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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 04-23-2004, 08:28 PM
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Default Eternal-The Power of Two

Yep, here it is!

Chapter One-The Beginning
It was a dark, windy night, with tree surrounding the helpless house as they were sucked into the night’s fateful darkness. The leaves sounded like they were talking in a dark, mysterious whisper.
The beach, covered in the shadow, was still alive with the murmur of two figures; a boy, with blonde, spiky hair and fashioning a red jacket with jeans, and a girl, with long, blonde hair, wearing a blue tube top and jeans.
From the houses, the towns folk of Petalburg could hear their talk of dreams, and the future away from the town, as they were soon going on a journey that would change their lives forever. A Pokemon journey.

The boy and girl, known as Harry and Jade, were partners in everything, also boyfriend and girlfriend. They believe nothing could separate them from their everlasting earth, not even the world being destroyed into oblivion.
They laid, in a steamy, sand-blanketed beach, with Jade‘s head across Harry‘s chest. They lay, wondering what surprises await their future, and what danger they will encounter.
“Harry? Do you love me?” said Jade, anxiously.
He smiled, and replied with confirmation that he had loved her since he saw her beautiful face and long golden hair.
“Good, I love you Harry, and always will do.”
They kissed, and their whispers faded into the moonlights beckoning for silence. In the hills were Mightyena’s howling, with their babies, Poochyena.

The mornings sun lifted from the horizon, and Jade and Harry woke up to the tweet of Taillow’s flying through the blue sky, singing their blissful tune. Also, the tree’s had Wurmples, Silcoons and Cascoons hanging in, with Beautifly and Dustox flying overhead.
They looked at their surroundings, and they hugged.
“What are we doing over here anyway?”
“We probably fell asleep.”
“We need to get back to our houses, quick. Our parents will be worried.”
They ran, out of the beach, and into the main area of Petalburg, where the houses were just waking up.
“Mum!Are you awake? I’m ok!” shouted Jade, bursting into the house.
“Yes, I’m awake….now. Where have you been?”
“I was at the beach with Harry, and lost track of time. We fell asleep.”
“At least you’re not hurt,” Said her mum, hugging her. “I’d get dressed, if I was you. Remember, Professer Birch is coming to see you and Harry.”
“Oh, I forgot!” She said, running up the stairs to her room.

Meanwhile, Harry ran into his house, to be greeted by his mum.
“Hello, dear. Where have you been?”
“At the beach with Jade, you see we fell asleep.”
“Ok, and remember, Professor Birch is coming to give you your starter pokemon.”
“Oh yes, I need to get dressed!” he said, running up the stairs.
By this time, the Professor had made it to the town, and he knocked on Harry’s door. Harry answered it, and let him in.
“So, you must be Harry. Do you know where Jade is?”
“No, I’ll go and get her.”
He ran to her house, fetching her for him.
“Here she is!” he said, and the Professor laid, from a blanket, 3 pokeballs on the table.
“Jade, Harry, these pokemon are young, so be careful.” He said, releasing the young pokemon.
One, a green, lizard type pokemon, with a red stomach, called Treeko, stood on the table.
Next, a small, chick type bird appeared with red and orange colouring, called Torchic.
And last but not least, Mudkip, the fish pokemon, with a fin on the top of its head.
Their decision was easy to make, as Jade chose the fish, Mudkip, and Harry chose Treeko, the wood Gecko.

“Hello, I’m your new trainer.” Said the couple, and Treeko shook hands with Harry, and then walked up to Mudkip, and shook its hand, too.

In a moment of tears, Harry and Jade, with their pokemon in front, held hands, and said goodbye to their parents, who they had spent so much of their lives with. The families hugged with their children, as the moon began its blissful arise.
Night fell, and Harry and Jade went to meet Petalburg Forest, to search for pokemon to train and battle.
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Old 04-24-2004, 12:11 AM
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Default Re: Eternal-The Power of Two

Hey, that was a great start! Nice description, easy flow, although there was some spelling errors here and there but not enough to throw me off. I cant wait for the next addition and see how this fic ends up with a boyfriend/girlfriend glow effect to it. Nice job Eternal!

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Old 04-25-2004, 10:08 AM
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Default Re: Eternal-The Power of Two

yeh its pretty good so far. i thought it was a bit unrealistic when the couple stayed out on the beach all night and when they tell there parents this they are fine, and not at all concerned that they might have been gettin down and dirty if u know what i mean... but yeh anyway, update soon, i want to see where this goes.
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Old 04-26-2004, 08:07 PM
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Default Re: Eternal-The Power of Two

Chapter 2- The Petalburg Forest Family! Team Magma’s plans!

At the entrance to the forest, a eerie feeling swept the air. In the mountains, Salamence could be heard. Harry looked up, and dreamt of one day having a pokemon of that calibre, a strong, dragon type. Flying beside it, was a large green pokemon, Flygon, and in the mystical waters was a long, sea serpent, a Milotic, and in Jades mind, she knew she wanted something as beautiful as that.

Night was beginning, and pokemon such as Pidgeotto and Altaria, ended their aerial pursuit for food, to fly to the forest of dreams, Petalburg Forest. The forest, in a myth, was said to have been visited by Jirachi, the wish maker. The family that lived there was blessed to the highest heavens.
They walked around, admiring the webs of the spiders, and the beautiful Beautifly and Altaria. Jade looked up, and kissed him lightly on the cheek, as if time was standing still.
“It’ll be alright, I know it will.”
And all of a sudden a light, from a cabin, came into view.
Its aurora, amazing to look at, was glowing dazzlingly, and the pair continued to walk, but this time, to the glimmering cabin.
They knocked, and they saw an old lady, and her husband, with a small, yellow and blue pokemon, glowing. Its face, a cute and innocent face, was looking up at them, almost smiling.
“Welcome to our cabin. This is Jirachi, the wish maker,” Said the old lady, with her eyes wandering.
Shock covered their faces, as they couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. There was Jirachi, one of the most coveted pokemon ever, in front of them, at the beginning of their journey. An ultimate power in the pokemon world, in front of their very eyes.
The luck they have been given is somewhat of a dream, a stroke of pure luck. Nervously, they kneeled down, and greeted the angel-like creature, petting it.
Then, like in a stroke of lightening, Harry remembered the small, dictionary like thing, a pokedex. He immediately whipped it from his jacket and held it up to the small pokemon.
“Jirachi, the wish pokemon.” It said, stopping. “No information available.”
“You are now entitled a wish.” Said the lady.
They talked, and decided on their wish, to always be together, and that their pokemon journeys are successful. The Wish Maker looked up at them with a gaze of pure delightfulness, and a light blasted through the room. Time stood still, and they were sent into a long sleep.

Meanwhile, Rustboro was filled with people in red and black outfits, with skulls on them.
“Boss, operation take over is go. Soon Devon will be ours! Over.” Said a Grunt to his leader, Maxie.
“Great, move in” replied Maxie.
The Magma members scurried into the nooks and crannies of the town.
“Soon, Magma will rule the Earth, destroy the sea and capture our god, Groudon!” Maxie thought, evilly.

In the cabin, the people woke the children, Harry and Jade.
“You are welcome to have lunch here.” Said the lady, fidgeting.
“Thanks they said, sitting at the table in the far corner of the room. They could smell the sweet aroma of food, and the lady laid a plate for each of them, with a giant one with countless pieces of bread, butter, and different fillings on. They ate the meal, with great delight, and Harry and Jade, thanking the people for their lunch, went out of the room.
Outside, the sky was an attractive shade of blue, and trees were a luscious green.
The sky had turned to a blissful painting of joy and pleasure, with graceful birds soaring through the cloudless skies.

Harry and Jade, at the sight of their beautiful surroundings, sat on a bench, admiring the delightful picture, and kissing. The people around them; some battling, some fishing, and some also admiring the skies and views.

Ahead, was a small flower shop, which the couple entered, spirits high.
The air was filling their lungs with a romantic and luscious smell, which made them feel rejuvenated, and full of life.
Exiting, they walked to the bridge, holding hands like a real couple in love.
The bridge, though sturdy, had cracks, and either side, had Magikarp, Caravana, and Poliwag, jumping and swimming through the calm water.
The bridge now crossed, was now behind them as they continued their walk to Rustboro.

The city ahead, with a gym, and one of the most important buildings in all of Hoenn, Devon Corp, Rustboro is a must visit tow fortrainers, and Harry and Jade do not know what to expect on their next instalment of their Pokemon Trainer legacy, Eternal!


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