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Old 05-23-2004, 09:39 AM
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Default Wild Spirits 2: Souls in Flight

If you were there when PE2K was on proboards, you may remember Wild Spirits, in which the Nomads, a group of humans who wished to live in the wilds like their ancestors were under attack from the Modern Humans who wanted to build a city in their precious forest. The Nomads eventually prevailed, and Nomad Adventure afterwards charted some of their exploits following the Modern "invasion".

Things have been said in both those RPs about their ancestors, but their full story has never been told. Now, Wild Spirits 2: Souls in Flight retells the troubles of the very first Nomads to live in the area. Before modern technology, before even the most simple of cities. A group of 8 lead the adventure into finding a home with the Pokemon of the land.

Since 8 people are in the group that first enters the land, 8 people may join the RP - including myself, I'm afraid. =P You may start with up to 4 Pokemon, and may befriend more later, but even Apricorn storage has not been invented yet - all Pokemon will follow you around and are free to come and go as they please. That is part of the Nomad Code that the 8 have accepted as part of coming here.

Feel free to develop any subplots you wish, I will attempt to work in a larger storyline as the RP continues. The rules are: no bunnying, no God-Mode, and at least 3 sentences per post.

The RP will begin once all 8 people have signed up. The form for sign-ups is below.

Character Name:
Character Age:
Pokemon (Up to 4, no legends or Steel/Dark pokemon):
Other (optional):

Here's my form.

Name: Vex
Age: 24
Pokemon: Vileplume, Furret, Crobat, Ralts
Personality: Thoughtful, mildly pacifistic, good leadership, loves nothing more than spending time with Pokemon, easy to get along with, quiet
Appearance: Medium-length dark brown hair, silver-blue eyes, about 5'7", wears a simple brown cotton T-shirt and shorts
Other: He suggested the idea of living in the wilds in the first place and organised the group that joined him in the new life.

Nomads So Far:
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Old 05-24-2004, 04:43 AM
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Default Re: Wild Spirits 2: Souls in Flight

Character Name:Ixidor
Character Age:16
Pokemon :Flygon, ursaring, electrode
Personality:Loyal, confident, aggresive when defending the people he cares about
Appearance:like my avatar, but has blond hair when he takes off his hat, and green eyes, about 5'7
Other (optional):although it will be the first time hes ever met him, he already has a lot of loyalty to vex, and respect for what hes trying to do, also loves the outdoors, as he has no family and often ends up sleeping outdoors
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