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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 12-16-2006, 12:23 AM
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Default Re: The Trial of Juno I and II - The Complete Edition

Chapter 53
The Blessed Unity

The spark of life was all around me. They had gathered around me and celebrated, everyone wanting to cherish the work that I had done. But in all, while I loved it and couldn’t help but smile at all of them, it wasn’t just for fame or attention. It was where my heart was, and how I wanted to keep a world so beautiful and so amazing safe and preserved for many generations to come. I knew Vice would rebuild Symarix to be even greater than before. And the trials that I had endured for the resurrection of the Silver Apex would be read about and admired for generations and generations to come. That memory… and that legacy… would be remembered and cherished for all time.

While taking that walk back through the Ivory Gardens, I was also greeted by a familiar couple that I had met the first time I walked through these streets.

“You came back!” The Minun cheered, running up to me alongside his sister, “You were amazing! I can’t believe you did all that!”

“Such a beautiful legend you’ve become.” The Plusle told me, looking up to me with her shiny black eyes, “You’re so strong… and so brave…”

“It wasn’t easy…” I told her, with a smile, “But remember, nothing is impossible if you stick to your heart and you stride on with your soul. And when you finally reach those stars of success, you can remember it forever no matter where you go.”

The rest of the Ivory Gardens had treated me like more than a king, and this was just one area of Utopia. Never before had I seen such a glorious celebration unfold before my eyes, it was something I would remember always and never forget. I had seen that Blazewing had been adorned with a beautiful wreath of soft, rainbow colored flowers. Meanwhile, more rainbow colored petals were flying through the air to celebrate my homecoming while the citizens around me continued to cheer. I truly would never, ever forget that amazing sight and feeling of such pure happiness…

That walk through the Ivory Gardens was unlike anything I had ever felt before, but that was only one piece of the celebration. They didn’t want me to leave and I laughed jokingly about it, but I told them I would be back. But now… my path headed north, through the Fields of Paradise. It was then that I had realized the army of Utopia had returned home after that massive battle. Now… they could enjoy the relaxation of their eternal rest, and they knew that Kivistal was now safe from all evil.

Blazewing and I had flown through the Fields of Paradise, and many others had followed us toward the City of the Horizon, where the home I had left behind was waiting. Now… I didn’t have to close my eyes when I entered that city. I didn’t need to face the fear of losing anything precious… it was all right here for me to love forever and I didn’t have to resist the warmth and joy that swept over me the closer we flew toward the city.

Once we had flown over the walls, I had seen them, all gathered to welcome me. For the first time in a long, long time, tears of pure and unchallenged happiness trickled down my face and I saw it all and loved it. Seeing those gold streets filled with those that were my friends and beloved comrades was another moment in this ultimate homecoming of jubilation I would never forget, and would always be something I could look back upon and smile for all eternity.

Among the many of them, I had seen Sita, and I had flown down to meet her. Never before did she look as beautiful as she did now, and as soon as Blazewing had landed, I had run up to her and hugged her tightly, so filled with joy and love for her. That… was my endless celebration and my ceaseless joy. Just knowing I could be with her forever…

Her eyes were never so bright and so admirable than how they were now. And I knew… it was because she was truly overjoyed at that moment. No longer were her eyes clouded with fear or with worry. No longer did she have to shiver in the dark because of the risk of losing something like the Silver Apex and all its legacies. No… because now, she could hold onto me in this beautiful city, she could feel my heart and my courage, and she knew that the world was safe now, and cleansed and perfected from all the atrocities of seemingly endless and brutal, bloody battles. Never would she know fear again… only love and admiration. Just knowing that I had been the one to give her and everyone else in the world that precious gift… there was nothing I could have been more proud about…

It was at that moment that we had decided to spend the rest of eternity together. In those soft whispers of happiness as all of Utopia gathered around us in cheer, we had decided to do something that we should have done long ago, but never had the chance. I had recalled all the times she had helped me with this mission and these tribulations, and her eyes and her smiles of cheer reminded me of all the times I had helped her, and all the lengths I had gone to bring her happiness. Her expression told me how clear and how apparent it was, and how she was forever thankful for it. With a few soft whispers among the cheer, we had made it final…

We had decided to get married in the Temple of the Sunrise, right in the City of the Horizon. At first, I didn’t think the happiest moments of my life could get any better, but it just did. Our love and our companionship would be forever, to live and delight in all the wonders of this beautiful paradise together, to soar off into the skies hand in hand, riding the winds with our own wings. I couldn’t think of anything more wonderful than that. But I knew… as lovely as the thought was… nothing could compare to doing it for real…

The two of us had made it clear. We were getting married, and everyone was invited. It was clear to me that there was never a bigger or more massive celebration in Utopia than this one. Of all the wonder and grace that has ever been opened up in this wonderful home of peaceful eternity, nothing could compare to this. We would both forever remember this day like a glint of delightful sunshine upon our souls.

I had never even seen the Temple of the Sunrise before, but to see it with all its glory, prepared for our joyous occasion was another sight I would never forget and would forever look back upon and smile. It was such a strong, towering, and ordinate structure made of pure white stone with a massive dome on the top completely made of the most beautiful stained-glass window to the sky eyes could ever lie on. And I had realized that the stained glass image of a peaceful sunrise had been replaced with a new one. Before my very eyes, I had seen the beautiful and majestic stained glass image of two winged Pikachus flying besides a Latios and Latias with the skies of Utopia opened above them. It was to forever stay there, a testament and reminder to all those who visited it of the legendary union of Juno and Sita. Meanwhile, the entire temple itself with its many pews, chandeliers, gold candles, and white stone passageways were decorated with a seemingly endless amount of flower bouquets. Just seeing it all told my heart that this was a day to forever remember and look back upon, the very best memory and experience I could ever feel…

Everyone was there for that amazing and very special day. I had seen Sinis, Sever, Tek and Blitz in the crowd, along with Echo, Frost, Namdor and Baladax, along with the seemingly endless amounts of friends, comrades, and followers I had loved and my most trusted allies that had carried on with me in so many battles. Seeing all of them gathered at that moment in celebration for our wedding and our victory told me that war was truly over, and now was the time for true peace and happiness forever more.

The first kiss between Sita and myself to forever proclaim our love and unity was enough to light the skies and flare up the stars in a striking display of jubilation for all of Utopia to marvel and adore. The seemingly endless cheer, the bright festivities, the colorful explosions in the sky, and the love we felt for each other would shine forever like a magnificent undying candle.

It wasn’t long after our marriage that we had really taken that first flight into the beautiful skies of Utopia, flying side by side holding each other’s hand. To see it all, to marvel at every beautiful sight we saw, and to have our eyes opened and to be amazed at everything we felt around us, and to feel the connection between us that we had and loved, and the bond of determination that had endured so much could now come fully into life for all eternity, and for all to see…

To be born of dreams, to live the life of a warrior, and to inspire as a leader. To have determination, to hold on to such a deep and such a heartfelt commitment, truly there was no better experience than fulfilling your most ultimate goals and sharing your experience with others. To have walked so many steps, to have fought so hard and to have endured so much. I couldn’t even begin to recall all the times I had almost given up, and all the pains I felt would overcome and defeat me. Still, I opened my eyes, was determined to ensure and persevere, and in the end, it brought me a revelation, a memory of personal gratitude as well as the endless and undying support from everyone who had helped me in this tribulation. Forever more, we would carry victory upon our shoulders…

The joy and memory of it would be everlasting. Children of Kivistal would forever be amazed at the legacy I had lived, would read and wonder how it all happened for ages to come, and I knew the rebuilt Silver Apex would forever honor the one who walked among them that went by the name of Juno. The other nations would recognize the actions that Juno had taken to save them and revive their fallen empires from the ashes. They would forever live in peaceful unity because of one warrior’s commitment and courage.

Forever more throughout all of eternity, Utopia would recognize Juno as the greatest warrior that ever lead Utopia’s armies to victory, as well as Sita, his wife, as being the greatest of guides and firmest of believers that such a thing as hope and victory was always possible, even in the darkest of times. Both of us created a path of light that would shine for all time, for all the stars to light up and shine in our presence, and for the skies to be the home of our wild and free hearts.

What a beautiful thing it is to be known forever…


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