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Old 12-20-2006, 11:21 PM
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Default Pokemon: Neo Destiny


OBKB. After a fairly long hiatus, I've decided that instead of making a new Fic outright, I'd work on the 'Series' that I started awhile ago. Some of you here might remember it. Those that don't, fear not. The previous chapters will be posted here before I continue on. So you can read them and get up to speed. I am going to space them out a bit, time-wise, so I don’t look like I’m multi-posting (posting fifteen times in one day just looks suspicious).

Now, being a 'Series' does mean that this one is written in SCRIPT FORMAT. Don't let this discourage you from reading. I use a distinct form of script-style, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to follow. I just don't want you to think I was lazy or anything like that. I’ve even got a key up this time.

Of course, I also don't want to bore you to death with an overabundance of details, so I'm going to assume you all know what the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Edition (Generation) Pokemon look like, so I'll just be using their names (except when it’s crucial to the plot). I'll also assume you know what Ash and the group (all of the main cast) look like (once again, unless crucial). I'll leave my disclaimer and summary up for you to look at as well.

Summary: It all starts out like a normal day for Ash and the gang until a mysterious stranger out of the blue asks them for help. Then, without warning, their world is turned upside down and everything they know is changed forever. Before they know it, the group finds themselves placing their faith in a complete stranger with a shrouded past, who could save the world, or tear it apart forever.




That was a made up teaser for the series that you're about to begin reading, called 'Neo Destiny', an ongoing series intended to be both an original Trainer Fic, and one of the biggest battles in Pokemon history. This definitely ISN'T HARDCORE though. There is still going to be alot of light-heartedness and humor in it. And it’s still largely a Trainer Fic (though the story is quite different). This is just Pokemon with a more serious edge. The teaser may not always be the exact truth, but up until the recent episodes, it's been pretty accurate. Basically, it’s an OT Fic that does things that you wouldn’t expect to be done in an OT story (at least, as far as I know).

Just to let you know, this will be a very involving storyline, so it might be fairly easy to get lost, especially later on (hence, the reposting of the episodes). If you have any questions you can post them, and I'll either answer them truthfully, or make something up and tweak the story accordingly. Despite that, I might make a mistake with a Pokemon name or an attack, or in my haste, I might misspell a word. If so, feel free to correct me. And constructive criticism is still appreciated. After all, I'm only human.

That said, I don't own Pokemon, nor do I attempt to say that Ash and the other characters (except Chezni and a few others) are mine. So if Nintendo or Game Freak are reading this, please don't sue me for what I'm about to do to the world of Pokemon. You have been warned.

Now, I did have to break up the episodes into parts, so the first post will be the prologue. Subsequent posts will be the episodes. It should be fairly easy to follow though.

POKEMON: Neo Destiny


______ = Insert Commercial

<> = Scene During Dialogue

{} = Inner Monologue


Scene: A fairly large, dimly lit room with many consoles lining the far back wall. A large monitor on the opposite end of the room is showing footage of what appears to be two armies clashing in front of some kind of military base. It isn't close enough to see in detail, but many of the soldiers appear to be firing strange blue and red energy blasts out of their hands. A zoom out reveals a blue-haired youth that looks to be around 17 or 18 can be seen watching the screen. His hair seems to be spiked on end and drapes slightly over his green eyes. His suit is a silver and blue color with the emblem of 'NW' on it. After a second, a voice echoes from the direction of the console.

Male Voice: <a slight British accent> Are you sure about this Chezni?

Chezni: If not me, then who? I know she’s worried about me, but I have to do this… Besides, I’m the only one that could hope to change things. I have to see this through, no matter how bad things get...

Scene: Chezni, the blue haired teen suddenly has a concerned look about him. Slowly, he turns to face the direction that the voice is coming from.

Male Voice: You care that much about her, and you haven't even told her about your feelings?

Chezni: It's not that simple Eden. Every time I try... I just freeze... It's like I have 10 heart attacks in a row.

Scene: A strange white crystal can be seen floating toward Chezni. It is the source of Eden's voice. As it speaks, a faint glow emanates from its location.

Eden: Well... I'm no expert, but you should try to at least drop her some sort of HINT!

Chezni: Maybe... <A whirring sound can be heard followed by a clang.> Oh, looks like it's time.

Scene: The scene switches to what appears to be dark room. Lights begin turning on all around and it becomes apparent that it isn't a room, but a cockpit of some sort. The view outside of the cockpit is still pitch black though. Chezni sits in the pilot's seat, and Eden rests on what appears to be a console in front of Chezni.

Chezni: Have you scanned the area?

Eden: You know I have. The Wormhole doesn't appear to contain hostile lifeforms in it but...

Chezni: That's about as accurate as saying Earth doesn't rotate from west to east...

Female Voice: Are you ready Chezni?

Scene: A girl with long blue hair can be seen through the console in front of Chezni. She appears to be around Chezni's age and is more slender. Her blue and teal uniform also displays the 'NW' insignia on it.

Chezni: <nodding> Any time Neina.

Neina: Ok. Here we go. Opening Launch Bay 1.

Scene: An opening can be seen in front of where Chezni is sitting, as light shines into the hangar. An enornous purple mass can be seen in the distance, as the hangar opens completely.

Chezni: Now, we pray...

Scene: A shot of the outside of the hangar reveals that the building is an enormous space colony. After a second, a vague white ship launches from the building.

The Federation System of Starlance

Year 3241
6th Month of the After Immigration Calendar (AIC)
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?

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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Episode 1: Journey to a New World

Scene: The outskirts of Saffron City, far from where we just were. It is midday, as Ash, Misty, Brock, Max, and May are having a little picnic. Naturally, Pikachu is sitting next to Ash, who is telling Misty all about what's been happening while she was gone.

Ash: <casually> So, at this point I'm thinking that I lost Pikachu for good, you know? He was totally out of control. Good thing Lance was there to help, or else it might have been the end of us.

Pikachu: <Munching on some Pokemon food, smiling> Pika...

Misty: I had no idea that such a powerful Water Pokemon existed... But it's good to see that it all turned out alright in the end.

Ash: Yeah, now we won't have to worry about those two orbs anymore at least...

Brock: <As he's chowing down on a sandwich> Yeah, I tell you, trouble seems to just follow us around. And it isn't always just Team Rocket...

Ash: Speaking of which, I haven't seen them for a couple weeks. We're probably due to run into them pretty soon.

Max: No kidding. You could almost set your watch by them… I bet they'll pop up any second...

Scene: As if on cue, Jessie, James and Meowth pop up from behind some bushes that are so conveniently placed near the picnic. They quietly examine Ash and the gang, as they plot their next move, being careful not to be noticed.

James: <Eyeballing the feast that is lining the picnic area> Look at all that food... <drooling> Surely, they can't eat all of it by themselves.

Jessie: Forget the food, you glutton... Look at who's with them... Pikachu, and he's totally defensless.

Meowth: Well, dat depends on your definition of 'defenseless'... See in some dictionaries, ‘defensless’ means ‘a yellow rodent capable of electrocuting people’.

Scene: Both James and Meowth reminisce the many times they've felt the sting of Pikachu's Thunderbolt. This takes several moments.

Jessie: Well, for your information, I finally have a foolproof way of neutralizing ALL of Pikachu's attacks.

James: You say that in EVERY episode.

Jessie: Well, have I ever had one of THESE?

Scene: With that, Jessie holds up a white mechanical collar-like mechanism. It has a small red light embedded into it. James immediately gets an excited look on his face.

James: <a more intent look> That can't be what I think it is...

Jessie: I had to rip this off our OWN scientists to get it. It's the latest model. With this, we won't even NEED to battle Pikachu... He'll come willingly...

James: This might actually work... I remember how effective those were in helping to capture Lugia...

Meowth: But dey were eventually destroyed.

Jessie: Yes... But that little problem was fixed. Now we can use them as we please.

James: Then let's do it... I haven't been this motivated to capture Pikachu in a LONG time...

Scene: That said, Jessie, James and Meowth jump out of the bushes, only to discover that Ash and the gang are no longer there. It also appears that the picnic area has been cleaned up as well.

Jessie: Where did they go?

James: Oh no! We must have missed them! Now we'll have to search Saffron City for them!!

Meowth: Don't worry. It'll be easy ta capture Pikachu once we find dem. Let's head inta town.

Scene: As Jessie, James and Meowth head into the city, they don't notice an object falling out of the sky in the distance. As it impacts the ground, a small explosion results that is barely audible from where the trio was.

Scene: Several hours later, the sun is now setting in Saffron City. The buildings reflect the sunlight at an angle, creating an orange and silver lighting. Ash and the rest of the gang are en route to the Pokemon Center.

Ash: You know, it's really lame that we could have such a great picnic, and not have enough money to sleep in a hotel.

Misty: Let's face it... Pokemon Trainers don't exactly make alot of money...

May: Either way, let's just get to the Center. My feet are killing me...

Misty: You should be used to this by now. After all, you've been a Trainer for over a year.

May: Yeah... I guess you're right...

Max: You're not the only one... They don't call this the biggest city in Kanto for nothing...

Scene: Eventually, Ash and the rest of the gang make it to the Pokemon Center. To everyone's surprise, Nurse Joy isn't at the reception desk like normal. Despite this, they're only too happy to take a seat and get off their feet. Numerous other Trainers seem to be looking through the main doors into the main hall.

Ash: I wonder what's up with them?

Scene: A Trainer turns to Ash. He's obviously younger, with shorts and a tank top on.

Trainer: You haven't heard? Oh that's right. You just got here, so you COULDN'T have known about the STRANGER.

Misty: What stranger?

Trainer: Well, there was this teenager with blue hair that was wheeled into this Pokemon Center on a stretcher. He was totally unconscious. A bunch of scientists were with him.

Ash: Why here though? Isn't there a hospital right down the road?

Trainer: I don't know why, unless they're trying to keep this from the public for some reason...

Ash: Maybe he's a Pokemon in disguise...

Max: <eyes closed> Pokemon don't usually disguise themselves as humans...

Ash: <a smirk> You would be surprised...

Scene: Nurse Joy finally comes out from the main hall of the Center. She stops in front of the doors and smiles.

Joy: I'm really sorry for the delay. But fortunately, we're now able to resume our normal operations.

Ash: They halted ALL of their operations for ONE person?

Brock: Who cares about that? I think I'm in love...

Scene: Without warning, Brock rushes up to Nurse Joy and grabs her hand.

Brock: I think I'm injured as well. Do you think you could kiss it to make it better?

Scene: The infamous ear-pulling bit, courtesy of BOTH Max and Misty. Brock is literally dragged back to the waiting chairs.

Misty: Come on, lover.

Max: Yeah, why don't you sit down for a minute?

Brock: <over-dramatically> Oh, not the double-whammy! But we were meant for each other!

Scene: Pikachu turns to face the double doors. He now has a concerned look on his face.

Pikachu: Pika?! <Immediately, Pikachu bolts down the hall>

Ash: What the... <gets up> Wait!

Scene: Ash begins heading down the hall.

Joy: Wait a second! You can't...

Ash: I'm really sorry Nurse Joy. It'll only be a second. I just have to get Pikachu.

Scene: Ash runs after Pikachu, as both him and the Pokemon end up in the room that the so-called stranger was taken into. A scientist seems to be conversing with a now conscious Chezni. Chezni and the scientist both turn to see Ash and Pikachu standing in the room. Chezni’s crystal is set on a table next to the bed.

Scientist: What are you doing here?

Ash: I'm... sorry... Pikachu... um...

Chezni: Pikachu? What's a 'Pikachu'?

Scene: Immediately, Ash and the scientist give a dumbfounded stare in Chezni's direction.
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?

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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Ash: Pikachu's a Pokemon... Everyone knows that...

Scientist: Are you trying to tell us that you don't know what Pokemon are?

Chezni: Um... Yeah, why? I've never seen these 'Pokemon' before. Why would I know what they were?

Ash: Did you hit your head or something?

Scientist: Actually... yes. He did.

Ash: <nodding> Well, that explains it. It's a simple case of amnesia. Right?

Scene: Ash's stare became more dumbfounded when the scientist and Chezni both shook their heads.

Ash: <sweatdrop> You're kidding, right?

Scientist: I am not, what you would call, the 'kidding type'.

Chezni: <casually> A case of amnesia would likely result in almost total memory loss, not fragmented memory loss. As you can see, I still know that my name is Chezni, and I know for a fact that I'm not from around here.

Ash: Ok... I think I follow... You're telling me that you're from another city, right?

Chezni: <looking slightly upward for a moment> I guess you could say that...

Ash: And you don't know what Pokemon are?

Chezni: Well... no.

Scientist: Now, you were in that contraption that crashed, correct?

Chezni: ... Yes...

Ash: Contraption that crashed?

Scientist: Yes. A flying machine. A very bizarre looking flying machine.

Ash: Was it a plane of some sort?

Chezni: <breathing a sigh of relief> Yeah, actually... It was a prototype. It... didn't quite work the way it was supposed to...

Scientist: So you're a flyboy... Figures...

Chezni: I'm really sorry about all this... I had no idea I'd cause such a hassle. I was only trying to get to a landing pad.

Scientist: <sigh> Well... Things like this happen. At any rate, it seems that you're perfectly fine. If you want, I can get the papers in order to release you.

Chezni: Would you do that? Thanks.

Scientist: I'll be back in a couple minutes.

Scene: The scientist finally leaves, as Ash picks up a seemingly reluctant Pikachu.

Ash: Ok... Looks like everything's fine here... I'll be going now. I just came here to get Pikachu anyway...

Pikachu: Pika! Pika!!! <Pikachu is stubbornly trying to wriggle out of Ash's arms>

Ash: <trying to hold Pikachu> Pikachu? What's... wrong with you?

Chezni: So, that's a Pokemon... But, what's the matter with him?

Ash: I'm really... sorry. Pikachu's... usually not like this...

Scene: Pikachu gives Ash a good shock and immediately grabs the white crystal that's on the table in his teeth. Proportionately, this crystal is roughly the size of the average human hand, though it is perfectly cut (like a crystal from Final Fantasy, but smaller).

Chezni: Eden...

Eden: Let go of me! What are you doing?!

Pikachu: <stops, puts the crystal down, and looks at Ash> Pika!!

Ash: Oh... Is that what you were trying to show me?

Scene: The strange crystal floats up into the air, in front of Ash and Pikachu.

Ash: Whoa... That's sort of like Deoxys' crystal... but different...

Chezni: <scratching his head, and finally, a sigh as he speaks with a surrendering tone> He's sentient... if you didn't already know...

Ash: So by not from this city, you mean... <nervously> not from this world?

Chezni: <with an 'I give up' look> That's right... I'm from the System of Starlance...

Ash: <now even more surprised> No way... That's crazy... You CAN'T be...

Eden: Ahem... He is. Believe it. Oh, how rude of me. I am Eden.

Ash: Eden... like the Garden...

Chezni: <with a chuckle> Like the Garden... Don't let his rambling get to you though. He tends to be very sarcastic.

Eden: I do not! Honestly...

Ash: Ok... I'll take your word for it... <to Chezni> So, what are you going to do now?

Chezni: <with a silly expression on his face> I haven't really thought that far ahead... I really don't know anyone here...

Ash: Well, have you ever thought about becoming a Pokemon Trainer?

Chezni: A Pokemon Trainer? What, where I train Pokemon to do tricks or something? Like in a circus?

Scene: Ash holds up a Poke-Ball.

Ash: Not quite... You raise Pokemon and train them to battle each other and win competitions.

Chezni: Huh? You mean, make them fight? Why would I want to do that?

Ash: Oh, you don't just fight. You form bonds with the Pokemon in question, like me and Pikachu. In time, you can become the best of friends. They'll even protect you in tight spots.

Chezni: So part of the bond is getting electrocuted, I'm assuming?

Ash: Not exactly... I mean, Pikachu is sometimes eccentric, but he's really...

Scene: Suddenly, Brock rushes into the room.

Brock: Ash! We have to move! Team Rocket just made off with a Trainer's Pokemon!

Chezni: Is he a friend of yours?

Ash: Yeah, his name is Brock. I'll explain later! Right now, I have to get outside!

Chezni: I'll help too!

Ash: Are you sure? I mean, you don't have a Pokemon, and the condition you’re in...

Chezni: <now grinning> Don't worry. This so-called Team Rocket is in for a big surprise...

Ash: What do you mean?

Chezni: Just trust me...
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Scene: Without too much trouble, Ash, Misty, Brock, Max, May and Chezni catch up with Team Rocket. In fact, it's all too easy, as the Swellow that is trapped in their net constantly lets out ear-piercing cries.

Ash: The game's over, Team Rocket! Release that Pokemon!

James: Oh, it's the twerps. Guess it's time for our routine.

Scene: Suddenly, the background changes to show outer space.

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, with a new twist!

James: And make it double if you insist!

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation...

James: To unite all peoples within our nation...

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love...

James: To extend our reach to the stars above...

Jessie: Jessie!

James: James!

Jessie: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now, or prepare to fight, fight, fight!

Meowth: Meowth, dat's right!

Wobbuffet: <pops up from out of nowhere> Wooooobbuuuuuffeeeeet!

Scene: While talking, Jessie and James pose, pointing to Meowth, who has his paws out, one pointed toward Jessie and the other pointed at James. A large 'R' is mounted behind the trio. Immediately, the background switches to normal.

Chezni: Like this?

Scene: Chezni is now mimicking Meowth's pose.

Meowth: No, your right arm has to be pointing dis way.

Chezni: Oh. <correcting himself>

Meowth: <nodding> Now ya got it!

Chezni: But... This pose... is pointless to do...

Meowth: <with a surprised look> WHAT?!!

Chezni: Yeah, your whole speech is just a big waste of time... It serves no purpose.

James: How dare you! It took me six months to come up with that speech!

Max: Six months, and that's all they could come up with?

Misty: How sad...

Jessie: Enough talk! Why don't you come at us, if you've got the guts?!

Ash: Good call! Pikachu! Quick Attack!!

Eden: <glowing> Wait!

Scene: It's too late, as Pikachu begins charging forward. Jessie seems to pay no mind to Eden.

Jessie: Perfect... <as Pikachu shoots forward in a blur, Jessie pulls out the collar>

James: <pretending to be scared, and doing a horrible job at it> Um... Oh, no!!! We're going to lose again!!

Scene: Pikachu stops in front of the net and easily frees the Swellow that was inside, with his teeth. It immediately flies toward the Pokemon Center.

Ash: Alright! Now, Thunderbo...

Scene: Jessie immediately slams the metal collar over Pikachu, as it fastens itself to the Pokemon's neck. Try as he might, he is unable to remove it.

Jessie: Now, Pikachu. You are under our control.

Pikachu: Pi pika... PIKA!!!! <the collar gradually calms Pikachu down, as he turns to face Ash>

Ash: Pikachu... are you ok?

Jessie: Pikachu! Thunderbolt!

Scene: Electricity builds up in the mouse Pokemon, until he releases it in one giant burst toward Ash. Ash closes his eyes, fearing the worst. When he opens his eyes, he sees Chezni standing between him and Pikachu, with his hand extended. He seems to be absorbing the electricity into his hand, despite the pain. He finally closes his hand, as the remaining electricity dissipates.

Chezni: <regaining his composure> I suggest that you three leave right now.

Jessie: No way! So, you know some parlor trick! That doesn't scare us!

Chezni: Then how about this? Hastur…

Scene: Chezni becomes a blur for a second and is now holding the collar. He strains as he puts more pressure on the collar, until it snaps.

Pikachu: Pika?

Ash: Pikachu...

Scene: Despite his concern, it's obvious to Ash that Pikachu is back to normal. Immediately, both him and the Pokemon turn to face Team Rocket.

James: Um... I think we should retreat now.

Ash: Too late... THUNDERBOLT!!

Scene: Pikachu lets out his trademark cry, as he lets loose a nice sized Thunderbolt Attack, causing Team Rocket to launch into the air.

Jessie, James, and Meowth: <in sync> Team Rocket's blasting off again!!! <as they disappear into the distance>

Chezni: Whew... <as he falls to one knee>

Ash: Are you alright?

Chezni: Yeah... I'm just not used to manipulating other energy signatures. It took the lion's share of my power to do that... <slowly, he rises to his feet>

Ash: Power? You mean you have a power?

Chezni: Yeah. <still out of breath> It wasn't easy to develop, either... Took me years.

Brock: I see...

Chezni: So, who do we have here?

Scene: One by one, the group members introduce themselves. Chezni is the last to do so, as he explains what he and Ash were talking about in the Pokemon Center.

Ash: Well, if it's not too much of a hassle, why don't you come with us?

Chezni: That might be a good idea, since I don't know anyone else here... <grinning> Plus, I've taken some interest in this 'Pokemon Training' business. I'm thinking about becoming one.

Ash: Well, if that's the case, why don't we go to Pallet Town?

Chezni: Pallet Town?

Ash: Yeah, Professor Oak lives there. If you want to become a Pokemon Trainer, he's the guy to go to.

Chezni: How far is it?

Ash: Well, it's about 100 miles from here...

Chezni: That's not so bad... What's our mode of transportation?

Max: Walking.

Chezni: <with a shocked look on his face> You're... kidding..., right?

Ash: Nope. We're walking...

Chezni: <hangs his head down> I guess I have no choice...

Misty: Don't worry. We'll be there before you know it.

May: Yeah! Just keep your chin up!

Chezni: <back to normal> Oh well, a nature walk never hurt anyone... So, when do we go?

Ash: I guess, we could set out tomorrow?

Scene: With that, the group heads back to the Pokemon Center and spends the night. The next day, after everyone wakes up, the familiar scientist hands Chezni a piece of paper.

Scientist: Ok... You're good to go. This is your copy.

Chezni: Thanks. How much do I owe you?

Scientist: You're a funny one... Pokemon Centers and Hospitals are ALL non-profit organizations, funded by the Pokemon League.

Chezni: Oh... So the Pokemon League is like the government then?

Scientist: <chuckle> I guess you could say that...

Chezni: Wow, that's a relief... Thanks. I guess we'll be leaving then.

Scene: Ash, Misty, Brock, Max and May leave the Pokemon Center with Chezni accompanying them. It's a new day, as the city is once again bustling with activity. In no time at all, the gang is on the road, heading toward Pallet Town.

Ash: We'll have to pass through Vermilion City to get to Pallet. But there's a shortcut that we use all the time. It should make the trip alot easier, and more direct.

Chezni: Alright. Just lead the way.

Scene: With that, the group is once again headed to Pallet Town, Ash's home town. Only this time, there is a new goal in mind, to get Chezni aquainted with the world of Pokemon.


End of Episode 1


Pikachu's Thunderbolt Attack

Pikachu stores electricity in his red cheeks. When enough energy is built up, it is released in a massive burst. The ensuing attack can do heavy damage to many types of opponents.

Episode 2

What the... Vermilion City's been taken over?! I don't know who these Red Fists think they are, but I'm not letting them take everyone's Pokemon!

Gang Leader: Are you tryin' to cause trouble here?!

Don't miss the next episode of

Pokemon: Neo Destiny

The Red Fists of Vermilion

Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Sorry about the wait, but I had to fix a few things in the rest of the Fic. Anyway, here's Episode 2.

POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Scene: Ash and the gang emerge from a well-traveled pathway. There are trees on both sides of them, as a fairly large port city can be seen in the distance. While the buildings aren't anywhere near as big as Saffron's, they're still a sight to behold.

Chezni: So, THAT'S Vermilion City... It reminds me of Holtz...

Ash: Holtz?

Chezni: It's a city from my world... or it was...

Ash: Was?

Max: Space cadet, huh? I STILL don't buy it, but for now, we'll just leave it at that...

Chezni: <scratching the back of his head> Guys, I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you all going out of your way to help me.

May: Don't worry about it! We were headed there anyway...

Ash: Yeah... I haven't seen my mom in almost a year... It'll be nice to be home.

Chezni: ... ... ... <looking somewhat distracted>

Ash: Is something wrong?

Chezni: I'm sorry... It's just... I don't have many memories of my mother... You see, she died when I was 10...

Ash: Oh... I guess I'm lucky then...

May: What was she like?

Chezni: She was kind... to all creatures. One time, she nursed a baby bird back to health... I don't remember many things about her, but the one thing she said when releasing the bird was, 'Life is precious. It doesn't matter how insignificant the creature may seem, or how insignificant your efforts may appear to be, even saving just one life is worth all the effort you can muster.' I'll never forget those words, as long as I live.

Brock: Your mother sounds like she was an amazing person.

Chezni: She was...

Ash: Well...

Chezni: <cheery> Ok, enough drama! What are we waiting for? Let's head into town!

Episode 2: The Red Fists of Vermillion

Scene: The gang makes their way into Vermillion City with little trouble. Strangely though, the entire city seems virtually deserted. A few shops are open, but it's evident that the citizens are scarce.

Chezni: Geez, can you say 'Ghost Town'?

Ash: <looking around> No. Something's not right here... The city should be much busier than this...

Scene: As the group rounds a corner, two thugs are spotted on the street tormenting a Pokemon Trainer. One of the thugs pushes the Trainer down.

Thug 1: <a tough accent> You know the deal, kid! All newly captured Pokemon are to be taken straight to the Boss!

Trainer: But, Grovyle was my first Pokemon!

Thug 2: I don't care if it was your Grandma! The Boss' orders are law, and you know it!

Scene: Chezni and the gang run up to where the scuffle is taking place. As they near the thugs, they notice that each one has a piece of white cloth tied to their right arms. The cloth has the picture of a red fist on it.

Chezni: What's going on here?

Thug 1: We're just doing an honest day's work, and this brat won't cooperate!!

Trainer: Please don't! He's my first Pokemon!

Thug 2: Shut up, you punk! <punches the Trainer, knocking him down again> Maybe that'll teach you a lesson!

Scene: A cut can be seen on the Trainer's cheek. Ash and the rest of the gang are stunned by what is taking place. Chezni seems to be grinning.

Chezni: Funny... From the looks of it, YOU'RE the ones that need to be taught a lesson.

Thug 1: How dare you!! Do you know who we ARE?!

Chezni: A couple of cowards that enjoy picking on those weaker than them! I've dealt with your kind before... You always run like scared children when someone stands up to you.

Thug 2: We're the Red Fist Gang! We OWN this city!

Chezni: I could care less WHO you are. But, maybe it's time that this city came under NEW ownership!

Ash: Yeah! {Geez, I thought I was the hero...}

Chezni: <to Ash> I'm going to need your help here. I bet they have Pokemon...

Brock: I wouldn't be surprised... Almost everyone does...

Thug 1: Enough talk! It's time we show you what happens when you mess with the Red Fist!

Chezni: <sarcastically> I'm shaking in my boots...

Thug 2: You'll be shaking, alright! Magmar! Show yourself!

Scene: The thug throws a Poke-Ball. After the familiar red glow, the Fire Pokemon, Magmar can be seen. Sure enough, it's made completely out of magma, yet it doesn't melt through the ground...

Thug 1: My turn! Hitmontop! Let's go!

Scene: A spinning top-looking Pokemon emerges from the red glow. Ash immediately recognizes it as the Fighting Pokemon, Hitmontop.

Chezni: <impressed look> Wow... Cool!

Brock: That's ironic that you'd say that, since Magmar's Fire-based.

Chezni: <grinning> Somehow, I'm not surprised...


Scene: Magmar and Hitmontop are standing side-by-side, facing Ash, Chezni and the rest of the group. Pikachu is standing between the two Pokemon and the rest of the group.

Ash: What do you say guys? Should we make it a fair fight?

Misty: I'm game! Starmie! Let's go!

Scene: Starmie, the evolved form of Staryu emerges from the Poke-Ball. The shuriken-looking Pokemon seems to pose next to Pikachu.

Chezni: Wow... I didn't know that there were creatures like that here...

Ash: You'd be surprised. There's a whole dimension of Pokemon that even I have yet to see.

Thug 1: Are we gonna finish this, or what?!

Misty: Starmie! Water Gun on Hitmontop!

Scene: Starmie shoots its Water Gun at Hitmontop. Immediately, Magmar jumps in front of the attack. Smoke can be seen where the attack impacts.

Chezni: A Fire-based creature taking a Water-based attack? I'm no Pokemon expert, but that's GOT to be suicide...

Ash: Normally...

Scene: The thugs can be seen laughing, as the smoke clears to reveal Magmar and Hitmontop unscathed.

Chezni: What the... <suddenly notices the drastic increase in temperature> Of course!

Thug 1: You see, Magmar has a unique special ability! Whenever it's attacked with a Water-based move, it can put up a Flame Shield. The shield's so hot that it instantly evaporates every drop of water that comes into contact with it!

Chezni: That's a very useful trick...

Thug 2: Yeah! Without an Ice-based Attack, you'll have no chance against Magmar!

Thug 1: Shut up, you idiot!

Ash: Ice-based, huh? That changes everything... <a grin comes across Ash's face>

Scene: Ash immediately reaches for a Poke-Ball.

Ash: Ok Lapras! I choose you!

Scene: With that, Ash throws the Poke-Ball, and the Water-Pokemon Lapras appears. Chezni is just fascinated by all this.

Ash: Ok! Ice Beam!!

Thug 1: No you don't! Overheat, Magmar!!

Thug 2: Hitmontop! Give his Lapras a Spin Kick from behind!

Scene: As Lapras fires its Ice Beam, Hitmontop spins to the side, and Magmar fires its Overheat Attack, shooting the red beam directly at Lapras' attack.

Misty: Help Lapras out Starmie! Water Gun!

Scene: Starmie fires the Water Gun, just as Overheat hits the Ice Beam. At the same time, Hitmontop connects with a powerful Spin Kick against Lapras. After a brief moment, the smoke clears and Magmar once again appears unscathed. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Lapras. The turtle-like Pokemon now has a bruise on the back of its neck.

Ash: No way...

Thug 1: I'm impressed, kid. But it'll take more than THAT to beat us!

Thug 2: You see, we do alot of 'teamwork'!

Chezni: Well, they're right about one thing... They work great as a team... It’s a formidable feature…

Brock: Yeah, Fire and Fighting Pokemon... No wonder they're called the Red Fist Gang...

Ash: Are you alright Lapras?

Scene: Lapras nods and gives a cry.

Ash: Yeah, that's the way... We're not beaten yet either.

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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny


Scene: The Pokemon are still facing off with one another. Pikachu seems to be hanging in back though, as Lapras and Starmie have taken over the entire battle.

Misty: What do you say, Ash?

Ash: I say it's time to kick things into high gear!

Scene: That said, Pikachu steps forward.

Pikachu: Pika!!

Ash: You ready, Pikachu? Let's start off with a bang! Thunder!

Scene: Pikachu begins gathering electricity, until he releases the stored energy over the entire area. In a second, the thugs' side of the field is completely engulfed in electricity.

Thug 1: What the...

Scene: As the electricity dissipates, both Hitmontop and Magmar lie limp on the ground.

Thug 2: What is this?! How could your un-evolved Pikachu be THIS strong?!

Ash: Pikachu and I have been through more than you could possibly imagine! He's my first Pokemon, AND my best friend!

Chezni: I think you two are beaten! I suggest you leave this city. What you're doing here is wrong!

Thug 1: We... We won't forget this! Wait till the Boss hears about this!!

Thug 2: Yeah! He'll mop the floor with you!

Scene: The two thugs recall their injured Pokemon and run off, leaving a grateful Trainer.

Trainer: <nervously> I owe you one...

Chezni: <handing the Trainer a bandage> You don't have to thank us...

Ash: Yeah, we seem to do these things alot.

Trainer: <bandaging his cut> Even still... You shouldn't have gotten involved... Now their Boss will be looking for you...

Max: Who's this 'Boss' they spoke of?

May: Yeah, they seemed to mention this person alot...

Trainer: I've only seen him once... Lt. Surge battled him. It was crazy! He defeated Raichu with a single attack... And the worst thing about it was... He said he didn't even have to break a sweat...

Ash: ... That can't be...

Brock: I remember Lt. Surge... He even beat YOU once, Ash...

Ash: Yeah, that's no joke... If this guy's strong enough to take out the Gym Leader, he must be a great Pokemon Trainer...

Chezni: Um, what's a Gym Leader?

Ash: Oh yeah... I forgot... You wouldn't know, would you? A Gym Leader is someone that you compete against for a Badge. These Badges are necessary to enter the Pokemon League and compete in their annual tournament. More than that though... The Gym Leader is usually the best Pokemon Trainer in any given city...

Chezni: That would explain the takeover... So we need to take out the leader in order to stop this gang...

Ash: Where is this leader of theirs?

Trainer: He took over the Gym recently. But, I wouldn't recommend facing him. He's 10 times better than those two flunkies you beat.

Max: He might be right, Ash. After all, you had some trouble with those two...

Ash: Hey! I was holding back!

Max: Yeah, sure...

Chezni: This isn't the time, guys. We need to take care of this problem.

Misty: If their leader's in the Gym, then...

Brock: We'd have to defeat him anyway, since the shortcut is under the Gym...

Ash: That's right... I'd forgotten about that...

Trainer: Well, I appreciate your help, but I don't want anything to do with that guy.

Scene: As the Trainer finishes, he runs off toward where the group assumes he lives.

Chezni: Gee... This guy must be really good to have everyone scared like that...

Ash: I was thinking the same thing...

Scene: With that, the group heads toward the Gym. It isn't difficult to find, since Ash had been here a few times before.

Ash: This is it... The Vermilion City Gym...

Scene: Ash pushes on the double-doors, as they swing open, revealing an ominously dark room. As the group walks in, lights begin to turn on, as the traitional Pokemon Gym floor is gradually revealed. A man with a mohawk sits in a throne-like chair opposite of where the group stands. He looks fairly well-built and has a tatoo of a red fist on his right arm. A group of Red Fist thugs can be seen on either side of him.

Chezni: <looking around> So, this is a Gym... <now transfixed on the leader of the gang> I take it you're the leader of this gang!

Gang Leader: <in a punkish accent> Dat's right! Whaddya punks want wit' me?!

Ash: We've come to stop you.

Gang Leader: Don't make me laugh! You, stop the Red Fist?! Dat's a good one! Ya hear dat, guys? He wants to stop us!!!

Scene: All of the Red Fisters laugh at Ash and the group. After the laughter subsides, the leader stands up.

Gang Leader: But all humor aside, I hear youse guys was tryin' to cause trouble in my city!

Chezni: Actually, it's the other way around. YOU were the ones causing trouble! <grinning> We just helped to resolve the matter.

Gang Leader: I heard. I must say, I'm really impressed. Youse managed to beat some of my guys! I hafta say, not everyone can do dat...

Scene: Ash grins in response to the thug's cocky comment.

Random Thug: Whaddya say, Boss? Want us ta kill 'em?

Gang Leader: Nah, it's been awhile since I've had to battle. I wanna see what all dis fuss is about.

Scene: The Gang Leader walks forward, and stops at the foot of the arena.

Gang Leader: Since I'm about to pummel youse inta da ground, I'll at least tell you all my name. I'm Biff.

Chezni: Biff, huh? Why am I not surprised?

Max: They're given names based on their intelligence, I guess...

Biff: How dare you!! ... I'm gonna enjoy dis!

Ash: Well, why don't you stop talking and show me what you've got?!

Biff: I will! HitmonChan! Hitmonlee! Show dese punks who's boss!

Scene: Biff throws two Poke-Balls and sure enough, the Fighting Pokemon, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee appear.

Biff: You're about to see what I can do! And you know what? You'll soon realize dat you didn't stand a chance!

Ash: Really? We'll see about that...

Biff: Confident, huh? Well, just ta warn you, I'm no ordinary Pokemon Trainer!

Scene: Ash begins chuckling in response.

Biff: What's so funny?!

Ash: So, you claim that you're not an ordinary Trainer? That's good...

Biff: Why is dat?!

Ash: Because you see, neither am I!

End of Episode 2


Lapras’ Ice Beam Attack

Using its chilling breath, Lapras can fire a beam of sub-zero energy at its target. Capable of freezing opponents, this attack is formidable. It can even freeze water, creating a frozen platform to walk over.

Episode 3

This is Ash here! It seems that the battle for Vermilion City is finally going into full swing, as I prepare to face off with Biff, the leader of the Red Fist. But something's wrong. As well as I'm doing, why isn't he worried?

Biff: Time ta show dese punks why I'm da leader of da Red Fist!

Next time on

POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Battle for Vermilion City

Wait a sec! What's that strange aura around his Pokemon?
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Look Sbaby, never use script format, tell us how the person who is currently speaking, is he/she nervous, excited, happy to tell this person. Like this "She turned around to that boy, happily she said out loud" and insert what she will say {Example that was}

By the way, you put quotation marks between the words that people are saying.

{Episode 1 review}

Allright normally in all good fics we find some description as to what the main characters look like, what they do, stuff like that. Since however I'm reading a script fanfic I expect to find nothing, which I'm correct on. Description into events, the characters and stuff like that will make this fic look more professional looking.

{Episode 2 review}

Umm where did Ash get a Lapras. Oh and don't use that Orange Island one excuse on me, he released it with the Lapras's family. This fic really is making no since at key points.

Read the fanfiction forum stickys, read some other thought out fics that are being worked on and maybe you can improve.
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Originally Posted by Yami Rui View Post
Look Sbaby, never use script format, tell us how the person who is currently speaking, is he/she nervous, excited, happy to tell this person. Like this "She turned around to that boy, happily she said out loud" and insert what she will say {Example that was}

By the way, you put quotation marks between the words that people are saying.

{Episode 1 review}

Allright normally in all good fics we find some description as to what the main characters look like, what they do, stuff like that. Since however I'm reading a script fanfic I expect to find nothing, which I'm correct on. Description into events, the characters and stuff like that will make this fic look more professional looking.

{Episode 2 review}

Umm where did Ash get a Lapras. Oh and don't use that Orange Island one excuse on me, he released it with the Lapras's family. This fic really is making no since at key points.

Read the fanfiction forum stickys, read some other thought out fics that are being worked on and maybe you can improve.
Well the whole sript thing can be used on this site, and maybe not anywhere else, but I still like it. Maybe Ash caught a Lapras you'll never know. He could have skipped a chapter

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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Trust me Blaziken you do not wan't to use script format when writing a story. Tell how they're feeling while they're speaking, you can make good paragraphs when you don't use script format.

Even so if he did catch a Lapras it looks bad to introduce a pokemon he/she previously didn't have in the anime and has it now without explaining where he got it.
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Wow, someone actually mentioned my script Fics. That's rare. But, you do deserve an explanation, so...

I use Script Format for two reasons.

1: My Fics (series?) tend to get very dialogue-heavy and I don't wish to bore the reader (as I have done so in the past, and we're talking on the level of the Lunar games in terms of how much dialogue there is).

2: While I write stories too, I tend to have severe amounts of trouble explaining certain things properly (to the point where it puts a halt to the progression of my stories). But with Script-Format, it tends to be much easier.

I’m not saying that one is better than the other, but it’s all a matter of preference.

The lack of description was in part because aside from Chezni, the characters that I referenced aren't mentioned again for quite awhile in the Fic. However, when they are mentioned again, I will describe them better. But keep in mind (I may not have mentioned this before) that some of the description is designed in a way that the reader can use their own imagination when picturing something out, without missing out on the most important details.

For the second thing, I honestly didn't know that Lapras was left behind. See, I missed the episode where he released Lapras in the Orange saga (as well as about two-thirds of that saga, since I watch the show on spurts; I don't even know how he GOT Lapras in the Anime). So that totally caught me off guard when you mentioned it. But the fact is that I still would have to use it for the Magmar battle, since it would've probably made less sense to use a different Pokemon that he's never had before.

I do appreciate you bringing that to my attention though. If it's any consolation, I’ll probably explain it at some point. Actually, I might have the solution to that issue, now that I think of it. But as they say, the show must go on.

Also remember that this isn't meant to be a typical Trainer Fic.

And keep in mind that though it may not always appear so (especially with the grouping I selected), this is mainly a Fic about Chezni, and not Ash.

Other than that, for those of you that like it, keep reading.

POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Biff: <in his cliche punk tone> Three-on-three sound good?

Ash: <with a hint of 'I don't care' in his voive> Whatever floats your boat.

Scene: Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan seem to be standing and waiting for Ash to make a move.

Biff: You know what? I think youse should get da first move, bein' da challenger and all.

Ash: <sarcastically> I'm honored... Well, if you insist... <as he pulls out a Poke-Ball> Sceptile! I choose you!

Scene: A very large green gecko-like Pokemon, Sceptile emerges from Ash's Poke-Ball.

Sceptile: Scep... Tile!

Ash: Ok, Pikachu. Think you can go another round?

Pikachu: <gives a nod> Pika!!

Biff: Oh, dis is good! How 'bout we raise da stakes?

Ash: I'm listening...

Biff: If you win, we'll all leave da city for good. If I win, I get your Pikachu!

Chezni: Hold on! How do we know you'll keep your end of the bargain?

Biff: I may lead dis here gang, but I'm a man of my word! I give you my solemn word as the leader of da Red Fist!

Ash: ... <looking toward Pikachu> ... I...

Chezni: <putting a hand on Ash's shoulder> Do it...

Ash: But, what if he wins somehow?

Chezni: He won't... Trust me, you're fine.

Ash: ... ... ...

Scene: Chezni seems to be grinning as he stares at Ash.

Episode 3: Battle for Vermilion City

Scene: Ash simply stares at Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, as he tries to gauge what attack would work best. Chezni still maintains a slight grin as he overlooks the battle.

Chezni: You've got this... Just do what you did last time.

Ash: If you say so... Ok, Pikachu! Let's give him a full-power Thunderbolt! And Sceptile! Follow up with Razorleaf!

Scene: Pikachu begins to emit the familiar lightning-based attack from his cheeks, as the arena is soon encased in Thunder. Seeing this, Sceptile slashes with his arm, causing a barrage of leaves to shoot forward. After a second, the rest of the group beholds a virtual web of electricity and leaves. Biff seems to be grinning, despite small spurts of blood being visible on his side of the field. As the electricity subsides, it's deja-vu all over again as the would-be Gym Leader’s Pokemon lay limp on the ground. Biff immediately recalls the injured Pokemon. Meanwhile, Ash looks just as surprised as the rest of the group. Despite this, Biff doesn't seem the least bit worried.

Chezni: <looking utterly shocked> Whoa... I wouldn't have suggested that had I known his Pokemon were so weak... Wait a sec... This CAN'T be the guy that beat the Gym Leader...

Brock: Unless...

Chezni: I was just thinking the same thing... Ash!

Ash: <turns to face Chezni> Yeah?

Chezni: <with a more serious expression> Be careful! This guy's obviously saving his strongest Pokemon for last!

Ash: Don't worry! I got this! He can't defeat THREE Pokemon with just one!

Chezni: Just be careful! Don't forget what that Trainer said!

Biff: Oh, da one youse saved? By da way, he was right! I'm a man of my word, so I PROMISE youse! Dis is my last Pokemon! But, it's also my strongest!

Scene: With that, Biff pulls out a Poke-Ball and enlarges it.


Scene: Biff is holding the Poke-Ball. He grins as he doesn't seem the least bit worried.

Biff: <shouting> Let's see you stop DIS!!! Silfayree! Come on out!!!

Ash: Silfayree?

Red Fist Croney: <in an accentuated tone> Oh, they're dead... <laughing>

Scene: A flying Pokemon emerges from the Poke-Ball. It seems to be about 1 and a half feet tall and has wings like Celebi's. Its body seems to almost be covered with a silver dress similar to Kirlia's white dress, but the arms, legs, and head are a light green in color. The Pokemon has pink hair going down to its shoulders, and red antennae protrude from the top of the head and curl on end.

Silfayree: Sil! Sil!

Chezni: Whoa... Be careful... It's emitting a strange power...

Ash: You can tell that?

Max: He just read your Pikachu. Look! Pikachu senses it too!

Pikachu: Pikaa... <taking a step back>

Ash: Hmm... <pulls out his Poke-Dex>

Chezni: What's that?

Ash: Oh, it's a Poke-Dex. All Pokemon Trainers get one when starting out! It's basically a database of every known Pokemon.

Biff: Go ahead! I'll wait for youse!

Scene: Ash points the Poke-Dex at Silfayree. After a second, a voice can be heard from the Poke-Dex.

Dex: Silfayree! The Silver-Sprite Pokemon! Found primarily in the forests of the Chubu Region, Silfayree have been known to play tricks on passers by, and can often be heard giggling in the distance. It is extremely rare for a Trainer to ever see one, with only a few recorded occasions. Their strongest attack is Cosmo-Shift. One interesting note is the fact that this is a Grass/Psychic/Flying type, the only known Pokemon species sharing these three types.

Ash: Great... That means Thunderbolt won't work... No wonder Lt. Surge lost to Biff...

Chezni: Cosmo-Shift... That sounds so familiar... I KNOW I've heard a name similar to that before...

Ash: I guess I'll have to stick to physical attacks here... Pikachu! Iron Tail! Sceptile! Get in close with Agility and hit that Pokemon hard!

Biff: Nice combo. But I got your number! Silfayree! Cosmo-Shift!

Silfayree: Sil!

Scene: In a fashion that could only be described as a rip-off of Sailor Moon, Silfayree forms a wand in one hand and spins around, generating a strange aura around itself.

Silfayree: Fay... Shift!!!

Chezni: Aura... Cosmo-Shift... Phase-Shift!!! Ash! Stop attacking Silfayree!!! Quickly!

Biff: Too late!!!

Scene: Both attacks seem to hit dead-on, but strangely enough, they seem to cause absolutely no damage.

Brock: What? But that was a direct hit... Silfayree should at least have a few bruises...

Biff: Now! Release your stored energy! Hit Ash's Pikachu with Backlash!!!

Scene: Silfayree suddenly fires a white beam from its wand toward Pikachu. Try as he might, it is impossible for Pikachu to dodge the attack, as he takes the full force of the blow. The sheer impact knocks him into the wall of the Gym, as he lay limp. A small indent can be seen in the wall.

Ash: Pikachu!!! <runs and grabs Pikachu>

Biff: I think you overdone it, Silfayree. His Pikachu's not movin'!

Chezni: I was afraid of that...

Max: What just happened?

Biff: You see, Silfayree has an interesting special ability! Whenever Cosmo-Shift is activated, any damage my Pokemon would've taken is redirected to one of yours. Best of all, it's dealt three-fold!

Chezni: ... ... He's right... At least, about the damage...

Red Fist Croney: <snickering> Silfayree's our trump card! It sets us apart from all the other gangs out there. With a name like 'Red Fist', nobody ever sees it conin'!

Scene: After a moment of what seems like an eternity, Pikachu regains consciousness and gives a weak smile to Ash.

Ash: It's alright. You did great… Thank you. Now get some rest. I'll take care of the rest of this...

Scene: Ash walks over to Max and hands him Pikachu. Afterward, he turns to face Biff, with a look of anger.

Ash: You've bullied an entire city into submission... Injured countless Pokemon... And seperated Pokemon from their rightful Trainers... You even dare to attack children to steal their first Pokemon! Well, not anymore! I don't care how, but I'm GOING TO STOP YOU!!! One way, or the other!!

Scene: Ash pulls out another Poke-Ball and prepares to throw it.

Ash: It's time to finish this!!!

Scene: Biff grins as he gives a nod.

Chezni: <looking perplexed> ??? {He was... nodding to Ash?}
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?

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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny


POKEMON: Neo Destiny


Scene: Ash is holding a Poke-Ball, containing his third Pokemon.

Chezni: Wait a minute, Ash...

Ash: <turns to face Chezni> What is it?

Chezni: <Whispering> We already know that direct attacks are useless against Silfayree, right?

Ash: Yeah... That's been made clear to me...

Chezni: <Whispering> He said 'Cosmo-Shift', right?

Ash: I think so... Why?

Chezni: <Whispering> It seems to do the exact same thing as another ability I've come across where I'm from...

Ash: What type of ability?

Chezni: <Whispering> It's called Phase-Shifting. Certain... vehicles have that ability... Basically, they use a Phase-Disruptor Wave to make themselves appear like they're closer than they really are. Then they generate a Graviton Barrier at the point that they appear to be. This in turn traps any energy thrown at them, magnifies it, and sends it back. It's all really technical, but the jist of it is you can't attack what you think to be the target. You have to find the real one.

Ash: I think I understand... But where would it be?

Biff: Where would 'WHAT' be?

Chezni: <Whispering> Probably near the image... Likely, two or three yards away...

Ash: So, it's a matter of attacking the correct position...

Biff: I don't have all day! Either make a move, or you'll forefeit da match!

Ash: Sorry... Just having a little talk with my buddy here. Where was I? Ahh, yes. Torkoal! I choose you!

Scene: Ash throws the Poke-Ball and sure enough, the fire turtle, Torkoal appears.

Ash: {Overheat travels in a straight line, so I have about a 40 percent chance to hit it, if Chezni's right... On top of that, Silfayree's part Grass, which means...} Torkoal! Overheat! Aim toward the area in front of Silfayree at an angle to the right, but don't hit Silfayree!

Scene: Torkoal aims at an angle, narrowly missing Silfayree, and instead hitting in a straight line going from the front middle to the back of the right side of the Pokemon. A figure can be seen in the attack mid-way.

Biff: No! Dat's impossible! How'd you figure dat out so fast?!

Scene: As Overheat subsides, a badly burned Silfayree can be seen collapsing on the field, as the fake image disappears. Biff runs and picks up Silfayree, who's thankfully still alive.

Biff: <smiling> ... Man... What an attack... I never saw it comin'... But we'll be back in business again... Don't worry...

Silfayree: Sil...

Ash: Now, we played your little game! So at least keep your end of the bargain.

Biff: <nodding and smiling> I, as a member of da Red Fist, am a man of my word! We hereby declare Vermilion City officially free. We'll pack up and be outta here by nightfall.

Chezni: Wow... I guess there's some honor among thieves... You're alright, Biff.

Biff: And Ash, here is a great Trainer. Stick wit' him. He'll take youse places.

May: But, what'll you do? You can't exactly go to a Pokemon Center with your reputation... You'll be arrested on sight...

Max: Yeah. And Silfayree needs treatment...

Biff: ... I... I never thought about dat...

Scene: Ash, Misty, Brock, Max, and May all look at Chezni.

Chezni: <goofy look> What?! ... ... Don't look at me! I don't know anything about Healing! Neina always took care of that! {Geez, I don’t have ALL the answers…}

Ash: ... Great...

Chezni: Still... I wouldn't want you getting arrested... Man, we have ourselves a situation here... If this were where I come from, we could pardon your crimes, but this place has different laws... I don't know if that's an option here...

Ash: Once control gets back into the hands of the Gym Leader and League Officials... They won't be lenient with you... And word'll get around, so chances are you won't be safe anywhere in Kanto...

Eden: Well, why don't we take care of Silfayree?

Biff: Who's dat? A ghost?

Eden: I am Eden, a sentient crystal from St... Where Chezni comes from... These guys seem to be able to hold their own, but the Pokemon cannot. It would be best if WE got it some medical attention.

Chezni: But, Silfayree's not ours... It wouldn't be right...

May: I couldn't let you part with your Pokemon...

Biff: So, it's really happening... Just like 'he' told me...

Chezni: Who told you what?

Biff: When I found Silfayree, a man was in da cave wit it. He told me dat I'd need to look out for dis little one until...

Brock: Until when?

Biff: He told me dat some day, a strange person with sapphire colored hair would meet me and when dat happened...

Scene: Biff motions to the injured Silfayree.

Biff: He said I would give Silfayree to dat person... I don't remember it all, but he said something about it being his destiny...

Chezni: So, the sapphire-haired person might be me?

Biff: Dat's what I'm thinkin'...

Chezni: I don't believe in destiny...

Ash: What are you saying?

Chezni: I don't believe in a pre-determined fate controlling our future...

Ash: Chezni?

Chezni: We're in charge of our own destinies... And you'd better believe it... Because the sooner you do, the more independent you'll become.

Brock: You're disagreeing with him then?

Chezni: I don't agree with this talk about 'destiny'... But in Silfayree's case, you're right.

Biff: So, you'll take my Pokemon, get it some help?

Chezni: Of course... If that's what YOU want... Forget about the talk about ‘destiny’. Do you truly want this?

Biff: ... ... Yes. It’s for da best… Just promise me dat you won't use it da way we did...

Voice: <angry> So, THAT'S how it is, huh?

Scene: Chezni, Biff, Ash, Misty, Brock, Max, and May all turn to see the rest of the Red Fist gathered in front of them.

Red Fist Croney: You think you can just walk away from here?! You've got another thing comin'!

Biff: You listen here! We're leavin' dis city! Dat's an order!

Croney 2: So, you show your true colors as a coward! You're no longer our leader!

Croney 3: Yeah! We'll take you out, and then take out the rest of those twerps!

Chezni: I don't think so...

Croney 4: Whaddya gonna do about it?!

Chezni: <looks toward the rest of the group> You guys get to that tunnel! I'll hold them off!

Ash: Wait a second!

Brock: That's suicide! You can't be serious!

Misty: You're coming with us!

Chezni: I PROMISE I'll catch up! <with a grin> Don't worry! I don't plan on dying any time soon! {I can’t afford to…}

Ash: <looking concerned, obviously> You'd better be right about this...
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Scene: Ash, Biff, and everyone else runs toward the back of the Gym, while Chezni remains.

Croney 1: We'll make you a deal! If you move, we might spare your life, since you haven't struck out against us yet...

Chezni: Yeah right... Like I believe you... {Ok, Chezni... You're outnumbered like a bazillion to one... You have no way to call for backup... On top of that, you're unarmed... What the hell are you DOING here?! Wait a sec... I think...}

Croney 2: Enough talk! Let's kill him!!

Chezni: I wouldn't do that if I were you...

Croney 2: Why not?!

Chezni: <grinning> Because you might anger my God... Ahem...

Croney 1: Ooooohhh! I'm shaking! Where IS your 'God'?!

Chezni: He should be along any second... ... Ahem!!!!

Croney 3: Yeah right... I don't see anything!

Chezni: <now annoyed> ... Aheeeeem... EDEN, CAN YOU HEAR ME?!!!!!

Eden: Oh.... Um... Right... <projects the image of a gigantic red demonic creature with black horns and purple wings and flaming eyes> RRRRRRRGH!!!!! IIIII AAAAMMMMM EEEEEDDDDEEEEENNNN!!! PREPARE TO SPEND AN ETERNITY OF TORMENT!!!! INNNNN HEEEEELLLLLLLLL!!!!!!

Croneys in Unison: <scared beyond belief> What is that?!

Croney 2: I don't know!

Croney 3: Do we REALLY want to find out?!

Croney 4: Let's get outta here, before it eats us!!!!

Scene: The croneys are seen running in fast-forward style until they're out of the city. The image disappears and Eden floats toward Chezni.

Eden: Did I... overdo it?

Chezni: ... Hell?

Eden: Hey! I was rushed!

Chezni: <sigh> At least they're gullible... Let's get to where the others are.

Eden: Agreed...

Scene: Chezni and Eden head to the back of the Gym and manage to find a trap door, leading to a tunnel.

Chezni: This must be the passageway... I doubt they'd trap an escape route... So, I should be ok just running through it... They should be just ahead...

Scene: Chezni runs through the passageway, as it gets slightly darker further in. Several minutes pass. While it is still possible to see in front of him, Chezni begins to get an uneasy feeling about the place.

Chezni: Something's not right here... I should be caught up with everyone by now... I wasn't out there for THAT long... Eden! Activate your radial scanner.

Eden: Will do.

Scene: Eden begins glowing as a green circle seems to extend outward from Eden until it is in front of Chezni. A white dot and a red dot seem to be right next to each other.

Chezni: Ok... That's us... But where are the others?

Eden: I don't detect any other lifeforms in the vicinity.

Chezni: Not good... Where did they go?

Eden: I am detecting a space-time anomaly approximately 500 meters from our current position.

Chezni: A space-time anomaly, but how? There shouldn't be anything on this planet capable of causing one!

Scene: Chezni runs toward the direction of the supposed anomaly and stops when they get 50 meters from its position. It appears to be a glowing purple mass that is completely blocking the corridor.

Chezni: ... Could they be... In there?

End of Episode 3


Silfayree’s Cosmo-Shift

Silfayree uses a Phase-Shift wave to create a false image of itself and hide. When the image is struck, energy is stored. Silfayree can then counter with Backlash.

Preview of
POKEMON: Neo Destiny: Episode 4

Hey! Chezni here! Looks like things just keep getting weirder and weirder on this planet. First Pokemon, then gangs, and now glowing purple portals! Anyhow, it seems I'll have to enter this anomaly in order to find the others!

Chezni: Are you sure this is an anomaly?

Next time on

POKEMON: Neo Destiny: Episode 4
Anomalies & Miasmas

It's... hard to breathe in here...
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Alrighty then. Now, this episode was split into two parts originally, due to the fact that there are several events that take less than an episode to cover, but there are too many to fit into a single 16-page script (with the end result that the two episodes are unfortunately shorter than most). This has been toying with me for awhile, and I hope it doesn't bother too many people here, especially since I have to split it even further due to the size limit. This should be the only time it happens though.

Anyway, let's go forward. And remember, things are going to get weird now, so don't be too surprised.

POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Scene: Chezni and Eden are in front of the large purple mass, contemplating what to do.

Chezni: Could they be... in there?

Eden: That would certainly explain my inability to detect their life signs. If this IS a space-time anomaly, they might already be dead.

Chezni: Strange though...

Eden: What?

Chezni: Anomalies usually don't stay the same size indefinitely...

Eden: Yes... That IS a valid point... This isn't a typical anomaly...

Chezni: <looking at Eden> I've got a hunch...

Eden: <nervous> Why are you looking at me like that? NO!! You're not seriously considering... That's foolhardy!! No, that's...

Chezni: The only way to be sure... I HAVE to go in!! If they're alive, they might be in trouble! You know it's...

Eden: The 'Code'... I know. 'Always help others in need'.

Scene: Slowly, Chezni and Eden move toward the purple mass, until they are both gradually swallowed by it. Soon, they disappear from sight.

Episode 4 - Part 1: Anomalies & Miasmas

Scene: A hallway that looks similar to the one Chezni and Eden were just in. The only real difference at a glance seems to be the fact that it is shrouded in a purple gas. Chezni and Eden can be seen carefully walking through the gas.

Chezni: It's a little... hard to breathe in here...

Eden: These are times that I don't envy humans...

Chezni: On the contrary... I envy you... <cough>

Eden: It seems to be oxygenated... Your body shouldn't suffer any permanent damage in here...

Chezni: Yeah... <cough> Just like a dusty room...

Eden: Moreso, I don't think this is an anomaly...

Chezni: What... was your first guess?

Eden: I'm not detecting the signature I was before...

Chezni: Radar glitch?

Eden: Maybe, but I'll know more if we discover the cause of it.

Chezni: <cough> You're... talking as if... that's our goal...

Eden: Well... If we discover the cause, we may be able to stop it...

Chezni: I'll keep... my eyes open...

Scene: Chezni and Eden travel further down the corridor. Eventually, it branches off into two paths, one going the way they're going, and one going to the right. Both paths look identical in design, except the gas seems to be more concentrated to the right.

Chezni: The right path may... hold the source of this stuff...

Eden: I'll go.

Chezni: No. I should... <cough>

Eden: You're in no condition as it is. This gas may not harm you physically, but enough of it could suffocate you. Let me do this.

Chezni: If you find ANYTHING... come back immediately... Don't mess with anything...

Eden: I know. {Geez, you'd think I was his little brother or something}...

Scene: Eden floats down the right pathway, leaving a very concerned Chezni. After a second, Chezni sits down and rests.

Chezni: It's the least I should do... I'll relax until Eden gets back...

Scene: Eden continues down the corridor and comes to what appears to be a large room. Sizewise, it's about as big as the Vermilion Gym.

Eden: Wait a second...

Scene: Eden spots a group of people laying limp in the middle of the room. As the crystal nears the group, it turns out to be Ash, Misty, Brock, Max, May, Biff, and Silfayree. The gas seems to be concentrated the most in this room as well.

Eden: It must be this room that's doing it... Poor guys... They must have taken a wrong turn... Suffocation... Terrible way to go...

Scene: Eden nears the group and notices movement. It appears that they're unconscious.

Eden: They're still alive... But what is causing this?
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?
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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Scene: Chezni is standing up once again and stretching.

Chezni: I... must be adjusting to the gas... It's not as hard to breathe anymore...

Scene: An object on Chezni's wrist begins to blink. Eden's voice can be heard from it.

Eden: Chezni! I've found the rest of the group. They're unconscious. But I can't move them myself.

Chezni: <holding his arm up near his face> And the gas?

Eden: It's pretty bad here. If we could get them out there, they would be fine, but in here they don't have very long. I would say less than an hour.

Chezni: Not good... And I can't get in there either... The same thing would happen to me... Wait a sec...

Scene: Chezni recalls Ash's Pokemon being in the Poke-Balls.

Chezni: How is Silfayree?

Eden: <looks toward Silfayree, who appears to be conscious> Fine... Silfayree's fine, if not a bit injured, but the Pokemon actually seems to be recovering on its own.

Chezni: Pokemon must naturally recover over time... What's more, this gas isn't affecting Silfayree, so...

Eden: Do you think the same applies to the other Pokemon?

Chezni: How does Pikachu look?

Eden: He's recovering too. But he's awake.

Chezni: Try releasing Ash's other Pokemon. They may be able to help.

Eden: Good call... Now, how did he do that again?

Chezni: There should be a button on each Poke-Ball. Try pressing one of them.

Scene: Eden cooperates and sure enough, Torkoal comes out in the traditional red glow.

Eden: I believe this is the one Ash called 'Torkoal'...

Torkoal: Tooor Kooooal! <as steam comes out of its nostrils>

Eden: Ok. I was correct.

Chezni: See if you can find the one that was called... Sceptile... He should be able to help too...

Eden: Sceptile.... Let's see...

Torkoal: Tooor!! <facing one of Ash's Poke-Balls>

Eden: That one? Might as well...

Scene: Eden bumps into the button on the Poke-Ball and Sceptile emerges from the red glow.

Sceptile: Scep! Tiiile!!

Eden: Ok... Um... How did Ash do this? We need to get these people out of here! Can you two help me?

Sceptile: <nodding> Scep!

Torkoal: <nodding> Tooor!

Scene: With Eden attempting to direct them, Torkoal and Sceptile pull Ash and the rest of the group out of the corridor, one by one. After a few minutes, the entire group is out of the corridor. As Chezni and Eden look back to the corridor, the gas seems to be dissipating slowly.

Chezni: Good... How are they holding up?

Eden: They seem to be stable. It appears that the worst has passed.

Chezni: But what caused this?

Eden: I don't know, but the gas seems to be dissipating... At this rate, the corridor should be clear within the hour.

Chezni: That's good news... And it explains why I'm feeling a little better in here...

Eden: This world holds many mysteries...

Chezni: No kidding... We just lived one... Even Ash said there were more mysteries in this world than he could count... Who knows what'll happen next?

Scene: One by one, Ash and the group come to, as Chezni explains all of what happened while they were unconscious. Eventually, everyone is awake.

Ash: I wonder what caused this to happen?

Brock: Who knows? It could've been a wild Pokemon...

May: Just thinking about it gives me the creeps...

Eden: Well, I believe we should think about getting out of here.

Chezni: Good idea. The exit should be just ahead.

Ash: <standing up> Then let's get going.

Scene: The group continues through the corridor until they reach the exit of the passage. As they exit, they're greeted with the sun and a sense of accomplishment.

Chezni: So, is that...

Scene: Chezni is able to see what appears to be a mid-sized town at the bottom of the bluff they're on. It is much smaller than Vermilion City, but definitely stands out in the field. Farmland can be seen strewn throughout the town.

Ash: That would be Pallet Town. It’s the home of Profesor Oak, and where we’re headed next.

Scene: Biff, who's been silent up until this point seems distracted.


Chezni: I guess this is good-bye, Biff...

Biff: Yeah...

Chezni: One more thing though.

Biff: What?

Chezni: I'm afraid I can't take Silfayree.

Biff: I see...

Chezni: While I'd love to have an ally like that on my side, it wouldn't be right to take Silfayree from you.

Biff: <smiling> Listen, Chezni... I know it's weird, but I've been trainin' my Pokemon for dis day. I knew it would happen eventually; somethin' in my gut told me so.

Chezni: What are you saying?

Biff: I'm sayin' you don't have a choice in da matter! I want you to have Silfayree. Think of it as a way of repayin' youse for what you did back in Vermilion...

Silfayree: <flies toward Chezni> Sil! Sil!

Chezni: Are you sure?

Silfayree: <nodding> Sil! Sil!

Chezni: If you say so.

Ash: You understand Silfayree?

Chezni: A friend once told me, 'To understand, one has only to listen'...

Brock: Who told you dat?

Chezni: My mentor, Leon...

Biff: So you'll...

Chezni: Only because both you and Silfayree want it to be this way... Otherwise, I wouldn't do this.

Biff: You're doing da right thing, Chezni... <winking>

Scene: The group waves good-bye to Biff and starts heading toward Pallet Town, leaving Biff alone on the bluff.

Biff: <without the punk-like accent anymore> I know you'll make use of Silfayree, Chezni. Remember, I'm always watching over you...

Scene: In a flash, Biff's form changes to that of what appears to be an old oriental man with short white hair. He is dressed in a Martial Arts Gi and has a moustache that goes down to his chin.

Oriental Man: You have learned all I can teach you. I know you'll use the knowledge wisely...

Scene: The figure of Leon vanishes, leaving a sense of calm in its wake. The two other Poke-Balls that were on him drop to the ground, releasing his other two Pokemon. They appear to be perfectly healthy, though they seem to be disoriented.


Scene: Chezni and the rest of the group finally make their way into the town. There aren't any skyscrapers in the town, but instead it has a sort of rural feel to it.

Chezni: So, where is this 'Professor's' house?

Ash: It isn't much farther...

Scene: In no time, the group finds their way to what appears to be a rather large laboratory. A set of double doors is mounted to the front of the building.

Chezni: Whoa... This must be the place, given the look...

Ash: Yes. This is Professor Oak's laboratory.

Max: I've met him a few times, but it still gives me chills every time I stand outside of his lab...

Chezni: Is he really famous?

Max: He's a legend in Hoenn...

Chezni: Really... <jokingly> I'll try to behave.

Scene: Ash knocks on one of the doors. An echoing metal sound is heard each time he knocks. After a moment, the door opens and Professor Oak is standing in the doorway. After a second, he smiles, realizing that Ash is there.

Professor Oak: Ahh! Ash! I see you've come back. I was a little worried. You were about a day late getting here.

Ash: Yeah, about that... <motioning to Chezni>

Professor Oak: Oh! Who might YOU be?

Chezni: I'm Chezni, from Ae... out of town...

Professor Oak: You wouldn't by any chance be here for a Starter Pokemon, would you?

Silfayree: Sil! Sil!

Professor Oak: A Silfayree... Is that yours?

Chezni: Sort of... I mean... Yes... At least, now it is...

Professor Oak: You're not a Pokemon Trainer, are you?

Chezni: ... No, I'm not. That's why I'm here. I want to become one, if that's possible.

Scene: Professor Oak continues to examine Chezni and eventually turns to Ash. Sighing, he shakes his head.

Professor Oak: It's always something with you, Ash...

To Be Continued...
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

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Default Re: POKEMON: Neo Destiny

Scene: Professor Oak, Chezni, and the rest of the group seem to be still-framed staring at each other in the doorway to the Lab. After a minute or two, Professor Oak motions for the group to enter.

Professor Oak: Oh! I'm sorry! Come in! We'll talk inside.

Scene: As the group enters, Chezni notices various gizmos and gadgets lining the shelves of the lab. He also notices Poke-Balls of varying colors lining the far wall.

Chezni: Man, 'Professor' is right... This place has it all...

Ash: Oh great... You had to say it...

Professor Oak: Ahh! I see you've taken interest in the Poke-Balls.

Chezni: Yeah. I didn't know there were different types of Poke-Balls. Do they all do different things?

Professor Oak: In a way. They're specially designed to work best on specific types of Pokemon. Put simply, they have a higher chance of success to capture the specific types. Trainers usually have about a 35 percent higher success rate when using these Poke-Balls on the correct Pokemon.

Chezni: It's so hard to believe that something like this exists...

Professor Oak: <a smile> What's hard to believe about it? These are things that are commonly used all over the world. It's been so for over a century. The Type-Specific Poke-Balls are just another step in the journey for us...

Ash: Professor...

Professor Oak: <chuckle> Oh, sorry. I get carried away sometimes. You're here to become a Pokemon Trainer?

Chezni: Yes. How do I go about doing that?

Professor Oak: Have you watched any demonstration videos about Pokemon Training?

Chezni: There's demo videos?

Professor Oak: <laughing> Of course there are! What do you think this is, the Stone Age?

Chezni: <embarrassed> Sorry. I'm just new to this all.

Professor Oak: <grinning> I gathered that.

Chezni: But I DID see Ash battle. Is it like that?

Ash: That's right. We fought the Red Fist and...

Professor Oak: You fought the Red Fist Gang?

Ash: Yeah. I was actually gonna ask you about it.

Professor Oak: <sigh> The Red Fist... is an enormous organization...

Episode 4 - Part 2: The Adventure Begins

Scene: Professor Oak is walking the group into the back room, where the starter Pokemon are kept.

Professor Oak: It all started about a year ago... At first, we received reports of petty crimes that went unsolved. We all assumed it was Team Rocket, but something was different... The crimes didn't involve Pokemon initially, but involved parts of machines.

Chezni: Parts of machines? What type of parts?

Professor Oak: Things from control consoles to mechanical arms. What was even more strange about it was the fact that the crimes seemed to be completely random.

Chezni: Random crimes... It doesn't make sense...

Ash: Yeah, no kidding... Team Rocket always had an obvious goal in mind...

Brock: Even Team Aqua and Team Magma were specifically searching for Groudon and Kyogre...

Chezni: Groudon and Kyogre?

Max: Two Pokemon...

Brock: Very powerful Pokemon... You see, there are a select few Pokemon with powers that are unimaginable. We call them Legendary Pokemon. Some of them even regulate certain aspects of the world.

Chezni: I see... They sound alot like God-like beings... I wonder if there's any connection?

Ash: I'm not sure... But that situation was taken care of... This one...

Chezni: May not be so simple...

Professor Oak: Well, whatever happens, don't worry about it now. After all, first thing's first...

Chezni: Oh, right... So, how do I do this?

Professor Oak: That's where this room comes in.

Scene: As the group looks around, various Poke-Balls line the shelves of the room they're now in. Chezni seems especially impressed.

Chezni: Man, like the Pet Store of the future...

Professor Oak: <chuckling> You're not the only one to say something like that...

Chezni: Sorry. It's just difficult to believe that each of those red and white containers there has a little critter in it.

Professor Oak: You're definitely new to this, huh?

Chezni: Yeah. Eden doesn't seem to have a hard time with them though... I figured it can't be too difficult. <as he finally realizes what he just said> Um…

Professor Oak: Eden?

Scene: The white crystalline gem floats toward Professor Oak.

Eden: That would be me.

Professor Oak: Wha... <steps back> What... A talking gem?

Eden: Of course. I AM sentient.

Professor Oak: Astounding... I've never seen this type of thing before...

Chezni: <chuckling> Yeah... Um... He, he... <quick to say something> It just seems to be a new mystery every day here... ha ha ha…

Professor Oak: You're right, of course. If I had a nickel for every unsolved mystery in this world, I would be one rich scientist...

Ash: Um, Professor...

Professor Oak: Oh, right... There I go again... Anyway, let me explain about the setup here. Then we'll get to picking a Pokemon for you.

Chezni: What about Silfayree? Couldn't that be my starter Pokemon?

Professor Oak: Well, Silfayree is yours, of course. But a Pokemon like that might be a bit advanced for you to start with alone, so you should still get a starter Pokemon from here to train. Of course, you may still keep Silfayree as well, since it IS yours.

Ash: Man, how lucky... That's like two Pokemon for the price of one...

Misty: Wow, that's the same as me! I remember having Goldeen as a pet and getting Staryu as my starter Pokemon... Of course, I was allowed to use them both, since Goldeen was mine to begin with...

Max: The League's got a technicality on that issue. It's left to the Trainer in question.

Professor Oak: But, I don't want to bore you to death here. Why don't you pick one and see for yourself what it is?

Chezni: Wow. I get to pick?

Professor Oak: Of course. Umm... You didn't know that?

Chezni: Honestly, no...

Max: <shaking his head> How could someone NOT know that?...


Scene: Like a Staff Seargent looking for a flaw in a uniform, Chezni carefully looks over each Poke-Ball on the wall.

Chezni: Amazing...

Professor Oak: But you have to PICK one to see what it is.

Ash: Professor, it might be better if you let Chezni do this his way... Chances are, he'll go with his first choice.

Professor Oak: Most beginning Trainers do.

Eden: The one in the middle has alot of potential...

Chezni: Yeah. I can feel the energy from here...

Ash: <looking at Pikachu> Feel anything, buddy?

Pikachu: <nodding> Pika... <Points to the Poke-Ball in the middle>

Ash: <mumbling> Explain THAT, Max...

Max: You say something?

Ash: <grinning> Nope, not a thing...

Chezni: Well, I guess I'll go with that middle Poke-Ball. The one on the middle of the third shelf.

Scene: Chezni reaches for the Poke-Ball and takes it.

Chezni: Oh yeah. This one feels strong...

Professor Oak: <sweatdrop> Um... Ok. Well, at any rate you just push...

Chezni: THIS button?

Scene: Chezni pushes the button on the Poke-Ball and it opens, revealing the traditional red light.

Professor Oak: Yeah... That one...

Scene: Slowly, the red light forms into the shape... of a large fish flopping on the ground.

Magikarp: Karp, karp...

Professor Oak: Um... Yeah... Remember how I said most Trainers keep the first Pokemon they choose?

Chezni: Yeah. And you're right. I want to keep this one... As some people say, this is a 'keeper'. He he...

Misty: <awkwardly> I'm flattered that you'd choose a Water Pokemon, but...

Ash: Magikarp isn't exactly the type of Pokemon you can battle with...

Chezni: But, you're discriminating against it... It looks goofy, but I tell you. There's some serious power coming from this one...

Professor Oak: Ok... You keep talking about 'power' and 'sensing energy'. You're able to do that?

Chezni: Yeah. It wasn't easy to learn, either. I had to train for over a year in order to...

Professor Oak: Ok... Let's say you can sense energy. Do you want to know what abilities a Magikarp has?

Chezni: Yeah. I bet it's amazing...

Professor Oak: Ash, bring me one of those large containers.

Ash: <sees a few large empty fish tanks in the corner> Ok... Just a second...

Scene: Ash brings a tank over, and Professor Oak proceeds to fill it with room temperature water from the hose. After doing so, he places Magikarp in the tank, where it seems slightly more at ease.

Chezni: I see... It's a Water Pokemon, huh?

Ash: Yeah. It is.

Chezni: So it uses Water-Based attacks... I wonder what it'll do here?

Professor Oak: Magikarp! Splash!

Magikarp: Karp! Karp!

Scene: Magikarp leaps into the air and belly-flops onto the water, splashing water on the group and the floor.

Professor Oak: Magikarp's primary Attack, ladies and gentlemen. Don't get me wrong. It's not a bad Pokemon. It's just not one I would recommend starting out with. It's still your decision, of course, but think about it...

Chezni: <now with a more serious tone> I have. And I'm going with this Pokemon, whether you like it or not.

Professor Oak: <nervous> Ok... You're the Trainer. Magikarp, it is.

Chezni: It's not that I don't appreciate what you're doing. It's just that there's something to this Pokemon that I can't explain... I just have a feeling that, given the opportunity, this one Pokemon could become truly amazing...

Professor Oak: ... Well, there's always...

Chezni: Always what?

Professor Oak: Never mind... It's nothing you need to worry about now. Let's move on. But you should recall your new Pokemon first.

Chezni: Oh, yeah. Right. Thanks for reminding me. <recalls Magikarp into the Poke-Ball> I hope you're alright in here…
Congress continues to make a push against video games and gamers. However, gamers aren't helpless.

Does SatAM even NEED an introduction?
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