencies, the URPG has a backup forum. It is only to be used when PE2k forum is going to be down for a long time or other situations.

You are a Trainer to be. In the URPG, you work hard to earn money, to catch Pokemon and battle hard to defeat those pesky Gyms. How far as a Trainer will you get? Will you be the master?

Now that you know where this RPG comes from, let’s get you started on a Pokémon journey. First, finish reading all of the rules so you can better understand what goes on here. It is long but quite easy once you get used to the system.
After you finish reading, post in the Request Starter Pokémon thread located in the General Board saying which starter Pokémon you would like.
Starter Pokémon can be from any series (R/B/Y or G/S/C or R/S). It must be the basic evolution (like Pichu, not Pikachu). It must be able to evolve, no choosing non-evolutionary Pokemon. (ex. not Smeargle)

[Non-Starter Pokemon]
Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, Kabuto, Omanyte, Lileep, Armaldo, Chansey, Beldum, Porygon, Feebas

Upon choosing a starter, you receive $3000 and the Pokémon of your choice. All Pokémon are level 100 and learn all attacks naturally learned. Breeding Moves are described later in The Daycare Center. Move Tutor moves will not be used. TM/HM moves must be bought from the Pokémart and taught to the Pokémon for use. Before moving on, you need to wait for someone to confirm your starter choice and make you an official member of the URPG.

-Now What?-
Great, now what should you do? Visit the Trainer Stats thread and post you stats. All trainers MUST put their stats here.

The basics should include:
The name you want to be called
Instant Messengers (MSN, YIM, and/or AOL)
How much money you have
Your win/loss/draw record
Your current position(s) in the group
List of current Pokémon and how many battles it has participated in
Any items you currently have
Any badges you currently have

You must keep track of you own stats and update them after every change. No one is responsible to keep track of your stats except yourself.

Becoming a member puts you as a Trainer for your position. You may move up to other positions based on performance and activity. But for now, you have started your Trainer journey. Your goal is to obtain all the badges and become the best Trainer you can be. But most importantly, you are here to have fun and meet new members which may eventually become friends or rivals.

If you would like to visit the old website from our Yahoo days, click below.

~Please note: Any copy of this group and all the rules is not allowed. If you choose to do so, you will not be allowed to participate here. FYI, no group copied from the URPG has ever survived.

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Default -- Stories --

Most new members begin here by obtaining new Pokémon. The best way to do that is through a story. Yes, there is a Pokémart to buy Pokémon but the starting money isn’t enough for anything there. Read the How to Write Stories thread in the Pokémon Story Board for a good detailed explanation by former Head Grader Jag and current Head Grader Jack.
On writing stories…
- Keep the stories clean. We want to keep this forum looking nice!
- Beginner stories are generally graded easier so be sure to try harder on all the others.
- Make the capture attempt interesting and fun and heavily detailed.
- There is no purchasing of Pokéballs to catch Pokémon in the story.
- NEVER say that you caught a Pokémon; that is up to the grader.
- See the How to Write Stories thread for further key hints on writing the best story (explained best by Jack).

-Story Contests-
Who can write the best story and possibly win a legendary? Story contests will happen every July and January and the contest itself will last that whole month. You can write as many stories as you want but only one story can be submitted for the contest per person. The story must capture at least 1 Pokémon to qualify as an entry. This is not a popularity contest; it’s about who can write the best over-all story; length has not a lot to do with it but it can help. Do not ask others to vote for your story; it’s not polite.

How the winner is determined- everyone will look at the submissions and vote for which top 5 they like the best (can’t vote for their own). Votes will be sent to the person running the contest, not posted on the forum. Points are tallied up and the person with the most will win a Legendary not already taken (*See -Legendaries- later on*).
~Note: Anyone can vote, even if you're not a Grader.

A story must be graded by an official Grader; there is no exception to that. The Grader says whether you catch or fail to catch the Pokémon in your story. To become an official Grader, contact a Grader Tester and he/she will give you the test. The Grader Tester will reserve you a story to grade and test you on how well it's graded. Detail your grading deeply. The tester will respond saying if your outcome (catch or no catch) was right and if your grading was good enough. To become a Grader, you should have experience with writing stories here first before trying to submit to the job.

Once a Grader, you should look for the following areas to grade upon: Story/Plot; Grammar/Spelling; Detail; Pokémon Battle; Overall. Give the writer a tough grade with helpful information. Point out the things you like/dislike. Grader % VS capture/no capture should be around 70-80% which is average.

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Default -- Battles --

Probably the most important but complicated section of the URPG are the battles which are the heart to keeping this place active.
Battles will take place in YIM and AOL and the Forum Battle Board. It is HIGHLY recommended to download both Yahoo! Instant Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger as those are the two main sources of battle.
The third way to battle is through the Forum. Go to the Forum Battle Board and read a detailed list of the rules there.
To start a battle on messenger, simply find another member that wants to battle: IM the person personally. Do not be shy to ask people to battle; most likely, they are shy to ask for a battle also. When a battle wants to start, an official Referee must be present. So three people need to be present in the same conference at the same time: the two battlers and the official Ref.

There are many different styles of battles, each following a different set of rules.
Steel and Dark Pokemon can't be used for these rules because the games didn't have them. It's the classic Pokemon style. No one uses it anymore.
This is the most common battle style used in the URPG.
The newest version, slowly being used by battlers. Click here for detailed rules how it works.
Basically the same as G/S style, the difference is all Pokemon and attacks are directly sent to the Ref rather than posted in the chat.
Basically the same as R/S style, the difference is all Pokemon and attacks are directly sent to the Ref rather than posted in the chat.
This uses the television for battling. Call attacks any turn, dodge attacks, counter attacks with attacks. The Ref must have a good imagination to ref these battles, which is why they are rarely (if any) done.

The way the battles work are based off the Gameboy games brought to Internet form. So the same attacks do the same thing here (with one or two exceptions).

Before the battle actually starts, rules must be stated so the Ref knows what to do. Choose one of the battle styles above, choose ?VS ? Pokémon, choose whether items are to be used or not. There is no limit to the number of Pokemon you can use, but try to not go overboard. If it is a different battle other than normal (like Gym) please state before the battle. During the battle, whoever challenged the other generally sends out a Pokémon first.
Then you each call and attack, doesn’t matter who calls first or second. The Ref calculates the moves and posts the stats of the outcome that turn. Continue in this same pattern, using strategies and bold moves to win. Once a battle is over, the winner and the loser get money. (*See wages later on*)

There are items for sale for use during a battle but many members don't like to use items. However, you never know when a Gym leader may allow items. Elite battles are optional for items

-Gyms and Tournament battles will have the option to be Stadium/Colosseum Rules.
-Gym battles will not be 1v1 as in the Gameboy games, there are no Gym’s with one Pokémon. The Gym Leader will create the rules and the Challenger will send a Pokémon out first.
-To battle the Elites, you must have all badges from one league or another (Johto, Kanto, or Hoenn). Elite battles will be 6v6. Stadium/Colosseum rules only. 2 items used (optional).
-Battles will be posted in the URPG Battle Board by the ref of the match. If the ref cannot post it, he/she will tell one of the Trainers to post it for him/her.

Occasionally there will be tournaments held in which prizes and money are to be won. Large scale tournaments will have the option for Legendaries to be the grand prize.
Tournaments happen whenever one is needed. In major tournaments, the winner gets a Legendary. When the next major tournament comes around, the next winner gets a Legendary, taking the previous winners Legendary (unless it’s the same winner). More details of the tournments will come out when they happen.
Also be on the look out for Special Battles where the rules can be anything the ref can think of. *See Positions later*

Want to be a Gym leader? When selecting an open Gym, choose fully evolved Pokémon based on the Gym type (Raichu for Vermillion City, etc.) Some Pokémon, like Dragonite, can be used for Cerulean City because it lives in water. Gym Pokémon don’t necessarily have to be all the one type, but a majority of the 6 must be and the must be related somehow. Legendary Pokémon CANNOT be Gym Pokémon. You will have to buy TM/HM’s from the Pokémart and teach them to your borrowed Gym Pokémon. You do not buy Gym Pokémon, they come from the Gym on loan.
Say you've been a Gym Leader for a while. You just caught Tauros and you want to use it for your Normal Gym. You replace the borrowed Gym Tauros and any TM's that were taught to it, they do not transfer to your new Tauros.
Please check the Gym Leaders thread to see what is available.

One Ref must be present at the battle to make it official. To become a referee, simply contact a Ref Tester and one of them will give you the Ref test. You should have experience in battling before becoming a Ref, so you must have around 20 battles before being considered being tested so you understand how battles here work. The Ref test consists of you reffing a fake 3v3 battle or however long the Tester feels the battle should go. If you pass, prepare to be called on for you new job. If you fail, work on what went wrong and/or battle more to understand better.

For the Refs… you should be fast, accurate, have all the information, ready to answer any question and most importantly, respectful of the battle. There is no favoring one Trainer over the other- that is cheating. If that is suspected by anyone, the issue will be looked at by a moderator/co-official. Lastly, ask after the battler if any Pokemon evolves to the next stage.

When posting a battle, state in this order…
-the rules
-who used what Pokémon
-short description of what happened
-who won/lost and their winnings
-any evolving Pokémon

*NOTE*- all Refs must use Max Stats, NOT Base Stats when calculating damage.
For information on becoming a Ref, please check the Perfect Reffing Method thread.

It's time to power up your team. There is no level gaining in this RPG; all Pokémon are Level 100. To evolve, you must battle. Each battle a Pokémon is used gains 1 battle experience no matter how many Pokemon it defeats.
**A two stage evolution (ex. Ekans => Arbok) needs 7 battles to evolve to the next stage.
**A three stage evolution (ex. Charmander => Charmeleon => Charizard) needs 5 battles to evolve to the second stage and 5 more battles to evolve to the third stage.
**For Pokémon evolving by an evolutionary stone or by trade, it needs at least 5 or 7 battles depending on the stage of evolution (*see above examples*).
**For happiness evolving Pokémon (ex. Cleffa), they evolve with the Spirit Stone since happiness is too difficult to determine.
**If a Pokémon has the chance to evolve into different Pokémon (ex. Tyrogue => Hitmontop/Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan) you have the choice to pick whichever one you want.

-Multi Battling-
You MAY NOT have one battle and count it as five. The Ref must physically ref each battle, otherwise it never happened and a Mod can cancel the battles and you will be warned.
No two opponents are to battle each other more than 5 times in a row under the same conditions/rules. Try to spread around the battles evenly to other members for variety.

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Default -- Other Areas --

Yes, we have figured a way to make Breeding Moves work. The Daycare Center will take care of all your needs. Please visit the thread and check the rules.

Want a better Pokémon? Want to evolve that Machoke into a Machamp? Find someone else to trade with and explain what you want to do.
Also, note that giving Pokémon or anything in your stats to other Trainers is NOT allowed and is ILLEGAL. You can’t do this.

Money is made to be spent so why not visit the local Pokémart. Here you can buy TM’s and HM’s, recovery items, evolution stones, various items, and Pokémon.
When teaching TM's, they remain on the Pokemon you first teach it to and you cannot move it to another Pokemon when you feel like it. If you move TM's, that is cheating and if caught, severe consequences.

Someone will run the Pokémon Auction and members will bid for the Pokémon and maybe special items. Auctions give people the chance to buy Pokémon not in the Pokémart and those members not interested in writing a story. Take a visit to the Auction thread and see if they have anything you might want.

These Pokémon can only be won through special contests, tournaments or defeating the Elite trainers. Only a few have been taken, everything else is available. No legendaries are permanent, but are well worth going for. Why? Bragging rights, of course.

Currently Taken:
Lugia (6th Story Competition: Neo Pikachu)

-War Teams-
Hkim, one of the founders of the teams, has combined his “war” with our URPG. The War Teams are to participate in different areas around the forum to gather points. The team with the most points at the end of the season wins. It’s basically a contest to see which team is the best.
For more/better information, please visit the Mixed Groups/Clubs Board.

-Newsletter- *ON HIATUS*
The newsletter will be posted every week and stickied in the Other Chat Board to summarize the past weeks activities on the whole forum. In the newsletter, there will be a section for the URPG and you may win prizes.

*Story of the week- if your story is chosen, you will receive a money bonus.
*Trainer of the week- if you have the best battle rank that week, you get a money bonus.
*Pokémon of the week- If you have this Pokémon, you get a money bonus.
*Most Valuable Customer- Visit the Pokémart a lot and get your name here. No money bonus.
If you are the win one of these, then you must reply to the newsletter saying so to get your bonus, if any.

If you want to see something in the newsletter, please contact [Fair].

-Trainer’s Court-
This is where if you want to bring a topic up and want judgment on it upon the mods. It’s like a suggestion but major topics only. You can take crimes to court also. Check the Court Rules first before posting.

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Default -- Payments --

Who wants money? This is how the payments will go.

For the Refs:
*Regular- $500 per Pokémon used in battle. (ex. 2v2 means $1000)
*Gym- $500 per Pokémon used in battle.
*Elite- $4000
*Tournament- $1500 per battle

For the Graders:
*Short Stories- $500
*Medium Stories- $1000
*Long Stories- $1500
*Anything longer- depends

For battling:
*Regular- 1v1&up = Win $1000, Lose $500
*Gym- 2v2&up = Win $2000, Lose $1000.
*Orange = Win $3000, Lose $1500.
*Elite- 6v6 = Win $4000, Lose $3000.
*Tournament- 3v3 = Win $2000, Lose $1000.

For the Newsletter:ON HIATUS!

*Story of the week: $1500
*Trainer of the week: $1500
*Pokémon of the week: $1000

All newsletter positions are paid in URPG cash based on how much/how well you write. If you'd like to join my writing staff, please visit my recruitment offices and HQ HERE.

Any other way to gain money is under construction.

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Default -- Mixed Positions --

This is a list of positions. Refs, Graders and other areas are listed with their own corresponding thread so please visit them.




-Tournament Chairmen-
All Moderators and Co-Officials

-Story Competition Chairman-


Trade Supervisors
All Moderators and Co-Officials

-Pokemart Cashiers-

-Starter Acceptors-

-Daycare Employees-
All Mods and Co-Officials
Keeper of light

-Refs and Gym Leaders-

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Default -- Records and Awards --

Want to see the best of the best? Or maybe the worst of the worst? Here is where all the records go and people to be glorified. I’ll try to find the actual record numbers for some of these in question.

Most battles with a single Pokémon- Phoenix (Charizard: 103+)
Longest Story: Jag
Longest On-going storyline: DireWolfPrimary
Most Pokémon caught in a single story: Moony & Figgy (6)
Most battles: Dapkmnguy (500+)
Best Winning Streak: Figgy (81)
Highest amount of cash at one time: Nintendofreak000 (over 2 mil)
Story Writing Competition Winners: Jag, Dux, Shroomish, Jack, Fair, Neo Pikachu
Banner Contest Winners: PE2K, Matthew, Neo Pikachu, Nefarious
Elite Winner: Figgy
Oldest Active Member: NintendoFreak
Most Battles reffed: NintendoFreak
Most Evolutions in a Battle by 1 Trainer: Matt (7 Pokémon)
Most Expensive Auction Bid: RPGboss (Feebas) and Vellyvell (Aerodactyl) [$20,000 each]
Most Badges Earned in 1 Day: QuietJoe and JT (4 badges)
Highest Pokédex- Matt (79)

URPG 2004 Awards

Favorite Author:


Favorite Moderator:
Jack {2nd year}

Favorite Ref:

Best WAR participant:

Best Battler:
Curtis {2nd year}

Best Gym Leader:
Dux (Saffron) {2nd year}
Curtis (Petalburg)
Allie (Mossdeep)

Greatest in ~Lookie~:
Fair {2nd year}

Coolest member:

Funniest member:
Fair {2nd year}

Most dedicated:
Jack {2nd year}

Most helpful member:
Jack {2nd year}

Most intelligent:

Nicest member:
Dap {2nd year}

Fastest Growing Member:

Favorite Pokemon:
Charizard {2nd year}

If you think you have a record, or an idea for a good record, please contact any Moderator.

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Default -- Orange League Rules --

Rules for each Orange Island Gym:

Mikan- 3 vs. 3 match (Only water type Pokémon, must have 3 water type Pokémon to participate.)

Mikan tests the opponent on how well they can battle equally matched Pokémon what more suitable for Island Type Match then water vs. water.

Trovita- 3 vs. 3 match (Gym Leader has a Pokémon of each type lined up already)

Trovita tests the opponent on how well they can battle Pokémon that have a type advantage, giving the Leader choice of one Pokémon each type in the known Pokémon system.

Naval- 3 vs. 3 match. (Must have 6 Pokémon to participate in the gym. 3 out of those 6 Pokémon are randomly picked and told to the opponent. Then the Gym Leader gets 4 random out of the 6 Pokémon he owns secretly. This is Stadium rules.)

Naval tests the on how well he can control and use each Pokémon, even not knowing which of his/her Pokémon that will be used in the match.

Kumquat – 6 vs. 6 (1 of each type of 6 picked types, no doubling.)

Kumquat tests the opponent on how well they can outcome in 6 versus 6 Pokémon each, seeing what they all know, as well as seeing if they can combine all their strategies and knowledge to survive this match.
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Default -- Advanced Generation --

-R/S Battling-

The new battling system is slowly being integrated into our group. But here is a little heads up of what is to be expected.

R/S is a bit more complicated in the battle compared to the previous versions. Here, you have 2on2 battles, different battle fields, different weather patterns during battle and the introduction of Pokémon Abilities.

A normal R/S battle will take place just like the G/S style but there are a few more differences which will now be explained.


During battle, you have a Pokémon Ability. You only get to choose one Ability per Pokémon. There will be no changing Pokémon Abilities if it doesn’t do anything (ex. Pick Up on Zigzagoon). It’s how the games works so we follow it. You must tell the Ref which ability you have at the start of the battle.


Before the battle starts, name the type of field you wish to battle on. If you are not sure what field, have the Ref randomly pick one. Here is the list:
Tall Grass

Each area has its surprises and strategies. Gyms may choose these areas to battle under if they wish. All battles in every style are on a Normal field unless someone states otherwise.


Sometimes it rains. Raining is helpful for some of the Pokémon who have Abilities which need Rain. To decide for rain, it’s up to the Ref unless the two battlers have already decided. And let’s be realistic- it cannot rain underwater.


This battle style will be called 2on2 (or if there are more, replace numbers with desired amount). It can be 2 Trainers against 2 Trainers; 1 Trainer with 2 Pokémon against the same. Whatever. As long as rules are followed.

Hopefully, the new addition of R/S style will introduce many new strategies to the URPG and more fun. Take the time to test it out at least once. Have fun with it.

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Default -- Banning --

-People who are NOT allowed to be in Ultra-
Message Jack's Inbox for banning problems/concerns

Pokémon Prof. Bob
Cool Trainer Mike

Bob Dole is watching you!

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Default -Conclusion-

If you have a problem with another member (cheating; refs aren’t fair or doing a poor job; graders too hard; etc…), DO NOT post your complaint in the forum. There will be no arguments and fighting in the URPG boards. Please IM messages to talk to the other person or you can always contact a Moderator and they can help figure a way to deal with it.

Have an idea? A question about one of the rules? Go to the URPG Related Chat thread and post what you have to say. Check the rules above first, your question just might already be answered.

-Online Chat Room-
Yes, the URPG has a chat in the AIM messenger. All you have to do is send yourself to the room anytime you want. If no one is there, you can just wait and find something else to occupy your time. Talk with other members, challenge, have fun, discuss. Hopefully this will spread the communication between member to make the group more together.
*Chat name: URPG Chat


Now that you’ve read the rules, or at least glanced at them, post for your starter Pokémon here and begin the fun here at The Ultra RPG. Please respect the rules and member and enjoy!

Don't forget to read the PE2K Forum Rules and check the FAQ area. Thanks!
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

-| Links |-

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