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Default Chase's Journey

Chase's Adventures
Chapter I: The Center

As Chase rose from his bed due to the loud roaring Charizard produces once every early morning, he looked over to his alarm clock. The clock read 5:23 A.M. As Chase struggled to keep his blue eyes open, he forced himself to stand from his bed. He walked out of his baby blue painted room to reach his hallway. A few feet up, and over to the right, was an entrance to his bathroom. He walked over to it to find a sink right by the entrance. He looked down to remember the red rug that was placed by his toilet, and his bathtub that needed to be used before he left the house. He yawned and rubbed his eyes as he turned on the cold water. Water dropped from the faucet as it slapped the bottom of the sink. He was startled as flames torched the sky.

"Wonder what's happening." Chase commented to himself.

Chase quickly left the bathroom and cleared his dark hallway. As he ran through his living room, he noticed the burgany furniture placed against the walls, and the fireplace still running. He quickly opened the door and went to his back yard. He jumped over a small fence indicating how far the other Pokémon could go.

He ran up to find his Scyther trying to fight Chase's Charizard. Charizard quickly spat huge, red flames from his mouth as Chase's white shirt and blue
boxers were revealed in a red light.

Scyther quickly ran up as copies appeared by him, then disappearing with the original Scyther as three green blurs ran across and around Charizard from the green bodies of the Scyther. The blurs began to shrink as they were turning black.

"Charizard has to get out of there, and fast. Scyther is just setting up the pattern I taught him. The Agility is just making him faster. Soon all we'll see is Scyther's footsteps from where he has to step on the ground. Then he'll Swords Dance to strengthen himself up. Something as a Slash will do it." Chase couldn't do anything. The two wouldn't listen to him, so he just stood there and watched.

The three Scythers jumped in front of Charizard, and flipped back three times. Then, the three began swinging there arms, hit there blades on the other arm. Charizard then shot out a stream a fire with a loud roar. It slapped and burned the ground as the three Scythers disappeared. Each of the Scyther spread out into a Triangle formation. They then bent into a slanted motion and took off as only dust was seen. The clear, bug like wings made a fierce beating sound as the pounded the wind. Chase's heart pounded, fearing the worst. Charizard didn't seem to be the least bit afraid as he stood there waiting. As the Scyther moved in, another stream of fire hit the ground a few feet away from Charizard as it surrounded him and lifted up into a cylinder shaped trap.

The three Scyther cleared the fire before it got to them, but they were soon captured as the couldn't get out. Now Chase was completely blocked off as he could see nothing but flames surrounded the two Pokémon. As streams of yellow, red, and even a little orange seemed to flow in a rhythm around the Pokémon.

The original Scyther looked up as it rushed to the top of the tunnel. Charizard noticed something flew behind it so it quickly shot out a huge ball of flames. Scyther rushed and rushed, feeling the heat of the red hot flames approaching. It reached the top, but couldn't turn fast enough. The tunnel of flames fell as the Double Teams stood there as the original Scyther hit the ground, its body mangled with burns. The other two Scyther disappeared as Charizard looked over at Chase, signaling that the battle was over. Chase rushed over to find that Scyther could recover. It seemed as though Charizard was holding back. Charizard blew two small flames from its nose and turned to walk away.

Chase looked back over at Scyther, "Let's go. We better take you back before these injurys get worse." He commented calmly, sighing to the fact he still can't control Scyther.

Chase turned at Charizard and whistled. Charizard quickly turned back and leaped over to him as Chase grabbed his flip-flop Pokéball. He pointed his left arm holding the ball at Scyther as a bright red light shot out from the gray button in the middle. It wrapped itself around Scyther and snatched Scyther up into the ball.

As the sun rose suddenly, producing the first shine of daylight, Charizard's huge body appeared. It's orange body copied one of the colors of dawn. The huge flame on its tail glew like the sun. The huge, blue wings matched the sky outside the colors of the sun. Its blue eyes matched the baby blue sky as well.

"Let's go to the lab, Charizard!" He commanded while jumping on Charizard's back.

Charizard nodded as it flew up in the air with a loud roar. The wind blew through Chase's hair as he held the Pokéball in his hands. No other Pokémon were being taken with him, because there was no reason to. Chase has done nothing but done friendly battles with his friends Jaelin and Davion. Chase couldn't help but think about the ultimate battle expected in their city's tournament.

Their city, Jackson had held a national tournament every year. Different people from different countries came to attend. Chase, nor Davion had never won a title. But a boy from Europe named Mikey had won three with his Arcanine. A guy named, who is nicknamed Marth, won seven titles with his Alakazam. The Pokémon seemed to be invinsible. A girl named Sarah had entered what is called the "Elite 8" three times with her Meowth, but was quickly taken out each time in the first round. Only one of the three boys had made it to the Sweet 16, and that was Davion. Last year, Chase's Charizard was a Charmeleon, Davion's famous Blaziken was a Combusken, and Jaelin's Dragonite was a Dragonair.

While Chase thought and thought about the tournament, a huge machine popped out of a near by forest. It resembled a spider. It had eight long, skinny legs, and the center was covered with metal. The person inside the machine could see, but the people out couldn't see inside.

Charizard stopped almost as soon as it popped out and landed, allowing Chase to get off. Chase would rather command Charizard in this battle than be in it, so he agreed to get off.

Charizard didn't hesitate to leave the ground as it swiftly jumped into the air. Charizard then began soaring towards the powerful machine as it shot flames out of its mouth. The bright flames were redirected by one of the spiders legs being flung at the flames. It knocked the multiple balls of flame towards Charizard. Charizard was hit and stunned a little bit, but it then got ready to fight back. As the flames cleared out from the impact and Charizard could see better, he saw a net with a red glow fly towards him. It went as it slapped Charizard in the face. It then wrapped itself around Charizard as three gray balls tangled each other up, causing a knot in the net.

Charizard began to fall, but was scooped up by the legs. The machine then jumped back and turned itself around.

"Charizard, hold on!" Chase yelled desperately, hoping to attract more attention than the huge spider did.

He ran as fast as possible, still holding the ball in his hand. However, the machine was too fast as it ran off. Chase's vision of the machine shrunk until he saw it drop. He then ran over to the spot.

Out of breath, Chase had to catch his breath. He put his hand on the tree as the Pokéball fell to the ground. It didn't open, but Chase was still scared it might and Scyther would have a little fight in him. However, it didn't. Chase sat there, panting like a dog, and sweating like one too. Water dripped from his face as he stood for five whole minutes catching his breath.

"That was about a mile, and I ran full blast. My body is aching, and I have so many cramps." He noted to himself for a future reference on his limits for the day.

He looked at the exact spot of the where the spider sat at. He almost forgot the reason why he ran that way. His attention was finally directed to the situation as nothing but sticks and grass lay in the bald spot of the forest.

"Impossible! How could this be? How could it have disappeared?! I bet there's something down there. It wouldn't be a good idea to go there now though! I have nothing. I'm a boy with no available Pokémon! I'll have to come back later, Charizard!"

Chase turned around and began his long walk to the Professor's house. He wasn't sure on what to think of this huge situation. It was only now about 7:15 A.M., and he was emotionally drained. His Scyther and Charizard began to fight, he just lost his Charizard due to some spider, he knows where to go to get Charizard back, but he can't because it would be pointless, and he has to walk through a huge forest with wild Pokémon that might go berserk on him.

As night was approaching, the sunset came along. Shinging its bright orange, purple, and yellow colors allowed Chase to view a beautiful sunset, but also alerted him that night was coming. It was a lot more dangerous in this forest at night. Chase was exhausted. He had been walking for about 35 miles or more. His feet hurt, but he was close to getting out.

As he began to see the light shine through the forest, he became excited. A smile on his face showed little emotion as he got no faster, yet no slower. As he made his way out, he was hit by three powerful streams of water. His body temporarily shut down as he fell unconscious. He fell as if you had pushed a medium sized statue down. He dropped as soon as contact was made. The once colorful sky was transformed into a black as nothing could be seen.

Chase soon woke up in a Pokémon Center. He woke to see a woman with a nurse outfit, and red curly hair standing before her. She had red eyes and a bright smile as she tried to talk to Chase, "Hello, Chase. How are you feeling?"

Chase didn't get up, he looked around to see the pink room with fives beds in a horizontal line. The yellow and pink tiles almost made Chase laugh.

He then redirected his attention to the woman, "I'm feeling... okay...! I guess...." He noticed he didn't know the lady, "Where am I, who are you?" He asked with a quavering voice.

"I'm Nurse Joy. You're in what is called, The Center. That's the name of our town?" She looked at Chase's injuries as bandages were wrapped around him, "Oh my. You look worse than I thought you would be. However, there's nothing I can do more to treat your injuries. The police have already gathered information by surrounding witnesses. They say they spotted three water Pokémon. One looked like a Star, with a shiny red ruby in the center. Another looked like a jellyfish with red spots on its head. The final one looked like a leaf. Two Pokémon were identified as Staryu and Tentacool. The other mon couldn't be identified. It could be some of the following: Lotad, Nuzleaf, Tropius, etc. All we know is that is was a leaf like mon, and most of it was camouflage. The police grabbed a few Pokémon and head towards the spi-" Before Joy could finish, she was interupted by a loud beep.

She quickly walked over to a machine with a green grid on the screen. She typed in something when a picture of an envelope appeared. It revealed itself when the message was visible, "Alert! Alert! A report from the dam's central center has just been turned in! It has appeared as so a few groups of young men have entered the damn with three Pokémon. It appears as so they are trying to take control over the dam by threatening to break the barrier keeping the ocean from flooding, The Center. Police are unable to help this situation, as we have sent most of our troops after the what is now named the 'Spider Incident.' The other troops are being held off by many of the young men. They are dressed in black uniforms, but have no symbol. If anyone has any available Pokémon, please report at the scene to help!"

After Chase was read the message he jumped up and rushed out of the room to find a darker room with Pokémon. He saw a variety of Pokémon. Growlithe, Pikachu, and Rattata. Nurse Joy didn't even realize that he had left the room.

He searched and searched to find his Scyther. "Sandshrew, Sentret, Mudkip, Tailow, Scyther!" He yelled.

As he looked in the clear box that Scyther was sleeping in, he grabbed the ball out of the holder it was placed in beside the box. He pulled the handle of the box to slide it open. He pointed the ball in the direction of Scyther as the red light filled the room. It sucked in Scyther, and Chase was on his way. He rushed out the room and into the room he had been asleep in. He felt his energy return as he ran through the room, hearing Nurse Joy yelling at him. He had no time to argue, so he rushed through the public door where people pondered and worried about Chase.

As Chase rushed out the door, still in his boxers and shirt, saw police cars ride by. As they hovered over the ground, Chase watched the direction of the black cars. Red and blue sirens switched positions as they took turns lighting up each side of the car.

Chase watched as he saw three cars circle to the left, and go straight. Chase quickly followed. He began to lose the cars as they were too fast. However, another one was coming by, so Chase jumped in the way, but not too late so that the police car would hit him. The car stopped as the policeman became furious.

"What're you doing?!" The man yelled, "I'm in a hurry, you should be more careful!" He stressed as his fat face turned red.

Chase sighed, "I'm here to help, take me to the scene!" He commanded.

The policeman didn't want to, but it was his orders that if anyone could help, to let them come. The policeman reached his arm to a button on the arm of the door. He pressed it as the backdoor opened up slowly. Chasr ran and jumped in before it could get completely open as he manually shut the door. Afterwards, the police car quickly continued its route. Chase didn't want to talk to the angry man, so he set his elbow on the door of the police car and watched as buildings and people flew into and out of his vision.

Then, the police car stopped suddenly as it swung around the right side, slinging Chase out of the car, "Hey, watch what you're doing!" He commanded.

He laughed at Chase, "I'm sorry kid, but I'm supposed to do this to block off any citizens of The Center. I really just forgot that you were in the car."

Before Chase could reply, he noticed that Scyther's Pokéball rolled out. As it stopped rolling, the Pokéball began to open! Chase quickly jumped up, stumbling a little from his feet. He then jumped back down and held the Pokéball close. Red light was trying to emerge from the ball from all directions, but soon stopped.

"I'm not going to let Scyther out until I need him. I think the armor had side effects." He thought to himself.

A flashback came to his mind where he stood there in a desert commanding his Pupitar to Hyper Beam Scyther as Scyther jumped in the air. It had a black armor on its arms and wings. Chase was informed by the trainer of Scyther that it made him incredibly strong. Pupitar shot out a Hyper Beam afterwards, which lit up the night sky. It was a huge beam that destroyed Scyther's armor, and lead to a capture, but the armor could've had a side effect to it.

Chase ended the flashback as ran towards what looked like a huge stadium. As he walked through part of the woods, he looked over to his left. He then noticed the police cars and Pokémon. He saw other men and black suits. They all used their Pokémon to attack the others. He couldn't make out any of the Pokémon because of the trees. He didn't want to move closer because he could draw attention, so he just moved around them, directing his attention to the huge stadium.

As he got closer, he noticed that there was a huge wall, that stood taller than the stadium. It was the wall that stopped the water from flooding The Center. He approached the stadium. He looked to his left, then to his right as he found a door. It was a black door, that was almost camouflage due to the black walls. It had and inside handle, so it was hard to see.

Chase walked over to open the door. The door opened up like the door to his room.

"No wonder they got in here so fast. The doors are unlocked." He commented blaming the people that stay at the dam for letting them in.

He opened the door to find a wall with stairs to the right. It looked as though no one had touched it. He quickly ran up the stairs, stopping before getting to the top. He peaked his head over the floor to see if anyone was there. The gray and black tile floor matched the dark room.

Chase continued up as he noticed no one was in the room. There was a report the three Pokémon that attacked Chase were part of threat. It was time for payback.


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Default Re: Chase's Journey

Chase's Adventures
Chapter II: Payback

Chase ran and ran through a dark hallway. He stopped when he came upon a window. He looked down to see two men and two Pokémon standing there. Chase couldn't quite make them out. He could tell that one of them was a star, and his aerial view allowed him to see the Pokémon with a leaf. He tried to quietly approach the stairs to get to their floor, but one of the men could hear his footsteps. The floor must've been hollow below, because it made huge footsteps.

"Hey, there's a boy up there!" One of them yelled.

"Told you my plan to make our surrounding floors so we could be prepared. We can take him out easily!"

Chase's eyes widened as a stream of water shot out from what looked like star Pokémon. He could only see the shadows of the two Pokémon. He couldn't see much of anything. The power had been cut out and he all he could see was the floor that remained atleast two feet away.

He jumped down as he looked to see that one light from the ceiling was on. He noticed the men were in black pants, and black shirts. They both had brown hair and green eyes. They looked like they were around the ages of fifteen.

The water splashed as it hit the wall behind Chase. Chase could hear water, as if they were near the ocean. He slowly peeked his head around the floor to see the light shining on water. It only showed a little bit, but by the sound he was hearing, he could tell he was on an important part of the dam.

He pulled out his Pokéball that contained Scyther, "We have to make this quick, and I need you now."

He threw his Pokéball as a bright, white light shot out from the center, popping the ball open. The dam appeared as if light was on, but Chase didn't allow the dam to grab his attention. The light smacked the ground where the Pokémon was, and soon formed into the body of Scyther. Scyther had the same angry look as if it was trying to fight Charizard again. However, Scyther would have to deal with these two Pokémon.

Scyther quickly rammed the star Pokémon into the water. It flew through the light, and allowed Chase to realize it was a Staryu. He could tell because a gold blur with a red dot in the middle was visible by Chase.

Before Chase could look back over, the leaf Pokémon was thrown into the water as well. He could easily tell it was a Lotad. That's originaly what he had thought it was in the first place.

They both quickly jumped up and out of the water, and back onto the bridge they were once standing on. The two men looked over to see a bit of light go through the dark hallway. They could make out flames, electricity, and water flying through the air.

"C'mon! They've already gotten inside, it won't be long until they reach here! We'll go through my escape tunnel!"

He placed a bomb as he grabbed the other man's hand and jumped into the water.

Chase felt safe enough to go help Scyther with three staring each other down. He put his hands in front of him and slowly began walking. He soon felt a wall as he turned to his left. He grabbed a rail and began his way downstairs.

The two men came back up. "Man! I forgot about these two! We'll have to stay and battle or else our plan will fail!"

They both jumped back up and watched Chase make his way down. They both ran over to the bomb to protect it. Scyther looked over at Chase and flew over to grab him. He then carried Chase over to the other side of the battle. Chase was going to say something, but he just remained within the blades of Scyther's arms.

He set Chase down as a stream of water rushed at Scyther. He disappeared with Agility and appeared back over where he first stood.

Chase smiled, "Scyther, Pattern A!" Chase commanded.

Scyther nodded as two more of Scyther appeared beside him. Scyther began to Swords Dance, but Staryu shot stars out at Scyther. The stars hit all three, but it didn't look like it hurt too much. Scyther slid back with its eyes shut closed, but he opened them up and was ready to battle.

As the battle began to start, Chase and Scyther realized that they could no longer rely on Pattern A. Chase would most likely just allow Scyther to battle, and just throw some pointers into the battle if needed.

Scyther looked over to Chase as he nodded, allowing Scyther to know it was a free battle. Scyther jumped off of the rails he was on and went back down to the bridge. He swiftly charged at them. Scyther directed his body at Staryu, but he was hit with a Water Gun from Lotad. It was a medium sized stream of water, but it had enough power to throw Scyther back. Chase caught Scyther so it wouldn't fall down. He then lifted Scyther back up, for its determination to win was slowly building.

Both Staryu and Lotad used their Water Guns. Scyther jumped up and avoided the water as he was back on the rails. They both then shot at him again. The two streams of water rushed at Scyther, but Scyther was two fast to be hit like. It just jumped up and flew down and slashed them with the blades on his arm. They both were thrown back do to the force the speed provided by Scyther.

"Staryu, you attack first! Make your timeings correct when you attack. Don't just attack at the same time." One of the men said.

He seemed just a bit nervous as he was guarding the wall. The attacks of Pokémon moved in, and he knew the consequences to this.

Staryu shot stars as a Swift attack was unleashed. Scyther tried to dodge it, but two of the stars smacked Scyther to the ground. Lotad then focused another stream of water down at Scyther, as Scyther was knocked a few feet back.

Scyther had a disadvantage, and the chances of him winning on both of these Pokémon were slim.

Scyther got back up, and was ready for another attack. A Water Gun charged at Scyther from Staryu, but he gracefully dodged it by jumping up to the rails. However, Scyther was hit by a Water Gun from Lotad. Scyther shot off the rails and was rammed into the wall behind him.

Before Lotad and Staryu had a chance to rest, Scyther came charging back through the air. A Water Gun shot out from Staryu, and then another one was shot out from Lotad. Scyther dodged the first, the second, and then split through the middle. It atempted to hit the two, but was smashed by two Water Guns.

They wouldn't stop, Scyther was being beat down, but Chase could do nothing.

Then, a Poliwhirl jumped through the air, its fist glowing and determination heavy. The fist slammed into Lotad. Lotad slid and fell, avoiding from falling into the water. It slowly tried to get back up.

Then a voice came out from the shadows, "That was a Focus Punch, I wouldn't try to get up if I were you."

Poliwhirl stood there as it looked at Staryu. The water removed from Lotad allowed the force from Water Gun to send Scyther flying. The two men moved as the water slammed Scyther into the dam's barrier.

"Who're you?!" The nervous man asked, "How did you get down here?!" He demmanded to know.

"Hi, my name is Billy. I'm the Center's 2nd ranked Pokémon Trainer. I'm here because I heard the news. I'm here to stop you! I'll proceed to fight and take your Pokémon. Oh, and you can't leave, because I found the end to your tunnel." He then looked over at Chase, "Wow. So your Scyther needs some work. This battle seems a little unfair as well. Would you like some help? I'll let you have the Pokémon."

Chase could only see a shadow, "Yeah, help would be nice. It's kind've hard to battle two on one." He said grinning.

Chase was still a little exhausted.

"Fine, we'll take it from here, you can still have the Pokémon." He looked over at Poliwhirl, "This should be easy for your Poliwhirl!"

Poliwhirl nodded as it noticed that Lotad was about out. The Focus Punch had packed a lot of power, so it wouldn't take much to finish the battle. It shot out a Hydro Pump. A huge stream shot out as it hit the side of Lotad. Lotad rotated in a circle as it was pushed back, and little x's appeared as though it was now out of the battle.

Poliwhirl looked over as an interuption came from one of the men, "That's it, take my Poliwhirl! I'm out!"

Before the other calm man could say anything, he jumped in the water and was taken away.

Poliwhirl looked back over to see stars shoot out and ram him. Poliwhirl was forced a few steps back, but wasn't badly harmed. Poliwhirl closed its eyes as the lines on its belly began to spin. Soon, purple waves appeared which hit Staryu. Staryu's ruby had no color. It had fallen asleep.

Poliwhirl took a deep breath as it began to bang on its stomach, "Poli- poli- poliwhirl!" It yelled as damage became visible.

Poliwhirl's muscle size increased, but Poliwhirl was in pain. Afterwards, its fist began to glow again. It sat there for a few minutes, as the glow got a little bigger. It then ran over near Staryu and slammed its fist into Staryu's ruby. A bright light shot Staryu away from Poliwhirl, and had sent it over by Chase.

By this time, Staryu's ruby began to blink.

"Go, boy, it's time for you to try and capture them." Two Pokéballs flew down from the man as Chase caught them.

Silently the man made a loud splash as he jumped in the water and swam away.

Chase wasn't concerned with the man, but just the Pokémon. He threw the two balls at them. A bright white light scooped them up.

The ball wiggled as the fight for freedom began...


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Default Re: Chase's Journey

Introduction: This told us who your character was, and what was going on. In short, it had what every introduction needs. The excitement was good, too.

Plot: A very unusual story, but good. You definitely have an original way of finding the Pokemon here, so good job.

Grammar: Some of your sentences were a little awkward.

He ran up to find his Scyther trying to fight Chase's Charizard.

This sentence is about Chase’s Scyther, right? But it makes it sound like someone else owns and is running to a Scyther, who is fighting Chase’s Charizard. Try phrasing your sentences so who is doing what is more clear. ^^; Also, the plural of injury is injuries.

Their city, Jackson had held a national tournament every year.
This sounds like Jackson is holding a tournament, and is different from the city. It should be
Their city, Jackson, had held a national tournament ever year.

It went as it slapped Charizard in the face.
It went what? Did it go and do something? Or maybe it went and slapped Charizard in the face?

Details: The details were good. I liked how you spoke about the battles and such, and described the flames. Remember details aside from sight, though. Fire has a strong odor.

Battle: Your battles were good. ^_^ I was a bit thrown off by Billy, though. He said so much about himself to someone he’d just met, who could have been an enemy for all he knew… This isn’t really the best way to get in information about someone. I mean, if you see someone being attacked by two strong enemies, would you really talk about your rank and such before helping them?

Overall: Lotad and Staryu captured… But it was close. Next time, be more careful with your grammar and sentence structure. Also, try to find a way to get background information about the characters in without having to stuff it in during a battle. It distracts from the usual fast pace of a fight.

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