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Old 02-14-2006, 06:18 PM
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Lightbulb Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

Ok, I've been working on a sort of breeding guide, and I'd appreciate some feedback on what I have so far. Especially on ways I can improve, tips and techniques I missed, etc. Much obliged. (Pretty sure I missed something important, but I can't put my finger on it. Nor in it, for that matter.)

Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask
By mlugia

So, you’ve eliminated the Elite 4, walked all over Wally, whooped Wallace’s butt, and even neutralized Nolan’s tough Factory horde, but when you got to the Battle Tower, some random juggler who failed to drop his balls turns around and gives your pokemon the beatdown?

Or maybe you’re a young inexperienced trainer, and on your journey to be the best, you came upon a pokemon day-care centre. Looking inside, you see… pokemon going for it, just like the Energy Guru in Slateport!

Do you ever wonder what they’re doing? Well, it’s BREEDING! But hey, wait a sec, you ask: “Why do you need to breed anyway?”

Well, junior! The answer is simple! Breeding not only provides immense pleasure for your Pokemon, but also yields you their offspring! Remember all those times Team Rocket tried to steal Pikachu? Well, if they knew about Breeding, they could have just bred for more Pikachus instead!

But I digress; I’m not here to teach you about Pokemon reproductive organs or anything like that, but about the basics and effects of Breeding!

So, on with the show!

What do I need to breed? Aside from hitting puberty, that is. What species come out? How do I get rare babies without robbing someone?

The insider knowledge on how reproduction works. All without asking your parents!
Breeding Attacks: How do I get my Snorlax to curse without buying GTA:SA?

Breeding Gender, Natures & Abilities: I want a Naughty Jynx with inner focus (and a whip)!

Breeding Genetics: How to weed the bad kids from the good ones. (And increase social welfare costs for orphans while you’re at it)
Speeding up the process, the less costly way! (Think of all the endurance enhancement drugs you’d save on!)

Breeding is hell, unless you have the right partner.

Handy sites and tools to help you succeed faster! (by half a day)

================================================== ====================


You need 2 pokemon. They must:
a) Be two pokemon from the same egg group (e.g.: Monster, Mineral, etc.), one male and one female. There are 13 groups in total, and each pokemon is in up to 2 of them. You can find this information at PE2K's own pokedex, along with sites like Serebii, Gamefaqs or even MetalKid's program (Which, IMHO, is the best of all!). It has an excellent pokedex for aspiring trainers.


b) Be a pokemon that has a gender, and a Ditto

These pokemon belong in the NO EGGS group of pokemon, they can never produce an egg, even with Ditto:
Articuno, Azurill, Celebi, Cleffa, Deoxys, Elekid, Entei, Groudon, Ho-oh, Igglybuff, Jirachi, Kyogre, Latias, Latios, Lugia, Magby, Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres, Nidoqueen, Nidorina, Pichu, Raikou, Rayquaza, Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Smoochum, Suicune, Togepi, Tyrogue, Unown, Wynaut, Zapdos

The offspring of the two breedable pokemon will be of the same species as the MOTHER, in its lowest evolution (EXCLUDING SPECIAL SPECIES) or in b), the Non-Ditto parent.

The following pokemon may be obtained from breeding in a specific manner. Azurrill and Wynaut will not appear from the egg unless the respective items are equipped on a parent.

Pichu: Breed Pikachus together (Note: If one of the Pika is holding a LIGHT BALL, Pichu will know Volt Tackle)
Cleffa: Breed Clefairies together.
Igglybuff: Breed Jigglypuffs together.
Tyrogue: Breed either Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee or Hitmontop with a Ditto.
Smoochum: Breed Jynx with a compatible father.
Elekid: Breed Electabuzzes together.
Magby: Breed Magmars together.
Azurrill: Breed using Marrill, and one of the Marrils must be holding a SEA INCENSE.
Wynaut: Breed Wobbuffets, one of the Wobbuffets must be holding a LAX INCENSE.

EXAMPLE: If I breed a Charmander (female) with a Tyranitar (male) (Ouch), the offspring will always be a Charmander. Even if the Charmander (female) is a Lv. 100 Charizard (ouch), the offspring from the egg will still be Charmander, the lowest evolution of the mother.

<If you’re breeding solely for poke-dex use, you may stop reading this guide now>

Different pokemon have a different rate of hatching. Here’s a list of the number of steps it takes to walk/bike in order for a pokemon to hatch.


Azurill, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Pichu, Togepi

Caterpie, Corphish, Geodude, Hoothoot, Volbeat, Illumise, Ledyba, Lotad, Nincada, Pidgey, Poochyena, Rattata, Seedot, Sentret, Shroomish, Skitty, Slakoth, Spearow, Spinarak, Spinda, Suskit, Tailow, Volbeat, Weedle, Wurmple, Zigzagoon, Zubat.

Abra, Aipom, Barboach, Bellsprout, Bulbasaur, Cacnea, Carvanha, Charmander, Chikorita, Chinchou, Clamperl, Corsola, Cubone, Cyndaquil, Delibird, Diglett, Ditto, Doduo, Phanpy, Drowzee, Dunsparce, Ekans, Electrike, Exeggcute, Farfetch’d, Feebas, Gastly, Girafarig, Gligar, Goldeen, Grier, Growlithe, Gulpin, Hoppip, Horsea, Houndour, Kangaskhan, Kecleon, Koffing, Krabby, Lickitung, Luvdisc, Machop, Magnemite, Makuhita, Mankey, Mareep, Mawile, Meditite, Meowth, Miltank, Minun, Mudkip, Murkrow, Natu, Nidoran M, Nidoran F, Nosepass, Numel, Oddish, Paras, Pineco, Plusle, Poliwag, Ponyta, Porygon, Psyduck, Qwilfish, Ralts, Remoraid, Rhyhorn, Roselia, Seel, Seviper, Shellder, Shuckle, Slowpoke, Slugma, Smeargle, Sneasel, Snorunt, Snubbull, Spheal, Spoink, Squirtle, Stantler, Staryu, Sudowoodo, Sunkern, Swablu, Swinub, Tangela, Tauros, Teddiursa, Tentacool, Torchic, Torkoal, Totodile, Trapinch, Treecko, voltorb, vulpix, Whismer, Wingull, Wooper, Wynaut, Yanma, Zangoose.

Absol, Castform, Chimecho, Duskull, Elekid, Heracross, Magby, Mantine, Misdreavus, Mr. Mime, Onix, Pinsir, Sableye, Sandshrew, Scyther, Skarmory, Smoochum, Tropius, Tyrogue, Venonat.

Anorith, Kabuto, Lileep, Omanyte

Aerodactyl, Aron, Eevee

Bagon, Chansey, Dratini, Lapras, Larvitar, Relicanth, Snorlax, Wailmer

As you can see, Hatching eggs is a son of a Growlithe to do. But have no fear! In EMERALD, if you have a pokemon with Flame body or Magma Armour as its ability in the party, eggs hatch 50% faster! Having both wouldn’t help, still only 50%.

Now that we know how an egg is born, lets move on to something more important. Like how long before the kids are legal! … Or not, maybe we’ll just discuss how the baby gets its various stats.

================================================== ====================

One benefit of breeding is to bring your pokemon new attacks. Imagine your Vaporeon unleashing a powerful THUNDER! Sorry, bro, you’re outta luck.
Each species of pokemon has a list of attacks that it can learn via breeding. You can find this list on many sites. Again, I’d recommend for this information. NOTE that you can also use METALKID’S Pokedex program. See the Tools section.

When two pokemon breed, the knowledge of the father is passed on into the egg via a process known as… Well, it’s passed on. There are three categories of passable attacks:
1) Egg Moves: These are attacks that are in the egg moves section of a pokemon’s attack list. The pokemon cannot attain these moves by Levelling or TMs, it MUST be passed on from a father of a different species.
2) TM and HM attacks that its father knows.
3) Level up attacks. Both the father and mother must have this attack for the child to inherit it.
When conception occurs, the offspring is at Level 5, and has up to 4 attacks it learns naturally by Level 5. If the father knows an attack that the offspring can obtain via Egg breeding, then this attack is added to the last slot of the list, bumping the rest up one slot (That is, the first move disappears if it already knew 4). If the father knows a TM or an HM attack that the offspring can learn, this move is added to the bottom of the list as well, bumping up more spaces. And finally, if both the mother and father know the same attack that the offspring can learn by levelling up, then it too is added to the list, bumping everything up. As you can see, your offspring can forget up to all 4 of its base attacks at once.
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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

Breeding the Charizard/Tyranitar example as above. My Charizard knows: Attract, Scary Face, Frustration and Rage. My Tyranitar knows Rock slide, Scary Face, Fire Blast and Rock Smash.
The Charmander offspring starts with Scratch, Growl at Level 5. Rock slide is on Charmander’s breeding list, so it’s added on. Scary Face is a level up move for Charmander, and both parents know it, thus it’s added on. So now, it looks like this:
Scratch, Growl, Rock Slide, Scary Face.
Fire blast is a TM that Charmander can learn, so it inherits. By doing so, it bumps the first attack off the map:
Growl, Rock Slide, Scary Face, Fire Blast.
Rock Smash is an HM that Charmander can learn, so it bumps growl off as well. Charmander’s final set when it hatches at level 5?
Rock Slide, Scary Face, Fire Blast, Rock Smash.
Damn, that’s a powerful lizard right there.

Eevee may evolve into 5 different pokemon, but Eevee is NOT the same species as its evolutions, so even if you breed 2 Vaporeons with Hydro Pump, the offspring Eevee will not have it. It’s just not in the egg moves section. This also applies to everything else.

<If you’re breeding for attacks but could care less about stats, you may stop here now>

So now we’ve got a handle on how attacks are passed on. But what about the actual offspring? What if we want our Charmander to be Adamant with 31 IVs across the board? Well, you’re insane and you should go kill yourself. But if you’re more realistic…

Breeding in Ruby/Sapphire is actually different from that of Pokemon Emerald. This guide will give you primarily the EMERALD information. Note that most of this applies to RS unless otherwise noted.

Abilities and Natures cannot be controlled in RS. However, this was changed in Emerald, sort of. When your pokemon create an egg (When the old man stands outside), the information stored in the egg only includes the Species, attacks, nature, ability and gender of the baby. That means if you save and re-get the egg, none of these things will change! NOTE: In Ruby and Sapphire, Nature is NOT determined beforehand, so your chance to breed is a lot lower. Save, check nature/IVs. No? RESET. Damnit, I know.

If you possess an EVERSTONE, equip it on the mother or DITTO if it involves a Ditto, and the offspring will have a 50% chance of inheriting the Everstone user’s nature. Want an Adamant Charmander? Then breed for a Charmander with the right moves (and is male), and breed it with an Adamant Ditto! This does not work for Ruby and Sapphire though, so your best bet? SAVE before you get the egg and work your magic from there?

Of course, genetics is the #2 reason for all aspiring trainers to breed. Well, third. (In order of importance: Pleasure, attacks and this). If your pokemon forgets to use birth control, what exactly gets passed into the kid?

To understand this, you should have an ample knowledge of what IVs are. Each pokemon comes with an Individual Value (IV) for each of its stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed. These determine the ability boundaries for the specific pokemon. They range from 0-31, and each value increases its final stat by 1. For example, a Mew has a base HP of 100. Its max Lv 100 HP (Without any Evs) is 404-64 = 360. However, the 360 assumes you have 31 Ivs in HP. What if you had 30? Then your max HP is only 359. It keeps lowering, until at IV 0, it’s 329. Cruel and unusual punishment? You bet.

Now with each parents having 6 IVs to pass on, how many actually do? The answer is 3 in total. That means, essentially, that 3 of the 12 stats get passed to the baby, randomly. The other 9 are randomly generated numbers. So if you had a Skarmory with 31 Def IV, for example, and a Ditto with 31 HP IVs, you can actually breed repeatedly until either or both IVs are passed on. Mathematically, it’d be the chance of choosing 2 things in random order out of 12, a combination if you will. (And if my math is correct, 479001600/ 7257600 = 1 in 66 chances.) If you want to be stubborn/determined/stupid, you can even try having a third IV passed on, although the chance of that is… quite small (although still infinitely better than catching one in the wild) (479001600 / 2177280 = 1 in 220 chances).

You’d likely have been thinking: Is there any possible way to control this menace? Well, the answer is no. Too bad, so sad. Your chance isn’t great, but it’s by no means terrible either. Read the Techniques section to see what I mean.

Now that we’ve got the basics down pat, lets look at ways we can increase our efficiency at breeding. Other than having multiple partners, that is.

================================================== ====================


There’re various things you can do when catching and breeding to improve efficiency. Lets take a look at my suggested procedure. You may disagree, saying you have a better way, and that’s fine and dandy, because I probably don’t even know you, so I wouldn’t know if you said it or not.

Certain features in Emerald have greatly sped up the catch/breed rate.

Everstone: Equip this on a Ditto or the mother (only if breeding w/o Ditto) for a 50% chance to inherit the user’s nature.

Flame Body, Magma Armour: Either, but not both of these abilities in your party will speed egg-hatching by 50%.

Synchronize: A pokemon with this ability will have a greater chance of meeting wild pokemon with the same Nature. E.g: a Modest Abra will encounter more modest Ralts.

Battle Frontier: In the house above the Poke-centre, there’s an old man who tells you your pokemon’s IVs. Handy, if I may say so myself.

Berries: Pomeg, Kelpsey, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa, and Tamato Berries each lower 10 Evs in HP, atk, def, spA, spD, speed respectively while raising friendliness by 10. Screwed up training? NO PROBLEMO!

These other things can help, a LOT, when breeding for things:
Mach Bike: God damn, without this thing, hatching eggs will take a lifetime. Now, it just takes half.

The save button: <3

Now to actually talk about the process of breeding.

What you need:
Dittos, and lots of them
Everstone, at least 1.
One pokemon from the species you need.
Patience, and lots of them.
A pokemon with FLY

Suggested other equips:
A pokemon with Synchronize and of the nature you want the offspring.
Mach Bike.
Slugma, or any pokemon with Flame Body OR Magma Armour as the trait
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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

Before you start breeding, you’d actually need a few things in place, especially if you’re looking to breed a team of 6, as I was. The key involved emptying out a couple of your boxes, and allotting a box for HP, atk, def, spA, spD, speed each. What’s better than breeding for stats? Nothing, of course! Thus, we need to have magnificent parents.

Of course, you will also need to have access to the battle frontier, so go and beat that elite 4 first! They suck anyway, no biggie, I’d think. As well, you need to have gone to the Mirage Tower and got your first fossil. Doesn’t matter which, as long as you sink the tower. (you vandal!)

Now, if you don’t have an Abra or Ralts yet, go get one. Then take it and breed it like mad. No, really. Breed until you get an Abra with Synchronize and the Nature of your choice. Or six, one for each party member assuming they have different target natures.

Purchase yourself a few billion balls, take a Tropius or other flyer along, and if possible, your digger with your as well (it’s fine if you don’t). Also pack a pokemon that can take on Lv 40 pokemon with ease w/o killing them. In fact, if you can, make your flyer or Digger, the fighting pokemon, leaving you 4 slots in your party.

Head over to Fallarbour, the town of… well, nothing. No industry, two farmlands, and a crapload of people who survive by standing around doing nothing. Wonder how their economy’s holding up. Well, regardless, you better abuse this town before it disappears on you!

The fossil Maniac should have opened up the tunnel for you by now, so head on in. The pokemon that populate this place? Ditto, Whismur and Loudred. And we all know we’re not here for the screaming nuisances. (If we wanted one, we’d go get a girlfriend instead. Ok, that was bad, I take it back.)

Dittos should be fairly easy to catch. From my own experience, I’d attack them once to bring to Red, and then ultra ball them by the dozen. Catch enough to fill up your party, and DIG your way out of there. (Or walk, if you don’t have a digger, you’d have 5 slots, but a slower time leaving the maniac’s house. It’s a fairly even tradeoff). FLY to the pokemon centre in Battle frontier.

Go to the Old Breeder Man in the house above the pokecenter. Ask him to analyze each of the Dittos. Note down any Ditto that he claims the best stat to be “It’s Flawless!”, and remember which they are.

Head to the poke-centre, and deposit these Dittos in the respective boxes that we made earlier. The rest of the Dittos? Up to you, if you like their personality, I guess you can keep them. Try not to keep Dittos whose best stat is “fairly impressive”, that’s just sad. Dump them like a bad stomachache.

Now, we do need to breed pokemon for both stat and nature, so if you can, plan your team out ahead of time so you know the Dittos you’re looking for. Actually, you can increase your ability to find the right Dittos with Abras and Ralts. Breed a crapload of them with the right natures, level them up enough, and Synchronize the natures out of the Dittos.

For example, I’m looking for a Jolly 31speed Ditto for my Dugtrio-to-be. I get myself a Lv 42 Kadabra with Synchronize and Jolly nature (which will take you a fair amount of time, but the payoff is worth it, IMHO). Run through the area like hell catching every Ditto should eventually net you a 31 Speed one, especially one with Jolly Nature, in relatively good time.

And if you haven’t done so already, go catch a Slugma.

Get a pokemon with Fly, and one with Synchronize (And is of the nature you desire)
Go to Ditto cave, fight and catch many many Dittos with the Synchro pokemon. You’ll encounter many Dittos of the desired nature.
Check their IVs by talking to the old man breeder in Battle frontier.
Release the bad IV ones. Keep the ones with perfect IVs or something.
Catch a Slugma
Get ahold of a copy of the species you’re going to breed with.

INITIATION: What turns your pokemon on?
Now we can assume we’ve got a decent supply of Dittos with the right nature and IVs, and we can thus start. Note that unless you plan to use the offspring right away, the NATURE of the offspring is irrelevent, so long as we’re passing the IVs down.

Start by sticking your main species into the daycare with a Ditto of good IVs, one that you need that is. (eg: Skarm with a 31Def Ditto). Now ride on your mach bike and cruise around, the process will take you awhile. In fact, while you’re at it, go prep a list of the Lv 5 max stats for the pokemon you’re breeding so you can spot gems easily.

Print a stat list for a max IV Lv 5 pokemon that you are breeding.
Stick the pokemon with a good Ditto in the daycare.
Walk around to wait for the egg to come out.
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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

GENETIC ENGINEERING: Time to see if our Yao Ming is ready!
When the old man is finally standing outside his yard, go fetch your Slugma. In fact, throw the rest of them into boxes. Walk up to him, save NOW.

Take the egg, and bike downwards until you reach the top white line that runs through Mauville. If you go left-right, you should be able to go from the beach to that city on the left in one shot without stopping. Continue doing so on the Mach Bike until you randomly see more eggs being spawned, and max out at 5, obviously.

After awhile, your eggs should start to hatch. I recommend that you find out the Max stat of the species youíre looking at for level 5 ahead of time. (eg: Skarmís max HP at Lv 5 is 22, and thatís only for IVs of 30 or 31). If youíve got 5 eggs hatching round the same time, good for you. I hate you. If any of them have the good IV that you planned passing? YOU WIN! If not, soft reset (A+B+Start+Select) and retake the free egg. Remember IVs are set when you take the egg, not when they are generated.

Now that youíve got 1 IV down. How about another? This is where it gets trickier. Take both parents out of the daycare, stick them back to their respective places. If you have a Ditto with the right personality and a different IV that you want maxed (eg: 31HP Impish would be great to go along with your 31Def skarm), you are a winner. Your odds are great, and I wish youíd die.

Stick the Everstone on this Ditto of great nature, stick the offspring from the first pairing and the Ditto with the stone into the daycare, and repeat the damn hatching process.

Going by odds, you should get a Skarm with 2 perfect IVs and the right nature somewhere in your next 66 tries or so. Remember, the nature is pre-determined at eggís generation, so if your first egg is NOT the right personality, donít bother soft-resetting, it wonít help. Instead, tell him to stuff the egg up hisÖ nose and wait for the next one.

Of course, all this work only nets you pokemon with 2 perfect IVs. What if you wanted more? Well, thereís really no reliable way to get better IVs in the other stats. Pray for a better die roll, perhaps. As well, if you can get 2 sets of pokemon with 2 perfect IV eachÖ Like if I bred out 2 Skarms, one with 31HP, 31Def and 1 with 31HP, 31Atk of opposite genders, with the female being impish, I can increase my odds dramatically. But consequently, youíre still spending a lot more time on breeding one pokemon, and you need 6. The time cost to you will be huge, so itís up to you to decide if you are happy with the 2 max IVs.

Breed like hell. This will hurt.
Save before the you take the first egg. Slugma should be in your party.
Mach bike between East of Mauville and West to Verdanturf, hatching up to sayÖ 5 eggs (the most your party can carry with Sluggy.)
If none of them are satisfying, AND the first egg is of the right nature, soft reset the game and try again. Else, just release all the babies and wait for the next batch to hatch.

For pokemon that have 2 abilities (Such as Diglett), abilities are also determined at the generation of the egg. If your egg comes out with Sand veil, kill the Diglett, donít soft reset. Just look for another egg instead.

================================================== ====================


Well, to sum it all up: Breeding sucks, and not just the female pokemon either. Itís tedius, boring, and can drive you to sleep. And unlike the GSC radio tower trick, you HAVE to be present at the gba/sp to hatch eggs. Youíd learn to love your brother, if you have one. Just make sure you donít overpay. Haggle for all itís worth!

If youíre breeding for species, itís easy. Yawn.

Breeding for attacks? It gets a bit more difficult, as you have to find chains to do so. Not bad still, all you need is an egg.

Breeding for nature? Emerald makes it so easy! Everstone will be your saviour and you will love it until you die.

Breeding stats? Would you like some arsenic to numb the pain? Itís a long and difficult journey, with a high % chance of failure. (Similar to trying to win a girlís heart, for example) But hey, if you presist, you will get there. And thereís no better feeling in the world when you do. Unless you get the girl, that might be a bit better than having a 31-31-31-31-31-31 Pokemon. But only barely.

Whatever your path, I wish you the best in breeding both in pokemon and real life. Unless youíre stupid, then maybe you should stick to poke-breeding. Clean out the gene pool, you know.

This is the cynically pessimist mlugia, signing out.

================================================== ====================

Here are some great sites that I believe will help an aspiring breeder succeed. Take note!
Smogon, home to the best competitive pokemon building in my opinion. They have a strategy for all the RSE pokemon, so you can see how the pros do it before you start building.
MetalKidís Pokemon Program. This is by far the best standalone program Iíve ever found. Planning a party? It comes with a pokedex, attacklist, breeding-chains (OMG SO USEFUL), moveset suggestions (albeit outdated), and even the option to save pokemon-data of yours for easier tracking. Recommended if you donít suck. As much as it pains me to say this, SPP does have decent information on breeding and such, and is worth a look should Metalkid fail. Just donít take moveset suggestions from them. I mean, diving Ludicolo?
Gamefaqs. Home of theÖ massive guides. They donít suck, but theyíre not great either. But there are a lot of nice people there?
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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask


This is gonna be darn useful. Oh, right, nice job. ^_^ Best I've seen around, and since I don't have everything I need to download Metalkid's Pokedex, this will do very well.
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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

Sweet guide man. Now to use hidden power properly... 70 damage dark. lol
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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

Thanks!I have one q were is the dito Cave?
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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

Originally Posted by KingDragonite
Thanks!I have one q were is the dito Cave?
In the Fossil Maniac house.

This guide was funny and useful. Good job.
I won't be here tomorrow, April 22, 2007.
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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

good one! i didnt know about the IV checker
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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

Originally Posted by suicune X
good one! i didnt know about the IV checker
this is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i will be a master breeder!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

this is a good guide especialy for a beginning breeder like me
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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

Im breeding my lv 20 female modest zangoose with my lv 20 male adamant spinda to get an adamant zangoose with flail and ideally 31 IVs in speed and attack. (I know ill never get those IVs so ill live with just 25+ in attack) Anyways, I cant seem to get a dang adament zangoose! Could someone tell me what im doing wrong and what to do? Thanks
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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

a easy way to catch ditto is put a weak pokemon in the front of your party and and find a ditto then switch out with a strong pokemon start trowing

a sweet website
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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

I'm breeding a Lv72 Ditto With a Lv46 Eevee For another Eevee .

Isn't that Good ?!!

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Default Re: Everything You Wanted To Know About Breeding But Was Too Afraid To Ask

I saw you put as an example a Charizard and Tyranitar.can you breed the 2 together.
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