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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 04-26-2007, 05:22 PM
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Default The Wanderer

Pokemon, the trainer's best friend. Every year there is a tournament that the trainer show their skills. Every day a new trainer gets his first Pokemon. But what about the wanderer? Some of them want to be champions, but others want to see the world and the learn the way of life and Pokemon.
Meet our charcter Mishel, and her Pokemon Riolu. They just want to see the world, meet new Pokemon and even try to catch some. What they don't know is that there are alot of obstacles in their way like trainers, bandits and evil Pokemon. Mishel and Riolu will have to protect each other and friends.

Chapter one- Goodbye.

Mishel woke up in her bed and her Riolu slept next to her.
"Wake up Riolu, it's morning, we have to start our travel to nowhere."
The small Pokemon woke up and looked at Mishel.
"Come on let me sleep." He replied.
"Today we have to leave home and go to explore the world. We can't explore the world while we still in bed." Mishel said and shook Riolu's hand, but it didn't help.
She took a pokeballs that was on a shelf near the window.
"I will put you in a pokeball."
She knew that Riolu didn't like to be in a pokeball. Riolu jumped on Mishel's shoulder and said:
"I am awake don't worry."
Mishel wore her old, brown coat, took her bag and got out of her house.
She looked at some kids that got their first Pokemon. She remembered a converrsation with her friend, Nick, and how she met her Pokemon. They was near a lake that was near their town, Nick looked at the lake with sad eyes and said:
"If you want to go on a journey, go. I won't stop you, but please, don't die."
"Don't worry, today I will get my first Pokemon, so I will be fine." Mishel answerred.
Suddenly they heard something moving in the bushes. Mishel looked at the bushes and saw Riolu that caught in an Ursaring trap. His leg bled and Mishel tried to help him by openning the trap. After a try that took a hour, with some help of Nick and the water Pokemon that leaved near the lake, Mishel openned the trap.
"Thank you." The small Pokemon said.
"You can talk?" Mishel asked.
"Yes, I can. But please let's talk somewhere else, somewhere safer." The scared Pokemon said.
Mishel took him to her house and took out her first-aid kit. She cleaned the injurness and dressed it gently. Riolu looked at Mishel's black, long hair and grey eyes with his crimson eyes. He focused on Mishel's cold hands that touched his leg that it won't move.
"I wish that I could be a human just for this moment." He thought.
"So what happened to you?" Mishel said and threw the dirty bandeges.
"A man with a Grovyle tried to catch me, just because of the fact that I can talk." He said and looked like he didn't want that Mishel's hands will stop touching him. "Just to be a human for this moment, this is all what I want." He thought.
"I need a partner to a journey around tho world, do you want to join me?" Mishel asked and gave him some water.
"Y...yes." He answered. "This day can't get even better." He smiled.
Mishel touched his head and smiled him back. "Fine we will get on the journey when you will feel better." She put a medicine in Riolu's water and said:
"Drink it, you will feel better with that."
Riolu drank the medicine and looked like he is going to fall asleep. Mishel took him off the table and put him in her bed. Suddenly Mishel heard something. She looked outside and saw that a Grovyle and his grey haired trainer attack the people. Mishel got out of her house and stood infront of the trainer. She looked at his green eyes and said:
"Go away!"
"First give ne the Riolu!" He shouted.
"I don't know what are you talking about." She answered.
"Wrong answere, now Grovyle attack her!" He pointed on Mishel and his Grovyle got ready his Leaf Blades.
Riolu woke up and jumped out of the window.
"Don't touch her!" The small Pokemon said.
"What are you going to do?" The trainer asked.
Grovyle jumped behind Mishel and hurted her shoulder.
"Stop!" Riolu shouted. "Now you are getting me angry."
The small Pokemon looked at Mishel and asked:
"Are you fine?"
Mishel touched her shoulder and looked at Riolu's eyes and said:" I am fine, but we have to save the town."
"Fight with me, tell me what to do." Riolu said.
"Don't move!" A voice said.
The sheriff was behind the trainer and a Growlithe was behind the Grovyle. They took the trainer and his Pokemon to the police station. Mishel looked at the moon and said:
"We only started our journey."
"Hey Mishel." A voice said.
It was Nick, with a big smile and sad eyes. He wanted to say goodbye to Mishel and Riolu.
"I see that you are ready to go."
"Yes, me and Riolu decided that we have to go as soon as we will recover."
Nick looked at the ground. His big smiled became smaller and he didn't want that Mishel will leave.
"I see, so, it's goodbye."
Mishel looked at Riolu and said:
"Don't worry, I have a feeling that we will meet again."
Mishel looked to the sky and remembered something.
"Hey Nick, if I remeber right today you get your first Pokemon."
"Right," Nick said, "today I am going to get a Ralts or Chikorita or Elekid or something else." He was so excited that he almost forgot that Mishel is leaving.
Mishel smiled.
"You can get which Pokemon you want, but no Pokemon will defeat me." Riolu said and fell of Mishel's shoulder.
Mishel caught him and said:
"You got a point, we trauned almost every day."
Mishel put her Pokemon on her shoulder.
"I am sorry that I won't stay to see which Pokemon you will get." Mishel said and looked at the green haired boy.
"Well, goodbye." Nick said.
"Goodbye old friend." Mishel said and walked away to the first place that her destiny will take her.
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