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Old 04-06-2011, 03:39 AM
mewtwo guy Offline
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

gym:pokemon championship

gym theme:pokemon masters


pokemon master theresa

opening quote:i have trained long on my journey,now me and my wartortle will see if we have whate it takes!.

cleffable lvl 94

-me first
-double edge
-focus punch
-rock smash

dragonair lvl 96

-hyper beam
-dragon rage
-dragon tail

wartortle lvl 93

-hydro pump
-skull bash
-aqua tail

rapidash lvl 97

-flare blitz
-fire blast

whimsicott lvl 95

-cotton spore
-giga impact
-solar beam
-sunny day

defeat quote: at least we did good!

pokemon master ash

opening quote: now this is my chance to feel like a real pokemon master!!!!


infernape lvl 97

-focus punch
-blast burn

sceptile lvl 99

-leaf blade
-solar beam
-leaf storm

pikachu lvl 100

-quick attack

charizard lvl 98

-fire blast

snorlax lvl 94

-giga impact

defeating quote:aaawww.....

gym:pokemon leagues secret elite three

elite three:

sinnoh super champ griffin

opening quote:congratulations for making it to the elite three, I am the first of the trio. I have beaten Cynthia,,lance,and i'm here to take you down.i would like to see you try.

pokemon:shayvee (a mix with eevee and shymin)

-seed flare
-energy ball
-leaf tornado
-leaf storm

mewtwo lvl 100

-psyco cut
-focus blast

rayquaza lvl 100

-dragon pulse

lugia lvl 100

-sky attack

palkia lvl 100

-spacial rend
-focus blast

arceus lvl 100

-roar of time
-spacial rend
-shadow force

defeat quote:............... how did you do it?you got the stuff! i'm still the best. so take this. (griffin gives you pokemon mixer.mixes 2-3 pokemon key items)
(shaymins his 7th pokemon (out of battle)...) enjoy! wooooooooo!!!!
Old 04-13-2011, 02:31 AM
Urichimaru12 Offline
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Croma Region

Sinclair Gym

Mixed type

Starting quote:"My pokemon are better than yours!"
Old 04-24-2011, 10:41 PM
dark shuyin Offline
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym theme: Entertainment
Gym Location: Dome Town
Trainers: Jester, Dancer, Magician


Jester Pennywise
Opening text: Hey there, little (boy/girl).Wanna have some fun with me?

Mime Jr. lvl 38 Light Screen, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Wake Up Slap
Mime Jr. lvl 38 Psybeam, Teeter Dance, Thunderbolt, Doubleslap
Mr. Mime lvl 43 Mimic, Psybeam, Psychic, Encore

Closing text: Wow! That was fun. Let's go again! Let's go again!


Dancer Bella
Opening text: Welcome. You're a little young for this show but I'm sure you'll enjoy my chorus line.

Masquerain lvl 42 Quiver Dance, Rain Dance, Bubblebeam, Hydro Pump
Spinda lvl 42 Teeter Dance, Dizzy Punch, Dig, Double Team
Bellossom lvl 42 Swords Dance, Petal Dance, Leaf Blade, Return
Kingdra lvl 42 Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Outrage, Dragon Pulse


Magician Houdono
Opening text: Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam! My Pokémon will put you in a jam.

Gardevoir lvl 44 Future Sight, Magical Leaf, Hypnosis, Dream Eater
Gallade lvl 44 Psycho Cut, Swords Dance, Leaf Blade, Night Slash
Roserade lvl 44 Mind Reader, Solarbeam, Extrasensory, Leaf Storm
Abra lvl 20 Trick Room, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Charge Beam
Kadabra lvl 30 Confusion, Miracle Eye, Psychic, Psyshock
Alakazam lvl 50 Hyper Beam, Psychic, Recover, Hypnosis

Closing text: Woah! I don't know that trick.


Gym Leader Juke
Opening text: I'm Juke. Juke Box. You want my badge, you'll have to beat me in a battle. So get ready for the battle of the bands!

Wigglytuff lvl 64 Sing, Perish Song, Hyper Voice, Sweet Kiss
Exploud lvl 62 Uproar, Supersonic, Hyper Voice, Roar
Poliwrath lvl 68 Belly Drum, Giga Impact, Earthquake, Brick Break

Closing text: Alright, you win. I guess my band will have to keep practicing. Rock on, bro.

Reward: Crowd Badge, Hyper Voice TM

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Old 04-25-2011, 12:27 PM
dark shuyin Offline
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

I've decided to make a series of gyms for an unknown region. So here goes.

Gym theme: Bug
Gym Location: Wolf Town
Town Sign: Wolf Town, where underdogs rise up and fight.
Trainers: Bug Catcher
Leader: Ariadne


Bug Catcher Frank
Opening text: Hey! You just stepped on a bug. You'll pay!

Burmy lvl 10 Protect, Tackle
Nincada lvl 13 Scratch, Leech Life, Sand Attack, Struggle Bug

Closing text: Oh no! My precious bugs have been squashed! Ariadne will punish you.


Gym Leader Ariadne
Opening text: So you beat Frank, huh? Sorry if he got a little worked up. He's angry because people think that bugs are weak and useless. Let me show you why they're wrong.

Beedrill lvl 10 Fury Attack, Poison Sting, String Shot, Harden
Beautifly lvl 10 Absorb, Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting
Pinsir lvl 12 Vicegrip, Focus Energy, Bind, Seismic Toss

Closing text: Wha-! You beat my bugs. I guess I'll have to work harder to prove that bugs are strong. Here, take this Pride Badge. Oh, and here's a TM. It contains the move Struggle Bug. It deals damage and reduces the target's special attack. I know you'll put it to good use.

Gym theme: Ground
Gym Location: Seismos City
Town Sign: Seismos City, the city that can't be toppled.
Trainers: Rich Boy, Ruin Maniac
Leader: Carter


Rich Boy Alan
Opening text: Mummy and daddy designed the buildings so they can survive the earthquakes. My Pokémon is just as strong as those buildings.

Sandshrew lvl 18 Swift, Rapid Spin, Poison Sting, Defense Curl

Closing text: Wah! You're mean. I'm telling mummy and daddy.


Ruin Maniac Hawkins
Opening text: Aren't the Seismos Ruins amazing? They're thousands of years old yet they've somehow survived all the earthquakes.

Baltoy lvl 16 Psybeam, Mud Slap, Harden, Confusion
Wooper lvl 17 Slam, Mud Shot, Tail Whip, Water Gun

Closing text: Wow. I guess my Pokémon aren't as strong as those ruins yet.


Gym Leader Carter
Opening text: Ah, a new challenger approaches. I warn you, my Pokémon train in the middle of earthquakes, so you should be no problem.

Diglett lvl 18 Bulldoze, Magnitude, Astonish, Growl
Marshtomp lvl 21 Mud Shot, Water Gun, Mud Slap, Double Team

Closing text: Woah. Your power... it's like a devestating earthquake... Over 10 on the richter scale. Here, take this Drive Badge and remember to always train so that you can survive even the strongest earthquake. And take this Tm for the move Dig. It lets you escape under ground and then attack from below. It's too risky to use it here, with all the earthquakes. But you should be able to do fine with it.

So there you have it. Gyms 1 and 2 in my unnamed region.

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Old 04-25-2011, 09:00 PM
dark shuyin Offline
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Note to everybody: I've named this region Magias.

Gym theme: Fire
Gym Location: Crater Town
Town Sign: Crater Town, the town that dared to believe.
Trainers: Firebreather, Scientist, Kindler
Leader: Sam


Kindler Mike
Opening text: Did you see how this town is suspended above a volcano? It's awesome, isn't it? But we've got to carefully monitor the geothermal activity, or we'd all be in trouble.

Slugma lvl 22 Harden, Rock Throw, Ember, Flame Burst

Closing text: Huh. Maybe the heat's getting to me. Better check the temperature...

NOTE: After this, the path through the gym splits in two.


Scientist Ivan
Opening text: Ah, you are admiring the town, no? I helped design the structure that suspends it above the lava. Impressive, no? Now you are wanting a battle, correct?

Castform lvl 21 Headbutt, Sunny Day, Ember, Incinerate
Torkoal lvl 20 Smokescreen, Fire Spin, Ember, Rapid Spin

Closing text: Bah. I must be continuing my training. Leave now.


Scientist Isaac
Opening text: you see, the geothermal energy is sent through these turbines and- wait, who are you? What happened to the last challenger? He went ahead! Fine, let's battle. But when you lose, you have to listen to my lecture on battle mechanics.

Charmeleon lvl 21 Scary Face, Dragon Rage, Ember, Metal Claw
Ponyta lvl 22 Flame Charge, Flame Wheel, Stomp, Double Team

Closing text: What? But my theory states- Oh no! I forgot to factorise Charmeleon's defense to the power of its Metal Claw attack! How could I be so careless?!


Firebreather Jacob
Opening text: Fire. It's so beautiful. But if you disrespect it, you'll get burned.

Magby lvl 20 Fire Spin, Faint Attack, Smokescreen, Ember
Magmar lvl 22 Fire Spin, Faint Attack, Smokescreen, Flame Charge

Closing text: If you disrespect fire, you get burned. If you fear fire, you allow it to go out. I msut practice with the flames. You amy pass.


Firebreather Edward
Opening text: You think you can beat me? Ha! Get ready to burn.

Houndoom lvl 24 Bite, Roar, Ember, Thunder Fang

Closing text: Extinguished?! Impossible! My flame will never go out! I am invincible! I am supreme! I...I...(faints).


Gym Leader Sam
Opening text: Surprised that I'm a girl? Fool. My passion burns just as bright as any man's. Can you brave the flames?

Growlithe lvl 20 Flame Wheel, Leer, Ember, Bite
Flareon lvl 22 Quick Attack, Ember, Sand Attack, Tackle
Ninetales lvl 24 Quick Attack, Confuse Ray, Ember, Fire Spin

Closing text: Congratulations! You've proved that your spirit burns with an intensity I've never seen before. Take this Spirit Badge. And I want you to have this TM too. It contains the move Flame Charge. With it, you can attack and raise your speed at the same time. Use it to spread your burning passion.
Old 04-26-2011, 11:30 AM
dark shuyin Offline
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Time for Magias gym 4.

Gym theme: Ice
Gym Location: Boreal Town
Town Sign: Boreal Town, lighting the way for others.
Trainers: Schoolboy, Skier
Leader: Aura


Schoolboy Tommy
Opening text: Hiya! My class never gets snow days but sometimes she lets us help at the gym instead of doing homework.

Snorunt lvl 22 Protect, Headbutt, Icy Wind, Bite

Closing text: Ugh. Maybe I should do my homework.


Skier Anthony
Opening text: Hey there. Get ready for a black slope battle.

Spheal lvl 23 Body Slam, Ice Ball, Water Gun, Encore

Closing text: Woah! Can't stop can't stop can'tstopcan'tstopcan'tsto-THUD!


Gym Leader Aura
Opening text: So you beat those amateurs and now you think you're hot stuff, huh? Well let me show you how wrong you are. My Pokémon will unleash the full power of ice and snow upon you, in all its power and beauty, just like the aurora up above.

Froslass lvl 34 Confuse Ray, Ominous Wind, Icy Wind, Ice Fang
Jynx lvl 33 Ice Punch, Sweet Kiss, Wake-Up Slap, Heart Stomp
Glaeon lvl 34 Bite, Quick Attack, Icy Wind, Sand Attack
Cloyster lvl 36 Toxic Spikes, Aurora Beam, Spike Cannon, Supersonic

Closing text: WHAAAT!!? Impossible. You must have cheated somehow. Here. Take this Beauty Badge and leave. And I'll give you the TM for Ice Punch if you never speak of this to anyone. It lets you attack the opponent and has a chance of freezing them. Now get out of my gym.

So, half the gyms in Magias region are complete. I'll get the other four done later.
Old 05-21-2011, 12:38 AM
FireTrainer58 Offline
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym Type: Fire
Leader: Andrew (8th)
Badge: Incinerate Badge
City: Monnocin City
Trainers: Ace Trainers & Ball Players
Gym Theme: Baseball Field
-You get to the Gym Leader by hitting a homerun into the stands, where he awaits you. If you fail to hit a homerun, you battle one of the trainers in the gym)
Gym Sign: Andrew, The Ball Player Who Battles With The Intensity Of 1000 Suns

Ace Trainer Hannah:
Litwick lv 41: Hex, Flame Burst, Shadow Ball, Fireblast
Larvesta lv 42: Bug Bite, Ember, Flame Tackle, Bite

Pitcher Ramon:
Darmanitan lv 41: Fire Punch, Dig, Flame Tackle, Headbutt
Pignite lv 42: Flame Wheel, Sunny Day, Take Down, Mega Punch

Ace Trainers Avery & Rayleen
Zangoose lv 45: X-Scissor, Crush Claw, Fire Fang, Rest
Magmar lv44: Lava Plume, Flame Tackle, Flamethrower, Overheat

Catcher Thomas
Vulpix lv43: Fire Spin, Flamthrower, Curse, Confuse Ray
Quilava lv43: Flame Wheel, Fire Fang, Take Down, Solar Beam

Ace Trainer Beverly
Beartic lv46: Icicle Crush, Surf, Icy Wind, Rock Tomb
Flareon lv45 : Flamethrower, Recover, Quick Attack, Crunch

In Feilder Noah
Magcargo lv 44: Eartquake, Flame Tackle, Flametrower, Lava Plume
Rapidash: Extremespeed, Fire Rush, Solar Beam, Take Down

Ace Trainer Bridgette
Numel lv 46: Earthpower, Earthquake, Lava Plume, Fireblast
Victini lv 46: Psychic, Quick Attack, Flamethrower, Crunch
Charizard lv48: Fly, Rock Smash, Flamtrower, Flame Tackle

Leader Andrew:

Open: Well you must be____! The other Gym Leaders have been talking about you! My gym only operates during the off season, otherwise me and my Pokemon are devoted to baseball. Can you handle the heat?

Mid-Battle:I own nearly every fire type pokemon there is. But these ones will burn you to the ground! Get ready to lose!

End: What? How? Oh well, a loss is a loss. I give to you the Incinerate Badge.. Take this too. Its TM 58. I developed it myself, its Flame Tackle

Camerupt lv 48: Earthquake, Flame Tackle, Fireblast, Headbutt
Houndoom lv 48: Crunch, Fire Fang, Flame Tackle, Hex
Sawsbuck(to throw off water types)lv 50: Solar Beam, Jump Kick, Leech Horn, Take Down
Chandelure lv 49: Hex, Shadow Ball, Flame Tackle, Lava Plume
Ninetales lv 49: Psychic, Flametrower, Crunch, Fireblast
Growlithe lv 50(signature pokemon): Flame Tackle, Dig, Crunch, Fireblast

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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym: Nibassa gym
Place: Nibassa city
Badge: Rocky badge
1st gym
Type: Rock
First you go in push some rocks to the correct pattern told on each trainer you battle. The shape is suppose to show up as a water stone. When the shape is shown, a secret road will come out of the place you battle your 3rd gym trainer, then you go in and you will see the gym leader Mark.
Total trainers: 4 trainers
Trainer 1: Worker Ryan
Geodude Lv.15
Rock throw
Mud sport
Rock polish
Trainer 2: Girl younster May
Ryhorn Lv.15
Horn attack
Tail whip
Furry attack
Trainer 3: Cowgirl Lucy
Bonsly Lv.15
Fake tears
Rock throw
Low kick
Trainer 4: Black Belt
Aggron Lv.15
Metal claw
Gym Leader Mark
Aerodactyl Lv.16
Ice Fang
Thunder Fang
Secret Power
Wing attack
Geodude Lv.16
Secret power
Gyro Ball
Stealth Rock
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Default Masters Gym\9th Gym (Hidden)

Gym Leader\Champion: Kellam (Boy)

Charizard (?) lv.91. Attacks: FlameThrower,EarthQuake,FireWheel,FlameBlast

Venosuar (?) lv.91. Attacks: SolarBeam,PosionJab,StunSpore,Toxic

Blastoise (?) lv.91. Attacks: WaterBurst,WaterBlast,WaterGun,WaterFall

Mewtwo (Boy) lv.89. Attacks: FocusBlast,Harden,Attract,MegaDrain

Sceptile (Girl) lv.89. Attacks: HyperBeam,Attract,MegaDrain,PosionJab

Evee\Evee(Twin Pokemon) (Girl&Boy) lv.76lv.77. Attacks: HelpingHand,FireBurst,WaterBurst,SolarBeam

Face Quote: Admit Defeat...

Loosing Quote: You are Quite Very Good at Battling,Heres your Badge *Gives Badge* You are the Champion *He gives you the Crown and leaves*

Winning Quote: I Always Win...

Beating 5 Pokemon Quote: It is Not over...

Master Trainer:Ian (Boy)

Infernape (?) lv.74. Attacks: FireBurst,FlameWheel,FlameCharge,Ember

Empoleon (?) lv.75. Attacks: WaterBurst,SunnyDay,ScaryFace,WaterFall

Torterra (?) lv.76. Attacks: StunSpore,Paralization,SolarBeam,VineWip

Face Quote: Bring it On!

Loosing Quote: Good Job, But theres no way You can beat Kellam.

Winning Quote: Train Harder! *Gives Protein*

Beating 2 Pokemon: I Still Got this!

Welcomer Quote:Welcome to the Masters Gym its Almost Impossible, Thats why im Giving you a Free Max Potion every time you come In Thats how hard it is! *Gives a Potion*

Pokemon in Gym: Sceptile Butterfree

Sceptile: SCEP SCEP!

Butterfree: BuTTERFRee!

(Boy Gym)
(Kanto Region)
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Man Spider27 Offline
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym Name: Soarflame Gym.

Gym Theme: Flying (because all types super-effective against Flying can be countered by a dual type Flying-Something Pokemon).

Gym Trainers:

Name: Ace Trainer James.

Pokemon: Lv. 19 Lv. 21.

Name: Ace Trainer Lucy.

Pokemon: Lv. 21 lv. 23 Lv. 25

Name: Bird Keeper Edward.

Pokemon: Lv. 23 Lv. 25 Lv. 26

Gym Leader:

Name: Leader Raphael.

Pokemon: Lv. 31 Lv. 31 Lv. 32 Lv. 34 Lv. 37

Prize: TM88 (Pluck), $2700, Soaring Badge

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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym Name: The Ooze
Gym Theme: Poisonous Swamp

1st Trainer: Veteran Serpent
Arbok Lv.41
Seviper Lv.42

2nd Trainer: Gentleman Cixot
Weezing Lv.42
Swalot Lv.41
Garbodor Lv.42
Skuntank Lv.44

3nd Trainer: Lady Fume
Vileplume Lv.42
Victreebel Lv.43
Amoongus Lv.42
Crobat Lv.43

4th Trainer: Bug Catcher Spike
Dustox Lv.40
Beedrill Lv.41
Ariados Lv.42
Venomoth Lv.43

5th Trainer: Young Couple King&Queen
Nidoking Lv.43
Nidoqueen Lv.43

6th Trainer: Swimmer Acid
Qwillfish Lv.42
Tentacruel Lv.44

Leader: Poi&Son
Drapion Lv.45
Scolipede Lv.45
Gengar Lv.46
Muk Lv.46
Toxicroak Lv.47
Roserade Lv.47
Money: $5200, TM: Cross Poison, Toxic Badge.

Banner by Pokemon Trainer Sarah
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym Name: Pokemon Rangers.
Gym Theme: Fire & Steel Type Pokemon Rangers.

1st Trainer.
Pokemon Ranger Mark (M)
Excadrill - 31
Steelix - 30

2nd Trainer.
Pokemon Ranger Steph (F)
Houndoom - 33
Klang - 35
Camerupt - 33

3rd Trainer.
Pokemon Ranger Colt (M)
Lairon - 36
Macargo - 35
Ferrothorn - 34

4th Trainer.
Pokemon Ranger Summer (F)
Monferno - 32
Bronzor - 34
Lampent - 34
Mawille - 32

Gym Leader.
Pokemon Ranger Rand (M)
Aggron - 39
Magmortar - 37
Lucario - 37
Durant - 39
Charizard - 42

Money: $6400, TM: Flamethrower, Flaming Bolt Badge.
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

gym city: dracotown
gym theme: dragons

cool trainer josh
opening speech: what are you doing here this is no place for kids
gabite lv 51
shelgon lv 52
flygon lv 54
closing speech: whoa incredible power go ahead

dragon tammer max
opening speech: hey welcome lets see if you are strong
gible lv 53
dragonair lv 54
gabite lv 56
closing speech: wow you are strong a job well done

ace trainer jake
opening speech: hahah you think you can beat me we will just see about that
shelgon lv 57
gabite lv 57
garchomp lv 60
closing speech: awesome you have proved me wrong fight the gym leader

gym leader liam
opening speech: huh another trainer already prepare yourself because here i come
altaria lv 60
flygon lv 61
dragonite lv 63
garchomp lv 63
salamece lv 65
you know i have been bonding with all these pokemon since i got them your spirit is unbeatable i present you with the draco badge

prize money: $75000
prize: tm 93 dragon blast and teaching draco meateor at his house at dracotown

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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym Name: Lavender Town Gym
Gym Theme: the door to the gym leaders room in the gym is locked. to unlock it, you must defeat ALL of the trainers which include: Channelers, veterans, Psychics, and Gentlemen.

Channeler Ricky

opening speech: AGGH! UGHH!!

lvl 50 Gastly
lvl 51 Gastly

closing speech: oh thank you! i was possesed!

prize money: $143

Veteran Darla
opening speech: BOO!

lvl 53 Gastly

closing speech: ...
prize money: $100

Channeler Victor
opening speech: you may not pass to the gym leader!
lvl 50 gastly
lvl 52 gastly
lvl 54 gastly
closing speech: go ahead...
prize money: $140

Psychic Tom
opening speech: to master pokemon... you must beat our master... but first you must get through us!

lvl 55 gastly
lvl 55 haunter

ending speech: you have ebaten me... go ahead to the next guardian...
prize money: $500

Veteran Alan
opening speech: you must get through me to get to the last guardian!

lvl 56 haunter
lvl 56 haunter
lvl 58 haunter

ending speech: you have beaten me... go on...
prize money: $5,000

Gentleman Brice
opening speech: would you like to have a battle young one?

lvl 58 gastly
lvl 58 haunter
lvl 58 haunter
lvl 60 gengar

ending speech: good battle! very good battle trainer! go ahead to the leader!
prize money:$7,000

Leader Cyberius
opening speech: hmmm? a trainer? finally! ive been so bored. i guess im so tough that all the trainers are giving up... so anyways i bet your here to face me... well your about to realize the true power of ghost pokemon!

lvl 65 gastly
shadow ball, spite, curse, payback

lvl 68 haunter
shadow claw, shadow ball, payback, toxic

lvl 73 gengar
shadow punch, shadow sneak, shadow ball, toxic

Cyberius' strategy: he will use gastly to lower stats three times, and then he will start fighting. the move a challenger wants to look out for for gastly: payback
with haunter he will use toxic to poison you, and if you use a antidote he will poison you again. then he will start attacking. the move you want to look out for is: shadow claw
gengar is a huge trouble even for dark types. gengar will use toxic every time until your poisoned. and then gengar will use shadow ball and shadow punch. gengar doesnt usually use shadow sneak, but if he does, your pokemon is dead. move you want to look out for: shadow sneak.
Ending speech: wow... this is the first time anyone has defeated me for a long time... well, you've earned it... heres the Frighten Badge. ( its a purple circle with a smaller white circle in the center.
prize money: $100,000
prize tm: Shadow ball
hm you can use now: dive
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym name: Blitzer City Gym
Gym Theme: Electric,Fast and Rains

Cool Guy Jimmy
--- Magnemite 25
--- Magneton 30
--- Magnezone 33

Rich Girl Lyla
--- Castform [F] 30
--- Stunfisk [F] 32

Gym Leader Samuel
--- Stunfisk [F] 37
--- Castform [F] 40
--- Emolga [F] 41
--- Jolteon [F] 43
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