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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 04-23-2007, 08:41 AM
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Lightbulb The Protectors Stone-pmd fic

Just wanna tell you before you start reading... I'm lazy. I'm only gonna write very small chapters at a time. Any horrid spelling mistakes are on purpose. (like DOOD and stuff.) I type my talking...
Me: Like this.

Chapter 1: WHERE AM I!?

A breeze blew through a beautiful field. The sun shone high in the sky, the clouds were fluffy. An Umbreon was asleep in the center of the field. He slowly opened his eyes. Oddly enough (for an umbreon) he was wearing glasses...
Umbreon: Whe... where am I?... I... can't remember...
He stood up, wondering then why he was standing on all fours. He looked down at his... PAWS!?
Umbreon looked at himself more thouroghly...
Umbreon: SINCE WHEN AM I AN UMBREON!? Wait... whats an Umbreon?? WAH!? And... my name... I can't remember it... I think it was... D.....usk? Dusk. Yah.. I... I think that was it...
A Bulbasaur and a Charmander then came running over. The Charmander appeared to be all ran out, he fell to the ground, panting.
Bulbasaur: Come on you idiotic Slowpoke. Hurry up.
Charmander: Can' any... further.... legs... jelly!...
Bulbasaur: Fine, you can catch up later...
Bulbasaur continued walking. But stopped when she saw Dusk.
Bulbasaur: Hey... who're you?
Dusk: I'm Dusk. Who're you.... and who's your freind?
Bulbasaur: Well, my name is Lily. Pleasure to meet you Dusk!...
Lily looked to the Charmander, who was lying face down in the grass.
Lily: And THAT is Flame. We're a rescue team. Do you need help?
Dusk: Well first of all, i'd like to know where i am...
Lily: What!? You don't even know where you are!?
Dusk: Actually... I can't remember all that much.
Lily:.... You must have Amnesia. You should come with us for now.
Dusk: Umm... okay. I guess I could...
Lily: Okay then. Lets go.
Flame picked himself up, then he, Dusk and Lily went on their way. Dusk looked up to the Sky, Not knowing why, but thinking that something bad was going to happen involving it.

~~end chapter 1~~
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Old 04-28-2007, 11:51 PM
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Default Re: The Protectors Stone-pmd fic

Chapter 2: Flame proves himself

Flame, Dusk and Lily were walking through Tiny woods.
Lily: you guys are so slow... you don't mind if I go ahead do you?
Flame: No, You go ahead. I'll bring... um... whatsisname here....
Dusk: My names Dusk.
Flame: Dusk, right. I'll escort him to town. I wish we hadn't lost that rescue team badge...
Flame: Well... I... um... BACON!! BACON AND FISH STICKS!!
Lily:....-_-.... im just gonna go ahead now... meet ya at town...
Lily ran off. Dusk gave Flame a look.
Dusk: Bacon and Fish sticks??.....???
Flame: What, I said the first thing that came into my head.
Flame rubbed his belly hungrily, he picked an Apple off of the Ground and Ate it.
Dusk: Well, Um, thanks for saving me some. I haven't had breakfast yet, ya know.
Flame: But I didn't save you any.
Dusk: -_-... wait... whats that sound?
Dusk perked his ears up. He could hear rustling leaves.
Flame: What sound??.... Oh I hear it now... what is that??
The ground started rumbling. Dusk and Flame could hear Footsteps.
Dusk: I think we'd better get outta here...
Flame: It's probably just an earthquake. They're common around this area.
Dusk: What about the footsteps? CAN AN EARTHQUAKE MAKE FOOTSTEPS!?!?
Flame: ....Let's get outta here.

Lily was angrily stomping through the woods.
Why was Flame so Lazy, and stupid??
Perhaps she should make him leave the team...
but then... she heard screaming. One scream she remembered from when She protected Flame from a Totadile. Flame was in trouble. She followed her ears, and in no time reached Him. She hid behind some bushes and watched. Could Flame get out of this by himself?

Before Flame and Dusk could even start running, a giant Venusaur came stomping through the trees, and roared. Dusk and Flame screamed. The Venusaur Sat in a sunny spot, and Started charging a Solar beam. Lily came and hid in the Bushes at this point.
Flame: You attack him.
Dusk: I don't know how to fight, how do you expect me too!?!?
Flame: I DUNNO!!!
Venusaur finished charging. He reared up on his hind legs.
Flame Thinking:If I don't do anything now, this Venusaur will... make us hurt very bad!! ...
Flame concentrated very hard. His tail flame Blazed Blue, and the grass around his feet started burning. He opened his mouth, and released a blast of fire so big that Dusk had to run faster then he had ever run to escape being burnt. Lily watched in amazement, as the Flames lit up her face. When the fire was gone, the Venusaur was burnt badly. He ran away.
Lily: Flame...
Flame: Huh? Lily? I thought you were going ahead of us!
Lily: Well, I heard you guys screaming, and came rushing. But I see that you can obviously fend for yourself. I didn't know you had that much power though...
Flame: To be honest, Lil, I didn't either.
Lily: I guess... I guess I misjudged you.
Dusk came out from behind a now well-crisped tree, with a slightly burnt tail.
Dusk: Ow. Can we... go too town now?
Lily: Huh? Yes, of course we can. Come on Flame.
Flame and Dusk followed Lily out of the Tiny Woods. Dusk wondered what would happen when they got too town.

~~end chapter 2~~

any comments?
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