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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 12-24-2006, 06:01 AM
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Default Dark Flames

Chapter One
The Professor

“I want to ride my bicycle; I want to ride my bike.”
“What, what is that noise. Oh my alarm. Oh my god is it finally Monday? I finally get a Pokemon today! Oh I would love a Treecko. They say it has power over the trees. Wait why is it so light out? What time is it? Ten o’clock!”
“What is all of the yelling about?” A female voice says from behind the door.
“Mom, why did my alarm go off so late?” The boy asks.
“Because I set it to,” she answers. “Ryan, I think you forgot it is Saturday you don’t have to go to school. You get to go get your first Pokémon from Professor Birch today at ten o’clock.
“I know that,” Ryan answers in an exasperated tone. “I set it to go off at six, so I could go early. I wanted to make sure a Treecko was left form this litter.”
“Well, you better get a move on then.”
“Mom,” Ryan says sarcastically in answer.
Ryan gets out of bed as his mom leaves the room and closes the door. He put on a pair of jeans. They are worn and have green stains from the amount of use outside. He put on a green shirt, and brushes his ash brown hair with his hands. He slips on his tennis shoes and picks up his old school bag. He takes out his old Poke School books, and puts in a potion, and a miracle seed. He is always very prepared, and plans ahead. He goes out of his room and down the stairs.
“Good bye honey, don’t forget to come home a show me your new Pokemon”
“If there are any left,” Ryan says under his breath as he goes out the door.
“I heard that,” his mom says, but he is already out the door.
Well here we go, Ryan thinks to himself as he sets off to his neighbor’s house. His neighbor is also his best friend, Tony. It is short for Antonio. He is a Tall, but not that much taller that Ryan. Tony is not as in shape as Ryan. A little for time outside would have done Tony some good. He always takes the easy way out. Ryan walks into his friend’s house and up the stairs. He walks into his friend’s room. He puts up the thick blinds. Through the window instantly floods light. The sudden light wakes his friend. Ryan looks around the room and sees as usual a mass amount of food wrapper and the computer still on. One of Tony’s favorite Pokemon sites is still up. Ryan has a computer but he rarely uses it. He spends too much time outside or studying to pay any mind to the internet. There was an inaudible grunt from the bed.
“Get up,” Ryan says.
“What… oh okay.”
Tony gets up and out of bed. He puts on a pair of pants, and shirt. His black hair is too short to comb. He puts on a pair of timberlands.
“You know those are made with Pokemon leather”
“Yes Ryan you’ve told me. My shoes are made from Miltank skin, and so on and so on. You’ve told me about a hundred times.”
“Just so you know…”
“The Miltank are treated very poorly,” Tony finishes.
“Yes and…”
“Well let’s go,” Tony cuts him off and leads Ryan out the door, down the stairs, and out of his house.
“What Pokemon are you getting,” Ryan asks.
“Torchic, he is so powerful.”
They walk down the road for a while. Tony doesn’t need to ask Ryan. Ryan has made it very clear he is going to get Treecko. They walk only a few minutes before they get to Professor Birch’s lab. It is a rather large lab, the size of at least four houses in one. They walk inside and Ryan realizes he has never been inside before. There are Poke Balls everywhere. They are in boxes, on the ground, just everywhere. They see Professor Birch and walk over to him. Professor Birch is a young professor. He has brown hair and very well built from all the field work he does. Next to him are three cages one that says “Mudkip”. It is empty. One that says “Torchic” that has one Pokemon left in it. And the last cage says “Treecko” on it.
“All the Treecko are gone!”
“Well you’re rather late Ryan it is already eleven o’clock,” Birch answers. “One minute stay here once I get Tony set I have something to show you.”
“I want Torchic,” Tony says.
“Good because that’s all we have.” Birch hands Tony the Torchic that looks happily at Him. Birch hands Tony a poke ball. Tony instantly puts Torchic in it. Birch hands him 5 Poke Balls and sends him on his way.
“Not a very nice trainer. Most hug there first Pokemon and don’t put them in poke balls till the leave. I hope I made the right choice,” Birch mumbles to himself. “Anyway Ryan come with me please.”
Ryan follows him back to a back room filled with different areas for Pokemon. They walk towards the back. One the way Ryan sees many areas a Water area fill with Water Pokemon. He sees a rock area with some rock Pokemon like Geodude. When they get to the very back they come to an area that looks like the rain forest. Ryan assumes it is the grass area.
“Bulbasaur,” Birch calls.
A tiny Bulbasaur the smallest that Ryan has ever seen comes out from behind the leaves.
“Ryan I know grass Pokemon are your favorite so since all the Treecko are gone I thought this would be a good choice. He is not very socialized but I think if you approach him slowly he will let you pet him…”
Ryan isn’t listening. His eyes are wide with glee. He jumps in the area and reaches out to hug it when it tackles him.
“Ouch,” Ryan coughs.
“I tried to tell you he is very timid towards people”
Ryan this time opens the gate slowly and steps in to the area. He slowly reaches his hand toward the Pokemon and it bites hit hand.
“Ouch that hurt”
“Well he will need to get used to you. Ok Ryan, here are some Poké Balls. They are used for catching Pokemon. Go and have a wonderful time with Bulbasaur.”
“Oh thank you professor I love Bulbasaurs I didn’t even know you gave out Bulbasaurs.”
“I don’t.”
“I don’t. I’m just giving it too you because I know how much you love grass Pokemon. Now get out of here before I change my mind.”
“Ok see you later,” Ryan says.
Ryan leaves the lab with Bulbasaur walking beside him, Ryan is as happy as can be.

Chapter Two
The Rivalry

“Let’s Battle Ryan.”
“Who’s there?”
“Torchic go!”
A Torchic appears. It’s Torchic from the lab but it’s different. It’s changed. Its face is harder, its expressions are meaner.
“Tony is that you?” Ryan asks quietly.
“Yes,” Tony’s voice comes from the dark. It’s meaner not the same joking voice Ryan usually hears. Tony walks out from the darkness. Ryan sees the sneer on his face.
“For years I have been waiting for this, for the day when we get our first Pokemon, the day when the world will finally see that I am the superior one. They will see that I am the better trainer. ‘Oh Ryan you’re so wonderful at battles,’ ‘Tony you should be nicer to your Pokemon.’ It doesn’t matter how nice you are to them. If you’re a good trainer it doesn’t matter. Torchic burn that Bulbasaur.”
Flames erupt from the mouth of the Torchic. The flames hit Bulbasaur with such a force that he is knocked back a few feet. Bulbasaur doesn’t back up.
“Bulbasaur, are you okay,” Ryan yells.
“Finish it off Torchic”
“No,” Ryan yells. “What are you doing you’ve won.”
Flames erupt from the mouth of the Torchic again. They are heading straight for Bulbasaur. Ryan jumps in the way of the flames and the flames hit him in the back. His shirt is burnt pretty badly, but he is relatively fine.
“Idiot,” Tony spits. “Such a weak Pokemon is not worth it”
“All Pokemon are worth it.” Bulbasaur is looking at Ryan with a tear in his eye that he quickly blinks back. It gets up with a determined look in its eye. Ryan quickly takes the potion out of his bag and uses it on him. The remains of the attack quickly disappear.
“Well, well, well more spunk then I gave the little guy credit for.”
“Use your seeds to suck health from it,” Ryan tells Bulbasaur.
A seed shoots out of the bulb on Bulbasaur’s back. The seed attaches itself to Torchic and start to grow.
“Growl at it and tackle it, but don’t forget to dodge its Ember attack,” Ryan tells Bulbasaur.
“Keep on shooting your flame at it,” Tony orders Torchic.
Flames shoot out of Torchic’s mouth at Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur jumps out of the way and growls at it. Torchic’s attack visibly lowers. Torchic again shoots flame at Bulbasaur. The flames hit Bulbasaur as he tries to get out of the way, but he manages to get on his feet and tackle Torchic. Health from Torchic is sucked away by leech seed. Torchic is looking tired but Bulbasaur is rejuvenated by the health from Torchic.
“Weakling you better try harder and aim better. Focus your energy in to one attack,” Tony yells at Torchic.
“Bulbasaur use your vines to throw him in to a tree and tackle him,” Ryan says to Bulbasaur.”
While Torchic is focusing his mind Bulbasaur wraps his vines around him and throws him in to the nearest tree, while he tries to get up Bulbasaur tackles him. He tries to get up one more time but his energy is suck away by leech seed.
“How could such a good Pokemon as Torchic be such a weakling? I must have gotten the runt of the litter. Well I’ll just have to train you harder. Next time we meet Ryan I won’t lose.”
Tony takes Torchic back into its Poke Ball and walks away.
“Well, that was weird,” Ryan says to Bulbasaur after Tony is gone.
Bulbasaur nods.
“Well let’s go home to my house.”
Ryan and Bulbasaur walk back threw the town to Ryan’s house.

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Old 12-28-2006, 10:07 AM
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Cool Re: Dark Flames

Ohhh, if that's not suspense I don't know what is. Cuz think about it, u have a pair of ex-best friends who all of a sudden become worst enemies .
This could be good, keep goin'

P.S Cute avatar!
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