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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 04-23-2007, 03:24 AM
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Default New world

For: ??

The light hurt. Small eyes squinting, the little child peered up at the unexpected intruder, hands half-raised in a useless, defensive gesture. The Pokemon before her, however, didn't mean any harm. In fact, the Ampharos looked as startled to see her as she was to see it.

This, however, didn't stop her from crying out when the light on its tail brightened, and the one on its head shone with a dazzling, and painful, brightness.

Fingers uncurled, spreading over her eyes instead, as the girl huddled in among her blankets.

/Come out of there,/ the Pokemon said, dimming the light. Closing the door behind himself, he offered a paw to help her up, for she was hopelessly tangled in the bedding. She, however, refused to take it, preferring to bury her face in the covers.

/Okay…./ Unused to such situations, and unsure of what to do, the electric type tried again. /Please?/ he asked, this time lifting her without her cooperation. She didn’t fight, either, however. She lay limp in his arms, and to his surprise, her eyes drifted off in opposite directions. Feeling quite startled, he nearly dropped her, but managed to regain his hold. /Right, we’re getting out of here,/ the Pokemon decided, on the spur of the moment. He’d only been there to help generate electricity until the power came back on, supplying a storage of the volts as he always did for the neighborhood, so he certainly hadn’t been expecting to deal with any children, at least unsupervised ones. And, from the looks of it, an unwanted one.

Having been the runt of the litter himself, and often left behind, the Pokemon pitied her. It did, however, seem an odd hiding place, to him. Nor did she have a group of loud, rambunctious siblings. No, he'd seen a mere one other child, and a rather quiet one at that, content with the sheer mass of video games in their TV room.

Lifting the little girl, who shielded her eyes from the light with her sleeve, he carried her out into the light.
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