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Old 04-21-2007, 11:05 PM
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Default Icky Pooy Stinky Grimer! [Unfinished]

Pokemon to catch: Grimer

************************************************** ***************



Ryo, a beginning Pokemon trainer, was fast asleep, with his partner and best friend he could wish out of a, Snorunt. Last night at about 11:30, Ryo and his little Pokemon Snorunt were watching horrow movies, and action movies, and stuffed their mouths with immense amounts of sweets, such as candy and gummies, and chips and popcorn. It was a beautifull day outside that day, but as celebration for recieving his very first Pokemon, he spent all day playing with his Snorunt, and making him so happy and cointent with it's new surroundings.

"I'd bet dad would love to meet you, Snorunt".

Ryo said to his new Pokemon. The Snorunt had it's little normal face on it, and then replied with a little squeak, filled with happiness. Snorunt was already getting used to Ryo's house.

His house was a two floor brown house, somewhat distant from the buzz of Rustboro of where he lived. Ryo ran around with Snorunt playing all kinds of games, including a little tag, hide and seek, and the occasional tickle fight.

"Hee..." Ryo giggled, as he fell on the floor, exhausted.

"I'm out'a juice, Snorunt!"

"...Snorunt!" The cute little Pokemon replied. However, it was unfortunate that his father, A member of the Pokemon Leauge, was not here to see Snorunt. His father, Damon, was going to be at the Indigo Plateau for a while, due to recent criminal robberies. Ryo missed Damon, and he missed his dad's Pokemon too.

Before Ryo got Snorunt, he used to always play and laugh with his father's Pokemon. His father was the trainer of a Gyarados, Muk, Arcanine, Marowak, Dragonite, and his most precious Pokemon. A Ditto. His father used to always say:


"What is it dad? Hey look it's Ditto!"

"That's right son. And do you know what?"

"What is it!?"

"Ditto can make himself just for you!"

Ryo missed his father always telling Ryo that. It made him happy inside, and closer to Pokemon. Ryo is raised in a very Pokemon friendly enviorment. He has two pet Growlithe, a Dratini, a Pidgey, and a Vaporeon. They weren't Pokemon that battled much, but they always lent a helping hand around the house. They belonged to his father and his brother. His brother is a Pokemon Trainer that left home at an early age to travel to Hoenn and catch more Pokemon there.

"Dinner!" Ryo's mom, Daisy, yelled out to Ryo.

"'Kay mom! Let's go Snorunt, you ready for what my mom cooks?" Ryo said in a joking tone.

Snorunt let out another call, filled with happiness, and then Snorunt's tummy grumbled.

"Well, what're you waiting-?"

But by the tim he'd finished, Snorunt had already went downstairs, and when Ryo got down, Snorunt was already eating. Ryo pulled out a seat, and then sat down next to Snorunt. Ryo took a bite out of her mother's food, he spit it out.



Ryo, Snorunt, and Daisy all alughed at the dinnertable, and then, after that, Ryo gathered some junk food, put them in bags, then sat down with Snorunt, and began to eat. It wasn't long before they both dozed off.

....The Next Morning....

Ryo immediately woke up, and flung himself off the couch. Snorunt was suprised by the crash, and immediately woke up, and made a small groan...

"What?" Ryo got up slowly, and brushed his teeth, put on nw clothing, etc...

"Well, I guess this is the time to leave!"

"Wait Ryo! Don't forget breakfest!"

"Oh, yeah. Okay" Ryo responded.

Ryo and Snorunt ate some delicious homemade pancakes, and then gathered their things, and left out the door after saying their good byes, and doing their huggs and whatnot. As they walked, they saw a boy crying on the porch of another house. He was pretty young, but he had an empty Pokeball. A sign that he lost a Pokemon by force...So Ryo approached him, and asked,

"Hey, little guy. Why are you crying? Did your Pokemon run away?" Ryo asked, partly concerned, and partly careless.

The boy sniffed, and responded,

"No. Some mean grown ups came, and they attacked my family! They stole my little Grimer! And now he's gone forever. My brother, Zel, has a Grimer, but he's out in the city!"

"Well, could we help?" Ryo responded, all concerned now.

The boy sniffed a bit less loudly this time, then answered,

"Can you get my Grimer back?"

"Well...okay..." Ryo promised.

"Which way'd the thieves go?" Ryo added.

"They went into the big place that way!"

Ryo saw the little kid pointing his fingers at the distant, Rustboro City. True, there was a Rocket Hideout there, and yes, captured Pokemon are stored there and trained. It's the Rocket equivalent of jail, and Pokemon that come out are lean, mean, fighting machines...

End of Chapter 1
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Old 04-22-2007, 12:16 AM
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Default Re: Icky Pooy Stinky Grimer! [Unfinished]

Chapter 2: Finding a new rival

Ryo and his trusty pal, Snorunt, walked their tired feet across the long, dirt road, leeding to Rustboro city. Although Ryo was normally a nice and responsible fellow, he can be notoriously lazy, a bit of a slacker. It shows in his grades, but grades won't pull his lazy personality and Snorunt across this road. Ryo was getting pretty boared about this. He wished he could've got his mother to bring him to Rustboro. But it looks like Ryo has to do something without help today...

Suddenly, the bushes around Ryo and Snorunt began to shake, and leaves began to swish around the bush. Then, Ryo saw a figure coming. It showed itself to Ryo! It was a Tailow!

"Maybe I can catch it! Go Snorunt! Use a good Icy Wind!"

Snorunt launched the windy, freezing force at Tailow, but the wild Pokemon's quick thinking and speed to get out of the attack's range, and Tailow made a counterattack with a Quick Attack. It was clearly not to effective against the hardened body of Snorunt.

"I doubt Tailow had enough. Snorunt freeze that bird with Ice Beam!"

Tailow, once again, evaded the move, and decided to use a more powerful move. Tailow used Focus Energy, then used Aerial Ace to knock Snorunt down, but Snorunt countered with Headbutt, but missed.

"It's time for some power. Blizzard!"

Snorunt whipped up a chilling freeze around it, and managed to make a critical hit, and with being super effective, and Tailow took even more damage.

"Go, Pokeball!" Ryo yelled with confidence, throwing a pokeball.

But...Another Pokeball came flying from out of the trees, and hit the subdued Tailow before Ryo. It wasn't any ordinary pokeball, however. It was an Ultra Ball, a very powerful Pokeball. Ryo's Pokeball simply bounced off the Ultra Ball, and they ball was red for a few seconds...

"What!? I-I-I thought that I had got 'em..." Ryo looked something the cat ate, then spit up. The Ultra Ball's red coloring dissappeared, and the Pokemon was caught by someone else, other than Ryo...

"Well, well. I must remember that technique..."

A trainer came out of the blend of tress, and was immensely handsome, but tough.

"Thank you, trainer. You have allowed me to capture this Tailow, by weakening it for me, so I could have an easy catch. You should have been a bit quicker with that Pokeball, you know. But what's done is done."

"Who the heck are you!?" Ryo angrily responded at the young man, that seemed to not care at all about Ryo's failed attempt at a new friend.

"I'm Zachary, a beginning trainer that lives around here. I've recently recieved a Bulbasaur as my starting Pokemon, but I intend on making my Pokemon collection larger. So I went to far lenghs to achieve capture, even if it means using other Pokemon Trainers..." Zachary confidently exclaimed.

"You're a theif!" Ryo yelled right back. "You stole my Pokemon!"

"Unfortunately, you are sadly mistaken. You never owned that Tailow when you threw your Pokeball." Zachary responded boldly.

"I don't care what you say! It's time to teach you a lesson about fair game!" Ryo was challenging Zachary.

"Hmm, you are challenging ME!? Well, I accept, but if you think you are going to win, you're even dumber than I'd thought. Get ready to horribly lose!" Zachary pulled out the same Ultra Ball that he used to capture Tailow. "It's time for some good excersice!"

"Go Snorunt!" Ryo said. Snorunt jumped forward. "Use a good Icy Wind to cool down this guy!"

"Tailow, dodge it". Tailow moved out of the way swiftly, and went back in place.

"Ice Beam!" Ryo ordered. An icy blast was shot straight at Tailow, and the attack knocked Tailow flying this time, most likely becuase Tailow was still tired from the battle.

"Grrr...Tailow return! Bulbasaur let's go!" Zachary sent out a Full health bulbasaur. "Use growth".

Bulbasaur appaeared to have a scented aura around it, and looked even more ready to fight. Ryo has yet to see what this Pokemon can do...

"Snorunt Blizzard!" Ryo knows plants are vulnerable to ice, and this move oughta have Bulbasaur barely breathing. It was a critical hit, super effective.

"Bulbasaur, Synthesis..." Bulbasaur regained it's lost health, and was good as new...

"Oh no! Snorunt use Ice Beam!" Snorunt shot a freezing blast at Bulbasaur, and this one barely hit Bulbasaur.

"Bulbasaur, use Sleep Powder!" Snorunt was engulfed in sleeping spores, and sent Snorunt into a grassy slumber...

"Bulbasaur, charge our ultimate move..." Zachary smirked, and Bulbasaur's bulb began to glow. It was preparring for none other than a Solarbeam!

"Snorunt wake up!" But it was no use...Snorunt was cast away to slumber, and yelling until your throat opos won't help...And Solarbeam was fully charged!

"Bulbasaur, let's finish this battle. Use Solarbeam..." Bulbasaur released a powerful burst of sun energy straight at Snorunt, knocking Snorunt out...

"No...Snorunt..." Ryo feel on his kness, and picked up the defeated Snorunt. Snorunt was still asleep, and had no more energy to battle. Ryo had to make it somewhere to rest quickly, that is, until Zachary handed Ryo a Max Revive, and gave Snorunt the enegy to fight now.

"Well, you taught me a lesson. That you are a fool, and quite a fool. But do not hate me, detest me. Learn from your mistakes, next time we meet in battle. I am more experienced than you in many ways, but you put up a fight. A good one. Farewell...And Zachary went down the dirt road, and then ran forward on. Ryo stood up, and Snorunt looked at Ryo, seeing his upset face.


Ryo stood up, and looked down the road, but he did not see the trainer. Ryo started to walk again, and learned from his mistake...

"Alright, Snorunt. Let's get moving..."


End of chapter 2
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Default Re: Icky Pooy Stinky Grimer! [Unfinished]

Chapter 3: City Downlock

After being defetaed by future rival Zachary, Ryo learned from his mistakes, and now, what he thinks is he's ready for Zachary. He's wrong. Zachary has just captured a new addition to his Pokemon collection, Pineco. Zachary went very far ahead of Ryo, and at a faster pace too, which is why his Pokemon collection is always growing, and he's always learning too. Zachary is always one step ahead of Ryo, but that won't stop him from moving forward.

Ryo noyices that Rustboro Woods are coming up, and it looks like that Ryo is getting closer to Rustboro city.However, as Ryo approaches the tall pines of the forest, the sight of the large city vanishes behind the forest, and through the forest is where Ryo has to go to save Grimer. He enters the dark woods, and navigates his way through the area. However, once again, a trainer is hiding, and he revelas himself to Ryo. It is none other than Zachary...

"Zachary!?" Ryo exclaims.

"Calm down, Ryo. Now is not the time. Right now, I need your help. Apparently, Rustboro is being blockaded somehow, because some guy in a black suit is blocking the way to Rustboro, and won't let anyone pass. He's bad. I can tell. But I need to neutralize the threat, and I need you help to beat him." Zachary explains.

"..Well, okay. Let's do this!" Ryo happily responded. They walked down the forest path, and the criminal got into view.

"Ready your Pokemon. He looks pretty tough..." Ryo and Zachary armed themselves for the battle, and came up to the Grunt.

"What do you little runts want!?" The person yelled.

"Clear out, ya loser. We need to get into Rustboro!" Zachary yelled back.

"Yer not going anywhere you little runts! I'm ganna send'ya criein' back to yer mommy!" The grunt readied his Pokemon.

"Let's do this!" Ryo said...Go Snorunt!

"Go Pineco!" Zachary said.

"Two on two, huh? Alright, go Ekans! Go Zubat! Ekans use Haze! Zubat use Air Cutter on Pineco!" The area was shrouded in Haze, neutralizing the decrease of stats, and the Air Cutter was super effective against Pineco!

"We're not givin' up! Snorunt Ice Beam on Zubat!" Ryo said, launching the freezing blast, hoping to freeze Zubat.

"Right. Pineco use Rapid Spin on Ekans!" Zubat was critically effected by Ice Beam, and was successfully Frozen by Ice Beam. Rapid Spin did normal damage, and Zubat is out if action!

"Darn it! Ekans use Screech and then immediately use Wrap on Snorunt!" Snorunt was wrapped up by Ekans, but that was a mistake. Now Ekans is completely vulnerable to an attack from Pineco!

"Pineco Rapid Spin on Ekans!" Zachary ordered. Ekans was sent flying, and Snorunt was freed of Wrap!

"Nice one Zach! Now it's our turn! Snorunt use Blizzard!" Snorunt was able to knock Ekans out, by Zubat thawed out...

"Time to finish this battle! Pineco Double-Edge!" Zubat was sent smashing into the ground, and didn't come back up. Team Rocket Grunt was defeated!

"Erm, you beat me! You'd better not go in!" The Grunt warned.

"Excuse me? I think Snorunt wants to use a good Ice Beam on you to shutp you up!" Ryo said threateningly.

"....Fine. Go ahead. But don't come cryin' to me me you're a hostage too!" The Grunt ran ahead and left the Rustboro Woods.

"Nice work, Zach" Ryo commented.

"Ryo, you're pretty good yourself. I guess I have to take back what I said about you. You are pretty good, but you won't be advancing me anytime soon..." Zach left the Forest, and Ryo followed...


We're going into the city now, but if Rockets were guarding the entrances to Rustboro, then there's somethin' goin' on in the city..." Ryo said to Snorunt and himseelf, and the two exit the Forest, and step out into the sun...

End of Chapter 3
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Default Re: Icky Pooy Stinky Grimer! [Unfinished]

Chapter 4: Rocket City!

What poor Ryo saw was the most gruesome destruction of a city he could've ever imagined. After years of careful planning, hiding, decipting, and killing, Team Rocket has finally overturned the once great technoligical headquarters that is Rustboro. The situation was a grim one. Team Rocket's name was slashed and smudged across the city, and the people. And the oh poor Pokemon. AND GRIMER! Ryo couldn't possibly defeat all of these Rocket Grunts. He can't take down an army of Rockets that claimed a whole city and Gym! Ryo was locked in an internal combat. He had so many paths to choose from, yet, none of them shined to Ryo.

"Snorunt...What can we do? Should I just...Just give up? Or should I go in the city and fight? Should I get help? What's the plan!?" Ryo said to Snorunt.

Then, a familiar face showed up to Ryo to help him out of his turmoil. Predictably, it was none other than Zachary!

"Get up, Ryo." Zachary ordered. "We need to save Rustboro!"

"How? The entire city is filled with goons, and we'll never be able o defeat them all. We're outnumbered, and outbeaten by them. Weh ave to find some-" Ryo was stopped by Zachary.

"We're not charging the city head on. I'm a strategist, Ryo. Don't forget that. We're going into the city, but below the surface. The Rocket Hideout there should be accessible by going through the sewage system." Zachary suggested.

"Ewwwwww!" Ryo immediately exclaimed as a response.

"Sigh, Ryo, c'mon..." Zachary groaned, and then took out Bulbasaur. "Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip to remove the manhole."

The entrance to the huge sewer systems of Rustboro was opened. Still, who knows what looms down there, in the dark dankness of the many tunnels and waterways. It was disghusting, but Ryo and Zachary had to save Rustboro, becuase they both know, no matter how much they may denie it, is that they can save Rustboro. And, they will save Rustboro.And they will save Grimer! They entered the manhole, and then Bulbasaur closed it up, and Bulbasaur returned to it's Pokeball. The air was untolerably odorful, and the water was horribly dirty. Ryo and Zachary suprisingly, had no encounters with any Pokemon, yet, and have successfully made it into Rustboro City!

"Alright, Zach, where is the manhole that leads us OUT of this garbage can?" Ryo asked with impatience burning in his eyes.

"Relax, Ryo. The manhole is over-" Zachary was stopped when he saw a huge Muk travelling toward them...

"Oh no...Go Snorunt!" Ryo sent out Snorunt immediately to fight. "Snorunt use Ice Beam to freeze Muk!"

"MUK!" Muk used Sludge Bomb to counter the attack and neutralize Snorunt's Ice Beam!

"Time to lend a hand! Go Bulbasaur!" Zachary sent Bulbasaur out. "Use Razor Leaf!"

"Snorunt you use Ice Beam!" Ryo said.

"Mukkkk!" The attacks hit Muk, by Muk has huge HP, and it only wore him down a bit...

"Return Bulbasaur! Go, Masquerain!" Zachary sent out a powerful Masquerain. "Masquerain give this Muk a good taste of Silver Wind!!!"

"Muuuukkkk!" Muk was deeply hurt by the Bug type Silve Wind, and his HP dropped a bit more than usual. Muk was getting pretty tired from these repeated attacks, and Silver Wind really took it out on him. Masquerain's stats were boosted!

"Masquerain Silver Wind!" Masquerain sent another windy force at Muk, and it critically hit Muk, finally subdueing Muk, and Muk was defeated. If Rustboro city wasn't on the line right now, Ryo would've gladly used an Ultra Ball. But for now, Ryo left the Muk where it sits, and Ryo and Zachary exit the Tunnels, and find themselves in the Rocket's Warehouse, but they're spotted by a Rocket Soilder!

"Hey, who are you little kids!?" The Grunt screamed, taking out his Pokeballs...

"Get outta here. We're saving Rustboro! NOW" Ryo screamed back, and Snorunt came forward, and growled.


"HAH. Let's see if you're little Snorunt can take on my Duo! Go my Nidorans!" Two Pokemon with the same name came out of their Pokeballs, one blue, one pink. They were pretty tough looking, so Zachary sent Masquerain out again. Ryo sent Snorunt to fight.

"Alright let's get this party started!!! Nidoran use HORN DRILL on Snorunt! Nidoran use Crunch on Masquerain!" Horn Drill luckily for Ryo and Snorunt, sadly missed. Crunch, on the other hand, hit Masquearain, and sent his Def down two levels!

"We're not giving up! Masquearain Silver Wind!" Silver Wind hit both Nidoran and Nidoran, and sent their HP droppin'!

"Snorunt finish this with Blizzard!" Blizzard wiped both Nidorans across the floor, and into their trainer. Nidoran male and female were defeated by Snorunt and Masquerain!

"But don't get so cocky. This warehouse is filled with more grunts, and even more battles. This might not work, but we have to continue!" Zachary said, worried.

"Don't worry about it, Zach. We'll rescue Grimer and Rustboro, just you wait!" Ryo said with extreme confidence. And it was so true. This Rocket Warehouse is heavily patrollled by dozens of Rockets. If Rypo and Zachary are to save Grimer, save Rustboro, and defeat Rocket, they're going to have to come up with some new tricks to beat them. And the toughest of the Rockets in Rustboro is close to Ryo and Zachary. Will they overcome this danger!?...

End of Chapter 4
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