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Old 02-23-2007, 06:41 AM
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Default Knightblazer's Fictional Digest Extravangaza! [With Sneak Peek into latest work!]

Well, here I am, trying to have some good fan fictional credit in Fan Fiction. And so, I have decided to try my hand on a non-Pokemon fic! It's from teh universe of the classic guy who has a flaming skull as a head and loves hellfire. Its the Ghost Rider! Yeahhhhh~!

*coughs* Anyway, this has been an idea going in my head for some time ever since I've watched the Ghost Rider movie a week or so back. Its basically about a new Ghost Rider, but unlike any one can expect. Its a simple fiction work, not very long at all (hopefully). I've just started typing this, so it'll still be quite some time before this gets out... ^^;

The progonist will be -surprise, surprise- Lucifer Leonheart. An orphan from birth, Lucifer was found as an infant at the doorsteps of the Blaine O’ Caroler Orphanage. He never got adopted due to his essentric looks (red hair, eyes, scar on his right eye due to an accident when he was three) and for his general rowidness and brashness, even if he is seen with a noble and kind heart. Living in a 'dog-eat-dog' world, the boy struggles with life in general, just living enough to get by. On the eve of his so-called thirteenth birthday (which is just the day he was found upon the door), is dared to ride a motorbike carelessly left along the street. He does, and while is caught in the end, catches more attention than needed...

And so, a Preview. Enjoy!


Path Øf The Devil


That night, Lucifer sat sulking on the bed.

The caretaker, Mr. Blaine, had put him into the detention room for his stunt earlier that day. The redhead had explained in great detail, shouted his anger and was close to the verge of simply screaming whoever was in his vicinity, but it was basically no use; he was the eldest of the lot and the idiot who was seen doing the entire thing. No amount of persuasion could ever change that. Frustrated, the teenager threw the tiny solid chip at hand, which clicked softly as it landed upon the ceramic tiles of the room. Besides this unjustly punishment, there was another reason on why the boy was pretty much ticked off as well.

Tomorrow would be the day he was found thirteen years ago at the doorstep of the orphanage he now lived in, the Blaine O’ Caroler Orphanage. The lawyers would turn up at the doors and take away the boy, probably to work at some crappy factory for the rest of his life. The mere thought of it caused Lucifer’s stomach to recoil in disgust. The future was rather bleak – heck, it was simply horrible.

Now, more than ever, the orphan wished he would be adopted, to free himself from this horrible fate and learn how to love and cherish. Having no bonds all his life, the redhead deeply wished to feel it, instead of simply being jealous of those who did have them. But still, the boy knew it would be impossible. No one would ever think of adopting a rowdy, disrespectful kid like him. Sighing in resignation, Lucifer flopped himself onto bed and closed his eyes, hoping a night’s sleep would help him forget this, even if it was for a little while.

Lucifer…” a voice seemed to drift from nowhere. The annoyed redhead simply grunted and turned to the other side, wondering mentally if the room was already getting to his head this quickly. Guess tomorrow’s really kinda big… the orphan sighed to himself, flipping back once again to try and get some sleep. But however he tried, the boy couldn’t drift off to sleep, his mind having to annoyingly remind him about tomorrow’s plight.

Despite being the brash one, Lucifer really had a noble and kind heart. He never thought about escaping, for he knew he would be hunted down eventually. After trying to touch his nose with his tongue for the twenty first time, the boy decided that pacing about the room might do him some good, and so he did, getting out of bed and beginning to do said action.

“Lucifer the orphan,” announced a mysterious voice behind him. The teenager turned to see a figure before him out of the blue. He was an old man, hair neatly pulled back and grayed with age. Eyes as black as night glittered strangely as the stranger looked at Lucifer, who had stumbled back in shock and fell back upon the bed.

“Who are you, geezer?” questioned the surprised redhead.

“Who I am is not the answer; moreover is what I have to offer for you, boy,” he replied in a most cryptic manner, a smile forming upon his lips. And it was one that irked the orphan badly. Trying hard not to flinch, Lucifer glanced at the cane the elder gentleman was holding. It was a simple one, jet-black in color with a silver-carved skull as the head. The boy shuddered a little before asking out to hide his obvious fear of the stranger, “So, what in the freakin’ hell do ya hafta offer fer me?”

“Language, boy,” cautioned the wizened gentleman softly, “You really shouldn’t be speaking such coarse language at this age.”

Lucifer merely snorted in amusement. “As if ya’ll give a damn ‘bout it.” But his only response from the stranger was a small smile playing on the other’s pale face. The boy glared in annoyance; this was really getting on his nerves. “Anyway, say what ya want to, old man.”

“Very well,” the stranger replied with a barest of smirks before beginning to pace about the room, walking slowly with the eerie-looking cane in hand. “I have a… shall we say, a proposition for you. I will let you be adopted with an adequate enough adult before you’re taken by the lawyers tomorrow.”

“Wait,” the boy cut in, “how in the seven hells do you know I’m gonna be taken away?” He then demanded sharply. How in the world did this strange stranger actually know about all this?

“Even the blind can see you’re simply too old here,” was the elder gentleman’s reply. Lucifer could do nothing but glare even more at the man as he continued strolling around the room they were in. “But how and why I know about this does not matter as well, much less who I am,” he continued, pausing as his free hand delved into the folds of his coat as the redhead twitched at the words in annoyance. The man simply loved to beat about the bush. The redhead scarcely hoped that the stranger would get to the point before he exploded.

“All you have to see… is this,” he finished as if sensing the boy’s impatience. He then held out his left hand and presented a tattered, rolled up scroll that was retrieved from his coat. The parchment was old and dirtied with age, but still in one piece and tied up with a stand of simple black string.

“What is this scroll?” the boy couldn’t help but inquire the stranger about it.

“It’s a contract, dear Lucifer. I will make sure that you will be adopted; all you have to do is to… sign this.”


Yeah well, while some of the events will be movie-and-comic-based at times, I'll try my best and make it as original as possible. And of course, original Ghost Rider belongs to Marvel and its creators. I have no part in it. Though I'd wish it was so. XD


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