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Old 04-05-2004, 12:29 AM
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 12

Midnight was about to strike when the duo checked the PokeNav to see if they were heading in the right direction. Sure enough, Cerulean was supposedly just ahead.

“You know, I know we only spent around twelve hours in that grove, but I’m not tired.” Kira said, breaking a silence that had been on going for the entire hike to Cerulean, which had been spent with wordless battles with wild Pokemon, such as Spearow and Pidgey, “Maybe we should check out some attraction.”

It took a few minutes, but she got a response. “You mean like a nightclub?”

“Sure, I guess.” Kira said, and waited for a few more minutes. His lips weren’t even moving, “Well?”

“Well what?” he snapped, “I don’t want to go. You can if you want, have a jolly good time, and I’ll get you a room.”

He began to fasten his pace, and Kira just sighed. He was green with jealousy, the sore loser.

“Well boo-hoo, cry me a river.” Kira thought, “Get me a room, I’ll be home later.”

By this time, they could see Cerulean, as they got closer. It was an astonishing sight, with nice buildings every here and there, and water surrounding the whole city. In the distance, there was a cottage along a cave-side wall. It was such a peaceful place, especially with the moonlight peering down on it. As Kira got closer, she saw Nathan head to the Pokemon Center, which surprisingly looked open.

She entered the city, and looked around for a map that indicate the way to one of the nice nighttime clubs. The ones were they sung the jazz, had a few drinks of Pepsi. That type of thing seemed to be what Kira was craving.

“Oh! I can use the PokeNav!” she got it out, and stood there thinking, “Okay, maybe some other time.”

The device wasn’t working, or she wasn’t working it correctly. As she was putting it away, she saw a building called ‘The Water Note’. It looked like it was open; in fact, it was the only one that looked opened except the Pokemon Center in the whole town. She entered, and saw exactly what she needed.

A dance floor with a DJ, a bar where they sold wholesome drinks, she was sure, as it was marked on the sign outside that it was for all ages. Even a piano for the good old oldies was near the ‘bar’.

“Welcome to the Water Note!” a lady, not much older and taller than Kira, welcomed her. She had shoulder-length blue hair, which gave her the goose bumps.

“What is the Water Note?”

“It’s a club for all ages, just people who want to hang out.” The lady smiled, “The name’s Violet.”

“Kira.” She replied, letting her know of her name, “Why are you still opened? It’s… like almost midnight!”

“Well, we do stay open until one in the morning! Sometimes new trainers can’t handle all the stress of Pokemon training, so this place is perfect, as it’s one of the early-on cities of their quest, normally.” Violet replied, as she and Kira got closer to the ‘bar’. They sat down on wooden barstools with a leather pattern on it.

“Who’s this?” a girl asked Violet, with a similar hairstyle, only it was a flashy orange. She blended in with the bar, which was of a wooden color, nearing orange in sorts.

“She just walked in, her name’s Kira. Kira, this is my sister, Daisy.” Violet introduced the two. They said quiet Hi’s to each other, “There’s three of us really.”

“Hum-hum…” Daisy coughed.

“Oh, right, there are four of us. But I’m only close with two of my sisters, the other one is a little bit of a reject sister-wise.” Violet said slowly, drinking what Kira guessed was her drink.

“Then who are the other two?” Kira inquired, as the bartender handed her a Pepsi she had subtly ordered when Daisy approached.

“There’s Lily, the pink headed girl somewhere on the dance floor.” Violet said, pointing down the metal stairs to a large square area, where there were about twenty people dancing extravagantly to a heavy metal tune.

“And there’s Misty, who is the redhead in the crowd.” Daisy interrupted, making sure her sister wasn’t forgotten by Violet.

Kira gazed down at the crowd, and easily spotted Lily, who looked much like her two sisters: petite, with a face that just radiated joy, and a tall enough stature. She had a little difficulty spotting Misty, as she didn’t look anything like her sisters. She was thin, but she was shorter, and her hair was short as well, with two pigtails. She wasn’t half as beautiful in Kira’s opinion, but that was compared to her sisters, who could have applied for Miss Kanto.

“Misty might not be as beautiful as us,” Violet said, approaching Kira, who was by the black ramp, followed closely by Daisy, “but she’s one heck of a dancer. And she excels just as much if not more at Pokemon training.”

“Dancer?” Kira said, looking back at the two.

“Oh yes, she even thought about giving up Pokemon to simply dance, but of course, Pokemon are way too important to her. She even has dance-offs with visitors from around the world.” Daisy explained, “It’s quite fun when that happens, really.”

Kira sipped her Pepsi that she had dragged along with her, and gave it to Violet, “I’ll be right back.” She headed over to the stairs and skipped down them merrily, and went over to Misty.

“What in the heck is she doing?” Daisy said, now holding Kira’s drink, as Violet was too lazy to hold it.

“Don’t know, but my guess is she wants a dance-off…” Violet laughed, “Yay! Fun for us!”

The two sisters went off to join the rest of the dancers, when Kira pronounced these words: “Care for a dance-off, Misty?”

The world seemed to stop. The DJ stopped the tune; the dancers froze in their spots, Misty’s three sisters gasped. Misty stopped as well, in an upright position, turned around on her toes, “Dance-off?”

“Yeah. Let the crowd decide who wins by a show of hand.” Kira made the rules up from scratch.

“Sure. With or without Pokemon?”

Kira simply stopped thinking when she heard that. She’d heard of dancing with Pokemon, heck, she’d heard of dancing with wolves, but did she know her Pokemon well enough to dance with them, let alone compete with someone else?”

“Sure, umm why not?” Kira smiled finely.

“I choose you, Staryu!” Misty said, releasing from a Pokeball a five pointed starfish-like Pokemon, with a red gem in its center. It had brown scaling.

“Ryu.” It said, oddly enough, as it had no mouth.

“Staryu, the star shape Pokemon. Staryu apparently communicates with the stars in the night sky by flashing the red core at the center of its body. If parts of its body are torn, this Pokemon simply regenerates the missing pieces and limbs.” Kira’s Pokedex sounded, as she took it out to identify the Pokemon further.

“I choose you, Squirtle!” Kira chose, letting the familiar Pokemon out. Out of all her Pokemon, he was the only one she saw capable of dance.

“Be aware, Pokemon attacks are to be utilized, but not on each other. We will have one round of dancing, and by applause some will win. Rules are alright with you two?” Daisy said, acting as the referee, if this ‘match’ would need that.

“All right!” they both said at once.

Misty was wearing red shorts with a light yellow tank top, and Kira was wearing white shorts with her light blue tank top. It was the best outfit to dance in, as it was flexible.

The song “Me Against The Music” began playing, and the two girls looked themselves straight in the eyes as they did the split simultaneously, and various other dance moves, including break dancing. Kira wasn’t doing as well as Misty, as she hadn’t danced in a very long time.

Meanwhile, Staryu used an attack, barked by Misty, called ‘Water Gun’. Staryu jumped in the air and shot water down to the ground out of its top point, propelling itself in the air. It seemed to roll on its own water, changing point all the time to make sure it wouldn’t fall.

Squirtle hadn’t budged yet, but, seeing Staryu use its attack to dance, Squirtle copied the attack, and tried it. He couldn’t get it strong enough to propel himself high, so instead, he used Withdraw to enter Staryu’s beam of water. Once on top, he danced side by side with his opponent.

“Go Squirtle! Do some good moves up there!” Kira said as she tried to break dance again.

“Tle Squir!” it said, trying to jump up and bombed back down on the water with Withdraw.

The song came to an end after some more dancing, and the water Staryu was making ceased and everyone was on the ground.

“By clap, who votes for the challenge Kira and her Pokemon Squirtle?” Daisy said, standing between the two contestants and their Pokemon. The audience, which was of about twenty people including Violet and Lily, clapped a little, “And for Misty and Staryu?”

The whole began clapping, safe Violet, who just yawned. Misty frowned at this, disappointed once again that her sister shooed her off as a nothing. Kira didn’t really understand why Misty was frowning, she was winning by clap!

“The winner is Misty Waterflower! Congratulations!” Daisy bowed to her sister briefly as a sign of respect. Both trainers returned their unhurt Pokemon, and smiled.

“That was fun!” Misty said to Kira, as she was about to walk away.

“Yes! You dance fantastically by the way.” Kira said, with a humble tone.

“You aren’t so bad yourself! You should see me on the Pokemon field though, I’m much better at that.”

“Maybe some other time, it’s getting late.” Kira said, saying goodbye to the four sisters, and going back up the stairs. She found her drink and finished it, and spotted Nathan in the doorway, “How’d you find me? Better yet, why did you want to find me?”

“I couldn’t sleep knowing I’d shown my jealousy to you.” Nathan sighed loudly as he got closer to her, “I’m sorry. I just get very competitive and this tends to happen, in fact it did all the time at school.”
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 12 Continued

This shocked Kira immensely, “You had friends with that green jealousy of yours? You were that popular with that attitude?”

“All of us in the gang were as competitive, that’s why we were good friends. Jason, Nick, Aaron, and all the girls, and the rest of ‘em, we were all competitive.”

“Talk about a nice group of people!” Kira rolled her eyes at the response, “And why didn’t you travel with them?”

“Haven’t we already discussed this?” Nathan laughed, tired, “They hadn’t started yet, so I got tired of waiting. They probably started by now, taking on my example.” He boasted.

“Riight. Anyways, just try to be happy, joyful, and all that jazz. It’s what it’s all about!” she said, making movements with her arms in the air to show her emphasis, “Now let’s go to bed, I had one Pepsi too many and it’s almost one in the A.M.”

They headed to the Pokemon Center; which was every bit the same as the old one, except the floor for the rooms was larger, with more rooms. Nurse Joy had explained that more people came here, seeing as how there were four main exits to the cities, all-leading to different places. Nathan went to his room to sleep, as Kira got her own room to sleep in. She hit the pillow and was already in dream world, exhausted in every muscle of her mind and body.


The following morning, June 9th, Nathan and Kira woke up at around the same time. They both got dressed and promptly went downstairs to eat some breakfast. The Nurse Joy from that Pokemon Center was a culinary queen, or at least it seemed so compared to Pewter City’s.

As they ate, Kira told Nathan all about The Water Note, and the four sisters. However, she seemed troubled by something, hiding it behind her laughs at her own story. Nathan was slightly alarmed, as she was shaking, and just staring into the blue every now and then.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing much.” Kira replied, trying to act cool.

“Not that what’s up, I mean what’s up with you? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Nathan said, and then thought about Mount Moon’s events, “Okay, you saw a ghost, we all did, but what happened overnight that’s gotten you so aloof?”

Kira put her face in her hands and sighed. Several minutes passed as she thought, but didn’t move, and Nathan continued eating the scrumptious eggs, “I had a dream.”

“Was it to become a Pokemon Master? Yeah, we all had that dream.” Nathan joked. Kira just continued her paralysis, not laughing, “A dream? The sleep dream you mean?”

She nodded, “It was confusing, yet scary in some way.” He waited for her to continue speaking, but she didn’t. She just stared into the windows, taking in the nine o’clock sunlight of the beautiful month of June.

“You can tell it to me if you want, but if you don’t, that’s ok too.” Nathan said to her, and she nodded again.

“I can’t tell him – he’ll think I’m a freak.” Kira thought, “That’s right – a freak. I can’t be a freak. No sire bob, I cannot be a freak. But it was like a calling… I saw it happen. A crime. I saw it – the act of murder, killing someone, denying the right of life to another being. It was a dream – or was it? That ghost wasn’t a dream. It was surreal, but it was real. Was this a dream too? Or a premonition for things to come?”

An eerie feeling came to her, and a shiver was sent crawling down her spine. She hated that feeling, oh how she hated it. She looked elsewhere than the window and saw a quaint girl looking straight at her, as if she was judging her. She wasn’t blinking; she was just staring there. Almost like Kira, just with a little more intent. That also sent a shiver down her spine, but this time it wasn’t as bad.

“Freaky.” Kira muttered, looking at the girl again after a few minute. She was still looking, in her shabby purple dress, with nice earrings. She had curly brown hair, shoulder-length. She looked a bit older than Nathan, maybe fifteen, sixteen tops.

“What’s freaky? Your dream?” Nathan asked her, snapping her out of her observance.

“That girl, she’s staring at me.” Kira replied, getting her face out of her hands, staring back at the lady. The lady seemed to realize Kira knew she was staring and looked away, “Or was, anyway.”

Nathan didn’t have any reply to this, so he took her plate and his own back to Nurse Joy. While he was doing so, the girl came over to the table.

“Pardon my staring…” the girl said to her, sitting down. She was beautiful, an exquisite person, “But I can’t help but feel a sense of worry from you.”

This made Kira’s body stiffen, “How would you know that from a stare?”

“I don’t like to flaunt, but I’m a psychic. Not a telepathic freak, but psychic. I can read minds; I can see things coming from afar. In my mind that is, mind you. My name is Tabitha.” The girl said, smiling.

“Wow, I really didn’t get that impression from you!” Kira said.

“First looks aren’t always truthful!” Tabitha said very seriously.

“Alright, Tabitha.”

“I also believe in things – surreal, supernatural things. It’s gotten of me a great curiosity, my being psychic and all.” Tabitha claimed.

“Can you read my mind right now, or before when you were gawking at me?”

Nathan came back to the table, freaked out that Kira was talking to the lady. Kira made introductions between the two, and they continued the conversation.

“I got a feeling that you had a dream – a serious one. Stop me if I’m wrong.” Tabitha said, and, with no interruptions, continued, “You saw… red? Blood maybe?” she continued, leaving a few seconds between sentences to let interruptions through, “Murder! That’s the ticket! You saw a murder!”

Kira nodded, “Can you tell me anything about this?”

“I’m no psychologist, but it can be a sign. A subtle sign, mind you, but a sign nonetheless. Sometimes, it is believed such a dream marks death of someone you know and care about. Other times, it’s just a coincidence, and is nothing to worry about.” Tabitha informed, putting Kira’s and Nathan’s fast beating hearts to rest, “But… there are times when this is a message to watch your own back, that someone might want to vest their hands in your blood.”

Tabitha said that so dramatically, scaring the breath out of Kira. Tabitha gave Kira her number, and said to call her using the PokeNav if she ever had any other dreams. Nathan challenged Tabitha to a battle before she left, and she declined, saying she had to head to Vermillion City to battle the Gym.

“You train Pokemon?” They asked in harmony.

“Yes, psychic types, and I already have two: Kirlia and Kadabra. Unfortunately, I’m sure they are too strong for you rookies. Sorry to break the news to you, but I’ve been training these for a few months now.” She explained, “And I’m also in this league. Mind you, I also have my eyes out for supernatural events and adventures, and also Legendary Pokemon. My oh my, that would be a treat.”

She left them on those words, and Kira was still stung by Tabitha’s claim of death. If the dream meant she might die, or Nathan, or anyone else she cared about, how could she live, knowing death was around the corner? Nathan comforted her, saying it was just a dream.

But Tabitha was psychic. Psychic, for crying out loud! Psychics could be right, right on the mark. What if Kira was going to die?

“I rather it be me than anyone else.” Kira thought deeply.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 13

Kira was so shaken up by Tabitha’s premonitions, that when Nathan offered to go out and train with her, she refused. She decided to go to the Gym and battle the Gym Leader before time ran out for her. This worried Nathan, but he couldn’t change her mind. He went out to train in the northern part of the city.

While he was trying to make Scyther and Bulbasaur learn new attacks, or possibly evolve. He felt behind compared to Kira, but then he thought, “Well, she has two new Pokemon she hasn’t trained all that much yet, but…” he looked in the sky and sighed, “I’ll catch up. We have months of this training stuff ahead of us!”

He continued training, making Scyther and Bulbasaur battle against each other and the seldom-wild Pokemon that wandered into the city. All of them didn’t look too strong, so he didn’t bother toss a Pokeball at them and catch them, until a brown furred Pokemon wandered into one of Bulbasaur and Scyther’s fight.

“Eevee, the evolution Pokemon. Its irregularly configured DNA is affected by its surroundings. It evolves if its environment changes.” His Pokedex said, as he whipped it out, while his two Pokemon didn’t even notice the tiny Pokemon walk into the battle. It wasn’t as if the Eevee was attacking, but it was there.

“Scyther! Bulbasaur!” Nathan shouted, “Stop battling and focus your attacks on Eevee!”

They looked confused, and then looked down and saw the smirking Pokemon. Scyther, who was flying at the time, dove down and slashed away with its scythe. Bulbasaur took its vines out of its bulb and started whipping them down around Eevee, missing him constantly because he was afraid to hit Scyther.

“Vee!” it cried, hit by one of Bulbasaur’s vines. Scyther had pulled back finally to allow that to happen.

“Scy!” Scyther cried victoriously as he suddenly became extremely rapid.

“Huh?” Nathan pondered, having no idea what his Scyther was doing. His Pokedex was still out, and informed him once more.

“Agility, a psychic move. This move allows the Pokemon to become very fast, often confusing the opponent on where to hit.”

“Good job Scyther! Continue doing that until you are behind his back and use False Swipe!”

Scyther did as told, while Bulbasaur continued to use its vines to hit the Eevee, who hadn’t even made a move yet. It was as if it had never battled. The look on its face showed how frightened it was.

“Eevee!” Eevee cried as Scyther hit it with False Swipe. It simply fell to the ground, unable to move, unable to cry, unable to do anything. It was fainted.

“Go Pokeball!”

The ball fell upon the Eevee and it didn’t even shake. It just made the ping sound.

“Wow, it must have been weak.” Nathan said, picking up the Pokeball, “No worries! We’ll train Eevee until it becomes very strong!”

He laughed, as he returned his two Pokemon, who were considerably tired already. He returned to the Pokemon Center to get them healed.

As this went on, Kira was in front of the large dome in the center of the town. It was the highest building in the city, and you couldn’t miss it from a mile away. The dome’s roof was curved and light blue, and the walls weren’t even walls: it was just a large window that was of deep blue color. You could see through them a little bit.

Staring through the two doors that were also window-like, Kira saw a pool, with all the regular pool things: two diving boards, a few toys. Other than that, there were other irregular things, such as the colored boards against the wall, which were soaked. There were stands circling the pool.

If Kira hadn’t known any better, she’d say it was some sort of aquatic circus. But the ‘Gym’ sign pointing to the building proved it was the Gym, and if that wasn’t enough, ‘Cerulean City Gym’ was written on a plaque beside the doors. She approached the doors, and they slid open, revealing a room before the poolroom.

She hadn’t noticed this room before, because all the walls we’re see-through.

“Oh hello there!” a person said, coming from the poolroom, in a red bathing suit. She had been in the pool, Kira was sure, because her whole body was wet, including the red hair.

“Hello!” Kira said, recognizing the person. She couldn’t put her finger on who the person it was.

“I have the impression I know you.” The girl said to Kira.

“Quaint, I have the same feeling!” Kira said, “Oh, we had a dance-off yesterday!”

“Oh, Kira, right?” the girl said, and Kira nodded, “Name’s Misty.”

“I know.” Kira said, happy for once. She then thought about Tabitha and shivered.

“So, I’m guessing you’re here for the show?” Misty asked.

“The show? Excuse me?” Kira asked, confused.

“Yes, me and my sisters put on shows with our water Pokemon here every week. It’s a major attraction here, and the next show is in maybe a few hours. It’s crazy the crowds we get here.” Misty explained, “But, seeing as how you don’t know what that is, I guess you weren’t here for that.”

“You guess correct! I was here for a battle against the Gym Leader, is he here?” Kira said, looking around.

“He? Who said it was a he? Didn’t you read the plaque in front of the building?” Misty asked, perplexed.

“No, actually, I’m kind of worried about something at the current moment. Why? Is it a she?”

“Yes, in fact, me and my sisters are the leaders. But since they aren’t as good Pokemon trainers as me, and they are more occupied with the Water Note, I was made the ‘Official’ Gym Leader.” Misty explained, “You want to battle?”

“Yes, of course!” Kira said, delighted.

“Hang on. You can go to the poolroom.” Misty said, going back through the door whence she came. Kira followed, and saw this ‘room’ was a hallway. It astounded her that the whole building looked like one room from the outside, but, really, it was several rooms separated by window-like blue glass.

She continued to the poolroom, which was circular, and immense. There were plenty of seats in the stands, enough to sit everyone in Cerulean, she was sure. In the middle, the pool was rectangular, with two diving boards at each end.

Misty, followed closely by Lily, walked into the room, and saw Kira gawking at the room with her mouth wide open.

“Don’t open your mouth too wide, you might catch flies!” Misty laughed, as she went to one extremity of the pool, and hopped onto the diving board.

“Oh, right. Why are you on the diving board, and why are we here?” Kira asked.

“The pool is also a battlefield.” Lily explained, taking the boards and throwing them into the pool, “We aren’t too biased, we have these boards for Pokemon who can’t swim or fly.”

“We test them on their ability to adapt to a different environment of battle as well as my elite water Pokemon.” Misty joked.

“Oh…” Kira said, going to the opposite white diving board and going on, “Am I supposed to jump in?”

“If you want to, I don’t blame you. I love to battle side by side with my Pokemon…” she started, as she dove right in to the pool, “as you can see.”

“Okay. I’ll stay up here though, my clothes aren’t water-able.”

“Suit yourself, dear.” Lily said, “I’ll be acting as the referee of this match. Each trainer is allowed two Pokemon, whoever is without Pokemon first loses. The match is between Gym Leader Misty against Challenger Kira. This battle is for the Cascade Badge. There shall be no time limit. Ready? Go!”

The rules being recited, both trainers were completely into the battle.

“Go Poliwag!” Misty shouted, throwing a Pokeball into the water, which sunk and opened, revealing a round shadow underwater. It came up, and two eyes, which looked harmless, stumbled upon Kira. A feather-like tail came up behind, and then the whole Pokemon came into appearance when it jumped on the green board.

It was a circular blue Pokemon, almost as flat as a frying pan, with a spiral on its stomach. It stood on two unstable legs, and they were shaking. It was very cute, but Kira was sure it could do some damage.

“Poliwag, the tadpole Pokemon. Because it is inept at walking on its newly grown legs, it always swims around in water.” The Pokedex informed her, as she took it out of her blue backpack.

“Explains the shaking legs.” Kira thought, as she nodded. She put the Pokedex in her white shorts’ pocket. Apart from those shorts, she was wearing an equally white tank top. It made Nathan wonder where she put all her clothes in her backpack.

“Good! I choose you,” Kira said, and then thought about who she should choose. Vulpix was the worst choice, seeing as how it couldn’t swim and was weak to water attacks, Chansey was too large to jump from board to board, and Clefairy was light but the less trained of her bunch, “Clefairy!”

Deciding to keep Squirtle as her last resort, she sent the pink fairy to yellow board, which was closest to her. Clefairy was ready for battle in every sense.

“Clefairy versus Poliwag! Begin!” Lily shouted, taking two flags from behind her back, and swiftly bringing them down. One was blue, representing Misty, and the other was green, representing Kira.

“Clefairy, catch it off guard and use Pound!” Kira shouted as soon as the battle began.

Clefairy pounced on the unstable Poliwag, pushing it into the water, right beside its trainer.

“Bad move, really bad move!” Misty said, “Poliwag excels in water! Poliwag, speed up and use Body Slam!”
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 13 Continued

The now waterborne Poliwag sped up to the platform where Clefairy was, and jumped as high as it could in the air, slamming down its armless body on the pink fairy. Startled, Clefairy started slapping Poliwag silly.

“No, Clefairy, use sing!” Kira yelled in vain. Clefairy wasn’t listening, she was just so outraged Clefairy had actually slapped her! Poliwag, in its own defense, equally began to slap Clefairy with its tail.

“Your Clefairy seems badly trained, or nearly not trained!” Misty laughed, “Pathetic! Use Bubble to knock it off balance!”

Poliwag began creating bubbles that hit Clefairy, pushing it into the water. Not being able to swim, it went mad trying to get back onto the platform.

“Clefairy is unable to get back onto the platform or swim! Defeated!” Lily yelled in the air, raising the blue flag, showing Misty’s win.

“Return, Clefairy.” Kira said, getting shocked. The red beam reached the almost drowning Pokemon, and Kira sent out Squirtle, “You can do it Squirtle!”

Squirtle was sent into the water, beside the platform that Poliwag was tumbling on. It was still having trouble standing up.

“Now, Squirtle, charge up underneath the platform and send that Pokemon flying!” Kira shouted, pointing, obviously, at Poliwag.

“Squir!” Squirtle cried, before going underwater and under the platform. It charged up, sending both the platform and Poliwag flying. Poliwag hit the dome-like ceiling, and fell back down on another platform, fainted.

“Return, Poliwag! You did good!” Misty shouted, returning the dizzy Pokemon, “Go Chinchou!”

“Chinchou? What is that?” replied Kira, confused.

“Chinchou, the angler Pokemon. On the dark ocean floor, its only means of communication is its constantly flashing lights.” Sounded the Pokedex from her Pocket.

However, the Pokemon was nowhere to be seen. There was only a light appearing at the bottom of the pool with a shadow that was as large as Squirtle.

“Don’t let it scare you, Squirtle! Hop onto a platform!”

“Not so fast!” said Misty, smirking, “Spark, Chinchou!”

The light began to spark an electricity that, in the flash of an eye, dispersed to the entire pool. Squirtle was shocked, having not attained the platform in time.

“Lights out for you, Squirtle!” Misty laughed viciously.

“Squirtle? Please tell me you can battle!” Kira cried, fearing having lost. Squirtle, which looked in no condition to fight, didn’t say a word, “Return, Squirtle… you did good, I guess.”

Chinchou came back to the surface, showing its two yellows antennas and its blue body. It looked exhausted from the spark attack, “Return, Chinchou. Good job!”

Both Pokemon were returned to their Pokeballs, touched by the red light.

“Squirtle has fainted! Victory goes to Misty!” Lily shouted, raising the blue flag once more.

Misty got out of the pool, smiling, whereas Kira directed herself towards the exit.

“Wait, Kira!” Misty said, catching up with her, “Don’t feel so down! Just come back and try again, sometime soon! That was an okay battle, but I’m sure you can do better!”

Kira smiled at that thought, but frowned after, “I don’t think I can. You are too good for me. I don’t even know how you were in the pool without getting shocked by your Pokemon’s electric attack!”

“That’s an easy answer!” Lily said, catching up with the two, “Chinchou loves her trainer so much that she is invulnerable to its attacks. Well, maybe not invulnerable, but the Pokemon knows not to hit her trainer.”

“And Kira, do come back. Maybe you can go up north, I hear it’s a beautiful place to a camp this time of year. There are lots of Pokemon to train with, there, too. If you’re really lucky, you’ll run into Bill!” replied Misty.

“Thanks, I guess. See you soon!” Kira waved to them, leaving. She had her head turned and bumped into someone.

“Hey watch it!” the voice said.

“Oh, sorry… Nathan? What are you doing here?” Kira said, looking up at the tall man.

“I’m going to battle the Gym Leader! I hear she’s tough! But I caught a new Pokemon, an Eevee, so I think I have a good shot.” Nathan explained, “Did you go and battle the Gym Leader?”

“Yes…” Kira said, and, with Nathan’s inquiring stare, she continued, “I… won.”

“That’s great! If you can do it, I bet I can too!” Nathan laughed, “I’ll head back to the Pokemon Center after, ok?”

“Yea, sure.” Kira said, going back to the Pokemon Center, now worried about death and being a bad trainer.

Nathan continued to the Gym, content that Kira looked okay in saying she had won. Something tipped Nathan off that Kira wasn’t telling the whole truth, but he shrugged off that feeling and entered the clear Gym.

“Oh, hello! I’m Misty, and this is my sister Lily.”

“Hello there! I’m Nathan, and I’m looking for the Gym Leader!” Nathan said, checking out the two young beauties.

“This is she. You’d like a battle, I guess?” asked Misty.

“That’s about right. This place is so cool, by the way.” Nathan said, looking up and around, seeing the sun penetrate through the clear walls.

“Thank you. Let’s go in the poolroom for our battle.” Misty said, as she led him to the poolroom. Lily followed, silent. She was looking Nathan up and down, fancying him.

“Lily? Earth to Lily!” Misty said, as she got into the pool. Lily was just standing there, gawking at Nathan.

“Yes? Oh, right!” Lily said, skipping her way to the middle of pavement around the pool, “This shall be a Gym Battle for the Cascade badge. Each trainer is to use two Pokemon.”

She had the two flags again: blue representing Misty as always, and the green one representing Nathan, the challenger. She had them in each hand, up high, and waved them down, signaling the beginning of the battle.

“I choose you, Corsola!” said Misty, tossing out a Pokeball with her hand, underwater. A white and pink Pokemon, which strongly resembled a rock with lots of sharp horn, was in front of Misty.

“What a cool Pokemon!” thought Nathan, standing outside the pool, beside one of the diving boards.

“Corsola, the coral Pokemon. The points on its head absorb nutrients from clean water; because of this, it cannot survive in polluted water.” Nathan’s Pokedex informed, as he flipped it out from his black backpack.

“I can’t battle with Eevee, it’s too weak and inexperienced for this.” Nathan thought, “Bulbasaur is very strong, maybe I should surprise her with my strongest asset?”

Doing the exact contrary of Kira, Nathan sent out Bulbasaur onto one of the floating boards, hoping it wouldn’t fall into the boards.

“Bulbasaur, use vine whip and toss it around!” Nathan commanded.

The vines crawled out of Bulbasaur’s bulb, and made their path to Corsola, grabbing it, and tossing it around the pool, trying to hit it against the walls of it. It proved to not be so difficult, as Corsola was a heavy rock-type, and it wasn’t too elevated in the air.

“Corsola, counter with bubblebeam!” Misty ordered.

After being let go from the vines, Corsola shot bubbles in an almost never-ending beam, until it final ceased. Bulbasaur tried to pop it with its vines, proving to be very effective.

“Good job, Bulbasaur! Now, use leech seed!” Nathan ordered, smiling from ear to ear.

Sending out projectile seeds, they caught hold of Corsola, and restrained Corsola to an area around the furthest platform, where the seeds latched onto.

“Corsola! Speed up as fast as you can to try and break those seeds off! This way you’ll be free!” ordered Misty, struggling to find a way to get Corsola free.

“Now, Bulbasaur, use your…” Nathan began to say, but Bulbasaur shook its head and started to shake its whole body. A brilliant yellow powder emerged from the bulb, floating all the way to Corsola. It then stopped speeding up.

“Sleep Powder, a grass attack that renders the opponent asleep.” Nathan’s Pokedex explained again. Nathan realized he had forgotten to store it in his backpack, and, believing he’d need it again in the battle, he placed it in his jeans pocket.

“No! Corsola! Wake up!”

“Finish it with Vine Whip!”
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 13 Continued

Bulbasaur shot out its vines at Corsola, and the Corsola did not have the will to go on. The seeds were sapping out its last energy as Misty recalled it.

“Corsola is unable to battle! Victory to Nathan and Bulbasaur!” Lily said with authority in her voice, as she raised the green flag.

“Good job anyways Corsola.” Misty said sympathetically, looking at the Pokeball. She immediately took her tough attitude as she put Corsola’s Pokeball on the side of the pool, and took another and threw it in, “Go Staryu!”

The star shaped Pokemon, unknown to Nathan, awed Nathan with its gem. He checked his Pokedex, and, after being informed on Staryu, he laughed, “This shall be easy!”

“Don’t be so confident! Staryu has many tricks up her sleeve – I mean her star points!” replied Misty, “Staryu, use Camouflage!”

Staryu’s color began to change avidly, and then it disappeared from sight entirely. Misty laughed wickedly, getting competitive again, “You’ll never find her now!”

“Bulbasaur, be on top guard. Try to use Sleep Powder!” Nathan said, falling down a bit from his confident stance.

“That won’t work! Staryu, use Rapid Spin!” argued Misty immediately.

Although he couldn’t see his opponent, Nathan could hear the sound of Staryu spinning around rapidly. The camouflage was making Staryu change color according to its surroundings, making Bulbasaur’s Sleep Powder hit the dust, literally!

“Saur!” Bulbasaur shouted loudly when Staryu seemed to hit him from the back. He fell into the water, as he was on the edge of the platform.

Nathan was struggling to find an idea, “I got it! Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip and try to grab onto something to go on a platform!”

Bulbasaur tried to find something that he could make his vines grab onto, but nothing seemed to be latch able. Staryu continued spinning around rapidly, but nothing seemed to move.

“Wait, if Staryu was on the water, then I would see the water trickle. There are five boards, and that means Staryu is on one of them.” Nathan thought, and then said aloud, “Bulbasaur, try to use your vines anywhere above the boards!”

Bulbasaur tried, but, not being on one of the boards himself, had trouble. He was starting to sink in the pool.

“Return, Bulbasaur. You did good.” Nathan said, lowering his head as he returned his Pokemon.

“Bulbasaur was retreated!” Lily shouted.

“Go Scyther!” Nathan said, thinking he was perfect for the job, “Use Wing Attack!”

Scyther had learnt this attack from his previous training, and was anxious to use it. He flew above the platforms, and began flapping its wings around, making gusts of wind above all the boards. He finally hit the right one, the board that was in front of Nathan.

“No, Staryu!” Misty said, despaired, “Use Swift!”

Stars began emerging, ironically, from Staryu. They were all aimed at Scyther, and he maneuvered himself quick enough in the air to avoid them.

“Good job, Scyther! Now hit the same spot with Wing Attack, we know Staryu is there now!”

He worked his wings strongly enough to push the invisible Staryu into the pool. Nathan, Scyther, Lily and Misty could all see where Staryu was now, as the water was outlining it.

“Finish it with False Swipe!”

“Ha, think this is over? Recover, Staryu!” Misty laughed competitively.

Scyther lunged its scythe out and dove down to hit Staryu, as a purple glowing energy surrounded it. As the purple energy got closer to Staryu, Scyther hit Staryu.

Suddenly, Staryu took back appearance; it was no longer invisible.

“Staryu is unable to battle. Victory to challenger Nathan!” Lily said, raising the green flag.

Both trainers returned their Pokemon, and Nathan could not have been happier. He had won against Misty, he had his second badge!

“Congratulations, Nathan! Here is your Cascade Badge.” Misty congratulated with a smile on her face, swimming over to Nathan, and handing him a water droplet-like badge.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, taking it. It was a beautiful light blue, and it was just a bit larger than the Boulder Badge. He opened his backpack and took out his ‘badge box’, and put it in. He definitely didn’t want to lose these two badges, as they were his newfound pride.

“You did much better than the trainer before, she was at a lost of what to do with Chinchou.” Misty explained, getting out of the pool, “She was crushed when she lost, really. She left right before you came in.”

“What was her name? Was it Kira?” Nathan said, widening his eyes. He thought that person might be Kira.

“Why, yes, how did you know?” Misty exclaimed back. Nathan now knew for certain that he had been lied to.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 14

“I bought some supplies for us from the PokeMart, Nathan.” Kira said to Nathan when she spotted him enter the Pokemon Center, “Some potion, namely.”

“That’s nice.” Nathan said, ticked off, “Can I see your Cascade Badge? I want to compare both of ours.”

“No!” she exclaimed, “Okay I don’t have one.”

“Why did you lie?” Nathan said, now sad.

“I’m depressed, Nathan! I might die, I didn’t get my second badge, it’s terrible!”

“But you can try as many times as you need to. Besides, Misty told me that there is a nice camping ground to the north, with many wild Pokemon. With luck, we might meet Bill! It’ll be fun, we can stay up there for like a week, camping in that tent of yours!” Nathan said, trying to make the best of a bad situation.

“Okay. I want to go speak to my mother on the phone though, I miss her and my little brother Steven.” Kira said, going over to the area with five phones. Nathan decided he would go heal his Pokemon while she did so.

“Sad, isn’t? She lost to Misty. She was crushed when she came back.” Nurse Joy said, as she worked her magic with the machine that was healing his Pokemon.

“You know about that?” said Nathan, shocked.

“Oh, of course dear. I know about everything that goes on in this town, this place is like the meeting place! This is where the rumors start, and everything that goes with that.” Nurse Joy said, handing him his Pokemon back.


“Hi mom! I’ve missed you so much!” Kira said, seeing her mother appear on the screen. Her mother was as beautiful as ever, and was smiling so much, as she was happy to see her daughter. Kira told her everything that had happened over the past week or so.

“Wow, honey, you’ve experienced a lot already! Just be careful, and I hope that you meet many more friends than you already have! Oh, and don’t forget, you have to check in every now and then, okay? Don’t go months without talking to me. I swear, I don’t want to have to worry I sent you out too young!” Amy said to her.

“Mom! I’m eleven! I only needed to be ten to register for the Pokemon league!” Kira started nabbing, “I’ll be twelve in September!”

“Okay, okay, I get the idea dear. Don’t go into a fuss. Who’s that?” Amy asked, seeing Nathan over her shoulder.

“Oh, that’s Nathan, he’s four years older than me, so that makes him fifteen. He’s really nice, mom, and he’s good company.” Kira complimented, “Say hi to Steven for me, bye!”

They said goodbye and they both hung up.

“Did you tell her about Tabitha?”

“Are you crazy? She’d drag her feet over here and bring me back home if I did! I may be eleven but I’m not stupid, Nathan.”

“I’m going to call home.” Nathan said, sitting down on the seat as she got up.


The phone rang very loudly.

It rang through all their ears, as Kimberly drew a drawing for a school project, as Rose began cooking supper, “Hello?” the redhead Rose said into the phone, as her son appeared on the screen.

“Hi mom!” Nathan said, “I’m having so much fun out here!”

He told his mother almost everything, like Kira had done with her mother, and Rose was just so happy to hear everything was going well, “Kimberly is heading out on her journey, in about a month, Nathan.”

“That’s so cool, mom!”

“Yeah, I know. She hasn’t decided if she wants to compete in Kanto, however.” Rose informed.

“Any word on dad?” Nathan whispered, covering his phone with his hand to keep the words hidden from Kira.

“I’m sorry honey, but I don’t think so. He isn’t doing very well, to tell you the truth. We are preparing for the worst.” Rose said with a hint of tears in her blue eyes.

“Is he going to die?” asked Nathan after a moment of silence. Kira was intrigued at why he was hiding his conversation now.

Kimberly suddenly elbowed her mother out, and as soon as that happened, the redhead was on the screen, “Nathan!”

“Hi Kimberly.” Nathan said, fighting the tears.

“I might go to Johto, or Hoenn if I’m lucky, Nathan! Isn’t that cool?”

“Sure is, little sis. Can I talk to mom?”

“Okay.” Kimberly said, handing the phone back over to her mother.

“Your father is going to need a miracle to live, with all honesty, Nathan. I won’t veil reality from you.” Rose said, with a single tear going down her face.

“Why is his mother crying?” thought Kira, watching from the behind her traveling buddy.

“Do you want me to come home?” Nathan asked.

“Honey, don’t come home. You need to be out there experiencing life. If your father does die, however, you will have to come home for the funeral.” Rose said, “Live out there while you still have the precious gift of life.”

“Okay, mom… how is James going?” he replied, changing the subject.

“Your older brother is doing marvelous, Nathan! I’m sure he’ll be glad to know you already have two badges. Shame your friend didn’t win her second badge yet. Anyways, James is out in Johto right now, looking for new Pokemon and his own badges for Johto.” Rose smiled through her tears, “You’re walking in his footsteps, because he got to the Indigo League himself. I’m so proud of both my sons.”

Nathan liked his older brother so much when he was little. He’d always let Nathan tag along with his older friends, until Nathan absolutely hated his brother for heading out on a Pokemon journey, that is, until he realized how much fun Pokemon training was.

“That’s cool, mom. I got to go, see you later!” Nathan said. He hung up right after she replied a goodbye.

“What was that about?” Kira said, as she saw Nathan looked teary eyed.

“Oh, nothing. I think I’ll go outside because I already packed everything. I’ll be at the north exit of the town, so we can go up there to camp and all that.” Nathan said, rushing out.

“He’s so cute.” Kira thought, laughing, “But he’s a friend first and foremost. I’d never dream of falling in love with him.”

She was telling the truth, she found Nathan attractive, but he was her friend first. She then got her curiosity back and really ached to know what was up with the Lennox family.

“Bye, Nurse Joy! We’ll be back in a week!” Kira said, ten minutes later, as she came down all ready to go. All her clothes and supplies were in her back, and now the tent didn’t even fit in her backpack!

She carried it out and headed north, where she saw Nathan kicking rocks. She also noticed night had fallen upon them once more.

“I couldn’t fit this thing in my back, my clothes are over boarding it!” Kira laughed, as she and Nathan began to walk upon the bridge that led to the campgrounds that Misty spoke of. The river was beautiful in the night, with moonlight shinning down on it and all the Pokemon that jumped out of it every now and then.

After they crossed the bridge, they set up the tent right beside the river, even if it wasn’t that far from the city. They were tired, and they wanted to sleep. They made some food with a pot, which Kira had bought earlier that day. It was just soup, but it was good nonetheless.

“So, what was up with your family, earlier? Rose was crying.” Kira said, quickly recalling the name Nathan had given her.

“Oh… I didn’t tell you this before because I didn’t think I could, but I think I’m ready to admit this. My father Nick was in a terrible accident a few weeks before I left for my journey. He has been in a coma every since. The doctors said the chances were of him surviving were strong at the beginning, but they are quickly diminishing. It’ll take a miracle for him to live.” Nathan said sadly.

“Mr. Lennox? I had him for gym class.” Kira said, remembering she had had Nathan’s father as a teacher a few times, “He always helped me pass the class well. He knew it was lowering my average heavily.”

“That’s my dad for you.” Nathan smiled, “I just don’t want him to die. And I’m not going home, my mother said that’s beside the question.”

“I hope he does get better, I really do.” Kira said, and then realized, “Do you think that this is what Tabitha meant?”

“I don’t think so, but you never know.” Nathan was crying now.

“No, don’t cry. He’s going to be okay – I’m convinced.”
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 14 Continued

“Jason, Shawn, Zack! I can’t believe it!” Nathan said, as he put away the last dishes and saw the familiar faces.

“Man, I can’t believe it either!” the same voice said again. Kira observed that this guy seemed to be the leader figure of the group. He showed off his muscles in a black tank top, and he had equally black jogging pants on, with Nike shoes to top it off. He had black hair. He and Nathan shook hands.

“Neither can I!” the other person, to the first person’s left, said, shaking Nathan’s hand. He had a matching black tank top, with black shorts to match that. He was equally muscular; she guessed the two played a lot of basketball like Nathan. He had brown hair with blonde tips. His Nike shoes were red and white, like the other ones.

“Nice to see you again.” The third said, shaking Nathan’s hand with their special handshake as had did the other two. This one looked a little out of place; he wasn’t muscular, he was wimpy in comparison. He had an outfit identical to the second person’s, however, he had a black sleeve shirt.

“Guys, this is Kira, my traveling buddy. Kira, this is Zack Cedano, Jason Carson and Shawn Affleck. They were some of my best friends in school!” Nathan said, pointing to everyone respectively.

“Nice to meet you.” Kira said, smiling and shaking all their hands.

“We were all on the basketball team back at school.” Nathan explained.

“Not me.” Shawn said, frowning.

“Yeah, well you aren’t exactly crafted for sports.” Zack mocked, while Shawn just frowned more.

“So, what Pokemon do you guys have?” Nathan said, gesturing the three and Kira to sit down around the campfire they had lit earlier.

“I have a Mudkip and a Machoke.” answered Jason.

“I have a Chikorita and a Pikachu.” Answered Shawn, nervously and meakly.

“I have a Cyndaquil, a Butterfree and a Tyrogue.” Zack boasted, “And what about you two?”

Kira liked these three guys, they were welcoming her into their ‘group’ of friends, “I have a Squirtle, a Vulpix, a Chansey and a Clefairy.”

“I have a Bulbasaur, a Scyther and an Eevee.” Nathan said, “They are all very strong, except Eevee, he needs a little training.”

“Listen, man, we heard about your father before we left for our journey.” Jason sympathized.

“We all hope he’s going to come over this.” Zack seconded.

“Thanks. Why did you leave for your journey, though? When I left, you wanted to stay in school a while longer.” Nathan questioned.

“Well, school was getting boring, and we decided ‘Hey! We should go out on our journey, seeing as how this place is kind of boring without Nathan!’ so here we are.” Zack explained.

“That’s nice.” said Kira.

Nathan, Zack, Shawn and Jason caught up with each other, while Kira observed. It was nice to see Nathan with his real friends, to see how he acted around others. When they realized it was very late, they decided to get some shuteye. Zack, Shawn and Jason set up a slightly larger tent beside Kira’s.

“Listen, Kira, do you mind if I stay in their tent? I miss them so much…” Nathan began to say, feeling bad.

“Not at all. Go ahead.” Kira replied, putting out the fire.

The night was fun for all five of them, Nathan and his friends playing games and talking in the tent, and Kira sleeping in the tent, petrified about Tabitha’s premonitions and her loss against Misty.

The following morning, they all woke up bright and early because of the sun shinning down through the tents.

“Well, it was nice seeing you all again. I really hope we meet up soon!” said Nathan, after the tents and everything else were packed away.

“Likewise. Come on guys, we got to go to Cerulean to go against Misty!” Zack said, acting like the leader, and walking over to Nugget Bridge to go to Cerulean. As he had explained the night before, the three had not faced Misty because they didn’t judge themselves ready when they first got to Cerulean.

“One thing that makes no sense is how did they even get here first? I mean, I left before them and with the time we’ve been doing…”

“I agree, Nathan. But then again, maybe we hung around the roses while they were speed walking to places.” Kira laughed at her comment.

“True.” Said Nathan. For the next few hours, they walked around the route spotting weak Pokemon to fight against. Nathan trained Eevee a lot, and it was rendered a lot stronger then it was initially. Kira concentrated on training Squirtle.

“Wow! I can’t believe I’m seeing you here, Kira!” a male voice said from afar.

“Wow! I can’t believe I’m seeing both of you here!” a female voice said, beside the previous voice.

Nathan squinted his eyes, and gasped, “It’s Meredith and Leo!”

“None other than us!” Meredith laughed, twirling her shoulder-length blonde hair with her fingers.

“We were just around the corner and we wondered if you two would like to battle!” Leo said.

“Why not? Who against whom?” Nathan said, clapping his hands together briskly.

“I think you’re getting the wrong message here, Nathan.” Meredith laughed, patting his arm with her hand, “We mean a double battle.”

“I’ve read about those.” Kira observed, nodding her head with her arms crossed over her chest, “They originated in Hoenn.”

“Indeed. It consists of all four trainers sending out a Pokemon, but fighting in teams of two. It’s quite interesting to experiment with.” Leo explained more thoroughly.

“Okay, why not? Me and Kira against you and your sister then?”

“Bring it on!” Leo said back, playfully, “I choose you, Hoothoot!”

“I choose you, Bulbasaur!”

“I choose you, Vulpix!” Meredith said.

“I choose you, Squirtle!” Kira yelled finally.

All four Pokeballs were sent to the ground, and they all released their Pokemon: the blue four-legged Pokemon with a green bulb on its back, the blue shelled Pokemon, the six-tailed Pokemon, and an owl Pokemon.

“Hoothoot, the owl Pokemon. It always stands on one foot. It changes feet so fast that it can rarely be seen.” Kira’s Pokedex informed, as she smiled.

“Cool!” she said, observing the brown Pokemon standing on its one rugged foot.

“Let’s get it on, already! Use hypnosis on Bulbasaur!” Leo commanded, pointing at Bulbasaur.

“Counter that with Sleep Powder!” Nathan shouted, equally pointing at the flying Pokemon.

“Water Gun on Vulpix, Squirtle!”

“Ember!” Meredith countered.

Hoothoot levitated into the air, flapping its wings as it shot round beams at Bulbasaur. As it did this, Bulbasaur shook its bulb to reveal a blue sleeping powder that flew through the air at Hoothoot. At once, both Pokemon were affected and fell asleep.

At the same time, Vulpix and Squirtle were in a war of elements as Squirtle forced a Water Gun on Vulpix, but this fox wasn’t giving up, fighting the jet of water with its fire attack. Slowly, the water advanced, diminishing the water, and hitting Vulpix. It was on the ground, deeply hurt, and exhausted from having forced its ember that long.

“Vulpix, don’t give up! Use your Quick Attack on Squirtle!” Meredith shouted, as Leo advised her to attack the sleeping Pokemon instead.

Meredith clearly refused, as Vulpix shot around and hit Squirtle. Squirtle fell to the ground, but got back up and instinctively began to pump a water jet back at his opponent.

“Wake up!” Leo and Nathan said in unison.

Almost like magic, they both woke up at that instant.

“Sleep Powder again!”


Hoothoot dived down at Bulbasaur to peck him with its beak, but, before he could reach Bulbasaur, he had opened his bulb and released a now purple powder. Hoothoot was hit, but wasn’t experiencing sleep. Hoothoot pecked Bulbasaur, but then backed away as he flashed purple and seemed hurt.

“Poison Powder, a poison type move that poisons the opponent.” Kira’s Pokedex said, as it was still out.

“Good job! Now use vine whip to hurt it further!”

Bulbasaur started hitting the owl with his vines, hitting Hoothoot’s wings in particular, as that brought it to the ground.
“Finish Hoothoot off with Water Gun, Squirtle!” Kira ordered, remembering that she and Nathan were a team in this.

“Hoot!” Hoothoot cried as the poison affected it again, after being hit by Squirtle’s ferocious attack.

“Return, Hoothoot.” Leo said, recalling Hoothoot from the match.

“Bulbasaur! Tackle attack that Vulpix!”

“Finish Squirtle with ember!”


Squirtle withdrew itself into its shell, as Bulbasaur missed Vulpix and instead hit Squirtle, sending him flying right into Vulpix.

“Pix!” Vulpix cried in pain.

“Return!” Meredith hardly had the time to say, as Bulbasaur and Squirtle began to glow in a mysterious color.

Squirtle grew larger, with a fluffier tail that was almost cloud-like. It also had similar ears now, which were quite large. Kira was very fond of her new Pokemon.

“Wartortle, the turtle Pokemon. The evolved form of Squirtle. It is recognized as a symbol of longevity. If it has algae on its shell, then it is very old.” Kira’s Pokedex informed, as she pointed to it.

Bulbasaur’s bulb began to grow quite larger and turn a red, almost pink, color, with leaves growing on the bulbs side. Soon after, its whole body began to grow in size.

“Ivysaur, the seed Pokemon. The evolved form of Bulbasaur. If the bud on its back starts to smell sweet, it is evidence that the large flower will soon bloom.” Kira’s Pokedex sounded as she gasped, moving it towards Nathan’s new Pokemon.

“Wow, your Pokemon both evolved! Congratulations, they look awesome!” Leo complimented.

“Thank you.” They both replied, but they were still wooed by their new Pokemon. They looked much stronger than five minutes ago.

They recalled their Pokemon as well, and said their farewells to the siblings for the time being. As the duo began to walk off to Cerulean, Kira and Nathan continued to train their Pokemon, hoping to make them stronger and mightier.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 15

Three days later, June 11th, they had gotten very far in the campgrounds. Yes, they were going slowly, but that was because of their training. They saw a cottage in the distance, surrounded by a lake.

There was a bridge leading to the cottage, and, on that wooden bridge, stood a familiar face with a stranger.

“What a surprise!” Misty exclaimed, and, hearing her voice, Kira and Nathan nodded recognizing her.

“Why are you here, Misty?” Kira asked her, shaking her hand and completely ignoring the brunet man on the bridge behind Misty, the one that she had just walked off of.

“I’m here to see my friend Bill!” said Misty, gesturing towards the brunet man behind her.

“Nice to meet you Bill!” replied Kira and Nathan, smiling.

“Hello!” Bill replied, waving his hand.

They entered the cottage, which was consisting of blue walls and a yellow hut-like roof, and it seemed out of place, considering it was in front of a mountain-like barrier.

“I’m Bill, creator of the PC system is used everywhere in Kanto and in Johto. Or it used to be, until a girl made something truly better than mine. My PC system can be found seldom, however.” Bill said, as they sat down at a table, he and Misty one on side, and Kira and Nathan on the opposing, “I work here, experimenting with new systems and my Pokemon.”

“Why do you work here? Isn’t it a bit far from society?” said Nathan, confused.

“Of course, that is how I work without distractions. I seldom meet a trainer that is up here training, or a camper camping, and Misty comes to visit me every now and then.” Answered Bill, giving Misty and Inuit kiss.

“That’s nice.” Stated Kira, becoming uncomfortable in the situation, “Would you like us to leave you alone?”

“We may be going out, but I like you two. You’re nice people, and I’m anxious for you to come back and challenge me Kira! Come soon!”

“Better train, first. I lost terribly against you.” Kira laughed, in joy. She had forgotten all about Tabitha’s premonitions by now.

They continued talking, and then Bill showed the two rookie trainers some of his experiments. He even told them about the time he transformed himself into a Pokemon.

“A Pokemon?” they exclaimed, shocked half to death.

“Yes, an invention gone wrong. Thankfully, some trainers came by and saved me.” Bill said.

Bill then examined their Pokemon. Misty had left at that point, as her sisters had called her, alerting her that challengers were amounting in the waiting line at the gym.

“You have very healthy Pokemon.” Bill said, looking over Wartortle again, “They are very strong. I’m surprised you didn’t win against Misty.”

“We’ve been training a lot over the past few days.” Explained Kira.

They exited the cottage and went outside. Bill was explaining that four months of the year, he lived here, for another four months of the year, he lived in Goldenrod City, and for the other time, he was either traveling or staying somewhere else.

“And I have a few Pokemon that help me with my studies.” Bill continued, “Go Ditto!”

A blob of pink goop appeared on the bridge, crying, “Dit!”

“Now, choose a Pokemon to come out of your Pokeballs.” Bill laughed.

“Okay…” replied Nathan, confused, “Go Eevee!”

The familiar brown and white furred Pokemon came out, and got into the battle position when he saw Ditto. She growled at the opposing pink Pokemon, as it suddenly began to change forms. Nathan shot out his Pokedex to identify the creature.

“Ditto, the transform Pokemon. It can transform into anything; when it sleeps, it transforms into a stone to avoid being attacked.” Nathan’s Pokedex said.

“Wow!” exclaimed Kira and Nathan together, as another Eevee appeared.

“Ditto is a great Pokemon to experiment with!” explained Bill, “I get to examine all kinds of Pokemon using it, without risking the danger of battling that certain Pokemon or trying to catch it.”


“There’s that guy and that girl again! And they are talking to that scientist guy!” Rebecca said to Will, inside a bush that wasn’t too far from the cottage. She was spying on them with binoculars, “Whoa! They have this Pokemon that just totally transformed into the guy’s Pokemon!”

“Think of how powerful that would be!” shushed Will, “We should capture it for the boss. He wasn’t too happy when the fossil theft wasn’t successful.”

“Yeah. Plus, if we did capture this Pokemon, we’d probably get promotions.” Rebecca observed, “They have beautiful outfits in the higher grades. Better than these white clothes and black boots.”

“Let’s go in.” Will said, grabbing a Pokeball from his belt, which had two Pokeballs, “I’m anxious to see them squirm at my new Pokemon.”

They both laughed sinisterly, although they kept the volume down to not be discovered.


The real and fake Eevee began to have a playful battle without commands from their trainers. Suddenly, two figures appeared in the distance: a large one, and a petite one.

“Prepare for trouble, we’re already here.” The female voice said.
“And make it double, we’ll make you have fear!” the male voice said.
“To steal Pokemon from bad trainers.”
“To train them as our own and become raiders!”
“Team Rocket light speed ahead!”
“Surrender now, or off with your head!”

“Congratulations, you’re now poets. Did you even know it?” Kira replied sarcastically, clapping her hands, and rolling her eyes.

“No, we’re not. We didn’t even write it to tell you the truth!” Will said.

“That’s what we don’t do, we don’t tell the truth!” Rebecca said, slapping Will’s blonde head forward.

“Whatever.” Will brushed Rebecca’s comment off, “We are here for that Pokemon! And that one too!” he continued, as he was pointing towards both the Eevee.

“Because you don’t know which one is Ditto.” Bill laughed, “Ditto is so realistic no one can tell the difference between it and another Pokemon. Nathan, let’s take them down with both our Pokemon.”

“Not so fast! Go Skarmory!” Will said, revealing a metallic bird from his black Pokeball. The bird had wings, and it was in the air, crying its own name.

“Go Murkrow!” Rebecca said, revealing her own flying Pokemon, of a crow nature.

“Skarmory, the armor bird Pokemon. Its sturdy wings look heavy, but they are actually hollow and light, allowing it to fly freely through the sky.” Nathan’s Pokedex said, as he still had it in his hands. It was now proceeding to identify Murkrow, which they hadn’t done before, as they had not thought of it.

“Murkrow, the darkness Pokemon. Feared and loathed by many, it is believed to bring misfortune to all who see it at night.”

“I’ll help!” Kira said, “Go Chansey!”

“Use Quick Attack!” Bill and Nathan said simultaneously.

“Chansey, use softboiled on Eevee and Ditto if they ever need it!” Kira said, making Chansey act as a supporting Pokemon. She knew that the two similar Pokemon had a better chance at winning, seeing as how they were so alike.

“Use Agility, Skarmory!” Will commanded with an evil grin on his face.

“Peck them, Murkrow!” Rebecca ordered with her own evil grin showing.

Murkrow dived down at the real Eevee and tried to peck it, but Eevee shot up and attacked it in the air, before Murkrow had a chance to peck it with its beak. Skarmory began to become very fast, that the fake Eevee couldn’t spot where it was. Ditto tried to attack Skarmory, but missed entirely.

“Sand attack!” Nathan and Bill ordered in synchronization.

“Swift! You’ll never be able to avoid that!” Will shouted.

“Astonish!” Rebecca said to her black bird.

“Chansey, let’s get into this battle! Use doubleslap on that Mukrow!”

“You aren’t allowed to battle! It isn’t fair to us!” Will said aggressively to Kira.

“Oh yeah, and stealing Mr. Niron’s fossils was fair to him?” Kira said, shutting him up.

Skarmory began to create stars with its flapping wings, shooting them at the fake Eevee. Ditto, the fake Eevee, as well as the real Eevee, dug its paws in the ground, and began to splash sand towards the two. This sand blinded them, and the stars were sent in the wrong direction.

Murkrow, however, was still able to shrug the sand off as it used Astonish, and opened its eyes wide along with its wings. Almost psychically, the real Eevee was hurt, badly enough.

Chansey got closer to the bird, and pounded it with its hands, all the way to the ground. It was very hurt now.

“Finish that Murkrow off, Eevee! Use Quick attack!”

“You too, Ditto!”

They both launched to the black crow and slammed right into it. It yelped in pain.

“Murkrow, no!” Rebecca cried, “I’ll get you for that!”

“No you wont! You don’t have anymore Pokemon!” Kira boasted.

“Then Will will!” Rebecca said, showing off Will with her hands.

“Right! Skarmory, use fury attack on the whole bunch!”

Skarmory sped down to the three opposing Pokemon and started to jab its beak everywhere quickly, as the three tried to dodge left and right and center.

“Ditto, use transform!” Bill commanded. Ditto started to take the shape of Skarmory. The long light wings, the armor-like skin and even the beak: he was an exact replica of the opponent.

“Now we know which one is Ditto, you fool! Go Snatch Ball!” Will said, throwing a black Pokeball, striped with white lines at the replica of Skarmory.

“A snatch ball?” the trio exclaimed.

“What’s that?” Kira said, in horror.

“I don’t care, just fly up, Ditto!” Bill exclaimed.

Skarmory tried to fly up, but the Snatch Ball sucked it in too fast. Ditto became a large, venom green silhouette and was sucked in. The button on the Snatch Ball was like all others, but when Ditto was inside, it turned venom green.

“That is our Snatch Ball. It is constructed to capture any Pokemon whatsoever, even if that Pokemon already has a trainer.” Will explained, picking up the Snatch Ball, “The only inconvenience is that it is costly.”
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 15 Continued

“Don’t let them run away with that, guys!” Kira shouted, in anger.

“Yeah, don’t! Go after him and snatch it right back!” Nathan barked, in anger as well.

Bill smiled at the thought that the two trainers were taking defense for him.

“Go Ivysaur!” Nathan said, throwing out his starter.

“You too, Vulpix!” Kira said, releasing the fox.

Chansey, Vulpix, Ivysaur and Eevee began to run after Rebecca, Will and Skarmory.

“Skarmory, use –” Will began, but never finished. Skarmory was massacred to the ground by all the Pokemon’s attack put together: Ivysaur’s Vine Whip, Vulpix’s Ember, Eevee’s Quick attack and Chansey’s Doubleslap.

Skarmory was recalled to his Pokeball, and he cringed his teeth. He knew Onix stood no chance against this bunch, and therefore Team Rocket was at a defeat.

“Fine. We give up.” Rebecca said, almost reading his mind, “Here, take it.”

She took the Snatch Ball and threw it on the ground. It didn’t open, but it rolled over to the trio and their Pokemon.

“We can’t win right now, but we will!” Rebecca said, “Team Rocket runs off again!”

“Thank you very much, Kira. You too, Nathan.” Bill said, “I’m going to have to observe this ‘Snatch Ball’, as they called it, to be able to release my Ditto.”

He picked up the Pokeball and observed it.

“No problem!” Kira replied, grinning, on behalf of her and Nathan, “We’re always glad to help.”

They recalled their Pokemon, and entered the cottage again. It was getting late, and Bill had offered to serve them a supper. They ate spaghetti, quite the culinary meal compared to what they were used to eat.

“You’re quite le cordon bleu, Bill!” Kira said, while she was eating it, “The noodles, the tomato sauce, the cheese, the parmesan! Mm, good.”

“Le cordon what?” Nathan asked, confused.

“You wouldn’t understand if I told you.” Kira said, laughing. She picked up a napkin from the mahogany table, and wiped some spaghetti off her face. It had splattered.

Nathan just pouted, and Bill thanked Kira, “It’s nothing special.”

Nathan and Kira then got ready to leave right after Bill healed their Pokemon, “You know,” Bill began, “you guys don’t have to leave. I have spare bedrooms upstairs.”

“I think we’ve imposed enough. We can continue a little bit, and then set up camp.” Kira replied, shushing Nathan that wanted to stay.

“Okay.” The brunet of average height replied, “I hope to see you around. Good luck on your quest.”

They left the cottage on a good note. For the next three days, they trained less intensively than before, but still enough to keep their Pokemon fit in battle. They were back in Cerulean City in the afternoon of June 14th.

“We should stop by the Water Note.” Kira said, as they walked over to the Pokemon Center to get their Pokemon healed from their hard training in the past days. Even though Bill had healed their Pokemon before they left, they were still tired.

“Why?” Nathan asked, as Nurse Joy took all seven Pokeballs from the two.

“We can relax there for a few minutes. The music is very relaxing, and watching the people dance on the dance floor, that’s something else. It’s almost like the beach, just sometimes its very, very, very loud.” Kira dramatized.

“Okay, I’ll go with you, but just because you’re going to challenge Misty after.” Nathan replied. He liked music, but he only found certain genres of it relaxing.

They entered the Water Note, and saw the sisters, save Misty, on the dance floor, in the center of a dancing crowd. Everyone was watching them, as they moved their bodies to the beat.

Kira and Nathan sat down at one of the tables and watched them dance. It was soothing for Kira, but Nathan found it almost aggravating that she found this peaceful.

“Kira!” Daisy said, “Nice to see you again!”

The three sisters had exited the dance floor to go all the way up the stairs, to where Nathan and Kira were.

“Hi Daisy, Violet, Lily!” Kira greeted, “This is Nathan.”

“He beat Misty a week ago.” Lily replied, “I was the ref.”

They continued to chat about random things, and the gym battle Kira lost came up, “Oh, the time just flew by!” Kira exclaimed, “I really need to get to my rematch with Misty.”

The three sisters said goodbye to the duo and wished them luck with their quest. Nathan and Kira went over to the gym, across town, beside the Pokemon Center.

“Oh, Kira, Nathan, what a pleasant surprise!” Misty said, as she swam in the pool and saw the two walk in.

“I’m here for my… well you know why I’m here.” Kira smiled.

“Yes I do!” Misty said, swimming over to the side of the pool, “Take a seat Nathan, this will be an interesting match.”

“You guys don’t have a referee.” Nathan remarked as he sat down on the stands.

“That’s right. Well, act like a referee. I have a dinner date tonight so I need to finish this early to start getting ready, so we shall use each two Pokemon at the same time.” Misty informed, as Kira got into position to battle.

“Gotcha.” Nathan said, going to the place where Lily had stood during his own battle. He picked up the two flags on the floor and placed them up, blue towards Misty and green towards Kira, “Cerulean City gym battle for the Cascade Badge. Begin!”

“Remember, ‘tis a double battle!” Misty said in a fancy tone, “I choose you, Chinchou and Poliwag!”

“The same Pokemon.” Kira said, observing both Pokemon in front of Misty in the water. The spiral tadpole was familiar, but she had hardly seen the angler Pokemon beside it, with its yellow antennas that conducted electricity.

She then thought about her choice of Pokemon. She could send her two strongest Pokemon out if she wanted to, and that was a good choice in her eyes. But only one of her Pokemon, Wartortle, could swim, and she didn’t know who else to choose.

“I choose you, Wartortle! And I choose you…” Kira said, tossing two Pokeballs onto a platform.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 16

“… Clefairy!” Kira continued, hoping she’d made a good choice, “Wartortle, let’s start this up now! Jump in the water!”

Wartortle jumped in the water as Misty commanded an attack, “Chinchou, spark!”

“Quick, Wartortle, jump back on the platform!” Kira said, “Now you’re only hurting yourself, Misty!”

Wartortle was still mid-air when this was called, and grabbed onto the platform with its paw and got back on it. Chinchou’s spark was sent throughout the whole pool, and hit Poliwag.

“I’ll get you for that!” Misty cringed her teeth, “But Poliwag still has enough power to continue! Use Body Slam on Clefairy, and Chinchou, use spark on Wartortle!”

“Wartortle, use Rapid Spin on Chinchou before he gets to you, and Clefairy, use defense curl!” Kira ordered.

When Clefairy saw Poliwag come at it with its body, she started to twirl her fingers around, “What are you doing, Clefairy?” Kira yelped.

“Metronome, a normal move. This move performs a random move, it can be anything from tackle to hydro pump.” Nathan’s Pokedex said, as he had taken it out first, more curious than Kira was.

“Wow, how cool!” Kira commented with a huge smile, content that Clefairy had learnt one of the most powerful moves.

“Fairy!” Clefairy shouted very loudly, as she jumped into the air, and, as fast as light itself, sped past Poliwag and pushed the airborne Pokemon back into the water.

“Aerial Ace, a flying move. A fast move that hits without fail, at the speed of light.” Nathan’s Pokedex sounded once more.

Meanwhile, Wartortle was in its shell, spinning around on the platform. Chinchou attempted to send a spark through the air at it, but its shell simply deflected it all, “Give Wartortle a little help, Clefairy! Pound!”

Clefairy pounded on Wartortle with her pink hands, understanding Kira’s command. Wartortle was sent flying through the air, hitting Chinchou right on.

“Poliwag, use hypnosis on Wartortle, and Chinchou, use Water Gun on Clefairy to push into the water!” Misty commanded.

“Wartortle, use Water Gun to deflect Chinchou’s, and Clefairy, try metronome again!” Kira was putting all her chips on Clefairy’s random move.

Wartortle immediately began to pump out its stream of water, attaining and blocking Chinchou’s. Clefairy began to move its fingers while shouting its name, as Poliwag made purple rings come out of its eyes, rendering Wartortle asleep.

“Wow.” All three of them muttered, as a powerful beam of light emerged from Clefairy’s hands. The powerful beam of power hit Chinchou right on. Chinchou was knocked out by the attack.

“Hyper Beam, the most powerful normal type move. After its use, the user must rest, as most of its energy is drained.” Nathan’s Pokedex informed the bunch.

“Return, Chinchou.” Misty responded, with a look of awe in her face, “Impressive luck, Kira. But, both your Pokemon cannot attack for the time being, leaving both of them defenseless.”

“Oh no!” Kira thought, going from total bliss to the horrifying thought of losing, “I have to think of a way to wake up Wartortle. I can’t get Clefairy to do anything because she’s resting. Maybe if Wartortle was hit by an attack…”

“Poliwag, water gun at full power on Wartortle!” Misty commanded to her Pokemon, getting out of the pool, “Sorry, I’m waterlogged.”

Poliwag got a surprisingly large beam of water to emerge from his mouth. Wartortle was pushed off the platform he was asleep on, and into the cold water.

“Wartortle, you’re awake!” Kira said, when she saw Wartortle swim around in the water, to get closer to his foe, “Good job! Now, Water Gun him right back!”

Wartortle opened its mouth and water began to hit the blue tadpole. Poliwag responded with its own water gun, and the two jets battled it out. They seemed to be of equal strengths.

“Clefairy, use pound on Poliwag!” Kira used her advantage of having both her Pokemon on the field.

Poliwag saw Clefairy jump down on it to pound it and lost concentration because of this, and both Wartortle and Clefairy’s attacks hit him hard. He was fainted, as well.

“Poliwag and Chinchou are both fainted! Victory to Kira Varon from Pallet Town!” Nathan said, dropping the flags, and running over to Kira’s side with bliss.

“Return, Poliwag. You did well.” Misty said, in sadness. The sadness passed and a joy came on her, “Congratulations, Kira! You improved largely on that week you spent in the campgrounds. Wartortle and Clefairy are very strong contenders!”

“Thank you!” Kira said, as she recalled her two Pokemon. She was smiling from ear to ear, “Can I have my badge now please?”

“Of course, Kira!” Misty said, handing her the water droplet from her swimsuit’s pocket, “The Cascade Badge is now yours! I’m sure you’ll both have great success in the Indigo league.”

“I hope so too.” Kira said.

“Yeah, she will, not sure about me, though.” Nathan joked.

They said their final adieus to Misty, and left the gym. It was getting late, around suppertime, so they decided to look around town for a place to eat, other than the Pokemon Center.

“Annabelle?” stated Kira, spotting the blonde girl strolling down the same street as they were.

“Kira? What a pleasant surprise!” Annabelle replied, hugging Kira, “Who’s this?”

“Huh? Oh, this is Nathan. That’s right, he wasn’t there when we battled back in Pewter!” Kira recalled.

“Nice to meet you.” Nathan said, shaking her hand.

“A handshake is strictly business. Hugs are more like it!” Annabelle said, hugging him afterwards.

“Okay…” Nathan said, laughing.

“Do you know any good restaurants in Cerulean, Annabelle?” Kira asked.

“Oh, cool! Look at those!” Nathan said, pointing to a window with the latest brand of Nikes in the window. He went over to observe them.

“Yeah, I do. You and the boyfriend want some romantic time, then?” Annabelle remarked with a tone in her voice.

“Boyfriend? You’re mistaken. He’s just a friend.” Kira said, offended.

“Oh, come on Kira! He has the looks!” Annabelle said, and then commented, “And, based on what he’s wearing and the shoes he’s looking at, he has good taste!”

“Well, if you like him so much, you can have him.”

“Don’t mind if I do!” Annabelle said, “Anyways, there is a McDonalds around the corner, you can afford that I guess.”

“Thanks!” Kira said, “So, how’s your Pokemon training going?”

“I caught a Staryu and a Goldeen. I think I might specialize in water types, as they seem pretty cool. Except Venonat, that’s such a cool Pokemon, I could never give it up!” Annabelle said, “It’s going great. You?”

“Squirtle evolved, I caught a Chansey and a Clefairy. And Vulpix is as feisty as ever.” Kira said.

“Those are some wicked awesome kicks.” Nathan used some slang coming back, “Overpriced, though. So, do we have a restaurant?”

“Does McDonalds do you good?” Kira asked.

“Certainly, where you lead I’ll follow.” Nathan said, as Kira began to walk away.

“Bye Annabelle!” They said together.

“Bye guys!” Annabelle said, with despair in her voice. She was so alone on her journey, except Kira, and now Nathan.

They rounded the corner of the street and, sure enough, there was a large ‘M’ in gold, on a pole. Behind that pole, there was the parking lot to a McDonalds.

“Oh, I can’t wait to eat a Big Mac!” Kira said, making noises with her mouth to show her hunger, “Even if it is fattening, I don’t care!”

“And fries! You can’t forget the fries!” Nathan added. They walked onto the grey pavement of the parking lot and avoided the few cars that were parked. Cars were uncommon in Kanto, as everyone used their Pokemon as means of transportation for the most part.

They entered, and saw two lines. They were both very, very long, but neither seemed to be shorter.

“Welcome to McDonalds! Can I take your order please?” the waitress said, when Nathan and Kira finally got to the head of the line.

“One cheeseburger, one Big Mac, two fries, and two Cokes.” ordered Kira. They had discussed what they had wanted while they waited in line.

They got to a teal table and sat down. They began to eat the fast food hamburgers without talking too much.

“Say, Nathan… where are we heading next?” Kira said, with a confused look on her face.

“Where’s the next gym?” Nathan asked.

“Well, let’s see…” Kira replied, looking into her backpack for her PokeNav. It took her a while, as there were many things in her backpack, “Here we go!”

She looked over at the Kanto map, and saw two possible directions: east and south.

“To the east, there is a route that leads to some tunnel, and after that tunnel there’s some sort of building… the Power Plant, it’s called. To the south, there’s a city called Saffron.” Kira informed, “So, where to?”

“I don’t know. Maybe we should ask Nurse Joy at the Pokemon Center where we should go to.” replied Nathan, with his mouth full of food.

“Good idea.” Kira said, and finished eating, “What do you think of the journey so far?”

“It’s fun, it’s different than school. It’s like our adventure, our time to blossom, our time to bloom.” Replied Nathan inspirationally, after he finished eating.

“One of many adventures, I hope.” Kira smiled, as they got prepared to leave. They threw out all their garbage, got their backpacks, and headed out, back to the Pokemon Center.

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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 16

“Let me think about that, for a second.” Nurse Joy said, after they asked her where they should go, “Well, you see, I’m not quite sure. I haven’t been to either place…”

“Take your time,” replied Nathan, sighing. They were going to sit down when a light bulb seemed to light up in the nurse’s head.

“I know! You see, the gym leader in Saffron City is excessively strong, and I don’t think a lot of trainers that pass by here are nearly ready for her. But, in Vermillion City, right below Saffron, you can battle a gym leader that is just a few notches stronger than Misty.” Nurse Joy rambled out, “And, as an added bonus, they built underground passages to get through to Vermillion City, as well as Lavender and Celadon. They are quite fun to pass through.”

“Wow, thank you Nurse Joy! At first, I didn’t think you knew anything, but you proved me wrong!” replied Kira.

“Oh, you pick up stuff with this job, dear.” Nurse Joy said, happily, “You can also meet that old couple that gives tips on raising Pokemon, and they can keep Pokemon for you, so they can train them. Nice people, those two.”

“Thanks again, and bye!” they both said to her, as they left.

“Let’s make a deal.” Kira said to Nathan, when they were outside, “If the old couple is anything like Marcel and Elise, we stay away from them.”

“Deal!” Nathan shouted, with a laugh.

They got to the southern exit of the city, and, as the moon began to replace the sun’s place in the sky, they began to walk down the route. Checking the PokeNav, Kira exclaimed, “This route leads to Saffron City, but, right before the entrance to Saffron, there is the entrance to the underground passage.”

“Cool.” replied Nathan.

“And there’s this building marked on the route. It’s called ‘The Daycare Center’. We should stop by tomorrow and see what it is about!” Kira observed, putting the PokeNav away.

They continued down the road, spotting different Pokemon, such as Bellsprout and Pidgey.

“Let’s set up camp.” Nathan stated, “Our Pokemon are tired, and it’s getting late. By the way, I see that you can hardly fit that thing in your backpack. I’ll put it in mine; I only have two outfits and an extra pair of Nikes in my bag, so I have the room.”

They set up the large green tent and were both inside, about to fall asleep. They were both exhausted from the past few weeks.

“Hey Nathan…” Kira asked, as he was about to fall asleep.

“Yes?” he snapped his eyes back open.

“Why do you travel with me? I mean, you could go with Zack, Shawn and Jason, I’m sure.”

For a few minutes, he didn’t say anything, but then he broke the silence, “I started my journey with you, and I’ll finish it with you. At school, we may be very different, because I’m popular and you’re not, but you’re actually pretty cool.”

“I had to sift through that to find the nugget of compliment.” Kira replied.

“Why did you ask? Do you not want me around anymore?”

“Oh, I do, but you look so much alike your friends, and I saw how all of you got along with each other.” Kira said, “I do want you around Nathan. You’re so much fun to be around.”

They left the conversation at that, while they drifted away into their dreams.


“You’re hanging with that girl?”

“She’s such a geek!”

The two lead figures of the opposite group of friends made fun of Nathan and his friends, including Kira. They were standing in the schoolyard, the most popular group of people from an opposing school and Nathan’s group, the most popular group of people of his school.

“She is not!” Zack defended.

“Yeah, she rocks!” Jason retorted.

Nathan’s nightmare was suddenly making him uneasy.


The girl was rocking in her rocking chair by the fireplace. She was humming a tune that Kira couldn’t recognize. Kira loved the woman’s shiny, diamond earrings. They were so pretty!

And then, the other figure walked in and stabbed the girl in the chair silly. The diamond earrings fell and rolled on the floor, leaving the room. Blood was drenched on the murderer’s clothes, as he exited.

Kira wanted to throw up in her dream, but didn’t seem to find the power to do it.


They both woke up the following morning, at the sound of a Pokemon clucking. The sun was rising; it was barely six o’clock.

“Terrible nightmare last night.” They both said at the same time. They laughed.

“What was yours about?” Nathan asked. She simply shook her head; she wasn’t going to tell him.

They packed up the tent, and Nathan stored it in his backpack. They began to once again, walk down the route while training all their Pokemon.

“Look over there!” Kira shouted, pointing to a white picket fence, which continued on for miles. In the distance, they saw a house, “This is probably like their backyard!”
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 16

They walked around the fence, and, inside the area enclosed by the fence, they saw many trees, a few lakes, and even a mountain with a waterfall! It had all kinds of different habitats, able to be the home of virtually any kind of Pokemon. They saw all kinds of different species of Pokemon living in the area, and wondered what the place could be.

They finally reached the door to the house and knocked a few times. The door opened slightly and peaked out an old woman.

“Can I help you?” the woman smiled. She was old; it showed, comparatively to Elise. She was smiling, and wore a blue bandana around her head.

“We’re just curious, what do you do in this building?” Kira said, holding Vulpix in her hands. She was training it before she got to the building.

“Pix.” Vulpix said, sounding a little snob.

“This is the daycare center. We raise Pokemon for those that can’t raise them themselves. Also, we keep trainer’s Pokemon here, those that can’t be carried with them.” The woman explained.

“Those that can’t be carried?” they both replied at the same time.

“Yes, you see, a trainer can only carry six of his or her Pokemon at once. Others are transported to a place where they can roam free, yet under the supervision of someone. Then, the trainer can swap his Pokemon around. Like a resting place.” The lady explained, “Would you like to come in? My husband can explain further.”

They both nodded and entered the house. The house was smaller compared to the backyard, and all the walls were covered with pictures of people.

“Family members, relatives, friends…” the lady explained, “You meet a lot of people with what I do.”

They continued down the hallway, and turned left into a kitchen. An old man with white hair was eating a toast with orange juice at a table, with four nice chairs surrounding it.

“Henry, honey, these two want to know what we do here.” The woman said to her husband.

“Okay, Lucy.” Henry said, signaling the three to sit down, “Trainers can’t have more than six Pokemon with them, that’s a rule of thumb. So, here, we receive the extra Pokemon and give them a home. The trainers are free to change Pokemon they have with those that are kept here. Also, we raise Pokemon for trainers that can’t, but that’s for a fee.”

“Oh, I understand. Professor Oak does that, too.” Kira responded.

“Sure does! That man is a good Samaritan, in all senses of the word.” Henry said, “We met him back in our day, when we were little boys and girls.”

“Wow.” Nathan replied, impressed, “We don’t have a resting place for our Pokemon, or, if we have one, we don’t know.”

“Oak would have told you. He didn’t, so you don’t have one.” Lucy explained, “You’re lucky to have ran into us. Had you caught a seventh Pokemon, I don’t know what would have happened to it.”

“What do you need to do so that this can be our Pokemon’s resting place?” asked Kira, as Henry continued to eat.

“Well, what tools do you have?” Lucy asked, and, by the confused looks on the duo’s faces, she explained, “Like a Pokedex or a PokeGear.”

“I have a Pokedex and a PokeNav. She does too.” answered Nathan.

“Okay, well, I’ll need those devices to set up a link. Then, when you catch an extra Pokemon, it’ll be sent here.” Lucy said, as the two trainers dug in their bags, in search for the devices.

They found them, and handed them to the lady. She went over to a big machine in the corner than neither of them had noticed, and she pressed a few buttons.

An index of names came up on the screen, followed with other information. Lucy began to speak, “These are all the trainers that we have in our index. All their other Pokemon are stored here.”

“So, Kira Varon of Pallet town…” Lucy said, as she held a blue zapper-like object in her hand over Kira’s Pokedex, “You live on Oakridge Street, house 2560.” she then proceeded to doing the same with the PokeNav, “Your PokeNav’s number is 555-1468.”

“My what? What’s a PokeNav number?”

“Your PokeNav has the utility of a phone, as well, Kira. That’s your number, 555-1468. I’m surprised Professor Oak didn’t tell you.” Lucy said, “Nathan Lennox of Pallet Town, you live on Bennett Street, house 3750.” she said, scanning his two devices, “Your PokeNav’s number is 555-7810.”

Lucy sat back down, gave them back their tools and smiled, “All done! If you want, you can go outside and look around. Be careful, though, as some of the Pokemon can harm you.”

They went outside, through the Chinese sliding doors. They closed them behind them, and looked around. Acres of grass, and other environments, were before them, packed with Pokemon of all kinds.

“Wartortle, Vulpix, Clefairy, Chansey, come out!” Kira said, throwing all her Pokeballs, “Have some fun, relax!”

“Ivysaur, Eevee, Scyther, come out, all of you!” Nathan commanded, “Join the others!”

Nathan saw Eevee go up to other Pokemon of its kind, Ivysaur fight playfully with a Chikorita using only its vines and Scyther fly around with a Pidgeot. Kira observed Chansey and Clefairy eat some fruit they found from trees, Wartortle swim in the water with other water types, and Vulpix scorch a Charmander.

Suddenly, they heard a large crashing noise. They turned towards the medium-sized mountain in the middle of the backyard, and saw, on top of the mountain, two figures. Inside the waterfall that leaked down the mountain, they equally saw two figures.

“Prepare for trouble?” all four began to say, but towards the end of the sentence, an anxious tone emerged, “Huh!”

“They seem confused.” Nathan murmured to his traveling buddy.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

“Who are you?” the two figures standing in the waterfall said.

“We should ask you that!” The two figures on the top exclaimed.

“Team Aqua, here!”

Gasping, the other two shouted, “Team Magma, here! Bloody hell, I thought we’d gotten rid of you!”

“We came to Kanto for the exact same reason as you, now get the heck out of here!”

“Why should we?”

“Because we were here first!”

The two sides continued to bicker, as Nathan fetched the old couple.

“Oh dear, I’ve heard of these two teams on the news.” Lucy acknowledged.

“They are probably here to steal Pokemon for their mischievous goals.” Henry stated, as they observed the two duos fight.

“Team Aqua, the guy and the girl dressed in blue,” Lucy said, pointing to the two who came out of the waterfall, “have a goal to make the world an immense ocean without earth.” She then pointed to the guy and girl on the mountain, “Team Magma, dressed in red, have a goal to make the ocean disappear, and make the world one big earth.”

“I don’t know what they are doing in Kanto, however. They hunt for two legends in Hoenn, Kyogre and Groudon, to achieve their goals.” Henry said, confused, “But you must stop them before they steal the Pokemon!”

“Gotcha! Let’s go fight them, Kira!” Nathan said, all energetic. He and Kira ran up to the mini-mountain, with all their Pokemon, “Get out of here!”

The four figures turned around to look at the two kids, and they all said, “You think you can stop us? Hey, that’s our line!”

“I’m Belle and that’s Steve, and we’re members of Team Aqua!” the blonde beauty in the blue outfit said, gesturing to her partner, the brown-haired man with braces.

“I’m Sandy and this is Brian, and we’re Team Magma!” the redhead girl shouted as well, pointing to her partner, a brunet man.

“And we’re the best team!” the two women exclaimed, “No, you aren’t!”

“Go Numel!” Sandy shouted.

“Go Carvanha!” Belle shouted.

Out of Sandy’s red Pokeball emerged a Pokemon that Meredith Saint-Jones claimed she had: a camel Pokemon with green markings on it. Out of Belle’s blue Pokeball emerged a Pokemon that they had never heard of before, with red and blue stone-hard skin and golden scales.

“Let’s go, Ivysaur! You can do it!”

“You too, Wartortle! Let’s show them what we’re made of!” Kira shouted after, “Use Water Gun on Numel!”

“Use your Sleep Powder on Carvanha!” Nathan yelled.

The bulb Pokemon shouted with all its mightiness and let out all of its sleepy powder. The Carvanha, not fairing too well on land, fell asleep. Wartortle was gunning down the camel easily, weakening it very fast.

“They’re too strong for us now! We need to get out of here, we’ll come back later when we have stronger Pokemon!” Steve whispered to Belle.

“Even if they are cowardly, we should do like them, Sandy.” Brian whispered to his partner.

“Team Aqua drizzles away again!” Belle shouted, returning the sleeping fish and running off with Steve.

“Team Magma burns off again!” Sandy shouted, returning the weak Numel to its Magma-specialized Pokeball and running off.

“That was easy.” Nathan said, “They are weak!”

“Or, we’re strong.” Kira laughed.

“Thank you very much, on behalf of all the Pokemon here.” Lucy told the duo, “Your Pokemon are definitely strong, I look forward to housing them here in the future. You should enroll them in activities.”

“Activities?” they both replied, confused.

“Yes. It’s good for Pokemon to be strong and train, but you should also make them have a hobby. Some Pokemon like to dance, others like to play sports, but they should all have hobbies regardless.” Lucy explained, “The famous Kimono sisters from Ecruteak City in Johto, they dance with their Eevee evolutions. They are probably the most famous dancers in Johto.”

“I see…” Kira began to say.

“The underground passage is a good place to start hobbies with your Pokemon. They have a lot of fairs and such,” stated Henry.

“Thank you, Henry and Lucy.” Nathan replied, “We’ll call you on the PokeNav if we ever need to give you some Pokemon!”

“Our number is listed in your telephone repertoire in the PokeNav. You can also use PCs, there is one in every Pokemon Center.” Henry replied.

They entered the house, with all their Pokemon returned to their Pokeballs.

“Those two teams coming to Kanto, it’s scaring me Nathan,” Kira said to him quietly, hoping Henry and Lucy wouldn’t hear, “What if they’ll kill me?”

“Kill you? Why would you ever say that?” Lucy overheard the conversation.

“We met a psychic named Tabitha, and she interpreted one of Kira’s dreams about murder. Tabitha said it is a possible sign of death around her, or her own death.” Nathan explained.

“Oh! I know how I can solve that!” Lucy replied, “I have a cleansing tag. In the past, people have used these to see if someone is marked for death or not. It has proven to be effective.”

“How do you do this?” Kira asked, as she and Nathan sat down.

“Just sit down, and close your eyes. Think of nothing. I put this tag on your forehead, and the color it changes to indicates your state of life. It only changes color when I say Zetsumei, another word for death.” Lucy explained, as Kira followed her instructions. She opened a pantry and took out a white tag with Japanese markings on it. She wet it with the kitchen’s tap water, and put it on Kira’s forehead, “Zetsumei… Zetsumei…. Zetsumei….”

The tag turned sky blue.

“This is good!” exclaimed Lucy, “Very, very good!”

“How good?” Nathan smiled, relieved.

“Not only is Kira not going to die, but no one she knows now will die. That’s what sky blue symbolizes.” Henry explained for his wife.

“But why the dreams then?” Kira asked.

“Death will occur in the very near future, but you have not yet met the person who is going to die.” Lucy explained, “But it’s coming, very soon in fact.”

Lucy and Henry offered to give the two young trainers some lunch, and the two trainers ate the lunch happily. It was nothing more than some sandwiches, but it was extraordinarily good. They thanked the old couple, and left the daycare center, as they had to move on and get closer to Vermillion.

“Lucy told us that the underground passage should be near the entrance to Saffron.” Kira claimed, as they got to the gate that was relatively near to the daycare center, “I wonder where the entrance is?”

“Me too.” Nathan replied, short of breath, “Hey, what’s that?”

He pointed to a little shack-like building, with a door. They observed someone enter.

“Maybe that’s the entrance to the underground passage!” he shouted.

“Yeah, I bet. There’s nothing else anyways.” Kira said, as they walked over to the cabin. It was oddly connected to the mountain ledges, which made her wonder.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 17 Continued

They opened the door, and walked inside. The ground was marble, and the walls had blue wallpaper on them, it was really classy. A hallway leaded to an oval room. Seats filled the place, and a stair in the middle of the oval room led to the underground passage, or so said a sign pointing there.

“Welcome to the underground passage lobby!” a blue-haired vixen said, from behind a counter further in the room.

“How is this place so big?” Kira was astounded by how large this place actually was, compared to the outside.

The girl chuckled, “We get that a lot. We built this building into the mountain, to challenge people to find the underground passages. Most people think it needs to be a majestic building to have any importance, but look at that? This shack is small on the exterior, yet it is huge on the inside!”

“Cool idea!” Nathan exclaimed.

“Yes, some young trainers even have the underground passages as a meeting place. The underground passages run from a large portion of Kanto, all around Saffron City.” the lady replied.

“Why were they built however? I mean you could just as easily pass through the towns.” Kira observed, gazing at the ceiling.

“I really don’t know, come to think of it.” she replied, “But it really is worth a look, many people go through them regularly. They hold contests down there, and a lot of trainers battle. Some just jog through them for the exercise.”

They thanked the receptionist for informing them and proceeded down the stairs, and into the underground passages.

“Oh, wait!” the girl said, chasing them, “You’ll need this map of the underground passages, or else you’ll get lost.”

“Thank you, Eve.” Kira smiled, taking the map. She had read the girl’s name off of her nameplate earlier, at her desk.

“No problem. Say, in section C,” she pointed to a section on the map, “they are having a big hobby fair for Pokemon. You should check it out.”

“Thanks again!” they said to Eve in harmony, as she left to go back to her desk.

“Hey, we should get our Pokemon enrolled in some hobbies!” Kira said, as she tried to read the map.

“Sure thing.” Nathan replied, leaving Kira to do the map reading. He was absolutely horrible at doing that.

They went down the shabbily decorated corridors, and finally took the final turn right to ‘Section C’.

It was a large gymnasium-like area, with modern carpet on the stone floors. The walls were covered with cream white wallpaper. Booths were set up everywhere, in an attempt to lure people into their Pokemon hobbies.

“There are so many!” Nathan exclaimed, looking at the twenty or so booths.

“Yeah, well, what do you expect? This happens three or four times yearly.” A middle-aged black woman said from behind a booth.

“What’s your Pokemon hobby that you’re advertising?” Kira asked, as the duo approached the wooden booth.

“Pokemon acting.” the lady said, “It’s the art of doing stage work with your Pokemon, it develops the aspect of creativity.”

“Wow, that’s fun. Maybe we should check out some other booths before choosing a hobby, Nathan…” said Kira quickly.

“Honey, your Pokemon can have as many or as little hobbies as you like,” the woman said to her, “It’s a matter of handling all of them. Personally, I think a Pokemon should only have one, but it’s nice to give all your Pokemon a different hobby.”

“What kind of Pokemon is good for acting?” Nathan asked, interested in the idea.

“Flexible Pokemon, those can take on a lot of different varieties of roles. Ditto is fantastic, but others can be good too, like Absol and Sneasel. Namely human shape Pokemon, other than the ones I just named.” the woman informed.

Moving to another booth, as they had no such Pokemon, Nathan and Kira sighed as they saw all the other hobbies. “Pokemon bodybuilding” seemed to be popular, but none of their Pokemon could do that. “Pokemon breeding” was something else that looked fun, but it didn’t make the Pokemon do much.

“I got the perfect thing for you, little boy!” a woman said to Nathan. She was in a cashmere sweater, with some leather pants on, “My name is Vicky, the gardener.”

“Gardening? I don’t think so.” Nathan chuckled.

“But your Pokemon so far look great for the job! Ivysaur and Scyther, namely, Eevee might need to get another hobby.” the woman named Vicky replied.

“Okay, why not.” Nathan sighed.

“Come with me, I’ll explain more.” Vicky smiled, leading Nathan to her booth.

“What can I do with Chansey, Clefairy, Wartortle and Vulpix?” Kira thought, with a sigh.

She then saw a booth in the middle called ‘The Advice Giver’. She went to see it, and saw a boy behind the booth.

“This is the advice booth! I look at your Pokemon and give you tips on what you should check out.” The little boy said. He didn’t look older than seven, for crying out loud!

“Fine, I’ll do anything now. I have a Wartortle, a Vulpix, a Chansey and a Clefairy.” Kira said reluctantly.

“Hmm, you could become a nurse!” the boy laughed, and saw Kira’s depressed face, “Okay, well, seriously… you could bring them into the acting hobby. Clefairy and Chansey are good on stage, and Wartortle does well in water plays, such as the famous ones from Cerulean. Vulpix can be in beauty competitions. Beautifying, that could be her hobby.”

“Interesting.” Kira said, smiling, “I’ll go and enroll them right now…”

“Oh, you can enroll them right here. All I need is your Pokedex and mark their hobby beside their statistics,” he stated, “Hobbies are now recognized by the Indigo League, and slowly, other leagues.”

“Okay. Here you go!” Kira replied, handing him her Pokedex. He scanned the red device.

“Wartortle, Chansey and Clefairy are now marked for acting… I trust you saw the booth,” he asked, and when she nodded, he continued, “Vulpix is now marked for beautifying. There you go, all done!”

He handed the Pokedex back to her, with a few papers, “What are these?”

“They’re flyers about the two hobbies. They tell you everything you can do in all the Kanto cities with those hobbies, and they inform you how you can make your Pokemon better with their hobby. Quite informative.” he smiled back at her.

“Oh, this is great! Where can I buy this stuff?” Kira read the pamphlet about beautifying, and saw a bunch of beauty products listed that could help her with beautifying Vulpix.

“Most PokeMarts sell them. By the way, once you get to go to Hoenn, your Vulpix will be able to participate in contests. Some hobbies actually lead to competitions and such.” the little boy informed. Kira looked at him and observed him more thoroughly; his blue glasses, his wavy black hair, his green eyes.

“That’s good to know.”
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

I'm sorry about these short posts - the 10 000 caracter limit is really, really annoying!
Chapter 17 Continued

“Kira!” Nathan shouted, getting near her, “I got hobbies for all my Pokemon!”

“What hobbies?”

“Ivysaur and Scyther are now into gardening, and Eevee is going to be a runner.” Nathan grinned.

“A runner?” she said blankly.

“A runner, by definition, is a Pokemon that excels its speed by training vigorously on running.” the boy said.

“Who’s this?” Nathan blinked, as the boy had taken away his fire.

“I don’t know his name, but he signed up my Pokemon for acting, and Vulpix for beautifying.” Kira smiled, “He’ll sign up your Pokemon officially and give you neat pamphlets that inform you on where you can exercise your hobbies with your Pokemon in Kanto.”

Nathan signed up his Pokemon officially for their hobbies and got his pamphlets. They left the desk and left Section C. They checked the map and found out what directions to take to get nearer to Vermillion City.

What was nice about the underground passages was that, besides trainers, there were no battles. It was smooth sailing, and, in a way, it was relaxing for them to walk without the fright of being attacked by a wild Pokemon they’d never seen before.

“I’m really psyched about this, Kira. I wonder why they never advertised this before, the Pokemon hobbies?”

“My best guess is that it isn’t very popular in other parts of the Pokemon world, it’s new to Pokemon world. Like Hoenn and its contests, they started out small but are quickly escalating to high levels. Already, the hobbies are recognized by the Indigo League, so that’s a start.” Kira replied constructively, “How are your Pokemon going to garden, though?”

“In the pamphlet, it says that I can get my own garden, and travel back to it every now and then. Flying Pokemon can travel quickly to places they’ve been before.” Nathan explained.

“So where is the Lennox Garden going to be?” laughed Kira.

“I haven’t really thought of it yet.” Nathan answered, “Celadon City is the best place, apparently. It gets a lot of sunlight, and gardening is very popular there.”

“That’s cool. How much is your garden going to cost?”

“I get a small, but free, space as a beginner. As I get money, I can expand it little by little.” Nathan explained.

“And you do know people will make fun of you for this?” Kira asked, uncertain.

“If they don’t like it, it’s their fault, not mine. It’s much more interesting than it looks.” Nathan stated.

“I’m proud of him. He’s overcome something, and he’s learnt a lesson. Wow, I’m making progress with him!” Kira thought, and smiled in utter glee.

“Say, Nathan, what do you think of those two teams coming to Kanto? Why do you think they came here?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe there’s something they want, and they can’t get it in Hoenn,” Nathan thought for a moment, and then continued, “Probably a Pokemon.”

“They both came for something, and neither knew that the other came here for it. Maybe they came for the same reason.” Kira said thoughtfully.

“Whatever the reason, I’m sure we’ll find out.” Nathan stated, sighing.

“I’m really anxious to start beautifying Vulpix. It’ll make her really pretty, I’m so anxious! I’ll be able to enter her in contests, and maybe even one day, Miss Kanto!” Kira joked, “And I can start writing up a script for a play with Chansey, Clefairy and Wartortle!”

She continued to tell her anxieties to Nathan, and he replied with his about Eevee.

“It’ll be good to train Eevee to become more agile. The pamphlet says I should jog minimum fifteen minutes with her per day. They even give recipes for food that helps for running!” Nathan explained.

What they ultimately liked was how they could involve themselves with their Pokemon. Sure, battling was fun and they battled as a team, but this was something they could do with their Pokemon. They loved their Pokemon’s hobbies, and they hadn’t even started!
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