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Default The Human Species (PG-13)

Humanity has finally gotten fed up with their fragile position in the world of Pokémon.
Gathering the best of trainers, they have decided to subdue or dispose of every powerful Pokémon in existence.

The strong will expire as a large conflict between Pokémon and humans arises…
But which side of the conflict will you end up on when you are neither Pokémon nor human…?

- - - - -
Chapter 1

Lonesome Wanderer Lucario
- - - - -

A hateful blizzard rages over the northern region of Sinnoh. Braving the evil storm while dragging a limp body behind him, a Lucario stumbles through the snow. His body was thin and muscular, but his meager fur and shorts appeared to do little to protect him from the strong winds. Seeing nothing but whirling snow and walls of rock around him, he searched in hopes of finding a cave to take shelter in.

He was cold and weary, but eventually managed to locate a big gaping hole in the side of the mountain. He tackled through the opening violently enough to be ramming through a brick wall as he threw the body he was carrying into a corner of the dank cave. Immediately he closed his eyes, as they burned in pain after having been ravaged by the storm. Collapsing on the ground he lay there panting for a while, not knowing whether to recover his exhaustion or start flailing about in order to regain his body heat.

Deciding that both options sounded like too much of a hassle, he instead sat up and crossed his legs in an attempt to enter a meditative state. That way, he could at least find the inner peace he craved so badly for a while.

He had barely gotten started before he sensed the aura of someone appearing behind him, at the mouth of the cave. The heavy snow has already begun covering up the tracks leading to it, as well as the marks left from the fierce battle that had recently taken place outside. Someone must have seen him enter it…

”Pretty gutsy of you to come alone…” the Lucario suddenly said out loud with a dark tone in his voice as his eyes remained closed, ”Who sent you? Some human organization… Or are you a dog of the legendaries?” He clenched his fists a little as no one answered, and he sensed the foreign aura rapidly moving closer to him.

“No, I guess it doesn’t matter…” the Lucario continued with a sigh, “Since you’ve followed me all the way here, there can only be one course of action…!” Cracking his neck and opening his eyes, the Lucario stood up and quickly turned around to face the approaching threat.

“OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD” an extremely high-pitched voice echoed in his ears, as a smooth ball of blue hair flew at him. The Lucario narrowly dodged it with a sidestep and saw that it was a fairly short creature with some kind of beak sticking out of it.

“I-It really is you!” the strange thing continued as her glee increased with every new pounce at him, “I’m your biggest fan! I love you! I’ve watched every episode over and over and o-”

“Wait!” the Lucario exclaimed terrified while dodging her grasps and fighting hard not to counterattack, “Y-You’re not here to kill me!?”

“Ki… I-I…” the short bird responded, mishearing him and beginning to blush a little, “… I’d LOVE to kiss you!”

“Simmer down!” Lucario shouted as he made a small leap back to avoid the thing’s constant approach. As his vision grew less distorted, he saw that it looked like a blue baby penguin with a big head and… White nipples!?

“I’ve never even seen you before, you crazy thing!” the Lucario yelled angrily as the Piplup before him finally ceased her attacks.

“But… You’re ‘Lonesome Wanderer Lucario’, right?” she asked, looking at him confused with her beady eyes.

“I…” the Lucario mumbled, remembering that he had referred to as ‘Lucario’ before and was indeed wandering alone, ”… Yeah, I guess you could call me that…”

“I KNEW IT!” the Piplup squealed loudly before again jumping up to try to steal his lips.

“Gah!” Lucario yelled in disgust as he grabbed a hold of her head in midair, “You’ve got rabies or something!?” He had expected a strong reaction from this, but instead the Piplup was just holding her hands in front of her with a brown, rectangular object in them.

“Can I have your pawprint?” the Piplup asked sincerely with a big smile on her face.

“W-What the hell…?” Lucario stammered as he searched the small penguin for some kind of storage space, “Where’d you get that from!?”

“Home!” the Piplup giggled, “I’ve always dreamed of meeting you like this, alone in a cave somewhere, no one to interrupt the romantic mood…”

“…” Lucario stood in silence, not really caring about anything this wild beast had to say, ”You wanted my… My… What did you want?”

“Pawprint!” the Piplup exclaimed happily, reaching out even more with the brown object, “I want to show it to all my friends to prove that I really did meet you!”

”Paw… Print? Oh, it’s…” Lucario mumbled, examining the small thing which now reminded him to a miniature vat of wet cement, “… Like an autograph?”

”… A what?” the Piplup wondered, trying to lean her head to the side but instead moving her body diagonally since Lucario still had a tight hold of her.

”Never mind…” Lucario sighed while letting go of the tiny creature, making her fall to the ground and landing on her butt, “I’ll give it to you, but then you’ve got to leave.”

“Leave!?” the Piplup exclaimed instead of ‘Ow’ as she hit the ground, “But… All my life I’ve been waiting for you! I’m your biggest fan! You’re the best hero ever!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about…” Lucario said exhausted, tired of all the nonsense.

”Take…” the Piplup whispered as she remember all those practices she had in front of the mirror. She put on her best face as she gathered up all her courage and shouted, ”… Take me with you!”

”Not a chance” Lucario responded bluntly, ”I travel alone, and I don’t need a pet.”

“A-A pet?” the Piplup stuttered surprised, “No, as a partner! I… I can fight! I’ve traveled before! We’ll-“

“I said ‘not a chance’, not ‘maybe’!” Lucario interrupted harshly, the word ‘partner’ leaving a bad aftertaste in his mind, “I’m a ‘lone wanderer’, remember?”

“Yes! But together, we can-“ the Piplup tried to continue, but was interrupted once again.

“THIS is why I travel alone, if you’re wondering!” Lucario said with annoyance, “So that I don’t have to put up with all this... This… What’s that sound called that penguins make? Chirping?”

“… Pegu-nins?” the Piplup tried to repeat with a confused stare.

“I don’t have any fish, if that’s what you’re looking for!” Lucario said loudly before pointing directly behind him, “And don’t even think you’re getting a piece of this one!”

They both looked at the large Pokémon that Lucario had dragged into the cave. Another bird-like Pokémon, it was larger and had a fiery tone of colors to its feathers. While Lucario remained oblivious, the Piplup could easily tell that it was a Combusken.

“Oooooh!” the Piplup exclaimed with admiration, “Did you hit her with your Aura Sphere? Or maybe your Aura Storm!?”

“… My what?” Lucario asked, before ignoring the thought, “Well… It definitively got familiar with my fists, if that’s what you’re referring to!”

“Wow! You didn’t even have use your special attacks!?” the Piplup shouted happily as she bounced up and down, “That’s soooo cool!”

“Cool?” Lucario said while making a short laugh to himself, “No, I just punched it in the face until it went down… Oh well, at least I won’t be going hungry tonight!”

“Yeah! Hungry…” the Piplup continued bouncing before she realized what she had just said and became a bit startled, “… Uh, hungry?”

”Not hungry enough to bite into this slab of disease, of course! I’ve got to cook it first!” Lucario said as he scanned the area for fitting material to ignite, “Listen, if you help me with starting the fire, I guess you can have half a leg or something.”

The awkward situation was broken as a pitiful groan was suddenly heard from the Combusken. Its senses were barely functional and its mind foggy beyond any recognition as it didn’t know where or what it was. Running completely on instincts, it struggled to move.

“Whoa, still breathing?” Lucario muttered surprised while approaching it, “I guess I’ll have to take care of that, first…”

”WAIT! STOP!” the Piplup yelled while running ahead of him, ”What are you doing!?”

“Well, I can’t eat it if it’s still alive!” Lucario responded as he moved even closer to the Combusken that had started flailing its right leg wildly, ”Now shut up, you’re ruining my appetite…”

”Y-You can’t eat her!” the Piplup shouted in horror as the Combusken moaned frightfully, ”She’s a sentient being! An intelligent creature!”

”Not intelligent enough to avoid fighting me…” Lucario muttered as his stomach growled loudly, “Besides, I haven’t had anything to eat but berries for five days. I’m starving for meat!”

”No… No way…” the Piplup stammered as she fell back, gazing up on her fallen idol, ”Y-You’re really a cannibal!? Y-You’re kidding, right!?”

”Pfft, cannibal…” Lucario scoffed to himself before suddenly realizing something that made is mouth drop, ”… Wait, what? You mean, Pokémon don’t usually… Rather, Pokémon can’t…” Something clicked in him at the sound of the word ‘Cannibal’, and he began to get worried that maybe there was a reason why this act was considered unnatural even between two different species of Pokémon…

”… Yeah, I was… I mean, of course I was joking around!” Lucario said slowly before picking up the pace, ”I just wanted to scare Big Bird here a little bit. Now, scram.”

“Oh…” the Piplup whispered, somewhat relieved. She knew her hero would never try something like that for real!

“Get with the scraming, already!” Lucario shouted, hoping the message would stick this time.

“Come on!” the Piplup continued her earlier hassling, “Let me be your sidekick!”

“No!” Lucario responded sharply and bluntly.

“I promise I won’t get in your way!” the Piplup continued, not taking ‘no’ for an answer, “I’ll even hide myself if I have to! And I’ve got lots of items that’ll be useful-“

“You know, I’m not a lone wanderer because I want to be!” Lucario interrupted, so very tired of this whole conversation, “Just that those that follow me have a bad tendency to end up dead!”

“I…” the Piplup whispered as she closed her eyes before shouting in determination, “I’m not afraid of death!”

A few moments of silence passed between them, as Lucario stared at the little thing in front of him. He didn’t know whether to be impressed with it or angrier at it. Looking outside the cave for an escape, he noticed that the snow had stopped altogether.

“What’s with this climate…?” Lucario mumbled as he looked back at his lost meal with a starving stare. He realized that he no longer had any reason to stay, and began heading for the exit.

“Listen, come with me and you’ll find nothing but death” Lucario tried to explain as calmly as possible while walking, ”Give up on becoming my partner and go back to your home on the north po… I mean, south pole.”

“I’ll follow you wherever you go!” the Piplup replied cheerfully.

“Damn it! Do you ever stop!?” Lucario turned around and growled irritated, as his stomach did the same.

“Oh wait… You’re hungry?” the Piplup asked, her face lighting up, “That’s perfect! I’ve got berries with me!” Before Lucario could blink the Piplup was holding several large berries in her hands, once again dazzling him as to where she had kept them stored until now.

“… Ugh” was all Lucario managed to say as he felt very disappointed, “… Really? Nothing else? I really hate berries…”

“Huh? But that’s…” the Piplup said, looking over the brightly colored berries with a hint of hunger, “… I’ve never heard of a Pokémon that didn’t like berries!”

”Oh, I’m not a Pokémon…” Lucario said lightly as he once again turned around and finally left the cave.

“I’m human.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was a quiet night when Deoxys descended from the heavens.

Believed to not be of this world, it went on a rampage, leaving death and destruction in its wake.

Finally defeated by an unknown force, the tragedy of unparalleled magnitude it created remains in the heart of every human.

To make sure that something like this will never happen again, every wild Pokémon powerful enough to cause such mayhem must be captured, controlled or killed.

Needless to say, this year has been a bad year for Legendaries. This year has also been a bad year for Champion Trainers.

But my year… Has been… THE WORST!

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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)


Neat story =) The cannibal bit made me smile for some odd reason. Possibly 'cause it reminded me of this movie Judge Dredd...but the cannibals in that movie were horrifying real O.o On second thought, I'll credit the Piplup with any giggles I had.

It felt perhaps that the intro to Lucario was short. It's a personal preference--I usually like to know several details of our hero's personality in the first couple chapters after he or she is introduced. This is only the first chapter though, so hopefully more to come on Lucario?

Also, it's standard grammar to split the dialogue into its own paragraph.

For example:

Originally Posted by Human Species
“I-It really is you!” the strange thing continued as her glee increased with every new pounce at him, “I’m your biggest fan! I love you! I’ve watched every episode over and over and o-”
“Wait!” the Lucario exclaimed terrified while dodging her grasps and fighting hard not to counterattack, “Y-You’re not here to kill me!?”
“Ki… I-I…” the short bird responded, mishearing him and beginning to blush a little, “… I’d LOVE to kiss you!”
Should be this:

Originally Posted by Human Species; line spacing by Dragoness
“I-It really is you!” the strange thing continued as her glee increased with every new pounce at him, “I’m your biggest fan! I love you! I’ve watched every episode over and over and o-”

“Wait!” the Lucario exclaimed terrified while dodging her grasps and fighting hard not to counterattack, “Y-You’re not here to kill me!?”

“Ki… I-I…” the short bird responded, mishearing him and beginning to blush a little, “… I’d LOVE to kiss you!”
It's not only good grammar--it makes it far easier for the reader to follow the flow of the story. Instead of going through blocks of text, the reader gets small breaks which help their brain process the information they just read.

I'd also be careful of using words like "appeared" and "seemed" in the narration of the story.

Originally Posted by Human Species
His body was thin and muscular, but his meager fur and shorts appeared to do little to protect him from the strong winds.
"Appeared" is a needless word. It weakens the sentence. In your head--or at least in mine when I'm in the middle of writing--it doesn't sound too bad, but it can be. It's shorter, stronger and more concise to just say "...and shorts did little to protect him..."

I hope you continue with this story =) And btw, I rather liked the prologue/description (Humanity has finally gotten fed up...ect.).
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

You know, separating dialog with one or two spaces was one of my biggest worries when I started writing, but I decided to go for the one used in common literature. Still split them into paragraphs when there's nothing but dialog!

The "appeared" thing is because the narration is not 3rd person omniscient, and if it was... Yikes! So many things would be spoiled! The true nature of Lucario must be kept secret a tad longer!

(Actually, the real reason is that I want to vary the descriptions a bit, since repetition makes things stale! The first rule of writing is that repetition makes things stale! One must always remember that repetition makes things stale!)

Thanks for the feedback! The next chapter will be up tomorrow!
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

- - - - -
Chapter 2

Serene Chaser Suicune
- - - - -

"Hey! Wait up!" the Piplup shouted, her cries going unnoticed as Lucario had long since blocked her out completely, entering a state harmonic silence. With the mountain range far behind them and a bright sun far above them, they were currently walking through a large field of grass and small flowers. Lucario treaded carefully, worried that a seemingly harmless dandelion would turn out to be some kind of grass-type Pokémon lying in ambush.

What unnerved him even more was the fact that the grass beneath his feet was fairly dry. There been a mighty blizzard just a few hours ago, and looking back he was still able to see the cave they had rested in. Either the storm had been extremely local, or the sun had dried up the grass faster than what could be considered normal.

"Hey… You" Lucario finally said, making the Piplup raise her head in excitement, "Why isn't there any snow here?"

"Oh!" she exclaimed with a trace of confidence before completely trailing off, "That's because… Um… Well…" Lucario rapidly wished he hadn't left his happy bubble.

"I have no idea!" she finally answered with a big smile.

"Ugh…" Lucario groaned, amazed at how useless this penguin would be as a permanent traveling companion, "… How old are you, anyway?"

"Four!" the Piplup quickly replied.

"Figures…" Lucario sighed, having guessed it was a little older as a thought suddenly hit him, "… Is that in human years or penguin years?"

"Pegu-nin…?" the Piplup asked, still not being able to pronounce the foreign word correctly. Actually, ever since meeting her idol for the first time there had been a lot of things that had gone quite far above her head, yet somehow gotten stuck in there. One question in her felt particularly pressing…

"Hey, hey! About that thing you said before…" she said with a lively voice as Lucario looked back at her for a moment, "Uh… What do you mean, you're human?"

"Well… I'm human" Lucario responded with a short laugh, "Heh… I mean, I'm in the body of a Pokémon, but I'm still human."

"Hmm…" the Piplup mumbled as she didn't understand, "I've never heard of anything like that before!"

"That makes two of us" Lucario hastily replied, holding his paws in front of him and looking down at what used to be his hands.

"How did it happen?" the Piplup continued asking, simply glad that Lucario wasn't ignoring her anymore.

"Who knows?" Lucario said, getting tired of talking and regretting having given the Piplup any attention, "There I was, being human and all… And then I was some kind of blue wolf."

"Hmm…" the Piplup mumbled as she once again didn't understand, "I don't get it!"

"Please stop talking…" Lucario muttered, making one last attempt to make some use out of his annoying stowaway, "Hey, none of these flowers are Pokémon, right?"

"Hahaha! Of course not!" the Piplup laughed, before looking at his serious face and getting a concerned look on hers, "… You can't tell?"

"How can anyone?" Lucario sighed with a shrug, "There're like a hundred different kinds, how the hell should I know what they all look like…?"

"You know, even for a human you seem to know very little about Pokémon!" the Piplup said, as the Lucario jumped a little.

"Uh… Yeah" he answered nervously, "I… Grew up in a village where there were no Pokémon. At all."

"No Pokémon!" the Piplup said out loud, "A place like that really exists!"

"… I guess" Lucario said, before suddenly jumping even higher than before and immediately stopped walking.

"What's wrong?" the Piplup asked, as Lucario looked behind them with a troubled face.

"You know how I warned you about eight times that you'd die if you followed me around like this?" Lucario muttered menacingly while gritting his teeth, "… Well, now you get to find out why." Looking back the way they had come, the Piplup saw a large figure forming at the horizon, rapidly increasing in size. Something was approaching them very quickly!

"These two again…" Lucario mumbled to himself, "I was hoping they'd given up by now…"

"W-What's that!" the Piplup asked with a startled voice.

"Heaps of trouble. Here's a last minute tip: The big one manipulates water and can freeze it solid at any time" Lucario said loudly as he spread his legs to gain better footing, "… Survive this, and I'll be more than proud to call you my partner."

"R-Really!" the Piplup yelled in excitement, "You really mean that!"

"Pfft, don't get any ideas…" Lucario said bitterly as the figure got nearer, "Dodge everything, and if you against all odds manage to find an opening… RUN LIKE HELL!"

The large creature hastily closed in on them with giant leaps across the grassy field. The Piplup ran to the side as the beast stopped itself about twenty feet away from where Lucario was standing. The new arrival appeared to be a teal lion with a purple mane flowing from its head, and two tails that curved around and looked like white bandages floating by its sides. In the miniature sea of purple fur sat a trainer, riding on its back. The trainer was an adult with spiky white hair, a green bandana and a look of insanity on his face that one rarely finds outside a mental hospital.

"Eya ha ha! I told you fleeing was useless!" the white-haired trainer cackled madly, "You'll never escape me as long as I have Suicune!"

"You're nothing but an ugly boil attached to the back of a pansy horse!" Lucario shouted, fully aware that the trainer couldn't understand anything he said. He did see Suicune twitch a little at his remark, though.

"I am Champion Brendan!" the trainer continued gleefully, "Remember the name of your master as you become part of my collection!"

"The only thing you'll be collecting once I'm done with you is your teeth!" Lucario yelled, letting his rage get the better of him as he dashed towards the intimidating duo. The last time he had tried to keep his distance, which turned out to be a big mistake… And he simply could not wait to knock the boastful bastard off his high horse.

"Diamond Dust, now!" Brendan laughed as Suicune crouched down a bit.

"This time, you're mine!" Lucario screamed as he jumped towards the shining creature, getting ready to deliver a strong kick to its head. Suicune suddenly hopped back, as a puddle below where it had previously stood exploded into a mass of droplets.

"Solidify!" Brendan shouted as all the tiny bodies of water froze into tiny shrapnel of ice. Still in midair, Lucario did as best he could to defend himself from the explosion. Covering himself, he didn't notice that Suicune came running at him, ramming him hard and sending him flying back.

"Impale!" Brendan yelled, as Suicune spat out of a long trail of water towards Lucario. Predicting the pattern of the attack, he punched the stream of water right before it hit him, knocking away the icicle spear that quickly formed from it.

"Gah!" Lucario coughed as a crashed to the ground, quickly flipping himself upright to get ready for another attack.

"Piercing Rain!" Brendan yelled, making Suicune shoot a large wave of water diagonally into the air towards Lucario. As the wave broke off into smaller pieces at the top, they froze and became sharp javelins instead. Lucario saw them falling down from the sky, and in a daring move decided to attack Suicune once again.

"You left yourself open!" Lucario shouted as the ice crashed down behind him and he ran up to Suicune, keeping himself on the ground this time. When he was hardly three feet away from it, Suicune spat out a beam of water at his head, which he just barely managed to dodge. Taking his first swing at Suicune, it formed a passage of ice on the ground and slid on it to swiftly glide away from him. Having his stubbornness fueled by rage, Lucario ignored this and kept chasing after the legendary dog. This proved to be a mistake however, as the slippery ground made him lose his footing and a large block of ice collided with him, pushing him back through the air.

"Splitting Crush!" Brendan yelled as Suicune shot out yet another boulder of ice, hitting the previous one and making it break in half, sending powerful shockwaves into Lucario and stunning him as he hit the ground.

The Piplup was beyond amazed at this display. It was exactly like the show she had grown to love so much, only far more realistic. Even though Lucario's adversary seemed to have the upper hand this time, she knew that he would soon get serious and trash the large, blue Pokémon and his strange rider.

"You can do it!" she cheered with admiration as Lucario struggled to get up, "I believe in you!"

"Idiot, keep quiet!" Lucario responded angrily when Brendan quickly turned his head towards the previously unnoticed Pokémon.

"Oh, hey! Will you look at this?" Brendan said to himself as a broad smile formed on his face, "That's a… A Piplup!" The Piplup realized her mistake and made an audible gulp.

"That's a rare one! Oooh, I always wanted one of you…" he continued in a dreamy voice, "That punk Lucas started with one of you, I think… I'm kind of jealous, because I started with a Torchic, myself… Only to find out Hoenn was nothing but water everywhere… Man, water types are the only way to go, really…" Lucario and the Piplup stared at the strange person as he continued his monologue while scratching his chin frenetically as if it had a rash or something.

"Heh, Lucario AND a Piplup! Must be my lucky day!" Brendan cackled as he suddenly pulled a purple Pokeball from his belt, "You're mine!" The Piplup stumbled back in horror at the sight of the fearsome machine, and felt terrified at the thought of being captured by this maniacal trainer. But in the corner in her eye, she saw her hero not far away.

"T-Try anything and y-you'll be sorry!" she stammered as her courage was regained, "L-Lucario, s-show them what happens when someone messes with you!" Lucario looked at her, and then quickly looked back at Brendan.

"Brace yourself!" Brendan yelled as Suicune suddenly rushed towards the Piplup, who fell on her backside in fear.

"H-Help me, Lucario!" she cried as she covered her eyes, shaking frightfully.

The Suicune had barely taken a step towards the scared Piplup before Lucario focused all his power into his legs and started running… In the opposite direction. As he fled, he heard Brendan laughing madly as the Piplup screamed desperately behind him.

"Like I'd risk my life for a stinkin' animal…" Lucario mumbled to himself, still feeling a twinge of guilt in his heart. The guilt didn't last long as it was replaced by joy when he remembered that he would no longer have to put up with her incessant chattering.

Even so, he knew that running away would only be a temporary solution, and that he would have to face the fearsome duo again soon. He was no stranger to battle, but had no idea on how he would even go about fighting a giant dog that keeps shooting ice and water at him. The dog had turned out to be surprisingly nimble, and the guy riding it never seemed to run out of new tricks and ways of attacking him. He realized that unless he comes up with a good plan very fast, he would eventually run out of luck and finally be captured… Or killed.

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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

Fixed the glitch that changed every instance of "!?" into "!" in chapter 2... So, no more unnecessarily loud statements!
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

Can I just ask... why is chapter two posted twice? o.o And where is chapter one?

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

... Huh? Did it disconnect before I could edit it? That's not right at all!

Anyway, fixed! Next chapter will be up tomorrow!
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

- - - - -
Chapter 3

Eccentric Champion Brendan
- - - - -

Having fled the scene and with no trace of anyone following him, Lucario finally slowed down to a jog so that he wouldn’t burn through all his stamina at once. Hardly ten minutes had passed since his encounter with Suicune before he suddenly was hit in the face by the first snowflake of the evening.

“No bloody way…” Lucario groaned in disbelief, wondering how any sort of ecosystem could function with such a rapidly changing weather. It started snowing harder and harder, making it go from a minor annoyance in the form of a fine powder covering the ground to a thick sludge hindering his every step. He trudged through the white sea, the cold creeping between his unprotected toes and splashing up his legs. In his misery he noticed another mountain range in the distance in front of him. His hope was regained as he thought about reaching it where he could hide himself.

It was then that Lucario once again sensed the aura of Suicune, not very far away. Lucario did not have time to ponder on how it could track him so accurately, as he noticed that it was moving a lot faster than he was. Seems it wasn’t hindered by the snow even the slightest.

“Damn it…” Lucario cursed to himself, knowing that he would not be able to outrun it anymore, and he was definitively not ready to fight it. Realizing that he would be forced to anyway, he stopped running so that he could catch his breath before the encounter. Desperately trying to come up with a battle plan, the best thing he could think of was digging a pit and covering it with snow as a clever trap… But even he knew that would not work.

“My final battle…” Lucario chortled to himself, stretching his arms and legs, “Yeah, right… Who needs a plan? I’ll just beat the crap out of ‘em…” He remembered that he had been in unfavorable situations many times before and come out standing with nothing but his guts and limitless battle spirit to thank for it.

Suicune came running very fast, moving on top of the bed of snow and not leaving a single footprint behind it. Even as it instantly stopped itself the snow around it lay still, completely unaffected by its velocity.

“Impressive…” Lucario couldn’t help but whisper as an annoying cackle once more filled his ears. Brendan was laughing heartily as he scanned the area around them.

“What? You don’t have any more Piplup for me?” he asked jokingly while looking at Lucario, who did not even know that the penguin from earlier had been a Piplup.

“One’s plenty, I guess… Wouldn’t it be delightful if I had the two of you fight each other right now?” Brendan smiled as he held the purple Pokeball from earlier into the air, “… But I had to soften it up a little, so I don’t think it’s ready to fight quite yet…”

“Hey! Blue one!” Lucario shouted as Brendan was busy with another one of his monologues, “I know that guy on top of you can’t understand me, but I think you can!” Suicune looked at him, remaining silent.

“Why are you chasing me? Why are you listening to his orders!?” Lucario continued, in a last ditch effort of disrupting the duo’s teamwork. However, Suicune remained as quiet as ever, understanding what Lucario had just said but obviously not caring.

“Have it your way, then…” Lucario continued, knocking his fists together as he braced himself for the long, difficult fight ahead of him.

“Now, Suicune!” Brendan shouted as he pointed down to the ground, “Chilling Grip!” Lucario instinctively dodged to the side, only to notice that something held on to his feet. This made him lose his balance, but as something had a very tight grip on his feet he somehow remained standing. He couldn’t move his feet even the slightest!

“Your best chance of winning was fighting against us in the sun…” Brendan said in a disappointed way as Lucario stared down at his legs with a confused look on his face, “Not even Suicune can directly freeze the water covering you, because of your body heat…” His feet were covered in snow, so Lucario could not see what had happened, but started getting a bad feeling.

“With all this snow around, that’s no longer a problem!” Brendan continued as he started sounding a bit more cheerful, “Your body melts the snow, and Suicune here freezes the water! While resisting us was a foolish idea right from the start, fighting us in the snow is downright retarded!”

“... No!” Lucario exclaimed as he bended over to smash the ice covering his feet. It was tough, but cracked after a few blows from both his fists.

“Hah!” Lucario chortled successfully, before he ran towards Suicune and suddenly tripped as something grabbed a hold of his right foot.

“EYA HA HA HA! The snow is our jurisdiction!” Brendan cackled madly as Lucario lay face down in the snow, “And it’s all around you! So our jurisdiction is also all around you! Let me show you what I mean… Suicune, use Chilling Makeup!” Lucario tried to scream out in horror as he felt the snow harden around his face, creating a gripping mask of ice. Not being able to breathe or say anything, he braced himself as he smashed his face down on the ground, shattering the mask.

“No… No way…” he mumbled weakly as he rubbed his sore head, “Damn, that’s unfair…”

“Can you fight us without ever touching the snow?” Brendan asked, almost immediately answering his own question, “No. No you can’t. So, YOU LOOOOOSE!”

Lucario growled angrily as he tried to free himself without using his hands. He realized that he was barely a match for this thing in a normal environment; if he could not even touch the ground without getting caught he truly had no chance of winning. This was it. After all he’s been through; he wouldn’t even get to go down fighting in a blaze of glory… Even so, he remained steadfast and stared viciously at the insane trainer.

“Or, rather…” Brendan suddenly said in an unusually calm voice as Suicune moved closer to Lucario, “All is not yet lost…”

“You’ve got that right…” Lucario replied hastily, “It’s not over ‘til it’s over!”

“See, my orders are to either kill you, or catch you!” Brendan snickered in a sugar coated voice, almost giggling with the last few words, “That way, you can be my Pokémon! You teach me and I’ll teach you as we travel across the land!”

“Shut up!” Lucario shouted back, realizing that is he was able to reach the madman in front of him, he would never stop punching him.

“… But honestly?” Brendan sighed out loud as he looked up into the sky, “I don’t think I can control a wilder like you… And I have a new method of execution that I have just been DYING to try out… So, let’s do it like this - Either you bow in submission, and you will serve as my Pokémon and my Pokémon only… Or you die, right here.”

Normally Lucario would at least consider his options, but somewhere between being chased down like a dog, being treated like a weak fool and being forced to listen to yet another one of Brendan’s monologues he had lost all sense of reason.

“CURSE YOU!“ Lucario bellowed defiantly, not lowering his eyes even for a second.

“Hmpf…” Brendan muttered disappointedly as the Lucario stood tall, “Did you mishear me? I said ‘bow’, not ‘bark’…”

“You and that azure guttersnipe can rot in hell!” Lucario continued, unable to comprehend the fact that his death was at hand, “I’ll be there waiting for you, and I’ll kick your butts every day!”

“I hope you don’t mind that I take that as a ‘no’” Brendan said, not understanding a single thing Lucario had just said, “Just so you know, this suits me just fine!” He patted Suicne’s head, making it jump back to create some distance between them and Lucario.

“Ice Totem!” Brendan yelled as Suicune shot water at Lucario’s feet, causing a thick pillar of ice to protrude under him and push him upwards. Lucario struggled to get free as he rose higher and higher into the sky.

“Ice Crescent!” Brendan shouted, causing the Ice Totem to stop rising in height and instead form a half moon on the top, covering Lucario’s sides.

“Once more!” Brendan kept shouting, another crescent forming to cover Lucario’s front and back. Surrounded by bended ice in every direction, he had a strong feeling that he was already screwed. He stopped trying to free himself and instead closed his eyes, preparing himself for the worst.

“DO IT!” Brendan bellowed, “Icicle Maiden Bloody Fountain Piercing Stab of Death!”

Silence. Lucario opened his eyes slowly and looked around him, as if time itself had stopped. Had the attack already passed, or…

“… Deltoid” Brendan suddenly whispered with a big smile on his face. Immediately a sharp spike formed in the crescent to his right and cut into Lucario’s right shoulder, making him yell out in pain.

“… Trapezius” Brendan continued, another spike appearing as Lucario heard a crashing sound beneath him. Suddenly, needles shot out from everywhere to pierce him, but as the pillar he was standing on crumbled he fell down to the ground instead.

“NOOOOOOOO!” Brendan howled in both anger and anguish, “Who dares!?”

A strange figure in a brown cloak was standing in the snow between Suicune and Lucario. The cloak was covering its entire body from head to toe, and Lucario could not even tell if it was human or not. As the cloak tugged in the wind, he saw that it at the very least had a humanoid form. The only thing that could be seen apart from the cloak were several blades sticking out from where its arms appeared to be, slightly frosted from all the snow.

“Are you alright?” a surprisingly feminine voice sounded as the creature turned around, Lucario seeing nothing but darkness below the hood.

“Not really, but I’ll take any help I can get!” Lucario responded, tightly clutching his right shoulder as warm blood poured down his arm.

“The legendary Suicune, in my own backyard…” the mysterious figure spoke loudly as it seemed to finally notice Brendan, “… With a human rider, getting ready to execute someone? What is going on here?”

“You…!” Brendan growled angrily, grabbing a tight hold of Suicune’s mane, “You’ll pay for ruining my triumphant moment!”

“Huh? No!” the cloaked being burst out in shock, “I just want to know what’s happening!”

“… Apparently, you’re gonna pay for ruining his triumphant moment…” Lucario said sarcastically as the open wound nipped in the cold, “Thanks for that, by the way.”

“No, I just…” the feminine creature said, before sighing and raising her voice, “Hey! Suicune! I mean you no harm! I just want to know-”

“Chilling Grip!” Brendan interrupted, as Lucario gasped and the new arrival stopped herself. They all stood quiet for a few moments before Suicune gave off a strange whine that was unintelligible to both human and Pokémon.

“Oh?” Brendan exclaimed, leaning forward and staring at the creature in the cloak, “Quite interesting…” Lucario looked at her too, wondering what all the fuzz was about. He tried to see if her feet had been frozen, but couldn’t see anything since the cloak reached all the way down to the snow. He did notice that there were no footprints of her anywhere…

“Quite interesting, indeed!” Brendan finally burst out, “Fine, I’ve had it with being the nice guy here! Time to erase you! If you survive this maybe I’ll catch you, if not then it’s still a job well done! Yeah, let’s do this the old fashioned way! Blizzard!” Suicune leaned its head back for a moment before spitting out a vertical twister at the two of them.

“Look out!” Lucario shouted as he threw himself to the side, landing in the freezing snow. A loud cracking noise was heard behind him as he looked back and saw a massive formation of ice where he had just been standing.

“Yes! Perfect!” Brendan howled as Suicune ran up to the large formation, “Now, you die! Tidal Wave!” The huge chunk of ice began to soften as Suicune twisted itself in a whipping motion, hitting it and sending the whole mountain up into the air.

“Surf! Ride it, baby!” Brendan laughed, making Suicune jump up into the newly formed mass of water, turning it into two giant waves splitting off in two directions, aimed at Lucario and the cloaked being.

“Oh, crap!” Lucario exclaimed as the massive wave loomed over him. It was so large that he knew he would be crushed like a bug if hit by it. Sadly, he also realized that he had no chance of dodging it. Again his only plan amounting to digging a hole to somehow escape, he defended himself and awaited the mighty tsunami.

But instead of washing him away like a sick plankton, the tsunami turned into ice. Lucario was certain that this was just another stage of Suicune’s viscous attack, but changed his mind when he heard Brendan cursing loudly on top of the frozen waves.

“Stop that!” he yelled while flailing his arms around, “I’m warning you!” Lucario finally saw what had happened - A strange white cloud was coming out of the creature in the cloak, presumably extremely cold wind freezing the waves in midair. Lucario felt relieved, but remembered Suicune’s ability to easily make it all water again. A nasty thought hit him as he decided to run around the waves, over to the cloaked creature.

“Alright, you bloody asked for it!” Brendan howled madly as he reached down his belt and pulled out two Pokeballs. Throwing them into the air, they opened up and shot out two beams of red light to his sides, creating very intimidating creatures on top of the wave.

Meanwhile, the being in the cloak was busy exhaling freezing air as she stared at the rapidly approaching Lucario, not sure what to think. She knew that if she stopped blowing wind the waves would unfreeze and they would both be dead, and had no choice but to stand her ground and continue.

“Keep at it!” Lucario yelled as he ran around her to avoid getting hit by the blizzard and then grabbed a hold of her waist, almost making her choke on her own ice. Then, he started running as fast as he could in the opposite direction, as the waves were still being kept in check.

“I figured you couldn’t move while doing that” Lucario said while running and holding her behind him, “So, I’ll be your legs!”

“Idiot! Let go!” the thing in the cloak yelled as the giant blocks of ice slowly lost their consistency, “I’m too far away now, I can’t keep them frozen!”

“You…” Lucario stammered before hearing a loud crashing noise behind him, “… You what?”

“Ahh! Here it comes!” the cloaked being screamed, “Run like you mean it!” A deep sloshing sound raged behind them as the water flowed in their direction. While not a lethal threat anymore, Lucario knew all too well what would happen if his feet were covered in water… Suddenly he began wondering why the Suicune hadn’t just locked him into the snow again.

“Alright, alright, you can stop…” the cloaked being said in an annoyed tone as Lucario stopped and instantly dropped her. He looked back and saw that the waves were gone, and that some of his blood had smudged itself on her cloak.

“Listen, this thing has been chasing me for days, and I have no idea why…” Lucario said with exhaustion in his voice, “I can’t move around at all in this snow… Can you beat it on your own?”

“… That’s a legendary, you know” she replied depressingly, “Honestly? I don’t think we stand a chance.”

“Damn…” Lucario muttered, “… I’m sorry I got you into this.” The being in the cloak wanted to respond, but was interrupted as Suicune came running at them, carrying a furious trainer on its back.

“INFIDELS!” Brendan roared in rage, “You just made me knock out two of my favorite Pokémon!” Lucario stifled a laugh, imagining the two intimidating creatures from earlier almost drowning in the tidal wave.

“I want to take my time torturing both of you! Don’t you DARE self-destruct on me!” Brendan cackled madly. At the sound of this, the creature in the brown cloak seemed to enter her own world for a moment as she lowered her head.

“I see…” she whispered to herself before looking over at Lucario, “That’s it. I’m out of here. Do you need a rescue?”

“Pfft! Me? Rescue!?” Lucario scoffed, as every fiber of his being fought against him as he felt like hurling at what he was about to say.

“… Yes” he whimpered shamefully, feeling like a little girl.

“Alright, grab on!” she shouted, as she suddenly dashed towards Lucario who threw his hands up in surprise. The next thing he knew, he was being spun around in a flurry of snow. Disoriented and dazzled, he felt something in front of him, and grabbed on to it as instructed. It was soft, but very cold and gave him an odd sensation. The moment his arms found their target, he felt himself being pulled forward by a strange force. As his eyes got used to the whirl of snow around him he looked down and expected something really cool to be happening, such as him riding on the wind or something. He was very disappointed when and saw that the cloaked creature was just carrying him on her back and running away.

“You’re lighter than you look!” she snickered, moving gracefully on top of the snow.

“W-What’s going on!?” Lucario stammered as a path of blood from his wounded shoulder trickled behind them.

“I’m using my ultimate attack, the Stormy Wind of a Thousand Breezes!” she responded, trying to sound serious.

“R-Really!?” Lucario asked in a rather childish manner.

“No, we’re running away like little cowards” the creature in the cloak laughed, “But it sure beats dying, doesn’t it?”

Lucario held on to her in shameful silence. He noticed that the strange sensation came from the cloak he was holding on to, which appeared to be made out of a different material than leather. However, the cold he felt actually seemed to be emanating from underneath it… He was now rather curious as to what was hiding underneath the cloak.

“Like, thanks and all…” Lucario mumbled in his best attempt to sound grateful, “… But what’s your name?”

“Me?” the being under the cloak asked before giving off a short laugh, “Call me Zerobi!”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"I refuse."


"I will not do it. Find someone else."

"… You'd abandon humanity in its time of need?"

"Hmpf… Don't bother. I know the situation. Your kind will not be satisfied until the corpse of every strong Pokémon lay strewn across the globe."

"You could always just catch them all, of course… A term you should be more than familiar with…"


"See, after the cataclysm of Deoxys, people have been asking themselves… 'Where was Master Red?' 'Where was the eternal champion?' 'Where was the one trainer that we could always count on to protect us?'"

"… I am… Too old. I can no longer battle like I used to. You must put your hopes in the new generation…"

"You know that no trainer alive matches your expertise! The world is facing a crisis like never before!"


"Please! I am begging you… No, all life on this planet is begging you… Only you can prevent this catastrophe!"

"… What would you have me do? Chase down Mewtwo again?"

"No, not a legendary… Only one specific target that you have to el- I mean, subdue."

"… Is that so? What kind of Pokémon is it?"

"... A Lucario..."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

Just letting you know, I'm reading this. :3 Good job, looks really neat so far.
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

This story is going to be extremely long, it's still just starting up! Just wait until you see what comes later on!

And yes, I will complete it... Look around the Internet - Nothing but half-finished empty promises made by authors that bit off more than they can chew. A story without an end is like a journey without a goal!

Speaking of which, the next chapter will be up tomorrow or the day after that!

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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

- - - - -
Chapter 4

Remorseful Vampire Zerobi
- - - - -

“Welcome to my home!” Zerobi said triumphantly as she and Lucario entered a fairly small room. She had carried him all the way to the mountains he had seen in the distance earlier, where he dismounted her and promptly gave up on any plans to act macho. She had then led him into a cave and where they went through a very long and complex system of paths within, making the room they had just come across almost impossibly difficult to find. Looking over the room, Lucario could hardly see anything because there was only a very small source of light. With what little he could see, he was able to make out a bed in the corner and what appeared to be magazines thrown all over the place.

“Hehe…” Lucario snickered sarcastically, “Must be hard keeping the place clean with the constant stream of visitors you’re getting.”
“It’s a cave, there’s really not much you can do about it…” Zerobi sighed as she at long last shed the cloak she was wearing. Lucario stared eagerly, having been curious about the creature that lay hidden underneath it ever since he first saw her.

Lucario had never seen anything like it before - She was standing on two legs and had two arms, but the similarities to a human being ended there. Very fine black fur covered her entire body, so thin it could easily be mistaken for skin. Her figure was both slender and elegant, but Lucario didn’t even notice that as he was busy staring at a set of strange red feathers sticking out of her head, neck and tail. She also seemed to be holding on to a couple of very sharp-looking blades with her hands, but at closer inspection Lucario noticed that they actually WERE her hands!
“Ah… Huh?” Lucario couldn’t help but say as he tried to take it all in, “What the… Are those…!?”
“… I’m not that weird!” Zerobi yelled in embarrassment as Lucario gasped, just having noticed a yellow crystal between her eyes.
“Whoa!” he exclaimed while pointing at it, “Right between the eyes, what a scary place to get an implant!”
“I-Implant!?” Zerobi stammered and was taken aback by his confusion, “I got this when I evolved into a Weavile! It grew out of me!”
“… Yikes, it’s organic!?” Lucario yelled in disbelief as he reached out to touch it, “No way!”
“Whoa, whoa! Don’t touch me!” Zerobi shouted as she took a step back from the approaching paw, noticing some dried up blood on it. Lucario halted himself and let his sight slowly shift down the body of the Pokémon in front of him. Taking in her form and noticing the lack of certain features, his eyes suddenly saw something that made them widen in shock.
“Y-You’re a girl!?” Lucario gasped while visibly flinching.
“Just where the hell are you looking!?” Zerobi shouted as she was getting really mad at him, “You couldn’t tell from my voice!?”
“Well…” Lucario mumbled to himself, not having thought about it sooner since simply getting used to hearing animals talk had been strange enough.
“You oaf! You ungrateful jerk!” Zerobi kept going, slowly remembering why she rarely had guests over in the first place, “Is this how you treat your savior!?”
“Sorry! Sorry!” Lucario apologized, deciding to keep his curiosities to himself before they get him into more trouble.
“Hmpf…” Zerobi exclaimed before tossing her cloak behind her, making it land gracefully on the bed.

“You know, I’m appreciative and all, but…” Lucario said in an embarrassed way as he looked her in the eyes, “… Why did you save me?”
“H-Huh?” Zerobi stuttered as she was taken off guard and quickly came up with a lie, “… Surely you don’t need a reason to save someone’s life?”
“Hmm?” Lucario said, so surprised by her answer that he bought it without a second thought, “You’re surprisingly reasonable for a Pokémon.”
“… What do you mean?” Zerobi asked before mentally telling herself not to press her own lie.
“Nothing…” Lucario sighed in disappointment, for some reason thinking back to the little penguin that he had left behind, “I was just hoping that you’d be a bit more… Human.”
“Human…?” Zerobi mumbled, still mad from earlier, “Alright then, let’s go back, you seemed to be getting along just fine with that trainer…”
“No, I don’t mean it like that!” Lucario replied quickly, not thinking of what to say next, “I just… Well…” Gathering his thoughts, he remembered that so far the only human he had encountered had been a sadistic maniac, while Zerobi and that penguin had actually been helpful and nice. Suddenly, he realized that in his desperation he had not only fled like a coward three times in a row, but abandoned someone to a fate neither animal nor man deserves and still had to get himself rescued to even survive.

In the heat of the chase and battle that followed he had not really thought about it. Now, the remembrance hit him like a stack of bricks as shame welled up in his stomach and he began to feel sick, his head spinning as if he was going to faint. He kept himself from collapsing on the ground in defeat, but it was more difficult than he had imagined it to be as he for the first time in his life truly felt like a pathetic loser.
“Damn it… What have I been playing at…!?” he whispered as he slapped himself across the face. He barely felt it, the wound on his right shoulder already far more painful, but somehow it made him feel a bit better. Like he still had a chance to turn things around if he just put some effort into it.

“Um… You need any help with that?” Zerobi asked awkwardly, not having noticed his inner fight as she had been too busy staring hungrily at the blood seeping out of the wound the icy spike had left on him.
“With what?” he snapped back while looking at her sharp claws, “Making it wider?”
“… Smart” Zerobi mumbled, trying her best to quench her thirst. Five long years had passed since she was even in the same room as blood, and she had promised herself to resist any urge that might pop up.
“Listen, you should probably know something about me…” Zerobi suddenly said while looking down at her own body in disgust, “Don’t ever let any blood get on me. I can assure you that bad things will happen.”
“Like, the blood types will mix?” Lucario responded, for once trying to jump to his own conclusions instead of being oblivious to everything, “Yeah, that’d be bad.”
“Huh?” Zerobi exclaimed, realizing that Lucario had just somehow lied to himself in her place, “No… I mean…”
“Don’t worry!” Lucario told her with a new resolve, “From now on, thing will be different! I’ll fight seriously this time around!”

“… By the way…” Zerobi muttered while slowly falling back on the bed, “Why was a weakling like you being chased by a legendary like Suicune?”
“W-Weakling!?” Lucario gasped, scoffed and spluttered at the same time, “Man, you’re SO wrong! I’ll have you know I’ve been fighting and training all my life!”
“Sure didn’t seem like it, out there…” Zerobi said, leaning back and enjoying the soft feeling against her back, “Why didn’t you use some of those fancy fighting-type moves?” Lucario chuckled sarcastically at this, thinking back to how hard it was for him to simply walk with his new body at first.
“How the hell am I supposed to suplex a six foot tall canine!?” he shouted, making Zerobi sit up in surprise, ”I mean, apart from punching or kicking it, there’s really not much else I can do.”
“Wow, are you really that inexperienced?” Zerobi asked, thinking back to what she had read about fighting-types back in school, “What about the Aura Sphere, or the Aura Stor-“
“Damn it, why does everyone keep saying ‘Aura’!?” Lucario interrupted her while throwing his arms up into the air, remembering the Piplup from earlier. The wound on his shoulder hurt a bit, but not as much as before.
“Well… You ARE an Aura Pokémon, right?” Zerobi asked even though she already knew the answer.
“Am I?” Lucario responded.
“… You’re kidding me, right?” Zerobi said, staring at the wolf-like creature in front of her in disbelief. Lucario suddenly stopped himself. For some reason, telling Zerobi that he was actually human did not seem like such a good idea. So far he had told everyone he had met about it, and everyone seemed so surprised by it… It must be as unnatural as he first feared. Earlier he did not care what animals thought of him, but Zerobi was different. She was… Cool. She also seemed to have some kind of grudge against humans, what if she started hating him all of a sudden? For the time being, he decided to dodge the subject.

“The last time I checked, I was a blue wolf on two legs” Lucario said confidently, “What do you expect me to be able to do, anyway?”
“Like, shoot blue spheres of energy and stuff…” Zerobi replied as her chest and back started itching a lot, “… I’ve had bad personal experiences with it, myself…”
“Blue spheres…” Lucario snickered to himself, but then realized that in a world of monsters and magic, he might not be all that different. Thinking back to the Combusken he fought, right before knocking it out it had produced some sort of strange light that melted the snow and burned through the ground.
“Oh, cool!” he suddenly exclaimed, “You mean I’m able to do all sorts of awesome stuff, too?”
“You would be less of a dead weight in battle, that’s for sure…” Zerobi mumbled, lying donw on the bed again. She was really quite tired from running so much.
“Wait…” Lucario said and quickly looked over himself, “How? How do I do it?”
“How should I know?” Zerobi shrugged, which felt weird as she was in a vertical position, “I’m an Ice and Dark-type Pokémon. Try finding the aura first, and then shoot it out of your hands.”
“Find the aura…” Lucario said as he crossed his arms and thought hard, “… Ha! I get it!”
“… Y-You do?” Zerobi stammered, surprised that her aimless advice had any effect.
“Yeah! That thing that makes me sense creatures around me…” Lucario exclaimed happily and tried finding the strange sensation that had been lingering in him ever since he switched bodies, “Hmm… I must have that in me, too… Now, to focus it…”

Staring intently at his right arm, Lucario had no idea on how to go about it and simply tried to push every inch of his being into his hand. This proved to be as a mistake, as his hand suddenly exploded in a ball of blue flames, making both Lucario and Zerobi gasp.
“GRAAAAAAAHHHH!” Lucario screamed, his right hand feeling like it had been blown off and set on fire at the same time. Falling to his side, he went from convulsing in pain to wiggling pathetically on the ground as the blue flames slowly died off by themselves. Zerobi sat up quickly and ran up to him to see what was going on. The flames had dissipated by the time she made it there, as Lucario was clutching his badly burned left hand and groaning.

“Hah…” Lucario coughed, his voice hoarse from screaming so loudly. Turning around so that he was on his back, he held his left arm up into the air. Zerobi saw that his left hand still had all its fur on it, but the involuntary twitching told her it was actually very damaged.
“Hahaha! HAHAHA!” Lucario laughed as he was lying down, “I did it! HAH! TAKE THAT!”
“That wasn’t exactly a sphere” Zerobi said with an impressed tone in her voice, “But it sure looked like aura!”
“Heh! I’ll get it right this time!” Lucario said as he quickly leaped up on his feet and held out his left arm, “Or should I say, left!” Zerobi took a step back to see what would happen, worried that the whole Pokémon might explode into a sea of blue flames this time. Instead, Lucario was just standing completely still while gritting his teeth.
“Huh?” he said after a while, “Why’s nothing happening…?”
“You’re gonna strain your arm if you-“ Zerobi started, but was interrupted as a torrent of blue flames shot out of Lucario’s left elbow.
“AAARRGHHHH!” he bellowed as he once again fell down, this time stopping his descent on his knees. His elbow was burning brightly as he tried covering it with his right hand, but only succeeding in burning it even further. This time, Zerobi was prepared and started freezing his left elbow in hopes of dousing the fire.
“AAAAHHHHH STOOOOOP!” Lucario wailed as his arm became frozen, but the blue flames still burned within the ice, “GRAAAHH MAKE IT STOP DAMN IT!”
“I… I don’t know how!” Zerobi stuttered helplessly as the ice melted and the flames once again died off. Lucario collapsed forward as she thought about saving him, but remembered the dangerous blood on his shoulder and let him land on his face instead.

“C-Cruse you…!” Lucario growled accusingly as he entered a coughing fit.
“Hey, it’s not my fault!” Zerobi said, getting a bit worried as Lucario was struggling with getting up this time.
“Not you…” he mumbled, not being able to decide which wound to clutch anymore, “Damn… I’m never doing that again…”
“Huh?” Zerobi exclaimed surprised, “Wait, what happened with your determination?”
“You have NO idea how much that hurt” Lucario said as he finally rose to his feet and shook his head violently, “… It’s like my insides were set on corrosive fire.”
“That bad?” Zerobi asked, not sure if he was being serious or not, “That’d make it a pretty good weapon should you learn how to use it.”
“Yeah… I think I’m gonna lie down for a while” Lucario said weakly as he wobbled towards the bed as a strange sensation suddenly hit him, “… By the way, are you expecting any visitors?”
“No” Zerobi replied as she thought about where she would sleep if the bed was occupied, “You’re the first one in five years. Why?”
“Just that I can sense the aura of something right outside the cave…” Lucario kept going with exhaustion in his voice, “Something pretty big…”
“Hah! Don’t worry!” Zerobi laughed while crossing her arms, “You know what a labyrinth this place is! They’ll never find it, I’ve been hiding here for-“

Zerobi was interrupted as the two of them heard a loud crash somewhere above them. They both stared up into the ceiling as another crash was heard.
“... It’s coming right for us!” Lucario suddenly yelled, “It’s punching through the walls!”
“What!?” Zerobi shouted, as the room they were in exploded in a cloud of dust as something dropped down from above, smashing so hard against the ground that they could feel it shake. Lucario tried hard to stay on his feet and wiped some of the filth off his eyes as the cloud settled, revealing a large beast carrying a trainer on its back between himself and Zerobi. The airborne grime dissipated from the top, and made it so that the first thing they both noticed was a certain color emanating from the trainer on top…


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


“S-Son... Run...”

“No! I won't leave you behind, dad!”

“No... You need to-”

“I-I'm not scared... I'll stand my ground, and-”

“Listen... To me... For a second...”


“... Get Pikablu...”

“H-He's not here, dad...”

“Run... And get Pikablu...”

“But... but what about you!?”

“I'll live. You... Know... I will...”

“D-Dad...! Alright, j-just... W-Wait here a moment, and I'll... I'll get Pikablu and Mom and Sis and Celebi and the Gallade and we'll save you!”

“... Please... Not... That last one...”

“... Oh no! Here they come again!”

“Son... Know that your old man will always be proud of you.”


“Now, RUN!”



“... You?”

“... I have a wife… And two children…”

“... So do what you will...”

“... For my lineage... Will still carry on...”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(If you have read the story Forever Legendary, you might find that dialog familiar. The Human Species is actually a sequel to it! The events and characters of that story will eventually become relevant to this one, and although reading them is not necessary to follow "The Human Species" I promise that it will enrich your experience!)

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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

Just a tiny bit of confusion I had; Is Zerobi a Weavile or a fakemon evolution to Weavile? I think it's the former but I'm not completely sure.

As for Forever Legendary, I'll check it out. :]

EDIT: That's weird. I've already read that story. xD It was actually pretty interesting. Can't wait to see how this one relates to it.

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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

Oh yeah, since I couldn't post Occult Magazine: Evolution's gate... Hmm... Well, Zerobi is a Weavile, and the main character of the story Evo's Gate. She also plays an easily missable part in Forever Legendary (might wanna ctrl+F!)
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

Doubt it's really intended to be funny, but for some reason I find this hysterical. xD I loved it when he was trying to 'find the aura', and it just failed... Really badly.

THANK YOU CHAAAAR. *uberglomp*
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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

Well, it's intended to be... Everything! I want this story to go from hilarious to heartbreaking seamlessly, so that you're not outright being told what to feel by some sad music or audience laughter. No, I want you to feel what you honestly feel about the events taking place.

Speaking of which, it's time for the chapter known as...

- - - - -
Chapter 5

Aged Master Red
- - - - -

“… So close, yet so far away…” Lucario muttered to himself as he looked unhappily at the inviting bed next to him, before erasing every thought of taking a quick nap. He faced the giant monster, preparing himself for battle.
The beast was similar to Suicune in form, but had a yellow tone to its skin as well as black stripes. Its tail was twisted with hairy spikes stretching out in every direction, its face adorned with what appear to be a small iron helmet as well as a sky blue beard with two large fangs sticking out of it. Lucario immediately labeled it as a saber toothed tiger, having trouble taking all the extra details. The greatest similarity to Suicune was the long, purple mane that flowed behind its back like it had never experienced the sharp coldness of a scissor.
The trainer on top looked like a very old man, with a beard almost greater than that of the furred creature he was sitting on. He was wearing a red cap on his head, which Lucario thought was quite unfitting for someone his age. While the aged man failed to strike him as half as intimidating as the cackling madman known as Brendan, he knew better than to understate the monster underneath.

“R-Raikou!?” Lucario could hear Zerobi stammer from behind the big tiger, “Have all the legendary dogs been captured!?”
“Grr…” Lucario growled while gritting his teeth, “There are more?”
“… Lucario” Red finally said, his voice both dignified and grave as he crossed his arms and looked down.
“Tch…” Lucario exclaimed in annoyance, “Why does everyone know my name?”
“No spikes. There is no doubt about it...” Red said as he uncrossed his arms, “I am afraid I must capture you.”
“Yeah, figured as much” Lucario replied with a nod, looking the old man in the eye.
“… You seem quite intelligent” Red said as he reached out a hand in a friendly gesture, “Will you come quietly?”
“Hah! As if!” Lucario shouted, striking a battle pose, “I’m through with running away! It’s time I man up! Just take it easy, and don’t get a heart attack when I start getting serious!”
“Hey!” Zerobi yelled accusingly as both Red and his steed seemed oblivious of her, “Are you crazy!? That’s a legendary Pokémon! You couldn’t even HIT Suicune!”
“Don’t worry!” Lucario yelled back as his confidence overtook his fatigue, “The problem with fighting Suicune was that it had too much room to run around, this thing won’t escape me! Not to mention that this trainer’s already halfway down the grave!”
“Oh, for crying out…” Zerobi groaned while seeing that Red and Raikou had for an unknown reason not begun fighting, instead remaining completely still for some reason, “Well, if you’re gonna attack, better do it before they can react!”
“Of course! I’m not taking any risks this time!” Lucario said before he quickly dashed toward the motionless legendary, quickly trying to figure out if he should attack it like usual or try a new aura-based strike right off the bat.

He had not taken a single step towards the enemy before Raikou leaned back on its hind legs and Red crouched beneath the purple mane on its back. A massive electrical current instantly filled the entire room, making the bed and magazines on the ground crumple up and catch on fire. Neither Lucario nor Zerobi had even the tiniest chance of dodging as both their brains shut down and their legs folded on themselves.
When the paralyzation subsided, it was replaced by a searing pain coursing through both of them as they twisted and turned in agony on the ground. Zerobi screamed out loud, but Lucario’s voice was already spent and he instead gave off a tormented wheeze. Yellow bolts of lightning shot out of them and struck the walls as well as Raikou, who seemed to be completely unaffected by them.
As quickly as the thunder had struck, it was gone. Raikou stood tall above the two shaking cripples and saw the small papers around them turn into ash.

“Far too easy…” Red sighed to himself as he emerged from the purple mane, “Not even a battle anymore, just a single attack and it is over…”
“… UGH!” Lucario cried as he held his stomach and felt like barfing. He was on his back, staring up at the open sky through the broken ceiling.
“Good work, Raikou” Red said in a kind way while scratching Raikou who made an odd purr-like sound in return, “Pikachu would have been proud of you.”
“Y-You…” Lucario stammered weakly, struggling to get up. The powerful shock had stunned his body, but more than that it had made him realize just how exhausted he really was. His legs cried out in pain after having been running for so long, and the previous experiments with aura had crippled his arms with a lingering burning sensation that even the electricity could not compare with. The way he was, there was nothing he could do… Except…

“My…” a sorrowful voice sounded from the other side of the room, “My occult magazines… All gone…”
“Z-Zerobi… Run…!” Lucario shouted with the last of his strength, “He wants me!”
“I can’t…!” Lucario heard Zerobi respond from behind Raikou.
“No, I got you into this…” Lucario kept going, thinking that at the very least he would not have her life on his conscience, “You must leave me behind, an-“
“I said, I can’t!” Zerobi yelled back with an angry tone, “I’m paralyzed!” While they were talking, Red had turned around and finally noticed the wounded Weavile behind him.
“Oh…” Red said sadly as he stroked his beard, “… You were there all this time? Forgive me for involving you in this… We will be on our now shortly.” As he finished apologizing, he pulled a Pokéball from his belt at a speed comparable to Raikou’s lightning, turned around and threw it at Lucario. Barely mobile, Lucario saw it coming and somehow managed to roll to the side in order to escape it. The Pokéball hit the ground, before instantly flying back. He thought it might be a boomerang-like attack and kept his head down, but instead it simply returned to Red’s outstretched hand.

“This will be a lot easier if you just let yourself get caught…” Red sighed again, putting the Pokéball back in his belt.
“I will n-never be caught!” Lucario wheezed defiantly, even though he himself was having a hard time finding another way out of this.
“Listen closely” Red continued as he leaned forward and spoke as clearly as possible, “Either I catch you right now, or I will just have to use that electric attack again until you are completely immobile… And that is something neither of us want, right?”
“D-Don’t think you can…” Lucario kept going, trying to sit up but failing and falling on his back again.
“Do not be afraid…” Red said calmly, “As my Pokémon, you can be assured that I will let never let any harm come to you.”
“Screw you! I’m…” Lucario growled as he finally managed to sit up and tried standing up before falling on his knees in exhaustion, “… I belong to no one!” Before he could react, Red pulled out another Pokéball and threw it at him from his hip. Half of Lucario’s brain told him that such an absurd throw would never hit, while the other one was registering the fact that the green and white ball was slowly filling up his vision…

Lucario flinched as the contraption hit him right between the eyes, not really feeling it between the gaping wound on his shoulder, the burning sensation lingering in his arms and heavy damage everywhere else from the electricity. The ball fell down to the ground and started rolling away into a corner of the cave. Lucario tripped forward in shock expecting to turn into a red light, but noticed that his body remained solid and stopped himself with his arms halfway down.

“This is…” Red said with a pause as he stared at the collapsed wolf, “… Most unusual.” Time seemed to stand still for the three of them as Red thought about his next move, Zerobi and Lucario too stunned to think or act. After a long while, Red sighed deeply as he reached down to the backside of his belt and drew yet another Pokeball, one that was purple and white with large pink spots on it as surrounding an insignia of the letter ‘M’.

“The Master Ball - Quite a rarity” Red said to himself while adoring the machine in his hands for bit, “Even someone like me has trouble getting hands on one. It is precious, and really should not be used in a situation like this…” Zerobi knew all too well what he was talking about and begun scrambling away in terror, but Lucario was still wondering how he had managed not to get caught earlier.
“You… You gonna bludgeon me to death, or what?” Lucario said slowly, getting up on his knees again.
“Hmpf… It is not like I can take it with me once I am dead” Red continued as he clutched the master ball in his hand and turned his cap backwards in a determined manner, “Currently, my duty to capture you to ensure the safety of the future generations... And I will do everything I can to do so!”

The master ball escaped Red’s hand with a powerful throw and was sent spinning at Lucario with precise aim and amazing speed. For a moment Lucario thought about letting it hit him between the eyes again, but instead held out his hands in an attempt to stop it. He managed to catch it between his paws in midair, completely stopping it.

“The Master Ball… Failed…?” Red gasped in disbelief, “This… This cannot be!”
“Looks like… The one to catch something…” Lucario said with a smile feeding off his opponent’s surprise, “… Was me.”
“The only way that you cannot be caught by a master ball …” Red continued in an attempt to gather his thoughts, “… Is if you are not a Pokémon.”
“Heh…” Lucario chortled as he held the master ball in one hand, imitating Red from earlier, “Lucky me, then.”
“I never thought it would come to this…” Red kept going, having completely lost his cool as impossibility stared him in the face, “I cannot capture you, does that mean that I have to…” He suddenly became quiet and hunched over, seemingly in a battle of morals with himself.
“… No” he finally said out loud, sitting upright again, “Absolutely not. With the description I was given… But there are two of them… And this Lucario is…” He looked at the Weavile behind him, before looking at the Lucario in front of him, and finally lowered his head in a hopeless gesture.

“… You win” Red finally said as he scratched his beard, “If I cannot capture you, I am unable to become victorious.”
“I…” Lucario said as his vision grew foggy.
“Listen closely. I could end your life right here and now, but I will not. I only ask you for one thing in return…” Red said in a deep, serious voice as he stared at Lucario with gentle eyes, “… Please, do not make me regret it.”

Giving off a faint smile behind the beard, Red held on as Raikou howled and jumped through the hole above them, leaping on the walls to get outside.
“Take… That… You… Dull… Old…” Lucario stammered cockily, before exhaling and collapsing on the floor. The two Pokémon lay pained and immobile, and within seconds the cave was silent once more.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"I had five months of vacation stored up... And you take me to a place called 'Snowpoint City'?"

"Cerulean City never gets any snow, I thought you'd like it!"

"Are you implying that I have never seen snow before? I can assure you that it has never been a pleasant experience, including right now"

"It'll be worth it once you see the Snowpoint Temple!"

"... Temple? Make that especially right now..."

"Yeah! It's really old, and quite the sight from what I've heard!"

"OK, this has gone on far enough. Tell me, what part of me EVER gave off the signal that I would want to spend my vacation visiting a bloody temple!?"

"B-But... I..."

"I was looking forward to sipping berry juice by a pool somewhere while making snide remarks to people passing by and annoying the clerks by pretending that I'm deaf..."

"... I'm... Sorry..."

"I hereby permanently revoke your permission to pick vacation spots"

"... No!"

"With all the work I've had to do lately, I can't afford something like this. I need a master of being lazy to pick out a good spot. Like that Croagunk... He always seems to find the best places to lurk around..."



"Look to your right"

"... What, did I miss a particularly snowy tree? One where the snow has the branches weighed down to join its brethren on the ground? Wait, you're not going to slap me or something, right?"

"Just do it!"

"Because if you do, I WILL have you arrested for assaulting an officer of the law!"

"Just turn your head around!"

"Fine, but there's absolutely no possibility anything could make up for..."


"... What the... Is that...!?"


"N-No way! That is... I can't..."

"I-I thought you'd like it..."

"LIKE IT!? Way to play me for a fool with that whole innocent screw-up thing!"

"I learned from the best, after all!"

"C'mere, you... Heh, this is NOW a vacation! Nothing could possibly ruin it!"

"Ah! Don't say that, or something'll happen for sure!"

"What, you still believe in all that occult stuff? Haha! Don't worry, nothing bad is going to happen... Now, let's enjoy ourselves for once!"

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