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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-08-2004, 01:17 AM
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Default Re: The Dawn of the Night (PG-13)


This is so creepy! I <3 it!!
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Old 06-08-2004, 01:51 AM
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Default Re: The Dawn of the Night (PG-13)

Heh, glad you guys like it. Here's some more...

Chapter 8
Light Against Darkness

Once the light had taken shape, a four foot tall bird with bleach-white feathers and a long flowing crest had given the acolytes a very sharp stare with its blazing red eyes. The large white bird Pokémon had his talons clasped vigorously on the cobbled stone path. Once he released his grasped, he then jumped into the air and flew furiously, glaring down at his oppressors.

“Finally, some real luck…” John remarked as he watched the white bird Pokémon fly furiously in the air, “Dovashawk, attack those acolytes with Divine Strike!”

Dovashawk spread his wings out and blasted toward the approaching acolytes at mach speed. The first of the Acolytes readied his dagger and prepared to strike the incoming Dovashawk. Suddenly, the dove Pokémon flew even faster at him, and grabbed a piece of his chest in his talon. In almost an instant, he tore the piece of flesh right off, and it bled profusely.

The Acolyte again tried to slash furiously at Dovashawk but he was much too fast. Then, John Vickers aimed his pistol at the distracted Acolyte. He pulled back the metal trigger, and the gun exploded with a blast, filling the chamber with a gush of fire as the bullet was pulled from the magazine and was ejected from the firearm at a furiously insane pace. The bullet immediately plunged into the Acolyte’s forehead and exploded into fragments inside his skull. He was instantly killed.

“You… cannot… defeat the unity…” One of the Acolytes moaned, “No… you cannot…”

John gritted his teeth and then went on a rampage. He started firing furiously at the incoming group of acolytes. Each time he pulled the trigger, the pistol jerked in his hand as it spat fire and carnage, sending loud blasts wailing throughout the air. Each time he fired the pistol, one of the acolytes was sending stumbling backward, sometimes enough to kill them.

John pulled the trigger again, but instead the gun click and the chamber was locked in place. He had run out of ammunition, and he looked at the empty gun.

“Dammit.” John growled bitterly at the empty firearm.

He tossed the pistol aside and it rattled as it hit the cobbled stone path. He then looked to Dovashawk as his last resort. He looked ahead to see only three acolytes were left standing. He then pointed his finger at them.

“Dovashawk, attack them with your Light Beam!” John cried out, calling loudly to his Pokémon, “Eliminate them!”
“Dova!” The dove Pokémon screamed with a shrill cry of anger.

Dovashawk then began flapping his wings to stay in place, and then he opened his yellow beak. Suddenly, a blazing white sphere of energy began to appear in his mouth, and once it got to be the size of basketball, he released the energy, and a massive torrent of white energy blasted toward them. Once the beam had made contact, a massive white explosion shrouded everything, sending chunks of stone and bricks flying into the air. John was thrown off his feet from the blast, and he landed on his behind with his two hands on the path to hold himself up. Once the white blast cleared, only one acolyte was left standing.

He approached John with his deadly dagger drawn, and he drew closer and closer to him. John didn’t have time to get up, and he knew Dovashawk wouldn’t be able to attack in time.

“You enter… Hell today, Mister… Vickers.” The Acolyte moaned, getting ready to stab John.
But then, just before he attacked, a massive explosion rang out in the air, filling the world around with a deafening blast. The Acolyte stopped, and he looked down at the gaping hole in his chest, dripping with a massive amount of blood.

“Ughnnnn.” The Acolyte groaned, barely able to breathe.
“Go to hell you piece of s**t!” Cody’s voice shouted furiously.

Cody had cocked his shotgun, ejecting a spent shotgun shell from the chamber and replacing it with another one. And then, another hideous explosion filled the air with another rumbling blast. The shotgun had spat fire and buckshot at the Acolyte, and the blast was headed right toward his head. In a split second, the Acolyte’s head burst open, and he was sent flying backward. John was breathing heavily as he watched blood slowly flow into the crevices of the cobbled stone path. He then slowly turned to Cody, who was gritting his teeth as he held a smoking shotgun in his dark-skinned hands.

“You saved my life, Cody…” John replied with admiration, “God, I would have been dead without you.”
“Come on.” Cody replied, putting his shotgun away, “We’ve got the hell out of here.”

John quickly pushed himself off the ground and stood up. He then looked to Dovashawk, who had landed on a roof above him. John then pulled out Dovashawk’s glossy white Pokéball, and then aimed the translucent at the awaiting dove Pokémon. Then, Dovashawk turned into the same red light as the beam itself, and then was absorbed by the Pokéball.

“Come on, John.” Cody said to him in a firm voice, “We’ve still got a long way to go…”

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Old 06-08-2004, 02:52 AM
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Default Re: The Dawn of the Night (PG-13)

Thrills. Gore. Suprises. Killing. Action. Fighting.

I can't think of another thing needed to make this fic any better.

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Old 06-10-2004, 11:46 PM
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Default Re: The Dawn of the Night (PG-13)

Sorry about the slow updating, but I hope you're enjoying the story. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 9
The Chasers

John quickly got up and started heading back toward the apartment building. The sunken city of Altomare also seemed to grow darker as they drew closer and closer to the point where they would be leaving the dismal and morbid city behind. The threat was gone for now, but it wouldn’t be long before they would be back…

More and more boxes of computer equipment was packed into the back of the white truck, and soon enough, John had looked toward the sky. The clouds were turning a very dark gray, shrouding the city with a shadow of darkness. He grasped the last cardboard box firmly and placed it in the back of the truck. Then, he shut the two metal doors, and they were locked tight.

Then, he took out his assault rifle, and climbed up to the top of the truck. Seth had made his way up the back of the white truck to join John who was already waiting up there, wondering how it became dark so quickly…

Cody headed to the front of the truck, threw open the door and tossed his shotgun inside. Then, he climbed his way up and sat down behind the wheel. He then shut the door tight and locked it, but still had a feeling that wouldn’t be enough to protect him.

Sonja took her place in the passenger seat next to Cody, and loaded her submachine gun. It was the only one they had, and she only had one magazine of ammunition for it, meaning she was only going to use it in dire emergencies. She also kept a Desert Eagle magnum with her as the main weapon she was going to use. She already knew they were going to be attacked…

“Let’s go and get the hell out of here.” Cody said in a gruff tone, stuffing his key in the ignition and turning on the engine, “The sooner we get this over with, the better.”

The great engine in the container truck roared to life, and Cody grasped the clutch and put the massive vehicle in drive. He then stepped on the accelerator, and they began to head out of the alleyway. Once they reached the one street that led from Altomare to the rest of the outside world, they then took a right turn down the path that very few people were willing to take…

The white truck was alone, heading down the vacant, dusty road that led out of the dead city. Barren hills were on both sides of the road, and the asphalt that the truck drove on hadn’t been maintained in some time, and was cracked in many places with small weeds emerging from the asphalt. John had looked up to the sky, and it looked like it could rain at any moment. Still, there were no drops of water to be felt…

“They will be coming at any moment.” Seth whispered to John, keeping his pistol ready, “Blast them to pieces with everything you have. Keep them as far away as possible.”
“Got it.” John replied softly, still feeling somewhat anxious.

The truck had continued to move along the barren road for another ten minutes, and John had begun to believe that perhaps they weren’t going to be attacked. Then, it wasn’t long before he had heard a very loud engine roar in the distance.

It quickly drew closer at a feverish pace, and soon John and Seth could see an unpainted, metal van quickly approach them. Inside were two raiders, both of them were bare-chested with army camouflage pants. Besides them was a dusty, red convertible that had obviously been stolen. Two more raiders were inside, one of them driving and another one of them holding a sub-machine gun. On the right side was a black motorcycle with another raider dressed in a leather jacket riding on top of it.

Then, John and Seth nearly passed out when they saw two flying figures in the distance, far behind the van and the two other vehicles but were quickly gaining up to speed.

“Oh s**t!” Seth exclaimed, grabbing his pistol in a frenzy, “This going to get ugly! Don’t just sit there, shoot them!”

John immediately grabbed his rifle and aimed for the most vunerable target. The long barrel of the rifle was then directly pointed at the rider on the motorcycle, and then John pressed the trigger. The rifle blasted furiously at the rifle, spitting fire and metal bullets at a feverish pace.

Some of the bullets fiercely struck the cracked asphalt, while others ripped through the air and plugged themselves into the chest of the rider. Instantly he lost control of the bike, and swiftly the bike hastily turned right, slamming right into the metal van. The motorcycle threw the rider forward, right in front of the van. He rolled over many times before the massive vehicle loomed over him. Suddenly, his head was instantly crushed by the massive force of the rolling front tire, dashing his brain and skull against the asphalt as the wheel crushed it.

Meanwhile, Seth was firing furiously at the convertible, not doing much more than punching holes in the windshield with his pistol. Since both vehicles were moving at the same time, it was extremely difficult for him to get an accurate shot.

Seth fired again, only lodging another bullet in the hood of the car.

Then, the passenger in the convertible took his sub-machine gun and aimed at Seth, making sure he wouldn’t hit the windshield. Then, he pulled the trigger, and the sub-machine gun fired furiously at Seth, blasting fire and blazing hot bullets at him. He was struck several times as the gunfire sprayed the back of the truck. Unable to hold his balance from agonizing pain, he lifelessly fell off the truck…

“Damn it!” John shouted in fury, trying to grab Seth as he fell.

But it was too late. His body had hit the asphalt, and soon disappeared in the distance. John angrily grabbed his assault rifle and aimed it right back to the convertible. He shot furiously at the convertible, ripping the windshield into shards and tearing multiple holes in the hood of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the van was heading along the driver’s side of the truck in an attempt to take out Cody so the truck would be without a driver. John could only hope Cody would be able to handle it. Meanwhile, the two, large winged figures were coming closer and closer…

John then turned toward his belt, and took one of the Pokéballs off of it. He growled at the raiders furiously as he clenched the glossy Pokéball in his hand.

“Time to pay you ********...!” John exclaimed in a bitter rage…

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