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Old 02-03-2007, 02:09 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Ultimate Challenge

Episode 12- Rival Battle! 3 Vs 3!

“You know what guys?” Devan asked.

“No, what’s the matter?” Ash asked.

“I feel like battling a battalion of trainers or just one strong one!” Devan exclaimed with enthusiasm.

“Then go Devan, I’ll go battle the gym leader while you battle trainers. Then, if I win I’ll wait for you to battle the gym leader okay?” Ask asked.

“Thanks bro!” Devan replied.

“No prob!” Ash told him.

Devan rushed off to a huge building while Ash headed towards the Masago Town Gym.

“Hey, loser!” A voice yelled to Devan.

“Who me?” Devan asked.

“Duh, who else?” He replied.

“Well, I see two schoolgirls, a supertrainer, and an officer. Truth be told, you could’ve been talking to any one of us,” Devan said.

“Very smart and intelligent. Great answer. Anyway, my name is Shinji and I challenge you to a Pokemon Match.” Shinji offered.

“You’re goin’ down!” Devan accepted.

“Loser.” Shinji thought. “Prepare, Mukkuru!”

“I choose you, Rioru!” Devan shouted as he threw the blue and black pokeball on the open field grass.

“How’d he get Rioru?” Shinji whispered. “They’re quite rare Pokemon to find. It does not matter any way you look at it; I am coming out this one victorious as I always do! Mukkuru use wingattack!”

“Rioru dodge and counter with firepunch!” Devan commanded with grace and great precision.

“No! That was a direct hit!” Shinji yelled.



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“You’re such a loser!” He shouted. “I will win. Return you pathetic bird!”

“Great job Rioru. Shinji! You are not supposed to call your Pokemon names. You have horrible ways.” Devan explained.

“So what? Pokemon that are weak aren’t worth treating with the utmost respect.” Then Shinji laughed, “The Pokemon I have that is worth respect is my Elekid. Who cares huh? C’mon out and work fire Hikozaru!”

“That’s a Hikozaru?” Devan asked.

“You know it, scared?” Shinji smirked.

“Nah, I’m just so excited!” Devan replied.

“How the heck is he excited? Every other trainer I battled was always scared of me, and never even beat my Mukkuru!” Shinji exclaimed. “Err, he’ll lose because I cannot and refuse to lose to a twerp loser! Hikozaru use ember!”

“Rioru dodge and use firepunch!” Devan commanded.

“Loser, Hikozaru use fireball!” Shinji laughed.

“Rioru!” Devan shouted.

“One more hit and this is over!” Shinji snickered. “Ember!”
“What?” Devan asked. “Rioru’s lighting up which means…”

“This can’t be happening! No one has ever been able to evolve a Rioru. Which means this will be the first trainer whoever had the evolved form of Rioru. What could it be?” Shinji asked himself.

“Lucario!” Lucario exclaimed. “Devan, thank you for being so nice to me, many trainers do not know, but it takes heart and love to evolve certain Pokemon. Some it takes horrible ways.”

“Whoa! You can talk too?” Devan exclaimed.

“I am the only Rioru or now Lucario who can use aura. I am the same Lucario who was with Sir Aaron. When I did that thing when I ‘died’, I actually turned into a Rioru. My pre-evolution.” Lucario explained.

“So I was actually with my old buddy this whole time?” Devan asked.

“Charmander Char!” Charmander shouted happily.

“It’s good to see you too!” Lucario answered to Charmander.

“Hikozaru use fireball!” Shinji ordered.

“Lucario counter with blazekick!” Devan commanded with integrity.

“Return Hikozaru. Two pieces of trash however, go Elekid!” Shinji yelled.

“Return Lucario,” Devan said. “You ready Charmander?”

“Charmander!” Charmander replied fiercely.

“Charmander use flamethrower!” Devan commanded with happiness.

“Elekid use thunderbolt!” Shinji demanded. “What?” Shinji exclaimed. “That Charmander was just an illusion!”

“The real one is right behind Elekid,” Devan said. “Charmander use irontail and than use blastburn!”

“Return!” Shinji shouted angrily. “We’ll meet again loser!” He yelled calmly and ran away.

“Next stop, to see Ash battle the gym leader!” Devan told Charmander.

“Let’s go in Pikachu!” Ash suggested.

“Pika Pika Chuu!” Pikachu agreed

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Old 02-03-2007, 02:10 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Ultimate Challenge

Episode 13- Battle Tower Challenges (Part 1)

“What!?” This is not a gym. It’s only a battle Tower!” Ash exclaimed.

“Ash!” Devan shouted.

“Charmander <Pikachu!>” Charmander exclaimed.

“Devan did you battle someone yet?” Ash asked.

“Yeah, but this doesn’t look like a gym,” said Devan.

“Same thing I thought.” Gary added.

“This is a team battle tower challenge Battle Tower.” Gary explained

“Cool, so about us three team up?” Devan asked.

“Also, the Pokemon Contest is down the street.” Gary added.

Devan thus saw Crystal, Tyler, and Jessica signing up.

Devan, Ash, and Gary signed up as well.

Corbin Blue and Keke Palmer showed the lists to the audience.

1) Team Poke’ Masters <Devan Ketchum, Ash Ketchum, and Gary Oak> 0 Pts
2) Mamoyia Edwards <Tyler Edwards, Crystal Mamoyia, and Jessica Edwards> 0 Pts
3) Horrible Ways <Shinji, Butch, and Cassidy> 0 Pts
4) Rocket Meowths <James, Jessie, and Meowth> 0 Pts
5) Flaming Electric Comedians <Ritchie, Harrison, and Melissa> 0 Pts
6) Starters <Hikari, Nozomi, and Angel> 0 Pts
7) Professor’s <Prof. Oak, Prof. Elm, and Prof. Birch> 0 Pts
8) Norman’s <Norman, May, Max> 0 Pts
9) Kanto Friends <Misty, Brock, and Tracy> 0 Pts
10) Game Freak Trainers <Deon, Demetrius, and Wally> 0 Pts

“Welcome everyone!” Nurse Joy greeted. “All the teams are here to be in the three men Battle Tower Team Challenge. I will explain a few rules okay. Rule number one is that the teams never cheat! Two is that first team to get 100 points wins! Three is that the 1st battle is a one-on-one match, the 2nd is two-on-two, and the 3rd is three-on-three. Finally, have fun!”

“Looks like these teams are going to jump in,” Corbin excitedly said.

“It’s their turns now.” Keke replied.

“They have to push it, push it, to the limit!” Corbin added.

“How about we all just “Jump In” to see this action!” Nurse Joy exclaimed.

“In the grass area The Professor’s are fighting The Kanto Friends. While The Mamoyia Edwards are battling The Horrible Ways in the ice area, Rocket Meowths Vs Flaming Electric Comedians in the rock area. In the normal area, The Norman’s are battling The Starters. Finally, Team Poke’ Masters are battling The Game Freak Trainers.” Corbin explained.

“How about we check out the action by zooming the cameras in.” Keke suggested.

“I am Deon and I am Devan and Ash’s cousin. Along with Demetrious as our cousin but we call him Demetri.” Deon answered Gary.

“Thanks for explaining that because I knew both your names sounded familiar,” Deon said, “Now, attack Rhydon!”

“I choose you, Blastoise!” Gary shouted.

“Rhydon use surf on Blastoise.” Deon demanded.

“Blastoise counter with Hydrocannon!” Gary Commanded.

“Rhydon use dig to get out of the way of that hydrocannon.” Deon ordered.

“Hah! Now I can tell he’s Devan and Ash’s cousin.” Gary thought to himself. “Blastoise use hydropump and point your cannons in the hole.”

“Now, Rhydon use surf!” Deon yelled.

“Great strategy Deon!” Wally cheered. “He is a good strategist. No one else probably would have thought of using surf underground. Even though the water hits Rhydon a little, it does not knock him out! Now Rhydon is riding a huge wave since its surf and Gary’s Blastoise’s hydropump. This battle is awesome. I know that Ash and Devan won’t be any push overs, but I wonder how Gary and Blastoise will get out of this one.”

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Old 02-03-2007, 02:12 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Ultimate Challenge

Episode 14- Battle Tower Challenges (Part 2)

Last time on Pokemon Ultimate challenge Devan, Ash, and Gary signed up as Team Poke’ Masters in the Battle Tower Team Challenge. Gary was up first. He is battling Devan and Ash’s cousin Deon. Deon’s Rhydon is doing good so far against Gary’s Blastoise but, how long can he keep that up? Find out on Ep # 14- Battle Tower Challenges (Part 2)

“Do you think super surf will stop me?” Gary asked. “What a joke. Deon you are good, no doubt. However, I am winnin’! Blastoise used shell attack!”

“The viewers and audiences watching are probably looking at
Team Poke’ Masters Battle against the Game Freak Trainers.
Because this battle is ‘cooling up’ if ya know what I mean.” Corbin laughed.

“Yeah since it isn’t heating up with fire, its cooling up with water!” Keke explained to the people and Pokemon who did not get the joke.

“You think a turtle in a shell is going to stop me?” Then Deon laughed, “So foolish. Rhydon use Thunder!”

“Blastoise?” Gary exclaimed. “Are you okay?”

“Not after this, Rhydon use Surf and ride it this time and use your full-powered surf!” Deon demanded.

Gary smirked, “Blastoise use icebeam on that wave!”

“What? He was faking his worries for Blastoise because he knew that Blastoise would be okay!” Deon exclaimed.

“Yep. Now, thanks to you. I win,” Gary said.

“The water froze, and so did Rhydon!” Wally thought to himself. “Deon lost.”

“Nice match and I look forward to Wally and Demetri winning against Ash and Devan.” Deon told Gary. “Return Rhydon.”

“That battle was awesome and now it’s Ash Ketchum vs. Demetrius!” Corbin explained.

“I am so excited!” Ash exclaimed.

“You’re going to lose.” Demetri replied. “Jolt him Jolteon!”

“I choose you, Donphan!” Ash shouted.

“Jolteon use any attack that isn’t electric.” Demetri told Jolteon.


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Now Back To The Show…

“Donphan use takedown!” Ash commanded.

“Um-hmm. Jolteon dodge and use quickattack!” Demetrius demanded.

“Err, Jolteon is fast,” Ash said under his breath. Ash shook his head, “Donphan counter by using rollout!”

“What?” Demetrius exclaimed. “How’d Donphan just bounce up and counter like that?”

“Looks like I win.” Ash thought to himself.

“Jolteon use Thunder on Donphan’s tusks!” Demetrius cleverly ordered Jolteon.

“Donphan use hyperbeam on the Thunder.” Ash smiled.

“I-I lost,” Demetrius said as he dropped to his knees. “You and Donphan are good cousin. I can’t battle with you again because I only brought Jolteon with me.”

“Then, I guess I’m up!” Then took deep breaths.

“You ready Wally?” Devan asked patiently, calmly, and in an excited tone.

“I hope,” Wally said to himself. “Yes I am!”

“Good.” Devan replied.

“Altaria and Breloom go!” Wally yelled.

“I choose you, Charizard and Lucario!” Devan shouted.

“What a powerful and well-balanced team.” Gary smiled and thought to himself.

“A Lucario?” Ash thought. “It’s good to see another Lucario since...”

“Breloom use megapunch on Lucario and Altaria use dragonbreath on Charizard!” Wally demanded.

“Charizard use Dragonrage on Dragonbreath and Lucario use blazekick then, blazekick on Breloom!” Devan commanded to counter.

“Whoa!” Deon and Demetrius exclaimed.

“Wow folk, Devan Ketchum has some strong Pokemon,” Corbin said speaking into the microphone.

“Devan is so handsome, smart, cool, persistent, hot, sexy, enthusiastic, and loyal to friends!!” All the girls in the audience screamed except for Crystal and Jessica. Crystal blushed a little and wished him good luck while Jessica and Tyler were both eating with their Pokemon.

Crystal walked to where Tyler and Jessica were, “I hope he wins.”

“Why? You like him?” Tyler asked and ate another piece of BBQ pork chops.

Jessica pulled Crystal into the janitor’s closet, “What an act!” If you were going to say no then you’d be lying. I can tell when someone is in love.”

“Love?” Crystal asked. “It’s not like that really.”

“Yeah, yeah whatever!” Jessica replied.

“Return Breloom,” said Wally. “You did well. Now c’mon Gardevoir!”

“This may get difficult.” Gary frowned. “I hope Devan can pull through.”

“Gardevoir use confuse ray on Charizard!” Wally ordered.

“No! Charizard’s confused!” Devan exclaimed. “Lucario use blazekick on Altaria!”

“Gardevoir use disable on Lucario now!” Wally yelled.

“Err…” Devan grind his teeth. “How can I win?”

“Gardevoir use psychic on Lucario!” Wally demanded.

“Cario!” Lucario shouted after being hit by the psychic attack.

“Finish off Lucario with dragonbreath!” Wally ordered Altaria.

“What?” Keke exclaimed.

“It looks like Charizard snapped out of confusion and jumped infront of Lucario thus, getting hit by dragonbreath instead.” Nurse Joy explained. “However, Charizard looks paralyzed now.”

“Return Lucario. You tried your best.” Devan smiled.
“Ready Charmander? Use flamethrower on Charizard!”

“Great strategy from Devan Ketchum from Pallet,” said Nurse Joy.

“Charmander use blastburn and Charizard use fireblast!” Devan commanded.

“Return Gardevoir and Altaria.” Wally fell on his knees and tears came from his eyes.

Devan walked to him and put his right hand out, “Good battle.”

“Really?” Wally asked.

“Really. You have a great heart to beat all the gyms. Take care.” Devan told him.

“Okay ladies, gentlemen, trainers, and Pokemon. This is the updated list.” Nurse Joy explained.

Team Poke’Masters <Devan Ketchum, Ash Ketchum, and Gary Oak> 40 PTS
Mamoyia Edwards <Crystal Mamoyia, Tyler Edwards, and Jessica Edwards> 40 PTS
Professor’s <Prof. Oak, Prof. Elm, and Prof. Birch> 20 PTS (Draw with Kanto Friends)
Kanto Friends <Misty, Brock, and Tracy> 20 PTS (Draw with Professor’s)
The Horrible Ways <Shinji, Cassidy, and Butch> 0 PTS (Disqualified for mistreating Pokemon)
Rocket Meowths <Meowth, Jessie, and James> o PTS (Disqualified for trying to steal opponents Pokemon)
Flaming Electric Comedians <Ritchie, Harrison, and Melissa> 40 PTS
Game Freak Trainers <Demetrius, Deon, and Wally> 15 PTS for effort (Eliminated)
Starters <Hikari, Nozomi, and Angel> 10 PTS for effort (Eliminated)
Norman’s <Norman, May, and Max> 35 Pts (Max lost his battle which took off 5 points)

“I have an important announcement,” said Nurse Joy. “Because of some of the people being in the PKMN contest, also the areas have been badly destroyed. Therefore, it will take one month to fix them. I am sorry.”

“Well that’s it I guess,” Ash said.

“Ash, Gary, Devan!” Misty yelled.

“Misty?” Ash exclaimed.

Devan walked up to the Mamoyia sisters…

“Hi Crystal. Last time we did not get to introduce ourselves fully sooo, I am Devan—“Devan was cut off by Crystal.

“Ketchum. Devan Ketchum.” Crystal finished. “I’m Crystal Mamoyia; this is my younger sister Kristen, and older sister Keynoma.”

Two girls walked slowly up to Devan…

“Aren’t you Devan Ketchum?” A girl with shoulder length hair asked.

“Yes, that’s me.” Devan replied.

The two girls hugged him and introduced themselves.

“I am Christina.” The other girl told Devan.

“And I am Marina,” the girl with shoulder length black hair said.

“Nice to meet you.” Devan told them.

Devan walked away from Crystal, Christina, Keynoma, Kristen, and Marina;
Promising to return.

“I know that you like him Crystal. And you shouldn’t be hiding your feelings,” Christina whispered.

“Agreed.” Marina overheard.

“Feelings?” Crystal blushed.

“You don’t huh?” Marina asked.

“Well,” said Christina.

“Well what?” Crystal asked.

“We’re going to tell him our true feelings then. We are his biggest fans!” Christina and Marina told her.

“No! You can’t!” Crystal shouted.

“Why?” Marina asked.

“Yeah why? You said you didn’t like him.” Christina added.

“I-I” Crystal mumbled.

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