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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 04-08-2007, 12:34 AM
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Post ~*A life in the 4 regions!*~

I had to do a fan fic. All Pokemon and regions Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, Sinnoh. (Little of the last one.) I’ll start at Littleroot.

~*A life in the 4 regions! Chapter 1*~

Well today on a hot summer day, I got home, to Littleroot town. I got out of the car, and ran outside, to the new house. It had a backyard with beery bushes.

“Hey Torey!” I yelled. Torey was a female Torchic. She was running to me in small steps. She made a stop when she saw a flower moving around. She flamed the bush and found a Treecko, which was a male.

“Go get him!” I yelled. Torey grabbed the tail until my mom came.

“What is Torey doing?” Mom asked. She taped her toe for some time.

“Battling…”I answered. Torey ran to me and I her gave a hug. Then she was glowing.

“What is going on?” Mom asked. My dad came out and saw Torey glowing.

“That’s normal. She is just happy.” He answered. Letting the box, he was holding down to the mat in the front of him.

“How many neighbors do I have?” I asked. Torey opened her small eyes and waited for an answer.

“At least three.” Mom answered. I got up, ran outside, and saw a house and a lab.

“Hi! You must be new.” Said a girl. She had a red bandana, a white skort, red shirt, and black, red, white shoes.

“My name is May.” May continued. In addition, She had a Torchic also. It was a male.

“My name is Anastasia. Or call me Anna.” I said. I had brown hair, pink shorts, navy blue shirt, and pink boots.

“Hey since we both have a pokemon. Do you want to go to the regions?” May asked. I looked at her and she had a happy face with a little of dirt from a battle or from pokemon. I knew it would be rude to say no to someone like her.

“Okay. Lets go before sunset. ” I said. May and Torchic jumped for joy and ran to her house.

~*2 hours later…*~

“Oh this is a moment I’ll never forget.” Mom said. She waved goodbye to me and my new friend May. Her little brother, Max also said goodbye.

“Well let’s go and see the Hoenn.” May said to me. I gave a pat to May’s shoulder.

“Who said we wouldn’t go see the other regions?” I asked. She laugh and we both run to the city known as Oldale town.

“Hey May! I never knew you were leaving!” Said a voice. We turned around and saw a boy with a Mudkip beside him. He had black cloths, a white hat. May whispered his name to me.

“He’s Branden. He is a little girly.” May whispered to me. I giggled, but soon stopped when he came up to me.

“Well did I her that I was girly?” Branden asked. I nodded my head yes.

“Well you are! I mean a boy having a Skitty!” May yelled. Then I backed up from him and May. Then I heard the words “You do this and it’s a deal.” I hate those deals.

“Hellllppp!” Yelled a boy. I looked up from the hill and I saw a boy with green hair and a white shirt. A Ralts chased him around town.

“Hold on!” I yelled back. He stopped and I brag out Torey for he fight.

“Go and scratch that Ralts!” I ordered. Tory followed my order and scratched it.

“…I need to get him! I have a pokeball!” yelled the boy. He grabbed a pokeball he had in his bag a threw it at Ralts’s head and it glowed red and went into the ball. Beep is all you could hear for a minute. Finally, it closed with a loud beep. The boy grabbed the ball and went to me.

“My name is Wally. Thanks for my save and the new friend.” Wally said.

“Well I going to gyms and contests and I am going to get use to this.” I said with a laugh. He laughs too and gave me a note.

Poke’Nav name: Wally pokemon trainer.

“Thanks. I’ll try that.” I said. I put it in my bag and smiled at Wally.

“I need to go. I’ll see you some other time.” Wally said. I nodded my head. I waved goodbye to him.

“Let’s move!” May yelled. I went to her and raced her to Petalburg city. We saw tons of trainers and pokemon both wild and owned.

“Next city here we come!” I yelled. We jumped around and battled until it was dark.

~**More soon…**~
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