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Mission Event Pokemon RP This is where Park Event RPs of all kinds will be placed. So always be on the lookout for any Event RPs, as you'd be able to win Event-only prizes!

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Old 03-02-2013, 04:22 PM
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Default Easter Capture Contest [Log Thread]

Keep your logs for the Easter Capture Event in here. Posts don't need to be marked as NBP or BP since only stats and summaries need to be included. Pay will be the same for all posts. You only need one log for all runs.

Make sure to keep track of things like MCR and HP% on both Captured and Trainer mon because those things influence points for judging.

Example Log:

Trainer: Betty Hurriup
Posts: #1, #2, #3

Pokemon Captured: Gothita @ 0.68% 9,145/9000 MCR
Trainer Pokemon: Empoleon @ 91.93%


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