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Old 03-11-2004, 07:16 PM
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 6 Continued (2)

“Let’s go, then, Annabelle! One Pokemon apiece, and you’ll send out first!” Kira said, declaring the rules officially.

“Right! Go, Venonat!” she launched the Pokeball, which exploded and out appeared a little purple fuzzy creature.

“Alright… I choose you, Squirtle!” Kira announced, launching her Pokeball near Venonat’s landing spot. Out appeared the oh so familiar turtle.

“You fell right into my trap!” she laughed maniacally.

“Trap?” Kira blinked ignorantly, “What?”

“Squirtle is weak to some of Venonat’s techniques, making me the favorite for the winning of this battle!” Annabelle laughed, “Rookie!”

“Even so, you haven’t realized that Squirtle has an advantage over Venonat!” Kira laughed like a schoolgirl trying to keep a secret.

“Bluff!” Annabelle thought to herself, then commanded ever so well her Venonat to attack, “Supersonic!”

Kira observed as Venonat launched waves into the air. Thought they were invisible, Kira knew that it would have some effect or another on Squirtle. She wondered at what it was, but as Squirtle began to look dizzy, she snapped back to reality.

“Bubble!” she said, as Squirtle fell down to the ground, hurting itself in the process, “What’s going on? Why isn’t Squirtle attacking?” she muttered a few seconds later.

“Ha! Rookie!” Annabelle laughed back, “Supersonic induces confusion upon your Pokemon, making it hit itself half the time rather than the opponent!”

“I see. You don’t have to be so vicious, Annabelle…” Kira remarked.

“All is fair in love and war.” Annabelle recited a famous line, “So take advantage of Squirtle’s confusion! Poison Powder attack, Venonat!”

Venonat began to shake its head in a strange manner, and out came flocks of powder, and it took good eyesight to see the powder. It flew through the air, and touched Squirtle’s skin lightly. It was infected.

“Poison!” Kira gasped, “You poisoned my Squirtle! I’m reporting you to Officer Jenny!”

“Relax!” Annabelle laughed, “It’s legal to be poisoned in a Pokemon battle!”

“It’s allowed?” Kira took in the fact, which she found unfair, “Try to Bubble!”

However, when Squirtle tried to bubble, the poison kicked in, and it fell to the ground. Kira thought that he might be fainted, but she continued to shout the attack, in denial.

“Face it honey,” Annabelle chanted, “You have lost.”

“Squirtle… return.” Kira said, “Good battle thought. I wonder why Squirtle fell so fast to your Venonat…”

“I’ve been training him for a bit longer than you, Kira. He was more experienced and had advantages.” Annabelle tried to comfort, as a friend.

“No, but if I can’t beat you, how will I ever face Brock?” Kira sighed, “Impossible…”

“What about Vul- oh, right, Vulpix is weak to rock-types, which is Pewter City GYM’s specialty.” Annabelle said, “I beat him, it can’t be that hard.”

Kira laughed, and then said seriously, “I guess I can always try…”

“That guess would be right, Kira. Just try, okay? Maybe we’ll meet up later on in Kanto, or later here. I wish they’d catch those thieves so I could finally leave to Cerulean!” the blonde girl said back to her.

“Well, I have a theory on where the fossils are, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…” Kira laughed maniacally, “Those thieves won’t get away with it if I’m right.”

“Really?” Annabelle said, seemingly worried, “I see. Well, I’ll be seeing you now.”

Annabelle quickly recalled Venonat, waved, and ran in the distance.

“Odd girl, that one. Seems to have split personalities.” Kira joked to herself, in her thoughts, “I wonder if she had anything to do with it…”

As soon as the thought came through her head, she shrugged it off. The girl was extremely nice outside of battle, all the while being aggressive in a battle.

“I better catch up to Nathan!” Kira said, snapping out of her gaze.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 7
While Kira and Annabelle were battling, Nathan trained his Pokemon a bit further from the Pokemon Center. In spite of this, he didn’t see their battle, or hear about it. He was training very close to Pewter City GYM, and it was very tempting to try and beat the GYM Leader, who’s name was Brock, or so he was told.

“Bulbasaur and Scyther look ready… I think.” Nathan thought, nervously. Nothing made him more nervous than a big Pokemon Battle, other than his basketball games and his exams.

Even thought he hated going first, he was becoming gutsy about this big Pokemon battle.

“Well, I have a lot of time to challenge Brock, and so does Kira. We can’t leave town anyways, so why not train a lot then battle?” Nathan thought, reasoning with himself. But a part of him wanted to take the risk, see how good he really was.

“Nathan? Nathan Lennox? If you don’t tell me where you are this instant I will put something very foot-like up your-” a voice suddenly came faintly from behind some of the houses.

“I’m here, I’m here Kira!” he shouted back. He continued training while Kira came around and joined him.

“Having good training?” Kira began a conversation, and released her two Pokemon and began training with Nathan and his Pokemon. She told him all about Annabelle, the battle, and how she healed Squirtle afterwards. At his turn, he told her all about how he felt like barging into the GYM and battling Brock.

After hearing this, Kira stopped training for a second and glanced up, at the top of the small hill-like place where the GYM stood, proud, in the glazing mid-day sun. Nathan joined her in doing this, taking in for the fifth time or so the gigantic structure, and wondering what kind of challenge stood within.

“It can’t be that hard.” Kira said, suddenly having a change of heart.

“I thought you told me you were frightened to go battle Brock after you lost to Anne?” Nathan remarked, dumb-founded.

“Annabelle.” Kira corrected lightly, “And, maybe I was. I guess I had a very sudden change of heart. And if I feel up to it, then there’s no doubt you should.”

Those words of confidence from Kira seemed to put Nathan on Cloud Nine.

“I think I’m ready.”

As he spoke these words, he recalled his Pokemon, and headed to the Pokemon Center, to heal them. Kira laughed, and shouted to him that she would be in the building when he came back. She did as she told him, and entered.

Looking around, she saw a large enough room with portraits on each side of the room, tons of them. Names were carved in gold underneath them, on the bronze-like wallpapered walls. Some were in black in white and looked very old, where as some looked very new. Kira found this interesting and quaint, but at the same time wondered the purpose of these paintings.

“William G. Mink.” Kira read the fifth portrait on the left-side wall. The portrait looked old, but the doors at the end of the room opened when she spoke those words.

“Hello, young lady. Who might you be?” he asked her. Kira looked at him, and saw a tanned man, taller than her by maybe an inch. He had black eyes, and a look on his face that spoke volumes to Kira.

“Name’s Kira Varon.” she told him, trying to avoid looking at his face. One way or another, he seemed very mad.

“Right, and what do you think you’re doing here?” he said. Kira noticed how he was trying not to sound pissed off.

“Waiting for my friend to come here… he’s challenging the GYM Leader.” Kira said, “I’m anxious to meet him. Say, you look familiar. Who are you?”

“Brock.” he said. When he saw Kira’s inquiring face, he continued, “I live in the house adjacent to the GYM, with my siblings and my father.”

“Brock? The GYM Leader Brock?” Kira said, astounded.

“Yes.” he nodded, and crossed his arms. Kira was looking around, noticing he had an odd combination of colors on: orange shirt, green jacket, and grey pants. Atrocious, in Kira’s mind.

“My friend Nathan is coming soon. Just healing his Pokemon.” Kira said, and saw him nod, “Say, why do you look pissed off?”

“Well, you see, I just lost to a trainer. I’m beginning to think I’m losing my touch.” Brock responded, “It was close, thought.”

“I see. And who are all these people on the walls?” she said, twirling in the middle of the room, pointing to them all.

“Past GYM Leaders of this place. Not many, maybe eleven including me. We really need to even out these walls; there’s eight on this side, and three on this one…” Brock laughed.

“So, how many siblings do you have?” Kira asked, but then the entrance door opened, and in barged Nathan.

“Welcome to the Pewter City GYM.” Brock said, looking Nathan up and down. Nathan was wearing his jeans and his white tank top with a white jacket on top, “I’m guessing you’re the boy she’s been telling me about?”

“Yes, he is!” Kira laughed, “Nathan, this is Brock. Brock, this is Nathan.”

The two males shook hands.

“Come on, let’s go. Through here.” Brock said, uncrossing his hands and nodding to the door he had come through moments before.

Nathan gave a look to Kira, “Oh, he knows you want to challenge him!” Kira said to him, “Come on.”

Nathan followed Kira through the door, and they found it was a hallway. It was long enough, and it led both left and right. There were two grand doors before them, which they guessed led to the fighting area.

“Nathan, you come through here. It’s the stadium. Kira, you can go either way and you’ll enter the area where you can watch the battle.” Brock said, opening the left wooden door. Nathan passed and Brock followed. Kira decided to head right, and when she reached the end of the corridor, she saw there was a stair leading to the place where she would watch Nathan, and a curious hole in the wall. It wasn’t large, but large enough for someone to pass through.

“I wonder what’s beyond the hole…” she thought to herself, “Come to think of it, the whole wall looks different from the other walls.”

Indeed, she was right. That portion of the wall was darker than the rest.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 7 Continued

“The match will be with two Pokemon. Agreed?” the referee said, wearing something that seemed inappropriate in Nathan’s eyes. He had on black shorts, and a sweatshirt.

“Yes, agreed.” Brock and Nathan both said.

“Why aren’t you wearing black and white stripes?” Nathan asked the referee curiously.

“Listen, this isn’t my full time job. He lets me wear what I want.” the referee said to him.

The two trainers both went to extremities of the field, which was composed of a sand-like colored floor. In the middle of the field, there was a white Pokeball outline, and the field was determined by equally white boundaries. Looking up, Nathan saw the stands. He didn’t see Kira anywhere, but he saw a lot of other trainers, taking notes on how Brock battled, he was sure of it.


Two minutes later, Kira was trying to get through the hole. Invasion of privacy? Perhaps. But that wasn’t going to stop her from finding out what lied beyond the wall. She fit almost perfectly into the hole. A minute later, she stood up in the ‘secret’ room.

Gasping, she saw the five fossils, piled up in the corner of the room. She approached them and touched them, as if in denial.

“So someone finally found them, huh?” a voice said behind her. It was a cold, laughing voice that frightened Kira to her core. Standing up from her crouched position, she turned around.

“Who are you?” Kira demanded.

“Name’s Amy.” She giggled. Her hair was long, black and beautiful. Her eyes were equally black, but gave out a piercing gaze. She was wearing a white outfit, with an R on it in red. Her smile almost made her worried.

“And? Is that all you have to say?” ‘Amy’ inquired.

“Are you… did you steal these fossils?” Kira asked, “Because if you did…”

“Me? By gosh, no. I would never do that…” she said, “alone.”

“So I was right! There were two people. Are you the one in the…” Kira asked.

“Aegis Fossil? No, I wasn’t. I’m surprised my pseudonym didn’t alert you that I was the one who vomited.” the girl interjected.

“Pseudonym? That’s not your real name?” Kira said, frightened.

“Of course not! Rule number one is to never give out your real name. Man, that’s worse than thinking they can catch us.” the girl laughed.

“I demand you tell me who did this with you!” she said, “And what your real name is!”

“Sigh, it’s not like you’re going to tell anyone,” the girl laughed. These words frightened Kira to no end. The girl continued, “but I pity you really. My partner in crime helped me. His name, and mine for that matter, is none of your business.”

Kira gave up on trying to get her name, but then she heard a ruckus come from the other side. Someone was trying to pass through!

“Report?” the girl asked the person as he was breaking some of the wall to fit through.

“The exits are still blocked.” a male voice responded, “We just need to hang in here for a few days, and we’ll be able to leave.”

Kira could see a ruffle of hair pass through, and then a second figure, quite taller than the lady, came up. He was equally wearing a white uniform with a red R on it, and it kept her wondering what “R” was.

“Who’s this chic?” he asked.

“I don’t know her name, but she seems to have fallen into our little secret… well, it’s not so little!” she said.

“Rebecca, what shall we do about her?” he asked.

“I don’t know, Will. Maybe we should make her keep her mouth shut.” replied the woman, named Rebecca.

“So they are Rebecca and Will…” Kira thought, but the other part of her might have thought of it as more fake names.

“Let’s make this quick!” the blonde Will said, “Onix won’t fit in this room!”

“Go Murkrow!” Rebecca let out her Pokemon reluctantly. Out came a demonic looking bird, with black feathers. The set of eyes the bird Pokemon held was as frightening as its trainer’s.

“Murkrow, use night shade!” Rebecca laughed wickedly.

Murkrow flew up in the air, and began to mesmerize Kira with its eyes. The Pokemon had a sort of control over Kira; he forced her to sit down. He then levitated her, and smashed her into the wall. Luckily, it wasn’t too solid, and it broke right through into another room. The stands!

“Oh crap…” Rebecca and Will both muttered, knowing they would be discovered because of this. “Return Murkrow!”
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 7 Continued (2)

Nathan had chosen to begin the fight with his weaker Pokemon, Scyther. He let out the green mantis onto the field, and it flew directly to the center. Brock countered with a small little creature, but it looked very defensive, with a steel shell-like skin. The Pokedex alerted its name to be Aron.

“Aron, use mud-slap!” Brock commanded. The white and black creature rammed its feet into the ground, and popped up some mud on Scyther, who became dirty looking.

“Don’t let the mud slow you down! Counter with Pursuit!” Nathan ordered. Immediately, Scyther began to chase down Aron, in order to slash it with its scythes.

“Aron! Try to fit in a headbutt!” Brock countered the attack. Aron jumped into the air, in order to try and perform a headbutt, but before he could, Scyther slashed him with the Pursuit attack.

“Good job, Scyther!” Nathan congratulated, as Aron fell to the ground hurt.

“Aron use a…” Brock began, but never got to end his sentence, as a large bang was heard from the stands.

Nathan looked up to where Kira was supposed to be, and saw the wall break through, with none other than Kira falling through.

“Kira!” he called out. As Nathan yelled this, Brock remembered her.

“What in Professor Oak’s name is going on here?” Brock asked, receiving an agreeing nod from the referee.

“Prepare for trouble!” Rebecca said, however they did not know it was her. They only heard her voice, and there was no one in the stands, or the other stands across the stadium room.

“It’s already begun!” Will continued.

“Team Rocket is here…” Rebecca shouted.

“And it is no pun!” Will finished the sentence.

“What comes after?” Rebecca muttered to Will, only loud enough for Kira, who was on the ground, to hear.

“I don’t know, I don’t think we ever wrote that far…” Will muttered back.

“We don’t have much else to say, but we will next time!” Rebecca and Will both shouted.

“I repeat, what in the heck is going on?” Brock said.

“They stole the fossils…” Kira tried to say, but she couldn’t find the strength to say it loud enough. She was on the floor in front of the elevated stands, now.

“Referee! Call the Police immediately! I’ll handle this!” Brock ordered. The referee didn’t even hesitate in doing so, he exited immediately to the front of the GYM, where Nathan recalled there had been a pay phone.

“I’ll help!” Nathan said.

“No, I can handle it…” Brock replied.

“Kira’s my friend; I’m going to help!” Nathan said.

“Best thing you can do is go out there and try to find where they were coming from. We need to stop them from escaping.” Brock ordered. Nathan didn’t want to help on the sidelines; he wanted to take full action. But then again, he was only a rookie, whereas Brock was a GYM Leader.

Nathan went into the hallway, and he went to his right, and found nothing abnormal. He then went to the other extremity, and saw the hole.

Meanwhile, Brock had released his other Pokemon, Onix, a large snake composed of many rocks. He hopped onto the grey creature, and got onto the stands. He then saw the blonde man and the black haired girl, and when he saw the red R’s on their uniforms, he couldn’t help but gasp.

“Team Rocket… no!” Brock muttered, even thought he already knew it was them from their cut-short motto.

“Better believe it.” the male counterpart laughed, “Let’s split this joint Amy.”

“Go Murkrow!” Amy, a.k.a. Rebecca said, letting out the black crow once again, “Break a leg! Never mind a leg, break a window!”

Murkrow rammed into one of the large windows on the wall. Murkrow just rammed back and forth until it was easy to jump out. Rebecca latched onto Will’s back, and Will hung onto Murkrow’s talons. Being that Onix was too big to do anything to them without breaking the stands, they left the building without a scratch.

“They got away? How?” Nathan said, coming out from the room with the fossils, that he had just been in, trying to corner them.

“They broke my window and used that Murkrow to skid addle out of here.” Brock said, throwing a swear word into the mix.

“Stop in the name of the law!” Officer Jenny yelled, from the field below, and then realized she was too late. The referee accompanied her.

“It’s too late, they’re gone. The fossils are intact however.” Brock shouted back.

“Wow, we left our Pokemon on the field.” Nathan noticed, while he was looking at Brock’s Onix.

“We better resume the battle.” Brock said, “We’ll continue after we get the whole fossil shenanigans cleared up.”

“Okay.” Nathan said, and then ran up to Kira, “Are you okay?”

She got up, and was clearly hurt. She was limping on Nathan, and said, “I don’t know, I better go see Nurse Joy.”

Nathan looked at Brock, who nodded, “Come back after she gets checked out, I’ll deal with Officer Jenny.”
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 8
“They escaped?” Kira said, shocked. She had just snorted out the juice she was drinking. She was not hurt that badly, heck, she had already recovered.

“They escaped the town, but luckily without the fossils. Mr. Niron is bringing the fossils back to his home. He’s worried they might strike again. Seeing this, the police force has reopened the exits to the city.” Nathan explained to her from across the table.

Kira just sighed. “On a better note, did you finish your battle with Brock?”

“No, it was interrupted.” he grinned.

“Well, no use crying over split milk. You get your behind back to that GYM and continue that fight!” Kira said, triumphal.

“But Nurse Joy said you couldn’t leave the Center…” Nathan said.

“Correct, and I won’t break that imposed rule either. You go finish it and I’ll be fine. It’s not like they are coming back to Pewter to ‘get me’!” Kira joked. She found it funny, but Nathan found the joke very grim.

Reluctantly, Nathan went to get his Pokemon back from Nurse Joy. He had asked her to heal them earlier. He got Scyther and Bulbasaur back, and headed straight for Pewter City GYM.

“Ah, Nathan! How’s Kira?” Brock asked him as he stepped through the doors.

“She’ll be fine. Just a few bruises here and there.” Nathan said, “About our GYM Battle…”

“Yes, well, it’s very rare that a GYM battle is interrupted in such circumstances. There’s no rule, but we can restart the battle if you’d like.” Brock said.

“Sure. Let’s get at it then.” Nathan nodded back, and they headed to the Stadium.


The same referee, the same field, the same challenge, the same GYM Leader. Everyone was the same – except one thing. Nathan now knew what Pokemon Brock would choose against Scyther, may that be an advantage in its own way. He would be able to provoke Brock into a trap, if he played his Cards right.

“Go Scyther!”
“Go Aron!”

Both Pokemon immediately appeared on the field, face to face once and again. Without even the orders of their trainers, they started fighting, as if wild Pokemon. A Pursuit there, a mud-slap there. This process repeated a few times, before the trainers intervened.

“Scyther, use a false swipe technique!” Nathan shouted.

“Aron, use your headbutt attack!” Brock countered.

Both Pokemon engaged into their attacks: one was a tricky mistaking slash while the other was a jump into the air, attacking with your head. Slowed down by the previous muddy attacks, Aron got a head start and jumped into the air.

“Fell right into my trap!” Nathan muttered, but loud enough to hear.

While Aron was falling back down, intent on hitting with the head, Scyther used its scythe to slash at its head. Aron never even touched Scyther; he was on the ground before long, exhausted and destroyed.

“My gosh, I congratulate you on that one, Nathan. I never saw it coming. Impressive, that you beat a steel and rock Pokemon with a bug type like Scyther.” Brock congratulated, “But your petty green mantis won’t match up to my best Pokemon!”

He threw out a Pokeball, and out came a grand silhouette, however it was very familiar. Nathan’s eyes widened.

“Onix!” he said in disbelief.

“That’s right, the Pokemon I’ve had for as long as I can remember!” he laughed, “Your Scyther’s good, but not THAT good!”

“Scyther! Try to use a Pursuit attack!” Nathan said, while Brock ordered a Rock Throw.

Onix began tossing rocks at Scyther, who, in spite of his speed, was hit right on. Scyther fell to the ground, defeated to the extreme.

“You did a good job, Scyther!” Nathan said, trying to be as optimistic as possible, “Return!”

The red laser returned the defeated mantis to its chamber, and Nathan immediately took his only other resort. Out came the bulb plant Pokemon, none other than Bulbasaur.

“Bulbasaur! This Pokemon might seem big, but he’s not that tough!” Nathan said, and Brock gave him a look as if to say ‘You wish!’, “Leech Seed!”

“Rock Throw, but do it skyscraper style!” Brock said, confusing Nathan.

The seeds Bulbasaur projected just as Nathan wanted them to; they planted Onix down in a spot so it couldn’t move as freely as before. However, Onix moved it’s upper body parts over Bulbasaur, and starting to drop rocks on Bulbasaur, who was jumping left and right trying to avoid them.

“Skyscraper… a view from the top.” Nathan noted mentally what Skyscraper meant.

“Now! Vine whip him as hard as you can!” Nathan pulled out of his thoughts to order and attack.

Onix’s upper body rocks were still above Bulbasaur’s position, dropping rocks everywhere, leaving the seeded part wide open. Bulbasaur began to whip its vines, which were hidden in its bulb, and it hurt Onix terribly.

“Onix! Get him with those rocks!” Brock shouted. Nathan saw a look in his face that made him think Brock wanted to swear.

“Keep on whipping, Bulbasaur! But be careful about those rocks!” Nathan yelled.

Onix was almost on the floor, as the seeds were also leeching life away from it, giving it to Bulbasaur. He managed to toss one last rock at Bulbasaur, before fainting. The rock hit, and Bulbasaur fell down too.

“Is this a tie?” they both said at once.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 8 Continued

“1….” The referee counted.

Both of them didn’t move.

“2….” The referee continued.

Bulbasaur got up just as the referee said three.

“Bulbasaur! You won!” Nathan said in such an innocent voice, filled with joy.

“Bulba!” the Pokemon shouted back, as they both jumped up and down. Nathan returned Bulbasaur to its Pokeball, as did Brock with Onix.

“I congratulate you.” Brock said, as they both advanced to the center of the maroon field, inside the Pokeball-like circle, “You tried your hardest and it paid off. I see you going places. I look forward to seeing you again.”

“Thank you.” Nathan said, turning around to leave.

“But if you let GYM Leaders forget to give you your badge, you’ll be going nowhere.” Brock said, stopping him in his tracks, “Here’s the Boulder Badge, the first badge of the Indigo League. It represents the defenses of the Pokemon, or at least it does to me.”

“Thank you!” Nathan said, admiring the beautiful little badge he held in his hands. It wasn’t all that big, but it symbolized everything they’d been through so far in their Journey.

“Tell Kira to come challenge me when she’s good and ready.” Brock said, sending him off.

“Got it!” Nathan said to him.

He returned to the Pokemon Center, and saw Kira watching a television program with a few other people. The program was some sort of History informing show, but he didn’t really know, from what he saw, what is was about.

“Nathan! Hi! Meet my two new friends: Meredith and Leo Saint-Jones.” Kira said to Nathan, pointing to the two people sitting on the couch with her. Next to her was Leo, in a blue shirt with black pants. He had brown hair, and equally brown eyes. Next to him was a blonde with green-eyes, a nice white tank top and jeans.

“Hi.” They both greeted.

“Are you people siblings?” he said, shaking their hands.

“Yeah, we are. We both train Pokemon, but we each have our specialty.” Replied Leo.

“I train Fire Types, and he trains Flying types.” Meredith said to him.

“We were just watching a show on the history and the invention of the Pokedex. Quite interesting really.” Kira said to Nathan, “Oh! Did you win your GYM Match?”

“Yes! I won!” she immediately got up and hugged him and said congratulations into his ear.

“Tell me the details later, okay? I can’t miss the ending to the documentary!” Kira said, sitting back onto the couch, making a small place for Nathan.

They continued to watch the documentary, and when it was over, they turned off the TV and went over to the eating area, and sat down at a table.

“So, why do you both train certain types?” Nathan asked out of curiosity.

“Fire types are my passion, they are majestic and powerful, graceful and strong all at once. There is nothing like them for me, that is why I train them. Of course, I’m not all that experienced, but I have a Vulpix, that I got from Professor Oak, and a Numel I traded in from Hoenn.” Meredith explained to them, trying to make them see what she saw.

“That’s awesome, Meredith! I have a Vulpix too, although it’s from the wild.” Kira said with enthusiasm.

“And I train flying types because to me, the sky really is the limit for them. They can fly to the top of the world, and with hope I will too. They are graceful fliers, and yet they can defend themselves and stand their ground in battles.” Leo told them, trying to make them see, at his turn, what flying types were like.

“That’s cool. Flying types are cool, I must admit.” Nathan said, “I own a Scyther, who can fly I guess, but he’s more of a bug type.”

“Scyther? That’s an awesome Pokemon! Don’t underestimate it.” Leo said, “Oh, and I have three Pokemon: Pidgeotto, Spearow, and a cool Pokemon that I traded from Hoenn, Hoothoot.”

“That’s nice.” Kira said quickly, “But aren’t you disadvantaged when you only use one type of Pokemon?”

“If you’re a good trainer, you can win no matter what your Pokemon’s types are. I’m convinced me and Leo will do good with our ambitions about training.” Meredith said, almost as if she was a motivational speaker.

“Sure, we might encounter a few stumbles across the road with GYMs, but other than that, I say why not? A lot of people do it.” Leo said, jokingly.

“Yeah, indeed. I met someone earlier – her name was Annabelle – and she has ambitions about training a few types at once, so that she won’t be open to type advantages.” Kira said, “Nice person, that Annabelle. I wonder if she left for Cerulean…”

“It’d be nice to meet her sometime.” Nathan said, and the siblings nodded.

“Leo and I better go now, I’m getting tired.” Leo said, “It is ten fifteen, you know. You better get some shuteye too, Kira and Nathan.”

“Oh right.” Kira said, getting up with the other three, “Goodnight Leo, same to you Meredith.”

As the duo left them for sleep, Nathan laughed.

“You so have a crush on that guy.”

“Do not! If I do, then you have a crush on Meredith!” she retaliated.

“Right, well you should get shuteye. I mean, you’ll challenge Brock tomorrow, girl!” Nathan said.

“About that, how did your match go?” Kira said. The two went up the stairs to their separate rooms, as Nathan told her the tale of his win.

“Where are you going to put the badge?” Kira asked him, as they got to the door to her room. He was showing her the shiny grey badge.

“Come to think of it, I don’t really know. I never thought I’d get this far.” Nathan joked.

“Hmm… I have an idea! Keep that somewhere safe, and you’ll get it by tomorrow afternoon!” Kira said, and rushed into her room. He heard her dial a phone.

“Women! Too mysterious for me.” Nathan thought, and entered his own room, across the hall.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 8 Continued

The next morning, Kira was up, bright and early. Picking up the newspaper, she saw the date of the current day: June 6th. She had only started her journey a week ago, but it felt like a few minutes. She began to read the articles, and she quickly turned to the Advertising section. She looked through the advertisements quickly, and found one that made her smile.

“That’s the ticket.” She said, as she went over to Nurse Joy, “A toast please, but no plate. I’m on the go.”

“Gotcha!” Joy said, handing over to the already dressed girl a toast, “Nice outfit!”

“Thanks!” Kira said, looking down at her bright pink shirt, and her short blue skirt.

She left the center, and just as she did so, Nathan came downstairs, dressed in an orange tank top, and white shorts, which could also be used as a bathing suit. It was extremely hot on this day of June; no one wanted to wear slacks.

“Hi Nurse Joy. Where’s Kira?” Nathan said, going up to her ‘desk’. He had knocked on her door earlier and had gotten no answer, and he didn’t see her anywhere.

“What am I, her babysitter? I don’t really know, but she just left a minute ago.” Nurse Joy said. She received a blank stare and said calmly, “What, everyone is allowed to be grumpy in the morning!”

“Right. Thanks.” Nathan said, going to get a seat to eat. Before doing so, however, he took a toast to eat over there.

After he finished his toast, he saw her come back through the door.

“Nathan, you are going to absolutely LOVE me.” Kira said, sitting down at his table.

“Why?” Nathan said, freaked out slightly.

“I got you something to put your badges in. It’s not much, but when you get all eight you’re going to LOVE me.” Kira said, giving him a green box, with a nice cream color coat inside.

“It’s small… but thank you.” Nathan replied.

“Oh no! That’s not the best part. See, when we have all our badges, and we go back to Pallet, you’ll get a painting with eight indents. It’s very beautiful, but you’re badges fit right in. There’s a traveling wanderer named Jake, and he paints these beautiful paintings for the purpose of putting badges in them. Course, he does regular paintings too, but he’s famous for what he does! So, I saw the ad that he was in Pewter today, so I ordered a painting, which I saw a sample of and it’s gorgeous! It’ll be at your house soon. In the meantime, he gives boxes like this for safekeeping. Paintings aren’t exactly easy to travel with, you know?” Kira rambled on and on, and then she realized that Nathan looked amazed.

“Why did you do this?” Nathan asked, in disbelief.

“It’s original, and it’s cool, and you need one so, why not?” Kira said happily.

“Thanks, I guess. Is your GYM match soon?” Nathan said, lacking enthusiasm.

Kira was deeply hurt by this. She left the building that instant, and Leo Saint-Jones saw this from across the center. He walked over to Nathan.

“What’s up with her?” Leo asked.

“She’s pissed that I wasn’t enthusiastic about the painting she ordered for my badges…” Nathan said.

“Painting? You mean Traveler Jake’s?” Leo asked, surprised. Nathan nodded, and he continued, “Those aren’t cheap! You should be glad she’d do that.”

“Oh… I see.” Nathan said, “I guess I’m a jerk.”

“Definitely, but that doesn’t matter. You’re her friend.” Leo observed.

“You’ve known her one night. What makes you so wise about her?” Nathan said, getting up.

“I don’t know. I’m just wise like that. Besides, I love having friends, and I hope the four of us keep in contact.” Leo said, shaking Nathan’s hand.

“Why are we shaking goodbye? Are you guys leaving Pewter?” Nathan asked.

“Yeah, we’re going to soar the skies about Mount Moon and head to Cerulean.” Leo said joyfully.

“Good! We’ll meet you guys there, okay?” Nathan said.

“Sure thing! Meredith! Let’s go!” Leo said, as he got his backpack from the table, that he had deposited previously, and headed for the door.

“Nice meeting you!” Meredith said as she exited the building, following her older brother.

“Nice people.” Nathan thought.

He was then snapped back to the reality of how he was such a jerk to Kira. He sighed, without the faintest idea what he was supposed to do.


Knock, knock, knock. No answer. She knocked three more times, before the door reopened. It only opened a tad, but it was enough for Brock’s head to come out and ask, “What do you want?”

“I want a GYM battle.” Kira replied definitively.

“This early?” Brock said, now opening the door completely as to show his whole body. He was in pajamas.

“Umm yeah, I’m very angry right now and I think that may come to my advantage. I’ll come back though, it shows you aren’t ready…” Kira laughed.

“No, it’s okay. Come in, wait for me. I just have to get breakfast served to the two remaining brothers of mine.” Brock said, running off in one direction or another.

Sighing, Kira observed the paintings on the wall. She felt more relaxed, but the paintings just brought back the idea of what Nathan had shown in his actions: ungratefulness, jerkiness, and his mean side. Thoughtless person, she thought. He just didn’t seem to care.

Seeing as how the paintings weren’t helping, she quickly exited to the hallways. Seeing the damages still there from the day before, she laughed, “Guess they didn’t get that fixed yet.”

“No, they didn’t.” replied the now dressed Brock, coming from the opposite direction, “But that’s okay. There are two stands anyways.”

“That’s good to know!”

They entered the stadium-portion, and Brock ran his way through the battlegrounds to get to his side of the battlegrounds.

“The referee is coming shortly.” Brock announced. Holding true to his word, the referee appeared in the doorway only seconds later.

“This shall be a two on two Pokemon battle. Challenger versus GYM Leader Brock.” The referee declared officially, raising a red flag and a green flag, and lowering them in one quick movement.

“I choose you, Squirtle!” Kira said, never doubting her beloved starter.

“Let’s fight shell with rock-hard skin! Go Onix!” Brock said, releasing the ever-imposing snake upon Kira. She gasped seeing this. The night before, she had had nightmares about the snake, as she had seen it when she fainted while Team Rocket escaped, “Rock throw immediately!”

Brock’s attack order had snapped the young trainer back to reality. As the rock’s came smidges close to Squirtle, she shouted out, “Withdraw!”

“Withdraw? You give up already?” Brock said, snapping out of his tense battle mode.

“It’s an attack!” The referee called out, as Squirtle retracted its paws and head into the shell. Rock after rock befell onto the red shell; none of them even came close to hurting Squirtle.

“Bubble attack!”

As fast as they retracted, Squirtle’s paws and heads came out. Bubbles emerged from the turtle’s mouth, hitting Onix’s head. Onix’s eyes closed, as if hurt.

“That’s the ticket! The water hurts its eyes! I can blind Onix using bubbles!” Kira thought strategically.

“Tackle!” the opposition yelled, as Onix jumped up and dug its head down at Squirtle’s position. The tackle missed target completely, however.

“Good job Squirtle! Bubble its tail to damage it!” Kira shouted out, with a large smile on her Hawaiian-like face.

“Onix! Try and avoid if you can!” Brock said reluctantly. He knew Onix couldn’t control his tail as well as he could his head.

But Squirtle hit Onix right on, on its weak spot: the tail. Onix fell to the ground in one two movements, defeated.

“Good job Squirtle!” Kira cheered with Squirtle, as Onix became a red shadow, disappearing into the Pokeball.

“Time for some dude attack! Go Geodude!” Brock made the worst joke in the history of battling.

Out came a footless rock, with two arms armed with hands. The two large eyes frowned at the sight of a Squirtle; they were never a good sign for rock-types.

Nathan had arrived in the stands, knowing she’d be there. Where else could she be? Even he was stunned when she recalled Squirtle to send out Vulpix.

“That has got to be the stupidest trainer I’ve seen in a while!” Brock thought to himself.

“What is she doing?” Nathan asked himself under his breath.

“You may think I’m insane, and quite possibly, but I have my reasons!” She yelled, when she saw the whole audience, the opposition and even the ref frown.

“Geodude, mud sport!”

“Vulpix, will-o-wisp!”

Geodude went to the earthy battleground floor, and began to twirl, sending mud everywhere. Jumping every now and then, Vulpix evaded this with ease, and sent a red orb, almost metallic, to the legless foe. It wasn’t hurt, but it became as red as the sun at noon.

“Don’t you dare let it hit you, Vulpix! Quick attack!”

“Don’t you dare let it win! Rock throw!”

Try as she may, Vulpix couldn’t evade the large rocks that Geodude chucked at her. It couldn’t walk, but Geodude could definitely throw. Vulpix tackled it hastily after this, trying to induce any damage seeable to Geodude, but to Kira’s dismay, there was no affect, or nearly none. Geodude had returned to original color, but he became red again for a moment, and seemed to be in pain. He became grey again afterwards.

“Burn like the dirt you are, Geodude!” Kira let all her rage out towards Nathan on an innocent Pokemon.

“Get her while she’s angry!” Brock whispered. Geodude chucked yet another few rocks at Vulpix, who fell to the ground, fainted.

“Return, Vulpix! Go back, Squirtle! Make me proud!” Kira said, using the corresponding Pokeballs.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

“Rock throw!”


Geodude didn’t have a weak spot, but that didn’t stop her. The rocks overcame the bubbles, so both Pokemon were hurt equally, Geodude more because of his initial weakness to water.

“Do it again!” they both shouted in symphony.

A large dust seemed to gather around the two from Geodude’s rapid rock grabbing, the dust of the battlefield was sent into the air. A large cry was heard throughout the stadium during that very moment.

Note: The above didn't fit in the post and I was too lazy to change anything around so meh =P Anyways, I really appreciate all comments and CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISM. I mean, I know it isn't perfect, so I want to know what's wrong with it. Tell me, dont be afraid to hurt feelings! It makes me better as a person and an author. Again, sorry for this inconvnience ^^
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 9
The fog cloud in the air cleared, and the Geodude was half-dug into the ground. He was fainted!

“Squirtle! We won, we won!”

“Return Geodude. What can I say, you did your best.” Brock said grimly, doing as he said. On a happier note, he continued, “Though I lost, I am honored to have witnessed you in battle, Ms. Varon. You have the bare essentials to be a great Pokemon trainer, much like your friend Nathan.”

She smiled, even with the comment about Nathan. She had won, she had won, she had beaten Brock, and she had won! How joyful she was at that very thought, she couldn’t place it into words. Without words, she returned Squirtle, and ran over to Brock to claim her Boulder Badge.

“Thank you.” She said, as she looked down at her badge smiling. She got out of her backpack the little golden box her mother had given her, and placed the badge carefully on the velvet.

“No problem, you deserve it.” Brock said, “I think there’s someone that wants to talk to you.”

Brock nodded in Kira’s direction and she turned around accordingly. There stood the brown-haired, tall boy she traveled with. He had a look on his face that looked as if to say ‘I’m sorry’. It was the oddest feeling, however, to not be mad. Everything was just… okay.

“I’m sorry.” Nathan said as she approached.

“No, don’t be. There’s nothing to be sorry about.”

She just smiled, hugged him briefly, and, as confused as he was, Nathan was okay with it. He congratulated her on her big win as they left the GYM.

“Well, I guess we’re off to… Cerulean, is it now?” Kira said as they neared the Pokemon Center to heal their Pokemon and get the rest of their belongings.

“Yep, but we need to go through a cave of some sort.” Nathan said, knowledgably. Kira stared blankly at him, “What, I read the newspaper and watch TV too!”

“I know; I’m just surprised that you knew that.” Kira laughed.

“I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not…”

She began to laugh out loud, as they headed down to the main floor of the Pokemon Center, with their backpacks, packed with clothes, a tent and other things. They said goodbye to Nurse Joy.

“I wonder if there is anything else we need in this town.” Kira said as they headed to the city limits.

“I can’t think of a single thing.” Nathan said, looking back on the city as the sun began to get lower in the sky. It was five o’clock or so, when they left the Center.

“Well, onto the journeys that lay ahead!” Kira put an inspirational start to their journey to Cerulean City.

They walked east on the road, until Kira heard a somewhat odd cry. It was coming from her left, and Squirtle, who was walking with the duo along with Bulbasaur, heard it as well. They wandered off towards a bunch of trees, where the cry was emerging.

Nathan would have noticed, if he hadn’t heard a trainer training vigorously his Pokemon. He looked, and to his right, he and Bulbasaur could see a trainer in a white karate uniform, training a Pokemon with a bandage over it’s left leg. The Pokemon was brown, and was as tall as the trainer. The trainer had brown rugged hair, and he wasn’t wearing shoes.

“Take a picture; it lasts longer.” the trainer said, as he saw Nathan peering in on his training session.

“Oh sorry. You do karate?” Nathan asked, getting closer.

“Yes. If you’d excuse me, I’m training my Hitmonlee here, and I don’t have time for chit-chat.” The trainer said, shooing Nathan away.

“Wouldn’t you rather battle another trainer, like me? That’s the real experience!” Nathan exclaimed.

“Sure… why not. I’m Antonio Divins. I’m on a quest to one day become a black belt; both in karate and with fighting Pokemon.” The guy said to Nathan.

“Name’s Nathan Lennox. Let’s have a quick one on one.” Nathan said, noticing his belt was yellow.

He couldn’t even remember about Kira as he sent out Scyther, knowing Bulbasaur was tired from walking. Antonio had seemingly chosen Hitmonlee to battle.

“I should use my Pokedex…” Nathan said, getting his backpack off his back and digging in it for his Pokedex, “Here we go!”

“Hitmonlee, the kicking Pokemon. When kicking, the sole of its foot turns as hard as a diamond on impact and destroys its enemy.” The Pokedex said.

Nathan muttered an ouch, and said faithfully, “Scyther, we can do this! False Swipe!”

“Rolling Kick!”

Hitmonlee stood rock hard in its spot, getting himself ready for Scyther’s attack. Scyther faked an attack from the left and struck from the right. However, his scythe didn’t reach Hitmonlee, because as it did, Hitmonlee rolled on the ground, all the way to Scyther’s back. He then kicked harshly on his back. Scyther was on the ground, but not defeated.

Meanwhile, Kira was going past the trees when she saw an egg tumble down to her feet. She picked it up, confused, and smiled at the mysterious egg.

“Chan! Chansey!” the Pokemon yelled at Kira when she took the egg. It was a large creature with a small pouch, and it was flashy pink. She remembered seeing a few of those in Pokemon Centers, and she said Hi to it.

“CHAN!” it replied in fury. It put its too almost fingerless hands together and hit the egg from underneath. It went up in the air, and it moved around to get it to fall in its pouch. It fell perfect, “Chan…”

“Chansey, do you want to join me on my journey?”

Chansey turned around to her voice and smiled frantically. Kira couldn’t tell if the female Pokemon before her was happy or sad about Kira’s asking. Chansey simply replied by starting to slap Squirtle giggly.

“You want to fight, do you? Squirtle, Bubble!” Kira commanded.

But bubbles did not emerge from the male Pokemon’s mouth. Instead, a smooth jet of water came out. Perplexed by this, Kira swung out her faithful Pokedex.

“Water Gun, a water-type attack. While bubble slows the enemy down somewhat and may inflict blindness if used correctly, water gun has more range and more power.” The Pokedex informed her on its usage.

Chansey seemed extremely hurt by this, as much if not more than how Squirtle was from her nasty slaps.

“Distract her!”

Squirtle ran around Chansey, and it took it long enough to follow it. Chansey became dizzy: this was Kira’s moment of opportunity! She threw one of the balls on her belt at the large pink creature…
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 9 Continued

Meanwhile, Scyther got up and was ready to fight back.

“Pursue him!”

“Jump Kick!” Antonio said in retrospect.

Hitmonlee jumped right up in the air, and, getting ready to dive a kick down, Scyther came up to attack him. They collided, to say the least. Scyther was pushed back down on the ground, whereas Hitmonlee was sent flying in the air.

“Don’t take another hit! Rolling Kick!”

“False Swipe!”

Hitmonlee began to roll around in a ball on the ground, trying to find a place where he could roll into Scyther and launch a kick. Scyther was dizzy because of the last two attacks, and was, in vain, trying to take a swipe at Hitmonlee. It wasn’t working, and as he was leaning down to try and attack, Hitmonlee kicked him in the behind. He was on the ground.

“Good job anyways Scyther!” Nathan said, returning his Pokemon to its respective Pokeball.

Antonio chose not to return his Pokemon, “Good attempt at beating me, but it didn’t work!”

“Yeah, you’re right, Captain Obvious. How did you get Hitmonlee so fast, so good?”

“I take karate, and I train all the time Nathan. I believe that Pokemon should be trained just as intensively as I train myself. I’m not exactly a rookie either; I’ve been on the road for about two months now.” Antonio explained.

“I see. I just started about a week ago…”

“There you go. People get better in time, and it isn’t like I’ve never lost. I just train all my Pokemon a lot.”

“You have others?” Nathan asked, taking the hint Antonio left in his sentence.

“Oh, of course! I have a Tyrogue also. He’s weaker than Hitmonlee though, Hitmonlee is the star of my team!” Antonio said, patting his Pokemon on the back.

“I hope to face you again, someday.” Said Nathan.

“Challenge me and I’ll battle you any day.” Antonio said, as he said goodbye to his new friend.

“See ya!” Nathan said, as he saw Antonio and Hitmonlee walk off. Probably to continue their training, or at least that’s what Nathan thought.

He walked uphill to where he was before he spotted them training, and Kira had just come back in his mind. Where was she? Did she get kidnapped? Or maybe she just wandered off for a second, came back and saw he wasn’t there and just abandoned him!


The ball shook, and shook, and shook. “These are the longest three seconds of my life!” were the only thoughts that passed by her mind.

Then the fateful ‘ting’ noise came through, meaning she had actually caught the Pokemon. Oh, the joy! She had finally caught a Pokemon! It wasn’t like she didn’t like Vulpix, she had grown overly fond of her, but she hadn’t caught it on intent, it was all a big mistake. This was the first time she set her mind to catch a Pokemon and had done it.

“Oh yes, baby, I did it!” she said, picking up the Pokeball in her palms. She kissed it as if it was a present from the Gods. The fact that she was so happy just vibrated off her; Squirtle was jumping for joy himself!

But a very odd thing snapped her out of her trance of joy – a person was cursing. Talking about someone abandoning him.

“I’d hate to know that person!” Kira laughed.

“Kira?” the same voice said again. She knew the cursing person?

“Yes?” it was like talking to a ghost: she didn’t know whom she was talking to, or where they were!

“I thought you had abandoned me for a minute there!” the voice said again, and she had recognized it. It was Nathan! She had forgotten about him, just as much as he had forgotten about her.

“Where have you been?” Kira said, acting as if she was waiting on him.

“I saw this karate guy training his Hitmonlee, so I battled him. I battled him with Scyther and I lost, but I learnt a lot!” Nathan said, “And you?”

“As a matter of fact, I caught a Pokemon. A Pokemon, Nathan!” she was overjoyed, and Nathan didn’t know why. He didn’t see it like she did.

“Oh wow! Which one?” Nathan said enthusiastically anyways.

“Chansey! You know, like Nurse Joy’s!” Kira said, putting the Pokedex back into her pink backpack.

Nathan pictured a Chansey, with Kira beside it. Then he imagined Vulpix and Squirtle beside the duo. It was a nice picture in his mind, but then he saw Kira’s clothes change: she now wore a white skirt, with a pink shirt and a white apron-like thing over it. To top it off, she had a nurse’s hat on her head, and her hair turned red.

“Nathan? Nathan? Kanto to Nathan!” Kira said, trying to snap Nathan out of his daze.

“Yes, I’m listening!” Nathan claimed.

“Really?” Kira said, crossing her arms and getting a stern look on her face, “Then what did I just say?”

“That you’re becoming a nurse?”

“Ha. Ha. Ha. I almost forgot to laugh!” Kira said, frustrated, “I said that Chansey is the first Pokemon I’ve caught on purpose! That’s why I’m happy! Now snap out of whomever you’re thinking about and let’s continue!”

Nathan didn’t say a word, and followed Kira, Squirtle and his own Bulbasaur.

“Note to self: never picture Kira as a nurse again.” He thought.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 9 Continued

They had continued their hike to Cerulean City, seeing Pokemon here and there and training their Pokemon against them. Kira had a field trip with Chansey, it was fun to see her battle.

Finally, they had gotten to an area with a large cave wall, almost like a mountain. In front of that mountain, there was a Pokemon Center and another building, however this one didn’t look very professional. It was more like a home. It was getting dark, and it was almost time to hit the sack.

“We should get a room at the Pokemon Center.” Nathan observed, as he looked up in the sky, “The stars are starting to show and the moon’s hitting home.”

“I brought a tent, and it’s seemingly useless. Ugh!” Kira said, “You go to the Pokemon Center, I think I’m spending the night outside.”

“But… why?”

“No real reason, it’s just that I want to experience the outdoors a little more.”

“Fine. But if you change your mind or anything, tell me. I’ll just be inside – it’s Sunday, and I want to watch the KNN, to see if they found Team Rocket members who stole the fossils.” Nathan said, as he headed into the Pokemon Center.

Kira just sighed, and decided she’d go explore the other edifice to see what it was about. It was more of a house – the old kind of house that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you looked at it. The moonlight was shinning down on the house, and it made it that much more beautiful.

She knocked three times in a row on the door, and the door opened slightly to reveal a bald, old man, that wasn’t higher than two bushes atop one another. He opened his mouth to speak, revealing rotten teeth. It made her sick to her stomach; it was as if he ate all his Halloween candy and then hadn’t brushed his teeth for a week.

“Well? Did you just knock to stare at me?” he said when he saw her gruesome look.

“No, I was just about to set up my tent to spend the night…”

“There’s a Pokemon Center you know. Good night.” He said, attempting to close the door. She stuck her foot to stop that from happening.

“Why do you live here?” she asked him.

“Why do I live here?” he repeated in a sarcastic tone, “Why does anyone live anywhere? The grass is green here too, and the roads all lead to somewhere. So why not?”

“Let me be more specific.” She replied, in an equally sarcastic tone, “Aren’t you away from society here? How do you get food? Do you live alone?”

“Oh, alone? Dear gosh no, I’m married, and I have children. My children don’t live here anymore though; they are away on a journey somewhere. My wife, Elise, lives with me, and we socialize with Nurse Joy, and the many, many trainers that pass by here.” He replied, “Of course, we get food through miss Joy, she’s a very kind person.”

“I see.”

A few minutes later, he continued, “Do you need anything else?”

“Not really… but, - I didn’t exactly catch your name.”


“Marcel, I don’t mean to intrude, and it may seem pointless, but why don’t you live in a town?” Kira said curiously.

“You’re not old enough to understand that I’m old. I’ve lived my life, and I just want to be at peace. Elise feels the same way – that’s why she and I are a great match. And it’s not like this is a boring place to live – the stories I could tell you about Mount Moon!” Marcel explained thoughtfully.

“Stories? I wouldn’t mind hearing those!”

Marcel just looked at her, as if exhausted with Kira already, and he’d only been speaking to her for a few minutes, “It’s already eight, but I’m sure Elise won’t mind telling you the stories – I certainly don’t. It’s better for us to both tell them to you. When we’re done, or you’ve had enough, you can set up your tent and sleep. But believe me, you’re going to want to sleep in that Pokemon Center after I tell you my tales.”

It sent a shiver down her spine, a cold shiver that you only get every now and then. His voices was so cold, so frightened, and his face was so white.

“O-o-kay.” Kira stuttered.

She entered the house, and the door closed behind them.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 10
Kira followed the old man to their living room, which was as old as he was. It was quaint, though, to see the nice old chesterfield with flower patterns. She sat down awkwardly, as Marcel called Elise into the living room. She noticed an antique cabinet, filled with things she was sure were discontinued.

“She wants to hear the stories?” a lady asked Marcel, coming in. They were holding their hands tightly together. She had brown hair with a few white ones coming in, but she looked good for what Kira guessed was a golden aged person.

“Yes, dear.”

“Then, let’s get this over with!”

The old couple sat down on the chesterfield, whereas Kira was on the lime green chair.

“So, what are the stories even about?” Kira asked in a shaky voice, still asking herself inside if she wanted to even know.

“Mount Moon is haunted, oh, I didn’t catch your name. I’m Elise.” The lady with brown hair said, as if she had trouble believing what she was about to say.


“Kira, it’s haunted. And if it’s not, then something is going on there and it has for as long as we’ve lived here, and that’s saying a lot.” Elise recited.

“The day our last son left to get his first Pokemon, that very night, we saw something on top of Mount Moon. It was flashy, and it was full of lights, but I have no clue what it was and neither does Elise. As if there were a billion lights at its peak, but it was inexplicable.” Marcel continued.

“Nurse Joy saw it too, but she didn’t believe it was anything serious, but she couldn’t explain it either. She was in denial.” Elise finished the tale.

“So, what do you think it was? Have you met anyone who’s seen it as well?”

“Gosh no, there was no one in the Pokemon Center that day, oddly enough. It’s always full of people. We called authorities but no one believed us, they called us mad! They set up cameras around our house and the Pokemon Center for a while, but nothing happened for a whole year, so they took them out. That was fifteen years ago.” Elise explained.

“And in those fifteen years, far more frightening things have happened in, around and above Mount Moon. I could tell you tales that would make you run as far away as possible from that place, Kira.” Marcel’s words sent a shiver down her spine.

“Do tell.”

“You don’t want to know.” Elise said, “Trust us.”

“I’ve seen things you wouldn’t imagine.” Kira lied through her teeth. Pallet Town wasn’t exactly an interesting place to live.

“Fine. A month or so after the cameras were removed; I decided to go and try to find things inside Mount Moon. I never really explored it, as I went to get supplies every few days from Pewter City, and when I wasn’t there, I was venturing the route. This particular day, I had nothing to do, so I did do some research inside.” Marcel said.

“At that time, it was around ten in the morning, and I was doing my house cleaning. He told me he would be home before dusk, and the hours rolled by until all the stars were showing. I was wondering what was holding him up.” Elise sighed, “I never should have inquired.”

“Where were you, Marcel?”

“Truth is I’m not sure. I was in Mount Moon and I suddenly lost conscious. When Elise came to look for me, she looked high and low and couldn’t find me. She knows Mount Moon better than I, as she went every now and then to pick up Moon Stones.”

“Moon Stones? Why?” Kira asked, turning her attention to Elise.

“You can sell those for a hefty price to young trainers, they love Moon Stones. When I had nothing to do, Nurse Joy would let me set up a stall at the Center.” Elise said, “I had no use for Moon Stones.”

“I see. Are they common?”

“No, that’s why trainers love them. Every year, I kept a few; that way I could do research someday to see if they evolved. Or someone else, if I was dead by then.” Elise laughed, “I suspect they have something to do with everything that’s happened.”

“So, you were unconscious, your wife couldn’t find you… you woke up hours later, and you were fine?” Kira recollected. Marcel nodded, “What else?”

“The Pokemon inside aren’t nearly normal. Dancing little devils!” Elise threw a curse word into the mix, “They are cute, they’re pink, but when they are in quantity, they dance, and sing, and annoy the heck out of you!”

“Clefairy.” Marcel informed Kira, knowing she’d ask, “They’re weird, but that’s an overstatement. They dance and twirl their fingers in groups. Scary things.”

“But they’re Pokemon, they are supposed to be unique.” Kira remarked, confused.

“But these Pokemon are only found at Mount Moon, or at least the biggest portion of them!” Elise whispered afterwards, “Some say they’re aliens.”

“Now that’s something I don’t agree with, however.” Marcel said, “I actually like Clefairy.”

“That’s because you caught one!” Elise exclaimed and then told Kira, “He sent it to Professor Oak for observation though. We don’t train Pokemon.”

“I see. Is that all?” Kira asked, getting up.

“Pretty much, dear. Only Joy believes us, everyone else doesn’t. They’ve investigated Mount Moon so much now; that they say there’s nothing odd about it. But I swear on my grave, we will prove something’s wrong there.” Marcel said, holding his spouse in his arms.

They walked Kira back to the door, and they led her out, and Elise said goodbye, “It was nice meeting you dear.”

“Likewise.” Kira shuddered, “I guess you were right, you did scare me.”

“Don’t worry; it’s scarier at night. Go through in the morning.” Marcel said, and then said goodbye. He closed the door on Kira, and she looked over their house at Mount Moon. With the moon passing over it, it was the scariest thing at the moment.

She went to the Pokemon Center. She couldn’t possibly sleep in the ‘great outdoors’ now, knowing that would be looking down on her. She entered, and she got a room from Joy, mentioning casually the old couple.

“Nice people, aren’t they?” Nurse Joy said, “The stories they say are true, if you don’t believe them.”

“Oh no! I forgot to ask them a really important question!” Kira said, slapping her head while she gave her Pokemon to Nurse Joy so she could heal them.

“Which would be? I could help you!”

“Why do they still live there?”

“I don’t know for sure, but here’s my bet: they are old, and they wanted to settle down in a quiet spot. Instead, they got this, and once the whole phenomena began, they knew they still needed the thrills of life.” Nurse Joy said, “Wow, you have a Chansey!”

“Yeah, I haven’t battled with it that much yet, but I’m looking forward to it.” Kira said, “She’s great from the training I did with her. Why do you still work here, however?”

“Work is work miss. This is my job.”

“But you live in the Pokemon Center, don’t you? Doesn’t it get boring, all the way out here?”

“From time to time, I get lonely. We can go a week without seeing a traveler come by, but other than that, I meet a lot of diverse people here. And Marcel & Elise are very nice people, they invited me for holidays sometimes.”

“Holidays? Don’t you go home?” Kira said, taking her Pokeballs back from Nurse Joy.

“Sometimes, but others I just can’t. People need me here; I save lives! No one said being a Nurse was easy. And besides, most of the time all my cousins and sisters can’t just drop work to be together. We are all needed in this world.” Nurse Joy sighed, “But we’re fine with that, it’s what we do.”

“Thank you. Did Nathan Lennox check in?”

Nurse Joy checked the computer screen, which probably had all the rooms listed, and who was in them, “Yes, he is. Room number fifty-four.”

“Thank you. Have a nice night!” Kira said, heading over to the stairs on the left.

“Same to you!” Nurse Joy’s voice sounded, becoming fainter as she got further along the stairs.

She looked left and right, along the white walls, to find the room with the number 54 engraved on it. She found it, at the end of the hallway, and knocked.

“Kira! What are you doing inside?” Nathan asked, quite surprised. Kira wasn’t the kind of girl to just say something and not do it.

She entered the room, which had blue walls, a blue bed, and a door to the bathroom. It had other blue things, making this the room blue-haters would die in. She sat down on the bed with him and told him all about Marcel & Elise, and the stories they chose to tell her about.

“Talk about freaky. I don’t blame you for coming in.” Nathan said, “And they had more of these?”

“Oh yes, apparently this has been going on for fifteen years! You look hot.” Kira said, leaving Nathan staring blankly at her, “Hot as in warm? You’re sweating!”

“Sweating..?” Nathan said, and he touched the side of his hair, and his hand became drenched with sweat, “Well, what do you know!”

“Oh, is little Natasha scared?” Kira teased in a baby voice.

“Stop it!” Nathan said playfully.

“Seriously, though, you should take a shower, cool off, and get into some pajamas. Maybe your clothes are making you hot.” Kira said.

“Yeah, yeah. What room are you staying in?”

“38. Come and see me after. Oh wait, you can’t, you’ll be in pajamas! Hmm, well I’ll see you tomorrow. Sweet dreams.” Kira said in a few quick breaths, closing the door behind her as she left.

“Good… night?” Nathan said uselessly. He then proceeded to take a shower and change into pajamas. He shut off the lights, and yawned as he fell asleep…
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 10 Continued
Note: Chapter 'parts' will start getting longer, and perhaps Chapter parts might disappear completly from now on.

Kira knew something was up at Mount Moon. She didn’t have to see it; Marcel, Elise and Nurse Joy all confirmed that strange occurrences had happened there. She was bound to figure out what was up in Mount Moon, and she’d get Nathan to hear the grizzly tales.

However, there was something that made Kira wonder. Nurse Joy couldn’t have been over twenty-five years old, and Kira was sure she couldn’t have been a nurse for all her life. Unless she had major plastic surgery, how had she been around for the past fifteen years?

Maybe Nurse Joy wasn’t so plain and normal as she claimed to be…


The following morning, around nine o’clock, Nathan and Kira both woke up at the same time. Nathan was dressed in jeans and a white shirt in no time, and he was already eating breakfast, but it took Kira longer. She took a shower, did her hair, put on lipstick… suffice to say, and she was down ten minutes later than he was. She got some eggs and joined him at the table.

She told Nathan his suspicions about Nurse Joy, “And you know what’s weird? Is that I don’t even think they realized it!”

“Well, I admit it’s odd, but I bet there’s a simple solution. I mean, they set up cameras and everything. If something was up with Nurse Joy, they would have probably seen it by now.” Nathan explained, all the while eating food.

“You don’t see this like I do.” Kira shook her head desperately.

They finished eating, and they had decided to go ask the old couple about it. Seeing as how the two buildings were so close, it didn’t take more than a few minutes. Kira knocked on the wooden door a few times, and they could hear someone the other side of the door, checking through the peephole.

“Oh, Kira, what a pleasant surprise!” Kira could recognize Elise’s voice, as she opened the door, “And who’s this?”

“He’s my friend Nathan. Anyways, we have something to ask you about Nurse Joy.”

“That would be?”

“How old is she?” Nathan said.

“By gosh, she must be twenty-five! Why do you ask that? Does the young man like him?” Elise said to Kira, disregarding Nathan completely.

Nathan was fuming, but Kira spoke, “How was she around for the fifteen years the weird things have been happening then?”

“Oh, Marcel probably neglected to tell you there were two Nurse Joys. The first Nurse Joy that worked there was the current one’s sister. But the first Nurse Joy quit her job when the current Nurse Joy was old enough to do her job, sadly.” Elise said, with a tear falling from her face.

“Oh, why did she quit?” Nathan asked.

“You can’t figure that out on your own? She had been there for the first five years couldn’t take the insanity of it all!” Marcel said, coming from the hallway that led to what Kira guessed was the kitchen. He had probably listening to the whole conversation.

“But she abandoned her sister, knowing that?” Nathan said, disgusted.

“Of course not! The current Nurse Joy loves weird things, she didn’t mind at all. Of course, being she was fifteen when she became a nurse, she was a little young… but she was qualified. And seeing as how it’s not the most ‘important’ Pokemon Center in Kanto, she was accepted.” Elise explained for her husband, who seemed disgruntled.

“I see.” The duo said in symphony.

“Are the two of you going through Mount Moon today?” Elise said, with a frightful expression on her face.

“Yes, we are as a matter of fact. Why?” Kira asked.

“You know the stories. They might try and get you. Watch your backs.” Elise said without blinking, “Goodbye.”

She closed the door rudely.

“Well she’s polite! Let’s go get our things and split this joint.” Nathan said, jogging back to the Center, “Kira?”

She just stood there, frightened. It was as if the old couple knew something was going to happen to them in Mount Moon. As if they controlled it.

“Kira, snap out of it!”

“Huh? Oh, umm right.” Kira said, as she followed him to the Pokemon Center, but she couldn’t bring herself to peel her eyes off of the mountain.

They took their backpacks, and they gave back the keys, and said their adieus to the humble nurse. They headed to the entrance to Mount Moon, and Nathan went right through, as if nothing had been told to him about the place.

“Kira, come on! There’s nothing to be afraid of!”

“That’s what they tell you… but I just know something’s going to happen, I can just feel it running through my veins!” Kira said, holding her head with her hands, “It’s too much!”

“So now you’re psychic?” Nathan said.

“No, it’s not that… I’m not psychic, because that implies seeing the future. I’m just feeling something here, and besides, what the old couple said, they know something is going to happen! They know more then they were willing to tell!”

“Kira…” Nathan got closer and took her hands off her head, “It’s okay. I’m here, Squirtle, Vulpix, Chansey, Bulbasaur and Scyther are here…”

“And you’re forgetting Miss Caprice, it would seem!” a voice said from afar. The blonde got closer and was dressed yet again in a green dress, with a basket.

“Oh hello Snow White.” Nathan said sarcastically.

“Ha, ha.” She said, rolling her eyes, “What’s wrong with you, Kira?”

“Nothing! You, you’ll come with us in Mount Moon right?” Kira said, gripping her arm.

“First of all, what’s going on with you, and second of all, what’s going on?” Wendy exclaimed, shrugging her hand off her arm.

“Look, come with us through Mount Moon?” Nathan said, and then he explained the whole story to her.

“I see. Well, if Kira feels strongly about it as much as you, then why not?” Wendy agreed to the whole ordeal.

Kira felt better, even though she still believed something was going to happen. It wasn’t like she knew what it was, or when and where it would happen, but she knew there was something.

They went inside the cave, and it was dark, but there were torches every here and there lit, to guide the way. There was a hole in the ceiling, providing a spot with sunlight.

“How quaint!” Nathan said, going to that very spot, and looking up. Wendy joined him, and Kira stood a bit behind, crossing her arms to conceal the warmth.

Suddenly, the whole cave began to shake. Kira fell to the ground and so did Wendy, but Nathan stood his ground.


“What in this world was that?” the black-haired girl exclaimed, getting up and rubbing off the dirt.

“I don’t know, perhaps there was an earthquake nearby.” The buff man said, getting up at his turn and doing like his partner.

“Oh well, we must continue to search for the exit to this place, Will.” Rebecca sighed, “We’ll never find it!”

“We’re getting there.” Will said, “I heard someone shriek during the earthquake.”

“Wasn’t me.” Rebecca said, when Will imposed a look on her.

“Then that means we have company.” Will grinned evilly.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 11

“Holy…” Wendy muttered, getting up. She got the dust and the dirt off of her dress, and she helped Kira up.

“Are you two okay?” Nathan asked them, coming closer.

“Yes, we’re fine.” Kira replied, “But we won’t be.”

“Why not?” Wendy asked, freaked out.

“Hello? Are you dumb or something? The exit is blocked off!” Kira said, getting fed up with Wendy’s nice act.

“No need to get mad, and what are you talking about?” Wendy said, not peeling her eyes off of Kira.

“She’s talking about that!” Nathan pointed behind the girls, at a huge boulder blocking off the entrance, “I’ll bet anything the other exit is also blocked off.”

“Then what are we supposed to do? It’s not nearly hot in here, and there doesn’t seem to be any food!” Wendy exclaimed, letting go of Kira, “We need to break that rock!”

“No, we don’t.” Kira said slowly, and received two stares, “I mean, we don’t have to exit the way we came in. We need to break the rock that blocks our exit to Cerulean, and we don’t even know if there is one.”

“She has a point. Plus, there may be another exit.” Nathan pointed out.

“Ugh, fine. Let’s just try and look around this cave as quickly as possible.” Wendy said, and the trio parted to explore.


“Ugh, fine.” The female voice began to say faintly.

“They’re nearby!” Rebecca whispered to her partner, as they crouched behind a huge rock. They saw the trio there, and, even though they only recognized two of them, they knew they could steal their Pokemon.

“The exit to Cerulean is blocked, however. We need to wait for them to break that, and then steal their Pokemon.” Will informed her.

“They’re coming! Shush!” she replied to Will.

“Hey! I think I can see the exit!” the male voice said, not as faintly as the voice before. Indeed they were right, right behind Rebecca and Will was the exit that led to Cerulean City.

“What about that?” another female voice said.

“That’s an exit that’s not blocked! Let’s try and take it!” the male voice said, and the duo heard footsteps go off in another direction.

“Idiots… but hey, maybe we can use this.” Rebecca said, thinking.

“Oh yeah? How?” Will enquired.

“Well, I’ve always heard that within Mount Moon, there was an outdoor area that was surrounded by the mountain itself. Legend has it there’s a spring, and a large debris of moon stones, and the Clefairy gather in large numbers there. But, since it’s closed in, there’s no way out… we can corner them!” Rebecca laughed sinisterly.

“But isn’t that just a myth?”

“Could be, for all I care. But normally, there is only an entrance and an exit to Mount Moon. What could that possibly be other than that?”

“You have a point there, Becky.”

“Always have had one, William.”

The duo got up from their crouched positions, and slowly made their way to the opening they saw Nathan, Kira & Wendy go through.


The opening hadn’t looked normal. The sunlight was pouring in from the opening, which meant it was new, as the only opening they had seen before the earthquake was the one on the ceiling. What could this possibly have been, and how did it get there?

Those were the only thoughts going through their minds as they went through.


That was the only word Wendy could let out of her mouth, and it was as much as you would get out of these three. To say they were at a loss for words would be an understatement.

The scene before them looked almost surreal. It was an enclosed area, as if it was inside the mountain. A spring stood quietly within the small place, with a monument in the middle. Beautiful assortments of flowers were all around the spring, around the whole scene for that matter.

The monument at the middle of the spring wasn’t all that elegant: it was clear, light blue and the sun shone right through it, making it an exquisite sight. It seemed naturally assimilated, but by what, the trio did not know.

“I wonder what this is…”

“Prepare for trouble, we’re back once more!” Rebecca’s voice said, causing the trio to turn around and retreated to the edge of the spring.

“We don’t know your name, but we’ll know it here fore!” Will said, appearing in the opening, behind Rebecca.

“Wendy.” Wendy got in quickly.

“Don’t you see we don’t care?” Rebecca laughed, “We don’t even know theirs, but that didn’t stop us from attacking her and fleeing from him!”

Wendy gasped, as she had not known this. It escaped her how she had not run into Nathan and Kira in Pewter City, after all, the exits were blocked.

“What do you want? Get it over with!” Nathan yelled aggressively.

“We want your Pokemon! Duh, what else, idiot?” Will exclaimed in a dumb voice.

Nathan just grinded his teeth together, curled up his fists, and held himself back.

“I, tirips fo tnoum noom, tcetorp tnoum noom’s sisao morf lla sredurtni! Yam eht Yriafelc ecnad, yam eth noom enots tnemunom esir ot eth seiks, dan eth sgnirps niamer erup. Eb Enog!” a sinisterly, cold voice shouted in anguish, from above the five people. They all looked up, yet they could not see anything, except a ghostly dress floating in the air, however, within the dress, they couldn’t see anything except an odd mist. None of them could understand the speech either, it was mumbled and seemingly from another language.

No one understood, except Kira, who seemed to hear, instead, ‘I, spirit of Mount Moon, protect Mount Moon’s oasis from all intruders! May the Clefairy dance, may the Moon Stone Monument rise to the skies, and the springs remain pure. Be Gone!’ in English.

Suddenly, everyone’s sight slowly diminished: colors becoming black, shapes interlocking and eventually disappearing into the black darkness.

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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 11 continued

Moonlight. That was the first thing they all saw when they awoke. Hours had passed in time that seemed only long enough to be minutes. The spirit was no longer there, but a curious assortment of pink Pokemon were chanting and dancing around the monument in the springs.

“Clef! Airy!” their chants came in delicate voices to their ears.

“What the…” Kira said, getting up. Rebecca, Nathan, Will and finally Wendy followed her, in saying the same words. Wendy was first in taking her Pokedex to identify the creatures.

“Clefairy, the fairy Pokemon. Though rarely seen, it becomes easier to spot, for some reason, on the night of a full moon.” Her Pokedex informed them.

The five then looked up, and they spotted the full moon. That got the two men thinking, “Have we been here for 12 hours? Or more?”

Hearing their name from the device, the dozen Pokemon or so turned around, with a sinister smile upon their face. The ones further from the five approached the closer ones, and they formed a wall-like line in front of the springs, as if to protect it.

“Clef!” they shouted in unison. Even with their cuteness, it sent a shiver down their spine.

“Eb Enog! Od uoy ton dnatsredun ym sdrow!” the fore spirit’s voice said, appearing above the monument.

To everyone except Kira, it came out as some odd foreign language, but again, Kira understood it as, “Be Gone! Do you not understand my words!”

“Guys, we should go.” Kira warned the other four, even if the Team Rocket members deserved whatever torture the spirit could inflict on them.

Everyone looked at Kira as if she were insane, as they heard something that sounded like Chinese, “Wow, she’s weird like the ghost!” Rebecca cried sarcastically.

“You understand me?” the spirit said to Kira. The mystical cloth slowly had a ghastly girl appear in it. She could not have been more than fifteen years old.

“Of course I do!” Kira replied to the spirit.

“But no one can understand me except them… You must leave this place at once. It isn’t for humans to discover!” the spirit replied in despair.

“What is this place?”

“It’s the Clefairy’s shrine to the Moon Stone. This pillar is really just Moon stones forged together, and it creates other moon stones that can be found in the cavern. But human’s mustn’t discover this place, as it will surely perish!”

Ignoring the girl’s plea, she asked, “Are you dead?”

Silence struck the girl, but she started, “I’m not sure. I woke up one day, and no one could understand me. No one could see me. I was destined to be like this.”

“Do you cause the phenomena around Mount Moon?”

“That is beyond my control. All I do is protect the shrine, the springs. Earthquakes are frequent in Mount Moon, and all I do is scare people away from this place. It’s my sworn duty. Now, please leave!” the girl said, ascending from the sky, and inflicting a wave of power upon the five, pushing them out of the opening. One of the small, pink fairies came with, as a boulder suddenly appeared in the entrance, blocking it.

Meanwhile, everyone was thinking that Kira had gone insane. She was speaking some incomprehensible words to the ghostly figure, and they couldn’t understand anything that was going on. Perplexed, they stared at Kira.

“What’s going on?” Nathan asked, breaking the silence. Everyone was up now, except Kira, who just sat there, with her arms around her legs.

“Nothing. We should leave that place alone, and no one ever talk about it again. Especially you two.” Kira said in plain English to everyone, staring at the two Team Rocket members.

“Fine.” Everyone said in echo, still curious.

“Let’s go before they start attacking us with their Pokemon.” Will whispered to his partner.

“Good idea. I feel like fainting now anyways. This place gives me the creeps.” Rebecca said, as they fled towards the exit to Cerulean, which was now freed.

“Hey!” Wendy yelled, but it was too late.

“Did you catch any new Pokemon, Wendy?” Kira said, making conversation.

“Yes, one. A Bellsprout; quite the odd Pokemon, but it’s extremely powerful.” Wendy said joyfully, “I’ll be going now, guys. Take care of yourselves.”

“You don’t want to battle?” Nathan demanded.

“Oh, no. I’m exhausted for one reason or another, the Bermuda Triangle effect of that place was draining!” Wendy said, “Ciao.”

She followed Team Rocket’s tracks.

“Nathan, I just need to go and see Marcel & Elise.” Kira said, “Wait here.”

She turned to go see if the exit was unblocked and saw the Clefairy, against the wall.

“Clefairy! I want to catch Clefairy!” she said, determined.

“Wait, I want Clefairy! You have three Pokemon already, I only have two!” Nathan argued.

“Really? You want a pink Pokemon?”

“All yours.” Nathan grunted, while Kira laughed.

“Go Chansey!” she said, releasing the slightly fat Pokemon, “Sing!”

Chansey began to sing a lullaby-like tune, which got the Clefairy drowsy. It fell down on the floor, snoozing as loud as a beast, “Doubleslap!”

Chansey began to slap Clefairy silly, waking it up in the process. Clefairy sang itself, making Chansey fall asleep dead in its tracks. Clefairy took the opportunity to slap Chansey silly.

“This is worse than a cat-fight.” Nathan laughed, shaking his head.

“What do you expect from feminine Pokemon like them?” Kira replied, as Chansey woke up from the numerous slaps. Both Pokemon were of about equal health now, however, Chansey was more fit because she had more health.

“Doubleslap!” Kira shouted, as Chansey began to slap the fairy Pokemon again. Clefairy countered with the same attack. They were both very tired now, as Kira took a Pokeball from her belt, “Go Pokeball!”

The ping noise echoed through the cave, as it stopped shaking. Clefairy was caught!

“I’m on fire!” Kira said to Nathan, recalling Chansey and picking up Clefairy’s Pokeball.

“Yes, you are… I’ll wait for you here.” Nathan said, as Kira went to the entrance to the cave, to find the boulder destroyed. She knocked on the old couple’s door, seeking answers.

“We did hide something from you.” Marcel said, with his wife by his side, after Kira had inquired answers, “We have known about this spirit for a long time, and so has Nurse Joy. However, we keep the spirit’s secret.”

“We’re like the defenders of the spirit, because we can’t let anyone know about that, or the Moon Stone monument. And if we let anyone know about the Clefairy that flock there at night to dance and chant around it, they would be endangered.” Elise continued.

“We live here in the sole reasoning to protect that oasis. As for the earthquakes and such, it happens often because of gosh knows what. The exits are normally blocked, which is why I use a Machoke to destroy the boulders every time it happens.” Marcel finished.

“I thought you told me you didn’t have any Pokemon, other than the Clefairy you sent to Professor Oak.” Kira gasped, in shock.

“Well, I have Machoke, but in the sole reason to liberate the exits. The Clefairy, I had seen it hurt, and I couldn’t heal it, so I sent it to Oak so he could do research on it.”

“And the stories you told me? True? False?”

“They are all true.” Elise answered, “And we tell them to people to make them more aware of how interesting Mount Moon really is.”

“I see. Do you understand the spirit too?”

“Yes, we do. We aren’t sure how, but I think anyone who lives near Mount Moon can, and if they don’t, then if they hear our tales. It confuses us really.” Marcel said, “It’s the only thing we don’t know about it.”

As for the answers, they satisfied Kira. She healed Chansey and Clefairy, and returned to Mount Moon, to see Nathan train Bulbasaur and Scyther. He was battling little flying creatures with blue coats, and they oddly seemed to fly around as if they were blind.

“Zubat cannot see, but they can send supersonic waves to know what’s around them.” Nathan explained when Kira came back.

“Good. Let’s go to Cerulean now, we spent far too much time here.” Kira said back, as they left the cave. Nathan heard all about Marcel & Elise’s answers, and he smiled at the thought that they had uncovered a mystery.

While they hiked the rocky road ahead of them, thoughts went through Nathan’s head, and they weren’t good ones. “Why does she have four Pokemon? I only have two! This isn’t fair!” He was very frustrated, and set his goal to catching another Pokemon before Kira caught a fifth one.

“Nathan looks frustrated!” Kira thought as she looked at Nathan’s facial expression. He was terrible at hiding his frustration, “I hope he isn’t jealous, dear gosh.”

“I simply cannot be weaker than her!” he thought.
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