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Old 05-14-2007, 12:54 AM
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Default Re: Omg Insanity Battling!1!!o-o

Referee: THAT'S NOT ALLOWED!!!!!!!

Chi: aww, who aked you!?

75/150 hp Lucario_the_kill_all_lucario
25/150 hp Flame_the_ego_maniac_n00b_charizard
70/75 hp Turquoise_the_kick_@$$_squirtle
70/75 hp RocketNya_the_irritable_meowth

RocketNya used KILL ALLZ!!!!

Scary guy with the mo-ped cowers in fear of the intoxicated cat!

RocketNya stole back the butterfinger and ate it!!!!
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Old 05-19-2007, 02:19 PM
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Default Re: Omg Insanity Battling!1!!o-o

Joe the cow!! Use the Milk Missile attack on RocketNya!! Hahahahahahaha
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