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Old 01-14-2007, 04:51 AM
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Professor Oak: Anyway... Moving on...

Scene: Professor Oak takes the group to a sort of storage room. This room has a bin filled with Poke-Balls. Also, it has a shelf on the far wall that's lined with Poke-Dexs that look slightly different from Ash's. Another shelf above it has yellow devices with red lights on the top of them.

Professor Oak: This is the Equipment Room. We keep the various Trainer equipment stored here for when it is needed.

Scene: Professor Oak reaches for one of the Poke-Dexs.

Ash: That's...

Professor Oak: This is a PD-02 Version Poke-Dex. It has a built-in GPS tracker, so we can pinpoint your location at all times right from this lab. In addition, it functions as a Text Messenger and has Internet Access. Also, its updated Pokemon Database now contains information on Pokemon from the Chubu (shu-bu) and Zanta Regions, as well as Kanto, Hoenn, Johto, and Orre.

Ash: I was at the Hoenn League recently. It was awesome.

Professor Oak: One more thing that I think is about time. This Poke-Dex has a built-in communicator feature that allows us to contact each other, no matter where you are in the world.

Chezni: Awesome! That means I can ask you questions if I'm unsure about something...

Professor Oak: Just don't call me every 5 minutes. There are people that actually do that, and it gets annoying really fast...

Voice: Oh, I didn't see you there.

Scene: The group turns to see Gary Oak, Professor Oak's nephew, standing in the doorway.

Ash: Hey, Gary! How's it been.

Gary: Ash! Man, you got taller... Last time I saw you, you were still a shrimp! Now you're almost as tall as ME!

Chezni: Friend of yours?

Ash: Oh. Sorry. This is Gary Oak. He works here with Professor Oak.

Gary: The Professor's my uncle. I work here as his assistant, helping him in his research. I still train Pokemon on the side, but I don't battle as much anymore...

Ash: Gary here used to be a great Pokemon Trainer.

Chezni: Really? I'd like to try MY luck against you one of these days...

Ash: I wouldn't recommend challenging him now. He's had alot of experience. But maybe after you've been a Trainer for a while...

Brock: No kidding. He's beaten YOU a few times, Ash...

Gary: <chuckling> That was a long time ago. I wouldn't stand a chance now. Ash'd flatten me in a second.

Professor Oak: Ha ha... You underestimate yourself. Oh! Before I forget. <hands Chezni the Poke-Dex> You have to speak into it to get it to recognize your voice. Then it'll only function fully for you.

Chezni: Thanks. Let's see. <Puts the Poke-Dex up to his face> I am Chezni Vanguard.

Poke-Dex: <a female voice, surprisingly not robotic sounding> Understood. Voice pattern and name registered. To edit your options, please use the 'Settings' function.

Chezni: Wow... Is it ALL voice-activated?

Professor Oak: Yes. You only need to press the white button on the end there to...

Chezni: You mean this one? <presses the white button. Four panels fold out to reveal a screen.> Whooa...

Poke-Dex: Please select a function.

Chezni: Let's see... Bring up the data on Magikarp.

Poke-Dex: Searching... Magikarp - The exoskeletal fish Pokemon.

Chezni: Sounds about right...

Poke-Dex: Magikarp are the most common Water Pokemon, able to be found anywhere. Their only attack is Splash, a baseless Attack that causes no damage in battle, and has no strategic value.

Chezni: ...

Poke-Dex: Despite their apparent weakness, Magikarp are the only Pokemon capable of Evolving into Gyarados, a powerful Water-Dragon Pokemon.

Chezni: I wonder if that's what I sensed?

Gary: Why Magikarp?

Chezni: I want to know everything I can about my starter Pokemon…

Gary: ... You're... joking, right?

Scene: Everyone shakes their heads in sync, as Chezni pushes the white button again, closing the Poke-Dex.


Professor Oak: <hands Chezni 5 Poke-Balls> You'll have to buy any others you might need, but these will hopefully get you started.

Chezni: <looking to everyone else> I really appreciate what you're all doing for me. I only wish there were a way for me to repay you.

Ash: Don't worry about it. If it's any consolation, it gave us an excuse to get back here. Plus, you saved our tails already.

Brock: No kidding. Any longer, and that purple gas would've killed us for sure.

Professor Oak: Purple gas?

Chezni: Yeah, it was all over the passageway we used to get here. We didn't have time to determine the cause, so...

Professor Oak: Just like 'he' said... A purple gas that was there one second, and gone the next...

Gary: ... I got back right in the middle of their conversation...

Chezni: Who said this?

Professor Oak: I think it was another Pokemon Trainer. He left a gem here. I think he forgot to take it.

Scene: Professor Oak opens a drawer and takes out a jade, showing it to the group. Chezni raises an eyebrow.

Ash: Are you alright?

Chezni: Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry Professor. I'll look into it.

Scene: Confused, Professor Oak escorts the group outside, as Chezni straps the Poke-Dex to his left arm.

Ash: You don't have to put it on your arm, you know.

Chezni: I know. I just feel better knowing where it is. Plus, I'll be able to tell if someone tries to steal it. They'll have to pry it right off my arm.

Ash: Wow… I never thought of that…

Scene: Outside, Chezni, Ash, and the rest of the group wave good-bye to Professor Oak and Gary. Afterwards, they head north from Pallet.

Chezni: <looking at Ash> So, where to now?

Ash: You still want to come with us?

Chezni: Yeah. It'd be easier if I traveled with people I know, so...

Brock: It's probably a good idea, given your situation.

Ash: Good point.

Chezni: Then it's set. From now on, we're teammates. So, where to?

Ash: Well, for starters, let's head to Veridian City... It's not very far from here.

Chezni: Alright! Lead the way.

Scene: Chezni, Ash, Misty, Brock, Max, and May head north along Route 1, to Veridian City. The camera slowly pans upward.

Chezni: I'm really a Pokemon Trainer. Who would've thought it?

Eden: You're really enjoying this, huh?

Chezni: Yeah. For once, I don't have to be the leader.

Eden: You really ARE lazy, you know that?

Chezni: I am NOT lazy!

Eden: Yeah you are... You're ALWAYS slacking off...

Chezni: Only that ONE time in the fortress...

Eden: Then there was the time we all thought you were dead...

Chezni: Ok, but that was it...

Eden: And then there was the time we were trying to give a speech to the Federation and you fell asleep...

Chezni: Ok. I get the message.

Eden: And when you first piloted the prototype? We almost crashed into the main headquarters...

Ash: Is he going to do this the whole way there?

Chezni: Probably... He doesn't get tired like we do...

Eden: And remember the mess in Fort Alpha?

Max: This is gonna be a long day...

Eden: And then there was...

All: Enough already!

Eden: I was just saying...

Preview of the next episode:


The PD-02

This Poke-Dex comes with new built in features including a GPS and Communicator. Now, Trainers can talk to each other from any distance. This will surely be useful in the days to come.

Next Episode

Chezni here. Well, it looks like my Pokemon journey's finally started. And our next destination is Veridian City. Who knows what we'll find there? Anyway, you definitely don't want to miss a second of it.

Chezni: Man, this is awesome...

Next time on POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Episode 5: Veridian City - Chezni's First Battle

Now to see what all this battling business is about...
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

One note, the series does assume that it's after the latest saga, but you've gotta understand that the world of Pokemon is constantly changing. So don't expect everything to be 100 percent accurate. Anyway, let's continue.

POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Scene: Chezni, Ash, Misty, Brock, Max, and May look on at the sight that is Veridian City. The buildings sparkle in the evening sun, as the orange glint of the sunlight that was apparent in Saffron also shows to an extent here.

Chezni: So, this is Veridian...

Ash: It'll be good to sleep in a building again...

Brock: Yeah. And just in time. The ground can be brutal against a person's back.

Misty: These are things you never see on TV...

Max: Well, let's get into the city. It's still a good half hour away. At this rate, it'll be nightfall before we...

Scene: Chezni, Ash, Misty, Brock, and May are already heading toward the city.

Max: Hey! Wait for me!

Scene: Max runs to catch up with the rest of the group.

Episode 5: Veridian City - Chezni's First Battle

Scene: The familiar busy atmosphere of Veridian City immediately catches Chezni's eye. Various Trainers and civilians can be seen going about their daily business. A few people in indigo uniforms can also be seen keeping watch over the city.

Chezni: Who are those uniformed people?

Brock: Those are League Officers. They're all over the place.

Chezni: League Officers? Like Military Police?

Ash: Not quite. They just make sure that Pokemon Trainers obey all of the rules of battling. One thing about Pokemon Battles is that it's a strictly regulated sport. It has to be, or else there would be so many serious injuries to both Pokemon and Trainers that it'd be pathetic.

Chezni: I see... Even something like this isn't perfect though...

Misty: Yeah, you're right. Even with this, accidents still happen. They just try to minimize them. It's all they can really do...

Chezni: What about in the field? I mean, League Officers can't be everywhere at once.

Ash: In the field, we try to use our best judgment. Usually we have a third party to judge Pokemon Battles. In this case...

Brock: I'm your man. Of course, in Gym Battles, an official still takes charge. It's all regulation.

Chezni: How long do Pokemon Battles last?

Ash: There's no real time limit, but Trainers can't take time-outs, so...

Chezni: It's largely up to endurance...

Silfayree: <nodding> Sil!

Ash: I've noticed that you don't keep Silfayree in its Poke-Ball.

Chezni: Well, Magikarp needs to be in its Poke-Ball to survive out of water, but since Silfayree doesn't, I thought...

Ash: I guess that makes sense. Plus, Silfayree's technically your first Pokemon. Alot of Trainers do that...

Chezni: It doesn't mean that I care less about Magikarp. I'm still waiting to see what I sensed back at the Lab...

Max: I still can't believe you chose it as a starter...

Chezni: <rolling his eyes> Well, at any rate, shouldn't we be looking for a place to bunk for the night?

Ash: Yeah. Good call.


Scene: Our heroes arrive at the local Pokemon Center. A wave of dread suddenly comes over the group as they realize they'll have to spend yet another night here, and not in a hotel.

May: Just once, I'd like to spend a night in a comfy bed...

Misty: It's like I said... We're short on money...

Chezni: Money? Um, what does the money here look like?

Ash: <reaches for a bill and pulls it out. It reads 1P.> This is a 1-dollar bill.

Chezni: I see... No other forms, huh? ... ... I wonder...

Scene: Chezni reaches into one of his pockets and pulls out what appears to be a black cloth of some sort.

Max: What is that, a blanket of some sort?

Chezni: Nope. It's a 'Portable Hole'. It's a neat little device that stores anything of yours into an extradimensional space.

Max: Wha... No way...

Chezni: Best of all, it weighs almost nothing, regardless of what's in it.

Max: How do you find what you need?

Chezni: You just think of the item, reach in, and it appears if it's in there. It uses some sort of sensor to detect thought... I never got the specifics on it though, but trust me. It works. Plus, it’s practically indestructible!

Scene: Chezni places the cloth on the ground and reaches in. After a second, he pulls out an amethyst.

Chezni: There we go... Good size too... This'll probably fetch a decent price.

Brock: An amethyst... But you said...

Chezni: I'm from another world? Yes, but we have these gems where I come from too. Among other things...

Max: You're a total Space Cadet...

Chezni: Let's pawn this off and see what we get for it.

Ash: Are you sure about this?

Chezni: You kidding? This is the least I can do to repay you. Plus, I have a nice horde of them back home... Didn’t I tell you? I was an adventurer!

Scene: The group races off to the Pawn Shop, as a montage displays, showing them getting the money and then racing to find a hotel. After it ends, they are in front of a nice looking hotel.

Chezni: I should have just about enough for this...

Scene: Chezni and the group enter and discover that the lobby of the hotel is in shambles. Officer Jenny is talking with the owner.

Chezni: Ok... This is definitely not normal.

Scene: The group walks up to the owner, and suddenly, Brock is right next to Officer Jenny.

Brock: I've been a 'bad boy' Officer Jenny. I think I need to be padded down... Should I ‘assume the position’?

Officer Jenny: Um, excuse me?

Scene: Max grabs Brock by the ear and pulls him over to the group. With a thrust, he forces Brock to sit on the floor.

Brock: This isn't fair... Why do you always do this? We were destined to meet...

Max: Sorry, Officer Jenny. Brock's... overly eccentric...

Scene: Brock's sulking on the floor, as the owner and Officer Jenny discuss what happened.

Officer Jenny: So, they ransacked this place because you wouldn't pay them protection money?

Owner: Yes. It was terrible. They said next time, someone might get hurt! You've got to find them...

Officer Jenny: That's the thing. Without any witnesses, I can't really arrest anyone. But I CAN leave an Officer here...

Chezni: Officer?

Ash: Sometimes League Officers double up as security in certain situations...

Chezni: I see... Um, do you know what the culprits looked like?

Owner: I didn't see them very well, but there were three of them. They were arguing. All three wore masks, but one of them had a smiley face button in his left eye. I only saw them briefly when they were up close. Does that help?

Officer Jenny: So they were all men... Ok... It's a start. I'll be right down the street. If anything happens...

Chezni: We'll be here.

Officer Jenny: Wait a second, you're not with the League... I can't endanger you!

Chezni: Don't worry. I've dealt with these types before...

Officer Jenny: But still... I can't just allow you six to involve yourselved in this.

Ash: You're sending a League Officer. How about we cooperate with him?

Officer Jenny: ... Ok... Just don't do anything rash. And obey him at ALL times, or I'll arrest you myself. And for god sakes, if anything happens, call me.

Chezni: Thank you.

Officer Jenny: Reminds me of my younger days...

Scene: Officer Jenny walks out of the hotel.

Chezni: But... She looks like she's barely over 20...
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Scene: As the sun begins setting over the city, the group waits patiently for the culprits to make their inevitable return to the scene of the crime. In the midst of the wait, a somewhat tall man in an indigo uniform can be seen in the distance. He appears to be walking toward the hotel.

Chezni: He must be the League Official... Wait a second...

Ash: What's wrong?

Chezni: That can't be... It's impossible...

Scene: As the slender man nears, his face can be seen. There appears to be a white mask covering his eyes and part of his hair. Other than that, his long blonde hair seems to hang down behind him. He immediately approaches Chezni.

Chezni: Jade... But... how?

Jade: I see... So YOU made it here as well? How... coincidental...

Chezni: Enough talk! Why are YOU here?!

Jade: You remember the incident in the Wormhole? The one where I stayed behind?

Chezni: ... ... Yes... I thought you were going to die there...

Jade: I thought as much too... But, fate dealt me a slightly different hand...

Ash: Who IS this guy?

Chezni: His name is Jade Ashcroft... He's from Starlance too...

Jade: You actually told them where we were from?! I'm not surprised... You WOULD do something so... idiotic...

Brock: Regardless, we need to concentrate on the matter at hand...

Jade: I know. You don't need to remind ME... But, you should be careful who you trust...

Chezni: Enough, Jade! We need to stop these thugs from terrorizing this man and his family...

Jade: So that's your facade... How interesting... But you know, sooner or later, they're going to discover the truth about us... You can't hide it forever...

Chezni: ... ...

Misty: Look! Whatever issues you two have, we need to put them aside now! You can bicker all you want AFTER this situation is settled!

Scene: Jade looks directly toward Misty. After a second, he takes a step back, as if compelled.

Jade: Gh... Fine... I'll leave it at that for now... But, the time will eventually come when you'll realize what's going on... Just you wait...

Scene: Jade walks past Misty and heads toward the back of the lobby. Once there, he sits down on a couch and looks toward the front.

Misty: Was he referring to me... just now?

Chezni: I'm... so sorry you all had to see that... When Jade and I get together, we always argue like that... But he's unstoppable in a fight... He’s a great ally to have on your side…

Ash: It sounds like you've had your share of confrontations with him.

Chezni: You have noooo idea...


Scene: Night finally falls on the hotel, as the group has still seen no sign of the suspects. In the midst of it all, fatigue is setting in.

Max: I tell you... <yawns and stretches> I'm about ready to fall asleep.

May: I know what you mean. We paid for a hotel room that we might not even get a chance to use because of this...

Chezni: If you guys want to, you can go to bed. I'll wake you all if I see anything...

Ash: <looking out the window> Looks like we won't need to be woken up after all...

Scene: Sure enough, three masked individuals can be seen sneaking across the street. They appear to be accompanied by four others this time around. The entire group is hiding behind one of the large broken windows.

Chezni: Seven of us, and seven of them... This might be a good fight...

Jade: <walking toward the group> They haven't noticed us yet... We should try to avoid any more damage coming to this place if possible...

Chezni: For once, we're in agreement...

Ash: If you're done, I think it's time to introduce ourselves...

Scene: As the seven thugs near the building, the group leaps out of the window, almost simultaneously.

Thug 1: What the?! Who are YOU?!

Chezni: We were called in to stop YOU!

Thug 2: I don't think so! Let's get 'em!!

Scene: The seven thugs run toward the group. Pikachu can be seen gathering energy on the ground.

Ash: Always the same... Thunder!!!

Scene: It's deja-vu all over again, as Pikachu lets loose a Thunderbolt that seems to plow through the seven thugs. After the lightning subsides, seven burnt individuals can be seen twitching on the ground.

Chezni: That was almost too easy...

Scene: A hooded man dressed in a red robe of some sort walks out from behind a car. His forearms can be seen, as he appears to have a small amount of muscle on him. As he nears, it is apparent that he is about as tall as Jade. In addition, an Absol can be seen with him.

Max: An Absol... I haven't seen one of those since...

Chezni: You alright, Max?

Max: Yes... Just reminiscing...

Red Robe Man: Allow me to introduce myself... My name is Magnus...

Chezni: Magnus... Where have I heard that name from?

Jade: They're ALL coming out of the woodwork today... Why is the 'Red Robe' here?!

Magnus: Simple. I wish to challenge Chezni to a Pokemon Battle... Nothing more...

Chezni: Did YOU send those guys?!

Magnus: Them? Don't make me laugh... If my minions were the ones that fought you, you'd all be dead by now.

Chezni: ... ...

Magnus: I'm waiting for an answer...

Chezni: Fine... You want a Pokemon Battle, you’ve got one...

Magnus: Excellent... Absol! Why don't we show this boy what a REAL Pokemon Battle is all about?

Chezni: Fine by me! Silfayree! Let's do this!!!

Scene: Silfayree and Absol face each other with Jade standing on the side.

Jade: Very well... I'll be the referee...

Ash: Are you sure about this, Chezni?

Chezni: Yeah... I'd better get used to this now, because things are gonna get harder from here on out...

Max: What things?

Chezni: … Call it a gut feeling...

Magnus: Two on two alright with you?

Chezni: Sure. Fine with me. I ought to thank you.

Magnus: Why is that?

Chezni: Now I have a chance to see what all this battling business is about...

Magnus: That's the reason?

Chezni: No... I also have a chance to see the real power of my Pokemon!

End of Episode 5


Chezni Vanguard

Chezni is a mysterious teenager who claims to be from another world. He hates to see others in trouble and is quick to lend a hand. His background is still largely a mystery.

Preview of

POKEMON: Neo Destiny: Episode 6

Well, it looks like I'm finally gonna get a chance to battle. It's about time too. Wait a second! Why am I losing?! Is Absol really more powerful than Silfayree?

Magnus: Just give up! I don't want to embarass you!

Don’t think I’m giving up yet!

Next time on

POKEMON: Neo Destiny: Episode 6

Faith In Magikarp

No way... So THAT's what I sensed...
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Pokemon: Neo Destiny

Scene: The street of Veridian City. Seven scorched bodies are piled up on the side, as Chezni and Magnus are staring each other down. Silfayree and Absol are doing the same.

Chezni: ... ... Wait a second! Um, what about these thugs? <Points to the fallen thugs> I mean, we can't just leave them here.

Magnus: Point taken... Officer Jenny shouldn't be here for another 30 to 45 minutes. That should be plenty of time for a battle. Let your comrades watch those scoundrels until then.

Max: Hey! We wanna watch the battle!

Eden: Do not worry. I'll watch them.

Chezni: Um, Eden... Shoosh...

Magnus: It's alright. We ALL have secrets we need to keep...

Jade: Enough stalling. Are you two going to battle, or sit there all day?

Chezni: Good point. So, how are we gonna do this?

Magnus: Two Pokemon each. One-on-one. Sound good?

Chezni: Fine by me! Let's do this!

Episode 6: Faith in a Magikarp

Chezni: Ok... Let's see... What were Silfayree's attacks again?...

Magnus: Too slow! Absol! Slash!

Scene: In what appears to be a sudden burst of speed, Absol lunges at Silfayree and slashes the Pokemon with its crescent horn. A nice red mark can be seen going across its chest now.

Silfayree: <grasping its chest> Sil!!!

Chezni: Wait! I wasn't ready!

Magnus: In a Pokemon Battle, it doesn't matter if you're ready or not! The slightest hesitation can be even the most skilled Trainer's undoing.

Eden: It's hard to believe this is legal here... But as I say, different worlds, different traditions...

Chezni: Are you alright, Silfayree?

Silfayree: <nodding> Sil!!

Chezni: Then... Let's get back in the game! Silver Wind!

Max: ... Silfayree has that move?

Scene: Silfayree spins around and lets loose a gust of wind that almost seems to be shaped like thin silver blades, as the attack seems to cut through Absol. A few cuts are now visible on the Pokemon.

Magnus: Nicely executed. You're learning. But, let's see how you do under pressure.

Chezni: What do you mean?! <Notices that Silfayree seems to be worn out after just that one attack> Silfayree! Are you alright?

Silfayree: <panting and nodding> Sil... Sil.

Magnus: I see you're wondering... It just happens to be Absol's 'Special Ability'.

Chezni: What 'Ability'?!

Magnus: Any attacks aimed at Absol use roughly twice the energy they normally do.

Chezni: Lovely...

Magnus: At this rate, Silfayree will reach the point of exhaustion soon... But I'm going to make sure of it right here and now! Absol! Perish Song!!!

Scene: A tear can be seen running down Absol's cheek, as it tilts its head toward the sky and lets out a sorrowful howl. After a second, it returns to its battle position.

Chezni: Um... Dare I ask why that's called 'Perish Song'?

Magnus: Because shortly after it's used, Absol's opponent automatically faints!

Chezni: No... That means...

Magnus: Tick, tock... The clock is going!


Scene: Silfayree and Absol are staring each other down. Though Silfayree seems to have less fight left, they both seem to have taken the same amount of injury thus far.

Chezni: ... ... It would probably be a good idea for me to see what I'm dealing with here...

Scene: Chezni points his Poke-Dex toward Absol.

PD02: Absol - The disaster Pokemon.

Chezni: <sarcastically> Big surprise there...

PD02: Absol have been known to inhabit mountainous areas lining the Hoenn and Chubu Regions. It is said that when one is spotted in the wild, a great disaster follows. For unknown reasons, once in a Trainer's possession, Absol loses this mysterious power.

Magnus: Hmm... Well, you're running out of time.

Chezni: I know. And I think I have just the thing... {Ok... If Silfayree uses double the power to attack Absol directly, maybe a defensive ability wouldn't drain it so much... And I might be able to turn that into an offense...}

Magnus: Well? Never mind. Absol! Future Sight! Use it on Silfayree!

Scene: Absol begins glowing, as if charging up a major attack.

Chezni: Silfayree! Cosmo-Shift!!!

Silfayree: Sil!! <Does the familiar dance> Fay - Shift!!!

Magnus: Yeah, and? You call that an Attack?!

Chezni: <pretending to be nervous> Oops... Looks like it didn't work... {Moron...}

Scene: Absol charges right into Silfayree. Though it is a direct hit, no damage seems to be scored.

Magnus: Wait a second... That can't be...

Chezni: Oh, yes it can! Silfayree!! Backlash!!

Silfayree: Sil!! Fayree!!!

Scene: Silfayree shows its real position and fires an intense beam of energy right at Absol. Despite the Pokemon's best efforts, the attack is impossible to dodge. The beam hits dead-on, sending Absol through the wall of the hotel. Jade and Magnus both go to see if Absol's still conscious.

Chezni: Um... Overkill? <looking to the Hotel Owner, who's jaw has hit the floor> Sorry about that!!! My fault!!!

Jade: <seeing Absol lying there, unconscious and bleeding> Yeah, he's out like a light...

Magnus: I'm seriously impressed... <recalling Absol as well> I didn't know Chezni would be this good already...

Jade: <apparently to Magnus> He's just full of surprises... Oh, you know...

Magnus: With Absol defeated, Perish Song loses its effect... But the real test will be my next Pokemon... <grinning> I wonder if Chezni can handle it.

Jade: Don't hold back this time... Remember, your reputation is on the line here.

Magnus: Don't worry. He has two Pokemon to my last one... I'm bringing in the heavy artillery for this... I'm not losing to this kid.

Scene: Magnus and Jade walk back over to Chezni. After a second, Jade holds up a flag.

Jade: The round goes to Chezni and Silfayree!

Chezni: No way... I won?

Jade: Not by much, but yes.

Chezni: Alright! How are you, Silfayree?

Silfayree: Sil... Sil... <Silfayree weaves and collapses>

Chezni: Silfayree? <Checking to see if Silfayree's alright> Good... You're still ok. You really went all-out, huh?

Scene: Chezni picks up Silfayree and carries it to the rest of the group. Silfayree opens its eyes in the meantime.

Chezni: Don't worry... You did great. It probably would've come to this either way... At least now I can have a fair fight...

Silfayree: Sil...

Chezni: Max.

Scene: Max runs to Chezni.

Max: Yeah.

Chezni: Could you watch Silfayree for a few minutes? I have some unfinished business.

Max: Sure, but... Are you REALLY gonna use Magikarp against this guy?

Chezni: That was the plan.

Max: I wouldn't recommend that... Look... I don't know if you really felt anything or not, but using Magikarp against a Trainer of this caliber is suicide... You know as well as I do that all Magikarp can do is Splash.

Chezni: Yeah. I have to admit, I'm stumped... I'm beginning to think I might have lost this one...

Misty: Given the circumstances, you don't sound too worried.

Chezni: I am. It's just that... I have a feeling... I have a gut feeling, and my gut is usually right...

Ash: I have a gut feeling too...

May: You have a gut feeling about this battle?

Ash: No. I'm just hungry.

Misty: I should've guessed.

Chezni: Hmm... Well, no time like the present... I'll see you all after this battle's over...

Scene: Chezni walks back to where Magnus is.

Magnus: It's about time... Shall we finish this?

Chezni: Yes. <reaches for a Poke-Ball> It's time to put all this talk aside. No more beating around the bush. This'll be for everything!

Magnus: Good... <reaches for a gold colored Poke-Ball> You know what this is?

Chezni: No, what?

Magnus: A Dragon Poke-Ball.

Chezni: {If Dragon Pokemon are like I think they are, I'm in trouble...} Not good...
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Scene: Magnus throws the Thunder Ball, and sure enough, a very large Dragonite comes out. With a frightening roar, it takes to the field. Standing about 15 feet tall, the Pokemon overshadows Chezni's entire side of the field.

Chezni: <looking up at the Pokemon> Hoo boy... That's a big guy...

Scene: Chezni reaches for his Poke-Ball.

Chezni: Well... Looks like I have no choice. Magikarp! Let's do this!!!

Magnus: <almost dumbfounded> Uh, HUH?!

Scene: Chezni throws the Poke-Ball, and Magikarp, sure as shooting, is released. After the familiar red beam subsides, it just seems to flop around aimlessly.

Chezni: Magikarp. Can you hear me?

Magikarp: Karp karp!

Magnus: Are you mocking me with that... thing?!

Chezni: No... I'm not mocking you.

Magnus: Then why have you suddenly called out the most useless Pokemon there is?!

Chezni: <now a bit agitated> You know... I'm getting really tired of all this talk about how 'useless' my Magikarp is...

Magnus: ... Very well... But don't expect me to go easy on you!!! Dragonite! Use Dragon Rage!!! Put this Pokemon out of my misery!!!

Scene: Dragonite's eyes glow, as the Pokemon seems to unleash what appears to be a tornado of pure energy.

Chezni: Um... Magikarp! Try to dodge this!

Misty: It's no use... Dragon Rage can't be dodged...

Scene: In a flash, the scene abruptly switches to Professor Oak's lab, where one of the consoles seems to be beeping. Professor Oak runs to it to see what is going on.

Professor Oak: What is this? Wait... This can't be... The mainframe is reacting to Chezni and Magikarp's energy signals... I wonder if it has anything to do with that talking gem?

Scene: The console seems to be flashing in a strange pattern.

Professor Oak: Impossible... According to this, the entire mainframe is being rewritten... Computer! Perform a self-scan. Isolate the cause. I have to be sure...

Computer: Scan complete. Cause is an external force. Pinpointing source... 56 miles north of this location. Warning! Security breach! Data on Magikarp is being rewritten and downloaded to source location.

Professor Oak: Is it Chezni?

Computer: Affirmative. Source has been pinpointed. The signal is coming from Chezni's PD-02.

Professor Oak: So he may not even be aware of it...

Computer: The evolutionary form of Magikarp has been rewritten.

Scene: Professor Oak views the new data on Magikarp. A strange figure can barely be seen on the screen.

Professor Oak: This is...

Scene: The scene switches once again to show Chezni and Magnus battling. The twister of energy has now engulfed Magikarp and is tossing the Pokemon around like a rag doll. Chezni seems to be stunned as he stands on his end of the field, not even budging. Ash can be seen off to the side running to Chezni.

Ash: Chezni! You have to stop this! At this rate, Magikarp will...

Chezni: {I... can't... stop...}

Scene: Magikarp is dropped like a brick, as it slams into the ground. Pieces of scales can actually be seen broken off of the Pokemon. The Pokemon seems to have a subtle light blue discoloration to it now.

Chezni: {No... My... I... can't... move...}

Eden: Chezni! What's going on? I've suddenly lost my power!

Magnus: Hmm... Well, if you're going to play games... Hyper Beam!!!

Brock: No! There's no way Magikarp will survive that! Chezni! You have to give this one up!

Scene: Dragonite charges a white beam of energy and aims directly at Magikarp. After a second, the beam is fired. Chezni still seems to be bound by some unknown force.

Chezni: {No... Stop... I... give... up... My voice... It... must be... the PD02... It's... doing something... A glitch... maybe... Must... remove... it...}

Scene: As Chezni is still utterly bound, the beam connects with Magikarp. After hitting Magikarp, it continues on a path right toward Chezni.

Chezni: {I... see... Very well... My fate... shall be... the same... as... Magikarp's...}

Scene: Eden seems to glow and fade at an increasingly rapid rate. Meanwhile, Chezni's Poke-Dex suddenly opens on its own.


Ash: No... Chezni!!!

Scene: An orb of blue energy appears at the location of Magikarp. It steadily grows until it is blocking the entire Hyper Beam Attack on both sides. What would have hit Chezni dissipates a mere few inches from his face as he falls backwards, able to move again.

Chezni: What the... I can move...

Scene: After completely blocking the Hyper Beam, the orb of energy slowly dissipates, revealing a 5-foot-tall humanoid figure where Magikarp formerly was. This figure has what appears to be light blue armor covering its chest, legs and arms. A blue gem seems to be embedded into the breastplate-like chest, and slim sky blue wire-like lights can be seen traveling to the arms and legs. The arms and legs are connected to the chest by a red cloth-like skin. A blue seemingly robotic tiara covers the creature’s forehead, as long dark blue-violet hair can be seen on its head, above its red eyes. A red gem is also embedded in the forehead section of the tiara. As the creature walks toward Dragonite, two small white panels can also be seen on the back shoulder areas.

Ash: What on earth?

Chezni: No way... So THAT'S what I sensed...

Scene: After a few seconds of walking, the strange creature suddenly charges toward Dragonite, as if Agility was triggered. Magnus looks on in shock as the creature grabs Dragonite by the arm and tosses the Pokemon right into a car. Dragonite slams dead-on into the vehicle, literally crushing it. Without hesitation, the being leaps directly toward Dragonite, who barely manages to roll out of the way, as a glowing blue fist slams into the ground, resulting in a small crater.

Chezni: I wonder...

Scene: Chezni points his Poke-Dex toward the new creature.

Poke-Dex: Elnius - the Delta Energy Pokemon. Appearing briefly one other time in history, not much is known about its origins. Elnius' strongest attack is Delta Storm. In addition, it is capable of using any attacks of the Fire, Electric, Ice and Water types in combination with each other. As such, its type is stated as a combination of the four.

Ash: Wait a minute... I've never seen this Pokemon before. How is it that your Poke-Dex has information on it? Unless...

Max: It must be from either Zanta or Chubu...

Scene: Elnius can be seen standing still as Dragonite charges head-on. Suddenly, panel-like objects start opening on Elnius' arms, legs and shoulders. The two panels on its back seem to separate from the Pokemon's body, as they gather energy. Before long, Elnius' whole body is glowing.

Chezni: No way... It's Antipode!!!

Ash: <looking puzzled> {Antipode? How did Chezni...}

Scene: Without warning, red and blue beams fire out of the open panels. As they concentrate on Dragonite, fire and ice can both be seen forming on the mighty Dragon. Despite the high accuracy of the attack, a few of the beams can be seen missing their mark, as a few cars are melted and frozen by stray beams. In fact, the entire street seems to be looking more and more like a battlefield with each Attack. After a few seconds, the attack subsides and a badly burnt Dragonite can be seen staggering in front of Elnius. The entire group is left in awe at the display.

Max: So, that's what it's like to combine Fire and Ice...

Brock: I don't believe it...

Misty: This is... How the heck did this happen?

May: This can't be coincidence...

Ash: No, this was meant to be...

Jade: Chezni... Even in this world, you may yet become my superior...

Magnus: Enough... Dragonite is no match for you... I give up.

Scene: Magnus recalls Dragonite back into the Poke-Ball. He then walks over to Chezni.

Magnus: Don't push your luck... We WILL meet again... Chezni.

Chezni: Sure... But we have work to do here... You have what you came for... Now leave us alone...

Magnus: Very well... But next time, I will show no mercy.

Scene: Magnus slowly walks away, until he can no longer be seen. Elnius then approaches Chezni.

Chezni: So, you're Elnius... huh? My name is Chezni... But then, you knew that, I suppose.

Elnius: <a sober, female voice> Yes. I have been assigned by Professor Oak to aid you in your journey as a Pokemon Trainer.

Chezni: ... !!! You're talking! You speak common!

Elnius: Yes. I have to say, it's alot easier to get my thoughts across this way too.

Ash: ... That's all well and good... but...

Voice: <from near Ash> What's going on here?!

Scene: The rest of the group turns to face Ash. To their surprise, Officer Jenny is standing next to him, with two League Officials.

Chezni: Um... Hi...

Officer Jenny: What have you all been doing here?


Elnius – The Delta Energy Pokemon

When Chezni’s Magikarp evolved, it transformed into this mysterious Pokemon. Now, she can use Fire, Ice, Water and Electricity together. In addition, she has the ability to speak.

Preview of

POKEMON: Neo Destiny: Episode 7

It looks like Officer Jenny got here early. To make matters worse, she saw the end of the fight and is demanding some explanation. I don't know what I'm gonna tell her here.

Chezni: Well... I guess I could start by telling you why I'm here...

Many questions get answered. Next time on

POKEMON: Neo Destiny: Episode 7

Chezni's True Mission

So that transmission on the screen was from the future?
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Scene: Officer Jenny and two League Officers are standing next to Ash and the group, while Chezni and Jade are across from them. Officer Jenny has her arms crossed, as if waiting for an explanation.

Officer Jenny: I'll say again. What have you been doing here?

League Officer 1: You'd better answer, before we get mad!

Chezni: Um... Well, we carried out the campaign as planned. It turned out that the three that came to the hotel earlier had friends. There are seven total, over there. <points to the pile of unconscious thugs>

Officer Jenny: I see... So, you secured them...

Jade: We were waiting for you to arrive when...

Officer Jenny: I only saw the last half of the battle, but I can say one thing. Magikarp DOESN'T evolve into that! <pointing to Elnius>

Scene: Elnius just stares back, as if perplexed. Chezni takes a few steps forward and stops.

Chezni: I'm actually as surprised as you. You see, this guy named Magnus showed up from out of nowhere. He didn't say much about himself, only that these weren't his minions. As much as I tried to refuse, he wouldn't give me a choice. I had to battle him.

Officer Jenny: I see... I was actually going to ask you about that... But there's more. I just got off the phone with Nurse Joy from Saffron. Apparently, you two met before. Needless to say, she had some very interesting things to say about you. One of which was the fact that you had no clue what Pokemon even were. And now here you are, a Pokemon Trainer, mere weeks after you were in Saffron.

Chezni: Um... Well... Ash and his friends took me to see Professor Oak. On the way, they taught me a few things about this wor... um... about what Pokemon are...

Officer Jenny: Nice try! Now, if that were true, why do you have a talking gem with you?

Chezni: She told you that?

Scene: Officer Jenny takes a few steps forward, until Chezni and she are face to face.

Officer Jenny: Yes... She did.

League Official 2: Stop beatin' around 'da bush! Start talkin'!!

Chezni: Well... In that case... I guess I could start by telling you why I'm here...

Ash: Chezni?

Chezni: <sigh> It's time... You'll need to know sooner or later... Might as well be now, before anything happens...

Episode 7: Chezni's True Mission

Chezni: As some of you know by now, I'm not from this world. Actually, I'm not even from your Solar System. I'm from a System known as Starlance.

Scene: Chezni motions to Eden. After a second, the gem begins to glow, forming a spherical map of a set of planets revolving around a sun. It is an almost lifelike image.

Ash: Whoa... I've never seen something so compact generate a hologram...

Brock: So that's what your Solar System looks like?

Chezni: Yes. You see, Starlance has four hospitable planets in its System. There's Aeshar, Atlus, Terra, and Earth, the planet I'm from. In addition, there are two colonies here and... here.

Scene: Chezni points to two specs in the hologram, as he continues to explain.

Chezni: This one here is Signus... And the other one... is Primus. We also have a few research stations and even a base in the Solar System.

Max: Space travel... It isn't entirely inconceivable... But this is all just holographic nonsense. It doesn't prove anything!

Officer Jenny: I'm afraid Max is right. You'll need to come up with more evidence than a simple floating crystal and a hologram to convince me.

Chezni: Yes. And I will. But first, let me finish. In order to properly explain why I'm here, I'll need to give you guys a bit of background on Starlance. It all dates back to thousands of years ago.

Misty: It usually does...

May: Yeah, if I had a nickel for every thousand-years-legend...

Ash: Maybe we should let Chezni finish.

May: Oh, right...

Chezni: Anyway... Starlance has always been governed by a group of eight Orbs...

Ash: Orbs... Like elemental Orbs?

Chezni: Yes. You see, these Orbs govern eight distinct Elements in the universe. There's Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. Those four are the ones everyone knows about, as they exist everywhere. We call them the Primary Elements. But there are also four others that are merely alluded to in ancient texts, but they also exist everywhere. They are Light, Dark, Time, and Space, also known as the Greater Elements.

Scene: One by one, a sample of each element is shown in the hologram, until all eight are shown.

Ash: So, these elements are everywhere?

Chezni: Yes. We came up with a theory for relating elements. Each set of elements is limited to the Solar System and the surrounding 255 light years.

Ash: That means our System has its own set of Orbs?

Chezni: In theory, yes. That should be the case. Now, technically it would be near impossible for someone like me to get to your Solar System in a conventional Starship, even at full Warp.

Ash: I was going to ask you about that. How DID you get here?

Max: I'd like to hear that as well...

Officer Jenny: <with her chin between her right thumb and index finger> So would I...

Chezni: Yes. Obviously, I got here in a Starship. It was a small, experimental one-pilot-ship. But, I had to travel through a Wormhole.

Max: Wormhole... You mean living rifts in space? But they're only a myth!

Chezni: No... They most certainly exist...


Officer Jenny: So, what you're saying is that you came through one of those Wormholes?

Scene: A purple mass appears in the holographic image, as Chezni continues to explain. It seems to swirl like a whirlpool.

Chezni: Yes. That's how I got here. The large purple mass that IS a Wormhole sent me to this Solar System.

Officer Jenny: Ok... Assuming you're telling the truth, why are you here? You couldn't possibly be here for the sole purpose of becoming a Pokemon Trainer.

Chezni: That is true. Now get this. Why would an alien {in a manner of speaking} like me be interested in your planet? Why would I travel, possibly across the universe, to this planet that seems to have no strategic value?

Elnius: The most likely reason is that one of your enemies has found their way to this world as well.

Chezni: Wow. Pokemon really ARE smarter than humans... Yes. That's exactly the reason.

Elnius: You forget Chezni... Pokemon have been around for millions of years. We've witnessed the evolution of humans first hand.

Officer Jenny: Ok... I think I get the jist of what you're saying. You're saying that you had enemies in Starlance and they may have found their way here?

Chezni: Yes. On a hunch, I sent a bunch of probes to research this world. That's when I discovered the creatures you call Pokemon. Unfortunately, the probes went berserk and began to actually think THEY were these Pokemon... It was probably due to the Wormhole... It has an effect on machinery...

Ash: Probes... What kind of probes?

Chezni: They were meant to be remote controlled cameras before they went berserk. I don't know how, but they manifested tremendous power that caused them to do all sorts of things, from transporting people to other dimensions to creating holographic images of Pokemon!

Scene: A nostalgic image of thousands of strange floating symbols is seen in the hologram. Entei can also be seen attacking the symbols.

Ash: The Unown!!

Chezni: Yes. I heard someone call them that... Of course, at this time they were making their own decisions, so I had no control over what they did... Essentially, they WERE Pokemon...

Officer Jenny: Unown are actually machines created on an alien world... I've heard some stories in my time, but this takes the cake.

League Officer 1: This HAS to be a lie! Nobody could conveniently create something so... strange...

Officer Jenny: Ok... ok... Let's hear the rest of the story. Why don't you tell us the part about your 'enemies'?

Chezni: Good call. Well... The probes may have developed their own consciences, but I could still see plain as day what was going on through their receptors. But something was wrong. I started seeing images that didn't fit the environments that the probes were in.

Ash: What kind of images?

Scene: An image of two armies clashing appears in the hologram. One group is wearing white uniforms and the other is wearing what appears to be steel armor. The ones in armor seem to be attacking the other army with energy formed in their hands. A burning city can be seen in the distance.

Ash: What... What is this?

Chezni: If you want more proof, look up in the sky. <pointing toward the horizon, above the mountains at an angle> Right... there.

Max: What is that?

Scene: A purple star can be seen in the distance. Upon further examination, it seems to pulsate.

Ash: That couldn't be...

Chezni: To tell you the truth, I'm surprised it's so close... Usually, it's too far away to even see. But that would be the Wormhole.

Misty: What about this army?

Chezni: Yes... This army is clashing with another... Look closely, though.

Scene: Some of the people in white uniforms begin pulling out Poke-Balls and throwing them, releasing various Pokemon.

Chezni: My take is that the people in white are with the Pokemon League... But the people in armor are with a kingdom known as Tyraxia...

Ash: Tyraxia?

Chezni: The Tyraxians have been one of our major enemies since as far back as I can remember. They've been on a bid to control every developed planet for the past 15 years. Given the power of the Pokemon on this world, it isn't inconceivable that Tyraxia would take interest in this world.

Ash: So this image is...

Chezni: That is the theory. This image must be from the future... Unfortunately, this could be any amount of time in the future... It's impossible to tell exactly how far ahead we're seeing...

Ash: If that’s the case, how can we do anything about it?

Chezni: This future will occur at some point here, with or without my intervention. But that doesn’t mean the future is in stone. I’ve learned that all it takes is for one person to make a difference. And so, I’ve arrived here, to hopefully make some sort of a difference. But I have to admit, I don’t know how much I can do...
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?

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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Officer Jenny: So basically, what you're telling me is that, you are here because some super army wants global domination? Come on! Do you expect me to believe that?!

Chezni: <looking upset> But you saw the Wormhole!

Officer Jenny: It could've been an optical illusion! Anyway, I'm taking you all in for questioning!

Chezni: I guess it can't be helped...

League Officer 1: <To the group> I'm going to have to ask you to turn over your Poke-Balls and Pokemon at once. As of this moment, your Trainer Licenses are on Temporary Suspension.

Ash: Pikachu... Wait a minute! Why are you arresting us? What are we charged with?

Officer Jenny: Very well... ... Let's see... You're charged with Disorderly Conduct and Obstructing the Law.

Chezni: You can’t be serious! {She's considering my story to be Obstruction, and the battle against Magnus to be the Disorderly Conduct... There's no real defense against these charges...}

League Officer 2: Enough outta ya!!

League Officer 1: Hand over your Pokemon now! Otherwise, we'll take them by force!

Scene: One of the League Officers attempts to handcuff Jade. He seems genuinely confused.

Chezni: {Jade's a League Officer... Why would HE be handcuffed with us?} Wait a minute! Hey Ash!!!

Ash: Yeah?

Chezni: How did these three get here so fast?

Ash: I'm not sure. Maybe they came to check on our progress...

Jade: How? Nobody called them...

Chezni: But you said...

Jade: I wanted to see how you would do on the clock.

Chezni: If you didn't call them...

Ash: ... I see... We WERE about due...

Officer Jenny: W-What are you talking about?!

Chezni: Enough of this! Why don't you three show us who you REALLY are?!

League Officer 1: Looks like the joke's over...

Scene: In sync, the three supposed Officers throw off their getup to reveal that they are indeed Jessie, James and Meowth.

Jessie: Prepare for trouble in the big City!

James: And make it double, oh what a pity!

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation...

James: To unite all peoples within our nation...

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love...

James: To extend our reach to the stars above...

Jessie: Jessie!

James: James!

Scene: A lone car is crushed by a giant 'R' appearing out of nowhere, as Jessie, James and Mewoth stand in front of it and pose.

Jessie: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now, or prepare to fight, fight, fight!

Meowth: Meowth, dat's right!

Wobbufet: WOOOBUFEEET!!!

Chezni: So they're always like this?

Ash: Yep... I've put up with it for years...

Chezni: So, how are we gonna do this?

Ash: Um... Match for it?

Scene: Chezni and Ash begin playing Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who gets to fight Team Rocket.

Jessie: Um... Hey!!!

James: Yeah! We're here! We're about to...

Scene: Jessie slaps James across the face.

Jessie: <Whispering> What are you doing?! Now's the time to snatch that annoying Pikachu...

James: <Whispering> I knew that...

Scene: Jessie and James quickly put on what appears to be radiation suits. James runs up and grabs Pikachu. A loud Thunderbolt can be heard, as the RPS game is halted.

Ash: Pikachu! Let him go, you creeps!

James: Not this time! We're wearing insulated suits! Your Pikachu's attacks are useless against it!

Chezni: Why you...

Elnius: Chezni! Allow me to rescue Pikachu.

Chezni: Are you sure?

Elnius: Yes. I can guarantee his safety.

Chezni: Ok... But be careful.


Scene: Elnius walks up to Jessie and James who now have Pikachu on a rubber leash.

Elnius: I'll give you three a warning. Return Pikachu to his rightful owner, or face me.

James: Never! Cacturne!

Jessie: Seviper! Let's go!

Scene: Seviper and Cacturne come out of the Poke-Balls in the familiar red glow.

Elnius: Not the best idea I've ever seen...

Scene: Panels begin opening throughout Elnius' body. The Pokemon looks toward Team Rocket with a serious expression on its face. The back panels begin gathering energy.

Elnius: <no change in tone> I'll say again. Final warning. You know what will happen if I attack. You've seen it. Do you really want to test me?

Chezni: Um, Elnius? You're not really gonna...

Elnius: Yes, I am.

Scene: A red beam shoots out of one of the panels.

James: <cringing in fear> AAAAA!!! I'm sorry!!!

Scene: The beam connects directly with the leash that Pikachu is tied by, severing it. Pikachu immediately runs toward Ash.

Ash: ... <jerking slightly toward Team Rocket> Boo!!!

Scene: Jessie, James and Meowth run off with Cacturne and Seviper following behind.

Jessie, James &Meowth: <in sync> Team Rocket's running off again!!!

Chezni: Strange...

Elnius: What?

Chezni: I always took you for the serious type...

Elnius: <still no change in tone> Did I really come on like that?

Scene: The group, minus Jade and Elnius, begins laughing as a montage shows them handing the thugs over to the real Officer Jenny. After a partial night's sleep, Chezni, Ash, and the others are rested and standing on the northern outskirts of Viridian City. Jade is facing Chezni and the rest of the group.

Chezni: So, you're going back to the League?

Jade: That's right. If something’s getting ready to happen, then I should try to prepare everyone for it. To do otherwise would be foolish.

Chezni: I see. Too bad. You would be a great ally.

Jade: Not at all. Your little party is safe in your hands. But mark my words, I WILL defeat you in the Pokemon League.

Chezni: Pokemon League? What's that?

Ash: The Pokemon League is an annual tournament that is held at Indigo Plateau. All of the top Trainers in the Region are going to be there.

Chezni: So, it's like a big Fighting Tournament?

Ash: Yeah. The official rules apply and everything, but you could face Trainers there that outmatch any you've seen before in both skill and knowledge.

Chezni: A big tournament of champions... I think I WILL enter it. How do I?

Ash: Well, first you need proof of your skills.

Chezni: How do I get this proof?

Ash: There are eight Gyms in the Kanto Region. Each Gym Leader holds a Badge that is awarded to any Trainer that defeats him or her. These Badges have to be presented in order to enter the League.

Chezni: Always sets of eight, huh? Ok. I'll do it!

Ash: Yeah, I told you it's... Huh?

Chezni: It sounds exciting. Plus, it'll give me a chance to improve my skills as a Pokemon Trainer!

Ash: It's not easy.

Chezni: I know. But you have to admit, it sounds cool.

Ash: ... ... Ok. Why not? If you want to enter the League, how about we go with you?

Chezni: That sounds good. Like I said, I don't know my way around here. It'll be nice to have someone as an advisor.

Brock: Ok... But don't expect me to tell you about the Gym Leaders.

Chezni: Oh, no. Don't. I love surprises.

May: What about those images you showed us?

Chezni: Well, the way I look at it, if Tyraxia is going to come, let them come. I'll be ready. In the meantime, I'm gonna better my skills, so I can give them something to really worry about when they get here. {Plus, there’s one other thing I need to accomplish before they get here, if we’re to have any chance against them…}

Ash: And you know I'll be with you!

Misty: Where Ash goes, I go!

Brock: You'll starve without me, so I'd better come along.

Max: Without me, who'll tell you about the Pokemon we might discover?

May: And I have to look out for my brother. Plus, who knows? There might be a Pokemon Contest or two in it for me.

Chezni: ... I really appreciate this... <raises a fist up into the air> Alright! If we're gonna do this, let's do this!!!

Jade: Chezni... Very well... I'll be waiting for you at the League. Being an Officer guarantees me entrance. I'll be training until we meet.

Scene: Ash, Misty, Brock, Max, May, and Chezni head north while Jade heads west. Looking ever forward, Chezni realizes that this isn't only a chance to train for a possible threat, but in fact it is also a chance to experience the world of Pokemon, and the adventures it has to offer.


Elnius’ Antipode Attack

When Elnius charges the panels on her arms and back, she is able to fire this massive attack, combining Ice and Fire. The ensuing attack can knock out an entire group of Pokemon with one hit!

Log input: Chezni

Synopsis of

POKEMON: Neo Destiny: Episode 8

The Kanto Region: A Region featuring a temperate climate and a balance between forest, rocky, and water areas.

Viridian Forest: A forest connecting Viridian City with Pewter City, site of the Boulder Gym.

On a routine trek through Viridian Forest, we came across an old hermit living in a seemingly abandoned cabin. Who is he, and why did he invite us in?

Hermit: This is...

It all happens in the next episode of

POKEMON: Neo Destiny: Episode 8

The Hermit of Viridian Forest

See you, Trainers!
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

To celebrate the new avatar of mine, I've decided to do something really evil... That's right, I've added another Episode to the Fic. Hee hee... I'm such a villain, aren't I?

POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Scene: Chezni, Ash and the gang are walking along a well-traveled path leading to a massive forest that stretches as far as the eye can see. Behind them is an open field.

Chezni: I take it Team Rocket shows up on a regular basis?

Ash: Like you wouldn't believe.

Chezni: They aren't with the League, obviously. But how did they find out about me being at the Pokemon Center?

May: It's best not to think about it.

Misty: Yeah. I don't even pretend to know what Team Rocket's thinking...

Max: They're a weird bunch, that's for sure...

Brock: They don't show up as often as they used to though... Oh. Looks like we're here.

Scene: The group is standing on the edge of the massive forest. An outpost can be seen off to the right, as Officer Jenny waves them in. They continue to follow the path, which would be best described as the easiest way into the forest.

Episode 8: The Hermit of Viridian Forest

Chezni: This place is huge...

Scene: Chezni is staring at the massive trees that seem to almost fill the sky from the group's vantage point. Unbeknownst to him, Silfayree seems to have run off.

Ash: You know, I remember the first time I was here...

Misty: Yeah. You were such a newbie...

Ash: And you freaked out from my Caterpie...

Brock: <Finally noticing Silfayree's absence> Hey, Chezni. Looks like we're missing someone.

Chezni: <looking around> Silfayree! Silfayree's gone! Where the heck...

Ash: We should look for it.

Chezni: I have a better idea. Eden!

Eden: I'm on it.

Scene: The bracelet on Chezni's arm begins glowing again, as a holographic radar appears. A group of red and white dots can immediately be seen on the radar. One group of them is bunched up.

Chezni: <pointing to the bunched up dots> Ok. That's us...

Max: Amazing...

Chezni: But it's not perfect. This thing detects all living creatures in its radius. I have to be careful, or else I'll end up next to a Mankey or a Pidgey...

Ash: <looking impressed> You've been studying.

Chezni: Every day. Anyway...

Scene: A red dot stands out apart from the gathering of dots.

Chezni: <pointing to a red dot> That should be Silfayree... Hmm?

Scene: The red dot is now next to a white dot.

Chezni: A human... Well, we might as well see what's going on.

Scene: The group heads in the direction of the two 'dots' on the radar. It isn't long before they come upon a hollowed out tree. It seems to be the biggest tree in the area, matching the size of a small house at the base. A wooden door is closed, blocking what appears to be a hollow entrance.

Chezni: According to this, they're inside...

Ash: Man... Talk about high-tech... I wish I had something like that...

Chezni: <grinning> Wait awhile and one just might be invented here. Given your current technology level, it probably won't be too long...

Scene: The group approaches the door and knocks.

Max: I hope that radar of yours is right...

Scene: After what seems like forever, the door opens to reveal a short old man. He seems to wear a white lab coat like Professor Oak, but has a long beard and lengthy hair. Though wrinkled, this man doesn't appear to be too far over the hill.

Old Man: <a pre-elderly, cackling accent> Ahh! I've been expecting you! Come in! Don't fear. There's more room than you think.

Ash: Thank you... Um...

Scene: The group looks around for a moment.

Old Man: Come in. I promise, all will be explained.

Scene: Reluctantly, one by one, everyone enters the seemingly small place. Inside, a stairway can be seen heading down. Silently, the old man walks downstairs, followed by the rest of the group. At the bottom, everyone is amazed at the sight of a massive room filled with gizmos and gadgets. As the old man said, there is more than enough room for everyone to be there. Elnius is the last one down.

Old Man: Welcome to my lab.

Chezni: Whoa... I never expected something like this...

Ash: <looking around> Neither did I...

Misty: A lab, right inside of a tree.

Max: I admit, you don't see this every day.

Voice: Sil! Sil!

Scene: Silfayree can be seen flying into Chezni's arms.

Chezni: Silfayree. There you are! You've got to stay by me when you're out of your Poke-Ball.

Old Man: She's really attached to you.

Chezni: <slightly surprised> It's a 'she'? You can tell that?

Old Man: Can't you?

Chezni: ... <nodding> I guess you're right. I just never really thought about it.

Old Man: <smiling> You've already started bonding with your Pokemon, even in this short time.

Chezni: Yeah. <looking around> But there's still so much that I don't know.

Old Man: Like my name... Professor Randall Draygon.

Chezni: Professor Draygon? {Draygon... It can't be...}

Ash: That doesn't sound like the name of a Professor...

Professor D: Call me Professor D for short. <grinning> Anyway, you are right. I'm not a typical Pokemon Professor.

Chezni: Um... Then what kind of Professor are you? What do you research here?

Professor D: I research many things, such as changes in outer space. Like the one we had recently.

Chezni: <starting to understand> You're an astronomer?

Professor D: That's right. Well, that's just one profession. Actually, I'm more of an all-purpose researcher.

Ash: Wow... I never realized that we had any of those in this area of Kanto.

Brock: Researchers can be found everywhere. But in a place like this...

Chezni: Man, I need to find out more about this wor... um... about this Region.

Professor D: Hm hm... <looking through his machines> It should be somewhere here... Aha!

Scene: The scientist pulls out a small handheld computer and presses a few buttons on it. Placing it on the table in the middle of the room, it generates a holographic map of the Pokemon World and the Solar System.

Professor D: This is a hologram of our Solar System as it should be. Now if I add the phenomenon that happened recently...

Scene: A small reddish violet object appears on the hologram.

Chezni: That's the... <looking for a quick resolution> object I saw last night!

Professor D: Yes. It's been in our Solar System for the past week or so now.

Chezni: <quietly> Has it been that long already?...

Professor D: Is something wrong?

Chezni: No. I was just reminiscing about when my Pokemon Journey started... See, I'm new at this. But everything started at the same time...

Professor D: <grinning> It might not be coincidence.

Ash: Well, things like this are normal for us...

Chezni: But uh... why wouldn't this be a coincidence?

Professor D: Call it a hunch.

Scene: Professor D looks over Elnius and Silfayree.

Professor D: A Legendary Pokemon, and a Pokemon that only recently appeared inexplicably in the Pokemon League Database. And both of them are with you.

Chezni: Legendary Pokemon? Which one are you talking about?

Professor D: Silfayree, of course.

Chezni: <looking surprised> Whoa! Really?

Ash: Silfayree's a Legendary Pokemon?

Professor D: You didn't know that?

Chezni: Well, no! I wouldn't have thought Legendary Pokemon would be so easy to find!

Professor D: Legendary Pokemon often choose to be with someone. And, Silfayree chose you...

Chezni: <looking at Silfayree> Silfayree... chose me?

Silfayree: <nodding> Sil! Sil!

Scene: A sudden flash. Chezni briefly sees an image that looks like a war-torn city. Humans and Pokemon lay along the streets, as four figures can be seen standing on the far end. One of the humanoids tosses a body to the side like a rag doll. It's impossible to make out any particular details though.

Chezni: What... is this?

Ash: What is 'what'?

Scene: The flash ends, and Chezni appears to be back in the laboratory.

Chezni: Huh?

Brock: Are you alright? You were spacing out.

Chezni: Um, yeah... It must've been my imagination...

Silfayree: <looking confused> Sil?

Professor D: <looking toward Elnius> But, that's the one I'm more interested in.
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Chezni: Interested in... Elnius? But why?

Professor D: Well, for one thing... In the entire recorded history of Pokemon, Magikarp has never evolved into anything other than Gyarados.

Chezni: <scratching the back of his head> Well, I admit, you've got me there... But it did happen.

Max: Yeah, no kidding. As unlikely as it sounds, that's what happened. We all saw it.

Professor D: But it isn't supposed to happen, that's what I'm getting at. There is so much new information in the database now, that it's been my hope to see Elnius in person. And here she is!

Elnius: I fail to see the reason for your changed tone.

Professor D: How should I put this? I'm interested in discovering as much about you as I can. I want to know everything about you, if possible.

Elnius: My name is Elnius. I am a Delta-Energy-Type Pokemon, classified as a sub-Legendary species. My type associations are Fire, Ice, Water, and Electric.

Professor D: Yes, I know that...

Elnius: My current attacks are Antipode, Hyper Beam, Agility, and Delta Storm.

Professor D: Yes, yes. I already know that...

Elnius: My skill line dictates that I'll achieve my next ability at level...

Professor D: Right, let's just skip the specifications...

Chezni: <to Elnius> I thought you weren't the serious type.

Elnius: I'm not. I was simply stating facts.

May: <looking dismayed> Ohh... This is all too confusing for me! I need to sit down.

Misty: <has the 'oh great' look> For once, I'm inclined to agree with you.

Professor D: <to Misty and May> There are chairs in the back area. <pointing to a partially hidden corridor behind a heap of machines on the end table> Just head through the corridor there. It'll be the last room on the right. One thing though, avoid the room at the end with the red door. <a serious expression> I have extremely delicate equipment in there, and you could hurt yourself if you aren't careful.

May: <smiling> No problem. I just need to sit down...

Scene: Misty and May head into the back, as the rest of the group continues to talk.

Chezni: I was wondering... <looking around> How much did all this equipment cost?

Professor D: I can't give you an exact number. But the total cost of all the equipment would probably come to around 'P 10 million'.

Chezni: Whoa! How did you manage something like that?

Scene: As Chezni and Professor D continue to talk, Misty and May are slowly heading down the surprisingly long corridor. At the end of it is a set of red double-doors. To the right is a single door.

Misty: This must be it.

Scene: As Misty opend the door, the voices of the gang and the Professor can still be heard. They can't be seen though, due to the camera angle. As they talk, May and Misty are looking around.

Professor D: Well, it would've normally taken quite some time to get the money for these machines and parts, but as they say, luck was on my side. Most of these parts were found when I was a Pokemon Trainer in my younger days. After salvaging enough parts, I started to build Technical Machines out of them. I seemed to have a knack for it, and the TMs sold for quite alot of money. You could say that I hit it big for awhile. By the time I became a researcher, I was able to simply purchase parts on my own, and sell any TMs that I made on the side to keep my research supported.

Ash: So you were a TM salesman before this?

Professor D: Well, have you looked more closely at some of my equipment here?

Ash: <a pause, then more excited> They're TMs!!!

Chezni: Wait! What IS a TM?

Ash: It stands for Technical Machine... You see...

Scene: The voices are now completely faded. Misty looks to the right side and nods.

Misty: Lawn chairs?

Scene: Sure enough, about a dozen lawn chairs are stacked in the corner of what otherwise appears to be a typical supply closet. The mop, broom and dustpan in the opposite corner are dead giveaways.

May: Who cares? I've just GOT to get off my feet!

Scene: Misty and May each grab a lawn chair and leave the room. When they get back into the corridor, the red double doors are now open. It is impossible to see what is inside, due to the angle.

May: <noticing the open doors> Um, were those open when we got here?

Misty: <looking toward the open doors> Not that I know of...

May: I wonder...

Scene: May steps toward the open doors.

Misty: Wait! The Professor told us not to go in there!

May: Oh, come on! I'm only taking a little peek... Nobody’s even gonna know.

Scene: Before Misty can protest further, May disappears through the doorway.

Misty: May! May! Get back here! <looking around> Why me...

Scene: Misty follows May into the room. Inside, it is pitch black.

Misty: There has to be a light here somewhere... <feeling around on the wall, presumably> Aha!

Scene: The sound of a click is heard, as lights turn on in the room. Misty is standing directly behind May, and both of them are looking straight ahead now. They have a look of shock and disbelief about them.

May: <stepping back> Misty... W... What is this?

Misty: <stepping back as well> Th... This... can't be right... This can't be!

Scene: In the middle of the fairly large room is a pair of test tubes. Inside the one on the left is a woman that appears to be no older than 30. She has pale green skin, and her right hand has a rose where her digits should be. The one on the right contains a boy that appears to be around 8. He appears human, but has a yellow zigzag tail protruding out of his backside. Both people are obviously dead; the tubes are filled with water and their bodies are unmoving.

Professor D: <his voice, sober, obviously nearby> She would probably have been around 65, and he would have been around 45.

Scene: Professor D is indeed behind Misty and May. He slowly walks toward the test tubes. Ash, Chezni and the rest of the gang are now in the doorway. They have the same look of disbelief that Misty and May have. Elnius and Silfayree are also there. Misty and May back off until they are next to the rest of the group.

Professor D: <still in the same tone> Isn't it strange? A human wanting to see if people could wield the powers of Pokemon?

Ash: What... What did you do... to them?

Professor D: Hmm... I simply gave them what they asked for. Well... <motioning to the child> 'he' asked for it.

Chezni: <eyes wide in anger, or frustration> You... You fused them... with Pokemon?

Professor D: It isn't easy to look at them... at least, not straight at them...

Chezni: <now obviously angry> You did, didn't you?!

Professor D: ...but I don't want to refer to them as objects or numbers... It isn't right to refer to the dead as simple equipment...

Chezni: Answer me!!!

Ash: I'd like to know that too!

Professor D: You want an answer... Yes. It was me who did this! I had to know if it was possible...

Chezni: You...

Professor D: I was so close... but then... Something went wrong...

Ash: ...

Professor D: They began rejecting the information... And eventually... the mother was the first to succumb... Then the child...

Chezni: Both dead... from the same kind of experiments that were performed by Tyraxia...

Professor D: But now... <the old man's eyes light up> I just might have another chance...

Chezni: What...
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Professor D: The reason I'm interested in Elnius... is because a Pokemon like her could be fused with a human like you...

Chezni: Wha... Wait a second!

Professor D: Think about it! Elnius isn't a typical Pokemon, and you clearly aren't a typical Trainer!

Ash: <angry> You're crazy!

Professor D: Oh, come on! I'm no crazier than any of the League Officers out there that regulate matches between Pokemon!

Chezni: ... I can't overlook this...

Professor D: Overlook what? This was simply an experiment in the name of science!

Ash: An experiment in the name of science?! What kind of monster are you?!

Scene: Professor D grins and begins chuckling in a cackling style laugh. He reaches and grabs a remote control that is sitting by the test tube on the right. Turning, he smirks at the group.

Chezni: What's so funny?!

Professor D: You all are... <Professor D walks back to where the group stands> He told me that you were soft, but I never imagined...

Chezni: HE?! Who is 'he'?

Professor D: Why, the one who forwarded me the money for all this equipment, of course!

Brock: Then you didn't earn the money by selling TMs?!

Professor D: Heh heh... And you all believed that... How gullible. Just like it was so easy to get you all in here...

May: Then you wanted me to go inside this room!

Professor D: Bingo.

Ash: But, who are you working for?!

Professor D: You don't know? Pity. After all Ash... You've met him before.

Ash: ... Wha... I know him?!

Professor D: Oh yes... You see... He is even more brilliant than me! So brilliant in fact, that people like you could never understand his genius!

Ash: Who's genius?!

Professor D: Ahh ahh... Now, I don't want to spoil it, do I? You'll have to find that out for yourself.

Scene: Ash and Chezni are looking pretty steamed now.

Professor D: Don't worry. You'll see him soon enough.

Chezni: But why us?! And for that matter, why get us all in here? Unless...

Professor D: Unless what?

Chezni: <looking around, now urgent> Everyone! Run!!!

Professor D: Too late.

Scene: Professor D pushes a button on the remote in his hand. In the most cliche way possible, a trap door opens beneath the group, causing them to slide down a fairly long shaft. Even Elnius and Silfayree are caught off guard at this. Silfayree attempts to fly out, but is pulled in by a vacuum.

Professor D: Heh... If you won't help me, then I'll just let my boss' 'pet' take you out.

Scene: A fade-in shows a fairly darkly lit passage. The group is visible, though the lighting, or lack thereof makes it difficult to see clearly.

Chezni: What the... Where are we?

Max: That guy tricked us! He just wanted us together in order to trap us in here!

Chezni: He mentioned something about his boss' pet... What could he have meant?

Scene: A growl can be heard coming from the pitch black corridor in front of the group.

Ash: I don't know... But I think we're about to find out.

Scene: A pair of glowing red eyes can now be seen in the dark passage. On that note, the screen fades out.


Pikachu's Volt Tackle

Combining Agility and Thunder, Pikachu can generate an electrical field around himself while dashing. Striking an opponent then with an electrified Tackle Attack, the electricity can smash through almost any defense.

Next Episode

What the heck is that? A Pokemon? But why is it discolored? And who's pulling the strings here? Is it Professor D, or is there someone else behind this all? I don't know much about this world, but I DO know one thing! Whoever's doing this is going down, big time!

????: It's been awhile, hasn't it, Ash?

Next time on

POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Episode 9: Paragon

Ash: You're going to pay for this... Mark my words!
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Alright! Here's Episode 9! Oh, by the way...

* = Not Sure

As always, I had to split it up. This is becoming a thing with me, huh?

Scene: A very dimly lit passage, about fifteen feet wide. A circular archaic brick design is visible along the walls, going up about ten feet and connecting at the ceiling. If not for the fact that there is a long passageway in front of them, it would almost be as if they were in a cellar. Another low growl - this time, closer than before. The glowing red eyes are getting slightly larger with each passing moment.

Chezni: I think we've got a fight on our hands.

Silfayree: <nodding> Sil! Sil!

Elnius: It is impossible to ascertain the identity of the creature that the growl belongs to.

Ash: In other words, we'll have to go in blind.

Chezni: Eden! How far is the creature from us?

Eden: I detect that it is approximately 20 yards from where we are. No, make that 15.

Ash: Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash: Let's get ready. I don't think we'll be able to run.

POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Episode 9: Paragon

Scene: May pulls out a Poke-Ball, as does Max.

May: Ivysaur! Let's do it!

Max: Let’s do it, Ralts!

Scene: The two Poke-Balls open upon impact with the ground, and out come Ralts and Ivysaur.

Chezni: Whoa! A Psychic Type and a Grass Type!

Ash: Hey, Max. That wouldn't be...

Max: Yup! The one and only. While you were busy in Shinou*, I got my Trainer license, and guess who was literally waiting for me outside of the lab?

Ralts: Ra! Ralts!

Misty: Huh... Talk about convenient.

May: It was also during that little fiasco that Bulbasaur decided to evolve.

Ivysaur: <nodding> Ivy!

Ash: <grinning> Looks like some things have changed. Well, not all change is bad...

Chezni: <nervous> Um, I don't mean to interrupt this fantastic trip down memory lane, but the monster over there isn't gonna wait for us.

Scene: Ralts and Ivysaur stand ready, as the unknown creature begins to take shape. Ash's eyes widen in response to the familiar shape he sees.

Ash: Th... That can't be...

Scene: The creature's shape is no longer a mystery. Standing before the group is the familiar form of MewTwo. A slight discoloration to the Pokemon can be seen. It seems to be a much lighter shade of purple, and its lavender eyes are more of a pink offshoot.

Chezni: What the... What is that?

Ash: <looking confused> It's MewTwo... But... Something's different...

Misty: It looks like the MewTwo from...

Ash: <coming to a realization> !!! That's it! It's exactly the same as before! Which means...

????: <a cold, calculating tone> I see there's no fooling you.

Scene: A tall man in a black and silver cape emerges from the dark corridor. He has pale blue hair and wears glasses. In addition, he a red collar can be seen. It has the symbol of a purple 'D' with a sword going through it.

Ash: Dr. Yung! But... how?

Dr Yung: <smirking> You should've realized that someone like me would have a failsafe plan in case of an emergency.

Chezni: You two know each other?

Ash: Yeah. That's Dr. Yung, also known as the Mirage Master.

Chezni: You mean, he creates holograms?

Ash: Yeah... But the ones he creates... the Pokemon holograms, have the same abilities as the original...

Dr. Yung: Oh, come now. You'll confuse the poor boy. Why don't I give a demonstration? MewTwo, if you will.

Scene: The MewTwo copy holds out one hand. Ralts and Ivysaur begin to glow for a moment, before being thrust toward the wall behind the group. They slam into the wall with enough force to leave an indent. Both Max and May run to help their injured Pokemon.

Max: Ralts!

May: Ivysaur!

Scene: Max and May both pull out their Poke-Balls and recall their Pokemon.

Dr. Yung: <grinning maniacally> Hmm hmm ha ha ha ha!!!!! Don't you see? You can't do a thing without your precious Mew! And since he's no more, you're FINISHED!!!

Chezni: Mew? Ok, I'm lost here...

Ash: <now remembering it all> The last time we met... he had created this very same creature... based off a copy of Mew that he had discarded. Mew... the copy, was the only creation of his with a conscience... In the end, it was Mew that helped us defeat the copy of MewTwo and put an end to Dr. Yung's insidious scheme. But Mew... Mew was also destroyed in the process...

Dr. Yung: I must thank you though. I was going to destroy that failure anyway. Really, you saved me the trouble.

Scene: Ash has a look of anger now, obviously.

Dr. Yung: Funny... If you hadn't come along, that failure would still be alive. In a way, you were the cause of its death... <muttering> That is, if you call that 'dying'...

Ash: Stop it!

Dr. Yung: Oh, did I strike a nerve? Good... After that little escapade, I retreated with my research. It was then that I encountered 'him'...

Chezni: <looking utterly confused> ...

Dr. Yung: He told me that if I joined him, I could finally be recognized for my breakthroughs in Pokemon Battling. And I was recognized. They now use this technology for their training. It's... indispensible. But, you already know that. You can see the proof for yourself.

Chezni: <looking unimpressed> This... thing is your proof? All I see is just another monster.

Dr. Yung: Hmph... You're the new one, huh? <smugly> Of course someone like you couldn't appreciate a creation like this.

Chezni: By monster... I was referring to you!

Dr. Yung: <looking puzzled> I'm no monster. I'm just... ambitious.

Chezni: You're just full of crap, that's what you are!

Dr. Yung: <looking agitated now> Well... Maybe another demonstration is in order...

Chezni: I've had it with your demonstrations. From what I've seen, you're nothing but an evil, conceited coward that hides behind your creations. You don't work to train real Pokemon, you just create them. Then when something comes along that's better, you discard the ones you have like yesterday's trash. I can't stand people like you.

Dr. Yung: You're one to talk. Surely, you realize that what I do is no different from what any normal Pokemon Trainer does. Pokemon Trainers keep their six best Pokemon with them, and leave the rest at a Lab to rot. It's the same thing! I'm merely using the data from the discarded ones to improve my team! So in that way, they're being useful.

Chezni: It's not the same thing... And I'm going to prove it to you, here and now. We don't just discard Pokemon because we find ones stronger than it... <motions to Elnius> We TRAIN the Pokemon!

Scene: Elnius steps forward and is standing face to face with the copy of MewTwo.

Elnius: <looking back toward Chezni> Please step back. If I'm thrown toward you, I will be unable to ensure your safety.

Scene: Chezni and the rest of the group backs off until they're where Max and May are. Ash and Pikachu remain in front of Dr. Yung though.

Ash: I'm not letting you get away this time...

Chezni: <looking toward Ash> Ash...

Ash: <looking back toward Chezni> Don't try to stop me! This creep's gone way too far!

Pikachu: Pika!

Elnius: <to Ash and Pikachu> This creature's abilities are equal to mine. For your safety, I strongly urge you to stay back.

Ash: Sorry, but I can't do that...

Elnius: ... Then watch the enemy closely, and take any opportunity you see.

Ash: Thanks...

Scene: Elnius charges toward MewTwo and slams into the holographic copy, knocking him back about ten feet behind Dr. Yung. The creature skids to a halt, and fires the familiar pink Psychic Beam. Elnius puts both hands in front of her, as the attack connects.

Chezni: Elnius! Be careful!

Scene: Elnius staggers, as she diverts the beam to the left, and into a wall. Dr. Yung sees the explosion nearby and moves back to where the group is.

Dr. Yung: It's pointless, you know. This model is far superior to the last one I created. It'll take more than a newly discovered Pokemon to defeat it. See, I’ve combined the data from every one of my past failures to create this new Mirage MewTwo… making him superior to the first Mirage MewTwo in every way.

Chezni: <focused on the fight> ... Don't give up, Elnius!

Scene: Elnius charges into MewTwo at an angle, knocking him through the right wall of the passage. On the other side, there is a large rectangular room with a ceiling about 20 feet above the floor. Both Elnius and MewTwo are in a grapple, as everyone rushes toward the large opening to see the fight. Silfayree is floating next to Chezni. Pikachu is just inside the opening, but out of the way.

Silfayree: <to Chezni> Sil! Sil!

Chezni: <still watching the battle> I know... This isn't good... {This is insane... MewTwo is matching Elnius move for move... At this rate...}

Ash: <watching the battle> Not yet...
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Scene: Elnius lunges toward MewTwo again, as he puts his hands out in front of him. His eyes begin to glow, as Elnius is surrounded by an aura of energy.

Chezni: What the... <urgently> No!

Ash: Not good... Pika...

Chezni: Wait. If Pikachu attacks now, he'll just be caught in the psychic wave too.

Ash: ...sorry...

Scene: MewTwo gestures toward the back wall, on the end of the room opposite where the opening is. Elnius is flung into the wall, causing an indentation to appear.

Chezni: No... Wait... Stop!

Scene: MewTwo then gestures toward the ceiling, causing her to plunge backwards into it.

Chezni: Stop it!!!

Scene: Debris falls down with the Pokemon, as she slams into the ground. Cracks can be seen on her armor now.

Misty: <her hand over her mouth> !!! <a gasp>

Chezni: <now genuinely worried> Elnius! Can you hear me?

Scene: Elnius staggers to her feet. A crack can now be seen in the middle of her visor, as MewTwo slams into her head-first. As he lands, he delivers a fast kick to the side of her head, shattering the visor.

Chezni: Elnius!

Scene: Elnius' crimson eyes are exposed, as her head swings sideways from the kick. And in the middle of her forehead is an upside down green triangle. Her face still shows relatively no emotion. Obviously staggered, she barely maintains her balance.

MewTwo: You are nothing but an imperfect Pokemon, who is preventing me from attaining my full power... Now DIE!!!

Scene: The copy of MewTwo begins a lunge toward Elnius, just as a Thunderbolt slams into him, causing his body to spin to the side.

Chezni: !!!! That was...

Ash: You forgot about me. Pikachu! Volt Tackle!

Scene: Pikachu begins glowing with electricity which is now pulsing through his body. After a second, he dashes toward the recovering MewTwo at a blinding speed. Slamming headfirst into the Pokemon, he knocks the psychic cat-like creature into another wall. MewTwo thrusts himself up and holds out his hands, parrying a Tackle Attack from Pikachu. The two Pokemon begin going into a Tackle-Parry frenzy.

Pikachu: Pika... <initiating another Tackle> PIKA!!!

Chezni: <watching Pikachu and MewTwo> ... ... {I didn't know Pikachu could hold his own against such a powerful Pokemon...}

Ash: Chezni! Is Elnius alright?

Chezni: !!! Oh... Elnius! Are you alright?

Silfayree: <looking worried> Sil! Sil!

Elnius: <still staggering> I... I'm...

Scene: Elnius suddenly collapses in the middle of the room. Chezni immediately runs to where she is, as Pikachu and MewTwo continue fighting on the left side.

Chezni: Elnius!!

Elnius: <bleeding from the mouth, and several cuts that are now apparent> I... I'm fine...

Chezni: <kneeling down by Elnius> Yeah... You're alright... It's funny... You used to be a fish... Now you're going head to head with insanely powerful creatures... just like I used to be...

Elnius: <a weak smile> Don't worry... I just need to rest for a bit...

Chezni: Yeah... Just rest...

Scene: Elnius closes her eyes, and lapses into a state of unconsciousness, as Chezni pulls out her Poke-Ball.

Chezni: I wish I didn't have to use this... But it's the only way...

Scene: Chezni recalls Elnius into her Poke-Ball. Standing, he walks back to the opening and continues to watch the battle.

May: <to Chezni> Are you alright?

Chezni: <watching intently> ... ...

Eden: Whoa... I haven't seen Chezni this focused in a long time...

Brock: <to Chezni> Is Elnius alright?

Chezni: She's fine. {But we'll be in a bad way if Pikachu can't beat that thing.}
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Ash: Pikachu...

Scene: MewTwo fires Psybeam after Psybeam at Pikachu. Somehow, the small electric mouse continues to dodge each attack.

MewTwo: Stand still, you filthy creature!

Chezni: Ash, do you need me to send out Silfayree?

Ash: <watching the battle intently> ... ...

Max: Come on, Pikachu...

Scene: Pikachu stares intently at MewTwo, as if anticipating the next attack. MewTwo stares back with the same anticipation.

Chezni: Whoa... It's like watching some sort of major grudge match...

Ash: But why? ... Pikachu and MewTwo aren't normally enemies... And yet… He’s more focused on this battle than I’ve ever seen him…

Scene: Pikachu charges right into MewTwo with a Volt Tackle. The attack connects, sending the Pokemon copy reeling. Pikachu can be seen smirking in response.

MewTwo: You little... How are you doing this?!

Pikachu: <now grinning> Pi pika.

Ash: <looking stunned> Because I can? ... What?

Dr. Yung: Because 'who' can?

Ash: Pikachu! That's what he said just now! I understood it… word for word…

Scene: Pikachu and MewTwo literally slam into each other in mid-air, landing where the other was previously standing.

Chezni: Maybe defeating Elnius weakened MewTwo somehow...

Dr. Yung: <looking as intently at the battle as the rest of the group> That's not possible. MewTwo possesses infinite amounts of energy. Unless the Pokemon were to cause significant damage, it wouldn't have reduced his abilities. But still...

Scene: Pikachu fires a Thunderbolt toward MewTwo, who dodges out of the way. Immediately, the yellow mouse leaps toward the nearby wall, rebounding off it and going into a classic Tackle Attack. MewTwo jumps, but is unable to get out of the way in time, as the attack connects, sending him crashing to the ground.

Dr. Yung: How is this possible?

MewTwo: <getting up> Why... Why is this... HAPPENING?!

Scene: MewTwo puts his hands out in front of him. Pikachu is suddenly surrounded by the aura that Elnius had around her.

Chezni: !!! No!

Ash: Pikachu!!!

Brock: I think that's it...

Scene: Pikachu struggles, unable to free himself from the hold, as MewTwo launches him toward the wall behind him. Pikachu slams into the wall with a sickening thud, and falls to the ground, where he lays motionless.

Ash: ... <looking really worried now> No... Pikachu!!!

Scene: Ash begins moving through the opening, just as Chezni's arm intercepts him. Ash looks at Chezni with a protesting glare.

Chezni: Wait a minute...

Ash: <almost yelling> But Pikachu's...

Chezni: Please, just wait. I don't think it's over quite yet...

Scene: MewTwo walks over to Pikachu and looks down at the electric mouse. Red spots can be seen on his back and side, which obviously means he has open cuts and wounds. The Pokemon copy chuckles in response.

MewTwo: Hmph... You were just stubborn... that's all.

Misty: <eyes starting to tear up> He's not moving...

Chezni: <examining the situation, as if looking for a flaw> ... ...

Scene: MewTwo begins walking calmly over to the group, stopping halfway.

Ash: Chezni! Let me go!

Chezni: <grinning> Trust me. Everything's fine.

Ash: Huh? But...

Chezni: Look.

Scene: Ash turns to see Pikachu coming to. Struggling, he manages to get to his feet (well, his all fours anyway).

Ash: Pikachu... But he's...

Scene: MewTwo turns to see Pikachu back on his feet.

MewTwo: <sounding irate> How can you still stand after that?

Chezni: I thought so... He's far from done...

MewTwo: No matter... It's easily remedied.

Scene: MewTwo puts his hands together and forms a large Shadow Ball. He then hurls it at Pikachu with blinding speed. The attack easily connects, resulting in an explosion of dark energy. MewTwo then fires several Psybeams in succession, all connecting with the same spot that the Shadow Ball hit.

Ash: No! Stop! That's enough!

Scene: MewTwo turns and faces Ash and Chezni. Chezni can be seen gritting his teeth in response. The cloud of smoke from the explosion is so thick, that it's impossible to see Pikachu.

MewTwo: Don't worry. As soon as I make sure that Pikachu is dead, you'll be joining him.

Scene: MewTwo fires another Psy-Beam toward the coud of smoke, causing another explosion.

MewTwo: <firing again> Just... <firing again> making... <firing again> sure.

Ash: <in tears now> STOP!!!!!

Chezni: <walking in front of Ash> ... ...

Scene: Chezni walks through the opening. After a moment, he's in the middle of the room, facing left toward MewTwo. In the meantime, the Pokemon copy fires one last blast toward the ceiling, causing it to cave in where the subsiding explosion is.

Chezni: Impressive...

MewTwo: <turning> Ahh, you're the one called Chezni.

Chezni: That's right.

Dr. Yung: Don't let him distract you! Destroy him now!

MewTwo: Very well...

Scene: The smoke clears from the point where Pikachu was attacked, revealing nothing but a pile of debris. MewTwo fires at Chezni, causing an explosion to engulf the Pokemon Trainer. He then fires several more blasts, which connect with their target.

Silfayree: SIL!!!

Ash: Chezni, no!!!

Scene: As the explosion subsides, a yellow aura of energy can be seen between Chezni and MewTwo. Chezni appears to be unharmed, as the aura partially subsides, revealing Pikachu. His body appears to be shimmering with a golden glow. The Pokemon also appears to be uninjured, except for his previous injuries from before he was hit with the blasts.

Ash: What the... How in the...

Dr. Yung: Well well... What a surprise...

Chezni: I knew it...

Ash: What did you know?

Chezni: Your Pikachu... I suspected it for some time now, ever since seeing it in action in Vermilion City...

Misty: Has the... Has the power of two?!

Ash: I meant that figuratively, not literally!

Chezni: But it's not too far off the mark. However, it's a bit more than that.

Ash: What do you mean?

Dr. Yung: Yes, please do tell.

Chezni: <grinning again> Pikachu isn't an ordinary Pikachu... or even an ordinary Pokemon... No, not by a long shot...

Misty: What are you talking about?

Chezni: What we're seeing here... is a Paragon!

Scene: Ash and the others are stunned in response to Chezni's remarks. After a moment of silence, they turn back toward the battle at hand.


End of Episode 9



The Pokemon Trainer

By far, the most popular career in the world of Pokemon, Trainers are sent out into the world to capture Pokemon and compete in the annual Pokemon League. Because they're constantly with Pokemon, they have the best Pokemon Affinity out of any class.


The Paragon... In each race or species, there exists a select few that are far superior to all others, gifted with abilities and powers that otherwise wouldn't be attainable. As Pikachu and MewTwo continue to battle, it becomes more and more apparent that we might be witnessing something truly extraordinary.

Ash: That's incredible...

Next time on

POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Episode 10: Pikachu vs MewTwo

Ash: Is he really more powerful?
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

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Default Re: Pokemon: Neo Destiny

Sorry about the wait. But here's Episode 10.

Scene: Pikachu seems to be retaining the glow, which appears to be almost like an aura of armor. MewTwo glares, before lunging forward again. Pikachu stands there, as MewTwo connects with his attack. Unlike before, the attack is deflected, and MewTwo is thrown a few feet back.

Chezni: <with a smirk> Not in this state... It'll take more than that to bring him down.

Ash: This is just like...

Max: The Hoenn Region! Didn't this happen before?

Ash: Yeah, in my Gym battle... But that time, Pikachu and Swellow were struck by a Thunderbolt attack, which apparently triggered the effect...

Chezni: {Hitting himself with his own attack... I wonder if this was caused by the same thing?}

POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Episode 10: Pikachu VS MewTwo

Scene: MewTwo is irate, to say the least. Dr. Yung is on the sidelines looking completely perplexed.

Dr. Yung: How... How is this possible?

Ash: <once again, focused on the battle> Pikachu... Yeah... Alright! Let's see what you can do!

Chezni: <looking toward Ash> Ash? Are you alright?

Ash: <suddenly looking energetic> Yeah! I'm great! I've never felt like this before! It's like a surge of energy just went right into me!

Chezni: <looking intently at Ash for a moment> ... {Whoa... He's right about one thing, I definitely sense something from him now... But, what could it be?}

Scene: Pikachu and MewTwo finally collide once more, and this time, Pikachu seems to be driving MewTwo back with mere Tackle attacks.

Pikachu: <grinning> Pika! Pika, pika!!

Ash: Yeah! I know! I feel it too! We're on fire!!!

Chezni: ... {Then let's use some of that 'fire' to defeat this guy.}

Eden: <sounding worried> Um... Chezni!

Chezni: Not now. We'll talk after the battle.

Eden: <sounding urgent> Um... I think you want to hear what I have to say.

Chezni: Not NOW!

Eden: Fine... {Gee, don't listen to me... I'm only an ancient Crystal with a guardian spirit trapped in it... don't know anything...}

Pikachu: <looking back at Ash> Pika! Pikachu!!

Ash: You sure about that? We haven't perfected it yet...

Pikachu: <with a nod> Pika!

Ash: <grinning> You're right... It's now or never!

Chezni: <clueless again> Huh? Did I miss something here?

Ash: Just watch. I'm gonna show you what a Pokemon Trainer can really do!

Chezni: <confused> O...k... {Wow, he really wants to win this...} <grinning> {Not that I have a problem with that.}

Ash: Let's do this! The move we've been working on! Agility!

Scene: Pikachu suddenly seems to disappear in a blur of speed. Ash watches carefully, as the small mouse zips from one side of the room to the other in the blink of an eye. MewTwo seems to be following around with no real trouble.

Ash: Alright. That's the first part! Now, let's crank it up to the next level! Use Agility again! Accelerate!

Scene: Suddenly, Pikachu seems to vanish from view. Even MewTwo can't seem to keep up anymore. Ash just seems to stare straight at the psychic cat-like Mirage Pokemon. Chezni and the rest of the group are standing in awe at the display.

Dr. Yung: Th... This can't be... How is this happening?!

Chezni: {It's just like me using Haste...} Two Agilities in a row...

Brock: I've never seen anyone even THINK of doing this...

Misty: Ash has really been exploring his options, if he's figured out something like this...

Ash: You think that's something, watch this! Pikachu! Volt Tackle!

Scene: A glowing blur of electricity can be seen almost surrounding MewTwo. The rest of the group is stunned in response.

Ash: <grinning> When Agility is used twice consecutively, it creates a move similar to Quick Attack... but with one difference...

Scene: The charged up Pikachu suddenly stops and is aimed at MewTwo. He seems to be caught utterly by surprise from it.

Ash: It allows a Pokemon to use ANY attack combined with Accelerate. And when that happens... it powers up the attack!

Scene: Pikachu suddenly charges toward MewTwo and slams into the Mirage Pokemon, knocking him into the back wall. He regains his composure and glares in disbelief.

Ash: Agility!

Scene: Pikachu once again goes into his Agility movements.

Ash: Accelerate!

Scene: Once again, Pikachu becomes a barely visible blur, as he moves from side to side.

Ash: Thunderbolt!

Scene: Pikachu Charges the electricity in his body, and before MewTwo can respond, unloads it at the Mirage Pokemon. Sparks can literally be seen coming off the creature, as he's thrown to the side. He continues to glare, as he struggles to his feet. Dr. Yung seems to be backing away from the group now.

Ash: <still watching the battle> Dr. Yung... You've played with the lives of your creations and forced them to do your bidding, robbing them of any freedom, or any chance to live any sort of normal life. You are the embodiment of all that is wrong with this world. And this poor creature is the result of that malice. It may not be today, or even tomorrow, but I swear... You're going to pay! Mark my words!!

Scene: As Ash is talking, Dr. Yung takes off down the section of the tunnel that is still intact. In no time at all, he is gone, leaving the Mirage MewTwo to fend for himself.

Ash: I'm sorry... I know this isn't of your own will, but I can't let you continue this any longer. Agility!

Scene: Pikachu once again goes into his Agility movements, becoming difficult to track.

Ash: <now yelling> Accelerate!

Scene: Pikachu becomes the familiar blur once again.

Ash: Now! Iron Tail!!!

Scene: Charged with Accelerate, and the energy from the aura, Pikachu's tail begins glowing. After a second, the electricity from the aura can be seen transferring into the tail, charging the attack to an even further degree.

Chezni: Do it...

Scene: Pikachu charges MewTwo and slams his tail down onto the hapless Mirage Pokemon, slicing the duplicate in half. After a second, a glowing cleave is seen going down the middle of MewTwo, as the Pokemon begins vanishing into glowing particles. In no time, the creature is gone.

Chezni: <utterly speechless, but with an impressed look> ... Whoa...

Scene: Ash runs to Pikachu.

Ash: You did it!

Pikachu: <looking back toward Ash and nodding> Pika!

Scene: Ash picks up Pikachu and hugs him.

Ash: You totally whooped that phony MewTwo!

Chezni: <looking at Ash and Pikachu, then looking around> {Hmm... We may have won, but where did Dr. Yung go?}

Scene: Ash and the gang give a cheer, as the scene switches to a dark corridor, presumably an area further down the passageway. However, it's impossible to tell for certain. Dr. Yung is walking down the path with a grin on his face, as he pushes his glasses up.

Dr. Yung: Who would've guessed it... That teenager... and his Pikachu... They fight in such a familiar way...

????: <a deep, male voice> Familiar?

Scene: Dr. Yung looks forward to see a man in his late twenties with his back to the wall, just standing casually. It is impossible to identify any particulars of the man from the view, other than a grin.

Dr. Yung: ... You...

????: <a smirk can be seen, but that's the only visible part of the person> You couldn't get the job done, could you?

Dr. Yung: I... I'll do my part. Just make sure you're able to do yours.

Scene: The man steps forward into the vague light. Standing only slightly taller than Dr. Yung, he seems to be dressed in a black uniform that also sports the 'D' symbol on his shoulder. In addition, he is also wearing a white and black cape. His short black hair seems to drape just ever so subtly over his left eye. In addition, a sword is sheathed on his right side.

Dr. Yung: Don't forget, we're all after the same thing.

????: Are you sure it isn't you who has forgotten?

Dr. Yung: <now irritated> Regal...

Regal: That's Commander... Regal. Or have you also forgotten your place? You may be our newest member, but our master will NOT tolerate failure. You'd better have something to show for your efforts.

Dr. Yung: <staring blankly> ... <smiling> Don't worry. I think I have just the thing...

Regal: <looking puzzled> ... I wonder...

Dr. Yung: <a smirk> You'll see... hmm hmm...

Scene: Dr. Yung walks off into the darkness of the passage, leaving a perplexed Regal.

Regal: Why him... What do you see in him?

????: <a deep female voice, from out of nowhere> Do you not trust my decisions?

Regal: <looking nervous> Uh... Of course I trust you...

????: Good. Return to the castle. We'll deal with this little situation soon enough.

Regal: Of course, your majesty...

Scene: Regal quickly extends his right hand, causing his cape to flutter behind him. Afterward, he walks toward the direction Dr. Yung disappeared off too. Eventually, he is also out of sight.
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?
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Default Re: Pokemon: Neo Destiny

Scene: Ash, Chezni and the others are celebrating their newly won victory.

Chezni: <to Ash> That was amazing... I sure hope you don't challenge me any time soon.

Ash: Heh... Well, you won't have to worry about that until the League.

Misty: Huh?

Brock: You mean, that...

Ash: <scratching his head> Um... yeah... I probably forgot to tell you and Chezni here, but the Indigo League asked me to compete in this year's tournament. They even gave me a waver, so I don't have to go out and collect all eight Badges.

Brock: <royally confused> Huh?

Ash: I know... It was the weirdest thing I ever heard. The guy I talked to told me there was a clause in the League's policy that said one Trainer of their choice could compete in the League every year.

Brock: Yeah... That's true, but... Usually that spot is reserved for a member of the Elite Four... They participate in the Indigo League during odd years.

Ash: Good thing it was an even year when I entered the first time... Those Elites are tough.

Chezni: Elite Four?

Ash: They're the four highest ranked Pokemon Trainers in the world! Each one of them has a Gym where they teach Trainers different things about the world... things you couldn't learn anywhere else. But there's more. As far as I know, nobody's ever beaten them when they go all-out.

Chezni: <a shocked look> Y... You're kidding! {Four people that skilled at Pokemon Training... I've got to meet them as soon as possible...}

Ash: You alright there?

Chezni: Yeah. More so, if they offered you the free position in the League's tournament, they must think highly of you.

Ash: Well, the only reason I can think of is that I've met all four of the Elites, and one of them must've used their connections to orchestrate it.

Brock: <surprised at Ash's sudden burst of intellect> That's a pretty good theory.

Misty: Yeah... It does make sense when you think about the situation at hand.

Eden: <in an irritated tone> It'll definitely help, since we're GOING TO HAVE COMPANY!!!

Chezni: <shocked both at Eden's tone, and at the remark> Wha?! Company?! When? How? WHO?!

Max: <sarcastic> That just leaves why, where and what.

Misty: ... That was lame...

Eden: If you'd bothered to listen to me, you would already know that I detected another ship in the vicinity of this planet just a few minutes ago.

Scene: Chezni has a genuinely worried look on his face now.

Chezni: But... It couldn't be Tyraxia... What type of ship is it?

Eden: Well, I can't tell for sure, but it's definitely not one of the Nova Ships, and it's not a Federation model. Through process of elimination, that narrows it down.

Chezni: How far is it from this planet?

Eden: Approximately 200 light years. It's moving at a speed of about one light year per hour. It's almost as if...

Chezni: It's looking for something...

Max: <looking unimpressed> More of your tricks?

Chezni: Believe me, I wish that were the case. But when it comes to things like this, Eden doesn't joke around...

Scene: Chezni turns to face Ash and the rest of the group.

Ash: Chezni...

Chezni: Alright. First thing's first. We can't do anything down here. We need to get to the surface.

Ash: Yeah... but...

Chezni: You've gotta trust me on this one. We could be dealing with the real thing here.

Misty: Hold on. Even if these Tyrawhatsits are coming, what chance would we stand against them?

May: Yeah, what can we do against someone that can supposedly attack from space?

Chezni: No... They won't attack from space. That much, I can tell you right now...

Brock: Even so, defeating an army isn't exactly the type of thing Pokemon are meant for... I don't know how good our chances are...

Chezni: If it's only one ship, then there's a good chance that it's just a scouting party. If we can prevent them from contacting their base, then hopefully that should keep the rest of them away from here long enough...

Ash: Long enough for what?

Chezni: For me to find who I'm looking for...

Brock: And who are you looking for?

Chezni: I'll know when I see them.

Scene: Chezni begins running down the passage, much in the same direction Dr. Yung headed previously.

Chezni: {This sucks... If it were Earth or Federation space, it'd be easier to take these guys out... But here... There're too many innocent bystanders... Man, I really HATE stipulations...}

Scene: Reluctantly, Ash and the rest of the group follow Chezni down the corridor. Sure enough, a stairway leading up is at the end of the lengthy passageway. As the group heads out, they behold the distant sight of a city.

Brock: That's... <looking at the city, which is almost as large as Viridian> Pewter City!

Chezni: <almost mesmerized> I see... So it's called that for a good reason.

Scene: The city seems to be almost built on a stone paved road. Most of the standard buildings are made either of metal or stone. In fact, the building housing the water wheel on the far end of town appears to be the only wooden building in the city.

Brock: <grinning> Home again... And it looks just like I left it.

Chezni: One hour per light year... That gives us roughly 195 hours to get ready... So eight days...

Ash: Alot can be done here in eight days, Chezni.

Chezni: I hope so... I really do... See, there's something else I haven't mentioned about Tyraxia.

Max: <still unconvinced> Oh, what's that?

Chezni: <turning to face Max directly> They're much more powerful than that phony MewTwo we just fought down there.

Scene: An eerie silence comes over Ash and the rest of the group in response to Chezni's claim. After what seems like an eternity, Chezni finally speaks up.

Chezni: I won't lie to you. The Tyraxians are ruthless, even more so than anything we’ve encountered since I got here. They'll likely use any means necessary to get whatever it is they're after here, even going so far as to take hostages and even kill anyone in their way. In fact, if you go with me on this, there's a real chance that some of us might not make it out alive. <smirking> After hearing what I just said, I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to stay out of the coming battle... I know that it sounds...

Ash: <interrupting> That's fine... I don't care how powerful these guys claim to be, or what tricks they have up their sleeves.

Misty: Neither do I. I've never been scared of Team Rocket, or any of the other Teams we've faced out there, and some of them are WAY more dangerous than these guys sound!

May: And I'm not backing down! Ash's never backed down from anything, and I won’t either!

Brock: No kidding. With all of us here, those creeps don't stand a chance! Because when it's all on the line, we don't lose.

Chezni: ... Guys...

Max: I don't know if you're telling the truth or not. <grinning> But assuming you are, you won't get very far without my tactical expertise!

Chezni: So you finally believe me?

Max: <hurrying to answer> I just wanna see if you're really telling the truth or not. Let's leave it at that.

Chezni: ... I see... <a smile> I gotta say, you people have amazed me from day one. At first, I thought this Training business was just a fancy version of illegal animal combat. But after seeing everything I have so far, I'm totally impressed. I don't think I've seen spirit like this since we battled against Synarak on Aeshar.

Scene: The group does an anime-style 'nod' as Chezni turns around. He puts his right arm up to his face briefly, as if wiping something from it. What that 'something' is, is anyone's guess. But we'll leave that to your imagination. After the display, he turns back to the group.

Chezni: Alright! If we're gonna do this, let's do this! From now on, this will be known as...

Operation: Neo Destiny!

Scene: Ash and the rest of the group look impressed with the name.

Ash: You know, it sort of has a nice ring to it.

Brock: Names, titles... Heh, I never thought I'd like one.

Misty: It does sound kind of cool.

May: It makes us sound sorta like superheroes.

Max: I don't mind. Just don't go around bragging to everyone that we're a secret organization or something.

Chezni: Then it's settled! Next stop: Pewter City, home of the Pewter Gym!

Brock: Still wanna challenge the Gym Leader, huh?

Chezni: You know it.

Scene: After the lengthy discussion, our heroes move on to Pewter City, the location of Chezni's first Gym Battle. However, is this merely a warm up for what's to come? Could the Tyraxians really be on their way to the Pokemon world? And if so, how will our heroes defeat an enemy from millions of light years away? You don't want to miss the next thrilling episode of POKEMON: Neo Destiny!

Today's Poke-Dex Update


Using Agility twice in a row, Pikachu is able to accelerate to unimaginable speeds. In his enhanced state, he is able to attack before an opponent can move. This can also transform his Attacks into new Special Moves.

Next Episode

Chezni here. Well, after a visit to the Pokemon Center, we're finally at Pewter Gym. Wait a second! He's your FATHER?! How can I battle someone so close to you?

Ash: Don't worry. Remember, this is only practice!

But I still need that Badge to enter the League! Will I be able to get it? Find out next time on:

POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Episode 11: Boulder Gym Showdown

See you there!
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