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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 04-17-2006, 11:21 PM
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Default Re: Story Archive


When Altarias Get Hyper
Genre: Action/Adventure/Humor/Parody/Insanity
Rated: PG with some mild language
Status: In Progress; Six chapters made but only 2 posted
Summary: Take one Altaria charged into hyperness from bags of sugar and Pecha berries. Add a sarcastic Blaziken and Plusle, a stupid Swampert, one Beautifly and Azumarrill, and finally put in a wacky author and you got yourself an insane story.
Rating: 6.8/10, told by Redlark. I'd give it a 9/10 since I think this is one of the funniest stories I've made yet even if people says it's like crap.

Bio: I'm just some insane author trying to live through 6th grade. I'm kinda weird in my own ways and I get hurt easily by bad comments that tick me off. People have their own stories and they can do whatever they want, whatever they write. Usually, my specialty are Pokemon insanity stories and romantic fanfictions for the anime, Cardcaptor Sakura. I just love Syaoran and Sakura. <3 Anyway... I'd have to say that my fanfiction, Strawberry Cake is my best one yet. 52 reviews! Woot!

Fanfictions & Blog
Syaoran and Mokona from Tsubasa Chronicle

Writer's Club: Fanfiction Writers Unite!

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Talking Re: Story Archive

HondoomMaster's Fan Fic Archive

1.Pokemon Journey: Ghanton Island
Genre: Action/Adventure.Rating: Pg
Summary: Continuation of Nick's journey. (Didn't finish the others) Instead of first person a view from a narrator's eyes and also splits between another charecter. Not knowing they are related...this story tells of the many run ins of the two main charecters...Nick and Karah. Nick struggles with his high profile, as Karah is a new trainer. Well each finish their ques to be the greatest Ghanton Island Champion?
Status: Still working on it

2. Quest For a Name
Genre: Action/Adventure
Summary: After suffering a major head drama and watching his father die, a young boy by the name of Chris slowly learns how to become a Pokemon trainer and slowly remembering his past. Can he figure out why did someone kill his father and become a great trainer? All at the same time
Status: Still working on it
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Default Re: Story Archive

GodsChild's FanFic Archives

Pokemon Journey: The Seven Stars
Genre: Action/Adventure (Also features some Humor and Romance.)
Rated: PG-13
Status: In Progress; Just began. 2 CH.'s.
Summary: A naive, great battling, perverted trainer from Cerulean begins his own journey. What starts out as a normal journey, soon becomes a quest to save the world from an evil group known as the Seven Stars, that are planning to take over the world, by absorbing all of the Legendary's power.
Personal Rating: 8.2/10. I think it's pretty good, and a great action/adventure story. It starts out pretty slow, but quickly speeds up. It's idea is somewhat cliche', but theres plot twists that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.
Rating: Not yet rated by anyone.

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Default Re: Story Archive

NextGenAuthoress's Stories! Lyke, OMG!

Pokemon: Amethyst
Genre: Humor/Romance/Adventure/Action(comes later)/Mystery (at certain points)/a little Drama
Rating: PG, for a little bit of language, but not too much, and the traditional Pokemon violence.
Status: In progress, two chapters done. Three part fic.
Summary: The Giovanni we all know and love has striked a deal with Teams Aqua and Magma to unite them, along with Team Rocket, under one supreme force. They've been recruiting new Pokemon trainers (better when the bait is fresh, eh?) to do their bidding. Johto saw the threat in this and, after a long discussion with leaders from Kanto and Hoenn, united all three regions together, and started the Ambassadors of the United Regions. Now, new Pokemon trainers travel in pairs. Our story focuses on the adventures of Summer Kallinheim and Jake Willow, whose perils and triumphs will eventually go down in history...
Personal Rating: 7.8/10--I love writing the story and I think that the quality is better than some, but the first few chapters have virtually NO action and there's WAY too much dialogue and, while I'm working on it, there's only a little bit of description. Just enough to get by. However, I think that the characters are very developed (I'm still working on Serena and Quinn, though) and the story will eventually unfold to be great.

About teh Authoress: Small town NJ girl, struggling through sixth grade (and not having a boyfriend) and being the youngest in my class. Love to write and read, especially Nora Roberts (not that you needed to know that) and Dean Koontz. Going to get Pokemon Ruby soon, FireRed and LeafGreen by the time Diamond and Pearl come out in the US. Label: UBER-GEEK.
Cipher Lord x Ham And Cheese

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Default Re: Story Archive

Rating: PG
Genre: Adventure
Summary: Four trainers go off on a journey around the Gatno Region. The Gatno region is said to be home to all pokemon species, will they be able to last and catch'em all?

Rating: PG - 13
Genre: Adventure, Romance
Summary: Mike, a young 14 year old trainer, sets out on his journey with his girlfriend, Natalie. Will they be able to stay together on their journey, or will they drift apart?

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Default Re: Story Archive

ChronoPika's Fan Fic Archives


Pokemon MEDevil: Vascud's Crisis
Genre: War, Fighting, Puzzles
Status: Alot of people are reading it. Progressing well.
Summary: Krest the Charmander, one of the only Charmander families in the Smed Kingdom, is going to enlist in the Military. He gets very good friends along the way, Kekui(Keh-kue-ee) and Rett. Krest, Kekui, and Rett will face many challenges fighting the Tyrikun and Rantiol Kingdom.
Rating: PG to PG-13. Severe fighting.
Personal Rating: I give PM: Vascud's Crisis a 9/10. I personally loved it myself until I started to have more and more things and activites to do in the site. I kept thinking of it and stuff before. Not before long, I forgot to write about it daily. I still love it and cherish it. I will also continue Pokemon MEDevil: Vascud's Crisis.

Mawile to the Life
Genre: Romance, Real Life, Pokemon-style life
Status: I see it's being read quite alot. It's also my current project.
Summary: In this Pokemon-only world, Kuyuki While has moved to a new City with her parents. She gains many friends once she got there. But one night, she was struct by what seems an assassin. Then she fell in love with a gifted Absol, Kiol Shimeru. The fun then begins there.
Rating: Romance-lovers. Romance-readers.
Personal Rating: I rate my Fan Fic, Mawile to the Life, a 7/10 for people who like violence and a 10/10(if that is allowed) for romance lovers, readers, and all the alike. I like romance stories starting small when I was a little kid. I never was romantic, but more of a romance liker. Read it sometime.

Palo: War Elevated
Genre: War, Reality, Pokemon, Originality(of CP)
Status: It seems to have caught the eyes of people that favor these kind of stuff.
Summary: In the year 2700, Pokemon technology has farly excellerated beyond beliefs in the past. The Pokemon wish to colonize another huge planet able to support life for millions of years as we know it. The planet, Ankh, was although normal and very very stable and it was out of the question as culprit of killing a scout troop. Then the Strife, a band of other Pokemon races and mainly different Deoxys had set a war against the Pokemon.
Rating: PG-13 or M. Basic blood and gore.
Personal Rating: Let me see. Even though the Fan Fic is quite unappropriate to some people, it has great action scenes and also has scientific ways of saying things. Anatomy, Biology, and Life itself. If you don't care about useless soldier death, then read it sometime. 9/10

Authors note: Also if you don't know, Mawile to the Life and Pokemon MEDevil: Vascud's Crisis are connected in a way. How? Mawile to the Life is basically our current time and the future of Pokemon MEDevil: Vascud's Crisis.

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Default Re: Story Archive

Hey all ^^. Some of these have been on hiatus for a while, but I plan on updating them soon.


Long Road Home
Summary: Six young Pokemon get swept out to an island in the middle of nowhere with no way of getting home but their own inginuity...
Genre: Adventure/Action
Rating: T (violence)
Personal rating: 8/10 I really like this and think it's one of my best, but it does need a bit of work. I've been told it's very good so far though.
Status: Hiatus (Soon to be back in progress)

Doom's Origin
Summary: A sisterfic of Long Road Home, detailing the traumatic event that made the Houndoom known as Doom go mad.
Genre: One-Shot
Rating: Older T (Violence, gore, slight language)
Personal rating: 8/10 There needs to be some editing done, but all in all I think it's pretty good. It hits you where it counts, and there's a vicious (yet short) battle that ends in tragedy.
Status: Complete

Lost Innocence
Summary: A young Vulpix is abandoned after her Trainer dies from luekimia.
Genre: Sad one-shot
Rating: PG-13
Personal Rating: 9/10 This is one of my favorite fanfics, even though it's so sad. It's rather short, but that works to it's advantage.
Status: Complete

Overlapping Realities
Summary: When strange creatures with stranger powers begin appearing around the Great Britian, only one Vampire and a young Trainer can stop the chaos.
Genre: Crossover, Action, Adventure
Rating: Older T (Violence, language)
Personal rating: 6/10 Meh, it's okay, but I guess Hellsing and Pokemon don't mix well. Maybe I'll try it again, but this one is just...pfffft.
Status: Permemant hiatus

Legend of the Gods
Summary: A legend about the Legendary Pokemon Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza.
Genre: One-Shot
Rating: E
Personal rating: 7/10 My first fanfic posted on this site. It's good but short.
Status: Complete

False Appearances
Summary: After a shapeshifting young woman joins the crew, Luffy and the others must help her on her journey to discover her true destiny.
Genre: Action, Adventure
Rating: T
Personal rating: 10/10 One of my favorites. It's got long chapters, nice description, and most of all, it's based on One Piece! ^^ It's also the only of my fics I feel deserves a perfect rating.
Status: Hiatus (soon to be back in progress)

Summary: Plushies cause chaos and madness to the crew of the Going Merry.
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG-13
Personal rating: 9/10 Funny, but only one chapter so far :_;. I'm probably going to get back to doing this one eventually.
Status: Hiatus (progress pending)

Between Women
Summary: After taking a break from the males, Integra and Kagome bump into each other at a bar and Integra gets a present for Alucard.
Genre: Humor, crossover
Rating: PG-13
Personal rating: 9/10 Funny, and one of my best crossover fics. I usually don't do Inuyasha, but somehow, Hellsing and Inu seem to mix well.
Status: Complete

Keepers of the Legends
Summary: A young Pokemon Trainer must team up with two members of the Going Merry to stop the destruction of all realities.
Genre: Horror, Action, Crossover
Rating: 17 and up, because there'll be cursing and heavy violence in later chapters
Personal Rating: I just started this fic today (July the 7th, '06), so I can't give an honest personal rating. However, I have a feeling this is going to be a fic I enjoy working on quite a bit and will be proud of once it's finished.
Status: Work-in-progress

Out of the Shadows
Summary: Humans are all but extinct, and Pokemon have once again become the dominant species. But with power comes corruption and greed...
Genre: Action, Adventure
Rating: 13 and up, since there'll be violence and possibly light cursing
Personal Rating: Heh, I dunno how I feel about this one yet, to be honest.
Status: Work-in-progress

A Dream Unto Her
Summary: An Absol grieves over the loss of a loved one
Genre: Songfic, Angst
Rating: PG
Personal Rating: Heh, I really do like this. It's short, it's sad yet sweet at the same time, and it's based on one of my favorite songs. The ending turns out happy, and I feel it's one of my better one-shots. 8/10
Status: Complete

URPG Stories

Between the Lines
Summary: A young Trainer is on the tail of a Scyther and is determined to catch him
Genre: Trainer fic, URPG
Rating: PG
Personal Rating: I like this fic, it's a good solid story and it's short. It's my first URPG story, and I'm quite proud of it. 9/10
Status: Complete

Left To One's Own
Summary: A Horsea is abandoned by a young girl at the Lake of Rage
Genre: Action, Angst (Slightly), URPG
Rating: PG
Personal Rating: Meh, it's okay, but not one of my best. Nice description. You'll notice the original title is still in the fic, and I'm too lazy to take it out lol. 7/10
Status: Complete

The Uber-ific Tale of the Gastly Thingy

Summary: A Gastly must find a way to be scary, but instead ends up running into unusual circumstances...
Genre: Comedy, URPG
Rating: PG
Personal Rating: Heh, I love this fic. It was a blast to write and probably one of the best funny things I've done. Kinda short, but hey, it's not the quantity but the quality, right? 9/10
Status: Complete

Flight Against Fire
Summary: A young Houndour must come to grips with her Fire type after a traumatic event takes her family from her.
Genre: Action, URPG
Rating: PG-13
Personal Rating: I love this, I feel it's one of my better works. 9/10
Status: Complete
Paired with Shen, the most epic Bleach fan around :3
URPG Stats/National Park Info/Coordinator Stats

^Rock Musical Bleach^

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Default Re: Story Archive

Crystal Eon Guardian's Fanfiction

Pokezone: The story of a G-ref
Rating: PG
Genre: Adventure/ Humour
Status: Chapter 8
Summary: Watch(Read) the exciting adventures of me, Megan, While I kick the butts of Uber dragonites, get owned by Kyogre, and... Watch naruto? GO NEJI! Oh, yeah. While I insanely hunt for mew, Kill Team grunts, Form Team avengers, make sure everyone knows about my tragic past, drink soda with daniel, get outrun by old ladies, and most imporantly, climb my way upwards on the ladder of success! Eric! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! A conservation ranger needs their pokemon!

The Ocean's tide
Rating: PG
Genre: Adventure/ Action
Status: Still in the works.
Summary: After randomly deciding Nami, a RP character, would just adore having her story dramatically altered by turning legendary ninja spirits into ghosts of pokemon masters, I got this. Different speciallized trainers leave home for the adventure of a lifetime! Watch as seven young trainers own gangs, rivals, and evil people!

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Default Re: Story Archive

Bay's Fanfiction

Author's information:
Well, I actually started writing since I was in middle school. From that time to today, I had been going back and forth on writing. The last time I quit writing was in eleventh grade. The reason for that was I forced myself to make one of my stories longer (big no no) and the characters weren't very believeable. I then got back to writing after I read some fanfiction at some forums. Right now I actually had done two fanfictions and am doing two more. ^^

Favorite Authors: Ernest Hemingway, Tim O' Brien
Favorite Books:The Harry Potter series, Old Man and the Sea, Da Vinci Code, Mystic River, Lovely Bones, The Things They Carried
School level:University student
Type fandom written: So far only Pokemon but planned to try out other fandoms


Take Fifty Five
Summary: Pidge and Mell are movie producers who were trying to make a Pokemon movie called "Kingdom of Pokemon". When one of the actresses they had rejected got really furious, she will do anything to be in that movie. Shortages of cameras and craziness ensures!
Genere: Comedy/Oneshot
Rating: PG-13 for suggestived themes.
Personal Experience: I got this idea for the story one day after seeing a commercial for one of those entertainment shows (ET, The Insider, etc.) and said in my head "Who cares!" (Really, it's true!).After that, that is how the story is made. Originally, this story was going to be longer and have A LOT more characters, but when the Laughingstock Comedy One Shot contest at Serebii forums came, I decided to enter the story in the contest and so I made it shoter for it. ^^
Personal Rating: 8/10 I really loved the characters in the story. Still, this was the first time I did comedy and I think I could had done a little better with the plot (mostly the ending). At least it got fifth place at Serebii's Laughingstock Comedy One Shot Contest.
Status: Completed ^^

Summary: Pidge and Mell suddenly found out that a couple of other producers want their movie to be shleved forever. Soon, that will led Pidge in finding out a secret Mell had been keeping away from him for a long time.
Genere: Comedy/Drama/Chaptered Fic
Rating: PG-13 for violence, language, and crude humor.
Status:Prologue and first chapter posted. However, I am writing the sixth chapter at the moment. Almost done with the story. =D
Personal Experinece Got inspired after doing the sequel after thought of a joke Pidge can say about a couple of the D/P Pokemon. ^O^ So far, I am having fun writing this story. XD

Those Eyes
Summuary: It will be dejavu for Brad Mouse again when he goes visit his ex-wife's Pokemon Daycare Center.
Genre: Drama/Romance/One Shot
Rating: PG
Personal Experience: Got inspired after one of my friends told me a summary of a play he's in. To bad I wasn't able to make that play. ;_; I then suddenly relate that little summary of my friend's while playing my Sapphire game. When I went to the daycare center I thought to myself, "how was their relationship like?" XD
Personal Rating: 9/10. Truth be told, I am not a big romance fan. However, I think this is my best writing yet. Also, I like Cathy a lot. XD


Mori (Coming January/ February)
Summary: Ever wondered what is at the other side of the world? Ever wondered how a world is liked without Internet, television, and people not knowing anything about gym leaders? Gabby Norris will find one group of people living at that kind of place, and she will actually learn a thing or two about them.
Genere: Original Trainer/Drama/One Shot
Rating: PG
Status: Done, but needs some scenes edited. ^^
Personal Experinece: Got this idea after reading a paragraph from my American Government book. O.o I thought of this idea of what would happen if a person who knows a lot about modern life meets someone who lived in a very, very simple lifestyle.

Pure Distance (Coming January/ February)
Summary: One Pokemon trainer dreams of one day train the legendary Suicune. When he one day found that Pokemon uncounciness in the rain, he decided to take care of it. Soon, he found out taking care of a legendary is different from taking care of a normal Pokemon. Top that with trying to hide it from friends and family, teaching it attacks that it forgot, dealing with its nightmares, and the rivarly.
Rating: PG
Status: Not written yet. XD
Personal Experinece: A little take on "Pokemon trainer training a legendary" kind of idea.

(Banner by katiekitten)
Nothing, Everything (Coming October 2007)
Summary: Bunny Spruce one night got fasley accused of the murder of a man she doesn't knew very well. It soon turned into a series of events that will teach her a lesson or two of the strengths and flaws of history, her favorite subject.
Rating: PG-14
Status: Almost done, just need to do a few more scenes
Personal Experience: The original version I wrote in the summer of 2006 but then stopped while in college. After I got out of summer school this year, I got inspired to do this story again. I really have good vibes about it.

For now I am just going to put quick notes on future fanficiton works I am thinking of doing. Will have more elobrated detail when have time. ALSO, will edit this page again as I have some other fics written and some that I decided to quit on.

Chaptered fanficiton
-Thinking of rewriting "Nothing, Everything" after in the original I quit writing that story after finished 11 chapters. This time, I got an idea of what direction I want the story go to and also plan to have the story in 16 chapters. Not one hundred percent sure yet.
-Probably quiting "Through the Lenses" (did a preview thread of it) and instead turn it into a one shot.

One Shots
-A one shot for another contest at Serebii. Won't say the summmary of the story though :X
-A one shot dealing with shines XD

Will add more later. ^^
Avatar: nanabbang (LJ)| Other Fanfiction

+Nothing, Everything+

Chapter Thirteen: It's All a Contest up (12/28/08)

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Cool Re: Story Archive

This is the Main Link for them. Here's each of my Fanfics individually:

My Non-Pokemon Ones will be re-posted shortly. Also most of mine are geared toward a mature audience. I've also decided that for now I'll link you to my top 3 Pokemon Fanfics cause I've done ALOT.

Pokemon Ruby: My Version Reviews

Pokemon Ruby my way. My first Full Length Game Adaptation, reviews welcome. Chapter 6 up, currently working on Chapter 7. Now Rated Teen for Language and Violence.

Pokemon - Fiction Rated: T - English - Action/Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 8 - Words: 25511 - Reviews: 10 - Updated: 7-11-06 - Published: 9-25-05

Pokemon World War Reviews

COMPLETE! Re-rated appropriately. War is Hell, especially in Kanto and Johto... Complete - Pokemon - Fiction Rated: M - English - Angst/Drama - Chapters: 34 - Words: 89678 - Reviews: 3 - Updated: 8-23-05 - Published: 6-25-05

Sidenote: If you can get past the rating you'll see it's pretty good.

Hurricane Kyogre Reviews

Based on the 1995 Movie "Free Willy"--with Kyogre playing the Whale! After getting captured by humans, Hurricane builds a close friendship of trust with two teens. In return, the teens vow to free him once again.

Pokemon - Fiction Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3307 - Reviews: 3 - Updated: 10-16-05 - Published: 5-26-05

Here's my non-Pokemon Fanfics:

Ted's Oddyssey reviews

What happens when a family of our time enters the world of Symphonia? LOTS of laughs! Did I forget to mention only four of them know the game's plot and only you are allowed to know? Chapter 3 Up: Yuan Gets OWNED!
Tales of Symphonia - Fiction Rated: T - English - Humor/Action/Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 7466 - Reviews: 2 - Updated: 8-31-06 - Published: 8-23-06

Making up Lost Time

Takes place from the end of the game on. 3 week delay for Chapter IX. Real Summary in opening chapter. Story's Gesea and Colos, Shelloyd and RainexYuan. Chaper VII Up!
Tales of Symphonia - Fiction Rated: T - English - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 10307 - Reviews: 7 - Updated: 8-31-06 - Published: 12-16-05

Sidenote: There's an external Lemon Fic For this story. View my profile since I'm not linking it here.

The Branded: A Hybrid's Life

Takes place post-Path of Radience. Soren had it rough growing up as the child of a Laguz and Beorc. Will Geno, Mercury and Mars suffer the same discrimination or can they change the hearts of those who hate their very existance?
Fire Emblem - Fiction Rated: T - English - Drama/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1392 - Reviews: 0 - Updated: 8-18-06 - Published: 8-18-06

Fomortiis Reincarnate reviews

They succeeded in destroying the Demon King but that's not the end of it, Oh, no. Magvel is at war again but not with themselves. Two Ex-Generals are also back from the dead...
Fire Emblem - Fiction Rated: T - English - Action/Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 21146 - Reviews: 2 - Updated: 8-6-06 - Published: 8-12-05

Family Feud reviews

Two years but here's a new chapter! Did you believe at the time I made this I when we still called the Wii the Revolution? My Dream Roster for SSBB!
Super Smash Brothers - Fiction Rated: T - English - Humor/Action/Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Words: 7920 - Reviews: 8 - Updated: 5-21-06 - Published: 1-8-04

A Kiss From a Rose reviews

Relm, now 16 years old searches for the truth behind The Striker, Shadow's disappearance, her past and ultimately, the identity of the father she never knew. RelmxGau, Chapter 3 up, Rated for Language.
Final Fantasy I-VI - Fiction Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 8589 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 3-28-06 - Published: 2-22-06
Serene Adventure and A-N have joined forces...

Aurabolt and Victor are looking for YOU...

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Default Re: Story Archive

Oz Ranger's Fanfiction

OR's Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Rating: G
Genre: General/Trainer Journey
Status: Ongoing Series - First Episode Complete
Summary: This is my interpretation of what Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is to be. I am writing this in script format, because I have more important projects to worry about, and this means I can get it done faster. Updated in most cases weekly.

Inspiration: I thought of this since the first fight against Brandon, doing it. But haven't got round to doing it since now. Now, I am glad I am doing it.

The Champions
Rating: For now - PG
Genre: Adventure/Trainer Journey/sort of angst
Status: In progress - Novel
Summary: It was recorded in the history books that somewhat 200 years ago that the land of Kanto was easily taken over by the tyrants of Team Maelstrom. The Poké Champions of the Round Table where formed, each member specialising in a particular type of Pokémon, plus, covering the weaknesses of that specific type.

A new Trainer beginning on a journey does not realise that within the next few months of his life, everything he knows and loves will be turned on the head. Argus will become one of the Poké Champions that has admired in the History Books...

Inspiration: The Champions came to my mind like a lightning bolt while reading some fanfiction about adventure...that's it. Nothing more to it.

Journey of the Champion: Red
Rating: PG-13 for later chapters
Genre: General/Angst/Action/Trainer Journey
Status: In progress - Novel
Summary: The chronicle of the legendary Trainer was lost among the pages of time; distorted till none of the true tale was left to tell. One of the most legendary Trainers to have set foot in Kanto, many who never knew his true face called him Red. But truly, his story was not recorded, so it was left to the people to predict his journey. In the beginning, he was just a twelve-year-old with a dream. But by the end, he had seen the true colours of the world….

Joseph Redwood is about to set out on a Pokémon Trainer. Never does he realise, that he will become one of the most legendary Trainers in Kanto. This is the sad story of Red, our protagonist of the games.

Inspiration: I thought of this a mere few days ago. There I was, thinking about the older Metal generation games. With Red sitting in a cave, all secluded. With what possible parents wanting to name him Red, I felt like something might have happened that destroyed him psychologically, letting him be stuck in a cave. So, this is my answer to the dilema. I am telling the story that the games never told of Red.

I am back, with the Hellfire Monkey of PWNage!
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Default Re: Story Archive

Rapz's Fanfiction

I'll be Different
Rating: PG
Genre: General/Slice of Life
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Enter Maya, the daughter of Blaine. Dreaming of being a trainer since she was born, she may find soon more than she could ever dream.

The Waters Tide
Rating: G
Genre: Romance
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Three Years after Ash left Latias hometown, her feelings for him haven't changed. So, she seeks him out, but how will he feel?

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Default Re: Story Archive

(I Find it Ironic That I post in threads that haven't been posted in month(s) XD)

Ryouseiken's Fanfiction

Mystery Dungeon: Team Fields
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Adventure/Action/Romance
Status: On Hold
Summary: My own version of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. One days, Miles has been turned into a Cyndaquil, and is aided by a fellow pokemon named Treecko, who start up a rescue team named Team Fields. However, a mystery is at hand. Why did Miles get turned into a Pokemon? How will he ever turn back into a human? Will his bond with Treecko make him want to stay as a Pokemon forever?
Open For Reviews?: Yup. (In other words, you can respond or review my fic in the fic itself, I already planned to help keep you guys knowing where each chapter is.

Pokemon Ex: Hoenn
Rating: PG to PG-13
Genre: Action/Adventure
Status: In-Progress
Summary: (Unfinished)
Opens For Reviews?: Yes, in the review thread.

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Default Re: Story Archive

absolgirl93's Story archive!

Title: Doom is Upon Us (Temporary Title)
Rating: PG, mild violence...
Genre: Fantasy
Status: On Chapter 6
Summary: In the Region of Fushigi, the Region of Mystery, the evil Team Light has returned. Now, one girl and an Absol must set off on a journey to defeat this team, as her three aunts did before her. This time though, Team Light has an army to fight for them.
Reason for creating: I came up with the idea for this because I wanted to write a fan-fic. The original Idea was going to be when her aunts' defeat the team, but then I freaked out, 'cuz I wanted a fan-fic to go Itego's current plot. So I made this. ^^
Notes: I REALLY need a new title for this! >.< Itego has just been renamed Fushigi. The name Itego will be absolete by Monday night. :P

Edit: Anyone who would like to help me on a title for this, please come read the fan-fic, then suggest a title. :P

Level 100: 305
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Default Koukla's Fanfic

Koukla's Story Archive

I've been writing since I was about five. I've been writing fanfiction since I was nine. My first ever fanfic was called 'Terra' and it was about Terra from Teen Titans (I used to love that show). But since then I've only ever written Pokémon fanfic. My username on The Pokémon Tower is Koukla Doll. I used to write comedy fanfic, but then I wrote Deception and went spiralling down into the world of depressing fics. XDDDD Misfits is the most light-hearted fanfic I've written in about six months.
Deception is where fanfic writing really took off for me. I got completely absorbed into it and my characters for that story - Kiro, Hana, Ella, and Rick - became fully fleshed out and real. It was also the point at which I discovered, to my horror, that I could write romance. x_x Now I barely write any fanfics that AREN'T romance.

Found at:
Rating: PG (mild coarse language)
Genre: Romantic comedy
Status: Chapter 3 currently in progress
Personal rating: 8/10
Summary: Will is sixteen, cocky and arrogant, madly in love with Linda, who thinks he's a barbarian, hates his starter Pokémon, seems to be a magnet for trouble and thinks he might be going insane from stress.
Comments: The original idea for the story was this: what if a bunch of nutters, different in every possible way, got together and went on a Pokémon journey? Characters began forming in my head, and before I knew it I was at a keyboard. People have said that, although my other stories are good, they are depressing. I started to think I was emo. There's nothing wrong with being emo of course, but in real life I'm a pretty random, happy person. So I wanted to write a comedy just to prove to myself that I could write non-depressing stuff.
Extract: I scuffed my feet as I left the Centre. I got the worst possible starter Pokémon, was annihilated by a little kid, and now an insanely pretty girl thinks I'm barbaric. Could this day get any worse?

~ ~ ~

Cliff by the Sea
Found at:
Rating: PG-13 (mature themes, mild violence)
Genre: Tragedy
Status: Finished
Personal rating: 10/10
Summary: A short one-shot about love, life and death.
Comments: You know those depressing stories I was talking about? This is one of them. XD I think it is easily the best fanfic I've ever written. Strangely enough, there was no 'idea' for this. I just felt like writing, so I sat down and wrote, and this is what I got. ^^ My best work is often spontaneous.
Extract: "One day, I'm going to go out to the sea, and find out," he had told her. "I'm sick of all this guessing. Someday soon, I swear, I'm going to get out of here and see the world."
"I'll miss you," she had replied with a small smile. He had taken her hand and they had sworn that they would go together and find out what was out there.
At first, she had been angry. Standing on the cliff, she had tossed the locket into the sea and screamed at him. "You promised me! You promised you'd take me with you and we'd see the world!" She had known he wasn't sorry.

~ ~ ~

Life is Confusing
Found at:
Rating: G
Genre: Romance
Status: Finished
Personal rating: 8.5/10
Summary: When May discovers Harley is planning to drug Drew's Pokémon before a contest, she makes a difficult choice that is fair on everybody except her. Contestshipping.
Comments: I'm an obsessive Contestshipper and I've always wanted to write some kind of May/Drew romance. I was very satisfied with how this turned out.
Extract: I grinned ruefully. So Drew had me all figured out. One person in all the hundreds who had heard my lie knew the truth, and didn't hate me.
Surprisingly, Drew's knowledge of the truth was more important to me than anybody else's.

~ ~ ~

My Fairy-Tale Character
Found at: not published
Rating: PG (mature themes)
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Status: In progress
Personal Rating: 8.5/10
Summary: An adaption of Pokémon Heroes, from Latias' point of view. Eonshipping.
Comments: I don't support Eonshipping, but I've always wanted to do a movie adaption. XDD I'm writing it by hand instead of on the computer.
Extract: I landed in the room in the Pokémon Centre, trembling so badly I could hardly stand...Ash looked up in surprise. "Bianca?"...He ran towards me. I flung myself upon him in terror. Oh, my fairy-tale character! Help me!

~ ~ ~

Found at: not published
Rating: PG-13 (moderate violence, mature themes)
Genre: Drama/Romance
Status: in planning stages
Personal rating: N/A
Summary: When May is kidnapped by an enigmatic, fourteen-year-old Rocket called Kiro, she suspects it will be difficult not to have some huge adventure. When Kiro kidnaps a scrawny eleven-year-old girl called May, he has no idea he's going to fall in love with her.
Comments: Wow. Long story behind this. ^^ The original idea for Deception was a simple concept that I thought up around seven months ago: 'Ash and friends all go their separate ways and realise they can't live without each other'. It was originally going to be called Dependant.
The original story was not planned. I began writing straight way. The first chapter was called 'Misty's Goodbye'. I planned to have Brock leave in the next chapter. Then in chapter three I started on May and found it impossible to stop. May, Kiro and their rather dramatic adventures drew me in completely. A comment: I stopped reading dependant from half of page two. But I just read the rest, and I've gotta say it'll give me nightmares tonight. o_O
Then, to my horror (I'm too young to write romance :P) I had May and Kiro falling in love with each other. It was around this point that Deception started to go downhill.
I discontinued it about a month ago and now I'm doing a rewrite. And planning it. XDD
Extract (note: this is from the original Deception, not the new version):"May," he said, crouching beside her. "May, wake up."
May didn't move.
"Get up, May," said Kiro, panic rising in his throat. He took May by the shoulder and shook her. There was no groan to confirm her unconsciousness, no flutter of eyelashes. She was absolutely limp.
"May, please," begged Kiro, sinking to his knees. "Wake up!"
There was no visible rise and fall of her chest. She had to get some air into her lungs, and Kiro had no idea what to do. He took her limp hand and squeezed it. "Don't die," said Kiro desperately. His voice dropped to a whisper. "Please, May."
May didn't move, but a hoarse croak escaped her dry lips. "K-Kiro," she whispered. Her eyes didn't open, but it was enough. Kiro knew she was alive.

~ ~ ~

Found at: not published
Rating: PG-13 (mild themes, mild violence and drunk people :P)
Genre: Romance
Status: in planning stages
Personal rating: N/A
Summary: Misty's grudge about her bike becomes very serious indeed. When Ash's life is put in danger, will Misty finally drop it?
Comments: This is another story I wrote a while ago but was very dissatisfied with. I am totally, totally, totally against Pokéshipping and AAMR - I firmly believe Ash is absolutely incapable of love (for anything except Brock's cooking ^^) - but I wanted to write a story about Misty's bicycle. I decided to write Bike a little before I decided to write Deception - about eight months ago - but it took me about three months to organise my thoughts and get a good, strong idea for it. Then I discarded that idea and chose one that made Bike a certain failure. So I sat down and wrote it. It took me about a week. I really rushed it, which may have been another factor that made it so unbelievably bad. So I'm rewriting it.
Extract (note: this is from the original Bike, not the new version): "What do you want now?" he asked Gary, stopping him before he could make some ominous threat and set one of his Pokemon on him. "You've already almost killed me, put me in hospital and had me out cold for two days. Now I try to take a nice, healing walk and you decide to kill me again? I don't think so." So Ash turned on his heel and walked away. Gary gaped at him. Then he pulled himself together.
"Are you kidding? I was going to apologise."
Ash stopped and turned around. "Seriously?"
Gary sniggered. "No."

~ ~ ~

Found at:
Rating: PG (mature themes)
Genre: Short story
Status: Finished
Personal rating: 7/10
Summary: After losing a battle, Pikachu is forced to confront some of its deepest and most controversial feelings that it may rather not have discovered.
Comments: This was another story that I wrote on the spot because I felt like writing. There ain't much of a story behind it.
Extract: He would never understand, try as he might, how I was feeling towards him just then. I ached just to nuzzle into his arms, forget this whole thing. I longed to be as loyal as he thought he was. I wanted so badly to make him happy. But I was not stupid, and as much as I hated myself for it, I just didn't understand why he made me battle for him. It seemed...wrong, that my 'friend' should do this to me.

~ ~ ~

Growing Up
Found at:
Rating: PG (mild themes)
Genre: Romance
Status: Currently writing chapter 4
Personal rating: 9/10
Summary: Klio, the girl from Cliff by the Sea, and her best friend Matt, grow up in the quaint little town of Lavender, despised by everybody except each other. Klio battles her depression and Matt tries to keep up his cheerful cover as he struggles to express his feelings for her.
Comments: I have nothing to say except that I love this story and the idea for it. Matt and Klio are my two favourite characters I've ever created and this story follows their struggles, triumphs and adventures as they discover they're in love with each other.
Extract: "I'll take you with me," said Matt, and grabbed her hand. "We're going to go together, okay?"
Klio smiled and looked back out to sea. "Don't forget me."

~ ~ ~

Found at:
Rating: PG-13 (adult themes, gore)
Genre: Songfic/Tragedy
Status: Finished
Personal rating: 8/10
Summary: The day after Klio's suicide, her mother realises that her daughter was never told 'I love you' or helped with her homework.
Comments: I was listening to the song - 'Hello', by Evanescence - and the idea just jumped into my mind. Another depressing story. ^^
Extract: "Darling!" howled Evangeline at her daughter's face. Her cut had been cleaned, her neck straightened. What good would it do? Klio was gone! GONE! "Darling, I'm so sorry, I never meant it, I was a terrible mother, oh, darling, Klio darling..." She clutched at her daughter's shirt, stroked her limp hair.

Don't try to fix me
I'm not broken
I am the lie
Living for you so you can hide
Don't cry

~ ~ ~

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