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Default A Journey in Kanto

Welcome to the thread of my story, "A Journey in Kanto".
Please, do not post anything in this thread!

Follow the adventures of Kira Varon and Nathan Lennox through the region of Kanto, with many friends and foes along the way. Nothing escapes their grasp, they shall experience it all!

This is rated PG-13 for mature themes from time to time, and for death involved.
Reader discretion is adviced.

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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 1
“I can’t believe these are my last cereals ever!” Kira Varon said, as she quickly ate her cereal bowl. She wasn’t late, but she was perfectionist with everything.

Of course, she was dreading what she was getting ready for. She would be heading off to the laboratory to meet with Professor Oak to choose her starter Pokemon on her journey to be the greatest Pokemon Trainer she could be. Kira, however, could not understand why everyone went there so happy.

If it were her choice, she wouldn’t be going off on her journey. Well, she would, but not at this time. Starting her journey was like dropping her life to start a new one. It just simply made no sense to her.

“I’m just going to miss this fridge so much!” she said, as she washed her dirty, empty bowl of cereal after finishing. She was just going to miss everything, down to the very last details.

She hastily ran up the wooden stairs, crying still, going to miss every last step, including the one that always made a noise when she walked on it, getting her into trouble many times when she would sneak out to meet friends. She went into her bedroom, and smiled at the sight of her pretty little pink bed, with her desk next to it, with all her things on it: from her favorite book to her late homework.

She had painted the walls of her rooms only a few weeks ago; going with the theme of her room, they were pink also. She liked pink, but not so much, to the surprise of many people. Next to her white wooden door, there was her closet, with her complete wardrobe in it, only missing the clothes found in her dresser. On the floor of her closet, there was her backpack, and to the surprise of many, it was blue.

“Stupid backpack…” she muttered as she filled her backpack with things she would need on her journey. She had had a pink backpack, but it had been stolen at school not too long ago. When they had caught the prankster, he had pawned it for money, so they bought her a new backpack, but it was blue, to her disappointment.

She was putting her math homework in the backpack, and laughed loudly. Thinking about the theft was making her so distracted; she had packed all the wrong things! She took her out homework, and put in a potion her mother had given her. It was homemade; her mother was a full-time teacher, but she was a great mom with many old concoctions from her family line. Adding to the contents of the backpack, she put in a manual to raising and caring for Pokemon, and a CD Player with a radio included.

“If only this was happening in like two months, I’d be so happy to do it… but now? I just want to relax and finish up some of my studies, then leave once this grade is over!” the young Kira said to herself, as she looked at herself in the mirror hung up near the dresser.

She skipped back down the stairs, and headed into the living room. Looking at the red couches, and the green painted walls, and the TV inside the wooden cabinet they had made especially for it. Her father was great with constructing; too bad he was never around. He had some job or another that was really important and he was never around, but Kira ignored what the job was completely. She saw her father so rarely; she really wanted to make him quit his job.

Despite her father being out of town so much, her mother was really great. Her name was Amy. She got money from Kira’s father to pay for the bills, and food, and the likes. They were still married and very much in love, but Kira saw clearly how tough it was for her mother. But still, they managed to survive. Amy was a librarian at the school, and that was the main source of income.

Kira also had brothers; a younger and an older one. Her younger brother’s name was Steven, and he was six years old. He went to school, and he had many after-school activities, but he still played with his sister a lot. Her older brother’s name was John. He was seventeen, a whole ten years older than his brother, and already was an experienced Pokemon Trainer, traveling the world, looking for more Pokemon. He came home often, and Kira saw him enough, but she wished all her family could be in one place, all at once.

As she sat down on the red couch, looking around the living room, she just wished all her family could be with her at that moment, just to watch TV, to catch up, to talk… to be together. A tear fell down her eye, but then again, she already was sad she was leaving for her journey in Kanto.

“Dwelling over it won’t make things better.” she said as she got up to head towards the lobby, with her backpack over her shoulder. She was wearing tight blue jeans, and had a tank top on. It was very hot outside.

Her mother was busy doing some work on the computer in her bedroom, and her brother was still asleep. After all, it was a Saturday morning, she couldn’t expect much from Steven.

“Do they even care about me? If they wont even bother sending me off on my quest… I guess not.” she said smiling a bitter smile, turning around to head outside.

“Ms. Kira Varon! You stop right that instant, right that foot!” Amy Varon yelled to her daughter, “No child of mine is going off on a Pokemon journey without saying goodbye, or taking the essential needs!”

“Essential needs? Mom, I took some of your homemade potion, and I have my manuals, and I have some change of clothes…” Kira rambled on.

“Yes, but you don’t have a tent, you don’t have any lucky charms…” Amy began, but was quickly interrupted.

“Lucky charms? Excuse me, mom?” Kira said, stumped.

“Yes, lucky charms. My potion might be good, but you’ll need some more things from me. I made you another potion just for luck, and inside, there’s a special ingredient – it’s a four-leafed clover.” Amy said.

“Mom, thank you, but I won’t need luck. I’ll have the experience, I have my manuals…” Kira began.

“But that won’t help you when you’re battling. Well, maybe, but not entirely. Some of it is just life experience, and lucky charms have never hurt anyone.” Amy said, “Just take it.”

“Fine.” Kira said, taking the potion and stuffing it in her backpack, “Anything else?”

“This tent. It’ll fit in that backpack – it did in John’s. Also, this is something I made a long, long time ago. It’s a little golden box, and you can put your badges inside it.” Amy said, taking out the cutest, prettiest golden box from behind her back. Her smile was so wide; it almost hit her brown hair off her face.

“Oh… mom, this is so pretty!” Kira said, opening it, and saw red velvet inside. She quickly put it in her bag, and continued, “I’ll never lose this. I’ll treasure it forever.”

“That’s pretty much it. Good luck, and Kira… it’s not just the achievement that counts, but the journey does too. Please try to make some traveling buddies to travel with you… make friends.” Amy said.

“Fine.” Kira lied, not believing she’d need it. She kissed her mother on the cheek, and left the building, in direction for Oak’s laboratory.

As she walked Pallet Town’s roads, she thought about her mother’s last piece of advice. Kira didn’t believe in needing others; she would achieve greatness on her own. She would soon realize how important friends are, in any journey, especially a wonderful one through Kanto.

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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 1 Continued

After about fifteen minutes of walking through the town, Kira stopped to catch her breath. She was almost at Oak’s laboratory, and she was sure to be the first one there, as it was only ten to nine.

“Now, I never really thought about what Pokemon I want to start with. Maybe Bulbasaur, he’s so cute and cuddly…” Kira let her thoughts trail on, as she began to see the laboratory in the distance.

“Hi Professor!” Kira said joyfully, as she entered the laboratory, which was atop a little hill.

The old man with white hair turned around, and smiled at the sight of Kira.

“Why, you’re quite the early riser!” Oak chuckled.

“Well, early worm catches the bird.” Kira said, then, realizing her mistake, laughed, “You know what I mean.”

“Yes, I do. Now, have you thought about which Pokemon you want for your starter, on your long quest?” Oak said, closing his white coat, and going over to a table that was nearby. Kira followed.

“Bulbasaur, possibly. I mean, what girl wouldn’t want a Bulbasaur?” Kira said with a joyful smile. The Professor sighed deeply.

“Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but someone has already chosen Bulbasaur.” Oak said, patting her on the back.

“Well, that’s ok. I guess.” Kira lied through her teeth, “So, it’s between Squirtle and Charmander then?”

“Yes, and this Pokemon that I recently received from Professor Birch in Hoenn. It’s name is Mudkip.” Oak informed Kira.

Kira, putting her long black hair over her shoulder, began to think, as Oak headed off to get the three Pokemon she had to choose from. He came back several minutes later, with three white and red spheres in hand.

“So, have you made any decisions?” Oak said, “I’m sure you know what they look like.”

“I do for Charmander and Squirtle, but I have never even heard of Mudkip to be honest.” Kira said, blushing.

“That’s quite alright. No one should start a journey knowing everything about Pokemon! It takes the fun out of it.” Oak told her, as he posed the three Pokeballs on the table.

“Well, I would like to take Charmander or Squirtle. Mudkip is from Hoenn; it would seem odd to choose him…” Kira trailed off.

“Well, take your time. This might influence everything you do from this point on!” Oak told her with a chuckle. Seeing her now nervous face, he continued, “Oh come on, I was joking. Make a decision that seems… right to you.”

“I choose… Squirtle. Water type Pokemon are very reliable, aren’t they? Charmander just gives me the creeps a little.” Kira said, looking at the Pokeballs, not making a move.

“Well, that’s an odd reaction to Charmander. I myself had guessed you’d choose Charmander, but they are all good choices.” Oak replied, then paused as he stared at Kira, “Aren’t you going to take your Pokeball?”

“I would, if I knew which one he was in!” Kira giggled.

“Well, sometimes it’s good to take a Pokeball you think Squirtle’s in, it’s a good sign.” Oak told her, “Do it for fun!” he continued when her face disapproved.

Looking at the three identical spheres, she chose the middle one and hoped for the best as she threw it onto the ground. Out came a lizard Pokemon with red skin, and a short tail, lit by a fire. Disappointed in herself, she sighed as she looked from the Pokemon up to Professor Oak.

“It’s not a Squirtle. That’s a Charmander.” Kira said, in a timid voice.

“Well, I guess that’s true, but it was a lot of luck involved. Squirtle was in the left Pokeball, here you go.” Oak said as he took the left Pokeball and gave it to Kira, “Go ahead, and give it a toss.”

She tossed it on the floor, right to the right of the Charmander, and out came a blue-skinned Pokemon with a shell that looked as hard as rock, with a smiling face. It was so cute!

“Squirtle are so cute in person! If only they were pink…” Kira sighed, “I love him!”

“That’s good to know.” Oak said as he returned Charmander to his Pokeball, “Now, you’ll need some things before I send you off.”

“Things? I’ve already packed.” Kira told him in delight.

“Oh, but you don’t have these things. First and foremost, here’s your Pokedex. It’ll identify Pokemon for you, and it’ll tell you information about them. Quite handy, if I do say so myself.” Oak told the young girl.

“Well, of course, you invented it.” Kira joked.

“True, true. Anyways, you’ll also need some Pokeballs to start you off, to catch Pokemon with. These are the basic-most ones; you can buy better ones in the PokeMarts around Kanto. Also, several individuals make Pokeballs from apricorns…” Oak said, as he handed her a red device with a blue dome-like thing on it, and five spheres, like the one that Squirtle had been in.

“Nice!” Kira said, putting everything in her backpack.

“Also, you’ll need a PokeNav, so you can record different types of information in it, such as telephone numbers, and just notes generally. Also, it has a map of Kanto, so you’ll never really be too lost.” Oak said, handing her another device, this one a bit bigger and heavier than the Pokedex.

“Okay…” Kira said, noting all the information mentally in her head.

“That’s about it, Kira. You can go now, I recommend you first go to Viridian City, just north of here.” Oak said.

“Thank you Professor. Ready to go Squirtle?” Kira said, bending down to her new Pokemon, and smiling.

“Squir.” Squirtle said, looking at her quickly then looking away.

“He doesn’t seem to like me very much.” Kira said, now depressed again.

“Don’t worry, he’ll come around. Make sure to catch him some Pokemon friends, and I can always store your Pokemon here in my lab!” Oak said, as she began to leave.

“Bye Professor Oak.” she said as she turned around and stepped outside.

“Oh! I almost forgot! Kira, watch out for berries growing on trees. They can be useful.” Oak said, wiping a sweat off of his forehead, then remembering something else, “And beware of Team Rocket!”

“Thanks for the advice. Anything else you forgot before I leave?” she replied, putting her hands on her hips and laughing really loudly.

“No, I think I got all the information to you!” Oak chuckled, “Goodbye now.”

Kira went outside, and began to speak pointlessly to Squirtle, and he only replied with sounds, and it sounded like he didn’t even care. As she looked around Pallet Town, her hometown, a tear fell from her eyes again.

“A hundred days have made me older, since the last time that I saw your pretty face.”

She looked at her house in the distance, and two tears fell.

“A thousands lies have made me colder, and I don’t think I can look at this the same.”

She looked at her old school, and remembered all the good times she had there…

“But all the miles that separate… disappear now with the breath of your face.”

She looked back at her house, and thought about all the holidays and gatherings she had had with her family.

“I’m here without you… I think about you and I dream about you all the time.”

She thought about her mom, and the times they had spent in the kitchen, trying to get the homemade recipes into Kira’s mind.

“I’m here without you, mommy, but you’re still here in my dreams.”

She then thought about her brother John, and all the times they had spent together in Pallet Town.

“The miles just keep rolling, as the people leave fast to say hello… I’ve heard this life is overrated, but I hope that it gets better as it goes.”

She then thought about the task she was about to take on, and how big it was.

“I’m here without you Steven, but I’ll dream about you all the time.”

She then thought about her brother Steven, and all the games they had played.

“When the last tear falls, when it’s all said and done, it’s hard, but it wont take away my love for my family.”

“Goodbye, Pallet Town. I'll miss you.” she muttered in a very low voice.

A last tear fell, and she turned her back on Pallet Town, ready to take on her journey, ready for anything waiting for her beyond Pallet Town. She was ready now, all her goodbyes were said and done, and she was ready mentally.

“I can’t believe this is really it. I’m starting my journey.” Kira said, happier than she was only an hour ago about starting her journey, “Whether I’m ready or not, here I come Kanto!”

[© Copyright to 3 Doors Down for their lyrics to their song, “Here Without You”.]

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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 2
The weather was grim. Almost like it was a bad omen. The skies were as gray as Professor Oak’s hair, and it didn’t look pretty.

“I swear, if I get a storm on my first day, I’m giving up Pokemon training all together!” Kira thought to herself, as she walked a few steps into Route 2, looking up at the sky, “Matter as well get Squirtle out.”

She shivered as she let out Squirtle from the cold. The blue Pokemon got out, and let out a Squirtle. It didn’t look too happy.

“Well, I’m Kira Varon, and I’m your trainer, Squirtle.” Kira told him, bending down to his height. She received a nod in another direction, and continued, “Let’s head to Viridian City, so we can try and find a GYM there. Okay?”

“Squir.” he muttered back.

“Well, let’s go.” Kira sighed.

They began to walk north, in direction of Viridian City, and suddenly, a little, tiny bird popped out of a tree, and began to peck Squirtle.

“Well, umm Squirtle, use your Tackle attack on the Pokemon!” Kira said, thinking about how she was acting like a rookie.

Squirtle nodded, and threw himself in a tackle towards the white-skinned bird, damaging it accordingly.

“Good job! Now, use Tail Whip to lower its defenses!” Kira said, happy that he obeyed.

Squirtle began to wag its tail around, seemingly lowering the Pokemon’s defenses. As she observed this, Kira remembered she needed to identify the Pokemon. She flapped out the Pokedex from her backpack, and pointed it to the bird.

“Pidgey, a tiny bird Pokemon. It is a very weak Pokemon, and many rookies have one. It is not very strong, so many trainers defeat it.” the Pokedex said clearly, in a monotone, neutral voice. It seemed like the Pokedex was bored.

“Okay, well, attack Pidgey with another tackle attack!” Kira said, pulling her arms together, hoping to knock it out. Squirtle then threw itself at Pidgey once more, and the Pidgey knocked back into a tree.

The Pidgey was seemingly angry at this point, and began to flap its wings in a rage, creating a gust of wind that was directed at Squirtle. Squirtle was hurt gravely by this and was knocked back a few feet from where he stood only moments before.

“Squirtle! No!” Kira said, depressed. She then got a second wind and continued, “Wipe it out with a tackle attack!”

Squirtle got back up from the dirty ground, and prepared his next attack, when Pidgey repeated the attack. This time, Squirtle was knocked back even further, and fell into a nearby surface of water!

“You evil little bird!” Kira glared at Pidgey, as she ran towards the body of water to find Squirtle, “Squirtle? Squirtle? Where are you, Squirtle?!”

She screamed for gosh knows how long, she never got a response. She had lost her Pokemon, and it was only her first hour of being a trainer!

“This is just depressing! There is nothing that could make this worse!” Kira said at a loud pitch.

“Hey, Kira.” a voice echoed in her ears, “How are you?”

Kira turned around to the source of the voice, and saw the girl she hadn’t seen in a while. Her green dress hit the ground, at once elegant and beautiful, and as Kira looked up, she saw the girl’s long blonde curls, and her deep, blue eyes.

“Wendy… it’s so nice to see you!” Kira said, hugging the girl.

“Likewise, Kira. It’s been a month or so! Really, we’ve been busy!” Wendy replied, pulling away from the hug.

“I know. Things go on, and eventually we became really busy. Well, what are you doing here?” Kira asked, as she observed how much Wendy had changed over the past month.

“Well, training Pokemon, like you. What’s your starter?” Wendy asked.

“I chose Squirtle. However, I wanted Bulbasaur. It was already taken.” Kira said, with a fake smile. She was really depressed about that.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I wanted Squirtle, but since you took it before I arrived, I chose Charmander. Just to be in touch with Kanto – I wanted nothing to do with the Hoenn Mudkip.” Wendy replied.

“That’s nice. I’m sorry I took Squirtle…” Kira said, but was cut off.

“Nonsense! You were there first, it’s first come first serve, you know! So, where is Squirtle?” Wendy asked.

“Yeah, about that… I was fighting a Pidgey, and the Pidgey used a powerful gust that put my Squirtle in a body of water, but I can’t seem to find him anymore.” Kira said.

“I’d help you look for him, but I really need to go to Viridian City. I’ll see you later now, hon.” Wendy said, kissing Kira on each cheek as part of tradition. She was very high-class.

“Good day.” Kira said back, as she watched the blonde walk off in the distance. Kira had black shoulder-length hair; she was the complete opposite of her friend. They were partly rivals, but in a friendly kind of way.

“She just had to come here and make me feel bad about taking and losing Squirtle, didn’t she?” Kira thought to herself. She then spoke aloud, “Now, there is nothing in the world that can make this worse.”

At that very instant, a drop of rain fell down on her cheek, crawling down to her tank top, and finally down her jeans. She carefully looked up, and saw the gray clouds in the sky raining their selves out.

“I spoke too soon, as it would seem.” Kira said, beginning to cry, “This is not fair!”

The tears just didn’t stop. These weren’t tears of sorrow, or tears of joy, but tears of frustration and anger. Everything was going wrong!

“I guess I can’t help myself here. I should probably head to Viridian City to find shelter. I’ll find another Pokemon, that Squirtle can run free for all I care!” Kira thought angrily, as she began to walk off. The storm had begun truly now, and she was soaked within two minutes.

“Finally, I’m here!” Kira said in total joy, as she saw a Viridian City sign, indicating that the city was nearby. Kira had been walking for almost 30 minutes. As she walked, she thought about Wendy, and how she had probably packed an umbrella.


“How dull.”

Those were the thoughts running through the brown-haired boys’ head as he sat at the Pokemon Center around one o’clock, eating a slice of all-dressed pizza. His black eyes rested upon the pizza, mustering up enough strength to eat some of it. It wasn’t all that good, as the Nurse Joy in this particular Pokemon Center wasn’t the best cook.

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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 2 Continued

Suddenly, all his thoughts disappeared into thin air, as a young girl, dressed in tight jeans and a tank top, stormed into the Pokemon Center, soaking wet. He almost felt sorry for the girl. She looked quite upset, for some reason or another.

“Can I help you, miss?” the redheaded nurse asked Kira.

“Yes, you can actually. I was wondering if it was possible to get like the police force to find my missing Pokemon.” Kira asked her.

“Missing? Why, what happened to it?” Nurse Joy asked in her humble voice. All the while, the boy was observing from afar, at the table.

“Well, I was fighting a Pidgey, and the Pidgey used a gust attack, and sent Squirtle into a body of water, and then I tried to find him but I couldn’t! After that, I talked to my old friend Wendy, and then it started to storm right after we stopped talking.” Kira explained.

“Well, I’ll try to grab a hold of Officer Jenny, but she’s awfully busy already…” Nurse Joy sympathized.

“I’ll look for my Squirtle myself, then.” Kira replied mildly mad that no one would help her search for Squirtle. She went to a table and sat down, still soaking, pouting. She seemed frustrated.

The boy observed her, amused. She looked much younger than him, but she was so determined. Stubborn, too, he remarked. He went over to her table, done with the pizza that made him want to throw up. Glancing outside through a window, he saw the dark storm. It was almost as if it were three in the morning.

“I hear you lost a Squirtle?” the boy asked Kira.

“Yes, I have, not that it’s any of your business, you eavesdropper.” Kira said coldly to him.

“Let me restart. Hi, what’s your name?” the boy tried again.

“My name’s Kira Varon. And you?” Kira replied. Although she was very mad, she was also polite.

“The name’s Nathan. Nathan Lennox to be exact.” the boy informed her kindly.

“Nice to know, I guess.” Kira replied, still frustrated.

“So, need any help finding your Squirtle?” Nathan asked her again.

“Sure, why not. At this point, maybe it’ll pleasure me to see you thrown off a bridge; after all, I’m jinxed enough for that to happen.” Kira said sarcastically.

“Well, I don’t exactly want to get thrown off a bridge, but if I can help you by doing it, then by all means…” he said, flexing his muscles, “I mean, I’m strong enough to climb back on the bridge.”

“What are you trying to do? Get my phone number or something?” Kira laughed, “It’s not exactly working.”

“Dang!” Nathan joked, “I thought I had you caught.”

“Think twice, Nathan. Anyways, I’m off to find Squirtle now.” Kira said, getting up.

“In the storm? I think you should wait.” Nathan said, holding her back.

“What do you care? Besides, if I don’t go now, gosh knows what will happen to him!” Kira said, pushing him back, going towards the exit of the Pokemon Center.

“Miss, I strongly advise you take the young man’s advice. It’s way too dangerous!” Nurse Joy interrupted from behind the counter.

“Look, I’m not letting that poor thing go into the rain regardless! Even if I wanted a Bulbasaur originally, and then I lost my Squirtle in the rain, I’m going to save that thing!” Kira said.

Nathan simply stared and blinked.

“You wanted Bulbasaur?” he asked.

“Yes, Bulbasaur, but some twit took him before I got the chance to.” Kira asked, “What’s it to you?”

“That’s kind of my starter.” Nathan said, and a silence reined the room, with only the three people in it.

“You… you took Bulbasaur?” Kira said, on the verge of tears, “This day gets worse and worse!”

She then stormed out of the Pokemon Center, still soaking, still frustrated, just like she was when she entered, but now she was insanely mad and enraged.


Ten minutes later, Kira wasn’t any further than she was at the beginning of her grand search for Squirtle. The storm was still going strong, and it didn’t look like it was going to get any weaker soon.

“I’ll find Squirtle if it kills me.” Kira muttered, and to her surprise, someone heard.

“And it might!” she immediately recognized Nathan’s voice, it was like scared in her mind, “Storms are known for lightning – didn’t you go to school?”

“Honestly Nathan, I don’t need your sarcasm right now.” Kira said calmly, “Lightning might kill me – but it might injure Squirtle!”

“That’s beside the point – besides, didn’t you want a Bulbasaur?” Nathan asked her delicately.

“I did, but that’s also beside the point.” Kira said, and when she turned around, she saw Nathan’s confused expression and explained, “In life, you need to learn to deal with things. I can’t judge my Pokemon! For you, things may have gone the way you wanted. But that’s not how it goes for the rest of the world, you conceited jerk!”

Nathan was taken aback by the comment.

“Me? Conceited? If I were conceited, I wouldn’t be out here, looking out for a practical stranger’s best interests!” he shouted back at her.

“Look, you might think that this is dangerous. But we’ve grown up in different worlds as it would seem.” Kira told him calmly.

“Are you from Pallet Town?” he asked, and when she nodded, he continued, “Then we’re pretty much from the same world!”

“No, you don’t follow. I’ve been through a heck of a lot – this is like a molehill to the mountains I’ve overcome! To you, you’re well-being might be more important, but to me, my Pokemon matter more, no matter what.” Kira said.

“You obviously have your values set straight. I personally don’t think our worlds are so ‘different’.” Nathan said, “We both seem the same. We’re both fifteen…”

“Both fifteen? There’s a joke. I’m eleven!” Kira shouted back, “In the same, it doesn’t matter. Why do you even care what I think of you?”

“I just… do.” Nathan froze up at the question.

“Well you really shouldn’t, hon.” Kira advised him, “I’m not much. Why don’t you go after a blonde bombshell.”

“You’re judging me, and all wrong at that.” Nathan told her.

“Honestly, you’re just annoying me right now. You’re standing here, soaking yourself in the rain, talking to me, for nothing, because I have a Pokemon out there, that’s probably in water, and if struck by lightning, will probably die!” Kira said quickly, raged at man, “I advise you to back away, and never speak to me again, because I honestly will shoot you with a gun if you do!”

Nathan gave up. Kira may have been four years younger than him, but she had the maturity of a fourteen year-old. She seemed to have all her values in place, and she had gone through a lot, it showed. At a second glance, he had probably already seen or even maybe met Kira, but probably very briefly – not enough to make an impression.

“Well, I guess I better head back to the center. Soaking my clothes won’t help much.” Nathan said to himself, looking down at his jeans and his white shirt, “If only they had a basketball court here…”

Before leaving, Kira overheard Nathan’s aloud thoughts.

“Even if they did have one, you wouldn’t be able to play basketball in this weather.” she rolled her eyes as she continued her search.


Thirty minutes later, Kira was still searching, and going strong. She had probably searched just about every inch of Route Two, or at least the part nearby where Squirtle had been lost.

When all her hopes were gone, she sighed deeply. She had only been on her journey for four or so hours, and already she had messed up. What kind of trainer would she be later on, if she couldn’t handle Squirtle? As she stood there, in the rain, looking as pitiful as a bug, a silent tear fell. She couldn’t count how many of those she had had that day; however, it had been a lot.

She looked up to the dark gray sky, and the tears kept falling down. She had given up on the whole “journey” thing. There was nothing left for her, anymore. She had lost her starter, her Squirtle.


Back in the Pokemon Center, Nathan ate some more food, however this time it was a little better. He glanced outside the window, and in the distance he saw a figure; much like Kira’s. However, it was still, just staring in the sky. Doing nothing at all, as if she were a stone.

He went outside, this time with his umbrella, and got closer. It was Kira, indeed. But there was something… different about her. In the distance, he could see a tear fall down from her eye. She was crying.

“That’s not the Kira I met, anyhow.” Nathan thought to himself.


Kira began to remember a song she had recently heard on the radio, named “Hero”. The song was about someone coming out to reach a hand for you to hold, but when the emptiness you felt would be full when you found love… That, somehow, a hero lied in you. The song gave her strength, like the energy to go.

Wiping a tear off of her eye, she said, “Squirtle! Where are you?”

That’s when the miracle happened. A rainbow began to appear, and Kira could see it from the corner of her left eye. In a bush to the left also, a blue form began to appear…

“Squir… Squirtle?” she said, overjoyed, “Squirtle! Squirtle! Squirtle!!!”

At that moment, nothing could have made her happier. As the rain began to cease, the injured Squirtle ran and jumped into his trainer’s arms, and yelped a sound.

Seeing this, Nathan smiled, “The storm is finally over.” he thought, “In more ways than one.”

In the corner of her eye, as she hugged Squirtle as tight as she could, still watching not to hurt him further, she saw Nathan stand there, behind a tree, smiling. She knew he wasn’t seeing her see him, but she still smiled even more, if that was possible.

“I think we just made a new friend.” Kira said quietly to Squirtle, but then thought of Bulbasaur, “Make that friends.”

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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 3
That night, Kira & Squirtle spent the night in the Pokemon Center, only a few rooms away from Nathan. Nathan had left only moments after seeing Kira find the turtle, and had no idea she had seen him.

“Good morning, Ms. Varon!” Nurse Joy sounded, seeing the young girl walk down the stairs, yawning.

“Huh?” Kira said, snapping out of her gaze, “Oh, hi Joy! How are you today?”

“Very good.” she said with a grand smile, “However, I would like to examine Squirtle, see if the poor little bugger’s alright.”

“Oh, fine!” Kira blissfully agreed, handing over the Pokeball, “I hope he’s alright.”

“He probably is, but it never hurt anyone to be sure.” Nurse Joy said, “Help yourself to some toast and eggs.”

Kira jumped up and down at the mention of food, and saw about a fifty toasts, and as many eggs, on the table near Joy. Joy left the room to examine Squirtle, while Kira took three eggs and that many toasts to fill up her hungry stomach. She sat down at a table, and began her feast.

“Well, this is very good…” Kira thought, eating it quickly, “I wonder how she learnt to cook!”

Meanwhile, Nathan was across the room eating the exact same food, with half Kira’s portion, and thinking the exact opposite.

“This is so bad!” Nathan thought, eating it as quickly as possible to get the taste out of his mouth, “I wonder where she learnt to cook so atrociously!”

Kira had finished her plate, and was about to head back for seconds, when she was doing so, someone interrupted her.

“Nice to see you again.” the ever familiar voice said, “Did you find Squirtle?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, Lennox, but yes, I did. He’s with Nurse Joy right now, being examined.” Kira said coldly to Nathan.

“Do you not like me?” Nathan asked her, standing in the back of her.

“Gee, how’d ya guess, genius?” Kira sarcastically said.

“No need for sarcasm.” Nathan said, and continued before Kira could add in another sarcastic comment, “The food’s disgusting here.”

“Really? How funny, we are day and night!” Kira said, “I find the food lovely.”

“Seriously? You’ve got to be kidding me! The stuff seems like it was cooked twenty years ago and taken out of a dumpster!” Nathan laughed, while Kira just nodded, “That’s hilarious! You like that food!”

“Well, the breakfast food anyways. What you were eating yesterday didn’t seem too good – and I love pizza.” Kira said, taken aback by her own comment.

A silence began to reign.

“Listen,” Kira broke the silence, “Do you want something? I want to go get more food.”

“Well, the thing is…” Nathan looked at the ground, then back up at Kira, “I…”

“Oh my gosh! Ms. Varon, come here, and hop to it!” Nurse Joy said, coming out of the backroom.

“What? What is it, Joy?” Kira asked her, dropping the plate and running over to her. A large noise was heard from the breaking plate.

“Thank gosh that was a cheap plate.” Nurse Joy said.

“Joy? What is it?” Kira said, snapping her fingers in front of Joy’s face.

“Oh, right, sorry. I didn’t mean to get you so scared – just that the tests are over. Squirtle is just fine!” Nurse Joy said, giving her back the Pokeball.

“Well, okay, yes. Didn’t need to make a titanic-like scene out of it!” Kira complained.

“Awfully sorry, Ms. Varon.” Nurse Joy said.


Kira was packing up her things upstairs, getting back into her new outfit, a white skirt with a sky blue tank top. She left Squirtle out and let him take a swim in the bathtub while she was packing.

“Hmm, that’s right, Nathan had something to tell me.” Kira thought, making the bed “I wonder what it is. If he’s going to ask for my number, I’ll find a bridge and throw him off of it. If I don’t find a bridge, I’ll build one.”

“Knock, knock.” Nathan said, knocking on the open wooden door to Kira’s room, “Where’s Squirtle?”

“Taking a bath.” Kira said, as she saw Nathan’s blank look on his face, she laughed, “He likes water.”

“Oh, yeah, I figured.” Nathan recovered, “So, can I tell you what I wanted to s-say?”

“You stuttered.” Kira laughed.

“Yes, and what’s wrong with that, now?” Nathan asked, putting his hands into his pockets.

“Nothing, it’s just you seemed so confident yesterday. So, what did you want to say, Nathan?” Kira asked, going into the bathroom.

“Are you traveling with anyone?” Nathan asked her in the distance.

“Traveling? You mean through Kanto?” Kira asked, getting Squirtle out of the bath and drying it a little, but not too much.

“Yes, you know, for our ‘journey for the badges’ or whatever.” Nathan said, trying to act cool.

“Not yet, but my mother has been pushing me to get one. Why does that matter, anyways?” Kira asked, returning Squirtle to his Pokeball. She was amazed at the red light that retrieved him.

“Well, I don’t have one either.” Nathan stated.

“And? Aren’t you a popular basketball player? How is that plausible?” Kira laughed.

“Well, I am a popular basketball player if I do say so myself… but well, I don’t exactly know why I don’t have anyone to travel with. I really want to make some new friends thought, but I do like my old ones. I guess they haven’t started their ‘quest’ yet.” Nathan explained.

“I see. Sad, you actually have friends you could travel with but you can’t because they haven’t begun yet. What do you want me to do, pity you?” Kira laughed, “Just kidding. What are you getting at, all the same?”

“Would you like to travel with me?” Nathan asked, putting his face down to the ground as Kira exited the bathroom.

“Why would you want to travel with such an unpopular geek like me?” Kira said sarcastically, rolling her eyes, and exiting her room, “Get out.”

Nathan did so, but wasn’t about to back down from his idea.

“Come on, it’ll be fun. You seem like a cool person.” Nathan said, looking her up and down.

“Well thanks for the compliment, but all the same, you’re fourteen. Fourteen! And you’re popular… and you have lots of friends…” Kira imagined how her life would be if she made friends with Nathan. Then, she’d be popular too, and she’d have lots of friends. Truthfully, she had never had too many friends… they thought she was a geek.

Nathan began to see what Kira was getting at.

“Well, if you don’t want to travel with me, that’s fine.” Nathan said, heading down the hallway, in direction for the stairs to the main floor.

“No, no!” Kira said, holding him back with his arm, “Let’s travel together!”

“Why do you suddenly want to? You didn’t two minutes ago.” Nathan said seriously, and then laughed, “Just kidding. We should get a move-on.”

“Okay. You seem really nice, Nathan. I’m sorry if I said anything that offended you last night.” Kira said, bowing her head down at her turn.

“Oh, no you weren’t. I would be like you if I had lost Bulbasaur…” Nathan grinned, “But let’s not dwell! Everything’s fine now!”

As they headed downstairs, they began a new conversation.

“So, why can your friends start so late? Better yet, why didn’t you start being a Pokemon trainer four years ago?” Kira asked as they left the Pokemon Center.

“Well, I just wanted to be in school then. The time was never right for me, either. And as for my friends, the next Indigo League tournament isn’t for a year or so, so they can permit to fall behind.” Nathan explained.

“And you rather be early, huh?” Kira said, looking up at Nathan. She then realized how tall he was, “Wow, my neck’s going to need therapy after this journey.”

“Well, I’ll pay for it!” Nathan joked.

“So, where are we off to now?” Kira asked him, changing the topic, “The sights are nice, but I much rather get a move-on from this town.”

“Well, let me check the map.” Nathan said, getting his PokeNav out, and saying a minute later, “Well, we can head west, and there’s something there…and we can head north, and there’s something else there.”

“Wow, how precise!” Kira joked, “Give me that thing.”

Nathan gave it to her, and she read it clearly, “To the west, there’s nothing of importance to us right now, as it would seem. To the north, there are some woods, and a city after the woods… Pewter City.”

“You’re much better at reading maps then I am, Kira!” Nathan said, taking the device back.

“Well, it’s a natural thing I guess. I guess we’re off to Pewter City, then!” Kira exclaimed, as they continued their walk through the beautiful town, and Kira saw a sign.

“Where are you going, Kira?” Nathan asked her, as she began to run in a direction without a word.

“No time to explain! Let’s go!” Kira said, “Run! Now! Follow me!”

Nathan put the PokeNav inside his black backpack. He put the black backpack back onto his bag, and began to run. He was very fast, and he was equipped to run in some Nike shoes.

“Whatever you say, Kira.” Nathan said, and then thought, “My journey surely wont be boring with her around.”
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 3 Continued

Nathan followed Kira until she halted at a building, and she jumped up in joy, saying, “It’s here! The sign was being truthful! It’s here, right here!”

“What’s here, right here?” Nathan repeated.

“The Viridian City GYM, what else?” Kira said to him, “Look how majestic it is!”

Nathan took a look at the GYM, and was mildly impressed. It was a very large building with a forest green roof, and a few windows.

“Sure… but what do we want to do with it? It’s the Viridian City GYM!” Nathan asked her, getting closer.

“Well, we challenge it, and win our very first badge!” Kira said, “dummy.”

“But,” Nathan argued, “a lot of people only beat this GYM as their last one. That means it must be very difficult.”

“Either way, I’m trying to beat this GYM, whether you do so or not.” Kira said, as she knocked on one of the two grand wooden doors. A man in a dark suit answered her.

“Yes?” he asked, with an even darker voice, “What do you want here?”

“I’d like to challenge the GYM Leader.” Kira said, now smiling from ear to ear.

“Is this a joke?” the man asked, “Where are the hidden cameras?”

“I’m as serious as you are in a black suit.” she nodded at him.

“Well, the GYM Leader is not taking any challenges right now. Come back in the future.” the man said, before closing the door, even thought it was barely open.

“I don’t think you understand,” she said as she stuck her foot into the crack of the door, “I’m challenging him whether he likes it or not!”

“Listen, come back in a year when you actually know what a Pokemon is.” the man said before slamming the door, forcing Kira to retract her foot.

“I’m sorry…” Nathan said to her, as she was clearly upset.

“It’s not your fault.” Kira said, “It’s mine, for being too excited.”

“Kira, why don’t we actually head to Pewter City now? Maybe that GYM will have a leader that’s worth our time.” Nathan told her, face to face.

“Fine.” Kira said, but she wasn’t any happier.

The duo began to head north, talking about random things, getting to know each other better. Kira learnt that there was a lot more to Nathan that met the eye, and enjoyed his company a lot. Nathan learnt that Kira was just very up tight, but once she got comfortable with a person, she was very amusing to be around. They had a great time walking the path to Pewter, but they had not yet reached Viridian Forest. As they walked, they let out Bulbasaur and Squirtle, so they could get acquainted as well.

Suddenly, they heard a noise. It was a cringing noise, and it hurt all their ears very much. Turning to her left, Kira saw a red furred fox, fighting a little defenseless bug. Nathan and Kira simultaneously got out their Pokedexes, and identified both Pokemon.

“Caterpie, the bug-Pokemon. This Pokemon has very little attack and defense power, but it evolves quickly into a strong form.” Kira’s Pokedex informed, as Nathan’s did too.

“Vulpix, the fox Pokemon. This Pokemon is born with one tail, which eventually splits into six. Of the fire-type, it blasts powerful fire attacks.” Nathan’s Pokedex said so calmly.

“Aw, that’s sad. The Caterpie is like pathetic compared to the Vulpix. I feel like helping it…” Kira said, sighing, “But I know that they should fight their own fights.”

“No, you should defend it if that’s your instinct.” Nathan said objectively.

“Really? Why?” Kira asked, as it didn’t seem logical to defend a random weak Pokemon.

“Always trust your instincts.” Nathan said, “Never doubt them.”

“Fine, then I won’t. Come on, Squirtle, let’s blast this bully!” Kira said, as Squirtle nodded and jumped in front of Kira. The two Pokemon noticed this, and the Vulpix grinned.

“Well? Aren’t you going to attack it?” Nathan chuckled, as Kira had been still for the past minute or so.

“Right. Squirtle, use your Bubble Attack!” Kira shouted, pointing into the sky without meaning, as Squirtle blew its face, and bubbles emerged from it only seconds later, traveling the air, and reaching the fire fox, hurting it dearly. The gruesome cry it shouted, it was as if it was already hurt.

“Why is it crying so badly? Even if it’s a fire-type, it shouldn’t hurt so much on the first shot…” Nathan remarked, “It’s not logical.”

“I agree… Was Caterpie the one bullying? Or was it Vulpix? This is awfully confusing!” Kira said, hitting her head with her hand.

“I agree. Well… the Caterpie doesn’t look so hurt, and Vulpix does, but how can a Caterpie possibly hurt a Pokemon that’s so much bigger? It’s implausible!” Nathan exclaimed.

“Well, perhaps, but you never know what anyone can do. Or be like! How ironic, this is like our situation!” Kira laughed, “Squirtle, I guess, use tackle on Caterpie!”

Squirtle did as he was told, and ran a tackle into Caterpie. The Caterpie shrieked in pain, it was obviously as hurt as the bubbles when hit the Vulpix.

“Okay, well this is weird. I can’t tell which Pokemon was bullying which Pokemon!” Kira said, laughing, “But my chips are on Vulpix.”

“Me too. Maybe I underestimated Squirtle; his bubbles may have been powerful enough to hurt Vulpix so.” Nathan claimed.

“Good! Now, Squirtle, another bubble attack on Vulpix!” Kira shouted once again.

Squirtle launched some more bubbles at Vulpix, which shrieked louder than before, falling to the ground.

“Aw, Nathan, I think I hurt the poor little bugger…” Kira said, getting closer to the trio of Pokemon.

“Don’t forget Vulpix bullied the Caterpie!” Nathan said, trying to stop her.

“Poor little thing…” Kira stopped Nathan from stopping her, and got closer to Vulpix, “I won’t hurt you…”

Then, Nathan, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Caterpie cringed as they heard Kira scream so loud, she could have broken a mirror and gotten seven years of bad luck.

“That little…” Kira said, rubbing her hand and getting up, “It bit me! And those teeth aren’t exactly soft, either! Little piece of…”

“Keep it PG-13 now, Kira.” Nathan interrupted, “It’s probably just nervous. I mean Squirtle can be very intimidating to a fire-type.”

“I guess so…” Kira said, “I’m sorry Vulpix.”

Kira got closer, and saw the look on Vulpix’s face, but it was obviously too hurt to get up and run away.

“Can’t we just be friends?” Kira sighed.

“I guess not…” Nathan said.

“This is so depressing.” Kira sighed, and dropped her backpack to the floor, and sat down, beginning to cry, “This whole thing is going wrong, wrong, wrong!”

Suddenly, Bulbasaur got bored and decided to tackle an unprepared Squirtle, for no reason apparent. Squirtle tumbled onto Kira’s backpack, and out came rolling one of the Pokeballs Oak had given her the day before. It rolled all the way to the weak Vulpix, who shrieked when she saw the ball come near her, as if to say, “Oh no you don’t come capturing me!”

As she sobbed, Kira saw the Pokeball, and was angered, “If I catch that Pokemon,” she thought, “this will be so bad! She already hates me, and it has fifty percent chance of being a bully!”

She got on her four knees, and tried to get the Pokeball as far away from the fox as possible, but her fingers slipped on the red orb, and instead rolled closer to Vulpix… dangerously closer.

“Bulbasaur, why did you do that?” Nathan asked, not expecting a response, “It’s mean to Squirtle and now to Kira and that Vulpix!”

“No! Don’t you dare open up!” both Vulpix and Kira thought, as the ball slightly touched Vulpix. Vulpix became a red silhouette, and disappeared into the red orb.

“Congratulations, you caught a Pokemon!” Nathan laughed.

“This isn’t good, Nathan! I have a bully Pokemon that hates my guts already… wait a second Vulpix is hurt! We need to get her to the Pokemon Center as fast as possible!” Kira thought, having a billion things running through her mind.

“Right, well I saw a sign earlier saying the Viridian Forest is near here, and once we cross the forest, Pewter isn’t too far away. Let’s get cracking!” Nathan said, returning Bulbasaur to his Pokeball, observing the cool red light calling it back. Kira did the same with Squirtle, got her backpack, and they began to run in direction of Viridian Forest…
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 4

They had run straight to the forest, and entered it. In their scrambling to get to the nearest Pokemon Center fast, they hadn’t taken the time to check a map, and soon, found themselves lost in the perplexing forest.

“Great, another dead end.” Kira said saddened, as she looked around, “They didn’t have to make this a maze!”

“Didn’t, but did.” Nathan sympathized, “Maybe if we don’t run, we’ll get out of here faster… besides, our Pokemon can use the training.”

“I agree. Plus, I know you want to catch up to me.” Kira gleamed.

“Catch up to you?” he repeated, perplexed, “What do you mean?”

“I have two Pokemon, and you only have one.” Kira said.

“I never thought of that...” Nathan said, thought he had been mildly jealous that Kira had caught a Pokemon without trying.

“Well, either way, let’s get moving.” Kira said, releasing the turtle from it’s Pokeball, “Let’s get this party started, Squirtle!”

“Come out, Bulbasaur!” Nathan said to his turn, releasing the quaint Pokemon onto the ground.

They walked around, in search of the exit of the forest, all the while training their Pokemon, making them stronger. At one point, they decided to split up, and meet in Pewter City, as it had been hours and they hadn’t found the exit.

“We must be really dumb, you know.” Nathan laughed before they split up.

“Well, maybe you are…” Kira joked back.

Nathan walked around, until he heard a Pokemon make a noise, one that he hadn’t heard from the other common Pokemon in the forest, such as Caterpie, Weedle, Kakuna, Metapod, pretty much all bug Pokemon. But this one was different, so different, that it intrigued him to know what it was, and to battle it.

“Saur!” Bulbasaur growled in defense, hearing the deafening battle cries of the Pokemon.

Nathan and Bulbasaur stood ready, looking around, trying to find where this Pokemon was hiding. Suddenly, a Pokemon flew by them so quickly, with large scythes that could have chopped off Nathan’s noise. The Pokemon flew by so quickly, they didn’t even see it; they only saw a green blob. It continued to fly around them, and Nathan was getting nervous.

“Bulbasaur, try to attack it! Leech seed it!” Nathan shouted, as Bulbasaur got ready. It was like a shot in the dark; there was little chance the seeds would actually plant the flying Pokemon down. Bulbasaur did as told, and launched some seeds randomly, but missing.

Seeing this, the Pokemon became seemingly angered, and jabbed one of its scythes at Bulbasaur while flying past it. Bulbasaur took the hit badly, and flew into the air, and fell down hard on his back.

“Don’t give up, Bulbasaur! Try to seed it down again!” Nathan shouted, “Don’t give up on me now!”

Bulbasaur jumped back into action, and noticed that the Pokemon was getting slower. It was obviously tired from flying so fast. Bulbasaur didn’t attack, instead, he just waited.

“What are you doing, Bulbasaur?” Nathan asked, “Attack!”

However, Bulbasaur ignored his trainer’s antics. Bulbasaur knew that what came up, must come down.

“What is wrong with you? I told you to attack twice, Bulbasaur!” Nathan shouted again, “It’s going to hit you again if you just stand there!”

Bulbasaur just nodded, and didn’t move an inch. Then, Nathan realized what his Pokemon was doing. He nodded at his blue and green Pokemon, and waited too, as he saw the Pokemon slowing down. Hitting his head, Nathan laughed.

“I forgot to identify this one!” he laughed, getting his Pokedex out.

“Scyther, the mantis Pokemon. It slashes through the grass with its sharp scythes, moving too fast for the human eye to track.” the Pokedex informed in its dull voice. Nathan closed the red device and threw it back into his black backpack.

“It’s slowing down! Leech Seed!” Nathan commanded, and at once, Bulbasaur launched the seeds to the slowing Scyther.

Scyther was now chained down to the ground in the leech seed, and losing health, while Bulbasaur regained it. Bulbasaur smiled, in an act of victory.

“This battle isn’t over yet, Bulbasaur! Don’t get your guard down!” Nathan warned, as Bulbasaur snapped out of it, “Tackle attack it!”

Bulbasaur ran into the immobile creature, and made it yelp in pain, as he tackled over and over again. However, he was not tired, because of the energy he got back from Scyther, through Leech Seed. As Bulbasaur did this, Scyther was desperately trying to attack Bulbasaur with his scythes, or to cut the vines that were now on him.

“Good job!” Nathan congratulated, “Now, should I catch it?”

“Saur!” Bulbasaur nodded in approval, thinking of having a new friend.

“I think that’s a great idea!” Nathan laughed, and dug his hand back into the backpack, coming out with a Pokeball, “Go Pokeball!”

The red and white sphere traveled through the air, passing over Bulbasaur, and hitting Scyther straight on. Scyther became a red shadow only seconds later, and disappeared into the ball, which shook left and right for a few seconds, before stilling.

“Yes, we did it!” Nathan jumped up in victory, “I caught my first Pokemon!”

Bulbasaur also jumped.

“You what?” Kira’s familiar voice said, “Congratulations!”

She appeared behind Nathan, looking frustrated yet happy for him.

“Thanks.” Nathan said.

“So, what did you catch?” Kira asked, as she, Nathan, Bulbasaur and Squirtle walked over to the Pokeball.

“A Scyther. He’s a strong bug-type.” Nathan said, “With scythes and everything!”

“That’s great, but you should have been trying to find the exit.” Kira laughed, “Don’t worry about it!” she continued when she saw his blushing face.

Nathan leaned down to pick up the Pokeball, and put it in his backpack. He recalled Bulbasaur, as Kira did with Squirtle.

“Wow! There it is!” Kira said, turning around, “Are we blind or what? The exit is right there!”

Nathan turned around, and chuckled, “Wow, what do you know, shorty.”

“Excuse me? Shorty?” Kira said, angry, “Just because I’m a bit shorter than you doesn’t mean you can make fun of me!”

“I’m just kidding, you know. I’m referring to the age difference.” Nathan laughed, “Sorry if I made you feel bad.”

“Ignorant idiot.” Kira muttered under her breath.

“Just because I insulted you doesn’t mean you have to insult me back!” Nathan said, “Besides, I was just kidding.”

“Whatever. Let’s go, Pewter City is right beyond that exit…” Kira stated, as she began to leave Viridian Forest.

Nathan followed, but a voice interrupted them.

“Kira Varon! It’s so nice to see you yet again!” Wendy’s annoying voice said, catching up with the duo, carrying a basket, in a red velvet dress.

“Why Wendy, it’s… nice to see you again!” Kira said, hugging her, “So, how are you?”

“I’m good… and who’s this?” Wendy said, looking at Nathan, and then she thought, “He’s so cute!”

“That’s my… friend, Nathan. He’s fourteen, and he’s from Pallet. You must remember him; he’s the guy on the basketball team.” Kira said, informing her friend, who looked like she was in a dreamy gaze.

“I’m Wendy, Wendy Caprice. I’m from Pallet too, and I’m Kira’s age. We’re friends!” Wendy said, staring him straight in the eyes.

“Yes, well, it’s nice to meet you.” Nathan said, uncomfortable in the situation.

“Yes, now, it’s nice to see you again Wendy, but surely, you should leave!” Kira said, trying to get rid of her.

“Why, I thought I should come along with the two of you!” Wendy said, “Get to know cutie pie – I mean Nathan, here, better.”

“No, no, that’s quite alright. Go along, now.” Kira said, pushing Wendy away.

“Bye…” Wendy said, leaving, with her head turned at Nathan.

“Who was that?” Nathan asked Kira.

“Wendy Caprice. We’re sort of friends, but we hadn’t seen each other in ages before yesterday. We both lead busy lives, at school, and stuff.” Kira informed, “What about you? I haven’t met any of your friends, nor have you told me anything about your family!”

Kira had told Nathan, while in Viridian Forest, about her family.

“Well, true… If I run into any of my friends, I’ll be sure to introduce you. But there are so many, I’m so popular after all. Sorry if I sound cocky.” Nathan apologized.

“No, that’s quite alright.” Kira said, “Go on.”

“Okay. Well, my family, we’re five: my father, Nick, my mother, Rose, my sister, Kimberly, my brother, James and me. My father loves basketball – he’s the one who showed my brother, and then me when I was born… My mom is a stay-at-home mom, but she’s a great mother. Kimberly’s going to be a trainer soon – she’s ten now, younger than you by months. James is twenty-one, and has quite a bit of Pokemon, and he’s training them somewhere, I don’t know where thought. He wanted to be a professional basketball player…” Nathan explained, as they exited the forest and headed north to Pewter.

“Interesting. I’d love to meet your family someday!” Kira said, “They sound so interesting!”

“Well, yours does too. I wouldn’t mind meeting yours.” Nathan laughed.

“No worries, I’m going to force you.” she winked, and they both laughed.

They continued to joke around, talking about this and that, as the hours passed by. They fought wild Pokemon too, to train their Pokemon for battles ahead. As the hours rolled on, they could see the sun begin to set. As they got close to Pewter City, they smiled at the beautiful sight of the sunlight slowly disappearing near and in the city.

“We must get there quickly, before it becomes too dark for comfort!” Kira said seriously, with a pun. Nathan agreed, and they ran into Pewter City.

“Wow, this city… it’s so beautiful!” Kira commented, looking around, “It’s so different from where we come from!”

Nathan agreed, but shut his mouth. It was truly breathtaking, the sight of the city with the light disappearing bit by bit. They eventually found the Pokemon Center, and took refuge there for the night, but not before eating some food.

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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 4 Continued

“Wow! This is great!” Nathan commented.

“I agree, Nurse Joy!” Kira said, absolutely devouring the food.

“Thank you!” Nurse Joy said, closing her eyes, “So tired…”

She left the table, and left the duo alone.

“Tell me, did you really like the Viridian City’s Joy’s cooking?” Nathan said, and when he saw the squirming look on her face, he chuckled. She began to blush.

“You cannot judge me for that! You were frankly pushing my buttons, mister!” Kira exclaimed, pointing at him. They finished up the supper, and ran up for shuteye. They had separate rooms, of course.

As Kira prepared her bed, she remembered about Vulpix.

“How could I forget?” She exclaimed, mad at her. She descended the stairs, and asked Nurse Joy to examine Vulpix.

“Fine like a shine!” Joy said, “Why, did you think she was hurt?”

“Yes, her yelps were immense when Squirtle used bubble…” Kira explained.

“Oh, dear, that’s not hurt. She was hurt by the bubbles, but it’s a very excruciating pain to be hit by water when you’re a fire-type, such as Vulpix here.” Joy explained, “Nothing to be worried about. I’ll still heal her thought, she’s still weak.”

“Thank you. Also, do you have any newspapers here?” Kira asked, wanting to stay informed, and occupied while Nurse Joy healed Vulpix.

“Yes, and magazines, too. Right there, by the television, right on the coffee table. I have the local newspaper, if you want to get informed on town events, too. Anything else?” Nurse Joy asked, pointing to a section of the center that had lots of sofas, couches, and armchairs, with a TV for entertainment, and a stack of literature on the table.

“No, that’s quite fine. Thanks!” Kira said, leaving Nurse Joy to do her job.

Kira went over, and grabbed the local newspaper of the town, “The Pewter Daily”. The headline on the page was “Exhibit in the Museum – danger?” Curious, she read the article, sitting down in a red armchair.

“Pewter City’s own museum is receiving a new exhibit today, one of various fossils found around the world. A lot of authorities disapproved of bringing the exhibit to Pewter City, saying it was a danger for the exhibit’s safety. “If the exhibit isn’t intact at the end of the showing in my city, then Pewter will be very disregarded for any future exhibits.” says Brock, GYM Leader of Pewter City. Will the exhibit remain intact in the museum? No one can be too sure about this fact; but a lot of young trainers will get to see it, passing by the city on their quest for Kanto Badges.” the article read.

“Interesting,” Kira thought, “an exhibit. I wouldn’t mind seeing this, and I can drag Nathan to see it too. I wonder why they say it’s so said to be dangerous… I should really finish the article before asking that!”

“Shady characters have been seen wandering Pewter, that being the main reason of such a thought of the exhibit being stolen. These shady characters might have something up their sleeves, and we don’t know what. As the exhibit opens tomorrow, and will be open for exactly three days, we can only suppose what will happen to it, if anything. Martina Herring, The Pewter Daily.” the article concluded, with the author’s name at the end.

“Quaint. I better head get Vulpix from Nurse Joy now…” Kira said, getting up from the armchair, and putting the newspaper back onto the coffee table.

She went over to the counter, and Nurse Joy gave her the Pokeball, and said goodnight to her. She replied the same way, and headed upstairs, and off to bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Nathan was having difficulty to sleep. The bed was very comfortable, but he couldn’t help to notice something going on outside. Through the window, he saw two figures speaking to each other in the distance, but he couldn’t make out anything about them. They were wearing small, flat, black hats. They’re entire get-up was black, with the exception of the white boots, which seemed oddly out of place. The only thing he could say definitely about the two was one was female; the one on the left. He could only guess the one on the right was male, figuring this.

“I wonder what they’re up to…” Nathan thought, trying to get out any more traits they had, “Well, the guy’s got a Pokeball in his hand…” he continued to think, and then noticed a symbol on their backs, “Odd…” he thought last, before dozing off.

The following morning, Nathan woke up first in the whole Pokemon Center, safe Nurse Joy. The light had just shined into his room, as he had not closed the drapes. Looking over at the clock on the wall, he grunted as he saw the small arrow point to seven, and the large arrow point to six.

“Stupid window…” Nathan said, trying to fall back asleep. That wasn’t working, so he got out of the bed, stretching. He showered, and then he got some clothes on; the same ones he had been wearing the past two days: a white shirt, and some black pants. He made the bed, took his backpack, and headed downstairs.

“Morning!” Nurse Joy said, too perky for Nathan’s likes, “How did you sleep?”

“Good. And you?” Nathan replied, being polite.

“Good. You’re the first one up, what would you like for breakfast?” Nurse Joy asked, drinking some of her coffee.

“Just a toast, please.” Nathan stated.

“Chansey! Get a slice of bread, please.” Nurse Joy asked her Pokemon, who was in the kitchen getting food, “And toast it!”

“You don’t do that yourself?” Nathan asked her.

“Not this early in the morning – I know I seem perky but I really am not at seven-thirty in the A.M.” the nurse responded kindly.

Chansey brought Nathan a toast, and he was astonished that the Chansey could do such a thing without even help from a human. Seeing this look, Nurse Joy chuckled.

“I know it seems unrealistic, but I taught Chansey to do a lot more than just cook. I cook myself, but only the lunch and dinner meals.” Nurse Joy informed.

“That’s wonderful.” Nathan said, eating the toast, “It’s good, too!”

“Chan!” Chansey screamed in glee.

A half hour later, after a bunch of other disgruntled trainers got up because of the sun, Nathan recognized Kira’s disgruntled voice.

“Blasted mornings!” she complained, “Wish they never existed.”

“Morning to you too, Kira.” Nathan said, “I saved you a seat.”

He heard a mumble out of her mouth, and took it as thanks, as she sat down.

“I also took the liberty to get you some toast.” Nathan said, pushing the plate near to her.

“How are you so cheerful? I hate you, for being so full of cheer.” Kira said, and before he could respond, she continued, “It’s not the holidays yet! That was five months ago, dude.”

“Ha, ha, very funny. Are we going to challenge Brock today?” Nathan asked.

“Brock? Hmm? Oh right, the GYM Leader.” Kira said, eating the toast, and then responding a minute later, “I thought we could do that tomorrow.”

“Why tomorrow? Why not today?” Nathan asked, confused.

“Yesterday, I was up a bit later than you. I had forgotten to heal Vulpix, so I went down, and found out she wasn’t so hurt, but still enough to be healed. So, while she did her job, I went over to the couches over there and read the local magazine, ‘The Pewter Daily’. I found out there’s a new exhibit that’s in the town’s museum today, and it seems interesting. Everyone thinks something’s going to happen to it – and there are supposedly some shady characters in town.” Kira informed, getting less grumpy then she was only two minutes before.

“Interesting. So, what do we care about the exhibit?” Nathan inquired, still lost in the affair.

“I thought we could go and see it, dummy!” Kira joked, “What did you think I wanted to do? Steal it?”

“Well, no.” Nathan laughed at the joke, “Sure, why not, let’s go see the exhibit. What’s it about?”

“Fossils, if I’m not mistaken. But that’s the not what the article was about, it was how this whole rumor it’s going to be stolen is making controversy.” Kira informed. A silence began between the two, and Nathan quickly thought of someone to talk about.

“Did Nurse Joy determine whether or not Vulpix was bullying the Caterpie?” Nathan broke the silence.

“Not really, but something she said made me think Vulpix is the bully.” Kira sighed, “The bubbles inflicted an ‘excruciating’ pain on Vulpix, and even a Vulpix in all its health would have yelped that way. Or, at least, for the weaker ones.”

“That sucks. You have a bully Vulpix who’s weak!” Nathan joked, trying to cheer her up. He got a smile out of her, “Oh come on, that was funny!”

“Not really. It’s kind of sad, really. Imagine how weak the Caterpie was!” Kira laughed, “You definitely know how to lift grumpiness syndrome.”

“I guess so.” Nathan said, “Are you going to finish that toast, or what?”

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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 4 Continued (2)

Kira simply laughed, and finished off the toast. Everyone in the Pokemon Center was already dressed when they came upstairs, Kira observed as she looked around.

“I’ll be right back, I need to fetch my bag in my room.” Kira said, going back upstairs.

“So, any plans to stay another night?” Nurse Joy asked Nathan, as the duo was eating at the counter, because it has stools.

“Yes. Today, we’re taking it more relax, going to go see that new exhibit. And train our Pokemon too, so we can face Brock tomorrow.” Nathan informed her.

“Nice plans. Keep the key, then!” Nurse Joy told him, and he nodded, as he saw Kira come back downstairs. She was leaving the Pokemon Center, so he ran to catch up to her.

“Trying to ditch me?” Nathan asked jokingly.

“Sure, why not!” Kira replied.

“Well, I am a basketball player. You can’t outrun me that easily!” Nathan stated, flexing his muscles to her.

“Yeah, right, and Vulpix are blue.” Kira mocked, “If you’re so fast, race you to the Museum!”

“That’s no fair! I don’t know where it is, and neither do you!” Nathan said, as she began to run, and he caught up to her running.

“Follow me then, but you’ll still lose.” Kira laughed.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 5
“Finally!” Nathan praised as he saw the museum nearby, after about fifteen minutes of insane running. Looking around, he smiled, as he did not see Kira. Minutes later, she arrived, without breath.

“This,” Kira gasped for air, and said very slowly, “was not, in any way, fair.”

“It was too! You didn’t know where it was and I beat you to here!” Nathan laughed.

“Well, that doesn’t matter.” She continued, getting a little more air in her lungs.

“Well, are you just going to stand there and breathe, or are we actually going to see the exhibit?” Nathan asked, after moments of breathing.

“Yes, let’s go.” Kira said, getting up from her bent position to look up at the grand building in front of her. It was very wide, and the walls were a pale orange. The door was very wide, and it was open, because some people were standing in line.

“Wow, long line.” Nathan noticed, as he and Kira began to stand in line, and he was looking down the long hallway with a velvet carpet on the floor.

“Yes, well, it’ll give me time to get back to my full breathing capacities.” Kira laughed.

At least thirty people were ahead of them in line, and the line did not seem to become any shorter, just longer and longer. Thirty minutes later, Kira and Nathan were at the booth.

“Hello, welcome to Pewter Museum, home of many beautiful exhibits.” the lady inside the booth resided, “How many tickets would you like?”

“Two.” Nathan stated.

“Great, that’ll one thousand.” she said again, outstretching her hand through the round hole in the glass. Nathan handed her the money, and Kira stood in shock. The redheaded girl gave them the two tickets, and said goodbye to them. The duo went through the double-doors on the left of the booth.

“Why did you pay for me?” Kira said, outraged.

“Relax, girl. I was going to make you give me five-hundred here.” Nathan informed, putting his hands up as if he was protecting himself.

“Fine.” Kira said, giving him the money.

Looking around, they saw four little archways the lead to four different exhibits, that were always there, at the Pewter Museum. There was a slightly larger archway that led to the main exhibit, the one it had been sent only a day before, not even.

“Where should we head first?” Kira asked, looking around.

“Why don’t we read the flyer about the exhibits first?” Nathan asked, getting one from the round wooden table in the middle of the room. Kira snatched it and began to read it.

“Well, the exhibit in door A,” Kira said, pointing to the door that was near the entrance door, to the left, “is an exhibit of various antiques they found around the Pokemon World. In door B,” she continued, pointing to the door near the right of the entrance door, “there is an exhibit about bug-type Pokemon and how to raise them properly.”

Nathan stopped her and snatched the flyer back, “My turn!” he laughed, “In door C,” he said, pointing to the door next to door A, “there’s an exhibit about hypnosis with a life hypnosis show! That should be fun. And finally, in door D,” he pointed to the door next to Door B, “there’s an educational tutorial on Pokemon Battling.”

“Why do most of these exhibits sound boring? The only one I want to see is the one in the large archway.” Kira sighed.

“Well, force yourself. If we paid for it, let’s get our money’s worth.” Nathan said, as they headed to Door A.

“Why can’t we go see the best exhibit now?” Kira squirmed, holding him back.

“Because, if we wait, we won’t have to go with the crowd. Everyone will have already seen it; therefore it’ll only be us. And, why not save the best for last?” Nathan explained.

“I hate to admit it, but you’re right.” Kira replied, crossing her arms over her chest, and forcing herself to go see the exhibit with the antiques.

A few hours later and a few dull exhibits later, Kira was pumped up as the duo headed to the newest and exclusive exhibit beyond the large archway. It was deserted and everyone had already seen it. Except for a few security guards, the place was bare.

“Well, you were right, Nathan. It’s bare. So, the exhibit is about fossils is it? This will be very interesting.” Kira said, walking in. Nathan followed.

“There’s only like six or seven things here!” Nathan yelled, “Outrage!”

“No, I find this really interesting. There aren’t many ‘fossil’ Pokemon, but these are the fossils they’ve found, that are like the ancestors of those Pokemon.” Kira said, reading off of the plate at the entrance of the medium-sized circular room.

“Interesting. Let’s see this first thing.” Nathan said, walking over slightly to the left of Kira, “Kabuto’s Fossil: the Dome Fossil.”

They observed a little shell-like fossil, with little orb-like eyes inside it. It was very cute, but the orbs looked really out of place.

“Omanyte’s Fossils, the Helix fossil.” Kira observed on the next one, “How strangely cute! We’re not learning anything, but it’s really cool, huh?”

“I know.” Nathan said, still taking in the tiny little twister-like shell.

They looked the next three fossils: the Root Fossil, which was Lileep’s fossil, the Claw fossil, which was Anorith’s fossil, and the Amber fossil, which was Aerodactyl’s fossil.

“That was interesting!” Kira said, stretching her arms out from all the reading they had done in the room.

“Wait, there’s another one here…” Nathan noticed, next to the Root Fossil. It was larger than all the other ones, save the Amber, and it looked like a large dome, “Kabutops’s Fossil, the Aegis Fossil.”

“Kabutops? Interesting, I was told they looked different than Kabuto. Isn’t Kabutops out of the shell?” Kira asked.

“Who knows?” Nathan joked, “But it does look sort of out of place.”

“It’s weird, it looks very reassuring.” Kira said, smiling.

“I agree.” Nathan got in, but was quickly interrupted.

“Okay kids, time to go.” one of the security guards pushed the duo out of the room, back into the lobby-like place. As Kira looked behind her, she saw the security guards lock up the exhibit room.

“Oh, there’s a bathroom! I hadn’t noticed.” Nathan said, pointing to a door, which was next to the entrance, “You go ahead outside and I’ll catch up with you.”

Kira nodded, and headed back into the ticket booth area, and exited the building altogether. She looked around and spotted an old man that she had never met before, but he seemed awkwardly familiar.

“Mr. Niron!” Kira shouted, recognizing his picture from the article in the local newspaper, “My name is Kira Varon, and I just saw your exhibit. It’s exquisite!”

“Why, thank you Kira.” Mr. Niron said slowly, taken aback by the sudden outburst, “Did you enjoy it?”

“Sure, learnt a lot. Could I have your autograph?” Kira asked.

“Sure, why not!” he replied, taking a pad of paper and a pen, and signing her a note, saying, “Thanks for seeing the exhibit! Signed: Mr. Niron.”

“I noticed, thought, that one of the fossils didn’t exactly fit in with the rest.” Kira commented.

“Really? Which one might that be?” Mr. Niron asked.

“The Aegis fossil, it looked kind of big compared to all the other ones, safe the Amber fossil.” Kira yapped on.

“Aegis, you say? I have no such fossil in my exhibit, young lady.” Mr. Niron replied, “Are you sure there was one of those in my exhibit?”

“I’m quite sure. It looked slightly out of place, so I was wondering…” Kira commented.

“No, there is not one of those in my exhibit. I’m sure, ms.” Mr. Niron reassured, “I only have five fossils in my collection.”

“Well, there were six. I know how to count, Mr. Niron.” Kira argued.

“I must go check this immediately.” Mr. Niron replied.

“You haven’t even seen your own exhibit yet?” Kira asked, astounded.

“I have seen it, just not in the museum quite yet.” Mr. Niron babbled, rushing into the museum, scrambling to get to the exhibit.

Moments later, after passing through the large crowd at the entrance for their tickets, Mr. Niron and Kira got through to the locked door that led to the exhibit. Taking out a key, he unlocked the various locks on it and got inside.

“Oh no…” Mr. Niron gasped, dropping the key to the floor. The sound of the key hitting the tiled floor made a noise that marked the beginning of a long silence.

“It’s gone.” Kira said blankly. All the fossils were gone, from the mysterious Aegis fossil, to the Root fossil.

“All of it. All of my hard years getting these fossils, wasted!” he shouted, putting his hands up, “Why me?”

Everyone in the lobby felt sad for the man. He had dug up several sites to find these fossils, and now it was all in vain.

“Security!” Mr. Niron asked.

Nathan came back from the washroom and looked at the scene, and chuckled in his head. All of the pale faces, he was sure something had happened.

“What happened?” Nathan asked Kira.

“All of the fossils were stolen. Mr. Niron, the owner of the exhibit, is in absolute grief.” Kira said, “I wonder how it was stolen. It was there ten minutes ago, why isn’t it there now?”

“Maybe it has something to do with the out of place fossil.” Nathan commented.

“Hey… there’s an idea!” Kira said, “oh wait, no. That’s impossible.”

“What is?” Nathan asked, looking at her horrified face.

“Oh, nothing.” Kira covered up.

But Nathan knew something had gone on in her head. She had figured something horrible out, and he wanted to know what. But, knowing her so far, he knew he’d never get to know it.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 5 Continued

The police had arrived in less than three minutes, as the town was so small. They ordered the building to be shut down, and no one was allowed to leave. Someone in that building was a thief, or maybe the person was already gone. Everyone in the building was regrouped in the lobby of the exhibits.

“Hello, youth of Pewter City!” a woman said, taking the center stage of the affair. She was wearing a tight small blue skirt, and an equally blue top. She reminded Nathan of a flight attendant, “Now, as you know, the main exhibit has been stolen from the museum. We don’t know if the culprit is in this room, but I find that highly unlikely. We’ll keep you here for the shortest amount of time as possible. If you have any questions, you can ask me, Officer Jenny.”

“Okay.” the room sounded almost in harmony.

“Where is Mr. Niron?” Kira asked, passing a few people to go speak to Officer Jenny.

“He’s back in the hotel, right now. He’s very sad, and with reason.” Officer Jenny remarked, “Is there anything you’d like to ask?”

“Actually, not ask, but inform. Was the police informed of the Aegis fossil?” Kira asked her nicely.

“Well, being I’m the head of police, I have not heard of such a fossil.” Officer Jenny stated, astounded. She had a hand over her heart, as if she was dying, “I’ve seen the exhibit, there was only five fossils: Root, Dome, Amber, Claw and Helix.”

“That’s what Mr. Niron said too. See, me and my friend Nathan…” Kira began, but was interrupted.

“Kira, I asked a bunch of people who saw the exhibit. None saw the Aegis fossil.” Nathan informed.

“That’s odd. No one has seen it except us…” Kira sighed loudly.

“What did it look like?” Officer Jenny asked.

“Well, it looked like a big dome, but not really a dome.” Kira said, “I’m sorry it’s vague, but it’s the only thing I can use to describe it, other than it was a lot paler.”

“Do you think a person could have fit inside?” Officer Jenny asked, noting the information on a pad of paper.

“A person?” Nathan pondered, “Yes, perhaps if the person was in a certain position.”

“I agree. But, some people just saw the exhibit maybe a few moments before us, and none of them saw it! How did the fossil get inside without anyone noticing something odd, or different?” Kira pondered.

“The exhibit was closed down for a few minutes, around four o’clock. They needed to wipe up some vomit, from a girl. What was her name?” Officer Jenny asked herself, “Oh, yes, her name was Amy.”

“Amy? Where is Amy?” Nathan asked.

“She left, I’m guessing. Headed home, she felt too sick.” Officer Jenny said.

“Is there another exit other than the big, bolted, locked door?” Kira asked.

“No, but there is a window. Did you notice it?” Officer Jenny questioned them. They both nodded, and she continued asking, “Was the Aegis Fossil small enough to pass through it?”

“Yes. I believe it could have, but the window was so high up, they must have gotten out and pushed it out.” Kira thought back to the time she was in the circular exhibit room.

“Thanks for your help. I have to go look at some things right now.” Officer Jenny said, leaving them, “You wont have to wait much longer to leave, we’ve questioned almost everyone.”

The duo just nodded, and sat down. Kira couldn’t help but trying to put the pieces together, and Nathan just thought about random things like food and pizza.

“It’s seven o’clock, lady!” a man shouted extremely loudly to Officer Jenny, as many had done before, “I’ve been here for nearly three hours and a half!”

“Yes, I know sir, and I’m sorry, but for all I know you could be the thief.” Officer Jenny said, putting her hands up in defense as a reflex.

“Do you see a fossil in my hands? Do you?” he shouted, scaring some of the younger children, “If I stole a fossil it matter as well be up my –”

“Please!” Officer Jenny interjected, “Do not swear in front of the children!”

The man, who looked about thirty years old, just grunted and went back to sit down on one of the benches. True, it had been a long wait, and all Kira wanted to do was go play with her Pokemon, but she couldn’t in the museum because it was already too packed. Nathan wanted to train Bulbasaur and Scyther, he knew that the GYM Leader wouldn’t be an easy battle.

“We have determined all we need to determine from you people! We thank you for staying and we are extremely sorry for your lost time.” Officer Jenny announced, about fifteen minutes later, “If you would please exit the museum in a calm in orderly fashion…”

She never got to finish her words, because everyone was flocking to the exit like Caterpie flocking together to protect themselves from wild Pidgey.

“Good lord…” Officer Jenny had the calm of mind to think.

Nathan looked around as he got to the exit, and couldn’t spot the black-haired girl he’d been traveling with.

“Kira?” he shouted, looking around, “Kira!”
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 5 Continued (2)

While everyone was flocking to the exit, she just sat on the blue bench she’d been on for hours, not moving. Just staring at the ground, as if there was something worthwhile to see on the carpeted floor.

“Kira? Snap out of it!” Nathan said, crouching down to her eye level, and he then shook her. By now, there was practically no one in the room except Officer Jenny and a few other policemen, and the duo. All the other people were now flocking to the exit in the ticket booth hallway.

“Gee, I wonder what she’s thinking about.” Officer Jenny said, crouching down a little bit, with her hands on her knees, “It must be very important if she’s in a state of shock.”

“She’s always been so hands-on, thought, for the few days I’ve known her.” Nathan observed, “It’s not like her to let things get to her.”

“Then again,” she remarked, “you only have known her a few days. You said it yourself.”

“I guess so.” he sighed.

“Officer Jenny?” a woman suddenly asked, in the doorway.

“At your service!” Officer Jenny said, getting back up from the crouched position, and shaking the redheaded woman’s hands.

“I’m Martina Herring from the Pewter Daily…” she informed, and suddenly, Kira looked straight up at the mildly tall woman.

“You want to ask some questions, don’t you?” Officer Jenny grunted.

“Yes, if you don’t mind…” Martina said back, “It’s important for people to know, after all.”

“I guess so. Shoot.” Officer Jenny replied back, not having any means to escape from the interview.

“How was the theft committed?” Martina asked, getting ready to note on her pad and paper.

“From what we can construct, there was a fake fossil in the room near the end of the exhibit’s showing today, around three o’clock. While the exhibit was locked away to pick up a young girl’s vomit, we suspect the fake fossil was moved in, passed off as an exhibit. Most people had seen it by then, except for a few people that I could count on my fingers. The fossil was passed off as the Aegis Fossil, and was supposedly big enough to hold a person. We suspect that after the exhibit was shut down for the day, the thief got out of the fossil somehow, and stole all the fossils through the windows, which seem unharmed.” Officer Jenny constructed. Nathan, Martina and Kira were amazed at how she could reconstruct this all so quickly.

“Was there any way to avoid this robbery?” Martina said, as she noted a few details about Officer Jenny’s previous answer.

“I don’t believe there was.” Officer Jenny said sadly.

“And this girl… what was her name?” Martina asked.

“Well, Ms. Herring, her name was Amy. I have no further information on the matter.” Officer Jenny recalled.

“And? Do you think she had anything to do with the crime?” Martina carried on the interview.

“I have flipped-flopped that idea in my head, and it would make some sense, but it would be hard to link the culprit to Amy, and linking them as a group of thieves.” Officer Jenny informed.

“Thank you, Officer Jenny. Is there anything you’d like to add?” Martina said, ending the interview.

“Yes, I have something I find very important to say, and announce, I might add. The culprit, or culprits, is in this town as I speak. The exits to the town are being blocked off, and until we find out the identity of the thieves, no one is to leave or enter this town. If my team and me have to search every square inch of Pewter City, we will find the fossils. It isn’t easy to hide something of that size.” Officer Jenny said, in a very, very serious tone.

“Are the exits blocked off now?” Martina said, after finishing to note Officer Jenny’s announcement. She was clearly blown away.

“Yes, they are. The thieves can take my announcement as a threat.” Officer Jenny said, “This interview is over.”

Officer Jenny left the building when that was said, as the whole building was clear.

“Wait! I had one more question!” Martina Herring said, putting her hand up, and running to catch Officer Jenny.

“Wait a minute…” Kira spoke, breaking her long silence, “It makes sense.”

“What makes sense?” Nathan asked, confused.

“My theory.” Kira said, getting up and looking at him. He was still confused, “On who the thieves are?”

“Oh right!” Nathan grinned, “Carry on.”

“Okay, well that girl Amy? Probably a fake name, but anyways… She threw up, or she used another substance to make it seem like vomit. I’m guessing it was in a glass container, and that they took the bottle with her when she left. Then, they closed the exhibit temporarily to get the smell out through the windows and let someone clean it up. As it was airing out, the culprit got out of the fake fossil, and somehow opened the window wide enough to get the other five real fossils outside. They left the glass cases there, probably because it wouldn’t fit any other way. Then, they, as in the ‘Amy’ and the culprit, probably brought their fossils into a stash somewhere…. Possibly a house, or a hole in the ground, maybe?” Kira said very quickly, all the while Nathan had trouble keeping up.

“Wow… that makes sense. But where would the stash be?” Nathan observed, and remembered the shady characters he had seen yesterday.

“I’m not quite sure… but I know there’s one place they’d never look.” Kira said, in such an amazed tone, such as the time when the person discovered the Earth was round.

“Where?” Nathan asked eagerly.

“Pewter City GYM.” Kira stated calmly with a smile.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 6
“Are you kidding me?” Nathan laughed, “The GYM? Wouldn’t the leader see fossils?”

“I guess so, but it’s a good place to hide them. They won’t go looking for it, and as for the GYM Leader, he probably doesn’t look in the corners.” Kira remarked, “It’s the best place they could use to stash it. I’m going to ask Officer Jenny to check there first.”

Nathan tried to stop her from going to see Officer Jenny, but it was as if she had rockets attached to her feet. Kira ran so quickly out of the room, he couldn’t have stopped her had he tried.

“Women!” he grunted to himself, following her steps slowly.

“Men!” Kira thought, storming out of the building, “They only slow us down!”

Eventually, Kira found the policewoman checking some houses in a northern part of the town. She stopped her, so she could ask her to check the GYM.

“The GYM?” Officer Jenny said, stunned, “You want me to check the GYM? Do you think the GYM Leader stole it or something?”

“No, but it’s the perfect place to stash it. Admit that you didn’t think about looking there.” Kira grinned widely, as Nathan caught up to the duo, breathless.

“It hadn’t occurred, Ms. Varon, for the reason that I think of the present not the future. I was only thinking of checking these houses. It may have come up eventually.” Officer Jenny said, “Calm down, girl.”

“Check it, now!” Kira ordered, “I’m ninety percent positive it is there!”

“With all due respect, you’re also a ten year old kid.” Officer Jenny replied coldly, “Please, put your mind to better uses; like fashion and celebrities.”

“But!” Kira said helplessly.

“I’ll check in due time. For now, just go and hang out with your friend there, Ms. Varon.” Officer Jenny cast Kira aside, and continued her search.

Kira returned to Nathan defeated, “I was so sure it would be there…”

It was already late, and, knowing they would have their GYM battle the day after, they decided to train their Pokemon together, especially Vulpix and Scyther, as they were the newest additions to the bunch.

After two and a half hours of vigorous training, Kira and Nathan were too exhausted to continue their training. It was almost ten o’clock, so they headed back to the Pokemon Center to have their Pokemon healed, and to go back to bed.

“I’ll be back in a moment, with your Pokemon healed!” Nurse Joy said, putting the four pokeballs on a tray and heading to the back area.

“Hey, look over there!” Kira pointed to where she had read the newspaper the night before. A bunch of trainers were surrounding the television, and Kira guessed something exciting was on it.

“Let’s go!” Nathan said a little late, as Kira was already going to see what it was.

On the right half of the screen, a redheaded lady was on the screen, and they realized it was Martina Herring. On the other half of the screen, there was a fairly younger lady with short black hair. On the bottom of the screen, the title was ‘Fossil Freak Out’.

“Welcome back to KNN, the leading news network in Kanto.” the lady on the left said, “I’m Larissa Hotchkiss, and you’re watching Late-Night News. I’m speaking with our Pewter City correspondent, Martina Herring, journalist for the Pewter Daily.”

“It’s nice to be here, Larissa.” Martina acknowledged.

“It’s nice to have you!” Larissa laughed, “Anyways, you’re here to keep all of Kanto updated on the Fossil Freak Out. Can you tell us what happened?”

“Well, to our knowledge, the day was fine, lots of visitors to see the old exhibits as much as the new anticipated exhibit, which was only supposed to be there a few days. A lot of people saw it, and, according to the lead detective-slash-officer on the case, a girl threw up towards three o’clock. They closed the exhibit temporarily to allow it to air out, and to clean it up. It was reopened afterwards, and a few people saw it, but they shut it down near four o’clock. In that time, the fossils were stolen.” Martina informed.

“How, thought? I’ve heard the bolted door they have for that exhibit cost a fortune!” Larissa observed.

“There was a fake fossil in the room, suspected to have been entered while they picked up the vomit. None of the people noticed this fossil, but a certain girl met Mr. Niron, owner of the exhibit, and she told him about this fossil. He went to go check up about this mysterious fossil, and they were all gone. We believe someone hid in the fake fossil, got out, and stole them all.” Martina replied.

“Well, approximately how much time was between that?” Larissa asked, seemingly very interested.

“Maybe five, ten minutes?” Martina replied.

“Do the police suspect anyone at all?” Larissa asked. It was a routine question.

“Yes, they do. The girl, supposedly named ‘Amy’, might be linked with this crime. It couldn’t have been just a coincidence.” Martina informed logically.

“How are the police going to find the thieves?” Larissa asked.

“They have closed up all the exits to Pewter City; that means no one is leaving or entering this town until the fossils are recovered and the thief, or thieves, is behind bars. Officer Jenny, head of the investigation, is going door by door in hopes of finding the fossils.” Martina said.

“Is there any clues to where they might be? Is it possible for them to be out of the town?” Larissa asked.

“There aren’t any solid clues, other than the girl, and the witnesses of the Aegis Fossil, the fake fossil. They don’t believe the fossils could have been sneaked out of town in the daylight, so they think they are safe.” Martina said.

“Do you think any of this procedure to find the fossils is bad, or improvable?” Larissa asked.

“Seems to me that the door-to-door search is pointless. They should look in key places, the thieves wouldn’t stash in their home. Apart from that, new trainers looking to fight the Pewter City GYM and who haven’t already entered the town are going to be severely delayed.” Martina Herring said, “The whole robbery is bad.”

“Is Niron going to do anything about it?” Larissa said.

“Well, Larissa, he isn’t pressing charges to anyone yet. If they catch the thieves, it is possible.” Martina said back.

“That’s about all the time we have. Nice speaking with you, Martina.” Larissa said kindly.

“Thanks, and you too, Larissa.” Martina said, as the screen became a full picture of Larissa, and the title disappeared.

“Thought the fossil freak out isn’t nearly done, here at KNN we will keep you up-to-date. Martina Herring is sure to be back with more of the facts, and we are trying to get an interview with Mr. Niron.” Larissa said, “We’ll be back after these messages.”

The show cut to an ad for trips to islands on a ferry, from a company called ‘Cruise Fun’.

“That’s interesting.” Kira remarked, “But it didn’t explain anything we didn’t know.”

“True.” Nathan said, as he and Kira headed to their separate rooms on the second floor, as all the other people scattered.

“Yep.” Kira said briefly.

“Here you are!” Nurse Joy said to the duo as they passed, and handed them their Pokemon, “Good night children!”

“Goodnight!” they replied in harmony.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 6 Continued

The next morning, the duo woke up at full strength. They were both physically ready for their GYM battles, but mentally, they were both wreaks. Nathan and Kira kept thinking about the thievery and the thieves and the fossils. Nothing about the crime seemed to add up; the vomit, the fake fossil, the windows… even with the closed off exits, it was going to take a long time to find the thieves, if at any time.

Nathan was the first one up, drinking some milk and eating some toast, while watching the morning news. He found it dull; they had no new information, and they were basically repeating everything that had been said on Larissa Hotchkiss’ show, “Late-Night News”. Kira woke up, and was cheerful this time, much to his surprise.

“Do you change your morning attitude everyday or something?” he moaned when he saw her smile.

“Yes, yes, yes I do!” she cheered, “Why be all sad in the morning? It’s better to take the day on!”

“You’re scaring me, Kira.” Nathan joked.

“No, yesterday I was just bummed out. Today, I’m happy, because I know whodunit!” Kira said.

“Whodunit? You know who did it in the fossils’ thievery?” Nathan said, ‘waking up’ for real this time.

“No, you silly goose!” she laughed painfully cheerful, “I know who stole your smile!”

She put her finger on his closed lips and laughed.

“Seriously, you’re scaring me. You’re supposed to be all grumpy in the morning, like the past ones.” Nathan said, as she got up to get her breakfast. He followed her.

“Well… I’m just happy, okay? Am I not allowed to be? Was a new law passed during my slumber?” she said, overly dramatic on purpose.

“Now you’re sarcastic. That’s better than the cheerfulness.” Nathan smiled.

Kira ignored the comment, and went back to sit down to eat her own breakfast, which consisted of eggs and toast. Nathan followed once more.

“So,” she said, as if his comment never occurred, “are you ready to challenge Brock?”

“I’m not sure…” Nathan said, “Why?”

“Wanted to know who’s going first.” Kira said, stuffing her face with the food. It disgusted Nathan.

“Ladies first, by all means!” Nathan said, “I don’t think I could go first.”

Kira made a weird face.

“No, no, no! You go first, I’m not going firs!” Kira said, putting her plate of food down on the coffee table.

“You just said you wanted to go first!” he exclaimed back at her.

“Yeah well…” Kira tried to think of a logical explanation, and, not finding one, improvised, “I have to… do my hair.”

“Do your hair?” he repeated, “Why, in the world, would you care about doing your hair?”

“You rimed!” she laughed, “Anyways, a lady can’t battle with bad hair.”

“Right!” Nathan acted as if he knew that, “I’ll be going outside now… to train my Pokemon.”

Kira just nodded, and he left the building. She began to laugh when he left about his mishap with the hair.

“Well, I do need to train my Pokemon.” she thought aloud, “Maybe I can find somebody to battle while he faces Brock…”

“You want to battle, ms.?” a girl passing by said. Kira looked up, and saw a blonde girl, with a short white skirt, and a tank top on. The girl reminded Kira of what she and Wendy would look like put together.

“Yes, actually, I need to…” Kira began, but never finished.

“Train your Pokemon? I heard you think out loud!” she laughed, “I’m Annabelle Durivage.”

She sat down, and Kira introduced herself, “Kira Varon, of Pallet Town.”

“I’m from Viridian City, actually. Took me a while to go get my starter down in your town… nice man, thought, that Oak.” she thought, putting her hands on her knees, and her head on her hands, “We’ll battle once you’re done.”

“Right.” Kira ate more quickly now, not wanting to make the girl wait up, “What kind of Pokemon do you have?”

“Oh, right now, I have a Venonat. I really like bug-type Pokemon, I think I might make myself specialize in that type, but then again, I’m just a rookie at this.” Annabelle said, “You?”

“I have a Squirtle, and a Vulpix.” Kira said, “I just caught Vulpix a day ago thought.”

“I’d hate to face your Vulpix… Venonat couldn’t protect himself against the fire-drenching attacks.” Annabelle shivered, “I’d surrender before making it go through that inferno.”

“I wouldn’t make you surrender, thought.” Kira said, “A battle isn’t a battle if there was no fighting involved.”

“True.” Annabelle said briefly.

“Done!” Kira said, overjoyed, “Meet me outside?”

“Sure!” Annabelle exclaimed, while they both got up. Kira went to give the plate back to the nurse, while Annabelle left the building.

Kira followed suit and found Annabelle standing a few meters away from the Pokemon Center, with a game face expression on her face. She was ready to battle, and so was Kira.
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