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Old 09-07-2004, 12:46 PM
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Default War RP

Summary of Events

It’s been 10 years since the fall of Syrus and TMA’s peak of power. Following the events of the destruction of ‘Outer Heaven’, many of the formerly powerful teams were put into a temporary, unofficial cease-fire as the teams rebuilt. After reconstruction was completed, the peace continued anyway. For a while, it seemed like a new Golden Age.

The peace, however, is now beginning to fade away. Over the years, Team Nox has grown into a very large and powerful team, you could say they picked up where TMA fell. Now led by Daz and Neo, Team Nox’s power was at its peak. Within the underground base of Team Nox, secret, critical projects have been taking place, one of which of most dire importance to Nox, the Daisi Satellite. With guiding, tracking, and mapping abilities, the Daisi Satellite would be a technological advance of not only Team Nox, but also, perhaps, the world itself.

The Magnificent Alliance, perhaps not so magnificent as they used to be, was weakened after the confirmed destruction of ‘Outer Heaven’ and most likely the death of their leaders. They still had assets worldwide though, and one of its leaders had begun hosting of a Battledome Tournament at Island H Prime located among the seas around Hoenn. The tournament is still yet to begin, and commercials advertising the tournaments have been played all throughout the world.

Still high in numbers, morale, weapons, and supply amounts, Team Trainer is still in good condition, even after suffering much damage from the last War. Having access to land, sea, and air, Team Trainer may have been dominant before the events which unfolded most likely another, costly War. Still containing of veterans of the last War, Team Trainer had much experience and power. After discovering of Team Nox’s plans of the Daisi Satellite, they had reacted by sending the NAUTILIUS to intercept the satellite en route to Agate.

Team Flora, barely recovered from the great fire of Petalburg, was very weak in defenses. The amount of supplies and soldiers has been severely lower than the amounts of the last War. Team Flora, being nearly defenseless and hearing of the impending War, began secretly sending out agents throughout some locations around the world, one of which, to Agate.

Much of Team Nox was already at Agate Village, preparing to build another base. Most likely, the base’s purpose would be to launch not only the Daisi Satellite, but also heavily armed missiles. Meanwhile, they had invaded the seemingly defenseless Team Aqua-Frost’s Headquarters. The invasion was carried out at ease, and after news spread out of this victory, people worldwide began to recognize Nox, and fear them.

After hearing of the Nox’s big movement toward Agate, Team Trainer’s sent the NAUTILIUS to scout the area, maybe attacking if the opportunity stood. Team Flora also sent an agent nearby Agate to act as ‘early-warning’ if an invasion force was to be deployed around that area. Soon, the Daisi Satellite was completed, and it was to be shipped via truck toward Agate. The NAUTILIUS, somehow discovering of the truck, decided to begin an offensive and sent someone to destroy the vehicle. Amazingly, the person alone had surpassed any enemy ground units and destroyed the truck. The Daisi Satellite was destroyed, and Team Nox’s plans had been delayed. In anger, Daz had ordered the total destruction of Agate Village, and the murder of many elders.

Meanwhile, news of the Satellite’s and Agate Village’s destruction reached Team Flora, a small force traveled to rescue the scout agent from imminent danger via raft. When reaching the Agate Coast, they found the scout, who may have also had information in specifics. Before he could reveal anything, however, someone ordered a hyper beam attack, which hit the young scout’s head and most likely destroyed any memory he had of maybe vital information.

After the defeat at Agate, Nox was only temporarily weak. It seemed that the same scientists who made the Daisi Satellite, made another one just like the Daisi Satellite that Team Nox would launch in a different location. To Team Nox Commander Neo, Realgam Tower would be the perfect place to launch it. Realgam was a large complex, providing heavy defenses, and being in the middle of nowhere, it seemed like an invincible building.

Meanwhile, Team Flora scientists were experimenting with weapons that were capable of intercepting missiles and also capable of heavy destruction using a large beam. Somehow, a freak accident during the construction caused a large fire that destroyed all of Littleroot. There, a Team Tri-Blade member was blamed and almost got burned alive until an almost instant change of weather allowed his escape because of one of his friends. One of Team Flora’s elites were at Littleroot after the incident, and came up with the idea of constructing a large complex to benefit Flora on that area. The Commanders still have to allow the construction before it can continue, however.

The invasion of Realgam had begun almost right after the new Daisi Satellite was constructed, and the attack seemed very easy for Nox. Attacking fast and powerful, news of the invasion would only spread out by the time it was too late, and launch preparations would be complete. However, Trainer Commander Harry utilized the long since stored away Gray Orb to discover what evil deeds Nox was carrying out at Realgam. On that same day, Pryrite Town was invaded by Nox, although there was some resistance by Pryrite Town's hardy homeowners.

It was too late, though. Realgam had been emptied out of every trainer and civilian who was not apart of Team Nox. Construction of high-tech defenses were already underway. Team Nox's attack upon Realgam was fast and swift. Their construction workers and enginiers had poured inside the tower like water on rock. Realgam would be transformed from a center of recreation to a fortified building and launch base. The Daisi Satellite soon had been launched from Realgam. Team Nox now had the power to wipe out cities accurately and thoroughly. Harry, with haste, set out with his Skarmory toward Viridian City determined to defeat Team Nox.


Orbs List

Aqua: Blue- Unknown
Magma: Red- The user is able to attack with fire spewing from the orb
Rocket: Black- Allowes user to contact others holding the other orbs
Trainer: White- Bestows Knowledge upon the user and some purifying powers
Flora: Green- Unknown
Neutralise: Grey- Allowes the user to see current events of good and evil
Air Squadron: Yellow- Allowes the user to fly
TMA: Purple- The user gains psychic powers, but is infested by an evil spirit
Nox: Silver- Unknown
Tri-Blade: Orange- Unknown
Elite: Gold- Unknown
Frost: Light Blue- Unknown
Storm: Dark Blue- Unknown

What to know:

*You must post your location at the top of every post.
*You can carry along atleast 4 pokemon with you.
*Legendaries are obtainable but you'll have to post a string of excellent posts in order to obtain them.
*Two or more people posting can "tag-along" but keep in mind there will be little to no bunnying.
*You can create imaginary characters but try to not litter your posts with imaginary characters that no one else will understand.
*Absolutely NO god modding. You cannot destroy a large force without recieving damage yourself, and no instant teleportation.
*Keep OCC posts to a minimum or take it to PM, if possible.
*Any requests to join will be approved by me, Bron, or any G-Mod.

Character Form:

Before taking part in the RP, any newcomers will have to fill this form:

Pokemon: (1-4; may be evolved; no Legendaries. If your character is part of a team, you must use at least one monster of the type your team has designated, if any.)

(For those of you who have participated on the past War III RP and want to post again, just try to C&P your 'persona' if possilbe)

After reading through the past few sections, you are now ready to begin posting. Have a good time!

Always remember to follow the rules while posting and have fun while posting. Meh, I should keep quiet now. This is Duke, signing off.

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Default Re: War RP

I hope other people re-enter...

Name: Daz (AKA DA)
Age: 16
Description: He's average height for his age, around 5'8". He wears a black, sleeveless t-shirt, baggy black cargo trousers (Keeps PDA in side pockets), and black trainers. His hair is short, dark brown, and his eyes are crimson, exactly like those of his Absol (They were strangely Blue before the WAR). He's thin, not really average build, but stronger than he looks.
Personality: He's ruthless to everyone but those he considers friends (Neo, Noxians, etc), and considered emotionless; He feels pain, but he doesnt react due to finding it "uneseccary". When theres a fight going on, he'd rather be in the thick of battle helping other Team Members, be they grunts, or high ranking officers. He doesnt like to sit around.
Background: He grew up in the Village of Takeru, far South of the Orre Region. At the age of 5, a devastating fire destroyed his village; His parents died trying to escape, but left him behind. Luckily, he was saved by a stray Pokemon that seemed to have been born only weeks earlier, after which he named the Pokemon "Shadow". They became friends, and travelled around looking for a new place to call home; Neither had anyone in terms of family. During the trip, he met many people and experienced the darker side of human nature; Many tried to kill Shadow, thinking it would bring destruction to their homes, and in the proccess, tried to kill Daz when he protected his friend. After this happening so many times, their trust in people grew less and less. At the age of 11 he was welcomed into Nox by Nohman, and soon became Co-Leader at the age of 13, after proving himself countless times. When Nohman disappeared not long after, Daz was promoted to Leader at the age of 14. After just a few months of Daz and Neo being in charge, Nox's power already began to cause fear and chaos in peoples hearts...
Pokemon: Absol (Nicknamed Shadow- Black color, as opposed to normal white; Male)
Team: Nox
Other: Due to his experiences as a child, his emotions can sometimes cause him to act spontaneously (If something reminds him of his past); Thats one of his main weaknesses. However, despite the painful memories, he gained the ability to see no matter how dark (Due to his love of the moonlight, and his nocturnal travelling).

Well, my characters older now, and an inch or too taller (Even though its a direct continuation of where the RP left off). :P

EDIT: Changed a lot of info...

As long as we continue to fight, and destroy, we are forever prisoners of our ignorance and foolishness; true 'freedom' does not exist

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Default Re: War RP

Name: Yuki Nekomiya
Age: 15
Description: Yuki has short pale pink hair and blue eyes. She usually wears a purple tanktop with a blue jean jacket jacket and skirt to match though her cosplay hobbey causes her to change outfits often. Her jacket and skirt have white and pink snowflake designs on them.
Personality: Yuki is extremly shy and doesn't like making friends. She commonly ignores any friendliness towards her, most of the time. She's known on the outside to be like her name, Snow, but inside she's a bit more bubbly. Yuki looks out for everyone around her even if it's hard to tell. She believes she's a source of pain so tries not to make friends so she doesn't spread her bad luck around.
Yuki is very emotional x_X;; A major fault in her.
Yuki is only open to her Pokemon for some reason. She keeps two and tries to make up for all the "pain she caused" by pampering them.
Yuki is deathly afraid of ice Pokemon.
Yuki has issues.
Background: Yuki has a sob story... Oh yay =_=; We love this stupid lil'stories about depressing lives, don't we?
When Yuki was 6 years old she moved to a new town. The day she moved there her new neighbors lost their Meowth. Yuki didn't take much notice but, being more open to people at the time, helped look for the Meowth and comfort her neighbors.
It was winter and, naturally, it started to snow. A few weeks passed and the boys in Yuki's school brought up the craziest of all ideas. They said that Yuki was the reason their town was seeing its first snow in years and that so many people would die in the cold because of her.
None of this was true but, being very gulliable, Yuki bought every word. Later the Meowth was found dead in the snow though it turned out later the Meowth had only fainted. Of course Yuki never heard of this.
Yuki started avoiding people. Her best friend broke her arm and her other friend's house burnt down. Everything terrible was happening when it snowed because Yuki's home wasn't used to the cold so naturally there were a few bad happenings.
That's pretty much why Yuki's avoiding people now. Yaaay... Yay for Yuki x_X;
Pokemon: Umbreon, Espeon
Team: Trainer
Other: Hope Yuki's issues aren't a problem ^___^;; I'm playing a crazy character 'cause I need to practice my rp skills(If I have any) so picked a character the opposite of me.

~Chikyuu no Mirai, Gouhoshi suru, nya!~
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Default Re: War RP

Name: Tamer
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Team: Team Trainer

Description: Tamer is not a tall person, yet he isn't considered short one either. He has a well built body due to his intense training in the woods. Tamer has tall, spiky, dark brown hair and hazel colored eyes. Tamer wears black, baggy pants and sleeveless black shirt. He also wears a belt that has clips to hang Pokeballs from as he holds four Pokeballs.

Personality: Some people may say Tamer is a lonely, self-centered and emotionless being. But people from his team know otherwise. They have seen the bright and sweet side of Tamer. He looks sad, and never talks to people yet he is full of love and have a caring character. He never turn his face to a person in need since he was a child. Ever since he joined Team Trainer, he improved his good sides and abandoned his negative sides. In General, Tamer has a quiet and mysterious personality, yet he is loving, caring and sweet.

Backround: Not too many knows about Tamer's life except his leader in Team Trainer, Harry. Tamer was born in a small unknown village raising crops with his two loving parents. When Tamer was seven years ago, and during the first war his parents got killed by a villain. A person who wanted to take over this region. But unfortunately for him Tamer's parents refused to pay him taxes so he got them killed. A year after that, a year of sorrow and pain, Tamer has trained hardly on martial arts and on the ancient Samurai style on the sword and went to the evil guy's palace and killed him one night the same way assassins do.

Tamer wandered in the forests with his sword covered with filthy blood and met Growlithe. They became friends from first site. Later on Tamer started to become happier yet mysterious with his Pokemon, he has became a Pokemon trainer. He trained Growlithe and captured a Chikortia and managed to evolve it into a Bayleef before he meets a noble and a great person named Harry. Harry convinced Tamer to join forces with Team Trainer so he can avenge his parent's death in the Pokemon fields and Tamer agreed. While being on Team Trainer, Tamer learnt values of life and some ethics from Harry, and he also became a friend with a person named JT. He met many people while being on Team Trainer and he made friends with only few.

He met Dap, JT, Harry, D, Matt and few others. Later on Tamer evolved his Growlithe into a fiery and magnificent Arcanine. He aslo managed to evolve Bayleef into a Meganium and managed to capture an evil Umbreon. The Umbreon was soften up by Tamer later on while saving his life. Umbreon learnt what life means, it now means to him Tamer's life only. Later on he captured a wounded Staryu and healed it and became friends with it and evolved it into a very Psychic power called Starmie. The war has begun...and Tamer is on the right side...Who will win?

Arcanine (M)- His starter and his best friend. He met him as a Growlithe when they both were kids and ever since the too never been separated. When Tamer joined Trainer his bond with Growlithe raised and he eventually managed to evolve him into a very rapid, strong and determined Arcanine that can beat the impossible. Tamer named Arcanine as Flare due to his shiny, flaming body and soul. Arcanine never liked Pokeballs so he is always outside walking and roaming the land with Tamer. Tamer sometimes ride on Arcanine's back to move faster from a location to another.
Meganium (F)- Meganium was caught by Tamer when she was only a Chikorita. Tamer raised it with love and care that she grew strong and loyal to him. Meganium adores Tamer and worships him and would do anything to save him or even please him. Meganium was only a Bayleef when Tamer joined the forces of Trainer. Tamer named Meganium after her personality, Tender Soft. Tamer loves Meganium and he thinks that it is the best grass Pokemon ever been found.
Umbreon (M)- A Pokemon caught by Tamer when he was already on Team Trainer. Umbreon has an evil and quiet personality, he is unloyal as well. At first Umbreon hated Tamer and misjudged him and betraued him too many times. But when Tamer saved Umbreon once from a falling boulder while they were arguing the Umbreon started to love and care. Tamer became friend with Umbreon ever since, and Umbreon hates everyone (Even Team Trainer members) and only love Tamer and his Pokemon. Tamer named this Umbreon as Moon Light due to its dark personality yet inlighted like the moon in the dark.
Starmie (N/a)- A powerful in the Psychic section and not so good as a water Pokemon. Tamer met that Pokemon as a wounded Staryu, he took care of it and healed it and ever since they had a special bond. Staryu became Tamer's friend also when he became a loyal member of Team Trainer. Tamer trained Starmie well and the start fish Pokemon managed to become so good that it even learned how to use electric energy to its side. Starmie perefares to Psychic though it has good water abilities. Starmie's incredible Psychic power is sometimes compared to an Espeon sometimes. Tamer named this Pokemon after the beautiful, colorful jewel that centers the Pokemon, he named it Jewel.

Others: Tamer is familiar with martial arts and knows how to use the Katana. He can be a deadly and lethal sometimes but being a Trainer softened him. He never killed anyone except the killer of his parents when he was only eight years old. Tamer is also smart and knows five languages, which are Japanese, English, French, Arabic and German. He is proudly member of Team Trainer.


"Fight for freedom. Fight for glory. Fight to win!"
I am back
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Default Re: War RP

Name: Bron S./Bronislav S.
Age: 22 (Was 17 in Season 1. Not aged 10 years due to a Time Slowdown Chamber)
Description: Tall, Black haired Boy turned Man. Small black Mustashe. Green Headband which was a gift from Dad. Never taken off. Black Ninja uniform with mask for a Hood that is usually off.
Personality: Kind, Funloving and not serious most of the time.
Background: Where do I begin? I guess I'll start at the begining.

My character is an avid inventor of sorts who studies Pokemon and spends most of his days in front of a computer or training in martial arts.

The story of my Family started 500 years ago in the time of War 2. My character was a Merchant (and Swordsmith) dealing in weapnos who quietly spent his days alongside his frend Thomas Oak (Samuel's Ancestor made up by me). Dana, orphaned at birth lived with him and they were eventually married after amassing a great fortune and starting their own company Offiacially. The company formally declared its name as "S-Tech Inc." and has since expanded to the manufacture of Technology, Pokémon Items, Household Appliances and Military Weapons. Of course it doesn't sell those to just anybody. Both kept very detailed Diaries but up until their deaths. My ancestor's Diary had been lost, along with his most prized possessions: his swords.

The story continues again 10 years ago when my present character's Mother said she found the Diary of Dana along with her portrait. He avidly read it and saw the detail in which she wrote it. He was hit with an idea. He would recreate her, as an Artificial Inteligence, integreationg the human into her.........indirectly. For 6 months he toiled and programmed almost forgetting to eat until he had acomplished it. When Dana the AI went online, she immediately asked where she came from and why she remembered this other person. She wanted to escape this metalic prison. My character set to work making a kind of Avatar for her. A body very resembling the human on which she was based from a painting that wasgiven to him along with the diary. This Avatar was kind of a AI in itself, but constantly is kept in synch with the original. The two became instant Friends, doing everything togeter. Everything except eating together, of course.

One day he was studying Pokemon DNA under an Electron Microscope when it exploded. He woke up with a new power. The ability to interact with all things Elecrical, including Electric Pokemon.

He was then plunged into a War between Teams that his friend Harry Kim told him was coming. He upgradaded the Base and then blasted off to help. In the thick of battle the stress of connection to Dana for such a long time got to him and he went into a 10 year long Coma. He anticipated this before and had created a Time Slowdown Chamber. Dana carried him into it and he has layed there for 10 years. Or was it 5 years?

Pokemon: Raichu, Flygon, Blaziken, Alaklazam (More on PC)
Team: Trainer
Other: He is a Cybernetic Mutant, which is the formal name for the ability he has.

I think it goes without saying but I'll say it anyway. Along with your old signups, please repost your last post as well, if you had one. Thanks.
Bronislav is my name and 1984 is my birth year. Call me Bron or Slavik if you can't say my full name. Banner/Ava by the illustrious Neo Pikachu Emolga R.I.P. August 13, 2007 3:45AM EST Simkha "Dosha" Bakman I loved you, Grandpa Check this out, it's really cool!

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Default Re: War RP

Name: Neo Pikachu
Age: 22

Description: The name Neo Pikachu is a code name, and very few know his real name. After years of hiding his real name, no one knows about it anymore, and calls him Neo Pikachu or “Neo” for short. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is thin and only slightly muscular. Neo usually wears a black t-shirt with a black leather jacket over it. The jeans he wears are also black, along with his shoes.

Neo often carries an advanced laser rifle that he was able to construct himself. Also, he knows a lot about technology and science, willing to use those skills to bring Nox to victory.

Personality: Neo hates wasting time, and is often impatient. Often sometimes being too quick to act is his weakness. However, his strong points lie in his ability to surprise his enemy. Regardless, as a devoted member to Nox, he is willing to fight and kill for the cause of Nox. Neo also thinks strategically, trying to find the best possible way to overcome his enemies.

After being humilated at Agate Village, Neo became much more aggressive, willing to kill anyone that stands in his way. He never tolerates anyone who acts against him to support his enemies.

Background: Neo left his parents to join the small military group known as Nox. For years he spent many long hours training. Never once did he switch sides during the war and the peace times, keeping his focus and devotion to his team and his comrades. When President Nohman resigned from his leadership position and Dark Absol had taken the reigns of the nation, Neo was elected to become to the new Vice President, directly working under the leadership of the President. Today, Neo works alongside President Dark Absol and the rest of the forces of Team Nox in the hope that one day the world will awaken to the dawn of the moon rather than the flare of the sun. They dream of a day when the shade and the shadow become the most valuable allies of people and Pokémon throughout the world. They await for all creatures in the world to find familiar and content in the darkness. For many years, they have struggled for that goal, and they hope to one day achieve that victory together.

During the war, he worked alongside Dr. Carrington in the development of the Dasai Satellite. During the Agate Village takeover, a member of Team Trainer working alongside Flora assualted in the base, and in the chaos, the first Dasai Satellite was destoryed, along with the base construction. Neo vowed to seek revenge upon the rival teams, and after many of the villagers at Agate were killed, he looked toward the east, seeing Realgam Tower as his next target, one that the rival teams wouldn't suspect.

After the takeover was successful and unknown to Trainer and its allies, Neo then was the supervisor in the construction of the Nox Realgam Base.

Houndoom (Nicknamed Darkside) [male]
Umbreon (Nicknamed Bloodwish) [male]
Gengar (Nicknamed Nightmare) [male]

Team: Team Nox

Other: Neo likes to surprise attack with whatever he can. Proficient in many types of weapons, he can be stealthy and attack viciously in little time. However, this same hastiness can be his downfall in acting before it’s time…

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Default Re: War RP

OCC: There has been a few speculations via PM. This is the same old War 3 RP except much more cleaner and no 30 pages to dig through. Harry allowed me to remake the RP here to make it more of a convinience(sp? ) for any new people to the RP.

Anyway back on hand, shall we?

Neo, Tamer, Bron, Berri (l0lz at the other background, it is no problem with me, just, very very funny. ), and Daz are accepted. (and I did read through them ) Also Bron is going to help run the RP too, since he did help me write the summary and put this place together, of course, Harry is the real mastermind here.

So what are you all staring 'round here fer, start posting

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Default Re: War RP

Great let's make it official. Everybody is to make two posts. One should be their signup and one should be their last post from the previous topic (if any). I'll start that by editing in my last post into this one. I'll let Duke decide when we can start.

OOC: Hi everybody! I finally made it to post and read aeverything from before. I hope I have time on this college PC to write everything I want.

Above Kanto, Space, 10 years ago or so

The history books don't show much about how I helped out Harry. Why? I didn't know him too well back then among other things..........

It happened 10 years ago. The fight to save the world. I blasted off transforming Floor One of my Pallet Town underground base into a Giant Robot. We would act as the distraction to the Twilight Sentinels while the other Robot went to the source and destroyed the Twilight Satelite, the cause of all the problems in the world then.

"Dana, turn off the Mouth on the outside of this body of yours so you can speak to me without transmitting sound into space. We can't have them knowing what we are up to." I said to my AI companion.

She turned it off and we were knd of alone since the bride oficers were aleep.

"Scan for weakneses. We have to figure out how we can disable them, maybe evern destroy them." I said with determination, sweat forming on my forehead.

The Robot's Eyes glowed red for a second as a flat, invisible beam swept over the three Sentinel Robots.

"Scan Negative. I detect absolutely no weakneses. Whoever built them knew what theywere doing." She answered, this time from her Humanoid Avatar.

She had come on to the bridge and greeted the officers on board, none of which were awake righ t now. They were Communications, Engineering, and Tactical. All three were assisted by her Core Operating System but still I prefered people onboard just in case. Usually in less dire circumstances, they did the jobs they were assigned to do. This time, however, Dana had taken over their stations to not waste time.

"How in the world are we supposed to fight them? What do they have for defences?" I asked her, this time speaking to the Avatar version and not the Screen version.

"Enahanced shields that render our weapons ineffective. Bu there is good news. Our shields are strong too. I doubt they could seriously damage us either." She answered looking at the the viewscreen.

The bridge is actually located in the Stomach portion and the head is merely for looks. That and the fact that it has the Scan and some Eye Lazers on it.

"Well we only have to distract them from landing and causing chaos so let's go." I said and sat down in the Captain's chair. I prefer to control the action myselft but I do sometimes Link with the Robot for better control. This time i decided to just pull lever and press buttons.

We moved closer and were immediately spotted.

They seemed to talk between each other on a private line and then suddenly resolved to try to fight us.

A half hour later, same location

It was a standstill.

Although our weapons cooudn't damage them, theirs coudn't damage us either. The Sentinels being big had low manuverability so we usuallly avoded the Lazer Balts and Missles shot at us.

We returned in the same fasion but niether w enor the Sentinels had made any progress.

Suddenly, they sort of made a creaking sound and stopped moving completely.

"They stopped, but why?" I asked Dana who was next to me.

"Control Signal has stopped at the source. I detected a large explosion on the Dark Side of the Moon. Twilight has been destroyed by that other Robot we met." She answered, recieving data from her Core Operating System and relaying it through the Avatar version.

"Look they seem to be moving as if to start an orbit. They're gonna crash on Earth!" I yelled, noticing the slow circular movement all three Sentinels exibited.

"I'm way ahead of you, Bron. Calculating the Orbit, I predict it a decaying orbit which will cause the Sentinels to make Planetfall somehwnere in the Center of Hoenn. Slightly to the West." Dana on the screen said even before I coudld ask.

"All right let's take 'em down. With no signals being sent, they're just scrap metal now. I'm gonna take control with Full Synch. It will go much faster." I said putting my hands on the controls in front of me.

"No it's too dangerous for you to overuse your Synch for too long. Just take control normally. It's safer." Said Dana next to me, concerened.

"When I met Harry Kim for the first time when I was bored and looking to do some good, I promissed that I would lay my life on the line to protect the innocent. I plan to honor that promise now, whatever the consequences!" I yelled determined and sweataing again.

Some time before this war started I had met Harry in Pallet while I was at the local Pokémon Center. He wore a starnge Insignia on his shirt so I asked him about it. He explained about the noble aims of Team Trainer and I immediately signed up, knowing I would never be bored again.

With this memory I put my hands on the Control Panel and thought to myself: "Let us become one. I am the Robot. Be the Robot. Feel the Robot."

Suddenly I was looking out of Dana's eyes. Well they weren't the eyes of the Avatar but of the Giant robot we were in now.

I engaged thrusters and flew right in fron tof the first Sentinel which was about to crash already.

Acessing the Missles I launched them at the first Sentinel, which destroyed half of it and small harmess pieces fell to Earth. I decided to just use Dana's bare hands to break the Sentinels instead. We had to conserve missles in case it wasn't really over.

I Kicked and Punched with all the power of the Livnig Machine that Giant Dana was.

Nearing two hours, Same location (heading home)

With the sentinels harmlessly making Planetfall in small pieces, I transformed the First Floor again and released my Control over it.

It was as if a pitch black Veil had been thrust over my eyes. I colapsed right on the spot from exaustion and Mental Overload.

Not knowing what else to do, Dana carried me into the Time Slowdown Chamber hoping she could wake me from my Coma before I really did die.
Bronislav is my name and 1984 is my birth year. Call me Bron or Slavik if you can't say my full name. Banner/Ava by the illustrious Neo Pikachu Emolga R.I.P. August 13, 2007 3:45AM EST Simkha "Dosha" Bakman I loved you, Grandpa Check this out, it's really cool!

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Default Re: War RP

Name: Duke
Age: 26
Description: Light-green camoflauge baggy pants, light-green camoflauge shirt and cap.
Personality: Quiet, oppritunist. Semi-strategist.
Background: Born out of a rich family, Duke was home for most of his childhood. It was not until age 14 did he ever get his own pokemon. From there, he left home and began his adventures. Upon the middle of his journey, he stumbled upon Team Flora which he would be apart of for a very long time. At the age of 16 he was still a grunt and only had a very minor part of the first war. On the past 10 years after the war had ended, Duke had lead many successful recon operations and climbed through the ranks to admin. He is currently en route to Petalburg...
Pokemon: Flygon, Sceptile, Croconaw, Weepinbell
Team: Flora

I accept myself and I can begin posting


Before I had ordered the beginning of Littleroot Complex’s construction, I had seen something flying among the clouds. As I looked up, it was the same elite who decided to resign right after the rescue operation in Agate Coast. He rode on his Swellow and his Flora Patch was on, I had guessed one of the scientists told HQ what was going on, and they sent a messenger to tell me something important. Soon his Pokémon had landed, and he dismounted.

“Duke, HQ sent me here to stop you – you aren’t authorized to build here!” he said right when I tried to greet him.

“And that is because…?” I asked with an arrogant voice.

“They decided that your ideas are only damaging Team Flora’s assets, and are requiring you to return to HQ immediately.” The elite told me.

“Fine…” I then turned around and was about to call for the worker’s attention, until someone spoke before I could.

“Hey, I found something!” yelled out one of the workers. Along with the elite I walked over to the man.

“What do you have there?” I asked the worker, holding some kind of ball.

“I don’t know, is this some kind of jade ball, or something? I dug it up from some soil under the rubble.” He told me as I saw the greenish ball.

“It’s probably a useless counterfeit. Just put it on the floor and let the wind blow it.” I told the worker.

“Yes, sir.” Right after he dropped the object, a large wind had brewed and after a very brief period of time the ball was blown away. As soon as it got out of sight, the wind died down.

“What was that?!” asked the shocked elite. “How did that just happen?”

“Coincidence most likely. Urgh. I have no time to play games…” I said right after walking away. Though I did say it was a coincidence, inside, what happened with the object was pretty creepy.

“Alright, everyone!” I yelled and gained the attention of all the workers. “Go to Oldale, group up your families, and just resume rebuilding of your homes. No complex will be built here for now.” As everyone began walking away, I pulled out one of my Pokéballs, opened it, and released my Flygon. I hopped on to it’s back and then said to it, “Alright Flygon, head out, back to headquarters.”

The elite, only a few feet away, heard me ordering to leave and then yelled, “Hey, wait up!” By the time he said that though, Flygon was already airborne and en route to Petalburg Woods. As we traveled toward Petalburg Woods, I thought about the mysterious ball that actually changed the weather right after I mentioned it. What was it? How did it do that? It was all unknown to me, it may be a while until I ever discover what kind of power was inside of the object.

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Default Re: War RP


"Ok, let's see... That's the milk, fruit, bread, vegitables, rice..."
"Esp. Eon espe on."
"I know, Espeon, I can't wait for dinner tonight ethier. It's my first real paycheck..."
Yuki Nekomiya was your average 15 year old in almost every way. She did have a family, though she choose to avoid them, and she had friends, though the last time she saw them or even spoke to them was about 9 years ago. Yuki had mild issues... Ok, not mild but maybe rather extreme. Ever since she was a little girl Yuki had been convinced she brought pain and suffering.
So, as to avoid bringing sorrow, Yuki had kept herself from interacting with people. Her only friends, or family as she often called them, were her twin Pokemon. Her male Umbreon and Female Espeon were her only friends. She interacted with no one else but her Pokemon and people she was buying products from. Sometimes she'd interact with her employeers but, then again, they usually avoided her.

Yuki had been in Littleroot and after she left she'd learned that Littleroot wasn't really all that peaceful anymore... That was probbly her fault, or at least she thought, so she was about to collect her month's pay and head off to try and help fix the mess she was convinced she'd caused.
"Umbreon bre on." Complained Umbreon while Yuki pruchased all the food on her list. The dark canine stood by her leg and gave her a desprate look of pure hunger.
"Ok, Umbreon. I'll feed you first." Yuki promised "But I need to make dinner first."

The trio started walking home. Yuki had a little base on the route to Littleroot. She only went to Petalburg for shopping and the walk to Littleroot took 45 minutes if Yuki walked through the forest. She didn't really mind walking through the unknown forest that seperated Littleroot and Petalburg. She perferred to go through the forest in stead of going through another town or risking meeting people. So the forest was the best way to travel.

~Chikyuu no Mirai, Gouhoshi suru, nya!~
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Default Re: War RP


No known last name. Goes by Tom, but is also know as Dark Pikachu.


Is one of Nox's younger members at the age of 12.






Eye Color: Steel Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Hair style: Long, and parted over one eye.

Height: 5'00" (Five feet, zero inches)

Weight: 108

Clothing: A black uniform similar to the Rockets outfit, with a black belt holding 4 black Pokeballs. Is wearing all black to be camoed at night.


Quiet and seclusive most of the time, but much like his weapons of choice, he can be explosive.


The details of this persons backround are a bit foggy, some may just dismiss him as some type of steriotypical mad bomber, but theres a story behind it. Like most of the people in the past wars, his parents were killed by two teams fighting. After that happened, something snapped in his mind, and he joined team Nox. A master of explosives, he favors using gernades, but he also likes to use his pokemon. One thing he doenst really want to do is kill. He uses his pokemon and weapons to disable, but tries not to kill if possible. Unfoutuantly, a war often doensn't happen that way. The one pokemon he is closest to, would be his pikachu, which he favors so much, that he was given the codename of Dark Pikachu. His snappy but often hurtful sense of humor and his short fuse temper, have also led to the Dark in that name.



After receiving his codename, Tom decided to rename his favorite pokemon after him, and named his Pikachu, Dark Pikachu. He got this pokemon a long time ago, and has become very close to it.

Caught in Pokemon tower, this is one of Toms favorite types of Pokemon, and also part of Nox's lineup.

Evolved from the pokemon Tom was given upon joining Nox.

Empty Pokeball


Master of explosives and profeiceint in the Martial Art of Judo if the need arises.

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Default Re: War RP

En Route to Flora HQ

The ride seemed longer than normal, but I didn’t care, I was still in a daze over that mysterious object on the ruins that was Littleroot. What kind of object could control weather like it had? Soon after much thinking, I saw the large building which was Team Flora’s headquarters, and decided to ask about the object while there.

Petalburg City/ Flora HQ

I entered the headquarters lobby. It was full of many familiar and not so familiar faces. All faces were full of weary; many of the men inside the lobby were restless. I was guessing many of them were being assigned for their units in case war was indeed imminent.

As I approached the desk I was rudely asked “Getting assigned here or what?!” the man on the front desk seemed very aggravated and disturbed about something.

“No, I am here for confidential business, now if I may -” but before I could speak, I was interrupted:

“Whatever man, just go about your business, gee!” The young man seemed extremely arrogant. I began to walk away before any more tension could grow. I then continued on to the control and briefing room where I would receive further orders.

“Duke…right?” asked a blonde, young lady inside the control room.

“Yeah…” I did almost continue on to flirt with her but I knew I could not mess around on the job.

“Well, you’ve got this message; the commanders are either not present or busy with other matters. That’s all that they left for you, so you can leave now.” She spoke very fast and just began to walk away after handing me an envelope. I did stare at her for a little while, but sense finally got back to me and I hastily exited the building and rushed on to my small yet comfortable home in Petalburg.

I greeted my tired grandfather very quickly and rushed into my room to see what the letter was about. I just ripped off the envelope and pulled out the letter in quite a barbaric fashion, I was quite eager at the time, but I skipped the header and got to reading the letter pretty fast.

“After recent browsing through your past few activities you have taken a part of, we had decided to promote you to an elite, and since you were here for more than 10 years, you will notice you may have a few extra advantages over other elites. Although some of your last activities were done without any permission, you did your best to improve Team Flora.

Though you are promoted, doesn’t mean you don’t have any work. We have recently heard of the defensive cannon failure at Littleroot, and we do not recommend you to return to Littleroot until architects rebuild the town, but even after then, we have now decided to ban ANY and ALL projects to be carried out near residential areas. There are many vacant spots deep inside the Petalburg Woods we have reserved for projects such as the Sol Cannon.

Speaking of future projects, we are sending you on a “scavenger” mission. We want you to retrieve the Flora green orb. Now, we don’t have much information on it and its powers but we do know it is a powerful device that we could use to defend Team Flora. Ever since the last war, no one is left who does remember what the Flora green orb does, and no one is ever sure the this orb even exists, but there are reports of a mysterious green object around the region of south Hoenn. If you can retrieve such objects, you may find yourself being ABOVE any elite in Team Flora, but of course, you are still under the command of your leaders.

Also, you must know some other news. Jarrod is no longer in command of the team. He stepped down and offered it to Matthew, and now you will find Matthew as your new leader. You can also find that Matt was the second command, that position is not open, however. A fellow named Tony has taken over that position. That is much about it. Congratulations on your promotion, and try and find us that orb.

Team Flora Command”

This letter cleared it all up. The green object I had seen at Littleroot ruins may have been the Team Flora Orb. It didn’t really matter now, however, for the Orb had been blown away by the north wind. It probably had been blown to the water currents, likely leading to Slateport City’s beach. I then quickly rushed to Team Flora HQ to request for a helicopter.

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Default Re: War RP

Pallet Town Underground Base/S-Tech Inc. HQ

I was inside a dream. Possibly it was a Virtual Reality version of it. I had no way of knowing. Vaguely familiar but not at the same time. It looked like a Level out of one of my favorite Video Games which was based on an old TV Show: Andromeda. Naturally I played the Captain.

"Dylan, the Magog Swarm Ships are retreating. Should we pursue? It might be a trap." said Andromeda on the Screen.

"I'm tired from that battle. Can I be excused to my quarters, Boss?" Asked Harper from his station.

"I think we should all take a long rest. I'll be in my quarters as well." I said and left the Bridge heading down the Hall already.

I fell asleep even before my head hit the pillow.

Unknown game time later

I woke up and my Face hit Plastic instead of Air as usual.

"Ugh. What happened. This isn't the Andromeda Ascendant. And why am I so stiff?" I said, rubbing my nose and feeling a bit disoriented.

Then it all came back to me. The Fight in Space. Using my ability over the normal way. The Coma. The VR Simulation of the TV Show. Was I back? How old was I? What did I miss?

Dana appeared in Hologram form next to my chamber. It was in a storage closet on the Second Lower Floor, the crew quarters.

"I'm glad you've finally woken up. The world has changed. Our company has changed. Be calm." said Dana, acting calmly herself.

"I'm trapped in my own invention, stiff, in pain in my nose and the stupid release button doesn't work. How am I supposed to be calm?!" I yelled at her still trying to press the button and it having no effect.

"It must have lost power during your time in this Time Slowdown Chamber. You've been in it a while." she said starring at me.

"Can you let me out first? I'm stiff and in pain over here." I asked her again.

Avatar Dana walked in and the Hologram of her promptly disappeared.

She pressed the outside release button and the Plastic Top opened from my legs first.

"You're alive!" she yelled and jumped at my neck, hugging me.

"Ow. My neck hurts now. I've been in here a while. Do you want to kill me?" I asked with a smile.

"God, no. You just woke up from a Ten-Year Coma and I woudn't want to lose you again." she said appologeticlaly and let go.

I slowly got up, flexing each joint slowly and sat on the side of the Chamber.

"TEN YEARS?! I'VE BEEN ASLEEP TEN YEARS? I WENT FROM SEVENTEEN TO TWENTY-SEVEN?! No wait. It slows down time by a factor of one half." I said with a sigh of relief.

"Yup. You're twenty-two, not twenty-seven." said Dana at my wild momentary outburst.

"Well that's kind of a relief. I missed ten years. What else did I miss?" I asked.

She sat next to me.

"Investors are still buying and selling our stock. Shares of Pkmn products have been rising in Value with Household appliances not far behind. Your parents and I have kept it from going Bankrupt." she answered, smiling again.

"Well that's good to hear. How are the Pkmn on Level Three doing? How are my Pkmn buddies?" I asked with a hint of worry.

"The artificial environment is adequate for them. The population has risen a bit since you fell into your Coma. The Technicians expanded that Level accordingly in all directions." she said with the same courteous smile.

"Where are my Pkmn? The ones that used to be the ones I carried in my Pack? Is Zap okay?" I asked her, worried again.

"The Pokéballs were removed from the pack and your Pkmn are on Level Three as well." she said.

I got up and decided to stretch a bit. Then I stood on my Palms upside down.

"I still go..........Ow!" I said an then hit my head as my Arms coudn't hold my wait yet from lack of practice.

Dana just sweatdropped in emarrasment.

I was gonna show how I could still do my acrobatics taught to me by my Father when he was in his prime but I ended up with a headache instead and a few aches and pains in my back. I did a Bridge and that made me feel better.

Getting back up from the Bridge Exercise I felt much better now that my back was worked out somewhat.

"I think I'll stand on my Hands later. Shall we go visit them?" I asked her, walking toward the Stairs rather than to use the Turbolift.

"Let's go!" yelled Dana a bit too over enthusiastic.

It had to be from the lonliness of the past Ten years. But I was back now so she woudn't be lonely anymore.

Anybody who didn't live here would think they had stepped into a Park or something. We walked out of the atairwell to the Pkmn Habitat. It had Tall Grass, Lakes and various other living environments specially designed to look like real aboveground places.

We didn't even have to go far really. My Six Pkmn were waiting for us. Hologram Dana must have found them for me already.

Hot Foot the Blaziken was busy breaking a Boulder to pieces. Mila the Milotic was asleep in a nearby pond. Flygon, who was the newest of my Traveling Team and therefore didn't have a Nickname yet, was just dozing peacefully under a tree. His wings were folded over his body. Confucius the Alakazam was just standing there. He seemed to be having a heated discussion with Smelly the Vileplume. Zap the Raichu ran over to me excitedly and I petted him on the head lightly.

They hadn't changed that much in 10 years. I guess Pkmn don't age as much a people.

Dana handed me my Backpack and I recalled each of them. I then shrunk the Pokéballs into their compact forms and put them in the Backpack.

"Well now that you got your Pkmn let's go to the Main Level. Clark some important old messages for you." said Dana and started to walk to to the Turbolift this time instead of the Stairs.

The Levels were quite large and walking up the stairs Two levels would be tireing for me. She was realy doing me a favor since it didn't matter for her. her Robot body doesn't get tired.

We got in the Turbolift and it Zoomed upwards.

When the Doors opened we walked out onto the Main Operations Level. This is actually the smallest of the Four Levels in the Base. It's shaped like a Square. It's just the Stations of the Bridge Officers and my Chair with a Large screen on one of the walls.

"Captain on the Bridge!" yelled the Clark, Tactical officer saluting me.

"Good to see ya back, Boss." said Ben, the Communications Officer also with a salute.

Robert, the Engineer just gave me a salut without saying anything. His job is important so he can't talk much. If the Plutonium Reactor has any problems we could all be in trouble. The Engine, when it's working in Ship Form could explode if something is wrong with the Reactor.

"At ease everybody. I'm back but don't let that stop you from doing your jobs." I said also with a quick salute.

"Sir, I have some messages from Trainer HQ. The first is from Mr. Kim, the Leader and the second one is from a Mr. Kel." said Clark when all the formalities were over.

"Please put them on the Main Viewscreen." I said wondering what could be so dire that Harry would need to contact me when I hadn't been seen for Ten years.

The familair face of Harry appeared and he started to speak.

"My good friend Bron, I don't know when you will recieve this message or if you recieve it at all but I have important news. The Main HQ has moved to Rustobro City in the Hoenn Region. I fear for the worst. My sources tell me that the time for another War might soon be upon us. If you want, you can come to Rustboro as well."

The recording ended and I was left starring at the blank screen. For me the first Team War I participated was still fresh in my mind. No time had passed for me, mentally. It was like one minute I'm becoming Blind and the next minute I'm hitting my head on the Plastic of the Chamber. It was so sudden.

"This recording is two years old. Shall I play the other recording?" asked Clark, snapping me out of my stare.

"Go ahead. It can't be any worse than what I just saw." I said still a bit stunned by the first message.

A man appeared on the Viewscreen. I assumed it was this Mr. Kel that Clark mentioned.

"This is Kel calling Bron of S-Tech. Please respond."

"Bron is unavilable right now. Can I take a message?" Dana's familiar voice answered him on the recording.

"Please tell him that Harry has something that requires his services."

The recording abruptly ended.

"This recording is recent. It's about a week old." said Clark.

"Thank you, Clark. Return to your duties even if there's anything else coming in." I said with a false smile.

I was worried. Had the War already started?

"Well theres no time to lose. Let's test out the new Drills I installed before in case we had to move the base." I said, speaking to Dana.

"What Drills? I don't register any Drilling Hardware installed anywhere on the outside." said Dana next to me.

*Anime Fall*

I got back up and I was astonished.

"What do you mean there are no Drills?! Me and the Technicians installed them a while before we went to space!" I yelled at her.


"I know but you forgot to install the Driver software. My Core Operating System is telling me that there are no Drills." she said embarasedly.

Well I knew what could be the cause of that. I must have decided not to make them active yet then.

I searched in the Cabinet under the Viewscreen and found the CD marked "Drill Driver." I then sat down in my chair and put it in the Drive.

Then the disk was ejected and I heard a hum from above where the nearest Drill was located.

"Drills operational and ready. What is our destination?" asked Dana on the screen.

"Set a course for Rustboro City in Hoenn. We need to remain at least 500 meters below ground so we don't disturb any Surface structures." I said smiling.

"Course set. Drills engaged." said Dana on the screen.

We all felt a jolt as the Base moved.

We were off to Rustboro.

Unknown to me, my parents were trying to get to the Bridge..........
Bronislav is my name and 1984 is my birth year. Call me Bron or Slavik if you can't say my full name. Banner/Ava by the illustrious Neo Pikachu Emolga R.I.P. August 13, 2007 3:45AM EST Simkha "Dosha" Bakman I loved you, Grandpa Check this out, it's really cool!

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Default Re: War RP

OOC: I think I'll wait to approve DP until after he finishes the signup.
Bronislav is my name and 1984 is my birth year. Call me Bron or Slavik if you can't say my full name. Banner/Ava by the illustrious Neo Pikachu Emolga R.I.P. August 13, 2007 3:45AM EST Simkha "Dosha" Bakman I loved you, Grandpa Check this out, it's really cool!
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Default Re: War RP

Name: Nick/ Alias:Angel of Chaos
Description: he has black and white clothes simtimulously, half of his side is black,other is white,angel wing on one side, devil wing on the other,short spikey hair
Personality: Dark,Mysterious
Background:He join Flora once before, Season 1 & 2, but with Season 3 the members quickly dissappeared, so he did aswell, to Team Nox, the team of Darkness.
Pokemon: Electrode/No gender/Favorite Pokemon
Sceptile/Male/Was starter
Bannete/Male/Choice of Nox
Ledian/Male/he found a Ledyba down the road and decided too keep it
Team: NOX
Other:He can use his wings as weapons. But his energy depletes quickly if he does. Also is a spy, revenge to George of Team Trainer, due to the fact that he destroyed the satilite before it being ever used. He gainsed and age during the war, due to the fact that mysteries can happen. Very strategic in Pokemon.
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