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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 12-28-2006, 12:32 PM
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Default Digimon-The Return Of DATS

This is my first Digimon fic. It features all the evolutions that they did in season 1-5 skipping 4 since the humans are the Digimon. I will have a total of 4 digidestins. It will have digivices from season 5 though .If you have a Digidestin you want to be in this fic just P.M me or fill out the form at the bottom of Chapter I

Chapter I-The Four Digidestin Are Chosen!(Part I)

A boy walked home from school in Japan. It was a nice day, as people waved at him a said hi.

"Hello, Tyler," A woman said happily.

"Hi, Mrs. Mizuno" He said replied. He healed his backpack on one shoulder as he continued to walk down the street of many stores. He was wearing a blue shirt with a blue open shirt over it. He was wearing beige pants and white shoes. He rushed his hands through his raven black hair happily as he smiled at many people until he bumped into a girl. She dropped her books and folder as she bumped into him.

"Sorry," She said shyly. She picked up her books, as Tyler picked up her folder. On her folder was a drawing of some sort. Tyler recognized that drawing from anywhere. The girl had brown hair and was wearing a pink shirt. She had on pink pants and green shoes. She had a weird item on her neck and a black bracelet with two red beads on it.

"Hey, this is a Digimon!" Tyler said happily as looked at the picture."Not just any Digimon though," Tyler started. He pulled a small deck of cards from his pocket until he found one."This is Bearmon!". The girl snatched the folder and ran. As she ran past Tyler, he felt something weird as if someone was watching him.

"Wow, she was weird," Tyler said weirdly. He continued to walk home, as he continued to have that weird feeling.

He stuck his key into the keyhole and opened up the door.

"Mom, you home?" Tyler asked. No answer replied. He looked at the clock and noticed it was only 2:45." Duh, she doesn't get off for another 15 minutes.". He took of his street shoes and put on his house shoes as he ran upstairs. He opened his door to see a small blue fox sitting on his bed watching TV

"Hey, what are you doing!" Tyler yelled in fear. The small fox looked at Tyler and smiled.

"Finally, Bearmon was right, I would find my human partner like he did!" It yelled happily. Tyler slowly picked up a bat.

"Hey, what are you doing?" It asked. Tyler dropped the bat in fear. The creature was a small fox. It had completely blue fur. It had on red boxing gloves with a white square in the center. He also had a long red

"Who are you?" Tyler asked.

"My names Gaomon, and you're my human partner." Gaomon answered, as he turned off the TV

"My name is Gaomon, and I am from the digital world sent here to stop evil Digimon from taking over both my world and your world. My master from the digital world told me to give you this." He said. He handed Tyler a small item. It was a small black rectangle with a circle in the center. The circle had three skinny buttons. It also had a small screen. On it's side was card slider.

"Hey, wait this is that same thing that girl had around her neck!" Tyler yelled. Tyler forgot the moment and went back o the strange item in his hands.

"Hey, I wonder what this button does," Tyler, said as he pushed the button. A white flash shot from the device as Gaomon went into it.

"Hey, let me out of here!" Gaomon yelled in anger. He pushed the same button again as Gaomon shot out of it. The minute Gaomon came out he started to sniff the area. "It's a Digimon. Two of them to be exact.". Gaomon hopped out a nearby window and ran into the streets towards a strange mist.

"Hey, Gaomon, wait for me!" Tyler yelled. Tyler jumped from his window into the tree and followed after Gaomon.

"Why am I even following this stupid fox," Tyler said, as he ran around a corner only a few feet away from the mist.

He entered the mist to see a girl and three Digimon fighting. The only Tyler recognized was Gaomon standing next to the girl.

"Hey, that's the girl I saw earlier on my way home," He said.

"Bear Fist!" The Digimon next to the girl yelled. He punched the other Digimon in the face.

"Bearmon keep it up!" She yelled. Tyler ran next to Gaomon.

"Need some help buddy?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah," Gaomon answerd. Gaomon put his left foot into Tyler's hand's as he lanched him at the Digimon."Gao Rush!". Gaomon repeadialy puched the green Digimon in the face as well.

"It's a Goblimon" She said. It was green in color and long bottom fangs and seemed to be wearing scarf on it's under area. It was carring a small bone in it's left hand. The two Digimon contiued to punch at the green Digimon until it turned into small red energy. Both Digimon began to absorb the red energy as well.

"That energy you see is Digimon Data," She said, as she looked at Tyler. "My name's Luna tommorow meet me at the Tea Bar at exactly 11:45 and I will tell you all about this stuff you just saw. Luna walked off with Bearmon by her side.

"Well Gaomon, let's go home." Tyler said. Both walked back to Tyler's house.
To Be Contiued.....

Here's that Sign-Up I promised.
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Digimon Digivolution Line (look for a Digidex on some site if you need help):
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