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Old 01-31-2007, 01:12 AM
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Default Re: The Canadian League

Finally, I am back in business!

13 chapters, wow. I have switched to the present tense for this chapter, as I will for all gym chapters, because I feel its works better that way.

Well, here we go with the 1st gym battle. Think ASB, add abilities, subtract rounds, and you get:

Chapter Thirteen-Iqaluit Gym Battle:Alfred + Arnie vs Tamara

Welcome, everyone, to the Iqaluit Gym. Double Battles are the battle of choice here, so we will be seeing four Pokemon out battling at once. Also, challengers will have three Pokemon set aside, of which two will be allowed to battle, whereas the gym leader will have six, of which four will be participating. For those who don't know about the gym, here is the basic layout: It is shaped like basketball court, although it is a square, with the imprint of a giant poke ball, which was put there by many Houndoom. Also, this court is made entirely out of a thick layer of ice, with an open pool of freezing cold water below. Above the court, large blue icicles are hanging from the ceiling, ready to come crashing down at the slightest impact. The average temperature here is fifteen degrees below zero, which is why our battlers will be watching from afar, as their Pokemon compete

Alfred and Arnie both step up to the battlefield, for as far as they are allowed to go. Arnie takes a poke ball out of his pocket, and tosses it onto the field. The ball glows, as a Poliwhirl appears on the field. He appears pumped, and ready to begin.

Alfred then takes out his own poke ball, and tosses it onto the field. Magmar then appears, glowing brilliantly under the natural light of the icicles. Flames blow off his body, ready for anything that could come up.

Tamara then shows herself at the opposite end of the court, with two poke balls, one in each hand. She looks at her opponents' choices and grins, as she sends both of her Pokemon onto the field. Both poke balls hit the ground, and begin to glow. One reveals Cloyster, who appears with her black fleshy centre wide open, facing her opponents head on. The other poke ball reveals Swampert, who slowly looks around at her fellow Pokemon, with a big grin o her face.

The battle has now begun.

Round One- Home: 4 / Guests: 4

[pokemon]poliwhirl[/pokemon][pokemon]magmar[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]cloyster[/pokemon][pokemon]swampert[/pokemon]

The first move of the battle goes to Swampert, who forms some mud on her body, and then shoots it towards Magmar. The mud hits Magmar, knocking him onto the ground. Magmar then gets up of the ground, and notices that his Flame Body has melted a large section of the battlefield. Magmar then hops out of the ditch he has made, with his palm surging with electricity. Cloyster could see the Magmar coming, and decided that she should block the attack by throwing some Spikes at the oncoming Magmar. She unleashed a series of the spikes onto the ground, and watched as Magmar tripped over them, and was sent flying towards her. The two Pokemon collided, and the Thunderpunch attack was successful. Cloyster was sent rolling backwards, finally stopping when her forehead spikes stuck into the ground. Magmar quickly backed away from the overturned Cloyster, as he saw his comrade joining in the battle. Poliwhirl opened his mouth wide, as he unleashed a powerful Ice Beam attack, headed in Swampert's direction. Magmar had to duck in order to keep from being struck by the attack himself.

The battle continued with Swampert using Double Team. The Pokemon ran as fast as she could, until there were a total of four Swampert on the field, as the next movement began. Magmar turned toward Cloyster, and powered up his breath. He then opened his beak, and let out a large stream of fire, headed for Cloyster. The Flamethrower attack struck Cloyster, sending her rolling into the wall. However, if Magmar could have seen Cloyster's insides, he would have seen her smiling. She was smiling because she was forming a series of bubbles. She then opened her shell, as unleashed the Bubblebeam attack at Magmar. The bubbles flew through the air, striking Magmar head on. Magmar fell back into his self-made ditch, drawing himself evermore closer to the rushing stream below. Poliwhirl then jumped into the fight, giving another Ice Beam attack to Swampert. However, instead of striking the real Swampert, the attack struck one of the clones, causing it to vanish into thin air.

Swampert then decided to give the battlefield a drastic change. She leaped up into the air, and crashed down with a tremendous Earthquake attack. From where she stood, the ice began to break apart. A large crack appeared, which sped throughout the court. Magmar and Poliwhirl didn't see it coming, and they were sent falling into the stream below as a result. Cloyster, on the other hand, had already covered herself in an invisible veil, so when she fell down into the stream, she was dealt no damage. She crashed down into the water, and sunk to the bottom, bobbing back up to the surface soon afterward. She looks up at Swampert, who had clung onto the wall with her strong webbed feet. She then looks over at Magmar and Poliwhirl. Magmar is lying on a patch of ice floating in the stream, and Poliwhirl is lying on a separate piece. Both look pretty stunned, but Magmar looks the worst. He manages to get up on his feet, but only long enough to see his chunk of ice melt away into nothing. He then jumped into the air, trying desperately to keep away from the water. But his attempts fail, and he crashes into the stream, where he becomes engulfed with the freezing water.

Alfred recalled his Magmar, and sent a second poke ball into the brawl. "Go, Aipom!" he shouts as the little Pokemon appears hanging onto one of the hanging icicles.

Round Two- Home: 4 / Guests: 3

[pokemon]poliwhirl[/pokemon][pokemon]aipom[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]cloyster[/pokemon][pokemon]swampert[/pokemon]

Swampert begins the battle by jumping straight off the wall, and into the rushing stream below. She flies very quickly, and uses gravity to her benefit as she aims for the Poliwhirl below her. Poliwhirl looks up, but it is too late: Swampert falls on top of him, cracking the piece of ice he was standing on. Both Pokemon then disappear beneath the waves. Cloyster and Aipom wait for them to surface, as they hear an enormous rattling coming from below them. Apparently, Poliwhirl had reached the bottom, and had used his own Earthquake attack. A few seconds later, Swampert came flying out of the water, where she struck the wall quite hard. The impact was so hard that the icicles on the ceiling began shaking. Soon enough, they began cracking, and crashing into the strean below. One of these icicles had Aipom gripping onto it, chattering furiously. Aipom then jumped straight up in the air, just as his icicle crashed into the freezing cold water. He flew through the air, with a bright yellow glow about him. He then landed on the top of Cloyster's shell, as he let loose his Thunderbolt attack. Cloyster rocked back and forth from the attack, as the electricity ran through her veins, and eventually right into her fleshy centre. Aipom grabbed onto the Pokemon's front horns, as he soon realized that she was sinking into the stream, unable to battle anymore. He then leaped into the air, just as Cloyster was recalled by Tamara.

"Cloyster, back!" Tamara calls, as her Pokemon goes back into her poke ball. She then pulls out another poke ball. "Go, Piloswine!" she shouts as her next poke ball flies into the fight, landing neatly on a chunck of floating ice.

Round Three- Home: 3 / Guests: 3

[pokemon]poliwhirl[/pokemon][pokemon]aipom[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]piloswine[/pokemon][pokemon]swampert[/pokemon]

Aipom flew through the air, finally landing on Piloswine's back. Soon after that, he looks over across the water, and sees Swampert and Poliwhirl break the surface, as Swampert spits out some mud from her mouth, The mud strikes Poliwhirl, as he falls back into the stream, unable to perform his next attack. Aipom then jumps down to look Piloswine in the face, as his tail's temperature increases dramatically. Once fire begins to form, Aipom whips his tail straight at Piloswine, who falls backward, badly hurt from the fire. However, she is not hurt bad enough to stop battling, which is shown as she rushes straight at Aipom, with her front horns outstretched. Her horns impact the little Aipom, sending him flying right into the cold water below, where he fainted, unable to withstand the temperature.

Tamara then looked down into the stream, quite happy about how her Piloswine was battling. But then, everything changed, as the Pokemon began to grunt furiously. Tamara had even feared that she would fall into the stream as well. She looked closer, and noticed that her ears were flapping madly, a sure sign of aggression. "Piloswine, back!" Tamara shouted, the Pokemon disappeared, reappearing as a poke ball in Tamara's hand.

Tamara then turned to Sedna, and told her to take Piloswine to the Pokemon Centre, quickly. She would be there soon, after the battle had ended. She took out another poke ball, and tossed it onto the field. The ball landed in the water. Seconds afterward, a glistening Dewgong shot up out of the water, and crashed back into the stream below.

Alfred then recalled his Aipom out of the water, and turned away. Arnie would now be telling both Pokemon what to do. Arnie pulled out a poke ball, and threw it into the brawl. It landed on a long patch of ice, which was creating a kind of frozen shore along the edge of the stream. "Go, Granbull!" Arnie shouted as the bulldog Pokemon appeared on the shore, fresh, and ready for battle.

Round Four- Home: 2 / Guests: 2

[pokemon]poliwhirl[/pokemon][pokemon]granbull[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]dewgong[/pokemon][pokemon]swampert[/pokemon]

The first move of the round goes to Dewgong, who leaps out of the water, aqiming a powerful Ice Beam attack at Granbull. The ice flies through the air, constantly lowering in temperature. It then strikes Granbull, causing his body temperature to lower dramatically. However, it wasn't enough to freeze him, so he formed some foul poisons from within his body, and unleashed a powerful Sludge Bomb attack into the water, striking Dewgong head-on. Meanwhile, Swampert and Poliwhirl are in an all-out brawl at the bottom of the stream. Everyone feels the ground shake as they both use Earthquake on one another. But, soon afterward, everything stops, as a single Pokemon appears out of the water: Swampert. She has exhausted her opponent into fainting, while getting to that point nearly herself.

Arnie then recalls his Pokemon. "Good job, Poliwhirl," he said, as he took the poke ball, and placed it in his pocket. Then, rather than take another, he shouted, "Okay, Grnabull, its one on two now, but one of your opponents is severely weaked. You can do it!"

Round Five- Home: 2 / Guests: 1

[pokemon]granbull[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]dewgong[/pokemon][pokemon]swampert[/pokemon]

Dewgong repeats her last action, leaping out of the water and blasting Granbull with another Ice Beam attack. However, Granbull had created a defensive shield, rendering the Ice Beam useless. Swampert then leaped out of the water herself, causing the stream's water to go with her. The water crashed into the shield, not affecting Grnabull. However, Swampert also washed up on shore, and ended up cracking some of the ice.

Seeing that the protective shield is down, Dewgong once again leaps out of the water with another Ice Beam atatck. The ice flies through the air, finally impacting with Granbull's hide. Granbull crashes into the far wall, just as he is creating a small Shadow Ball attack. Granbull falls to the ground, as the Shadow Ball strikes Swampert. It seemed to be the last straw, seeing that it caused him to slump down, and crash into the ice he was standing on. Unfortunately for Granbull, it meant that both of them would be going into the water. Granbull groaned as the ice gave way, and he fell into the water, along with his fainted opponent.

Round Six- Home: 1 / Guests: 1

[pokemon]granbull[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]dewgong[/pokemon]

Granbull gasps for air as he tries to remain above the surface of the water. He doesn't even notice as Dewgong speeds up towards him, and Slams him into the wall. Granbull flew out of the water, finally striking the side of the cave, where he fainted. Seeing that she has won, Dewgong disappears beneath the waves. Soon afterward, she leaps straight out of the water, screeching in the low voice that her species is famous for. Gravity then takes over, as she does a belly-flop back into the stream.

And the Winner is: Tamara, the Iqaluit Gym Leader!

Arnie recalled his Granbull, and stomped his foot into the ground. "Beaten again!" he said, as he watched the previous battlefied grow back to its original splendor. Soon as it had, Tamara stepepd foot onto it. "Good work, guys," she said. Looking straight at Alfred, she said, "You definetly have some potential in the League." She started to smile, but she was suddenly interrupted by the opening of the gym's door's.

It was Sedna. "Tamara, you've got to get to the Pokemon Centre. Piloswine was pregnant!"

Surprised at the news, Tamara quickly left the gym, and followed her sister to the Pokemon Centre. Once there, she could see several of the Centre's employee's around Piloswine. Getting closer, she could see the little Swinub resting by her mother.

"Hello, Tamara," said one of the Centre employees, Jordan. "Did you know?"

Tamara shook her head.

"I didn't think so," he told her. "You can never tell with Piloswine. She must have been pregnant for about three months, but we will only find out three minutes before."

Tamara looked down at the newborn Swinub. "Is she all right?" she asked.

"Perfectly fine," Jordan said. "A normal, healthy Swinub. There is one problem, though."


"Piloswine have been known to eat their young on occasion," Jordan told her. "I think it would be better if you kept them apart, for a few weeks, at least."

Tamara then turned to her sister. "You like Swinub, don't you? Would you like one of your own?"

"Of course!" Sedna said. A few minutes later, she walked out of the Pokemon Centre, with not one, not two, but three Pokemon, just like her friend, Jake.

Later that day, Piloswine was admitted out of the Centre, and was taken back to the gym, where she was already prepared to take part in the battle between Tamara and her sister.

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Default Re: The Canadian League

Chapter Fourteen - Iqaluit Gym Battle: Tamara vs Sedna + Jake

Welcome, everyone, to the Iqaluit Gym, up in Nunavut Territory, Canada. Like before, the battlefield is indoors, in a replica of an underground cavern, which is covered with overhanging icicles. The field is shaped like a square basketball field, with the imprint of a poke ball in the centre. Let's begin!

From one end of the field, Tamara appears, and walks up to the edge of the battlefield. She has a poke ball in each hand, which she sends out to the field, one by one. The first poke ball lands on the field, glows a brilliant blue colour, as its inhabitant is revealed. Soon enough, Piloswine appears on the field. She grunts loudly, eager for the battle to begin. The second poke ball then appears not too far from Piloswine, as it too reveals the Pokemon within it. Within seconds, a blue aura surrounds the ball, as Glalie appears.

The next to appear is Tamara's younger sister, Sedna, who has started her Pokemon journey just the day before. She takes a poke ball in her hand, and moves it up to her lips. She whispers something to the ball, amd then tosses it onto the field. The ball, strikes the floor, instantly disappearing. Her Houndoom then appears, ready for battle.

Jake, the sixteen year old boy from St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador, walks up to the field next. He tosses his own poke ball out onto the field. "Go, Kadabra!" he shouts as the powerful Psychic-type appears on the field, right next to his comrade, Houndoom.

Round One- Home: 4 / Guests: 4

[pokemon]houndoom[/pokemon][pokemon]kadabra[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]piloswine[/pokemon][pokemon]glalie[/pokemon]

The battle begins as Kadabra and Houndoom look at each other, as they determine who should go after who. In the end, Kadabra runs toward Piloswine, as his body temperature is constantly dropping. Houndoom then rushes towards Glalie, with fire flowimg through her body. Kadabra is first to make impact, striking Piloswine with his Fire Punch attack. He looks over at Glalie, and sees her get blown away by Houndoom's Flamethrower. Shaken by the attack, Glalie hits the ground, as she faces Kadabra, and unleashes a giant Ice Beam attack. The ice flie sthrough the air, finally making contact with Jake's Psychic Pokemon. Kadabra strikes the wall, unprepared for the attack. The final Pokemon to move is Piloswine, who runs towards Houndoom. She then plows rightb into her, using her powerful Double-Edge attack. Houndoom barks loudly as she rolls across the ice, along with Piloswine.

Kadabra then turns towards Glalie, and concentrates with all of his psychic powers. The Confusion attack that he has performed was successful in hitting the Glalie, but it was unsuccessful in confusing him. Glalie, still quite healthy, opened his mouth, where the Shadow Ball could be seen. The ball flew through the air, finally impacting Kadabra, dealing some super-effective damage. Kadabra fell to the ground, as Houndoom began her own attacks. Houndoom rammed right into the Piloswine, as she unleashed a powerful Flamethrower attack. The fire singed Piloswine's side, effectively burning her. Piloswine then rushed straight back at Houndoom, with another Double Edge attack. Houndoom took the attack, and went flying towards the wall. As for Piloswine, she had taken some damage herself, in addition to the painful burning on her side.

Kadabra and Houndoom then got up off the ground, and looked at each other. They both appeared to same the same thoughts going through their heads. Soon afterwards, the two Pokemon began running around their opponents, trying desperately to increase their numbers. By the time they were finished, there were five Kadabra and four Houndoom on the field. Glalie and Piloswine then came closer together, as they watched the nine Pokemon circling them. Then, they both opened their mouths, sending out a series of ice, snow, sleet, and hail. The Blizzard attack flew through the air, striking every Houndoom and Kadabra in the room, causing the fake ones to disappear, and the real ones to take the damage.

Not to glad about the last turn's results, Houndoom and Kadabra came up with a different strategy. Houndoom let out an enormous Flamethrower attack on Piloswine, as Kadabra concentrated on increasing his body temperature. The Flamethrower struck Piloswine first, and before it was complete, Kadabra's Fire Punch had hit as well. Once Houndoom and Kadabra had backed off, Piloswine fell to the ground, unable to battle any more.

Tamara then recalled her Piloswine, as she thought about who to send out next. But soon, she knew it had to be Delibird, and sent her out to the field. Delibird appeared next to her comrade, Glalie, and waited for the next round to begin.

Round Two- Home: 3 / Guests: 4

[pokemon]houndoom[/pokemon][pokemon]kadabra[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]delibird[/pokemon][pokemon]glalie[/pokemon]

Kadabra and Houndoom repeated what they had on their last turn. Houndoom unleahed the Flamethrower attack on Glalie, as Kadabra powered up for the Fire Punch. However, after the punch was taken, Glalie did not faint. Instead, she looked over at Delibird, who had begun to flap up into the air. Once she was sure of Delibird's safety. Glalie rammed straight into the ground, using her own Earthquake attack. All around her, the ice began to crack, as the opening headed towards Kadabra and Houndoom. Houndoom yelped, as she got as far away from the crack as she could. Then, the floor began to collapse, yet agin, revealing the cold stream below. Glalie, and most of the other ice, went tumbling into the water. The ice Kadabra was standing on was tumbling into the water as well. However, as he fell, Kadabra had managed to grab ahold of a chunk of ice. As he managed to hold on, he began to feel Houndoom grabbing onto his arm, trying to pull him up. But, Houndoom knew that her attempt had failed, as she watched Kadabra fall into the stream below.

"Kadabra, back!" Jake yelled. Kadabra was recalled before he would of struck the water. "Go, Wailmer!" he then shouted, as he sent a second poke ball into the mix. Wailmer appeared in the cold water, but protected by his blubber, unlike Kadabra would have been.

Round Three- Home: 3 / Guests: 3

[pokemon]houndoom[/pokemon][pokemon]wailmer[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]delibird[/pokemon][pokemon]glalie[/pokemon]

Houndoom, standing all alone up on her chunk of ice, looked at the Delibird flying around her face. Delibird was flying straight for Houndoom, preparing for her aerial attack. However, she didn't quite make it, as Houndoom used yet another Flamethrower attack, this time aimed at her. Delibird stopped in mid-air, and began to fall towards the water below. Glalie screeched from below as she saw her comrade coming straight down. Luckily for Delibird, she landed on Wailmer, instead of the water. Wailmer, then noticing something on his back, thought that it would be best to start his attack from underwater. Delibird then looked around her, as she realized what was happening. Before Wailer had fully submerged, Delibird had flapped into the air, finally landing on her comrade's head. Glalie screeched as the Pokemon landed on her head, but she was still glad that she could help. But then she realized why Wailmer had submerged in the first place. Wailmer had went to the bottom of the stream, and had begun racing stright towards the floating Glalie. Coming out of the water, Wailmer struck Glalie, sending her flying right out of the water and into the air. Delibird went for the ride too, but she had managed to fly off of her friend as she crashed into the wall. She then closed her eyes as she went tumbling back into the water below.

"Glalie, return! You've fought well!" Tamara shouted as she recalled the Pokemon. She then placed the poke ball aside, as she replaced it for another. The other was Cloyster, who appeared in the stream in the spot where Glalie had just been.

Round Four- Home: 2 / Guests: 3

[pokemon]houndoom[/pokemon][pokemon]wailmer[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]delibird[/pokemon][pokemon]cloyster[/pokemon]

The next move went to Houndoom, who again looked for the flying Delibird. She found her, and immediately began unleashing another Flamethrower attack on her. Delird took the hit, but managed to avoid the majority of it. She then pulled out the bag she was carrying, and threw it to Houndoom. The bag hit the chunk of ice that Houndoom was residing on. Houndoom went over to sniff the Present, to see what was inside. Delibird then smiled inwardly as the bag exploded in Houndoom's face, as she soon realized what would be happening. The bomb cracked the ice that she was standing on, and caused her to go tumbling into the sea below.

"Houndoom, come back!" Sedna shouted, as Houndoom disappeared into her poke ball. She then pulled out her other two poke balls: Teddiursa and Swinub were inside them, both unexperienced, and unable to withstand the cold water. "Put your Pokemon on Wailmer's back!" Jake said to her, as she tossed one of the poke balls into the field. The little Teddiursa appeared on Wailmer's back, ready for her first battle.

Round Five- Home: 2 / Guests: 2

[pokemon]teddiursa[/pokemon][pokemon]wailmer[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]delibird[/pokemon][pokemon]cloyster[/pokemon]

Cloyster began the round by sending an Ice Beam through the air, aimed for Teddiursa. Seeing this, Wailmer rocked back and forth, creating a Surf attack. The large wave flew right towards the Ice Beam. As a result, the surf was frozen solid, as it continued on towards Cloyster. The icy Surf struck Cloyster, causing her to go beneath the waves. Teddiursa then looked up, where she saw Delibird flying straight at her, with her beak outstretched. Bracing herself quite carefully on the Wailmer's back, Teddiursa waited for the hit. When Delibird was just decimetres from hitting, Teddiursa grabbed her wing, and sent her tumbling into the stream. Delibird went under, where she collided with Cloyster.

Tamara ran over to the edge of the field as she watched Cloyster rise to the surface, with the little Delibird, fainted on the top of her shell. Tamara then smiled, as she recalled her Pokemon, and looked over to her sister, as she called out her next commands.

Round Six- Home: 1 / Guests: 2

[pokemon]teddiursa[/pokemon][pokemon]wailmer[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]cloyster[/pokemon]

Cloyster and Wailmer then looked straight at each other, as they both swam to opposite ends of the stream. Once they were far enough apart, the two Pokemon begab racing towards each other, at quite a high speed. Teddiursa was holding on tight as the two Pokemon finally struck each other head on. Cloyster didn't take as much damage due to her protective armour, but the damage was enough. However, Teddiursa wasn't so lucky, as she soon lost her balance, and went tumbling into the sea.

Sedna then recalled Teddiursa, as she looked over at Jake. He said he could do it, she told herself. Let's see if he keeps his word.

Round Seven- Home: 1 / Guests: 1

[pokemon]wailmer[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]cloyster[/pokemon]

Cloyster and Wailmer swam around in circles, staring at each other. Wailmer knew that Cloyster would be tougher than he is, as Cloyster knew that he would be larger. All the trainers came over to watch as the two Pokemon submerged, and went into the depths of the stream. Everyone watched as a large whirlpool began to appear. Cloyster then came flying out of that whirlpool, as Wailmer burst out after her, curled up into the shape of a ball. Cloyster then fell back into the water, and waited for Wailmer's large body to crashing down on top of her. It did, as an enormous array of water began to spread around in all directions. The cold water splashed up to where the trainers were, covering them with a light mist.

Tamara and Jake then went to the edge of the cliff, where they recalled their Pokemon. "Good job, Wailmer," Jake said to his poke ball, as he noticed Tamara doing the same to hers.

"I can't believe you beat her!" Arnie cried in disbelief. "A pair of newbie trainers!"

"I, on the other hand, can believe it," Tamara said, looking at Sedna and Jake. "You have both battled well, and you are going to be rewarded for it."

"Good job, Jake," Alfred said. "That Wailmer was a sure fine catch, if I do say so myself."

"As was Abra, Houndour, and even the little Teddiursa," Tamara said, as she pulled out two badges.

They were shaped like the sun, although they were a icy blue colour. All around it, there were what appeared to be icicles, made entirely out of white rock. In the centre of the badge were the words:

Whoever owns this has beaten Tamara, the leader at Iqaluit Gym

Tamara handed the first bade to Sedna, and the second to Jake. "Congratulations. You are both an eighth of the way to reaching the Pokemon League."

"Where is that?" Jake asked her.

"It's location is yet to be decided. Some of the world's best Pokemon trainers are currently in the process of determining where it will be."

"So, where is the next gym?" Sedna asked her sister, as she noticed Arnie on the urge of breaking a fit.
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Default Re: The Canadian League

Chapter Fifteen - The Doomsday Pokemon

"The closest gym is in Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories," Tamara responded.

"Yellowknife," Alfred said. "Isn't that where Arnold has his gym?"

"Yes it is," Tamara told him. "Have you met before?"

"Yeah, I have," Alfred responded. "He's a former Oligan member, or at least that's what the rumours say."

"Well, it's not a rumour," Tamara said. "It's the truth. We gym leaders have to keep in touch with each other, you know."

"Oligan or not, we are going to challenge him," Sedna said. "Right, Jake?"

"Of course. You coming, Alfred?"

"I'm afraid not," he told him. "I would like to stay here in Iqaluit for awhile. I'm hoping for a rematch," he said, looking for Alfred.

"In the meantime, I would like to help you two get to the mainland," Tamara said. "Come on, let's go to the airport."

With that, Tamara closed up the gym, as the five trainers headed off. After a short stop at the Pokemon Centre, Tamara led the others to the outskirts of town, near the spot where the Piloswine-Poliwhirl battle had took place.

Sedna heard a loud noise coming from above her head. She looked up, where she noticed a small plane coming in for a landing.

"Ah, there she is," Tamara said. "Sedna, you know Melissa, right? I believe she went to your school a few years back?"

Sedna nodded, as she watched the plane hit the ground, and slowly came to a stop.

Sedna then watched as the doors opened, and Melissa got out of the plane. She was in her late twenties, although she looked a lot younger at the moment. Sedna could see why.

"Tamara!" she shouted. "Now what would a gym leader be doing out here at this time of day?"

Tamara then smiled, and turned to her sister. "Sedna here has received her badge today, and we were wondering if you could take her and her friend here down to Yellowknife."

"Beaten your sister, eh?" Melissa said to Sedna. "Bet she went full out on you with that nasty Cloyster of hers."

"As a matter of fact I did," Tamara said. "But she couldn't take that Rollout attack."

"And who is this young man," Melissa then said, looking at Jake. "I have never seen him around before."

"My name is Jake," Jake told her. "I'm from Newfoundland."

"Newfoundland, eh?" Melissa repeated. "I've never been there before. You like it there?"

"It's great," Jake said. "I plan to go back one day."

Melissa then turned to Tamara. "I can get them to Yellowknife all right. They'll be all right with me."

"I know they will," Tamara said. Tamara then turned to her sister. "Bye, Sedna. Come home soon, all right?"

"Definetly," Sedna told her.

With that, Sedna got into the plane along with Jake. Jake had gotten into the back seat, whereas Sedna had gotten into the seat next to the pilot. Melissa then got in, and started it up.

Jake and Sedna looked out of the plane's window, and waved at Alfred, Arnie, and Tamara, who were waving back. The loud motor of the plane then sounded, it began to take off. Sedna watched as her sister didappeared from view.

"You ever been to the mainland before?" Melissa asked them once they were in the sky.

"No, never," Sedna admitted. "I've never left Baffin Island."

"Well, I guess Labrador is part of the mainland, so yes, I've been there before," Jake said. "But only recently."

Jake then looked down at Hudson Bay below them. He noticed a group of Seel and Dewgong rising among the waves. But they soon left from view as Melissa began flying over the land.

Sedna was looking down now too, as she watched the trees go by. They were flying over a forest of large conifers, which were covering up whatever may have been on the ground.

It seemed like many hours had gone by, and still Jake and Sedna could only see the large pine trees. But then, Melissa came up to a small lake that was in the middle of the forest.

"Hey, look!" Jake said. "There's a Pokemon down there!"

Sedna looked to where he was pointing, and sure enough, there was a Pokemon by the water, looking up at them. It was white and black in colour, with an odd knife-like thing protruding from its head.

"Oh, my," Melissa said, glancing over to see the creature. "That's Absol!"

"Have you seen them before?" Sedna asked her. "It's quite beautiful."

"Very beautiful," Melissa told her. "That what everyone says, if they don't know about the Doomsday Pokemon."

"Doomsday Pokemon?" Jake repeated. "Why was it given that name?"

"Because every time someone sees an Absol, something horrible happens soon after. That's what the legends say, anyway." She then shrugged. "I don't believe in that though. We'll be fine. Yellowknife isn't too far away now. You two will be battling Arnold in no time."

That's when they heard it: a loud crackling of Thunder in the distance. Soon after, the rain began to pour, almost out of nowhere."

"That's odd," Melissa said. "It wasn't supposed to rain today."

Sedna looked out of the plane's window, and was surprised to see that she couldn't make anything out at all. "Um, Melissa, all we all right?"

"As long as we stay in the air, yes," she responded. "And we're definetly going to stay in the air."

But, she soon found out she was mistaken.

A large smack could be heard from outside, as one of the plane's wings struck the top of one of the trees.

"Oh, no...." Melissa began to say.
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Default Re: The Canadian League

Chapter Sixteen - Lost in the Canadian Wilderness

Sedna opened her eyes.

She got up, and realized that she was lying in the snow. She looked into the sky, but all she saw were the bottoms of the conifers.

Getting to her feet, she looked around, trying to find any signs of the plane. She didn't see a thing.

She suddenly reached into her coat pocket, where she was relieved to see three poke balls. She took out one, and placed it onto the ground. Houndoom then appeared by her side.

"Hey girl," Sedna said to her. "Your nose is better than mine. Can you see if you can find anything?"

Houndoom then barked gleefully, as she set off into the wilderness. "Don't get lost!" Sedna called to her as she ran off.

Once again alone, Sedna began to walk through the forest, looking for any clue as to what had happened. The rain had stopped, that was for sure, and that was all she knew.

She then heard Houndoom barking loudly. She ran in the direction of the noise to see what was getting her all nerved up.

She then found Houndoom at the wreckage of the plane. "Jake!" she shouted, as she saw her traveling partner stuck in the plane, with blood dripping on his head.

Quite quickly, Houndoom jumped into the plane, and ripped out the front seat. She then grabbed Jake by the shirt, and took him out of the plane, and over to the ground.

Houndoom then started sniffing the plane, as her eyes grew large. She then grabbed onto Jake's shirt, and began running away from the plane.

"What's wrong?" Sedna wondered. But then, she noticed the scent that her Pokemon had already discovered.

Sedna was then running herself, trying to get enough distance between her and the wreck.

Then, the plane exploded, blowing flames straight through the trees and into the air. Sedna fell down to the ground from the impact, as she noticed that Houndoom had done the same.

She got up to her feet, only to see the forest behind her on fire. The explosion had caused several trees to burst into flame, which quickly spread to those adjacent.

Knowing that she had to stop it, Sedna reached into Jake's pocket, pulling out his poke balls. "Wailmer, please help!" she shouted.

Wailmer then came out of the poke ball, appearing right in the middle of the fire. He then used all of his strength to unleash a powerful Water Spout attack. Water then burst from his blowhole, flying straight up into the air. The water then began raining down on the trees, putting out any and all fires that were present.

Some of the water also struck Jake, somehow causing him to wake up as a result. Jake opened his eyes, unsure of where he was. He then looked over at his Wailmer. "Wailmer, back!" he shouted, as the Pokemon returned to his poke ball.

Sedna then looked over at Jake, glad to see that he was awake. "Jake, do you know what happened?"

"Yeah, I think so," he told her. "We hit a tree, and then braced ourselves for a crash landing."

"Have you seen Melissa?" he asked her.

"No," Sedna admitted. "I haven't."

Jake then got up to his feet, and surveyed his surroundings. "Do you know where we are?"

"Somewhere in the Northwest Territories," she told him. "But other than that, your guess is as good as mine."

"Well, it's definetly not Newfoundland," Jake told her.

"I guess not," Sedna agreed. "Do you have any idea which way is west?"

"Not a clue," Jake told her. "The plane was facing west when we crashed, but whose to say it's still facing that way? Anyway, if we go any way other than west, we'll be headed deeper into the wilderness. So, I don't know what to do.'

He then got an idea. "Do you think we could see that lake from atop of those trees?"

"Sure," Sedna told him. "But how can we...?"

But Jake was already sending Kadabra out of his poke ball. "Kadabra," he said to him once he was out. "Can you Teleport me to the top of the trees?"

Kadabra held his spoon out in front of him, as he began to levitate off of the ground. He then disappeared into thin air. "Good luck!" Jake said to him.

Soon afterwards, Kadabra reappeared behind Jake. He was pointing his spoon out in the direction of the plane.

"Is the lake that way?" Jake asked him. After seeing Kadabra nod, Jake turned in the other direction. "Then Yellowknife is this way."

Jake, Sedna, Kadabra, and Houndoom then began walking in the direction that they assumed would bring them to Yellowknife.

"I hope Melissa is all right," Sedna said after a few minutes.

"She's probably thinking the same thing about us," Jake told her. "She must be half way to Yellowknife by now."

"Yeah, you're right," Sedna agreed.

As they were walking, they heard a large scuffle in the woods. A few seconds passed, and Absol had appeared before them.

Houndoom and Kadabra surrounded him, preparing to attack. Absol had leaped on top of Kadabra, knocking him over. As he did this, Houndoom unleashed her trademark Flamethrower attack. This took Absol off guard, as he tumbled to the ground.

"Houndoom, Flamethrower again!" Sedna shouted.

"No, wait!" Jake shouted as he pulled a poke ball out of his pocket. The ball flew through the air, trapping the Absol inside. Once inside, the poke ball rolled once, twice, three times. Absol was caught!

Jake walked over and picked up the poke ball. "Hello, Absol," he said.

"You actually caught that thing," Sedna said to him.

"Hey, he's a great Pokemon," Jake told her. "What happened to us was just a coincidence. I don't believe in the doomsday thing."

"Well, I do."

Jake turned around to find the source of the voice. Behind him, he saw a young man, perhaps a year or two younger than himself. Beside him, there was a mean-looking Ariados.

"Who are you?" Sedna asked him.

"Just call me Martin," he said. "Head of Team Oliga."

"Oh, not you guys again," Jake said. "When will you get the hint to just leave people and Pokemon alone?"

"When they decide to listen to us, of course," Martin replied. "If nobody defied us, we could be able to live in peace with one another. But unfortunately, we can't live like that."

"Ariados, Spider Web!" he then shouted, as Ariados crawled over to Jake and Sedna.

He was just about to start making the web when he was struck from above. As Jake, Sedna, and Martin watched, a Gligar swooped down, and plucked the Ariados off of the ground. Gligar then landed on the branch of a nearby tree, where he began to use the Ariados' silk to put the bug Pokemon in his own spider web!

Gligar then swooped back down to the ground, where he landed on a man's shoulder.

Martin turned to look at the man. "Arnold!" he cried in disbelief.

"Arnold?" Sedna repeated as she looked up at the owner of the Gligar.
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Default Re: The Canadian League

Chapter Seventeen - Steelix-Back Riding Lessons

"Come on, Arnold," Martin said to the Yellowknife gym leader. "Remember the good old days?"

"Of course I remember them," Arnold responded. "I'm living them right now!"

Martin then turned to face him. "Team Oliga needs you to come back to us. Get rid of your stupid gym and come back to us."

"Did you just call my gym stupid?" Arnold questioned, as he took a poke ball off of his belt. "How about taking me on right now, to see who really is the stupid one."

With that, Arnold tossed his poke ball into the forest, as it began to glow a brilliant white. It then revealed the Pokemon who was resting within it: Steelix. The giant Steel-Ground Pokemon turned around, knocking over a few trees in the process, and looked Martin straight in the eye.

"Fine, you want to battle?" Martin shouted, as he threw his own poke ball towards Steelix. Within a few seconds, a second Pokemon had appeared: Arcanine. The Fire type looked up at the giant Steelix who was looming over his head, as the flames covering his body flashed below the setting sun.

Arcanine began the battle by blowing a powerful Flamethrower atttack at his opponent. The fire flew through the air, finally striking the enormous Steelix, who cried in pain as he noticed two of his segments begin to melt slightly. Thinking it would be better to avoid further damage, Steelix coiled his body into a ball, and leapt into the air. Then, he came crashing back into the ground, as he began to dig deep into the ground. All Arcanine could do was wait for the inevitable.

Jake and Sedna watched as the ground began to shake around Arcanine. Not long after, Steelix had erupted from the ground, colliding head-on with Martin's Pokemon. Arcanine flew straight up into the air, where he struck a tree. Then, he began to fall back to the ground-and right into the hole where Steelix has originally dug out!

"Stay back," Arnold said to the two trainers in front of him. "Steelix, use Earthquake!"

Steelix then moved his large head over to the hole where his opponent had fell into. He then swiftly crashed his head into the ground, sending reverberations all the way to where Jake and Sedna were standing. But of course, there was no damage to Steelix, for he could withstand much more then a little head smashing on the Canadian Shield.

"Okay, okay, I give up!" Martin shouted as he recalled his Arcanine. "Nobody is as good as you are, which is why we need you to come back to us!"

"Kindness, Co-operation, and Respect," Arnold then said. "Those are the aspects of life that I live by."

"And all the things that I oppose," Martin muttered. "Fine, don't join us. But remember, the invitation is always open."

With that, he quickly grabbed his Ariados out of the tree, and began heading back into town.

"As long as you know I'll never accept it!" Arnold shouted back as Martin disappeared into the night.

Arnold then turned to the two trainers that were before him. "Jake of Newfoundland, and Sedna of Nunavut, I presume?"

"How do you know us?" Jake quickly questioned.

"Melissa told me. I usually let my Steelix roam the Shield, searching for undiscovered diamonds."

"Diamonds?" Sedna repeated.

"Sure," Arnold told her. "Next to South Africa, the Shield is the most diamond-rich region on the planet. Well, anyway, Steelix was out looking for diamonds, when he suddenly heard your premature landing take place. He found Melissa unconscious, and quickly brought her to town to get medical attention."

"Is she all right?" Jake asked.

"Oh, she'll be fine. She woke up about an hour ago, when she told the doctors that you two were also out here. Steelix and I then quickly came out here looking for you."

"Thank you," Jake told him. "We weren't sure if we were heading into deeper forest or not."

"No, you were en route to Yellowknife, that's for sure. But of course, it would would take you another three hours to get you there on foot."

"You have something else in mind?" Jake asked him curiously.

That is when Steelix then groaned slightly, as he slithered a bit closer to the group.

"Definetly," Arnold responded. "Let's go Steelix-back riding."

Steelix then lowered his head, so that the humans could easily grab ahold of his sections. Arnold then stepped onto the first section, where he grabbed the protruding spike. Sedna then did the same with the second segment, as Jake did so with the third.

"Amazing!" Sedna exclaimed as she felt the hard texture of the Pokemon's body. "I was sure he would be too rough to ride." Jake nodded in agreement.

"You want rough, you're about to get it," Arnold said. "Hold on tight, this is a lot faster than a roller coaster, you know, and far less predictable."

Steelix then lifted up his head to the trees. Jake looked down at the ground below, noticing how little control he actually had at the moment. Sedna just smiled, as she braced herself for what was to come next.

"Steelix, take us to Yellowknife!" Arnold shouted, as the Pokemon growled in his low voice.

He started in an instant, jumping straight into the air. He went so high up that he actually broke the canopy, as he began his descent. Jake's stomach began to turn, as Sedna held on desperately to the spike in her hands.

All could feel it as the pine needles brushed against their faces as Steelix headed back to the ground.

Sedna couldn't believe her eyes when she realized that Steelix was going underground. She braced herself for impact as the Pokemon grew closer to hitting.

A large crashing sound could be heard as Steelix made impact. All onboard watched as sand blew all around them, as the dark grey rock of the Canadian Shield began to surround them on all sides.

Sedna then began to realize what was going on: Steelix had already created the underground tunnel! It was obviously big enough to take riders, in addition to the fact that a lot of time would be saved because Steelix wouldn't have to dig into the ground to move; instead, he could just travel at top speed. Amazing, Sedna said to herself again.

Steelix sped quickly through those underground tunnels, once in a while jumping out of the ground, only to crash back into a different one. Jake and Sedna could hardly believe their eyes as the Canadian terrain-above and below the ground-whipped by them at incredible speeds.

But soon enough, after twenty minutes had passed, Steelix suddenly stopped.

"We've reached our last stop," Arnold called. "Everybody out." He then hopped off of his Pokemon, as Jake and Sedna soon did the same.

Once off, Jake looked over at a lantern on the wall. Below it was the phrase "Welcome to Yellowknife."

"So we've gotten to Yellowknife, then," he said to Arnold.

"Well, we're below the city," Arnold corrected him. "Once we get to the top of those stars, we'll be in Yellowkinfe." He indicated a metal staircase over by the wall.

With that, Arnold recalled his Steelix, and led the way to the stairs. Jake and Sedna quickly followed, quite curious about what they would see next.

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Default Re: The Canadian League

Chapter Eighteen - Trainers of the Great Slave

Yellowknife, NW

The three trainers finally reached the top of the stairs. Jake and Sedna were surprised to see that they were in the Yellowknife Pokemon Centre.

"Well, here we are," Arnold said. "Welcome to Yellowknife."

"How far to the hospital?" Jake then asked him.

"You're already here," Arnold told him. "The Pokemon Centre is just a separate wing."

"Oh," Sedna replied. "Then where is Melissa?"

"I'll take you to her," Arnold said, as he began to lead the two trainers into the human part of the hospital.

Not too long afterwards, they had entered their pilot's room. She was asleep, although she looked completely well.

"Melissa is going to be fine," Arnold told them. "Not a thing to worry about. However, I don't think you should be waking her up quite yet."

He then turned to the two young trainers. "So, you looking to battle me, eh?"

"Yes, sir," Jake responded. "That's why we're here in Yellowknife, after all."

"Well, I'll be accepting challengers at sunset," He then told them. "Why don't you drop by the gym then? It's down below this here Centre, you know."

"You mean underground?" Sedna asked him.

"Yeah, underground," he replied. "Not all of Steelix's tunnels are used for travel."

With that, Arnold headed back down into his tunnels, leaving Jake and Sedna with the city of Yellowkinfe at their disposal.

The two left the hospital, walking out into the street. "It's a lot warmer here," Sedna observed.

"Yeah," Jake agreed. "So, what is there to do in Yellowknife, eh?"

"No idea," Sedna admitted. "I've never been here before."

Just then, the two trainers began to hear a loud grunting sound. They turned to see what was going on, and found that there was a little Vulpix running up to them.

"Vulpix, wait!" called out a young boy who came running up behind the Pokemon. But Vulpix didn't stop. He went right up to Sedna, where he began to sniff at her ankles.

"He's definetly friendly," Sedna said as she picked up the Pokemon, and handed him back to his trainer.

"Yes," the boy said. "He does that with everyone he first meets."

"So, you're from Yellowkinfe, I presume?" Jake asked him.

The boy nodded. "All my life." He then stuck out his hand to Sedna. "Hello, my name's Ian."

Sedna took the hand. "I'm Sedna, and this is my friend Jake."

"So, we were wondering what we can do here in Yellowknife. Can you help us?"

"Sure," Ian told them. "Please, follow me."


So, Ian led the two trainers across town, until they finally got to the shore of the Great Bear Lake.

"This is where all the town's trainers come to battle," Ian told them. "I'm sure they would allow some newcomers for awhile."

The three trainers walked along the seashore, until they reached a small wooden building with the words "Pokemon Batlin Place." It was written with wooden boards, which were nailed together to form the letters.

As they got closer, Jake noticed a young woman, along with her Pokemon: the feral antelope, Stantler.

"Hey, Sam," Ian said to her. "I have some new battlers here with me."

"So, you two want to take on Ian and I?" Sam asked Jake.

"Certainly," Jake called back, as he pulled out a poke ball. "Go, Bellsprout!"

Vulpix began by wagging his seven tails, as he leaped at the Swinub before him, with his jaws wide open. He bit the little Pokemon, who quickly backed away, and looked over at the large Stantler a few metres away. Stanter's eyes began to glow brightly, as she released a Shadow Ball attack, aimed at Jake's Bellsprout. Bellsprout took the attack, as he began to spew out a pungent powder from his mouth. The Sleep Powder flew through the air, making contact with the Stantler, who fell down to the ground, completely exhausted. The final move went to Swinub, who dug straight down into the ground, coming up a few seconds afterward, from beneath Vulpix. Vulpix flew right up into the air, and into the Great Slave Lake.

However, Ian recalled his Pokemon before he could make contact. "You're good," Ian said to Sedna. "Sent my Vulpix flying right into the lake, eh?"

Sedna was about to reply, when she saw a large Pokemon running through the forest behind the PBA.

It was Arcanine. And he wasn't alone....

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Default Re: The Canadian League

Chapter Nineteen - Ariados Silk

A series of Pokemon bagan to come running or flying out of the forest. Arcanine, Ariados, Skarmory, Raticate, Golem, and Sneasel were among them.

"What's going on here?" Jake asked Sam.

Sam shook her head. "I have no idea," she admitted.

Just then, answering his question, a Tropius appeared, looking very out of place in the Canadian north.

The Tropius had a rider on his back, a middle-aged man with grayish brown hair.

"You have no idea why I'm here?" the man said with a foreign accent, which Jake assumed was European. "Weren't you the ones who ruined the plans of my partners?"

"Paul and George," Sedna muttered. "You work with those monsters!"

Just then, the Ariados began to spurt out his famous silk towards the trainers. With help from the speedy Skarmory, the silk soon managed to have them all covered with the stuff, rendering them motionless.

"The name's Tony," the man then said, as Golem began to carry Sam and Sedna into the Battling Centre.

"What are you doing here, Tony?" Jake said, after managing to get his mouth free. "Your friends have failed at getting Articuno. Why can't you just stop there!"

"Oh, you're too young to understand, little Jake," Tony said, as he knelt down to the trainer. "We just can't have all of you people running this planet on your own terms. You need some control."

He then grabbed Jake, and began dragging him along the ground behind Golem. "And in order to be in control, you must eliminate your competition. Which is why I thank you for getting Paul and George for me. Quite generous, actually."


Soon afterwards, Jake found himself wrapped up in Ariados silk, surrounded by the three others who have met the same fate.

"Can anyone get free?" he called out to them. No one answered. At least, no one answered vocally.

Jake began to hear a ripping noise, as Sam managed to wriggle her way out of her cocoon. She then revealed the small pocket knife that she had used to rip the silk.

She then went over to Ian, and freed him from his coccon. Soon after that, Sedna and Jake were freed as well.

Jake leapt right into the air, as he looked around the Battling Centre. It looked a lot like a school gym, to his surprise, with a basketball hoop on either end.

"You know what that man was talking about?" Ian then asked Jake.

"Yeah, unfortunately," he responded. "He's an Oligan, out to get control of the world, apparently wanting to start with Yellowknife."

"Why Yellowknife?" Sam asked.

"If it's all right with you, I'd rather we not find out," Sedna said. "Do you have a telephone here?"

As Sam and Sedna went to get the telephone, Ian and Jake walked over to the Centre's window. They could still see a flock of Oligan Pokemon headed into the city.

"So, Ian," Jake then said, turning to the other trainer. "Why did Arnold stop being an Oligan, anyway?"

"His wife died a few years ago, back when Arnold was still part of Team Oliga," Ian began to say. "I don't know how she was killed, but most believe that the Oligans were somehow involved. Anyway, ever since then, Arnold has been helping get rid of the party that once held him in such high regard."

"Then he has good reason to be angry at them," Jake concluded.

Just then, Sedna and Sam came back into the room. "Arnold's not at the hospital, or the gym, or even at his home," Sedna said. "We don't know where else to look."

"Well, then, we're just going to have to take the Oligans on ourselves," Jake said to her, as he headed for the door. The three trainers behind him soon followed.

Once outside, they noticed a large pillar of smoke was rising up from the centre of the city. "We may be too late...." Sam began to say.

"You're never too late if you're fighting for freedom!" Sedna shouted as she raced for the lake. "The Oligans use fire, eh? Then we'll use water!"

"Go, Teddiursa!" she shouted as her Pokemon landed at the water's edge, not to far from a wild Marshtomp. The trainers watched as the battle raged on, leaving Marshtomp in a prime state to catch.

Sedna tossed her poke ball towards the Pokemon, and watched as she disappeared into it.

Marshtomp was caught!

Once she picked the ball out of the lake, and recalled her Teddiursa, a Golduck and a Poliwhirl began to march out towards her.

Then, a pair of Ludicolo, along with another Marshtomp.

Then, a lone Pelipper, followed by a flock of Pigeotto, and two Pidgeot.

Until Pokemon could be seen in every which direction, with all of their eyes focused on Sedna.

Sedna then looked over to Jake, and smiled. "Well, you think Mr. Tony Oliagn is expecting this?"

Jake shook his head, amazed at what had just happened. He just watched as Sedna outstretched her arm, and pointed in a westerly direction.

"Now, to Yellowknife!" She shouted at the top of her lungs.
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Default Re: The Canadian League

Chapter Twenty - Attack of the Slaves

Downtown Yellowkinfe, NW

Walking through the streets of Yellowknife, Sedna led her team of Pokemon, alongside her good friend Jake.

Finally reaching a suburban neighbourhood, Sedna could see the source of the smoke. An Arcanine had went on a rampage, throwing Flamethrower attacks at what appeared to be random houses. Sedna watched as a mother and her two children ran out of their burning home, screaming with fright in their eyes.

Sedna then took a pokeball out of her coat pocket, and tossed in on the ground in front of Arcanine. "Marshtomp, use Muddy Water, now!"

Without hesitation, Marshtomp stomped hard onto the ground, causing brown water to burst from underground. The water then swept through the streets, washing over the Arcanine in one clean swipe. Then, after seeing the Pokemon lying injured on the ground, a group of Pidgeotto began to attack him.

A loud screaming noise could then be heard coming from within the burning building. "Our Pokemon! They're still in there!" one of the young children, an eight year old boy, was crying, as he watched his home be destroyed from the fire. The other, an eleven year old girl, just stood motionless.

"Houndoom, get the Pokemon!" Sedna cried out as she placed another Pokemon on the ground.

"No!" Jake called over to her. "Wailmer, I choose you!" Sedna then watched as he threw his own poke ball into the mix. The Wailmer then appeared, and began shooting geysers of water from his blowhole almost immediately. The water flew up high into the air, finally blasting down on the house, a hundred times more effective than a firefighter's hose.

Soon afterward, Sedna and Jake watched as a Furret and a Sandshrew came rushing out of the house, as they were reunited with their young trainers.

The reunion put a smile on Sedna's face, as she remembered who her sister had reacted after finding her safe and sound on the Tauros' back. She knew that those two children had been fearing the worst, just as Tamara had been.

But then she zapped back into reality, as it was brought to her attention that Wailmer had only put out the flame on one house, of which there many. Looking at the pickup truck in the driveway, she turned to face her fellow trainers. "So, does anyone know how to drive that?"

As it turned out, Sam had gotten her license a few months earlier(the age in this area of Canada is 14, not 16), so she was the one who quickly hopped into the driver's seat, as Jake got in the back, along with his Wailmer.

Sedna and Ian watched as the truck drove on down the street, as the Wailmer continued to shoot out his Water Spout attack.

"She's a good driver, right?" Sedna asked Ian.

"Definetly," he answered. "Nobody is any better."

"Good," Sedna replied, as she looked up into the air, watching even more Pokemon flood into the city from the surrounding forest. What caught her attention were all the Noctowl, who must have woken up from their daylight slumber to help out the Yellowknifers.


Sedna quickly turned to find the source of the explosion. To her surprise, she saw Tony and his Tropius, flying high over the school, using his Ariados to shoot down Sludge Bombs through the windows. Apparently, one of the bombs had struck the chemistry lab, mixing with trinitrotoluene. The one half of the building had caved in, as a fire began to spread to the footbal field outside.

"I know you're in there!" Tony yelled as he began to toss some poke balls down into the school. "I'll just have to flush you out."

"Who's in the school?" Sedna wondered aloud, as she quickly ran towards the school.

"It has to be Arnold!" Ian called out to her. "He works there during the day."

Upon arriving at the school, Sedna looked up to see the large Tropius hovering right above the auditorium.

"Ian, distract him while I go inside, all right?" Sedna called out.

"You want me to distract him! How?"

"Just think of something," Sedna said to him. "I trust you."

With that, she ran quickly through the open door, and into the building. Her sneekers skidded along the floor as she raced through the halls.

[i]Where is he,[i] she thought to herself as she came to a + in the hall.

"Houndoom, Teddiursa, Marshtomp, go!" she shouted as she released the three Pokemon from their poke balls. Houndoom began sniffing the floor, as Marshtomp flexed her muscles, waiting for her orders. Teddiursa just watched curiously as Houndoom picked up the scent.

"Wruf! Wruf! Wruf!" she began barking, as she began running down the left hallway. Teddiursa and Marshtomp followed in quick pursuit.


Finally arriving in the cafeteria, Sedna looked through the plain glass windows, as she witnessed a heated battle between a Nidoking and a Camerupt against a Skarmory, a Shftry, and a Muk.

Forget about fairness, Tony's Pokemon didn't even know the word. While Cemerupt tried to unleash a Flamethrower attack, Shiftry was ramming him straight into the Pepsi machine. Camerupt cried out as the cold pop cans flew out of the machine, and began falling into his peak. On the other side of the cafeteria, Muk and Skarmory were resorting to throwing tables at the Nidoking. Sedna watched in horror as one of the the tables fell right on the Poison-Ground Pokemon's head, causing his horn to get caught up in it. He then rocked his head back and forth, desperately trying to get the table off his face.

Camerupt then used his body mass to strike Shiftry on his side. As the Pokemon fell to the floor, Camerupt began to cover himself with an invisible veil. Seeing that his comrade was safe, Nidoking leapt into the air, crashing hard onto the tile floor. Although Skarmory was Flying-type, the quake had managed to get Muk to loose his balance, and end up sending a table flying straight at him. The collision sent the metal bird flying through the air, finally landing in a pool of French Frie grease. The Skarmory let out an ear-piercing yelp as his brittle feathers melted off. As for Muk, he collapsed onto the ground, tired. Nidoking then ran over, picking up the Muk as he would a pile of slime, and chucked him over to the fallen Shiftry. The two Pokemon struck each other, and began rolling over towards the assembly line. All the while Shiftry was trying to pull the goop off him, while Muk was trying to keep his body intact. Laughing at the strange sight, Camerupt let out another Flamethrower, ending both Pokemon's aggravating experiences.

Seeing that the battle was over, Tony walked into the room, clapping his hands. "Well done, I say. But of course, I didn't excpect anything less." He then recalled his three Pokemon, as he turned over to look Sedna in the eyes.

"Ah, we meet again, young lady," he grinned. "But, I promise you it will your last."

He laughed as she began to walk towards him. "I wouldn't come any closer if I were you," he said, as he pulled out a gun.

Sedna stopped dead in her tracks. The only thing she could concentrate on was the weapon pointed at her face.

"Yes, I though that would stop you," Tony laughed. "Now go on over to Arnold. I'm sure he'll be glad to have you around with him.

Sedna then slowly walked over to where the Yellowkinfe gym leader was standing, keeping her eye on Tony the whole time. She was concentrating on him so much that she didn't even notice who was behind him.

"Put the gun down, Tony!" Jake said softly, as he krept up behind the Oligan. "You're not going to win that way-or any other way, for that matter."

Tony then began to turn around, but the loud snarling soon stopped him.

"Just try it," Jake said to him. "Houndoom would love an excuse to sink his teeth into your flesh-although she'd probably have to have a lot of mouth wash afterward."

But Tony did not listen to the boy's warning. He quickly spun around, stuck it on Jake's forehead, and pulled the trigger....

"No!" Sedna screamed, as she fell down onto her knees.

But nothing happened. The gun clicked, just as Jake knew it would.

Jake just smiled, as Tony began to realize what had just happened. He looked further off behind Jake, where he saw Kadabra, holding his round of of bullets in his left hand. He concentrated slightly, and the bullets disappeared, reappearing in his right.

"Houndoom," Jake said, feeling oddly amused as Tony's face turned a bright red colour. "Your turn."


As it turned out, Jake and Sam had driven around town, putting out all of the fires that Tony's Pokemon had started. Jake had noticed what was going on at the school, and immediately left the truck to run to his friends' rescue.

Ian had done what he could, but Tropius had knocked him out. He was unconscious in hospital, but Arnold assured everyone that he was all right.

Arnold and several other people had begun to collect Tony's Pokemon, taking them to the Pokecentre in order to reintroduce them to the community. In fact, Skarmory would soon be getting brand new wings!

Sam had returned the pick-up, and, after making sure that Ian would be all right, she began to work with various other Yellowknifers as they rebuilt their community, starting with the school. The first thing they did was put up a banner saying, "Courage, Kindness, and Co-operation. All the Qualities of a Great Leader. Cowardice, Authority, and Oppressiveness Makes an Oligan."

Jake and Seda had been reunited soon after the event in the school. Sedna remembered what had been going through her head at the moment when she thought she would never see Jake alive again. She was so glad to see that he was alive, that she kissed him. Soon afterward, she backed away, yelling about how stupid he had been.

As for Tony, he had managed to escape from the enraged Houndoom, as he got on his Tropius and raced for the skies. However, before leaving, he shouted, "That's not the last you'll hear of me. Or Team Oliga! We're closer than you think. MUCH closer...."

And that is when a Pidgeotto flew overhead and relieved himself.

Laughing as they watched him fly into the distance, Sedna and Jake looked at each other, with smiles on their faces. They then noticed that they were holding eachother's hands. Jake quickly put his hand to his side, as he faced Arnold, who was illuminated by the full moon, knowing quite well that they would be battling him that night.

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Default Re: The Canadian League

It's very good,long but good
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Default Re: The Canadian League

Wow! Twenty Chapters! This is my 2nd longest story....

Thanks. Yeah, I like to make them awfully long. XD

Chapter Twenty-One - Jake + Sedna vs Arnold

Hello, all you Pokemon trainers of Yellowknife, the beautiful capital of the Northwest Territories. As most of you know, our arena is several kilometres below the surface of the Earth. We are so far down, that the natural diamonds of the Canadian shield are sticking out in various places. But of course, these diamond may not be taken, for they are what makes this gym so unique. Anyone who strikes them gets major damage to themselves, with the exceptions of Steel types, Rock types, and Cloyster, who will just cause the precious jems to crumble into millions of pieces. In addition, this battlefield is too far away to receive light from the sun, so a group of Ampharos will be shining spotlights onto the battlers where they see fit. Now, like all gym battlers, this will be a two on two, with two Pokemon each for the challengers, out of three that they have set aside to participate. As for the gym leader, he will have four Pokemon, out of six that he places aside for the meantime. Okay, all the rules have been discussed, now lets meet our competitors. From the east end of the field, we see Jake, the young man from Newfoundland, and Sedna, the young lady from Nunavut. Both put pokeballs in hand, and toss them onto the field. The spotlights from the Ampharos illuminate the balls, as they reveal their inhabitants. Jake's sparkles a bright red, as the Pokemon Absol appears. Likewise, Sedna reveals her Marshtomp. Absol sends out a loud cry, feeling quite at home in the darkened cave. Marshtomp jumps down on all fours, ready for battle. Then, Yellowknife's own gym leader, former Oligan leader Arnold, steps up to the plate. The spotlight shows two poke balls in his hands fly out to the field. Both strike simultaneously, as a Nidoking and a Claydol appear. Claydol levitates above the ground, spinning crazily, as Nidoking stretches out his arms, letting out a lard cry, as he extends his horn towards the cieling. Everyone cheers, as the referee waves a large yellow flag. This highlt anticipated battle has finally begun!

Round One - Home: 4 / Competitors: 4

[pokemon]absol[/pokemon][pokemon]marshtomp[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]nidoking[/pokemon][pokemon]claydol[/pokemon]

Feeling at home in the dark, yet a bit nerved up about being several kilometres below the Earth, Absol begins by forming illusionary copies of himself, as he races for the unsuspecting Claydol. Due to the darkness of the gym, Claydol had no idea that the Absol was coming for him. That is, until he was hit. He fell down to the ground, as the dark energy flooded through his veins. In retaliation, Claydol hopped back up into the air, kicking up a series up mud in the process. The mud strikes Absol, knocking him backwards. Not too far away, although invisible to Absol and Claydol, Nidoking and Marshtomp are attacking. Nidoking begins by slamming his horn straight into the Water-Ground type, as she falls down to the ground, with the wind knocked out of her. However, the Marshtomp quickly jumps to her feet, as she opens her mouth, and releases a powerful Ice Beam attack. The attack flies through the air, as the Ampharos spotlight follows it. It then strikes the Nidoking, dealing a super-effective blow.

Absol then decides to try to give some status effects to his opponent, as he shoots out a powerful Flamethrower attack. The fire blasts from his mouth, finally making impact with the pain-striken Claydol. Claydol takes the hit hard, as he soon begins to realize that the Flamethrower had left some everlasting effects. The Pokemon becomes so angry that he just slams himself down into the ground, causing as earth-shattering Earthquake attack. Absol takes the hit hard, as he loses his balance, falling down to the ground. A bit further off, Nidoking and Marshtomp still feel the tremors, although they were quite weak compared to Absol's experience. Nidoking gets the same idea, as he jumps straight up into the air, only to come crashing down. Marshtomp's body reverberates thoroughly as the quake knocks him to the ground. Likewise, after getting up from the previous tremor, Absol hits the ground hard yet again. The light then shines on the fallen Marshtomp, as she gets up, and unleashes a second Ice Beam on her opponent.

Claydol then begins to spin around frantically, trying to avoid the speeding Absol. But, he is too late; Absol leaps up onto the spinning Pokemon, sending the two them tumbling down to the ground, as Absol was hit was recoil from the Double-Edge attack. Over on the other side of the field, Nidoking is once again jabbing his horn into Marshtomp, as she quickly backs away to avoid getting her arm ripped off. She then manages to grab the horn in her other arm, sending Nidoking flying back to the wall of the cave, where he made contact with one of the diamonds. The audience watches in shock as the Nidoking screams in pain, as he attempts to get the precious jewel out of his backside. "Nidoking, back!" Arnold calls out as the Pokemon disappears in a flash of light. Soon afterward, Marshtomp discovers that her victory was bitter-sweet, as she feels the effect of the Poison Point of the Horn Attack.

And to add to the scene, Arnold tosses his third Pokemon onto the field. "Go, Steelix!" he shouts, as the gigantic steel-snake appears where the Nidoking had recently stood. He raises his large metal head to the ceiling, as the whips his tail against the wall. Marshtomp watches in fright as he sends an entire row of diamonds crashing down to the ground, feeling no effect from the razor-edged gemss.

Round Two - Home: 3 / Competitors: 4

[pokemon]absol[/pokemon][pokemon]marshtomp[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]steelix[/pokemon][pokemon]claydol[/pokemon]

Seeing how his partner was poisoned, and then introduced to a Steelix, Absol realized what the best solution would be. He backed away from Claydol, as he opened his mouth, and began to sing a horrific Perish Song. The audience members held their ears shut as Absol continued to do his dasturdly dance, as he sang his hearts out. All three of his fellow battlers became affected by the music, as well as Absol himself. Claydol began to feel droosy, as the memories of the song began to flush through his subconscious, as he unconsciously settled down to the ground. Steelix was affected as well, although he still managed to keep his eys focused on the Marshtomp infront of him. He rose his large head into the air, and then proceeded to send it flying down to the ground. He then crashed into the Earth, sending the ground flying upwards in various locations. Claydol had managed to get back into the air, thus avoiding the hit altogether, but his opponents were not so lucky. Absol and Marshtomp were both sent flying into the air, headed straight for the diamonds on the top of the cavern. Jake and Sedna quickly recalled their respective partners before they could hit. Claydol and Steelix then began shouting in triumph, although both knowing that Absol had left a nice little gift for them....

Sedna was the first to send out her next Pokemon. "Go, Houndoom!" she shouted as she tossed the poke ball into the air, which soon revealed her good old friend, Houndoom. She looked up at the Steelix in front of her, feeling quite nervous, yet confident of her trainer. The next to send out a Pokemon was Jake, who threw his poke ball straight at Claydol. "Go, Bellsprout!" he called out, as the little emblem of Newfoundland landed softly on the ground.

Round Three - Home: 3 / Competitors: 2

[pokemon]bellsprout[/pokemon][pokemon]houndoom[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]steelix[/pokemon][pokemon]claydol[/pokemon]

Bellsprout and Houndoom lokked at each other, and then at their opponents, realizing what they would have to do. Houndoom was first, as she rose a protective barrier around her. Bellsprout was not too far behind, creating an invisible veil of his own. Steelix then tried slamming into Houndoom, but was unable to. Claydol then focused on sending out some psychic energy at Bellsprout, but was disappointed when he realized that no damage was done.

As Bellsprout sent up a second veil, Houndoom began watching her opponents' movement, as she prepared to avoid their hits altogether. Then, seeing then their time was almost over, Steelix and Claydol both decided to use their Earthquake attacks. The first to hit was Claydol, who crashed straight downward. Bellsprout was able to avoid the clash altogether, but he sonn figured out that he was the only one. Both Steelix and Houndoom fell in a heap on the ground. Houndoom barely missed having the giant steel-snake falling on top of her. Feeling quite disoriented, Houndoom got up to her feet, hoping to prevent the second Earthquake from hitting her. But, it was useless; Steelix rose high into the air, slamming his head down at an incredible speed. Ground flew up from the ground once again, barely missing the little Bellsprout, who had still managed to protect himself from harm. Houndoom was not so lucky, as she collapsed on the ground, unable to battle any longer. Bellsprout then turned to Claydol and Steelix, who were finally succombing to the Perish Song. Bellsprout watched relieved as the enormous Steelix let out a loud howl, as he closed his eyes, and fell to the ground. Likewise, Claydol fell from the air, landing hard on the ground below.

Arnold and Sedna recalled their Pokemon, glad about what they had done. Arnold then pulled out his final poke ball, tossing it onto the field right next to Bellsprout. Arnold called out his words of support, as a mighty Sandslash showed himself to the crowd. Sedna then just stood back, as she watched the remaining Pokemon battle to the end. There were only two now, so the Ampharos beams shone even brighter.

Round Four - Home: 1 / Competitors: 1

[pokemon]bellsprout[/pokemon] vs [pokemon]sandslash[/pokemon]

Sandslash begins by spinning around in a tight circle, as he attempted to increase his attack power. During his action, Bellsprout began shooting out small razor-edged leafs* from his mouth. Some of the leafs bounced off of Sandslash's claws, but a good amount of them struck, weakening the Swords Dance.

The next hit came from Sandslash, who used his large claws to crush Bellsprout under his grip. In retaliation, Bellsprout grabbed ahold of the Pokemon with his mouth, and began to suck the life out of him.

Trying desperately to get the Bellsprout off of him, Sandslash began to spin around in circles yet again. Although Bellsprout did it a bit disoriented by the spinning, he still managed to sustain his grasp on his opponent. He continued to drain the Sandslash's health as his trainer shouted encouraging remarks.

Feeling quite weak from the constant draining, Sandslash attempted one more time to get the Pokemon off of his arm. He took his remaining arm, and began slashing at the Pokemon. However, seeing the attack coming, Bellsprout quickly released his grip, and fell to the ground, as he watched Sanslash rakes his sharp claws along his own arm! Bellsprout then spit out a foul smelling substance from his mouth, effectively poisoning his opponent.

The quite agitated Sandslash then jumped high into the air, finally crashing into the ground below. The Earth shattered, sending Bellsprout fall down to the ground. But, because he was so weak, the attack wasn't as powerful as it could have been. Bellsprout then sent out a series of razor-edged leaves, which ended up being the straw that broke the Camerupt's back, as Sandslash fell to the ground, unable to battle anymore.

Arnold recalled his Pokemon, as Jake ran over to congratulate his Bellsprout. By the time he had reached him, the croud had gotten ecstatic! From ear to hear, Jake could hear people screaming Sedna and his names. The Ampharos all shone their spotlights on him and Bellsprout. Jake picked up the Bellsprout in his arms, holding him high above his head. Bellsprout was so happy, that he appeared to be glowing.

"Wait a minute..." Jake said as he realized that his Pokemon actually was glowing!

"He's evolving!" Sedna told him. She had just gotten to his side, and was waving at the cheering audience.

Jake then placed his Pokemon on the ground, to allow the evolutionary process to finish. And, within a matter of seconds, a Weepinbell was sitting where the Bellsprout had once stood.

"Good job, Weepinbell!" Jake called out to the newly evolved Pokemon, as he once again waved to the crowd.

"Well, well, well," Arnold said he he walked up to the two trainers. "You've fought well, you two. And now, I'll make it official." He then handed the two of them their new badges.

Jake looked at his with pride. It was carved out of real diamond from the very cavern he was standing in. In the centre of the badge, there was the image of two large battle swords crossed at a sixty degree angle. The centre of the badge held the only piece not made of diamond. Instead, there was a two dimensional carving of a Steelix, made from the hard rock of the Canadian shield, the oldest solid land on the planet.
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Default Re: The Canadian League

Chapter Twenty-Two - Sabrina comes to Canada

It was the day after Jake and Sedna's big win. They had spent the night in Sam's house, as they were preparing to head to the next gym host city.

"Where is it, anyway?" Jake had asked Sam earlier that night.

"Saskatoon, I think," she had told him. "It south of here. I've met several trainers coming up here from there."

That conversation was fresh in Jake's mind as he awoke the next morning. He opened his eyes, to see the sun rising over the forest through Sam's window.

Jake yawned, as he got up from the floor. Getting to his feet, he began to look around the room. The bed was empty, so he knew that Sam was already up. He then noticed that Sedna was still wrapped up in one of Sam's blankets, sleeping peacefully, with Houndoom right at her side.

Trying not to wake her, Jake tiptoed over to Sam's dresser, where he eyed a medium-sized globe. At the moment, he was looking at northeastern asia, the way the globe was positioned. Russia, China, Japan, and Korea could all easily be made out. Jake had always wanted to go visit those places one day, but he never thought he would be able. One day in school, Jacob had told him an interesting story of Saffron City, somwhere on the island of Honshu, in Japan. Apparently, the city had been taken over by a criminal syndicate, which was similar to Team Oliga in reputation, but not philosophy. Anyway, these people had been driven out of the city, but nobody knows why. Speculations say that the Saffron gym leader had easily taken care of them, but it was never confirmed.

Jake then spun the golbe around, so that he could see the Western Hemisphere. He found Yellowkinfe easily, because Sam had stuck a thumbtack on the name, right next to the Great Slave Lake. Jake then looked at the distance from Newfoundland, and was amazed. He had definetly traveled a long way. He then turned his focus to where he had left to go. To the west, he saw Yukon Territory, with the American state of Alaska right next to it. He wasn't sure it there would be a gym in the Yukon, but he knew that if there was a gym in Alaska, it wouldn't be part of the Canadian league. Looking southward, he could see Saskatoon, as Sam had mentioned. It wasn't the capital of Saskatchewan(Regina held that title), but it was definetly the largest city in the province.

"Checking out your route, eh?"

Jake turned around, and saw Sam standing in the doorway.

"Oh, yeah," Jake replied. "I have to make sure we're heading in the right direction. Do you know if there's a gym in the Yukon?"

"Not that I know of," she told him. "But I think Whitehorse is one of the candidates for the Twenty-O-Six Pokemon League Championships."

"Hey, Jake?" Sam then said. "You hungry? I have breakfast ready downstairs."

"Definetly!" Jake told her. "I haven't had a home-cooked meal since I left home!"

Sam then led Jake down to the kitchen, where she had some Pidgeot eggs and bacon. The two trainers then took their food, and went over to the couch to sit down.

Taking his first bite, Jake said, "This is very good."

"Thanks," Sam said, smiling. "Ian never gives me compliments on my cooking."

"I'm sure he will after he's back from the hospital food," Jake told her.

Sam laughed. "Yeah, I guess you're right." She then looked over at the televison set. "Hey, Jake, can you turn that up?"

Jake went over to turn on the television. He could see the familiar blond woman from Canada AM.

"...are suspecting the worst. Oligan activity is in the news more than usual lately, both here in Canada and for our neighbours to the south. Likewise, Rocket activity has been increasing dramatically in China and Japan, just days before the scheduled visit of Saffron gym leader Sabrina to Canada."

Sam then turned down the television. "What is Team Rocket? Are they like Team Oliga?"

"I don't know," Jake admitted. "But if there the ones I'm thinking of, yes and no. Both strive to have power over others, but I believe their means of doing so are different."

Just then, Jake noticed Sedna walking down the stairs, with Houndoom not too far behind. "Hey, Sedna. Want some breakfast? Sam makes some mean Pidgeot eggs, I tell you!"

Sam then put her breakfast down, as she went to get Sedna's.

"Did I just hear that Sabrina was coming to Canada?" Sedna asked Jake, as she sat down beside him.

"Yeah, I guess so," Jake answered. "I wonder why." He turned the television back on, and saw a picture of the Saffron City leader. She was speaking in Japanese, but the English version was rolling along the bottom of the screen.

Apparently, she was coming over here to meet some friends of hers, in addition to talking with some various anarchist groups, including the anti-Oligan movement. As it seems, the Oligans have been showing themselves in Japan recently.

"Hope she can do some good while she's here," Sedna was saying as Sam showed up with her breakfast.


After eating, the three trainers took turns getting ready, as the others packed their bags.

They then left the house, packing their bags into Sam's car. Sedna got into the front with Sam, as Jake hopped into the back.

They were then off, headed for Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
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Default Re: The Canadian League

I don't know what the opposite of writer's block is called, but I seem to case of it!

Chapter Twenty-Three - Small World

Edmonton, AB

Sedna checked her watch, seeing that it was high noon. They had been driving straight south all morning, and instead of seeing the grassy plains of Saskatchewan, they were watching the magnificent Rocky Mountains pass by in the distance.

"I thought Saskatchewan was upposed to be flat," she said as she looked over at the snow-capped mountains.

"We're in Alberta," Sam told her. Saskatchewan is still awhile away. However, once we merge onto the Trans Canada Highway, we can speed up."

"What? There's no speed limit here, is there?" Sedna asked her. "The Oligans were stopped from doing that ages ago."

"Yes, but the Trans Canada has better roads. There is more space, and therefore greater speed is possible."

About an hour had passed, during which Sam had merged onto the Trans Canada. Now heading east, the trainers began to see the skyline of Alberta's capital, Edmonton.

Once in the city, Sam stopped, so that the three of them could get some lunch, before saying their goodbyes.

They went into a Mr. Sub restaurant out by the bus station, and ordered their sandwiches. They sat down at a table right across from an older man and his Geodude.

"So, Sam," Sedna said, starting up the conversation. "Do you ever plan to take on the Pokemon League?"

"Most definetly," she answered. "Once Ian and I graduate from school, we're going to begin our journey.

"So, how long have you two been living on your own?" Jake asked.

"It's been a few years now," Sam told them. "Our mother was killed while we were still under Team Oliga's rule, back when Arnold was the local leader."

"Wait a minute," Sedna said. "Is your mother and Arnold's wife the same person?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah. But Arnold isn't our father, though."

"Then who is?" Jake asked.

Sam shook her head. "I don't know. I don't think I ever will."

"So, you've been raising your brother for the past five years?" Sedna asked, amazed at how this girl was so much like her sister.

"Yep," she answered. "It's not as hard as you might think. I was planning on starting my journey after he graduated, anyways."

Once they had finished eating their subs, Sam drove down to the bus station. She said her goodbyes to Jake and Sedna, and they waved as she then drove off.

"Tell Ian we said hi!" Sedna called out as she left the parking yard.

"You can count on it!" Sam called back, as she drove into the distance.

Sedna then heard Houndoom barking, and she turned around to figure out why. Realizing that she was already on the bus with Jake, she quickly began running to catch up.


Saskatoon, SK

The bus had quickly left Edmonton, en route to Saskatoon. Sam was right about the Trans Canada: it definetly was able to support more traffic at a greater speed.

Jake and Sedna had sat next to each other on the bus, while Houndoom rested calmly in the aisle.

In front of them there sat a beautiful woman with dark red hair and small auburn-rimmed sunglasses. For most of the trip, she had been playing her guitar, while humming a low tune. By her side, there was a Sunflora, standing on the seat next to her, singing along to the music.

At one point, the Sunflora had turned around to look at Sedna. She smiled at the Grass-type Pokemon, which was all it took. The Sunflora immediately jumped into her lap.

"Friendly little guy," Jake observed.

The woman stopped playing, and turned to face them. "Yes she is," she said. She then noticed the badges that Jake had placed on the top of his bag. "Are you Pokemon trainers?"

"Yes we are," Sedna answered. "That's why we're headed for Saskatoon."

"Oh, yes," the woman responded. "Then, I guess you haven't met the gym leader there yet?"

"No," Jake responded. Sedna shook her head in agreement.

"Then allow me to introduce myself," the woman said to them, as shock struck Jake's face. "I am Teresa, Saskatoon's gym leader."


The rest of the bus trip consisted of Jake, Sedna, and Teresa immersing themselves in conversation. As it turned out, Teresa had been in Edmonton to meet some family there, and would be headed back to her gym the morning following the next one. She had come home a day early because she heard that a good friend of hers would be arriving soon.

Jake was surprised to find out that this friend was none other than Sabrina, Saffron City's gym leader!

It was early morning by the time that they arrived at the bus station. It was so early that the sun hadn't even risen yet. Houndoom and Sunflora had returned to their poke balls, so that they could get some rest.

Teresa offered to let Sedna and Jake crash at her home, and they accepted thankfully.


The next morning, Jake awoke to see that Sedna was the one to have gotten up first this time. He quickly ran downstairs to see where she was.

To his surprise, there were three people sitting at the table: Sedna, Teresa, and Sabrina!

"Good Morning, ladies," Jake said as he walked into the room.

"This is the boy I was speaking about, Sabrina," Teresa said to her friend. "Good morning, Jake."

"Hello, Jake," Sabrina said to him. "I hear you've made quite a name for yourself over here in Canada."

Jake was speechless. He hadn't ever told anyone, but he had had a crush on the Saffron leader when he was younger. Those feelings were coming back up into his mind as he was seeing the woman talking to him.

"Jake doesn't like to boast about his accomplishments," Sedna intervened. "That's one of the things I like about him," she said, giving him a smile.

"Well, nobody likes a braggart in Japan either," Sabrina admitted.

"Jake, would you like some breakfast?" Teresa asked him.

Jake nodded. "Sure. What do you have?"

"An Egg McMuffin," Sabrina said, laughing. "Teresa's not exactly what you would call a good cook."

"It's true," Teresa said laughing, handing Jake the McDonald's breakfast item.

After eating, Jake turned to Sabrina. "So, what is this Team Rocket I've been hearing so much about in the news lately?"
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Default Re: The Canadian League

Chapter Twenty-Four - Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam!

Ottawa, ON

"Boss! Boss!" some low level Oligan was yelling, as he ran into his superior's office. Once inside, he could see that the man wasn't listening.

"Boss!" the Oligan shouted again.

BAMM! The boss spun around so fast that the Oligan didn't know what hit him. He barely had time to notice as the bullet went whizzing by his head, very loudly.

"Don't ever yell at me like that, you hear me!" the boss said in his strong Russian accent. "And don't call me boss. I have a real name, you know!"

"Yes, Boss- I mean Vladimir," the Oligan responded.

"Well, what do you have to tell me?"

"Um, we had some unexpected visitors this morning. George and Paul just washed up on the shore of the Ottawa River."


But Vladimir soon realized that they did not, when he met them later that day.

That is also when he first heard of Jake and Sedna, the two young trainers that had outsmarted his most trusted associates....


Saskatoon, SK

"So, the Rockets are out to get the most powerful Pokemon on their side," Sedna commented. "It doesn't sound too different from what the Oligans have been attempting."

"Yes, quite similar in deed," Sabrina said to her. "But the Rockets and the Oligans are mortal enemies. If they ever come in contact with each other, the results could be horrendous."

"How?" Jake asked her.

"I don't know why, but I trust you," Sabrina said to him. "I sense that you two have great things in store for you. I just don't know what," she said, looking rather confused.

"Sabrina, you're always rather ticked off when you realize you can't predict the future with one hundred percent certainty," Teresa joked.

"Oh, I know I can't predict anything for sure," the Psychic master admitted. "No psychic can. We only have a better understanding of the world around us. There are billions of variables in life, and we have the ability to pinpoint these variables to a mere handful."

"So, when you begin a battle with someone, you know the outcome already?" Sedna asked her, feeling quite curious as to what the answer was.

"I have a good idea of what is going to happen," Sabrina told her. "Because I know everything that could happen."

She then turned back to Jake. "But I'm not here for battling, as I sense you are, Jake. I am here about much more serious matters."

"Back in my home province of Kanto, there is a lot of unease over the relations between our close neighbour, the region of Orre."

"Where's Orre?" Sedna jumped in.

"In on mainland Asia, just north of the Tibetan mountains. There are many powerful trainers there, but they are barely seen around Indigo anymore."

"And what do you see occurring there," Teresa asked her friend.

"I cannot tell," Sabrina admitted. "There is too much dark energy coming from that place. My good friend Liza has tried as well, but no success. One of the reasons I came over here was to see if I could get some help from Bill."

"Bill?" Teresa repeated the name. "Are you two even talking anymore, Sabrina?"

"No," Sabrina told her. "That's the problem. We haven't spoken since....well, you know when."

"Sorry to interject," Jake then said. "But who is Bill."

"He's the gym leader in Toronto," Sedna told him. "Tamara mentioned him to me. She says that he is a Psychic trainer as well. Apparently, the two of them were both declared gym leaders in the same ceremony."

"Wait a minute," Teresa said. "You're Tamara's sister? I should have known earlier. You two look so much like each other."

"I know," Sedna rsponded, just like she had many times before. She and Tamara would have been mistaken for twins if not for the age difference.

"Well, on a lighter side, I'd to see how you two do in battle with Teresa tomorrow," Sabrina said.

"Most definetly," Teresa added.

"I would like to see that Kadabra of yours, Jake," Sabrina then said.

"How did you know..." Jake began to say, when Sabrina stopped him.

"I know all of your Pokemon," she told him. "The Absol you caught in the northern woods, the Bellsprout from Happy Valley Goose Bay, the Wailmer that your pal Alfred caught for you in the St. John's Harbour-."

"And the Abra who I found freezing to death on the buoy," Jake finished.

"And Sedna," Sabrina said, turning to face the the other trainer. "The Marshtomp you caught at the edge of the Great Slave Lake, the Swinub who your sister's Piloswine gave birth to, the orphaned Teddiursa, and-."

"And Houndoom," Sedna finished, looking at the hound sleeping in other room.

"Well, I was wondering whether you would like to evolve your Kadabra now, Jake," Sabrina said to him.

"Evolve him?" Jake repeated the words. "Into what?"

That is when Sabrina reached over to her purse, and pulled out a poke ball. It was a bright purple ball, which two golden streaks running down the side. She took the poke ball in her hand, and placed it down on the ground in front of her. The ball glowed a brilliant golden colour, as a mighty Alakazam appeared.

The Pokemon immediately looked over at the sleeping Houndoom, expecting to battle.

"No, Alakazam, not right now," Sabrina said to her Pokemon. "We're not battling anyone yet."

Jake, looking at the Alakazam with awe, came a bit closer. Big mistake. The Alakazam launched his spoons into the air, sending Jake flying back against the wall. He then hit the ground, so hard that it woke the sleeping Houndoom.

"Watch it, Alakazam," Sabrina said to her Pokemon. "Jake is a friend. I'm showing you to him to see if he would like to evolve his own Kadabra."

"How does my Kadabra evolve into one of those there Alakazam?" Jake asked curiously.

"Well, it is a bit different from most other evolutions. In order to evolve the Pokemon, you must leave him alone in the wilderness for a certain period of time, usually about twelve hours, but it depends on the Pokemon."

"I have to leave in out in the middle of the forest!" Jake said, bewildered at the news.

"Try the open prairie," Teresa interjected. "We don't have much trees out in this part of the world, let alone entire forests."

"It's very safe," Sabrina told him. "Many trainers must do it to evolve their Haunter, Seadra, Clamperl, Magmar, Graveler, Dusclops, Poliwhirl, Onix, Porygon, Rhydon, Slowpoke, Machoke, Electabuzz, Scyther or Kadabra."

"I haven't heard of half of those Pokemon," Jake told her. "Only Machoke and Onix."

"Those are the Pokemon common to Japan," Sabrina responded. "You must have some of them over here in Canada, but not all of them. And you may even have some new species that none of us have ever heard of."

"Yeah, I guess your right," Jake admitted. He then pulled a poke ball out of his pocket, and placed in down on the ground in front of him. Soon afterward, his Kadabra was before him.

"So, Kadabra," Jake said to his first Pokemon. "Would you like to become an Alakazam."

Kadabra held of his spoon, and turned to face his higher evolved self. He compared the power emanating from the spoons.

He then turned to his trainer, and nodded his head. Then, with a flash of light, the Pokemon had vanished.

"What, where did he go?" Jake cried.

"He's begun the evolutionary process," Sabrina told him. "He'll soon be an Alakazam."


Ottawa, ON

The Oligan leaders were all holding a meeting in their compound, Parliament Hill. The majority of the members were in the House of Commons, doing what they thought was important work. However, the highest ranking members were all up top, near the Peace Tower, a name which was soon replaced with "War Tower."

Up at the War Tower, George was the one in command. He looked over at the several other leaders around him: Paul, Vladimir, Shinzo, John, Angela, Giorgio, Jacques, Abdul, Luiz, and Hu. But there was one man still missing....

"Where's Tony!" George immediately shouted.

"Coming, coming!" Tony said, as George turned around to see the Tropius land on the roof of the building. Tony quickly jumped off of the Pokemon's back, and recalled him.

"Well, where's Arnold!" George said to him, obviously enraged.

"He wouldn't join us again," Tony told him. "And..."

"And what!"

"Well, my plans to make him join had failed," Tony explained, while afraid to utter his next words. "There were a pair of trainers who caught me by surprise."

He then gave George the description of the two trainers. George looked seconds away from popping.

"It's Jake and Sedna," he said through gritted teeth. "The same two who foiled our plans to catch Articuno have kept Arnold from becoming one of us."

"And I'm afraid that's not all," Tony told him. "I noticed that they have become friends with your daughter, Samantha."

"Sam?" George said. "What has she got to do with this?"

But before Tony could answer, Vladimir's cell phone began to ring.

He took the phone in his hand, and began speaking to whoever was on the other end, in Russian.

Moments later, he stopped, and said, "George, Sabrina has arrived in Saskatoon. She should be there already."

Immediately fortgetting his previous conversation, he said. "All right, time for Part A of our plans. Tell your troops to be on the lookout for that nasty Alakazam of hers...."
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Default Re: The Canadian League

By the way, we're finally getting to the parts of Canada that I have visited myself! Weather's great in Saskatchewan, by the way!

Chapter Twenty-Five - Sabrina Loses to a Low-Level Taillow

Jake had went off to look for his newly evolved Alakazam, as Teresa headed over to her gym, to open the place up.

Sabrina, who Sedna and her sister had looked up to for years, was going to the Battle Dome, and she asked if Sedna would like to go along with her. Sedna said yes, of course!

Sedna thought that they would be walking, but she realized she was mistaken, when she saw the hummer limo pull up to the house.

"Ever been in one of these things?" Sabrina asked her.

Sedna shook her head. "But I suppose you know that already, eh?"

Sabrina laughed. "Yes, I suppose I do. Come on, get in."

Sedna was surprised to see that the door suddenly whisped open on its own. Well, not quite on its own, she realized, as she saw the Espeon inside. The Pokemon must have opened the door with his Psychic abilities.

The two young women got into the hummer limo, next to the Espeon. Almost immediately, Sedna could see the driver-the Alakazam of many talents-begin the trip.

Now that it was daytime, Sedna could see the Saskatchewan terrain somewhat well, since they weren't in the downtown section quite yet. It was definetly devoid of forest, what with all land she saw being grassland.

But, contrary to popular belief, it was not flat. Mountainless, yes, but flat, no.

"So, do you enjoy the Canadian League, Sedna?" Sabrina finally said.

"I've only been a part of it for a little over a month," she admitted. "But its great!"

"How about your friend, Jake?" Sabrina said. "He started his journey from Newfoundland, yes?"

"Yep," Sedna confirmed. "Not to long before meeting me, though."

"Say, Sedna?" Sabrina then said. "Is there anything going on between you and Jake."

"What? No, there's nothing happening between us," she said with what seemed to be fake certainty.

"All right then," Sabrina said. "But, you know I sense that there is a strong bond being formed between you two, even as we speak. Not even I can comprehend its impotance."

Just then, Alakazam brought the hummer limo to a sudden halt. "I guess we have arrived," Sabrina said, as her Espeon opened the doors.

Getting out of the car, Sedna could now see where they were. It was a large building, larger then anything she had ever seen back home in Nunavut.

"Ah, the Battle Dome," Sabrina said, looking at the place. "Just like the one we have in Viridian City."

Sedna followed, as Sabrina headed into the dome. She wasn't sure of where to go, so she decided the best course of action would be to follow her-after all, she was psychic.

While walking, Sedna noticed that several people, mostly male, were watching her. She then realized that Sabrina was the one who had everyone's eyes on her. She felt it rather disturbing, actually.

Looking passed the wandering eyes, Sedna began to look around the room. She noticed several different breeds of Pokemon, from a young girl with a Taillow on her shoulder, to an elderly man and his two Snubbull, to a lone Bayleef wandering the halls.

She looked to her left, and noticed Sabrina pulling a small card out of her purse. She then used it to grant her access to the basketball court.

"Sedna, you coming," she said, holding the door open.

"Oh, yes," Sedna responded, as she quickly went in after her.

Once it the room, Sedna could see a lone man with his Machamp, playing basketball. The man was about 6'5, and the Machamp was a lot shorter, but with four arms, he was pretty tough.

The man began dribbling, attempting to get the ball into the basket. But Machamp was too quick for him. He reached for the ball with one of his left arms, and once the man moved to put the ball in the other hand, Machamp used both of his right arms to grab the basketball as it flew. However, once the ball got into Machamp's possession, it flew straight back at the man, who took the opportunity to throw it towards the net. The ball flew slowly through the air, circled the net three times, and then slowly passed through, and then went flying right over their heads.

"You're quite good," Sabrina said as the ball landed in her hand. "Even by Machamp standards."

"Sabrina," the man said. "Its good to see you again."

"Likewise, Brent," Sabrina responded. "But unfortunately, I'm not here on a friendly note."

Almost as the words were out of her mouth, a scream could be heard coming from outside.

Then, there were gun shots. Followed by more screaming.

Running up to investigate, Sedna saw a young man in a ski-mask, looking quite scared. He was cowering in the corner as another man was pointing a gun in his face.

"Where are they!" the man was yelling.

"Who, me!" Sabrina shouted to the man, showing herself.

He turned to face her, big smile on his face. "Ah, Miss Sabrina, I presume."

He attempted to grab her purse, but she was too quick for him. She kicked him where she knew it would hurt, sending him collapsing onto the floor.

Sabrina walked over the young man, unaware of what was coming.

From behind her, the Taillow flew from the little girl's soldier, grabbing Sabrina's purse as it went by.

"No!" she cried out as she watched the Taillow take off.

Brent then sent out a poke ball from his pocket. "Go, Ninjask!" he shouted as the wasp Pokemon suddenly appeared, chasing the Taillow through the air.

But, fast as the Ninjask was, he was not able to catch the Taillow, who quickly dropped the purse into the skylight of a small black corvette.

Sabrina watched as the car sped away, with all six of her most valued partners within it.

"Ah, losing to a low-level Taillow," the fallen Oligan taunted. "That must tear you up inside."

Sabrina then gave him another reason to fall, thinking That's the least of your problems now, mister.


Jake was wandering through the open prairie, which Absol by his side, looking for his first Pokemon.

"Kadabra!" he would shout into the distance. "Kadabra!"

Like every time before, no answer would come.

"Absol!" Absol would shout out, hoping to get a reaction from his friend.

Jake then looked into the aky, where he saw a lone Pidgey flying overhead. He then turned to Absol.

"Absol, see if you can aim a Flamethrower at that there Pidgey," he said as he pulled an empty poke ball from his pocket.

Absol sent out a long burst of flame, getting the Pidgey's attention. Jake then through the ball into the air, and watched as Pidgey was stored within it.

The ball rocked once, two, three times, until Pidgey's capture had been confirmed.

Jake then went over to pick up the poke ball. He then tossed it into the air, releasing the Pidgey. "Pidgey, search this grassland for my Kadabra. You can see for kilometres down here, I can't imagine what you'll be able to see up in the clouds.

Glad to be obeying his new trainer, the Pidgey quickly took to the air.

"Any scent yet, Absol," Jake asked the Pokemon by his side. "I know you're no Houndoom, but...."

Sadly, Absol shook his bladed head, telling Jake that he had picked up nothing.

All Jake could do was remember the times he had spent with his Pokemon. He had been found as an Abra, found dying on a bouy in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He had been brought back to safety, and had stuck by Jake ever since. He had saved his life several times, from keeping away from Articuno's Blizzard attacks, to more recently when he Teleported the bullets out of the gun that was pointed at his trainer's head.

Now, he wasn't sure if he would reunited with his old friend.

Little did he know that he was not alone in wondering where his Alakazam was, as the Pidgey came flying out of the sky, shrieking furiously.

"What is it, Pidgey!" Jake shouted out as the Pidgey began to fly in an eastern direction.

"Absol, follow him!" Jake called, as the Doomsday Pokemon quickly ran to catch up with the little Pidgey.

Jake then began running himself, wondering what could be wrong.

Soon enough, he found a large grain elevator that was close to the road. Absol and Pidgey were already right at it.

By the time he reached it, he could hear people talking inside the elevator-the elevator that was supposed to be filled with wheat.

"We can't just leave them here, can we?"

"Sure we can. They're no use to us like this"

"But, that's cruel!"

"No, that's life. We can't go around helping everyone who gets into trouble now, can we?"

The first voice was an older male. The second was a younger female. However, Jake had no idea who 'they' were.

"I can't take it anymore, Daddy," the girl said. "I'm out of Team Oliga."

The name almost made Jake's heart skip a beat. What are the Oligans doing in Saskatoon? he thought to himself.

He then heard a scuffle from within the tower, which involved screams from the little girl, followed by silence.

"We'll see what you think about that in the morning, dear," the man said. Jake then heard the sound of a poke ball opening, and large wings flapping. He did as much as he could to avoid being seen, and he was apparently successful, as he saw the man flying away on a Swellow.

Once he was sure he was gone, Jake sent Weepinbell out of his poke ball. "Weepy, let's see if you can get us inside this thing. Vine Whip, now!"

Weepinbell glowed a light green colour as he began sending large vines out of his mouth at an amazing speed. Once the vines were big enough and plentiful enough, Jake was able to climb them, granting him access into the grain elevator. He recalled his three Pokemon, and quickly hopped inside.

Whatever Jake expected to find, he didn't know. But he couldn't even comphrehend what he was looking at.

"Oh, my God," he said to himself.
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Default Re: The Canadian League

Wow!! nice cliff hanger!!! Keep up the addicting work!
One step forward, is one step away from where you started.
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