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Old 04-30-2004, 04:47 PM
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Default ANOTHER create a Pokémon thread

OKAY... another one of these... post your invented pokés here... with "complete" detail pls.

here's my own invented pokémon... yeah, I REALLY GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO... I even drew sketches of all of them =P

example of "complete" detail:

No. 468 / 469
Sirain / Serenaid
Type/s: Water / Water

Family groups: Water 1
Swarm: No
Sirain: Common / Serenaid: not available; only through evolution.)
Available Genders: 80% Female, 20% Male
Physical Stats
Sirain – 2’ 5” ft. 40 lbs. Charm Pokémon
Serenaid – 5’ 5” 100 lbs. Siren Pokémon
Sirain – Attract Body
Serenaid – Attract Body
Evolution: Happiness evolution
Habitat: Dive somewhere between Hoenn and Johto (through seaweed)… VERY rarely on the surface (Sirain is found usually on Lvl 20)

Best at putting opponent’s to sleep, and recovering.
Base stats: (Sirain)
Atk – 40
Def – 50
Sp. Atk – 80
Sp. Def – 70
Spd - 80

Base stats: (Serenaid)
Atk – 60
Def – 70
Sp. Atk – 110
Sp. Def – 100
Spd - 100

Other attacks: Psychic, all Ice attacks, all water attacks, Shadow Ball, Rest, Toxic, Return, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Rain Dance, Whirlpool, Waterfall, Surf, Shockwave, Calm Mind.

Personality: Usually Naive or Rash

Starting: Sirain/Serenaid < - is starting attacks/automatically learn> <X – won’t learn>
-/X = Pound
-/X = Sing
-/X = Bubble
X/- = Bubble Crush (Water atk: 10pp, 100 acc, 90 pow. Targets 1 opponent, 10% flinch)
X/- = Confuse Ray
X/- = Refresh
09/X = Charm
15/X = Water Gun
24/X = Aurora Beam
30/34 = Ice Beam
39/42 = Recover
45/48 = Harmonious Melody (Normal atk: 10pp, 90 acc, 0 pow, targets all opponents, puts targets to sleep
50/53 = Dream Eater

EDIT: OK... looking at it... people would say "WHAAA???"

Never mind the list, the "complete" detail... just the basics =P

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Old 05-11-2004, 03:55 PM
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Default Re: ANOTHER create a Pokémon thread

Uhm. I don't think that anyone has the time to make up their own pokemon, unless they don't attend school yet. And most kids who don't attend school, don't know how to use a forum. But I wouldn't want to make my own pokemon because it would probably look sucky. But I would give it like 100% stats, and the strongest attacks I could think of.
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Old 05-11-2004, 10:12 PM
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Talking Re: ANOTHER create a Pokémon thread

I love making pokemon! If nobody replies to the thread, I'll just keep editing! Here are my first pokemon. They are the only ones with pics.

---> Tackle
---> Tail Whip
Lv7> Bubble
Lv11> Leech Life
Lv15> Ear Twinge (if the next attack directly damages the user, this move will lower the opponent's accuracy) PWR: 10 TYP: Normal
Lv23>Aqua Fury (like rage, only water type, and it goes up faster) PWR: 20 TYP: Water
Lv27>Tidal Wave (lowers the foe's defense if this move is super or not very effective) PWR: 60 TYP: Water
Lv31>Body Slam
Lv43>Hydro Cannon
Lv51>Crush Claw
Egg Group: Waters 1&2
Ability: Overflow (Raises attack each turn)

Base stats:
ATK: 40
DEF: 60
SPDEF: 100
SPD: 90

Nature Majority: Friendly

I'll edit soon...

BEGINNER'S TRINITY (coming not so soon to a fanfic section near you)


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