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Old 02-20-2007, 05:51 AM
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Talking What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

Here is a fun topic I think everyone will have a different take on:

What is the Pokemon World like in your fanfics?

In my idea of the pokemon world in Fable, the pokemon world is actually very poor in terms of money. Many people still work on farms and do not own their own land, while a few families stay rich from making things like pokeballs and pokedex and computers. My pokemon world in fanfic is actually just the world of the games with more depth to it and set after the newest generation of games in the future .

The pokemon world is very pokemon centered to me . I see it as a sort of lost world, that is, it is our world, only the pokemon one is forever cut off from the rest of it. It is still very much linked to the animal world like the native Americans or early Africans pop culture wise (while still being very high in technologically levels and thinking etc ).

*rambles* *hee* Well that is my verison, what is yours like?
*runs off and does not post anymore new topics here today after being such a pest ;) *
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Old 02-20-2007, 10:48 AM
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Default Re: What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

well, for me, the pokemon world is sorta...modern. its sorta like that there arn't many people in the countryside and the majority live in the cities and each of the cities are relativly far away from each other - at least a couple of days walking. nature still thrives everywhere in the coutryside and stuff...well, its basically like the anime i suppose...hardly anyone uses cars ^_^ very green people.
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Old 02-20-2007, 04:49 PM
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Default Re: What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

In my fics, the pokemon world is very Rural with lots of ifferent kinds of wilderness- Country, Mountains, forests, swamps, ETC. There are small farming, fishing, and such communities scattered around the countryside. They have some very limited modern convienences, though. There are tons of Trainers, Wanderers, ETC. Everyone travells by foot, horseback or pokemon.
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Old 02-20-2007, 07:29 PM
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Default Re: What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

Honestly it depends on the fic. But in most cases, I like post apocalyptic settings, and the idea of wars even after everything has been destroyed is nice material to build off of. Yeah, I like movies like Terminator 2 and games like Fallout that really build off of that. Modern settings... just seem too normal, that's the only thing. Plus, if everything is fine and everything is good, there's very little reason for the characters to be in any sense of danger.

In Trial of Juno I and II, this was a definite. Kivistal is pretty much a wreck throughout both parts of the series, and I wanted to create the feel of sheer, pure injustice, which personally I feel is the story's strongpoint in making the reader feel frustrated that all the good guys are living in fear and poverty, while everyone that's evil is living in luxury.

The Black River Crossing: Path of Jordan slightly touches this, but the context is much different. We're not dealing with a Pikachu that has incredible powers, charisma, or military skill, he's just one citzen lost in a polluted and condemned urban world with virtually no one to turn to. His parents have been captured, and his younger siblings have only him to turn to, and he's stuck with deciding on what path to take. It's quite different when it comes to the thick of it.

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Old 02-20-2007, 07:43 PM
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Default Re: What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

Well although I haven't posted any fan-fic, the piece I'm currently working on is a more darker world, although not medieval nor futuristic, its more of a world where humanity and pokemon battle together in groups for survival. Did that make sense?

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Old 02-20-2007, 08:03 PM
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Default Re: What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

Seeing as I like Sci-fi and detectives...

Mostly high tech or strangely dark.
Somehow, I always end up making unique scenes, like I did with my URPG story last Christmas.

Pokémon are either tools or just animals that live somewhere.


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Old 02-20-2007, 08:06 PM
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Default Re: What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

Mine are usually wild animals without trainers. They have their own little societies but they aren't as advanced as in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Usually, if not always, the setting is in some wild mountain or woodland area, or in some rural village. I tend to stay away from modern technology; the books I read often influence this.
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Old 02-20-2007, 08:56 PM
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Default Re: What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

By the way, I think that Chesire Cat really presents an interesting idea in Pokemon Exsisto. (Too bad it isn't on these boards.) Anyway, the ff board looks really smart with two sub-forums on top. Yeahs...

Now and Forever

Mostly, I treat the world as a sort of alternate universe very similar to our own, but with a few extra islands. There are still similar things such as Halo and X-box, Vault and MDX. Hakkou is a mixing pot of European and Japanese cultures. It was first settled by the Japanese and Chinese, but was conquered by England and served as a jumping off point for its colonies. Then Hakkou won independence from England and was conquered by Japan during WWII but defected and fought a revolution against the Empire before the atom bombs were dropped. After this, Hakkou and Japan are similar but are rivals but are good allies.

The pokeworld (which I affectionately call pokearth) is very similar to our world, minus the pokemon and everything that goes with them. Also, the names are different... basically its the taking of canon (such as Sinnoh, Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn being very close equivalents to their real-world sisters. The same can be said with Orre as a future Arizona area (Phenac = Phoenix) and maybe the PBR being California? That's what I got from some pictures, with so many cities...)

However, in the pokemon world there also are numerous teams that have large militaries. This could be akinned to terrorism, which it basically is. (In my world, there was a war in the late 1980's (akin to Korea) which was set with Team Nebula with the support of communist Russia and China facing off against Hakkou, Japan, and minimal support from the West.)
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Old 02-21-2007, 04:37 AM
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Default Re: What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

I base the Pokemon World mostly from the anime and a few from experiences in the game. I do imigine the cities to be like real cities, with streets and cars, unlike the anime, which has hardly any. I guess I'm a little more modern in terms of technology and civilizations.

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Old 02-25-2007, 11:42 PM
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Default Re: What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

I use the Anime Pokemon world, but also add in some technology that wasn't in Pokemon to begin with, such as the Poke-Dexs being used to communicate with other Trainers and the Region's Professor. In addition, I tend to use more modern technology like cars and planes (in the major cities especially). Since they've been in the Anime before, it would make sense for them to be more commonly used, so in major cities the streets will often have cars and Trainers mingling with crowds of people and Pokemon.

There's even one point in one of my Fics where a mecha lands in the middle of a street and several cars in front slam on the breaks, causing cars behind them to rear-end them, sort of in a similar style to the movie Independence Day (which is one of the reasons I like to have cars in my Fics so much).
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Old 02-26-2007, 05:27 AM
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Talking Re: What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

Mine is based on my somewhat-successful RP, PokeWars Episode I, Shadow vs. Mirage. I can't tell what movie is it similar to, because I want it to be a surprise till the very end. Only one person might know. And I know who it is. Once we get to Episode III, evreyone willl know!

The plot: Three professors trying to take down two supervillains, Dr.Yung and Greevil Verich. Elm and Ivy anre Greevil's arch enemies. Although some confrontations with Greevil, don't think that his arch enemy isn't Dr.Yung, a failed student. Greevil works on Shadow Pokemon, while Dr.Yung, Mirage.
The official title,"PokeWars Episode I Shadow vs. Mirage Redux & Remix"
Some chapters are PG-13, but most are PG. I am not very good at rating.
The Professor of Pokémon Elite 2000.

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Old 02-27-2007, 11:37 PM
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Default Re: What is the Pokemon World like in your fan fiction?

Well, not all of my fics use the same interpretation, but the main and most famous one is that used in The Quest for the Legends.

Basically, the Pokémon world is a kind of parallel dimension, close enough to ours ("the animal world") for a rift or portal between them to open from time to time, usually one-way from the animal world to the Pokémon world. Thus, as life evolved in the animal world, some of it would get into the Pokémon world.

The Pokémon, meanwhile, are an entirely different, independently evolved type of life form whose genes are not based on the DNA molecule. They had a nice ecosystem going already, but animal world plants and viruses managed to root themselves pretty firmly in the new world. Animals, however, were quickly wiped out by direct competition from the much more advanced and powerful Pokémon.

A group of humans got there a long while later and managed to figure out how to cooperate with the Pokémon by caring for young ones that would, in return, protect them from predators.

Later, Pokémon world scientists discovered how to force a portal between the two worlds to open, and they created a two-way one in a laboratory which was then used for hundreds of years of cultural blending between the Pokémon and animal world in which Pokémon world humans for example imported animals (better suited to human dietary needs than Pokémon and much easier to kill without a guilty conscience as they had long ago realized the intelligence of the Pokémon) to keep on farms and occasionally as pets. Pokémon were never brought to the animal world to any great extent.

Much later, the animal world was destroyed in nuclear war; the portal had been closed for good shortly before after a wave of refugees had fled to the Pokémon world.

The Pokémon world today is very Pokémon-centric - the technology that has been the most developed all has to do with Pokémon, while some of the animal world technology, while indeed having been shared, has not been developed much further. A lot of work is being done by Pokémon that have an easier time doing it (e.g. schools employ Porygon to go over tests fairly, intelligently and quickly). Pokémon training is governed by ten Agreements between humans and Pokémon.

When The Quest for the Legends is set, the principles of Pokémon language have been discovered and are taught in schools, allowing potential trainers to understand their Pokémon.

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