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Default Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

She kneeled there, eyes fixated on the dried stain of blood and the scattered shards of a once beautiful antique turquoise necklace. Holding her small, delicate fingers open, she slowly waved her hand over the deep crimson puddle. As she closed her eyes, she began to hum a slow, mournful melody.

"This was no accident," she suddenly declared in a confident voice. Her eyes shot open, staring into an infinite galaxy, sprawling beyond the visions of all others in the room. "This was a murder."

The detectives nodded in agreement and began to scribble notes. "Please continue Miss Aurora," the youngest of the twosome and latest addition to the Lavender Police force piped up. He appeared to be in his early twenties. His hair was short and tawny, his nose dappled in freckles of a similar color, although a bit more red than not. "Who committed this crime, and for what purpose?"

The young girl closed here eyes once more. After a moment of silence, she rose and began to slowly walk across the room. Eyes still shut, the detectives watched in awe as she navigated her way through the cluttered conservatory with the grace and ease of a swan. She stepped lightly over an uncoiled garden hose, turned, and began sauntering off in a different direction, this time towards a large rodondendron bush. As she neared the flowering plant, her pace began to slow to that of a lolling stroll. She reached her hand out towards the pot of the large plant, and began to trace her fingers over the designs etched into the elegant white marble pot it was growing in.

"It's here," she muttered in a hollow whisper.

The young detective rushed to her side, eyes wide open with anticipation. "What is here, Miss Aurora?" He stared into her face, examining her pure, pale skin, as light and unearthly as the reflection of the moon on a crystal clear night. His eyes shifted to the dark, yet shimmering eye shadow which rose slightly on the outer edges of her eyes, slightly reminiscent to that of a cat's eye. "What do you sense?"

The girl reached out with both hands and tenderly pushed aside the smooth, vibrantly green leaves of the plant and pushed her slender fingers through the cold, damp soil. When her hand emerged again, she was holding a dagger. Although completely covered in dirt, one could tell the blade was a deep smoky silver color. "This is the weapon... this was used to kill Mrs. Applegate... upon it you will find the killer's fingerprints..." as she spoke, her cold voice carried through the air like a slithering serpent, and began to trail off almost dreamily, yet in a most unsettling manner.

At a loss for words and utterly enchanted by her ethereal beauty and precision, the detective hastily pulled out a clear plastic bag, with the words "Exhibit A" printed neatly across it in black marker, and collected the dagger from Aurora.

"Well done Miss Aurora," the older of the two detectives spoke up in a deep, gruff voice as he adjusted his black bowler hat. "We have been working for weeks to solve the Applegate case without any luck. Sometimes I just wonder how you do it."

At last she opened her eyes, returning from her trance, and turned to face the three men. "I am very glad I could be of assistance to you," she responded in a meek voice as she adjusted the beaded shawl that was draped across her shoulders.

"Would you like a ride home, Miss Aurora?" The young detective with the tawny hair stammered shyly. "It is getting pretty late after all, and it has been rather chilly lately," he added in for good measure.

"No thank you, I will not require transportation this evening. I rather enjoy these October nights," Aurora responded in an even tone of voice.

"I will stop by your office tomorrow to collect my payment. Until then, adieu, gentlemen."

She smiled, took a shallow bow, and left the late Mrs. Applegate's mansion.

"That was great work today, huh Saphira?" Aurora called out into the darkness with a sneer smile. A dark purple figure materialized from the air, floating several feet ahead of the girl. Like a will-of-the-wisp, only of darkness rather than luminescent light, the figure looped and twirled through the air, in a playful yet picturesque manner, towards the girl.Its dark, spiky figure was outlined ever so faintly against the background of fiery orange, yellow, and red trees.

Okay, I won't kid you anymore. That "ethereal beauty" described isn't a real psychic being used to investigate crime scenes, just your everyday rapscallion trying to make a living in this heartless rat race we all live in today. That sly scalawag is none other than yours truly.

My name isn't really Aurora, that's just a pseudonym I use when I am on the job. It has sort of a psychic feel to it, works well with the character. My real name is Fenix and I make my living scamming the crime investigation unit here in my current home, Lavender.

Okay, I suppose "scam" is a bit harsh, since I really do help them solve loads of crimes. Rather, I work, posing as a medium, with my partner and best friend, Saphira the Gengar.

It's actually quite brilliant, the farce we put up for them. You see, being a ghost type Pokemon, Saphira has the unique ability to communicate with the departed and relay the information back to me through the psychic bond we share. It might sound kind of dirty, but it keeps food on the table and catches the real bad guys out there.

You see, what we do is we pick up our case from the police station, read the details, and show up wherever we are needed. Saphira, of course, keeps herself hidden at all times. She does all the real work, but she actually rather enjoys it. She relays all the details to me through a sort of visual-psychic bond. All I have to do is close my eyes and she transforms the darkness into her vision-- how she sees and interprets the world. I can't actually hear her communicating with the dead (which I don't mind, that would be kind of creepy), and she doesn't "tell" me what they say. Rather, she manipulates my "vision" in such a way that I can find all the clues we need in order to solve each case. In other instances, she can relay the information to me through emotional impulses, which allow me to feel the same emotions the victim was feeling at the time. This brings me a lot closer to them, and allows me to take subliminal cues about what may have happened. It may not be one hundred percent accurate all the time, since it is emotion rather than fact based, but it does the job.

It's really amazing, to be completely honest. The world looks so different through the eyes of a ghost. Almost everything has a darker look to it. Colors are much more vibrant than any human eye would pick up. The details of objects fade away and the impressions and colors of them prevail mostly.

In addition, ghosts pay more attention to the feeling of an object or room instead of just the contents, so everything is portrayed in a different way than it is viewed by human eyes. For instance, if a lot of pain or misery was bestowed upon a certain object, a ghost can pick up on this easily. The object will emit a really cold aura, and glow in a, excuse the pun, ghastly manner. On the other hand, if something was loved deeply, it will emit a very warm aura that resonates into the deepest corners of the heart.

The hardest part of it all I think is keeping in character all the time. Using proper speech and whatnot. Sometimes it all just seems so cheesy and overdone to me, and it takes all of my being not to burst out laughing. It just about kills me the way those detectives gaggle at me like I am some sort of magical savior of mankind, and the way others stare at me as though I am a most dangerous animal, frightening and mysterious.
Sometimes though, the emotional impulses are really hard to handle with a case. It can be really hard not to get caught up in the despair and hopelessness, or the extreme carnal rage these people feel just before they die. It can actually be really frightening sometimes...
Anyway, that is all beside the point. I have a job to do today and I'm running kind of late again. Come on Saphira, let's get going, our next mission is waiting for us!

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Default Re: Smoke and Mirrors

The sun was just beginning to rise as Aurora made her trek down the slightly mountainous trail leading from her small house located just north of Lavender Town. A thin, wispy mist was covering the ground, twirling and churning with each step she took. The leaves were in full radiance, dancing on the branches of the trees and spiraling through the wind; an elegant firestorm of brilliant colors and shapes. The faint scent of bonfires and burning leaves mingled with the crisp breeze to produce a lovely aroma. Fall always had been Aurora's favorite time of the year, even when she was very young. Something about the smell of the wind and the beautiful display of colors had always been very appealing to her. Saphira glided silently and invisibly beside her, but she could still sense the ghost's presence.

She had on her usual type of clothing for the job. Today she wore a bright, flowing magenta dress, made of cheap faux silk, covered in ornate black lace to drown out the brilliance of the pink dress underneath. Around her shoulders she had a black beaded shawl, and around her neck she wore a long slender sterling silver chain, with a beautiful moonstone pendent at the end, carefully crafted into the shape of a crescent moon, which she used at times to impress the detectives she worked for, as a typical "psychic tool," she she referred to them while not on the job. Not to be forgotten, she wore a pair of dangling earrings, in the shape of three-dimensional oblong diamonds, which were also made of the same pale silvery blue colored moonstone.

After a short, pleasant hike, the sight of the Pokemon Memorial Tower came into sight on the horizon, dark and ominous against the pale pink sky, a sure sign that Lavender Town was near. When Aurora arrived at the Lavender Police Station, she was greeted by the same tawny detective as before. "Salutations detective..." she glanced at his chest for a name tag, and filled his name into the sentence to sound as though she knew his name all along. "...Tiddles." This was one of those moments when it took everything she had not to burst out laughing. Why hadn't she noticed this man's name was Tiddles before? It seemed like something she would remember.

"Huh?" He responded, somewhat confused, until he looked down at his name tag and realized where she had gotten the name from. "Oh shoot! They did it again! That's not my name! The guys always switch it, I think it's some kind of ritual here to play tricks on the new guy..." His face flushed to a bright red color, and Aurora suddenly realized he must have some sort of attraction to her. "Umm... my name is actually Detective Rivers. Clint is my first name, and you can call me by that if you want instead." He was blushing more furiously red than he was before, his freckles becoming hidden in his flushed cheeks, and Aurora was beginning to feel a little awkward.

"I am here for my new mission," Aurora replied, without a so much as a hint of the laughter she could feel swelling up within her surfacing in her sweet voice.

"Oh yes, come in then. Detective Bone has got one set up for you already." He led her into the small building, down a narrow hallway, and back to a room with the name "Bone" hung on a wooden sign of the door. "He has your mission, just go on in and he will fill you in on the details," Clint said with a smile, as he pressed against the wall to allow Aurora to pass him to enter the room. Trying her best not to touch him, Aurora slipped past the young man and entered the older Detective Bone's room.

Upon opening the door, her nose was flooded with the scent of hazelnut coffee. She could see Bone reclined at his desk, sipping from a light brown mug and reading what appeared to be a case file. "Good morning Miss Aurora," he greeted her in his rough voice, which ironically reminded her somewhat of a coffee bean grinder, but only to a small extent. "Would you care for a cup of joe?" he asked politely. Aurora shook her head no. "I should have known. It's all business with you. Well, I am sure you know how there have been a slew of attempted robberies on Mr. Fiji's Pokemon Care Center? Well, just last night one of them has turned into a missing Pokemon report. The employee that was set to close up for the night never checked out, and this morning when the receptionist arrived to open up, she discovered that the place had been tore apart, signs of a struggle. We aren't sure, but we expect there is some foul play at hand since there is still no signs of that employee or one of the Pokemon that was under her care. I know we usually ask you to help only after we are unable to solve the case on our own, but well, to be honest we were considering giving you a full time job here, rather than just hiring you as a freelance psychic." Aurora's heart began to beat faster. A real job! It had been ages since she had held a steady job, well, in truth, she never had. Ever since she ran away from her home at the age of just fifteen she had been making a living doing various odds and ends to support herself. That is, until she came up with the whole psychic ploy. "If you can solve this case-on your own this time (as though they had been much help in the past)- we will hire you into the station if you would like," Bone continued. "What do you think about that?"

Although she was excited about the job offer, she decided it would be best to contain her emotions, and keep her calm and aloof front strong. She closed her eyes for a moment to consult Saphira about the situation. "Could this be the break we have been looking for? What do you think, should we take him up on the offer?" She asked her hidden friend. She could feel the answer arising within herself- through Saphira's psychic bond with her. The answer was a projected feeling of hesitancy and caution, but interest at the same time.

"I will complete the task before making a final decision," she replied with a slight nod.

In what seemed like only a few seconds, Aurora was walking alongside Clint and Bone towards the Pokemon Care Center, which was actually just a pleasant looking white, one story house with pastel blue window shutters and a roof covered in shingles of varying shades of grey. It was surrounded by a white picket fence, enclosing emerald green grass and a small pond containing a few orange Magikarp lazily swimming about. They were hardy Pokemon and could withstand the cold autumn outdoors without so much as a thought about it.

"As you can see, we have evacuated most of the Pokemon to a different location. The Pokemon Center in Saffron City was nice enough to hold them until we solve this." Bone informed Aurora. "You are free to evaluate the place for as long as you need. From here on out you will be mostly left on your own. You know where to find us if you need to ask any questions." As he said that, he tipped his black bowler hat in the air to her, and left her standing alone in the yard.

Aurora was pretty nervous at this point. Being left alone with a case and no leads is a rather daunting task, especially when a possible career is on the line.

Aurora walked up the white pebble path to the small house. As she neared the door, she noticed the handle was missing, and there were deep slash marks along the frame of the door, as though a crowbar was used to force entry. She pulled the door open and entered the greeting room of the small clinic.

Before entering the room, she decided it might be best if she let Saphira do the looking for her, since she would need to rely solely on the ghost's intuitions and judgment. She did not want to let her own bias taint the information she may gather through Saphira. She closed her eyes tightly, and took a few steps into the building.

Everything, not surprisingly, was black, since she had her eyes closed and all. Soon enough though, Saphira went to work, examining the atmosphere for any unusual vibes. The blackness began to dissolve, replaces with a glowing silver sensation. Soon the silver began to twirl in a magnificent display of splendor. Other colors began to join the cascading ballet. First blue, then red, purple, yellow. As new colors appeared the silver faded away. Aurora had always assumed silver must be the color of the spirit realm, since it always appeared at first and dissipated as focus was gained. Soon she could see impressionistic suggestions of furniture, potted plants of some sort, and a greeting desk. The colors flowed freely throughout the room, mingling the shapes together and reforming them as Saphira decided what held importance to the case and what did not.

As Aurora walked through the house, her attention was drawn to a cluster of red, which usually meant something traumatic occurred in the vicinity. She drew closer to the red form, she began to feel uneasy, a byproduct of the emotional as well as physical bond. She could tell there was something important here. Reaching out a hand, she gently touched the object. It felt cool and smooth, slender, yet strong. She decided to open her eyes to see what it actually was. The colors disappeared the instant her eyelids lifted, and she found herself standing in a dimly lit side room of the house, staring down at what appeared to be a large club-like bone. "This must belong to the stolen Pokemon," she thought aloud.

"Saphira, can you get a reading from this for me?" She closed her eyes again and closed her fingers around the clue, but this time she was not met with the bright colors as she was before. Instead, shadowy figures appeared around, filling the room, floating through the walls, and sinking through the ceiling and floor. However, she was not alarmed. These were the restless spirits of Lavender Town. Since the Pokemon Memorial Tower was located nearby, there was always an excess of spirits, which Saphira easily communicated with. Some thought of the departed Pokemon as guardians of the town, others feared them, either way, they were usually willing to help fill in details about an event when need be. As the restless figures wandered aimlessly about the room, one in particular became prominent in Saphira's eyes, and thus in Aurora's as well. It beckoned towards the back door, and obediently Aurora followed it.

Still holding the bone in her left hand, she allowed her intuitions to guide her through the house. Stepping over a fallen bookcase and avoiding a shattered vase without a thought, she soon came to the back door. If her eyes had been open she would have noticed it was a modest, yet pretty set of sliding French doors, painted white to match the exterior of the house. She slid the doors open and entered the backyard. Although it was now complete daylight, Aurora's eyes still only saw the darkness Saphira projected to her. Surprisingly, the shadow world soon diminished and her vision was flooded with a flush of bright red color, filling her entire line of sight before settling into the shape of a towering mountain. She opened her eyes and found herself staring at the Lavender Mountain Range, located just North of Lavender Town. She knew at once that his was her destination.

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Default Re: Smoke and Mirrors

"It's been quite a while since we got this much exercise, huh?" Aurora panted to Saphira as she struggled to scale the rocky path leading up the Lavender Mountain Range. Since no one was within sight, Saphira allowed herself to be completely visible. Normally she would not risk this, but there wasn't a soul in sight. Saphira sniggered at her friend as she gasped for air. This trip was a breeze for her! All she had to do was levitate alongside her companion- an upside of being a ghost. In a playful way, she mocked Aurora by floating upside down, sideways, on her back; anything to show off how easy this trip was for her. Aurora couldn't help but laugh at the light spirit Saphira held and continued trudging on through the mountain trail.

Suddenly, however, Saphira stopped dead in her tracks (if a ghost can even stop "dead" or make tracks), her glowing red eyes fixated on something beyond Aurora's vision.

The purple ghost glided ahead of Aurora and disappeared behind a large, grey, moss-covered boulder. Within a few moments, she returned, holding a navy blue backpack in one of her hands. "What have you got there?" Aurora asked aloud as she took the knapsack from the ghost. Carefully un-zipping the largest compartment, she discovered an identification tag with the picture of a middle aged woman with long lilac colored hair and a warm smile. The name read "Ida Rozenburg." A few empty (yes she tried it out) Premier Balls, which are quite rare in the Kanto Region, and a few yellow Pokeblocks were also held within the backpack.

"That name sounds so familiar..." Aurora thought to herself. She closed her eyes for a moment and pondered who this woman might be. The words "Ida Rozen" appeared before her, spinning, and finally settling upon a bronze name plate resting on some sort of reception desk. "She must be the employee that went missing from the care center!" Aurora exclaimed. "We must be getting close, let's keep going." She slung the backpack over her shoulders and continued with her search for clues.

She was growing tired of trying to scale a mountain while wearing a dress. Even if there was a hiking path, it was not commonly used since the tunnel had opened up. "How inconvenient that a stereotypical psychic wears this uncomfortable garb," she hissed as her dress nearly tripped her.
It has been said that while looking for a tiny detail, one often misses the bigger picture. This was almost true of Aurora as she continued wondering about who this Ida Rozen was and why she would be missing, along with what she thought was probably a Cubone, judging by the bone that was left behind. Nearly lost in thought, she all but tripped over a Geodude that was taking a midday nap in the middle of the rocky path. The angry rock growled at her in a grumpy tone, perturbed at her for having woke it, and rolled away to find a better place to rest. She giggled at the sight of a rock with arms hopping so clumsily along the path.

Aurora closed her eyes and took a deep breath of the fresh mountain air. She cocked her head back and felt the breeze blowing against her face. Almost anyone would have been freezing, but the cold didn't bother her so much. When she opened her eyes again, she noticed Saphira was missing. Quickly scanning the surrounding area, she caught a glimpse of her friend floating menacingly along behind the unsuspecting Geodude a bit further up the path.

"Saphira leave that alone! We have a job to do and he just wants to get some sleep!" She shouted after the mischievous ghost-type as she trotted along in an endeavor to catch up. She hurried around a bend in the path, trying to keep them in sight. When she saw what lay just beyond the twist in the path she gasped in surprise.

There was a gaping hole in the face of the rock; what appeared to be the entrance to a cave of some sort. The Geodude was long gone into the depths of the stony cavern, but Saphira was hovering in front of the entrance with a smug smile spread across her piercingly white teeth. "Oh you little devil! You knew this was here all along, didn't you?" Saphira nodded with her whole body and waved for Aurora to follow her as she levitated backwards into the cavern.

As Aurora entered the cave, she noticed it smelled damp and musty, and grew noticeably colder than the outside world as she walked deeper in. She could tell it would soon be too dark for her to see where she was going, since it was becoming exceedingly dark with every step she took. Looking down the crooked footpath was like looking into the dark, forbidding mouth of a dragon; stalagmites and stalactites made of yellowish limestone sediment were rising from the ceiling and floor like razor sharp teeth, ready to devour any trespassers.

Soon every breath Aurora took became visible in the frigid subterrane, and the light from the entrance was nearly gone, a curve in the path cutting the outside beams of light off from the rest of the impending darkness. "I think it is time for you to take over, Saphira," she stated aloud as she closed her eyes.

Saphira focused on the task at hand, and began to project her vision into Aurora's eyes once again. The darkness was replaced with a familiar gently surging silver mist, which soon spun into every color of the visible spectrum, and a moment later settled into a dim impression of the cave and her surroundings. Not surprisingly the predominant colors she saw were blues, purples, and grays of all shades, slowly undulating and rippling. However, there was a faintly glowing red haze hovering in the path she had been following, undoubtedly marking the trail which she was supposed to be following.

Aurora and Saphira continued following the glow for several more minutes until they were startled by a sudden loud clamor arising from somewhere ahead. "Quick, hide yourself!" Aurora whispered to Saphira, aware that their psychic hoax would be at risk if it was discovered that she was secretly using a ghost as a partner. With a slight nod, Saphira silently disappeared.

At the same time as the sound resonated, the colors of the cave began to twist into a whirlpool of vibrancy, turning from cool blues and purples into a magnificent show of crimson rose and lemony yellow. Both travelers knew their skills and bond would soon be put to the test.

They were nearing a fork in the path, which ordinarily would have been a tough choice, but with Saphira's telepathic bond and psychic abilities it was obvious which was the correct choice; the left fork of the split was illuminated with pulsating waves of red and yellow, likely representations of the sound waves vibrating through the cold, stale air.

Aside from the sudden change in color, Aurora could sense a subtle change in the temperature of the air as she slowly edged down the twisting pathway. As she advanced, the temperature began to rise, and she could just barely smell what she thought to be burning wood.

She could tell from the emotional connection between her and her unseen companion that she was not the only one aware of the changes. Both shared an anxious, apprehensive feeling, writhing in the pits of their stomachs like a mass of freshly unearthed night crawlers.

She could tell the narrow corridor was slowly widening, the ground began to smoothen, and the air became saturated with warmth. What had been nothing more than a dank, confined passageway was expanding into a large internal room of some sort.

The aura of this room, it seemed, was entirely different than that of the surrounding cave. It seemed to be more lively somehow, as though there had been recent activity within, and a lot of it at that. Aurora could see the crude impressions of what seemed to be furniture and a bonfire built near the wall opposite to her.

She slowly opened her eyes, the montage of color dissipating, replaced with the vivid images from her own eyes. The room appeared to be about twice the size of an average-sized living room. There were two small chairs sitting near the middle of the chamber, both carved out of a light colored wood, and a small, unrefined looking table made of the same material. And as she suspected, there was even a small fire built near the back, flooding the room with a dim orange glow, and complete with what seemed to be an opening in the ceiling to allow the smoke to escape. Very well planned out, she thought to herself. This cave was defiantly the home to someone, or something.

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Default Re: Smoke and Mirrors

Aurora cautiously approached the table and chairs, eager to examine them from a closer distance. As she neared, she noticed there was a manilla envelope sitting in the middle of it, labeled "Case 410." Her curiosity getting the better of her, she opened the envelope and carefully slid out the contained papers. She tried to decipher what was written on them, but could not tell in the dim lighting. She took the stack of what she judged to be about ten papers, and paced nearer to the fire in order to get some better lighting.
The light cast by the fire danced playfully across the smooth white papers, allowing Aurora to better view what was typed upon them.
"Case study number four-hundred ten," She muttered under her breath as she read.

"It was reported that at ten thirty p.m. on October the twenty-third a suspected attempted robbery occurred on the Pokemon Care Center of Lavender Town. Eye witnesses reported they saw a masked figure peeping through the windows of the preserve. They called out to the suspicious person, who reportedly fled the scene.

October twenty-fourth. A suspicious person was spotted lurking outside the Pokemon Care Center of Lavender Town by a local citizen. Reportedly, the suspicious person attempted a break into the building by smashing in one of the back windows with a blunt object, but was scared away when a Cubone within the building cried out in fear.

October twenty-fifth. Employee Ida Rozen of the Pokemon Care Center of Lavender Town reported to police that she was held at gunpoint by a masked individual and questioned about the whereabouts of a 'Mr. Fiji,' the owner of the building in question. When Rozen confessed that he was away on vacation to Cinnabar Island for the next three weeks, she was released."

Aurora gasped in horror, tightening her grip on the papers. "Th-these are the files from the robbery we are investigating." As she gaped at the newly discovered clue, hands now shaking, she reached a realization. "This could only mean one thing..." Without warning, her thoughts were interrupted with a sudden clatter near the entrance of the chamber. Without knowing why, she tossed these papers that felt so wrong to her into the flames of the fire. Senses heightening, she spun around on her heel to face the perpetrator of the startling noise.

No living figure was in sight. The only noticeable difference in scenery was a fallen, shattered stalactite near the entrance. Sighing in relief, Aurora decided to take a closer look to try and figure out why such a formation would suddenly drop without warning. "Perhaps," she though to herself, "the heat from the bonfire has caused the frozen limestone to thaw out and weaken."

She was still suspicious though, and decided she better take a better look, through the eyes of a psychic. Closing her eyes again, she was met with the familiar splash of silver, soon spinning once again into a colorful world invisible to the human eye. She kneeled carefully down to closer examine the oddity, still feeling her adrenaline flowing slightly faster than normal after the scare.

While there were signs of a weakened base and a higher temperature than the cave columns she had seen throughout most of the cave, she noticed that the break seemed to be much to straight and precise to have occurred naturally. She could also tell that there was a subtle, but pronounced change in the empathy waves Saphira was emitting.

Pleased at the distraction she had created, a small but fiercely agile weasel hid, crouched behind a stony stalagmite jutting up from the floor of the cave, closely resembling a rebellious snaggletooth out of place in the jaw of a diabolical predator.

She knew she would need the cover of darkness to strike this persistent invader. But how could she extinguish that troublesome fire? Narrowing her keen, vehement eyes, the petite beast felt a brilliant idea forming in her sharp mind. She silently slinked from her hiding spot along the backside of the wall until she was crouched about ten feet away from the flickering flames. Inhaling deeply, she allowed the moist air to collect in her icy lungs, freezing the molecules quite thoroughly before expelling them with all her might and wrath upon the detestable flames. The blaze was reduced to cinders, emitting minimal light and heat.

The time was perfect, now was her chance to get these meddlesome humans back for intruding on her territory, for disrupting the aphotic splendor of her home. Now she would eliminate the cause of her agitation once and for all.
Extending her piercingly white claws to the fullest length possible, the nimble hunter began to sprint across the subterranean crevice at a mercilessly fast speed, eyes and mind focused on her prey.

As Aurora knelt, still examining the fallen stalactite, she felt a gust of icy air swoosh past her, and all at once the lolling heat waves were stricken from existence. Before she had time to react, or even process what had happened, she felt an unseen object collide with her back and a sharp pain spike through her shoulder. Uttering a surprised cry of anguish, she fell forward to the floor, clutching her arm as she felt the warm, wet blood begin to flow. In addition to her flesh and clothing, right the strap of the backpack she had been wearing was severed, causing it to tip and fall to her left side.

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Default Re: Smoke and Mirrors

Pleased at her speedy strike, the lithe assassin landed skilfully on her feet, turned with amazing precision, and bolted back into the depths of the cavern room to regroup for a second strike. This time, however, she would aim to kill.

Eyes locked shut in distress and nearly blinded from the overpowering white hot pain waves clouding her vision, Aurora turned around blindly in a fruitless endeavor to locate her attacker via Saphira's telepathic bond. As she frantically scanned the room, she was lost in utter dismay as to why there were no signs of life scuttering about within- the room was completely devoid of color, aside from the glaring pangs of her injury.

Coming to an abrupt stop near the far side of the gloomy grotto, the malicious weasel turned to face her victim from afar. Taking a deep breath, she once again began to sprint at lightning speed towards the weakened, swaying figure. As she neared, she extended her razor blade claws and leapt into the air to gain a clear shot at the human's head. As she rose one paw high above her head to finish her strike, she was struck with an unexpected and powerful blow to the abdomen, knocking her aside like a helpless rag doll.

Aurora gasped as she suddenly lost connection with Saphira, her eyes snapping open just in time to see a dark figure outlined just several feet above and ahead of her getting knocked out of the air by an unseen force. Without realizing what had just happened, she followed the figure with her eyes, watching it slam forcefully into the ground and quickly recover to its feet, eyes darting around the room with a bewildered expression on its small, pointed face.
Saphira became visible between her and the animal, and it was at this time that Aurora realized she had been the one to knock this curious thing from the air. As she regained her senses, she also realized that the creature she was staring down at was a Sneasel, an elusive Pokemon thought to have left the Kanto region long ago in favor of the desolate ice caves of Johto. "It can't be..." she began to mutter, but it appeared that this Pokemon was not willing to sit around and wait for her to decide what to do. It was beginning to dart towards her for another attempted strike.

Slightly disoriented after being knocked from the air in mid leap, Sneasel assumed a defensive position, glaring at the human with every bit of hate she could muster. To her surprise, however, a second figure materialized from thin air, blocking the human from her. "That nasty human!" she thought to herself in disgust. "I should have known they always have some sort of unfair advantage up their sleeves. I'll just have to eliminate them both!"

Rushing towards Saphira, the enraged Sneasel's right claw began to glow, hardening to a strength beyond that of any known metal. She pulled it back and swung forcibly towards the midsection of the spiked phantom hovering before her.

Realizing the danger Aurora would be in if she moved out of the way and let this monster advance, Saphira clenched her teeth together and took the full brunt of the attack, the powerful scythe splitting into her stomach and sending shock waves of pain throughout her body. The Sneasel landed swiftly on her feet and began to dart and weave back and fourth, gaining speed and momentum with every turn.

"Ah, Saphira!" Aurora screamed. "Don't let it get close to you, it's a trap!"

Realizing that she could not continue to take direct attacks like that without defending, but she also could not allow the Sneasel to get close to Aurora, the purple specter formed a plan of attack. She coasted through the air until she reached the table and chairs. Perching herself on the wooden back of one of the chairs, she held her finger out and wagged it in a provoking manner at the speedy weasel, calling out loudly in an eerie voice to capture its attention.

Abandoning her agile maneuvers and forgetting about the human, Sneasel was stricken with an irresistible urge to assault the Gengar head on. She flared her magenta head plumage up menacingly and began to gather shadows in her left claw. With a fearsome battle cry loud enough to shatter glass, she slung the dark sphere towards her target.

Saphira anticipated the attack easily and leapt into the air seconds before the shadowy ball struck the chair she had been standing on, smashing it into countless smithereens of splintered wood.

"Try to scare it off Saphira, fire your own Shadow Ball at it before it has a chance to attack again!" Aurora's voice called to the ghost from across the room.

Obediently, the Gengar brought her hands close together, summoning shadows from within herself into a large mass of living darkness. In a swift motion, she expelled the powerful energy ball towards the Sneasel, who in turn, also dodged the attack with a graceful leap.

"Try it again Saphira, we can tire it out!" Following the command, the Gengar brought her hands together again and summoned another powerful ball of shadows and darkness. Again she launched the attack right towards the Sneasel who simply sidestepped it, showing no signs of fatigue.

"That Pokemon is too fast to use ranged attacks. The time it takes each attack to reach it gives it enough time to prepare and dodge," Aurora thought to herself as she watched the failed attacks collide with the ground and dissipate into nothingness. "I know what we have to do!" she announced aloud. "Saphira, get up close to that Pokemon and find its shadow!"

Saphira knew right away what her trainer had in mind. To the Sneasel's disdain, she smiled wickedly and shrouded herself in darkness, soon disappearing all together. The Sneasel began to feel uneasy; not knowing where her opponent was located was very unsettling. Without warning, Sneasel noticed that her shadow began to move independently from her motions. Despite her fearful rigidness, her shadow began to make a fist, and to her surprise, it reached out at her, up from the ground, and punched her directly in the face. Stricken with fear, she began to race around the room, weaving and looping in an endeavor to throw the belligerent shadow off, but to no avail; everywhere she went her shadow followed her. Again the shadow rose from the ground and struck the panicking Pokemon with a large amount of force, directly impacting with its stomach, causing its feet to falter and trip. The momentum the Sneasel had gained was too much to recover from this blow, and it crashed into the wall of the cave.

Staggering backwards from the collision, she attempted to out-maneuver her persistent attacker once more, making a risky turn and charging directly into the fire's dying embers. The light emitted from the scattered and weak flames was just enough to caste her shadow into nonexistence just long enough to separate Spahira from her prey. Although this caused Sneasel much pain, burning her feet and legs, she kept a straight face and turned to face the exposed ghost.

Not wanting to fall for the same trick twice, she decided to play some mind games of her own. Letting out a mournful cry, she clutched her stomach and fell forward, her ear twitching slightly before her body became still.
Aurora decided to try and take a reading from the seemingly unconscious Pokemon. Closing her eyes, she scanned the room to check for the color of Pokemon's vital statics, but to her surprise, she could not gain a reading! She knew the Pokemon was there, but still she could not see it through Saphira's psychic vision.

Then, it dawned on her! She could not see this Pokemon through Saphira and hers telepathic bond because their bond was of a psychic nature, and this Pokemon was a dark-type! No wonder it was able to sneak up on her and attack without her noticing! She had never considered that there would be such limitations in place.

Without being sure what the Pokemon was doing, she knew she would have to make a decision on her own. "Get in there and finish it off before it regains strength Saphira! One last Shadow Punch should do the trick!"

Gathering murky twilight in her hand, Saphira made a fist and began to charge at the downed Pokemon, ready to deliver a finishing blow. Just as she drew close enough to deliver the attack, the Sneasel's eyes shot wide open and filled with darkness. Her claws extended and she leapt to her feet with astounding speed. Reaching out with her extended claws, she caught Saphira in mid stride and threw her forcibly to the ground. She began to hack away mercilessly at the ghost with her razor sharp talons.

"Saphira, no!" Aurora cried in surprise. She was so sure that Pokemon was done for, but here it was slashing away at her friend! "Get it off of you! If that vile thing wants to fight dirty, you can beat her at her own game! Now Saphira, Lick it!"
Struggling immensely, Saphira managed to life her legs enough to kick the Sneasel away a short distance. She now had just enough room to get up and float to her feet. Upon doing so, she forced a malicious smile before opening her mouth and extending her sticky, pink tongue to an almost comical length towards her angered opponent.

Feeling insulted at such a brazen display, the Sneasel tried to grab the tongue, but upon contact her paw became completely paralyzed and unmovable. Eyes widening in terror, she could do nothing but watch as the ghost's terrifying tongue moved in on her face, sloppily licking her cheek and sending waves of paralysis through her entire body.

"Great job! Now that you have it slowed down, try another Shadow Ball! I doubt it could recover from one of those!" Aurora ordered with a smile. She was glad that Saphira did not seem to be too hurt after falling for the feigned weakness of the opponent.

Gliding backwards to gain enough distance, Saphira began to form another Shadow Ball between her hands, but before it had a chance to mature the Sneasel recovered and rushed at her for one last speedy assault. Launching a Shadow Ball at such close distance was dangerous for both Pokemon, but Saphira had no choice. When the wily weasel was only a few small inches away, she released the devastating attack.

The attack exploded like a bomb between the two upon contact, sending shadows erupting out and forcefully throwing both Pokemon backwards. Saphira landed on her back and skidded a few feet before coming to a stop, while Sneasel landed on her side, rolling and eventually reaching a rest upon her stomach.

Aurora was terrified at the sight of both Pokemon lying on the ground like discarded toys. Neither were getting up and she was worried. Hoisting the broken backpack up to make sure she did not lose it, she ran across the cave to the sight of the battle.

Saphira was breathing heavily, something she had never seen before, and her usual sly grin was twisted into a grotesque and terrible frown, a small glimpse of the pain she was feeling. Tears began to form in Aurora's eyes when she realized how hurt her best friend was. "I'm so sorry Saphira..." she tried to say, but only a small whisper escaped from her lips. "This was all my fault..." Saphira forced a smile before closing her eyes and going unconscious. "You deserve a long rest," Aurora said to her fallen friend as she reached into a hidden pocket of her dress and produced Saphira's Pokeball. A beam of red light shot out from the red and white ball, targeted at Saphira. The exhausted ghost turned red before evaporating and disappearing into the depths of her Pokeball to recover.

Now Aurora turned to face the Sneasel. It was shaking violently and struggling to lift itself from the ground. She took a few steps closer, realizing that this may be dangerous, but also taking into mind that this injury did not look feigned. It looked like it really was in a lot of pain.

She was unable to stand, having to stop to pant after pushing herself up with her tired arms. Slowly and with much effort, lifted her head to face the human one last time. She wanted to look her in the eyes before she commited whatever evil deed she had in mind. "I tried my best and I failed, now I must accept my fate..." she thought to herself. "But wait! That is not the face of the humans that have been in here disturbing my cave! No, this is a different one, she looks younger. But... what is she doing in here? Why has she come?"

Its bright ear and tail feathers were now crumpled and dirty looking. Its eyes were squinting and dark with the realization of defeat, and its breathing was labored and erratic. It was hard for her to believe when she was this close that such a beautiful, small animal could cause so much damage to her, Saphira, and the cave itself. She also realized that this Pokemon must possess a high intelligence level, since she was able to track them through the cave and cause a distraction to catch them off guard. She felt sorry for it, despite the pain still panging in her shoulder where it had attacked her. Their eyes locked for a moment before the Sneasel collapsed at last, unable to hold itself up any longer.

Just as this happened, Aurora heard a loud shout from the hallway leading upto the entrance of the cave room they were in. "Hey! Who is in there!" an angry male voice called out. She also heard footsteps growing louder and louder with each step.

Panicking, Aurora realized she was in a lot of trouble. Saphira was in no condition to protect her and there was no place to hide where she was. She wanted to run away but she knew that she would get caught, and she could not leave the Sneasel here like this or it was likely to die.

Just then she reached a realization! She had recalled Saphira to her Pokeball to recover and rest, so why not try the same thing with Sneasel? She removed the backpack from her shoulder gingerly, so as not to let it touch her wound, and un-zipped the large compartment. In with Ida's ID card and the Pokeblocks there were the Premier Balls she had seen earlier.

The footsteps were getting louder, and it now sounded as though there were two sets of them. She heard a deeper voice conversing with a higher voice. "I think she's in here!" the man's voice echoed into the cavern.

Aurora knew she didn't have much time. She grasped the cool, white ball in her hand and closed her eyes. She hoped with all her heart that she would be able to save the Sneasel and escape from this mess without getting killed herself. Raising the Premier Ball to her lips, she gave it a quick kiss for good luck and tossed it at the broken and crumpled Sneasel, who was then sucked up by a familiar red beam of light.

As the ball began to shake back and fourth on the cold cave floor, a loud shout emerged violently from the mouth of the cave, but Aurora's ears were ringing and she could not comprehend what was being said. Her entire mind and soul were focused on the small white ball lying before her as it wobbled back and fourth... everything was riding on this. Back and fourth... back and fourth...

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Default Re: Smoke and Mirrors

"Hello Mr. Fiji, it's me. Listen, I know you are on vacation right now, but there have been some weird occurrences lately at the Pokemon Care Center that I thought you should know about. The past few nights there have been prowlers spotted outside the windows, and even an attempted break in. The Pokemon are all agitated and nervous from it. It took me two whole hours to calm Cubone down this morning. Apparently he scared away one of the robbers when they were trying to sneak in the back window. I was kind of worried about leaving them alone tonight here, so I thought I would call and ask you for your advice... uh-huh, yeah, I think it would be a good idea too if I stayed the night here with them. If there was a human present it probably would make the burglars less likely to try and rob the place. The only thing is, I'm not entirely familiar with the care procedures needed to take care of the sick Oddish and the orphaned Seel we just got in yesterday and none of the other workers are available tonight... Hey I know! You could send your helper over to me via the Pokemon Center's Transporter to help me out. We both know how good she is at taking care of other Pokemon. I think we would make a great team for this job. Would that be okay with you? Okay, sounds great, and yes, I have already informed the police about it. Just enjoy the rest of your time off and I'm sure things will go well. See you in a few weeks, I'll go pick her up right now. I'll tell the nurse you said hello. Thanks, bye!"

Hanging up the telephone receiver and tieing her long, lilac colored hair into a pony-tail, a women in her mid twenties packed her backpack with a few supplies and left the Lavender Town Pokemon Care Center. The sun was beginning to set, casting her long shadow across the white pebbles of the path.

The air was cool, calm and crisp, but inside of her there was a violent storm brewing. She knew that tonight was the night she had to finish up the operation. The cops would be on her trail soon enough and there was no time left to spare. It was vital to complete the mission as soon as possible and move to a different base before any more loose evidence escaped or was discovered.

If it weren't for the help of an insider on the local police force, she would have likely been tracked down weeks ago when she was first hired into the job as a part time caretaker and receptionist at Mr. Fiji's center.

As she neared the modest blue and white Pokemon Center, she took a deep breath to get her nerves together. She could not afford to act suspicious in any way, or draw any sort of attention to herself. She knew she had to take the Pokeball and head straight back to the care center where she would phone her accomplice to see how the move from their secret base set up in the mountains to the new location was going.

The automatic doors opened with a cheerful "ding" as the woman entered the Pokemon Center. "Hello Ida, how may I help you today?" a fairly young nurse with soft pink hair and a dainty apron greeted her from the front desk, accompanied by a cute pink Chansey nurse.

"Hello Nurse Joy," Ida replied. "I don't need anything today, just here to pick up a Pokeball from the Transporter to take back to the care center."

"All righty, I'm sure you are familiar with the process by now, so I won't keep you any longer. Have a great night!" the nurse smiled. Ida waived politely and headed up-stares where the Transporter was located.

The Transporter was a large, silver machine resembling an over sized egg carton, capable of holding up to 12 Pokeballs at a time- six slots for transporting Pokeballs away and six more slots for accepting them. It had a numbered keypad used to type in a PIN number to send and receive Pokemon from any place in the world, and a small touch-screen computer to sort out transactions.

Ida typed in her code and pressed a large green button reading "receive Pokemon." A few seconds later her mug-shot appeared on the screen along with a flashing "New Message- Read Now?" option. She reached out her hand, which she noticed was shaking, and touched the screen where the new message was flashing.

"Here is my Chansey helper as promised. Take good care of her and she will take good care of you, too. I really appreciate you taking time out of your own schedule to make sure the Care Center is safe. See you in a couple of weeks!

Best Regards,

Mr. Fiji

PS- The white sand beaches here are so beautiful! You really should pay Cinnabar Island a visit too sometime!"

A few moments later, one of the receivers began to glow a bright golden yellow color. The light began to strengthen and solidify into a spherical shape, which soon lost the glow, revealing a lavishly polished black Pokeball with red and gold stripes decorating it. "This must be a Luxury Ball," Ida said to herself in a hush voice. "These are really rare... but I guess it makes sense if he wants to evolve her into a Blissey someday."

Ida lifted the Luxury Ball from the machine and carefully wrapped it in a handkerchief from her pocket before she slid it into her navy blue backpack. She daintily descended the stares to the lower level of the Pokemon Center and waved to the nurse before exiting through the automatic doors and heading towards the Pokemon Care Center once again.

The sun had sunk to a lower position in the sky than it was when she first left the care center; a sign that she needed to put the final plans into motion soon or there would not be enough time left in the night to work under the cover of darkness. The cooling evening wind gently blew across her face as she reached the gate to the Care Center and began to stride back up the white pebble path.

Entering the small clinic, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm her nerves. She could hear the familiar chatter of the Pokemon under care coming from the room to the left of the greeting room. She opened her eyes once again and searched out the water, grass, and ground-type Pokemon food from the storage cabinet before entering the kennel room.

The snowy white orphaned Seel barked and clapped happily from its pen as she poured it some "Vitamin-Enriched Water Pokemon Chow," and the young Cubone that had been staying at the center eyed her warily as she shook the box of "Multi-Grain Ground-Type Grub" into its food bowl. The sick Oddish coughed feebly from the pile of potting soil it had been sleeping in.

Seeing the Oddish, she decided now would be a good time to gain the trust of Mr. Fiji's Chansey before she put the long awaited plan into motion...

Seeking the lustrous Luxury Ball from her backpack, she carefully removed the handkerchief and polished off her fingerprints. It seemed like a shame to let such a beautiful object become soiled. She examined the marble-like surface of the ball, covered in ruby red and shimmering golden stripped filigree. The widest part of the middle of the ball was covered in a golden band, complete with a golden plated release button. Her fingers wandered over the smooth surface to the golden button, which she hesitated over for a moment before pressing.

The ball cracked open and a bright red light emerged, shooting down the ground and clustering together until it resembled the shape of a large egg.The red light diffused revealing a round, fat, soft pink, fairy-like creature with small but bright blue eyes. She was holding a smooth egg in a pouch on her puffy stomach, and she had cute floppy ears tipped in a darker shade of pink. Ida couldn't help but think of a sweet, fat marshmallow when looking at this jolly little creature. The Chansey looked around briefly, recognizing the surroundings well, before smiling up at Ida with anticipation, looking as though she was awaiting orders.

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Default Re: Smoke and Mirrors

She had been working with Mr. Fiji since he opened the Pokemon clinic and knew all of the drills and procedures involved with caring for a sick or wounded Pokemon. She even took courses at the Chansey Academy with other Chanseys being trained to work in Pokemon Centers across the entire Kanto Region, making her a highly trained professional in the area of Pokemon health care.

This was the first time he had let her leave his care. As he had put it, there was an emergency back at the center that he thought she could take care of easily. She looked up at her temporary trainer for her new task.

There was something almost unsettling about the way the woman looked. Her eyes looked watery and nervous, despite her warm smile. But, if Mr. Fiji trusted her, she must be okay.

"Okay Chansey, um, there is a sick Oddish in the kennel that needs some attention. Do you think you will be able to help it?" the woman asked in a shaky voice. Chansey nodded eagerly and and followed Ida to the area Oddish was waiting at, her pink tail bobbing along behind her like an upside-down clock pendulum with every step she took.

As she approached the small weed Pokemon, she began to recognize the symptoms right away: Wilted leaves, dry eyes, and after touching its forehead, a slight fever. She concluded right away that this Oddish had a slight case of a common virus grass Pokemon sometimes get and was in need of some extra rest, water, and nutrition. She waddled to a cabinet and pulled out a shiny green watering can and filled it with water at the sink, mixing in some "General Grass-Type antibiotic medicine." Despite having short, stubby arms, she worked with precision and knowledge.

She carefully carried it back to the sickly weed and trickled the water over its wilted leaves. It perked up a little and hopped in delight. She then pulled out her highly nutritious egg and cracked it open. The inside was soft and moist, but not liquid like the typical eggs used in human cooking. The shell, although protective, was softer than that of a regular egg as well, and edible. She broke off a couple pieces of the nutritious delicacy and held them out for the Pokemon to eat, which it did with much delight. Within moments its leaves were standing upright again and the fever was nearly gone.

Pleased, she turned back to the other cages and distributed the rest of the egg to the Seel and Cubone. No sense in letting it go to waste.
After tending to the Pokemon, she went back to the entrance room to find Ida, but to her surprise, she was not alone. A young man with tawny hair and a face dappled with freckles was standing by the doorway, talking in a quiet voice with Ida, who was shifting nervously from foot to foot.

She decided it might be better if she got a little closer to see what was going on before she let them know she was done, so she crept up behind a potted ornamental pine tree near the doorway.

"We have to get it done now! It's our only chance! Bone said he would be calling in that psychic girl if I didn't find a lead, and we don't want that, now do we?" The man said to her in a hushed, yet audible voice.

"What if she puts up a fight and sets the other Pokemon off? Then what do we do? We would have the whole neighborhood over here in a heartbeat," Ida retorted, looking more nervous than ever.

"You have her Pokeball, she was put in your care, she has to obey you. Just act like we are taking them to the Pokemon Center of a different town or something so she will help us cage and transport them. That's practically gift wrapping them up for us, then all we have to do is hand her over and we get our pay and can finally move out. And if she resists, I have brought some of my own Pokemon along to help persuade her otherwise, if you know what I mean." Chills ran down Chansey's spine as she realized what was happening. This Ida was upto no good, and neither was this new man. She turned to return back the kennel room to alert the others but was stopped dead in her tracks when she moved from the cover of the plant.

"Hey there little Chansey, come here. My name is Clint and I'm Ida's friend. We need your help to move these Pokemon to a different location. You see, it's not safe here right now and it would be best if they didn't stay here for now," the man said through an overly charming smile. "Can you help us move them into transportation cages?"

She knew now was not the time to put up a resistance, but if she waited too long it might be too late, so she decided to try and catch the man off guard when he was least suspecting it...

Ida stood next to Clint, staring down at the pink Pokemon as he told her the plan for the evening. Although the Chansey nodded in agreement, she could have swore she saw a fleeting glint of suspicion in the Pokemon's bright eyes.

After Clint carefully shut the door behind him and latched the lock, the trio strode over to the room in which the other Pokemon were being housed.

First the Chansey approached the Cubone's cage. She began to speak to it in Pokemon talk, which not surprisingly Clint and Ida were unable to understand.

"See Ida, she's telling the Cubone all about how we are moving to a different location," Clint said to the woman with a smug smile. Dropping his voice to a hush tone, he added, "I told you it would be easy."

What the humans did not know, however, was that Chansey was not telling Cubone of the move, but rather filling him in on the evil plans she had overheard. She told Cubone that as soon as she opened his cage, the two would attack the humans and escape to the Pokemon Center for help. Although it was against the nature of a Chansey to begin a battle, let alone with a human, she knew that this was a desperate situation. She had spent most of her life here at the Pokemon Care Center, and was not about to let its residents fall into the hands of a no-good liar.

Cubone's dark brown eyes narrowed under his skull helmet as his suspicions were confirmed. He had always thought that this Ida was up to no good. Chansey reached out her short little arms and un-latched the door to Cubone's cage. The most chaos that this small town had seen in years was about to begin.

The two humans watched as their plan begin to spin into motion. They now had the Chansey under their control, who was helping them bag the other Pokemon as well. Things could not have been going better. Ida began to feel a little bit more calm. Things really were going well, maybe she would successfully pull this operation off after all.

However, to her dismay, as soon as the Cubone's cage was opened, the small Pokemon leapt out with a cry and landed next to Chansey, who turned sharply from the cage to face both her and Clint. The two Pokemon looked anything but obedient. The Chansey's demeanor had completely changed, her once bright eyes were now narrowed and fierce, something she had never seen in a Chansey. Her little hands were clenched into small, tight fists and her tail was standing straight up. The Cubone at her side was holding its bone club above its head in its right hand, assuming a threatening stance despite its small size.

"Quick Ida, get the cages from my truck, it's parked out front. If they won't come willingly, we will have to force them," Clint ordered in a confident and firm voice.

Ida nodded and dashed for the door without really comprehending everything that was happening.

Without hesitation, Clint's hand shot to his belt and he grabbed a single Pokeball from his holster. In one swift motion, he tossed it into the air. At the climax of its ascent, a red beam of light shot from the red and white ball, streaming to the ground and quickly materializing into the form of a Pokemon. Emerging with a ferocious growl, his monster was a sleek black canine. Upon its head were two large, white horns, and its long slender tail was tipped with a pointed spade shape, giving it a hellish appearance. Its muzzle was covered with fiery orange fur, and its lips were curled back, revealing a set of razor sharp, piercingly white fangs.

Aside from his experience on the police force, he had been involved in Pokemon smuggling and theft since he was only about 13 years old. He had dealt with many rebel Pokemon, and many Pokemon more powerful than a Cubone and a Chansey. He was confident that his Houndoom could easily defeat both Pokemon without so much as breaking a sweat. "Now look here, there is an easy way and a hard way to do this," Clint said in a harsh voice to the enraged Chansey as his Houndoom stood beside him, growls emitting from deep within its throat. "You can either come with us or we will take you with us."

Chansey stood there, her eyes locked with Clint's in a silent test of wills. She knew that she could not allow this vile man to take the Pokemon she had sworn to protect, but she also knew that getting involved in a full out battle right inside the Pokemon Care Center was not an attractive option.

"What will it be?" the man asked her in a sinister voice.

Weighing the decision carefully, she decided to show him her answer rather than stand around and allow her home to fall without a fight.

She focused her energy and cried out loudly. A bright ball of energy formed in her egg pouch, which she grabbed with both of her small pink hands and threw directly towards the man and his hell hound.

Clint's Houndoom easily dodged the clumsy egg bomb tossed by the pink fairy, but Clint was not as swift. The egg landed near his feet and exploded like a miniature grenade, knocking him off balance and leaving an indentation in the floor where it had exploded. Before he had a chance to recover his footing, he felt a powerful blow to his stomach and doubled over in pain. Cubone had followed up Chansey's offensive strike with an attack of his own. He held his hand high in the air and caught his weapon upon its return.

Seeing his master in pain, the Houndoom did not await orders and lunged forward with amazing speed and agility towards its two adversaries. He sunk his teeth deep into Chansey's soft side, locking his jaw and shaking her violently to maximize the amount of pain his ferocious Bite would deal.

Shrieking in pain, Chansey tried desperately to steady herself so that she could launch a counter-attack, but she could not free herself from the powerful jaws of Clint's well trained fighting machine.

Cubone was terrified to see this beast brutalizing his friend, so he cast his shock and fear aside and leapt into action. In mid-air, he brought his club up high behind his head before swinging it forcefully down onto the back of the Houndoom's head, sending a loud yet dull crackling thud as it impacted with the dog's skull, causing it to yelp in pain and knocking it senseless just long enough for Chansey to break free from its lock.

When Ida came back in the door with two cages in hand, she was surprised to see a full blown melee had began in her absence. "Clint, are you okay?" she shouted in fear as she dropped the cages and ran to his side when she realized that he had been hit.

"Yeah..." he gasped. "Quick, recall Chansey back to her Pokeball before we wake up the whole neighborhood. Houndoom and I will take care of the rest."

Ida was in utter shock, but she obeyed her comrade's order and reached into her backpack to retrieve Chansey's Luxury Ball.

Meanwhile, Chansey's side was in agonizing pain from the deep wound Houndoom had inflicted, but she was determined to fight on. When she was released from his jaws, she swung around and began to slap and pound the dog right in the chops. One...two...three...four times she quickly slapped his head back and fourth while he was still reeling from the direct hit he took from Cubone's club. Just as she raised her hand to deliver a final blow, Houndoom turned his head and belched out a wave of thick toxic fumes, clouding Chansey's vision and choking her breathing.

Ida held the ball up before her and aimed it towards the brawl of Pokemon.

Like Chansey, Cubone coughed and choked on the fumes Houndoom had expelled unexpectedly. He decided to use his bone club to clear the smog away, so he began to spin it like a baton in his left hand.

Enraged, Houndoom spun around and took a deep breath, holding it in his fiery lungs until he could feel the heat build up in his throat. He then opened his mouth and unleashed a jet of fire directly towards Cubone, causing him to lose control of his bone and sending it flying out into the room.

Just as Ida clicked the button on the front of Chansey's Luxury Ball, an unexpected flying object came right her way. Cubone's club had spun out of control and was headed right for her! Before she had a chance to react, the bone collided with her outstretched hand and shattered the marble-like surface of the expensive Pokeball, as well as painfully smashing her fingers before it careened to the back of the room and hit a
bookcase, falling to the floor at last.

Ida let out a small yelp of pain as the damaged Luxury Ball fell to the ground and broke right in half.

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Default Re: Smoke and Mirrors

"Oh no!" she exclaimed with a gasp, her face contorted in a crooked grimace of both pain and surprise. "Now I can't recall the Pokemon, how are we supposed to take her now?"

Clint's eyes were not on the accident which had just occurred, but focused on the battle which had erupted before him in a matter of seconds. He heard her words but knew he could not afford to take his eyes off of the brawl.

"I guess we will have to try and take her the old fashioned way," he said in a calm voice that did not at all match the chaotic scene before him. "Ida, do you still have those Premier Balls left over from our last assignment?" He asked as he watched his Houndoom grab the small Cubone in its jaws.

"Now, Crunch it with all your might and fury!" Clint ordered.

Cubone's eyes welled up with tears as he felt the sharp fangs of the relentless canine dig deep into his skin. He had no way of fighting his way out now that he had lost his weapon as Cubone's are weak and unskilled in direct hand-to-hand combat.

Chansey could hear the carnage, but she was still blinded and unable to breath after inhaling Houndoom's highly toxic Smog attack moments before. All she could do was cough and gasp for air.

Cubone was not experienced in battle and was in too much pain and shock to defend itself from the Houndoom's relentless attacks. Houndoom slammed it to the floor and pressed his paw down on its throat to keep it in place, awaiting orders from his master.

"Hold it there Houndoom, while I get it a cage," Clint ordered as he retrieved one of the cages Ida had brought in from his vehicle.

When he had the door open, Houndoom picked up Cubone in its jaws once more and brought it over to Clint, like a hunting dog retrieving a fallen duck for its owner.

"One down, one to go," Clint sneered as he locked the cage on the exhausted and crying Pokemon.

However, he realized that things may not be as smooth as he had originally planned. There were still two Pokemon left in the storage room, as well as the Chansey- his real mission.

He weighed out the risks and benefits of staying to bag all of the Pokemon, but he decided it would be best if they just took Cubone and Chansey and left. But then there was still the matter of re-capturing Chansey since her ball had broken. He knew he had only a few seconds to make a very important decision, so he decided to go with his gut on this one.

"Ida, listen carefully to me. I need you to take Cubone and go back to the base and pack everything up. I will finish off Chansey, just leave me with your backpack. We can't afford to spend all night trying to gather up all of the Pokemon- you need the cover of darkness to get the heck out of this little town and into the mountains before everyone catches on, and I have to be able to report to work tomorrow."

"Are you sure about this?" Ida asked in surprise. It was very unlike Clint to abandon a mission early. He had always been very determined and skilled in battle as well as when executing a mission plan. This was one of the reasons he was higher up than her- she had a tendency to hesitate and get flustered when things got rough.

"Yes, just do it now, the Chansey is starting to recover," he assured her as he turned his head back towards the Pokemon who had finally stopped coughing.

Ida nodded even though Clint was not looking at her and took the cage from his hands. She then ran to the front door, glancing back over her shoulder one last time before she would make her getaway into the mountains. She could hear Clint shouting a command to his Houndoom as she opened the door and slipped out, carefully shutting it behind her.

Now it was all in his hands.

"Houndoom, get in there and Bite it again!"

Obediently, Houndoom charged back towards the Chansey to execute another one of his skin-piercing Bite attacks. However, as soon as he was within range, Chansey began to charge as well, meeting him half way with a fully body charge of her own, knocking both Pokemon back a few feet.

The recoil damage left a dull pain throbbing in Chansey's side, but she knew that no matter how much pain the attack made her feel, Houndoom must have taken several times as much of the blow.

She knew she needed to take advantage of the space between them, so she began to focus her energy again to form another Egg Bomb.

"Ugh, I didn't think it would be at such a high level of experience," Clint thought to himself in disgust as he watched his Pokemon get knocked aside before it even had a chance to launch its attack. "Try again!" he shouted loudly to Houndoom, almost forgetting that it was night time and he was supposed to be capturing Chansey in secrecy.

Houndoom caught its footing and lunged itself forward once again towards its puffy pink foe.

As Houndoom neared the fairy-like creature, Clint noticed she was building up another one of her egg grenades inside of the pouch on her stomach. "Look out!" he cried as she grabbed the explosive egg and chucked it towards the oncoming attack.

Houndoom heard his master's warning, so he quickly changed his plan of action to a Flamethrower attack, but he was only able to hold his breath long enough to launch some embers towards the airborne egg instead. The fire and the egg collided in mid air, both exploding and sending shards of debris showering over both Pokemon.

Chansey threw her arms up in the air to block the shrapnel, but Clint urged Houndoom on and he fought his way through it, quickly gaining ground on his target.

As soon as he was within range, he sprang forward yet again and clamped his jaws down on one of Chansey's arms, which fit almost entirely into his long, pointed mouth. He locked his jaws yet again and began to shake Chansey back and fourth like a helpless rag-doll. He felt her hot blood fill his mouth and run down the sides of his jowls.

To intensify the effects of his Bite, he took in another deep breath with his nose and allowed it to heat up within himself before filling his mouth with fire, painfully searing the already tattered arm of his opponent.

Clint had always taught him to fight dirty whenever it was necessary, and to him, this seemed like one of those times. Although he was still fighting at full power, he was beginning to feel fatigue taking over his body and he had a splitting headache from when Cubone had beat him over the back of his head with the bone club.

"We don't want it dead, we just want to weaken it," Clint warned in an amused voice.
Houndoom took the cue and whipped his head sideways and released his grip, sending the screaming and struggling Chansey flying into a table, knocking over and breaking a decorative vase that had been sitting upon it.

Struggling to her feet, Chansey was shaking all over and in unimaginable pain. Her eyesight was beginning to fade, but she could see the cruel man standing behind his vicious hound, who had her very own blood dripping from his snarling teeth.

"Finish it," the man called out. Chills ran down her spine as the dog came charging at her once more. She decided it was time to use the special attack Mr. Fiji had taught her. She struggled to hold her hands out in front of her and focused, her energy flowing to her palms and collecting like flowing water. When the hound neared, it leapt into the air to strike from above, but before it descended upon her, she released a powerful pulse of freezing water that knocked the dog off course. Her actions were extremely graceful for being so stout, and she did not allow a hint of disability to show when she extended her burned and bleeding arm to release the attack. She was a picture of complete and perfect serene grace.

Landing awkwardly on his side, the dog was overcome with a sense of immense confusion. He could not remember where he was or why he was even in a battle. He struggled to his feet and began to stagger around in a drunken fashion. It had worked! Now all she had to do was deliver one final assault... but she was so exhausted... Using that attack had taken up all of her remaining energy and her stamina had reached its limit.

"Fight through it Houndoom! Try and use Flamethrower!" Clint called out in a frustrated voice, surprised to see a Chansey successfully use a water-type attack.

Instead, Houndoom staggered stupidly throughout the room until he smashed into the bookcase and sent it toppling over onto himself, books spilling out in all directions.

Although this was a perfect opportunity to attack Houndoom, Chansey knew she would not be able to make it all the way across the room and have enough energy left to finish off the dog. Instead, she decided that it would be better to focus her efforts into regaining some of her energy. She closed her eyes and clenched her stomach muscles. With tremendous effort, she managed to pop out one of her nutritious Softboiled eggs into her pouch.

Clint could not believe his eyes when the Pokemon he had spent so many years with and trained almost constantly was completely unable to obey his commands. His eyes darted back and fourth between Houndoom, who was flailing about under a stack of books, and Chansey who was... about to eat an egg!

He knew if she got that egg to her mouth and ingested it she would regain her stamina, giving her a distinct advantage in the battle. He ran over to the Houndoom and threw the books off of him by the handfuls. "Right now, get over there and attack it!" he yelled desperately.

Houndoom felt his owner's hand slap across his face and suddenly he remembered where he was and what he was supposed to be doing. Shaking violently from a combination of exhaustion and pain, he slowly got to his feet and assumed an aggressive stance. "There we go!" Clint exclaimed with excitement. "Now Houndoom, one last Flamethrower, quick!"

Houndoom took as deep a breath as he could, the oxygen instantly combusting into fire within his lungs. He tightened his muscles and pushed out the flames with all his might.

Chansey could feel the egg pressing against her lips as she opened her petite mouth to accept the much needed nourishment. Just as she closer her teeth over the shell, she was knocked backwards by the most intense shock wave of energy and heat she had ever felt. She lost her grip on the egg and it came toppling down to the ground, rolling out of her reach.

She fell backwards against the wall, her face, eyes, hands, and every other part of her body searing in pain. Her frilly pink ears were charred to a dirty grey. She could feel consciousness slipping away from her, and couldn't help but wonder if this is what it felt like to die...

Clint turned to congratulate his Houndoom on a job well done, but he noticed that it was panting loudly and quivering. He had never seen it show so much physical exhaustion before, and it really worried him. However, the job was not done yet. There was still one thing left he needed to do before he could leave.

His eyes wandered across the trashed room. A fallen bookcase, a toppled table, a shattered vase, and finally a broken and nearly unconscious Chansey sitting propped up against the wall, struggling to keep her eyes open. If his heart was not so cold and evil, surely he would have been saddened at this sight, but he was not. He saw it as the opportunity to finish the job he had been sent out to do.

He reached into Ida's backpack and grabbed one of the white Premier Balls she had stored in the large compartment. He could still hear his Pokemon panting behind him, but now was not the time to tend to that. He had another matter to address.

He paced across the room until he was standing only a few feet in front of the Pokemon, towering over her singed and bleeding body.

"I warned you," he said in a sadistic voice. "You could have just came with me, but now I am forced to make you."

Chansey's eyes filled with hatred and fear as the man smiled down at her. She was barely able to see him, but she could tell he was smiling by the way his words rolled from his tongue, like poison spilling into the air and burning her ears.

She wanted to fight back, but could not make herself move. A single tear rolled down her blood stained pink cheek... she had failed to protect her home... she had failed to protect the other Pokemon... and now she would meet her end.

Clint smiled, seeing the defeat spread across Chansey's face. He tossed the ball forward which engulfed the defeated Chansey in a shower of red light.

It fell to the ground and slowly began to rock back and fourth... back and fourth... back and fourth...

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Default Re: Smoke and Mirrors

Well, there you have it. My genuine first URPG Pokemon story. And my first fiction story as well.

It was a lot of fun to write, but also a lot of work. I'm glad I did it though.

I've been working on it for quite a while now, and I guess it's finally ready to be graded!

Edit: Oh! One other thing! Crits/feedback are greatly wanted so that I can improve my writing. I know it probably needs some work since I'm not used to fiction and all, so don't hold back!

Edit two: I was just reading through my story again and noticed a small spelling error (am instead of an in a sentence). I might edit a tiny bit here and there if I find anything else, but it's still ready for grading. : ]

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Default Re: Smoke and Mirrors

Thanks for getting back to me with the message. In any case, this should be fine, and I really like this. Anyway, expect a big grade here when I get back from class!

EDIT: Again, I am sorry, but things came up and my brothers wouldn't let me on the computer! Anyway, I'll do some of the grade now and the rest later today, when I'll be blissfully alone.

Story: First of all, I'm wondering why you haven't written anything for URPG before. You can write!

Back on topic, I have always loved the idea of a detective agency in the Pokemon world, and it's (sadly) not seen too often. Actually, I thought this was much more interesting than the one I did for Snorlax, and I must say that the reason why I found this so damn good was because you have a writing style that flows well, and seems natural at the same time. There was nothing awkward or out of place here, and I found it easy to follow as well as being an enjoyable read. This is an extremely terrific first story, and I can see you easily capturing anything else you wish if you write anything more.

In the first part of this story, the Aurora character is extremely striking to me. She's a strong female character with a good head on her shoulders, and she isn't typically "peppy" like some girls are in the Pokemon world - it's refreshing to see someone like this, and Aurora not only succeeds in being someone I could see respecting in reality, she is an original character. This is hard to pull off in fanfiction, but I was really drawn to her and her story. Her Gengar, Saphira, reflected her personality as well, and gave me more insight into the character herself. In the second story, you shift to Ida's perspective, which I was a bit confused by at first (but you cleared that up in a message, so thank you for that) - while this part was also effective, I found the first story to be much stronger. Aurora, the Pokemon involved, and the plot spoke volumes as opposed to Ida's tale, which kept me interested, but there was something about it that almost seemed to be missing. In any case, neither story is weak or badly written... quite the opposite, if anything. I would LOVE to see more from you, Tracy.

Grammar/Spelling: I didn't catch anything too important, but I think you missed a comma every so often. Those are tricky, especially in pieces of dialogue.

"Please continue, Miss Aurora,"
A pause is needed here, as it otherwise would sound like a jumble of words in reality. With something like this, read the sentence over in your head and try and place pauses where you think necessary - you would stop briefly after "continue", don't you agree? :)

Otherwise, I didn't catch anything else, so excellent work here.

Length: This seems to be around 80,000 characters, and even if it's a little off, I think it's more than enough to capture Sneasel and Chansey. I really like this story, and that's all that should matter, really. I'm still floored that your first story here is so impressive.

Detail/Description: You're not too shabby here, either. I adore phrases like "diabolical predator", "plump pink foe", "lithe assassin" .. those really make the story come alive. As with your writing, you seem to have a good grasp on this section as well. Your story probably would have been much less interesting to me were it not for simple things like that. The way you described Sneasel, although seemingly simple, is really effective. You use perfect words to describe him. Even if I did not know what a Sneasel looked like, I could get a clear picture of him through this alone. That one part with Saphira being able to "drop dead" or not since she's a ghost actually made me laugh out loud, too. The battles are also great, and full of action and suspense.

I guess I should comment on one thing, and that would be pronouns. I saw "Aurora" and "she" tossed around, but there could have been different words for you to use here. "Young woman" or "the detective" would have done fine, and I just like pronouns because they give everything more flavor, if you know what I mean. Saying "she" or someone's name (or a Pokemon) over and over again is something you want to avoid - you could turn off your readers from enjoying the story completely. Also, I think you described what Aurora was wearing, but I don't remember what she looked like. If you did not tell us how she looked, you should think about that in the future - character descriptions are absolutely needed in stories.

The second perspective was a bit better with details, although some of the same mistakes were made there.

Battle: As I said before, they are full of details and action! You describe sights, sounds, reactions (Houndoom smashing into the bookcase was a great touch), and it's just as good as the stories themselves. Good work here, Tracy .. you have talent.

Outcome: Sneasel and Chansey Captured! - I'll crawl in my corner and die of jealousy now.

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Default Re: Smoke and Mirrors

Oh my gosh! Thank you sooo much for grading this for me Meg, it really means a lot to me!

I was really nervous about posting my story on here since (although I write for my school newspaper which everyone sees anyway) I am rather self-conscious about my writing, especially since I have had no experience in fiction. I can't believe I did it!

I was planning on continuing this story in the future, but I do not think I will do so until I have a worthy and interesting sequel thought up.

Also, thank you for the comments and feedback. You're right about the pronouns- I was actually thinking something similar myself (at the time, not being sure what to put in there, and I feel silly for the answer being so obvious and something I already knew how to do, just managed to forget somehow). I'll be taking everything into consideration so that next time it will be even better. ; ]

Thanks again!
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