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Old 05-24-2004, 11:57 PM
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Default The Dangers of the Land of Tormenta

10 people were transported to a land called Tormenta. This is a place where many monsters live, and where it always storms. They were sent willingly, and with one weapon. They must live there for 5 years. Then they can come back if they wish. You are one of the people sent there. There are ten mansions on this land. Your first mission: to find one so that you may live in it.

Name: Bob Beelman

Physical Description: Short dirty-blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, very muscular build, about 6'1".

Personality Description: Likes storms. Nice, fun-loving, caring, slow to anger, etc.

History: Ever since he was 8, he had an attraction to storms, and always felt glad when there was one. Once he heard of the land, and how it never stopped storming there, he immediately wanted to go.

Weapon: Bow and arrow.
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Old 05-25-2004, 12:17 AM
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Default Re: The Dangers of the Land of Tormenta

Name: Harison

Physical Description: Long, Gray Hair, Hazzle Eyes, Bare Chest with raggy white cape, holy jeans, wooden sandals, muscular arms, skinny legs

Personality Description: At the first sight, he is very fierce but once you befriend him, he is a very friendly swordsman. He is very caring, trusting, and protective of his friends. He was once known as the "Fiend of Swordsmanship" because of his kill of over 600 swordsmen to protect his best friend from being killed.

History: Harison was a swordsman who befriended a swordsmith to help him become the best swordsman in the world but when his friend was under attack for illegal swordsmaking, Harison killed over 600 swordsmen to protect him.

Weapon: Sword
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