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Old 04-18-2004, 07:48 AM
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Default "Fic": Survivor: Mirage

Ok... this isn't "exaclty" a fic... this is my friend's work... this story (if I posted "all") has no ending... he's got nothing to do, and since SURVIOR series was such a hit back then, he decided to make one. This was his 2nd work, the 1st one was Survivor: Afghanistan. All of his survivor series are based on us; his classmates. So don't expect to understand it that much =P
Some are in filipino, so there's some translation. the ones in italics are the ones I added. otherwise, everything else is his work.

If u want to comment, please do so HERE. ^^

Oh, in this story, my name here is "Sun". "Berk/Berkeley" is the one who made this... now... it begins...

NOTE: For those with poor imagination, Guy is about 15-16 years old, Kid2 is 10-12, Kid is 5-8, and Man is an adult. Use these facts to read the story better.

Chapter One

“I felt a smooth breeze rushing up my face. For a rainy season, it was pure bliss. I was still thinking back when I started on my own. Thinking of the past made me laugh yet what sorrowful face I gave. I had spent most of my life gazing at them…the foolish ones. Always thinking about the next but never the one before. Fate works well especially in those who believe but…..what about me…a lifeless unexistant yet still here gazing….waiting…..”

It had just been a day after my “transfer”. I had never knew that fate had been so kind to me to be back to share memories. And losses. Everything was still the same as I snug in like a perfect fit sock.. But some things, DO change. Its been almost a week since Jian disappeared. He was just doing fine the last time I saw him but we must all move on for I’m sure fate has other things in mind.

The DWTL (Days with the Lord [search it in a search engine]) was coming soon and strange as it may seem, there were no official announcements. Could it be that It was cancelled? It was Friday and nothing turned up. The day ended with a smile in my face and a frown in my heart. Something was just not right.

Berkeley’s House 9:46 PM; Friday; July 6, 2002
Berk: ZZZZZzzzzzz…….
???- GeT UuppppHhh!!!!
Berk- Ugh…huh?! Wat???
???- get up c’mon! Your going to miss it.
Berk- miss wat?
???- you know, YOUR day…
Berk- wat day?
???- the day…get up…your going to be late
Berk:- late for wat?! LATE FOR WHAAA.. (falls through bed)

XSHS (Xavier School High School), unknown time
(Berk falls flat with a thud)
Berk- what the hel?---
Berk- who’s there?! (picks up a small rock)
???- gettaway dammit! (swipe swipe)
Berk- ***? Y r u here?
???- never mind that. Gimme a hand here.

From now on, I will talk to berkeley in the third person.

Berkeley, scared and frightened stood his ground as if someone told him to. He could not run away. He knew that this would be HIS day. Suprisingly, JP brought his sword along…weird. He must have ‘precautioned’ to fend off the ‘sponsors’ at the DWTL or something…

After the seemingly long fight, berkely suffers blows in his legs as the ‘creature’ disappears screaming in agony. Berkeley asks JP why he has a sword but frankly, JP couldn’t answer him. It seems that it just appeared. JP said that everything was going well until the blackout and he got separated from TJ and Tom. That’s where he found the sword and the sudden urge to kill. Meanwhile, strange voices around the shallow corridor arise. It was familiar…another student. It was moaning but sounded friendly. It was Tom:

Tom- g..gettaway from me
Kid2- don’t be afraid. I’m afraid too but we must not complicate these matters
Tom- …..
Kid2- c’mon, let’s play!
Tom- I don’t know how I got here but you’re goin too far
Kid2- (ignoring him; gesturing hands) I know a wonderful game we could play…
Tom- tamana gago. Ayoko na… (Stop it you moron/idiot. I don't want to...)
Kid2- (looms closer) now that’s not very nice now ISN’T IT (starts a fake frown and grabs Tom)LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Berkeley and JP hears the sound of his final breath and rushed as soon as possible. They did not know what they were up against but somehow deep inside they seem to know all along. While following the sounds, Berkeley adjusts his eyes to the dark and realizes he’s in the football field area by the EED (Place where Nursery and Prepatory students are studying/having class). The voices were coming from upstairs. Berkeley picks up a rock to protect himself and carefully inspects the top floor.

EED third floor, ??? time
The floor was cold and silent. They knew Tom had been here. They had checked the bunks and found nothing. Puzzled, they had decided to go back down to search but as they turned around a pale figure appears out of nowhere:

Tom- oy! Kumusta na (Ei! how you doing)
JP- where'd u come from
Tom- OH (exaggerating) you know, just checking around looking for TJ. (looks at scars) guys what happened to you?!
Berk- oh you wouldn’t believe it…
JP- some bug just tried to kill us!
Tom- u beter lie down…get some rest
JP- what about TJ?
Tom- don’t worry, We HaVe aLl NiGhT.
Berk- hey, you’re not Tom!! What’s with the voice…it sounds familliar
‘Kid2’- do you remember me?! I’ll kill you all!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA
JP- Oh yeah! (lunges forward)
Berk- JP doon’t, its Tom! You can’t hurt him!
JP- watch me.

‘Kid2’- OW you’ll pay for that…
Kid2 shoves JP off the ledge.
JP- AAAHHH help me (hanging)
Berk- oh sh*t. You can’t do this Tom.
‘Kid2’- but I’m not Tom am I?
Tom- no…don’t…hurt…Berk…

As everything gets tense, for one moment, Berkeley remembers about a fight. He was holding a blade. It was nice and smooth that it cut through the hardest steel. He felt like holding it…grasping it…waitaminute!!! HE IS holding it and without warning slices Tom in half.

Tom- ugh…Mabait NA ako…DWTL…..sumama ka….HAHAHAHAH…. (ugh... I'm good now... DWTL... join me... HAHAHAHAH...)
‘Kid2’- darnit! You ruined my new toy!!! (disappears)

Berk helps JP up and couldn’t believe what he just did. JP said that’s how he felt about his blade earlier. The two look upon Tom’s corpse and walk away. This was their escape…this was their SURVIVAL.
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Default Re: "Fic": Survivor: Mirage

Remember: Italics are the ones I placed... I also censored the swearing parts... note that this is gorey at some parts... =P

Guy- How did they get here???
Kid- …
Guy- well, we cant let this little problem get awry. Thanks to Ciel, we got a load of trouble in our hands.
Kid- that sniveler triggered the field. its too early for this
Guy- just let him, nothing we can do now but dispose of the intruders. if the field disappears so do we
Kid- ….
Man- I’ll make the preparations…you both know what to do (walks away)
Kid- …
Guy- whats wrong with u, you’ve been neutral ever since we got here
Kid- I’m just not used to all this confusion. I just want things back the way they were.
Guy- But this is what we are doing! we all have to make changes
Kid- I hate changes. They always lead you elsewhere.
Guy- what can make one feel same about changes???
Kid- …….blood…….death……
Guy- well, that is one thing I cannot do……You have to figure that out by yourself.

Chapter 2 For Whom Is The Sword Drawn

Gate2 Office Area, Same Night, Heavy Rainstorm Approaching

???- almost there…..
???- careful, the firewall sensor might come back anytime
???- I still think this is a crazy idea guys
???- oh come’on, where’s your sense of adventure
???- BINGO! I’m in. Just a few more minutes before I hack into the mainframe
<beep beep bweerrrrttzzzzzzt>
???- what the hell was that sound
???- Ah you worry too much.
???- damn I can almost taste those files…
<BWWEEeerrrzzttass BEEEpprrrrzzzttt>
???- SH*T!!! Power’s out, we’re sitting ducks
???- Now what????

Their only source of light was the gleaming moon shining a speck of aura on the mysterious figures:
TJ, Raymond, Gerome, and ChrisL (Chris Lao) has entered.

Ray- we have to go, not much we can do here
Ge- Nooooo I was so close
TJ- oh shaddup
ChrisL- let’s just get out of here before anyone notices
<click click click clatter clatter>
Ray- Gerome quit it! Its over.
Ge- Th-That wasn’t me.
TJ- Who the hell??!!
ChrisL- come’on dammit let’s go
TJ- if they catch us hacking in, we’re screwed. We gotta stop this prankster
ChrisL- Not me…I’m outta here (runs off)
Ge- wait. You’ll get caught.
Ray- hey!!!! ------AAAhhh!!!
a short knife flies from nowhere and wounds Raymond’s leg
Ray- tang inah anong kalokohan toh (Sunuva B! What the heck is this?!?)
Ge- this is too much, wait for me chris!!! (runs off)
TJ- no dammit come back
Ray- ugh….
TJ- don’t worry, (tries to pick him up)
Ray- hurry…
TJ- what was that?!
<clatter clatter VATHOOMP VATHOOMP>
TJ- whoa…
????- hihihihihihihi!!!
Ray- get away dammit!
????- lets play a LITTLE game shall we
Ray- wa-wat game
TJ- (I really wanna get out but I can’t leave Raymond behind)
TJ arms himself with a nearby axe near the fire hose
TJ- c’mon out
The rain had started to pour as the drenched figure comes out. It was a knight of some sort. The gargantuan stood 10 feet tall with a giant pole axe in hand. It was headless yet seem to know where it was going as if it was controlled. It knew exactly what to do. Still, TJ held his ground hoping something might happen.
Ciel- get out now and I’ll spare you. I’m only after that wounded one
TJ- wh-who are you? Is this a joke??
Ciel- this is no joke. What you see is real. If you go now, I promise you’ll be safe
TJ- no….i have to save---
Ciel- OH PUH—LEEEZ, don’t give me that heroic sh*t. It makes me sick. I know what you really want. None of that mushy stuff about heroism and ---brotherhood. This is the REAL world. And I’m giving you a REAL chance. So what’ll it be…
TJ- I can’t leave a friend.
Ciel- well, look at your friend now….
Ray- hhhhaaahhhh I-I cant breathe…..
TJ- Stop that.
Ciel- I told you to leave. Now his death will be your fault.
Ray- aahhhhh…
In a matter of seconds, the knight pierces through Raymond’s body and his blood gushes all over TJ.
TJ- no…(steps back)…..NO…(runs away)

Meanwhile, Gerome catches up with ChrisL and hides out in hopes of seeking sanctuary. They couldn’t go out, somehow, they knew the gates weren’t the way they came in. Gerome realizes that before they got here, he doesn’t remember what happened before that. His mind was blank. Frankly, ChrisL can’t remember a thing either. It was like, Gerome had an urge to hack on the net. and all of a sudden he did. Just when they thought of what to do next, TJ finds them. They were surprised to see him covered in blood.

Ge- hey tj, u okay
TJ- don’t worry, its not my blood…listen up there’s a-----
Ge- WHAT!!! You killed him??!!! G*DAMM*T U KILLED HIM!!
ChrisL- so that’s it mr. Bigshot!, thought he’d slow us down wouldn’t you?
TJ- no its not tha---
ChrisL- blame it on the innocent wouldn’t you?
TJ- but I didn’t-----
Ge- G*DDAMMM*T…..get away from us!!!!!
TJ- but…..
And from that moment, TJ felt like the whole world was blaming him. Every voice he heard pierced his ears like a giant drill. He couldn’t take it anymore. He felt anger…a burning flame of hatred. All he wanted was a shattering silence that would soon return the peace that he always wanted. But no…it was over for him…there was nothing else he could do but sink down. And so with all the rage hidden from years ago until now began to unleash his thoughts and broke away into a fury of words.

At the same time, the back wall cracked. It was the knight, come to finish what he started. Ge and CL panic, they were trapped. TJ’s thoughts were disrupted and realized what the position was right now and decided not to waste his time. The trio ran away scared fearing for their life. Closeby, another figure seems to be watching.
A sense of emotion was undetected. He was just standing there. No grin, nor frown. It was like he was set up there like a pawn….

GS Gym
Ge- if I close my eyes maybe it’ll go away.
ChrisL- get real man! You know that’s not going to work!
TJ- wait! Stop! I think that knight thingie is trying to say something
Knight- mah--mahdgge------
TJ- don’t move.
Ge- but..
TJ- DON’T move.
ChrisL- okay…take it easy
They were trapped, as they stopped so did the knight. The gate was in their sights but they knew that one false step could lead into a fatal one. The knight was readying itself, preparing to attack.. Gerome was terrified, he wanted to move even if he couldn’t. He could feel the knights aura reaching into his. He was next. Deciding it was now or never, he decided to take an all or nothing chance and make a run for it.

Ge- I can’t take it anymore GODAMMIT! (runs away)
Knight- mahhhgess----(catches Ge and injures his back)
Chris decides to take advantage of this ‘distraction’ and runs off. Leaving TJ to deal with the menace.

ChrisL- This is some scary sh*t! That’s it! I don’t care anymore! This is all your fault!
Ge- uhhh……
Knight- massshhhesssttiii-----
TJ- I…..
Knight puts the finishing touches on Gerome and ended his misery.
The hulking figure walks closer putting down his axe. TJ feels a sense of warmth and feels touched like a soul has been lifted. Then, he understands…He understood that all this was a cause of his anger. He has created the silence. The silence that will end all of humanity.

Gate 5
ChrisL- dammit open!!! I don’t get it, it’s locked up tight and----
(a psychic force knocks ChrisL back against a wall, crunching his spine)
ChrisL- sh*t, I can’t move.
Knight- Majesty.
TJ- hello there.
ChrisL- quick! Help me up. Before he does anything…
Knight stabs ChrisL’s left leg
ChrisL- gah!
TJ- no. (walks around a bit) your in my WAY!!! AHAHAHAHAH!!!
Knight stabs ChrisL’s right leg and ChrisL dies of blood loss
Knight- Majesty, For whom is the sword drawn.
TJ- for the losers of course, the ones who shift the blame, the ones who make false judgement
Knight- Judgement….
TJ- come, I feel a yearning for a killing tonight shall we?
Knight- majesty… (disappears in a blink)
With TJ’s new ideology, they set off to pick the rest of the world up one by one… Meanwhile, Sun reappears on Gerome’s corpse. He picks up some of his blood and smells it. A grin suddenly forces its way into his face. He knows that this is just the beginning.

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Default Re: "Fic": Survivor: Mirage


HS (high school)ROOF
Guy- so, how does it feel to be dead
Kid- …
Guy- in your mind, your soul, your peace…
Kid- True, true, death is a good thing for me
Guy- hoho. That’s where you are wrong my friend
Kid- … (puzzled)
Guy- you say you are dead yet you speak of it. How can you remember what you have forgotten. It is impossible.
Kid- but I AM dead.
Guy- (laughs) Oh just admit it. There is still so much for you to do. Stop being something your not. It only makes things harder.
Guy- Still the same old child…(sigh) he’ll never change…..(calls out) ARES!
Kid3- he-lo
A kindled spirit shined out from nowhere all of a sudden. He danced childishly to bid his master’s call. Through the eyes of his friend, the moonlight gleamed upon his face. He looked young, careless, and joyful like he hasn’t a care in the world. The dim night sky brightened as if the child’s aura was forcing the shadows away…

Guy- (patting his head) Please keep an eye on him, he might get hurt.
Ares- (childish tone) okey dokey you can count on me (leaves)
Guy- (turns to himself)hmmm……I wonder how it feels……to die…..

Chapter Three Terrorist Jacket
Stranger things have happened …a student awakes in the middle of the night, people turning insane, a hacking frenzy gone wrong, a headless knight on the loose. Things just don’t seem to be making sense. And its about to get crazier…

GS ODS (Grade school Office of Departmental Security [something like that; I'm ashamed that I forgot what it stands 4... =P])
Dench, Meynard, Andrew has entered.
D3 (Dench)- …………….. then, we blow it up sky high
Mey- that’ll make’em pay!
Drew- (british accent) I don’t really care. I’m jes here for the fireworks show
Mey- where r d others
D3- Out on patrol. If we were caught then that would be the end of it.
Mey- yeah…
D3- today IS a DWTL day so I guess we’re not alone
Drew- man will ya’ll shut up! All your blabberin is makin me sick
D3- sheesh whats wrong wit yuz man.
Drew- I don’t know its like we missed something
D3- don’t worry, we got everything all set. All we need is to secure the area.

Prinz, Jayme, RV, Raian has entered.
Another group was on the other side of the block. Anticipating their next move. Jayme stared out the window. He starts to daydream about a wintersetting. Couples were skating, children were making snowangels, snowflakes drizzle around the icy edge of the park. It was pure energy. Then he sees a child sitting under an old oak tree. He seems lonely and Jayme wanted to reach out but all of a sudden the park blew up in flames. The fire was eating everything until nothing was left. Jayme stood there frozen. He wasn’t aware why he was in school today…

Pr (Prinz)- hey! We don’t have all night
Jay (Jayme)- huh? Wha-what happened?
Rai (Raian)- you tell us! You’ve been standing there all night.
Pr- so, what’s the plan?
Jay- I-I don’t know.
Rai- whaddya mean ya don’t know. We’ve gotten this far and you dn’t know jack about what to do?!
RV- uh…I wanna go now please
Rai- don’t be such a sh*thead. We need you to defuse those bombs.
RV- Couldn’t we just do it another night?
Rai- RV?
RV- yes??
Pr- oh stop it you two. You want them to hear us???
Jayme realizes his position and tries hard to remember but to no avail couldn’t. Then, another pale figure comes out in the corner. It was like he was there the whole time. The person seems to be awfully familiar…
Tom has entered again.
Tom- hey you guys ready?
Rai- Jayme hasn’t told us the plan yet.
Tom- hey Jayme don’t you remember? (turns to him)
Jay- …..D3…..Drew….oh yeah now I remember! (that’s strange, I swear I couldn’t remember awhile ago but now its here in black and white!)
Jay- RV, Raian head for the back. Try to defuse as many as possible. When we give the go sign head for the centre. We’ll meet you there.
Rai- Oh great. I’m stuck with you.
RV- sheeesh.
Jay- Prinz. Take your position on the roof. You’ll know when its time.
Pr- gottcha!
Jay- Tom come with me. You know where the bombs in the front are.
Tom- sure. (nods)
Jay- if everything goes well, we’ll be and---
Derrick has entered.
Der- guys! Bad news! They got Alfred! We were out on recon and we were ambushed by Peter and Mang.
Jay- was anyone else there?
Der- I don’t know. It was too dark. But its not safe out there. They want to negotiate that’s why they let me go. They said we should meet downstairs right now! What do we do now??
Gali has entered.
Gali- (from outside) I don’t know what you guys want! Frankly, I don’t even know how you got here but we got your buddy so you better come out right now!
Alfred, Peter has entered.
Alf- Don’t listen to them! It’s a trap.
Peter- oh shuttup!
Peter knocks Alf unconscoius.
Jay- we’ll continue with the original plan.
Der (Derrick)- r u nuts???
Jay- listen, I’m sure that all this is one big trap. Their expecting us to come in the open.
Der- but what about Alf?
Tom- hey! I say we go down there and save him while RV and Rai start the defusing. Besides, Prinz is backing us up on the East roof. If we land in a firefight then at least we have support.
Jay- okay! Then its settled then. Derrick you stay here and keep me posted. Everbody move out! (spreads out)

Gali- where the hell r dey?
Pete- I don’t know. But tell me again, why do we hav to keep this one alive.
Alf- uhhh.
Gali- you’ll see. By now our contact should be here…

Pr- time to blow some heads off. (sets up his sniper)
Pr- (sets his scope) Jayme should be coming right about now…
???- (aims a gun at Pr) <click> Don’t even think about it.
Pr- what the?! We’ve been set up!
Mang has entered.
Mang- Everything seems to be in schedule thanks to our contact.
Pr- oh sh*t! A spy! No…it couldn’t be-------

<ring ring>
D3- (picks up phone) Everything’s just like we planned boss.
???- excellent! And the codes?
D3- we haven’t heard from them yet.
???- Idiot!!! Get those clips whenever you can we can’t afford to lose them!
D3- sure boss. (puts phone down) What could be taking them?
Mey- could it be the security system
D3- Surely, they could have easily noticed and set it down quickly.
Mey- then what could it be??
Drew- no probs. I’ll check it out. At least I can do something other than stand around like you blokes. (leaves)
Mey- why that sunuva B!! If he wasn’t so “high-ranking” I’d shoot his ass.
D3- ….
Mey- what r U thinkin about now?!
D3- its about that guy. He was acting differently from the others like he was afraid.
Mey- so what do you suggest? That he’s a fake?
D3- that could be. He didn’t look like much of a hacker to me.
Mey- could it be he’s trying to get to us?
D3- maybe.

By now, Berk and *** have healed from their wounds.
Berk- HOLY S***!!
***- what?!
Berk- To-Tom’s body. Its gone. Even the blood stains aren’t here.
***- No way.
Berk- I swear I cut him in half. Its like he wasn’t here at all.
***- let’s search the place again.
Berk- right!
<thomp thomp thomp>
Berk- wait. What’s that? Did you hear it?
JP- yeah. Weird. Get your sword. We don’t know what it might be.
??- uhhhh…..
Berk- I’ll slice’m up.
??- waaaiiiii…..
JP- hold it. That voice sounds human.
Berk- yeah?! And so does Tom.
JP- no but this one looks-----looks….I don’t know. But you have to trust me on this one.
Berk- fine then (lets *** take a closer look)
???- uuhhh….hheeelllpp meee…
JP- oh yuck! What did they do to you?!
ChrisL turns out to be alive. He just fainted when his other leg was stabbed.
ChrisL- it’s a long story…
Berk helps ChrisL in a bunk to rest.
Berk- what happened?
ChrisL- TJ…..Raymond……Gerome……Knight……Majesty…….
***- Slow down…
ChrisL- Its not safe here. There’s a giant thing with an axe and TJ’s on it. Everyone else is dead. Only I managed to survive.
Berk- we have to go against that knight.
JP- berkeley, what are you saying? We can’t just go out there and----
Berk- But you can feel it couldn’t you?
JP- what are you talking about? Feel what?
Berk- the urge to kill. Just like that monster we saw and just like Tom. Its in your blood and as long as it stays you can never control it.
JP- you-your right. I can feel it.
ChrisL- please don’t hurt TJ. He thinks the world is against him. Its just a misunderstanding. Go, I’ll be fine here.
Berk- don’t worry. Let’s go.

And so starts an enticing chapter of terrorists, knights, swords, and spirits within.

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Default Re: "Fic": Survivor: Mirage


<click click clatter clatter>
Guy- I see you’ve done a clean job.
Ciel- it was fun while it lasted. I just love playing around with people.
Guy- that last one was good
Ciel- why for fun of course BWAHAHAHAHA----er what job? No…not…him!!!
Guy- Then that means…
Ciel- where’s that little twit?! Hiding again?
Guy- …when will he ever learn…..
<click clatter clatter>
Ciel- I’ll handle this…

Chapter 4 Mo-cha Kai-shi
ChrisL- …
TJ- so, you’re still alive. You give me such a hard time boy.
CL- uhh…
TJ- (grabs his face) Now, where shall I start. Maybe I’ll scrape of the eyes…yeah…I’ll
pok’em out. Then I’ll go for the ears. Then…
CL- why r u doin this…I didn’t do anything to you…I ran away….
TJ- YOU?! Because of you I had hell in my skull! Because of you, people blame me for your excuses.
CL- ???
TJ- face it, your worthless. You don’t belong here… Its because of you that I am like this. Can you hear those voices? Their calling you to join them…
<thoomp thoomp thoomp>
Maj- Sine…
TJ- of all people, you should know this…I trusted you and now…and now…..i have nothing……let’s just end it all shall we?

CL becomes weak and realizes his wrong from the word of his friend.
CL- yes…(feeling hopeless) I’m sorry for running away. I’ll behave now. Go ahead…kill me. <flash> what the hell am I saying?! <flash> its okay. Its MY fault not his <flash> snap out of it Chris!! <flash> But..he.. <flash> don’t fall for his trance!! Run away!! <flash> be good and stay. <flash> GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE CHRIS!!!

A strange glow forms around Chris. He feels a world of confusion. A world of what is right and wrong didn’t matter. A world where justice was inhuman and inhuman was justice. Everything he had ever worked on suddenly just began to go away. He was finally at peace. And now he was going to die….. Live or die??? What was he going to do.
TJ- what’s this?? Why won’t you finish him off???
Majesty- Sine….
CL- (grins) hahahahahahah!
TJ- huh??

CL- hahahahahah! I understand it now! How could I have been so blind all these times! The voices, the strange dreams, the blood! Truly I have never been so alive! All this time I have been going on about it the wrong way. Doing good and trying hard yet doing bad and being harsh! All this makes no sense. One must be alive to know this but…being dead has an even greater destiny!! No one will understand the consequences of both choices…that! Is a true mind of a genius!

Maj- Sine…
TJ- what? Why can’t I kill you. Could I just have been making excuses all this time to feed my own? Could it be a sign??
Maj- Sine…
TJ- yes. A sign!!! A new era of destiny awaits us all. Coming?
CL- a genius needs no introduction!!! (leaves)

(looks around)
CL- it..was..a….dream…
CL feels a lot of pain and fear from the dream
???- dreams were meant to be broken
CL- what?! Who’s there!
EAST ROOF GS (Grade School)
Pr- if only I had a destraction…
<beep beep>
Mang- ….
Pr- damn! I forgot about these earpieces. <whisper> Hello…what’s up
Derr- we got a problem…
Pr- oh don’t you think I know that!
Derr- what?! No way! Some mole must’ve let the word out.
Pr- tell me about it..listen, I’m on the East roof. I need you here. Sunva B... has me straight in the eyes.
Derr- No can do. I hear back ups comin’. Oliver’s decided to lend a hand but they need a signal and this frequency won’t just cut it. I have to stay here and figure things out. Listen, maybe the mole-----

Mang- Hey! What d hel r u doin!!?? (grabs the earpiece) A bug! Wait till the boss hear’s bout dis!
While Mang’s attention is diverted to the earpiece for a brief moment, Prinz uses this opportunity to knock him out with a kick in the nuts then ties him up. (he can’t shoot Mang in case ur wondering cos that would alert Caimbon and Pr would fry from Caimbon’s RPG!)
Mang drops the earpiece and breaks.
Pr- helo! Helo! Can u stil hear me?
Derr- bzzzzzzzzzzzzz I’ve been spotted bzzzzz zzz go….<bang> <bang> find…bzzzzzz hostages bzzzz zzzzzzzzztttt! (earpiece breaks completely)
Pr- SH*T! Just when I’m so close…the hostages come first. I’ll have to get them out!
Pr grabs Mang’s M3A1 and heads for HS (High School) grounds.
Gali- I’m sick and tired of waitin’ where r they!
Pet- maybe we’ve been duped.
Gali- that mole beter be telling the truth. I hate traitors!!

(meanwhile somewhere else)
Tom- Prinz’s signal is dead could they have gotten him?
Jay- I don’t believe it. A mole!
Tom- its too late now…but we can still gettem’ (opens a case in his pack)
Jay- what’re those…..I see…..perfect!

(back on the scene)
Pet- look over there boss!
Jay- let him go gali or no one gets hurt
Gali- aw shaddap! Ur in no right to give orders. I have the hostage, its my call.
Pet- where’s ya little friend…
Tom- right where I want you
Tom lobs a smoke canister.
Gali and Peter weaken in the blaze.
Gali- phhhsssst <cough cough> I can’t see a damn thing!
Pet- me neither <aaakkk>
Jay- now!
Jay grabs Alf and makes a run for it.
Jay- let’s go now! Huh? What’s goin on?

(the smoke clears)
Gali- you thought it would be that easily
Tom- good show guys…especially the smoke. Whew! Really cool stuff.
Pete- Now, let’s get back to business (aims his RPG) hand over the cash!!
It has become quite obvious that Tom was the “contact”.
<beep beep>
Mang- Prinz is gone! He’s after the hostages.
Gali- Tom, go check’em out. We’ll handle these idiots.
Tom- yessir!
Gali- Mang, go tell the boss. It seems this mission is just about over.
Mang- Roger. <beep>
Jay- no…there’s no where else to go…it’s the…end…
<thoomp thoomp thoomp>
Gali- what the?!
<thoomp thoomp thoomp>
Maj- …
Peter looks scared.
Pet- wh-what the hell is that thing!
Gali- I don’t know but its one big mama!
TJ- ahahahahaha! Thy time hath cometh!
Maj- aaargghh
Jay runs away and hides with Gali and Peter looking in the other direction.
During the shootout, TJ manages to get hit in the left shoulder. Majesty weakens a bit. Peter finishes them off with his RPG.
TJ- (stumbles back up) damn it all!!!!! The world shalt pay!!!
TJ’s anger has reached undesirable limits!! (very VERY high)
Gali- TJ? What’s he doin’ here?
Pet- I don’t think you should be asking that right now…

A giant shockwave blows Gali and Peter back rendering them severely injured.
Gali- ca-can you move?
Pet- I think so…but…oh s***! I’m bleedin’! That bastard!!!
Gali- well, its been nice knowin' ya.
Pet- Don’t you dare say that! <heavy breathing> No way I’m dyin’ here…
Gali- (Die? <pause> Die. Am I ready?)
Gali- No…
<click click clatter clatter>
Gali- (No? you are suffering yet you say….)
Gali- No!
Pet- are….you….okay?
Gali- (Just say it and everything will be fine….)
Gali- Never!!! <grabs his head> stop messin’ me around!!!
Berk and *** block just in time and turn the tables around hitting majesty severely.
***- go get the others…I hold’em off
Berk- gotcha!
***- alright! Lets see what your made off.
Maj- uuggghhh!!!
Berk- c’mon let’s go.
Peter and Berk help Gali up.
Peter- not leaving without ya
Gali- (your destiny is to die! That’s all you’ll ever be!)
Gali- le-le-leave me
Berk- what are ya sayin’ you can make it.
Gali- I-I wasn’t meant to….live.
Gali has gone insane
Peter- quit the crazy sh*t! GETTUP!
Gali- no.
***- Hurry up! Can’t hold him for long!
Gali- …after all…everything was meant to be…
*** couldn’t keep Maj at bay. Majesty releases a giant energy ball. Berk, Peter, and *** managed to escape. Gali was gobbled by the blast.
Peter- NOOO!!!

Deep in the serenity of it all, a strange sound can be heard:

<click click clatter clatter>…….hahahahaha…..<click click>….

Will Prinz find the hostages? Will Derrick be able to contact the backup? What the hel r RV and Raian doing??? WHAT IS THAT STRANGE SOUND THAT’S BEEN <CLICKING> EVERSINCE CHAPTER 2!!!!????

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Default Re: "Fic": Survivor: Mirage

Ok... I just rechecked the next chapter... please lock this thread now... I forgot about that; there is no way I can edit the goreyness that's next... =P
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