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Default Singing and Stealing (sidestory)

Pokemon to aim for: Gastly.
Character: Drin O'toole, 18, Team Rocket member.

“Quiet down, children!” Mr. Rudelfi roared, yelling at the top of his lungs in an attempt to be heard over the noise. “This is a bookstore, not a- a-“ Realizing he had no example, he shut up abruptly himself, though his screams had had the desired effect. The West Columbia Middle School choir group quieted down at once.

“I expect you not to change the lyrics this time, Elliot.” Mr. Rudelfi said to one of the boys standing in the back. Laughing, the boy nodded, magenta hair bobbing as he moved his head. To the teacher’s distress, he had dyed it the day before the performance, but as he was the only boy whose voice had changed already, he couldn’t simply be excluded.

“Places.” The teacher announced, when he was sure he had everyone’s attention. The children shuffled about, scuffing their feet, but eventually did line up as he had taught them. Walking between them, tying ties and straightening collars, Mr. Rudelfi gave last minute instructions to the children, telling them useful things like “If you can’t remember the words, sing them anyway until you remember them.”

The group sang well despite their teacher’s incompetence, keeping in time with each other for the first three songs. By then, a group of parents had gathered around, but with them, came trouble. One of the girls tripped, falling into her friend and knocking both over. No sooner had the two, red-faced, stood again, when another accident happened. This time, one of the boys, bowing after they had finished another song, fell flat on his face. Beside him, a child’s pants split before he had even begun to bow.

Hiding his face, Mr. Rudelfi fought the urge to scream at the children again. They had to be doing this on purpose, he decided, after the fourth of them toppled down, and a second ended up with ruined clothes, a coat sleeve caught on the edge of something sharp this time. There was no way they were ruining his performance this badly ‘by accident’.

When the fifth collision occurred, however- this time between two children switching places between songs, at such a slow speed that they ought to have been able to avoid each other- the teacher began to suspect foul play.

By now, the spectators were giggling, acting as though the Christmas Concert was a comedy act. Offended, John Rudelfi called out his Haunter. “Keep an eye on them, invisibly.” He said, not wanting to be seen using a Pokemon to monitor the children. He would have called out a more sophisticated Pokemon if it was going to be seen, after all.

/There’s a Gastly there./ Haunter said quietly to him. /That’s what’s causing the problems./

Immediately, John stopped worrying about his concert. The children could be in danger- The Gastly could be a Rocket, and even if it wasn’t, the mischievous Pokemon was probably dangerous.

“Look out!” He shouted, waving his arms and he dashed towards the children, scattering them. “Haunter, use Mean Look.” He ordered. The Pokemon obediently glared, though John couldn’t see what he was leering at. It worked, however. Gastly froze where it was, slowly fading into sight. Screams gathered from the people around them, and soon, the crowd scattered.

“Shadowball, Haunter!” John ordered, waving his arms theatrically. He hadn’t been the center of this much attention since he had been in the Highschool play in his senior year. As Haunter flung the shadowy ball at Gastly, he actually hummed the beginning of a dramatic song, waving his hands with the rise and swell of the notes. He was, however, forced to stop singing when Gastly dodged the Shadowball, and countered with one of its own, hitting Haunter directly.

Focusing on the battle again now, John ordered, “Shadowpunch!” This, however, wasn’t a wise move, for while it was unavoidable, Gastly was hit before it could become intangible again, and crashed into the bookcase nearest him. Books scattered, a few striking John, and he hastily stepped out of the way before telling Haunter to use the same attack again.

As Gastly was thrown into another shelf, however, another Pokemon entered the fray- Or, rather, was told to. Deciding this was her chance to prove herself as a trainer, one of the girls in his choir group- Lisa, he thought her name was?- had called out her Horsea. The Pokemon, however, didn’t attack. Instead, it watched in awe as Gastly and Haunter cast shadowballs at each other.

“Horsea, water gun!” Lisa ordered, pointing at Gastly. Horsea, however, merely glanced up at her trainer with a curious look, as though it didn’t understand. Frustrated, she tried again. “Show ‘em what we’re made of, use Twister!”

This time, Horsea did seem to at least understand. However, the Pokemon had only barely started a twister when it stopped.

“Horsea!” Lisa cried, exasperated, but the Pokemon waved its tail around, pointing at the books, which would be damaged by water.

“This is ridiculous.” Drin said with a sigh, stepping forwards. The tall girl fiddled with her hat, ignoring the gasps the red ‘R’ on it received. “Honestly, if you can’t take care of those kids, you shouldn’t be responsible for them. And anyone who can’t beat a Gastly with a Haunter… I’m not even going to mention that.” She said, jabbing a finger at Horsea.

“T-t-Team Rocket!” John sputtered. “Stay back, children!” He ordered, spreading his arms.

“They’re outside. I gave them to Officer Jenny to look after.” Drin said wryly, obviously amused by the idiotic man before her. “Get out of the way and let me help.” She told them.

While John didn’t obey her at all, he didn’t give Haunter any more orders. As for Lisa, she lifted Horsea in her arms, standing and watching to see what Drin would do.

“Honestly, so distrusting.” Drin sighed, running a hand through her hair before digging in her pocket. Lifting two Pokeballs, she tossed both, calling out a Poochyena and Houndour. Both Pokemon snarled, circling Gastly as they awaited her orders. The two were well trained, and obviously not stolen, as they seemed to genuinely like her.

“Precious, use Crunch, Beloved, try Flamethrower.” Drin ordered. Missing the grins on the faces of those watching the seemingly tough Rocket order two Pokemon around by childish nicknames, she kept her eyes on the fight. Both attacks, however, missed. Gastly had flown up to the ceiling, where they couldn’t reach, and was flinging Shadowball attacks at them from there.

About to use Flamethrower again, Drin changed her mind. There were books all over, and they were sure to be flammable. Instead, she said, “Sludgebomb, Beloved!”

Hit with Sludgebomb, Gastly began to get angry. The Pokemon hadn’t expected anyone to spoil its fun. Rather than getting rid of the slimy substance, however, it flew lower, instead trying to shake it off on Lisa and Horsea.

“Precious, block it!” Drin yelled, immediately moving her focus to defending the girl. “Beloved, Bite! Get it away from her.”

‘She’s lucky no one’s here to see a Rocket helping someone.’ Lisa noted, standing in shock as the Gastly was stopped inches away from her. Beside her, John had also noted that Drin was actually helping someone for free, but he wasn’t as trusting. Now, he was convinced it was a set up, that Team Rocket meant to discredit him twice, first by ruining the performance, then showing his ineptitude in battle.

Poocyhena, after taking the attack from Gastly, fell back. However, Houndour clung to the ghost type after using bite, trying not to let it escape. Shaking the Pokemon, it was forced to release it with a howl when Gastly used Toxic, poisoning it. Stepping back, it spat the remains of the poison out, yowling in distress.

Realizing her strategy was falling apart, Drin turned her attention to Poochyena. “Use Crunch before it gets away.” She said, and while the Pokemon did as ordered, ran to Houndour. Using antidote to cure it, she prepared to tell it to attack again, but the problem had been solved for her. She hadn’t seen the attacks, but Poochyena had been paralyzed and hurt… and Gastly knocked out. Tossing a pokeball at it absently, she was startled by a hug from behind.

“Thank you so much.” Lisa said, dashing to the Rocket and clinging to her. “You saved me!”

“You wouldn’t have needed saving if you had raised your Pokemon properly.” Drin said pointedly, shaking Lisa off her. She did, however, seem to relent. Patting the horsea on the head, she grinned as it made a cheery noise, then lifted it gently from Lisa’s arms as though examining it. “Is it alright? I think some of the poison got on it.” She said. Noticing that several bystanders, who’d emerged from their hiding holes once it was clear they were safe, were glaring at her, she laughed. “We’re human too, you know. I don’t go around mindlessly killing everything I see.”

Glancing at the Horsea, she sighed softly. “It’s been hit. The poison hasn’t taken effect yet, since it’s secondhand, but it’ll seep in if its not dealt with. I have the antidote at my place- hotel room- just down the road. C’mon, I’ll fix this.”

“Don’t go!” John shouted, throwing himself towards them. “This cruel Rocket intends to rob and kill you, and steal your poor, helpless Pokemon.” When Horsea directed a rude comment at him, offended at being called helpless, he pretended not to hear it. “Besides, I’ll get in trouble if you leave the property without me or another supervisor. Field trips are dangerous.” He added lamely, letting his arms drop to his sides. He had been waving them around wildly as he spoke.

“I see.” Drin responded seriously, then turned to Lisa, rolling her eyes. Pretending she was going to vomit at his idiocy, she watched as the girl giggled, then handed her Horsea. “Gag me with a spoon.” She muttered, rolling her eyes. “Here, you hold onto it, then. I’m not going to steal the thing. There’s hundreds of them around here, I could catch my own easily if I wanted.”

“Okay!” Lisa agreed brightly, grinning happily up at her hero. “We’ll be back soon, Mr. Rudelfi, and besides, with all the chaos, you can just say I was scared and run off with someone who protected me.” Cheekily, she waved at him, darting out of reach as he tried to grab her arm to stop her from leaving.

Holding open the doors to the bookstore, Drin waved Lisa out, then winked at John before letting the door slam. The two took off at a jog down the street, towards Drin’s hotel room. It was, indeed, quite close, and once the two were inside, Drin did pull out the antidote, as promised. Horsea, who had begun to look ill already, seemed to be doing much better.

“Just in case you got any on you, you should have some, too.” Drin said, after Lisa was sure her Horsea would entirely recover. “It won’t hurt you if there’s nothing for it to work on, and if there is, the side effects will be worth it.”

“Side effects?” Lisa asked, sounding worried. “Horsea didn’t have any.”

“The formula’s different for people, because we react to poison differently.” Drin said smoothly. “Usually the only side effect is sleepiness or disorientation, so you’ll be alright. You can sleep here for a while if you really need to.”

“Okay.” Lisa said, beginning to feel that something was wrong, but giving in anyway. After all, Horsea had begun to feel sick… But she felt okay. Still, Drin didn’t seem to want to hurt her. The hat, she assumed, was just for fun, or to be controversial. She didn’t seem like a Rocket.

“Here you go.” Drin said. Offering the little vial to Lisa, she sat down on the bed beside her. “Just in case.” She said, holding her arms as if to catch Lisa, should she fall back.

“Oh-kay.” Lisa said slowly, a little nervous now. However, she drained the vial in one gulp, ignoring the nasty taste, to try to impress Drin. Immediately, her head began to spin, and as she fell back, she clung to Drin. The girl smiled reassuringly, lowering her to the bed, and though she tried to stay awake, Lisa’s eyes seemed to close themselves.

“Finally.” Drin said with a snort. Relieving the girl of her pokeball, she stuffed them in her own pockets. ‘Her’ hotel room wasn’t even hers- She had snuck a key from the front desk earlier at random, so her things wouldn’t need to be packed up to be brought with them.

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Default Re: Singing and Signing (In progress, sidestory)

As Horsea began to realize what was happening, she tried to spray ink in Drin’s face. Drin, however, ducked, scowling as the dark ink hit her hair. The black dye in her hair was deeper than the grayish-black of the ink, but she still didn’t appreciate the attack. Fixing brown eyes on the Horsea sternly, she taunted, “No. Bad Pokemon. Though, it might have been helpful for you to try that on that Gastly earlier.”

Not giving Horsea time for another attack, Drin reached into her pockets. Precious and Beloved wouldn’t be up to fighting Horsea, but she had another Pokemon that would be. “Spike, Iron Tail.” She ordered her Electrike.

Dashing forwards with a howl, Electrike swung its tail at Horsea. The little water type countered by using Twister right before Electrike could reach her, flinging the Pokemon away. Yelping as it banged into the wall, Electrike stood, awaiting Drin’s next order.

“Thunderwave!” Drin ordered, and called out Precious and Beloved. “Block the door.” She ordered with a hiss, as she wiped the ink from her hair. This little Horsea had already made a fool of her- It was NOT going to escape on top of that.

Electrike’s Thunderwave was blocked by the torrent of water that Horsea threw at it, the electricity conducted through the wave as it hit Spike, in fact. Yelping, the Pokemon absorbed some of the electricity, but the rest hurt, even though it was an electric type.

As Electrike tried to escape the affects of its own attack, Horsea began to use Dragon Dance, spinning on its tail in a complex series of motions. Afraid of what would happen if it got any stronger, Drin decided not to play fair. “Electric, use Charge.” She said. As the Pokemon began to store electricity, planning for a stronger attack, she turned to Precious and Beloved. “Precious, Take Down.” She ordered the dark dog, and moved out of the Poochyena’s way as it dashed by, towards Horsea. Caught offguard, the Horsea was thrown backwards. “Grab it.” Drin told Precious.

Lifting the water type in its mouth, Poochyena shook the water type. It was forced to drop it when Horsea began to spray ink all over its face, however. Stepping back, it rubbed its face into the bed sheets, trying to get the mess off. From his place guarding the door, Beloved scowled, smoke issuing from his mouth, though he didn’t dare use fire attacks here.

“Thunder, Electrike!” Drin shouted, the instant the Pokemon had charged. Horsea was trying to use Hydro Pump on Precious, who had leapt beneath the bed to avoid it, but Electrike was behind Horsea, out of its line of sight. Indeed, the Pokemon had been too sidetracked with Precious to worry about Spike, and so the Electrike’s Thunder hit dead-on, knocking it down. It was paralyzed, Drin realized, for it didn’t get up again.

Pulling out a pokeball, Drin quickly captured the Horsea, then recalled her own dogs. When she reached the hotel lobby, she didn’t flee, either, even though she knew that Lisa could awake at any time and quickly find the police. Instead, she made small talk with the staff members at the desk as the in-house nurse healed her dog Pokemon. When they’d been returned, she borrowed one person’s bagel as he looked away from his plate, then strolled out, munching on it.

Untying her bicycle from the rack, Drin set off towards the nearest Rocket building. It wasn’t huge- It was a tiny office inside a huge office complex- but it was well hidden. Who would think to look there, after all? Besides, the sign on the door said “Psychic Hotline Calling Center”, so most people assumed those there were insane or con artists, and left them alone.

Well, one out of two wasn’t too bad. Though the con wasn’t what most people expected.

Parking her bike, Drin rushed upstairs. She slowed down as she got to the populated areas of the building, not wanting to arouse suspicion, but when she was in her boss’ office, she hastily pulled the Pokeballs out. “I’ve got the Horsea you wanted, and a few other Pokemon.” She said. Gastly wasn’t, however, going to be turned over. Why would she tell about it and risk having it taken? She wanted it for herself.

“I see.” Her boss responded, pulling out his log book. “Let’s head down to the training room, and we’ll see what they are and which are worth keeping. You’ll be assigned to sell the rest this time.”

As selling was considered a step up from stealing, and something which required just as much talent and cunning, Drin felt happy as she descended down the stairs to the training room. It wasn’t, however, the one for fighting. Her boss’ Pokemon were all there, and as the two entered, they formed a ring, ready to restrain whatever Pokemon was called out. And then, to test its skills in battle.

Persian, Nidoking, Ninetales, Poliwrath, Cradily, and Dragonair were all strong Pokemon, well trained. The six had been taught by plenty of people, but for the most part, instructed by the boss himself. Hevron might not be at Giovanni’s level of management, but he was a proficient trainer, and his Pokemon showed it. They liked him, too, and had been taught to get along with each other, rather than competing for his affection. Six eager to please Pokemon were better than one or two divided ones fighting for his attention, after all. Teamwork was helpful, even if it was annoying and time consuming to teach.

Feeling a little sore- That stupid choirgirl owned more Pokemon than she, though to be fair, Drin had given many she had caught to Team Rocket- Drin threw the first pokeball violently. To her surprise, the Pokemon within was a Mew!

“Are you KIDDING me?” She gasped, staring. “That girl has a Mew?!”

Similarly shocked, Hevron stared for a moment, then waved his Pokemon forwards, determined to catch it. However, the moment they approached, the Ditto dropped its disguise, and instead, took on the form of a Persian.

Her boss shouted an expletive loudly, but Drin was too disappointed to notice. However, trying to salvage the situation, she said, “That’s a smart Ditto, most people wouldn’t dare try to catch a legendary Pokemon. We could use that.”

Ditto, however, wasn’t a good fighter. It took Persian a single takedown to subdue it, and it lay, whimpering about a headache, for the rest of the time it was out of its pokeball.

“You don’t even had a head.” Drin muttered, as she called out the next Pokemon, a Slowking. That wasn’t a ditto, she was sure, though the evolution amazed her. Why had the girl used Horsea, if she had stronger Pokemon? Perhaps to train it, she supposed?

Slowking, however, was, well, slow, explaining why he hadn’t been thought to be a good choice to use against a swift Gastly. “Kingggggg.” It said when it realized it was free of its pokeball, but surrounded by Rockets, before it slowly ambled towards Dragonair and Cradily. Not even realizing it was using Tackle, Cradily didn’t bother to move, though Dragonair pulled itself into the air, and used a quick Icebeam to knock the Pokemon back. A few Thunder attacks later it, too, was subdued. Slowking was strong, but too slow to be of any use. Drin would have to work hard to sell /that/ Pokemon, and the same for the Ditto. Perhaps a breeder would want the two, at least they’d be alright at that.

The third pokeball was, to Drin’s surprise, empty. The girl didn’t bother storing empties away from filled Pokeballs, she thought, then remembered that Horsea had been out of her pokeball. Drawing the fourth, however, she became impatient. She threw it and the fifth at once.

The Butterfree in the first pokeball was a keeper, even if it was a relatively weak bug type. Immediately, it used Attract on all the male Pokemon, flitting about seemingly harmlessly and using its charm on them. They were engrossed, leaving only Cradily to fight. It, however, was quickly stopped with a Sleep Powder attack, followed by Silver Wind.

When the male Pokemon finally got past their attraction and attacked, the Pokemon was overwhelmed by sheer numbers. However, even before her boss spoke, Drin knew that one would be a keeper. The fifth Pokemon, on the other hand- A lazy, fat Mareep who’d glanced around then gone to sleep after being sent out- Was definitely going to be sold. Even a few attacks hadn’t convinced it to fight. It had only complained loudly, used LightScreen to try to keep from being hit further, than rolled over and begun to snore again.

“That’s all of them.” Drin said. The Pokemon hadn’t been great, but Mareep were great with kids, so it wasn’t a total loss. It could be sold as a pet. The others, save Horsea and Butterfree, could also be sold.

“They’re alright.” Her boss agreed, marking down something in his notebook. Payment, she hoped, though for so many Pokemon that had to be sold, she wouldn’t get anything right away. The kept Pokemon she’d be given a bit of money for, but the others she’d only get a small portion of their sell cost from, after they sold. Though, she could of course choose to buy them herself at a discounted price, as she was part of the Team.

“There was one other Pokemon.” Drin said finally, when her boss hadn’t dismissed her. If he knew, she wanted to tell him before he said something. “A Gastly. I caught it, and I’d like to keep it, please.” The politeness killed. She had caught a Pokemon honestly, and might have to give it up to her Team. She hated that, the one bad part of Team Rocket. Well, aside from the whole being-chased-constantly-by-the-police part.

“Keep it.” Hevron said with a wave, now dismissing her in two ways, literally from the room, and also from his mind. “I don’t need another Gastly, and they’re too hard to train. If you find a Haunter, however, or a Gengar, turn it over to me immediately.”

“Yes, sir.” Drin agreed thankfully, and was struck by the ridiculousness of the situation. She was pleased with him for letting her keep her own Pokemon?

‘Don’t look a gifthorse in the mouth.’ She told herself firmly, and left the room. “I’ll call the Gastly Shinigami.” She said to herself, decisively. “It’s got that morbid attitude of a grim reaper, after all.”

Not to mention a sense of humor.

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Default Re: Singing and Stealing (sidestory) ***ready for grading!***

Sorry but this is going to be a little rushed. Sorry.

Story/Plot: Very good, I liked it. Not you're typical story which was nice very well written so good job.

Grammar/Spelling: Nice job here to. Nothing choppy or badly misspelled. Good job. Also you're style of writing is really nicely developed.

Description/Detail: Nothing really to say hear. everything was described well enough. I personally had no problem visualizing everything so good job here to.

Length: Enough.

Battle: again nice job, though I personally think a little more detail with the attacks would have been nice. Good job with the actual battle though. Nothing really stands out here as wrong and such.

Outcome: Gastly...Captured~ Sorry for the rushed job but the story was written well which I'm thankful for. Keep up the work.


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