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Pokemon: Anime/Movies/Manga Talk about the Pokemon anime, movies and manga. NOTE: It's possible that there may be discussions in here that may spoil something for you if you haven't seen that episode/movie/manga before. Please use the spoiler code when appropriate.

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Old 01-05-2007, 04:23 PM
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Default Re: Do you think May deserved the 5th ribbon? I don't.

Pikachu could fill an entire room with Thunder during the fight with Sabrina, Charmander knew Flamethrower nigh immediately, not to mention Fire Spin. As everyone knows, Ash exerts an EXP UP Aura of Death, Doom, and Hax.

Thunder >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bubble.

The scores are based on elegance, but if Thunder breaks straight through Bubble and strikes the target and knocks it right out, you win. Classic case of Pokemon Anime Hax.
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