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Old 06-24-2004, 08:35 PM
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Default Sith v.s. Jedi

In this, just fill out the forum, and start RPing in the battle that I start the RP with.

Name: Sereo

Affiliation: Sith

Starship: Star Disguise. A starship shaped like a Jedi Starfighter. It's painted to be unseen in space, blending in with it. It has double turrets on top, bottom, front, and back, totalling eight turrets. The laser cannons, which fire at about six shots a second, look like falling stars, to continue to be disguised in space.

Lightsaber: Double bladed red lightsaber!

Race: Human

Appearance: Almost always wears a cloak that hides his whole body, but when alone or in combat, he takes it off, revealing a tight black shirt showing his muscular chest and arms, and his six-pack. He wears tight black pants that show his bulging leg muscles, and black boots. His hair is short and dirty-blonde, and he has shining and sparkling blue eyes.


*Sereo walks down a corridor, and stops at a corner. He points forward, and the two droidekas behind him activate their shields, tuck in a ball, and roll around the corner. Sereo hears blaster fire. When the sound stops, he walks around the corner, revealing four dead stormtroopers and two droidekas standing over them. They tuck and roll back behind Sereo. Sereo uses the Force to blast the controls next to the guarded door, and the door opens, revealing about seven Jedi, and tons of clone troopers.*

Sereo: NOW!

*Just then, about five-hundred droidekas roll into the room, about one thousand super battle droids walk into the room, and about one-hundred thousand droids walk into the room. Now the droids in the room come close to the amount of clone troopers in the room. Sereo reaches to his belt, clips off his lightsaber, and activates both blades.*

Sereo: ATTACK!
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