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Default Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade [4/20 Update!]

Once upon a time, there was a little college student who began to feel a little nostalgic for her childhood. With the pressures of higher education caging her in, she felt like she needed an escape. And so, with some effort, she dug her way through relics of old, sorting through old Pokemon cards until she uncovered her long forgotten GameBoy Color. With it, she rediscovered some of her favorite childhood games, but there was one in particular she wanted to play.

Excited, she switched it on and began an old adventure anew. But alas, it was not so--for as soon as she turned the power off, the new tale ended abruptly. The battery, it seems, had died in the cartridge, making it impossible to save. But journeying to the well of knowledge (ie the internet) she discovered that she could get it replaced.

And so, the real journey began...

Hey, guys! And welcome to my Nuzlocke! Here I'll be doing a bit of a blog (okay, it'll be in a more story-like format [okay, it will be a lot in a story-like format]) on my escapades in the nostalgic world of Pokemon Crystal. I'm following the basic, standard rules of Nuzlocke:

1.) Only the first Pokemon may be captured on each route/town/area.

2.) If any Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be released.

I only have one added rule, and that's that

3.) Shinies and Legendaries are fair game

But first things first, I got to fix this game!

Getting the screw off was pretty tricky--I ended up buying a security screwdriver from Amazon, but it was fairly inexpensive.

So that's what the inside of a game looks like... So shiny... *o*

And so thin! Well, first thing I got to do is take off the tabs on the dead battery. It was pretty darn tricky, but I had a random tool that worked wonderfully--I'm not even sure what it's called, but it's a particular blade used for artwork xD

GOSH FREAKIN'... There's another tab? Dx Man, this was a lot harder than the first. I was so scared I was going to break my game... >>'

HA-HA!!! But I got it off just fine! Take that, dead battery!

Well, I put in a new battery and wrapped it up tightly with electrical tape--putting some scotch tape over it to keep it anchored down. Okay, so let's put this thing together and try it out!

Looks like everything's working good so far... Let's try out a new game and see if it saves...

:'D That's the most beautiful screen I have ever seen...


*Are you a boy, or are you a girl?

*……… Zzzz…. Wha? You woke me up!

*Will you check the clock for me?

*What time is it?

*It’s Nite 11:30?
-…But I didn’t say—

*No wonder it’s so dark!
-Really? I just thought you were blind. Can we skip the introduction? I think I know where this is going.

*Confident, are we?
-…That’s not in your game script…

*In that case, we have a very special challenge for you.
-…Um, is this thing still broken?

*What did you say your name was?
-I didn’t.

*Char is your name?
-Okay, this is getting really freaky.

*Char, are you ready? Your very own Pokémon story is about to unfold!
-Oh, this sounds normal. Maybe that was just a glitch.

*You’ll face fun times and tough challenges. Very tough challenges.*
-Or not. I think my Professor’s broken.

*You’ll only be allowed to catch one Pokemon from each route.*
-Wait, this sounds familiar…

*If your Pokemon faints during battle, you will be unable to use it for the rest of your journey.
-Oh, gosh no! No! Anything but—

*A world of dreams and adventures with Pokemon awaits! Let’s go!
-I change my mind, let’s NOT go.

*I’ll be seeing you later!
-What’s going on? What’s with that weird light? Why am I—


Welcome to the world of Pokemon Nuzlocke!

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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade


Okay, well that was freaky… Looks like I’m still alive and kicking! But where am I? And why does everything look so… blocky. Heck, even that computer over there is a honking cube. Wow, and that television! It looks like a pregnant flat screen. What the heck is that thing next to it? A radio? That thing’s bigger than my face.

What is this, the 90s? Okay, I got to get a grip. I need to find out what’s going on…

<It’s really quite simple, really. >

Wait, who’s that?

<Me, naturally.>

And you are?

<The biggest troll in the Pokémon Universe, of course.>

A competitive battling haxor?

<No, you buffoon! I mean the literal Pokémon Universe. >

Tch-haha, you’re funny. Seriously, who are you?


Right, and I’m a fedora-wearing Charmander.

<You could be, but would be in a different game entirely.>

Okay, you’re not making any sense.

<Fine, let me put it as simply as I can. You’re in a video game—Pokémon Crystal, to be precise—and you’re in a Nuzlocke challenge.>

…That still doesn’t make any sense.

<You want proof? Check your pocket. >

I don’t see how this is going to prove—this has got to be fake. A trainer card? That doesn’t even look like me.

<And now you should check your reflection…>

There’s no mirror in here! Wait, the television… WHAT THE???

<And there you have it. >

BLUE HAIR?! What the heck happened to my hair? And… and… Why do I look 10 years old?

<Now that that’s out of the way, we can get this story started. Char, a young woman with a dream of becoming a Pokémon Trainer, awakes in her bedroom one late evening, unable to contain her excitement. >

What the heck do you think you’re doing?

<Narrating, of course. What else would I be doing?>

I don’t know, trolling some fanatical Pokémon collector or something?

<Who says I can’t do both at the same time? ;D >

…You know, I imagined Suicune being less . . . annoying.

<And I imagined you being more… sophisticated.>

Excuse me? Why don’t you come out and say that to my face!

<All in due time, poppet, I assure you. We will meet in person some day, but that part of the story has not yet begun.>

I can’t wait.

<That sort of dry humor might get you into trouble someday, you know. You really should try to be more enthusiastic. Besides, unless you play the game, I’m afraid you’ll be trapped here for all eternity.>

…You’re saying I can’t get out of here unless I…

<Exactly. So do try to have fun with this. It’ll be more enjoyable on my part.>

And what part do you play, again?

<Didn’t I say earlier? I’m the narrator.>

<I know, I know! It’s quite an honor to have your story told by the majestic, powerful, beautiful Legendary Beast Suicune! I would be excited, were I in your shoes. So what do you say? Shall we begin this tale of tales?>

…Fine. Let’s get this over with.

<That’s the spirit, poppet.>


-Yeah, I haven't gotten my starter yet, lol. Sorry, but I really like writing stories xD Half of this Nuzlocke is, afterall, revisiting the treasures of Crystal. Next update, see what starter Char does end up picking! Any guesses?-

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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade

The log at the end of the first post killed me. xD

I also really love your header banner! <3
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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
The log at the end of the first post killed me. xD

I also really love your header banner! <3

LoL, good--I wasn't sure if I was really all that funny xD

Thanks! Made it myself, aside from the font ;)

<Mmm, yes, I suppose it's decent enough for an amateur. But please, can we get back to the story?>

Fine, pushy :P

<As I was saying, Char gets out of bed one late evening, unable to fall asleep. She glances about her unfamiliar bedroom, but seeing nothing interesting she goes downstairs. There she finds her mother gossiping with one of their neighborhood friends. Goodness knows what they could be talking about at this late hour.>

So… I’m guessing that this is my parental figure? It’s been a while since I’ve played Crystal, but I’m assuming she’s as mysteriously single as always.

“Char, what are you doing up this late? Do you have any idea what time it is?”

What was my excuse again? Oh, right. “Er, I couldn’t sleep.”

“Someone’s getting antsy, it sounds like. It must almost be time to start up a Trainer Journey.”

Who are you again?

<Char, that would be your neighbor.>

Right. Are you always going to be talking in my head like this?

<Most likely. I am, after all, narrating.>

I have SO much to look forward to.

“It very well could be. Oh! That reminds me! Professor Elm was looking for you.”

“He was?” Hmm, I think this is coming back to me.

“He said he wanted you to do something for him.”

“Ah, yes. The old errand run. Alright, I’ll go check it out.”

“At this late hour?”

“Why not?”

“Honey, he’s probably gone to bed.”

“Are you kidding? That guy eats, drinks, and breathes research.”

“You have a point. Well, all right then. Before you go off to do whatever mundane task he has in store for you, I’d better give you this PokeGear. Just got it back from the repair shop, so don’t go breaking it again. It was expensive!”

“Thanks, Mom. I’m sure we’ll have a meaningful talk about expensive things later when you start mooching off my earnings later on. Wait a second, what is this thing?”

“Uh, your PokeGear?”

“This is a PokeGear? It’s the size of Alabama!”

“Really, now, you shouldn’t be so picky! That’s the latest model!”

“That apparently breaks easy.”

“Whose fault was that?”

“I dunno. I just got here.”

“Don’t you have some mundane task to go do?”


“Wait up, Char. I have one last question for you. One VERY important question...”

"Er... yes?"

"I want you to answer me honestly."


"...Do you know how to use your phone?"

"...Bye Mom."

<With that endearing conversation, Char leaves her house and proceeds to Elm’s Lab. It’s dark outside, but the light of the full moon shows her the way.>

Just like I remember. Except there’s so much space.


…Maybe I’m just really tiny. I can’t decide.

<Char enters the laboratory, where, sure enough, Professor Elm and his assistant are busy at work. The unnamed assistant is the first to notice her presence.>

“OMG Char’s here! YAY :D”

“Er, hi. Is Professor Elm—”


“Um, are you feeling all right?”

“I’mtotallyfineI’mrunningoffofeightcupsofcoffeeIca ngoatthisallnight.”

“…Right. I’ll leave you to…whatever it is you’re doing.”

“Okaythnxit’sbusywithjustthetwoofussomuchworktodot odotodo~!”

<A little offset by the assistant’s jittery behavior, Char cautiously continues to the back of the lab. To her relief, Elm is sitting behind his desk looking perfectly sane. But apparently, the scientist is completely oblivious to the time of day. In fact, now that I think about it, I don’t recall seeing a clock anywhere in this laboratory.>

“Oh, hello Char! I was hoping you’d drop by!”

“I heard you were looking for me. What’s up? Got some mundane—I mean, some fulfilling task for me to do?”

“Actually, yes—I do have a favor to ask of you. You see, I’m currently working on a paper to present to a conference next June. But the problem is, despite all the research we have been doing I feel like I’m missing something. There’s just so many mysteries surrounding Pokémon, and I feel like we haven’t even skimmed the surface yet. I’ve decided to conduct one last experiment before I attempt to finish this paper: Char, will you take one of these Pokémon that I’ve just recently captured?”

“Really? Wow, that doesn’t sound mundane at all—I mean, er, that’s a real honor, Professor. I would love to help out your research!”

“Excellent! That’s just what I wanted to hear! Now, if you’ll follow me…”

<Excited, Char eagerly follows the Professor—the time has finally arrived to choose her first Pokemon! On the table before her, she finds 3 Poke Balls.>

“Alright, Char—here are the Pokemon: Cyndiquil, Totodile, and Chikorita. They’re all very young, and have never had a Trainer before. In a way, they’re just like you!"

“Oh, man, I totally know what I’m going to pick! Let’s go with Cyndiquil!”

<Wait, really? The fire-type?>

Uh, der. Of course the fire-type!

<Oh, well… I had assumed you would go for something less… coarse and… unrefined.>


<You need something more dignified and majestic, like a… Oh, I don’t know, a water-type perhaps?>

…You’ve seen Totodile’s evolutions, right? I mean, Feraligatr’s cool and all but hardly… refined… Thanks, but I’ll stick to Cyndiquil.

<Have it your way, then.>

“Excellent choice, Char. Here you go!”

“Thanks, Prof. So what do I need to do now?”

“Whatever you’d like. That Cynidquil is yours to raise. What I’m interested to see is the growth of your Pokemon, and how it bonds to you. If you could write down some observations and visit me every so often, I would greatly appreciate it.”

“Sounds very doable, Professor. Now, let’s see this little fellow.”

<Wwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeyoooooooooo! Wait, who are you people?>

“Did… he just talk?”

“Pardon? I didn’t hear anything…”

<Ah, silly me, I forgot to mention. It would hardly be a Nuzlocke if the Pokémon didn’t have a voice, correct? Unfortunately, only you can hear your Pokemon’s thoughts.>

Okay, that’s cool… I guess.

“Anyway, would you like to give a name to your Cyndiquil?"

“Sure, let’s name him Toby.”

<Toby?! TOBY?! …I can roll with that.>

<…Any particular reason why you named him that?>

*Fire ignites on back* <Weeeeeeeeeyoooooooo!>

…Nope. No reason.

<Riiiiiight. Anyway, Professor Elm suddenly receives an e-mail on his computer from one of his more fanatical colleagues.>

“Uh, oh. Say, Char? Could you—”

“Go to Mr. Pokemon’s house and get something from him? Yep, I got this.”

“…B-but I didn’t—”

“Here’s my number, Prof—call me if anything comes up. Like, I don’t know, you get robbed or something. See ya in a bit.”

“…Wait, what?”

<Leaving Professor Elm in a rather confused state, our young Trainer sets out on her first real adventure, striking a course for the peaceful town of Cherrygrove with little regard for the lateness of the hour. Little does she suspect the trials facing her in the future…>

That doesn’t sound ominous at all…

*sitting on head* <Onward, my mighty pig-tailed steed! Together we shall conquer Route 29 in glorious grinding fashion!>



Weeeeeeeeyoooooo! Oh wait, did that come from me?


Tobuscus Toby

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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade


I have to hate you(not really) for giving me serious nostalgia, but i love it.

"I was talking with a friend, and we ended up with Zeus being Mr. Clean and going around banishing dust with a single wipe"
-Eternal Moonlight
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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post

I have to hate you(not really) for giving me serious nostalgia, but i love it.

Hahaha, good--I've accomplished something, then ;D

You know, I found it interesting that Elm's opening dialogue in this game is different from the other versions. He starts out by just giving you a Pokemon for a sensible reason, and THEN he gets the email from Mr. Pokemon. I'm going to keep an eye out for little differences like that and let you guys know ;D But anyway, on to the update!

<Welcome back, ladies and gents, to another episode of Char’s Crystal Clear Nuzlocke run! When we last left off-->

When did this turn into a television series?

<Excuse me! I was working on an introduction!>


<As I was saying, in the last update, Char was about to take her first steps on Route 29. Since she has yet to claim Poke Balls, the Nuzlocke rules have not yet kicked in… However, the first encounter on a journey is always the most exciting—an omen of sorts, if you will. She and her new partner wander into the tall grass, keeping their eyes peeled for wild Pokemon… Suddenly, the grass shifts…>

And the first mon is a… Rattata…What kind of omen is that?

<Hmm… Well, it could mean that you will be trolled by purple rats your entire run. But I’m no horoscope specialist.>

Woopeee. Well, let the grinding begin. Go, Toby!

<Prepare to meet your doom, Sir Ratty!>

Let’s make this quick—start with Leer.

<You got it, boss! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyooooooo!>

o__________o Um… did he just shoot lazers from his closed eyes?

<Ah yeah, take that suckah!>

<Mmm, yes, your… Fire type continues to impress me, Char. That’s sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell.>

…DUDE. LAZERS. Toby, you have achieved a whole new level of awesomeness! 8D

<*mental facepalm*>

Route 29, you are going down! Let’s kick rat trash, Toby!

<Now that’s what I’m talking about!>

<Fantastic… Let us fast forward through all the… barbaric battles these uncivilized mongrels get engaged in and skip to the next town, shall we? Char and Toby enter Cherrygrove City, which is hardly a city at all, actually.>

Hey, Suicune?

<What is it now?>

I found this on a tree back on Route 29—what is it?

<That would be a BERRY, Char.>

I know that—but what kind of berry?


A Razz berry?


An Oran Berry?

<Char, those don’t exist in this game. It’s just a BERRY.>

Just a berry?


BERRY… That’s boring. What does it do then?

<It heals 10 hp in battle.>

So it is an Oran Berry!

<No, no, no, it’s—Gah, nevermind! That old man wants to show you around. Go talk to him!>

“Hello, rookie! Would you like me to show you the ropes?”

“Whoa, hold on, old man—I’ve been playing Pokémon for YEARS. I don’t need your—”

“Tutorial time is fun! Follow me~!”


<Thus Char became aware of the mechanics of the game, learning about important buildings—like the Pokémon Center, the Pokémon Mart. And she got to see the sea in all its grandeur.>

“This is the sea, as you can see.”

“I SEA what you did thar.” IT'S PUNNY

“And this is my house. I get rather lonely at times.”

“Uh-huh… Can I get going now?”

“Wait, I have something for you!”

“Dude, I accept gifts from strangers—wait, unless… Is it running shoes?” Omigoshcoulditbethatwouldbeamazing :D

“Here ya go!”

“…These aren’t running shoes…”

“Nope—it’s something even better! A map card!”

“Oh…” DISAPOINT. “Well… I guess that could be handy. Weird that I didn’t have a map to begin with, though… Thanks, old man.”

“Don’t be a stranger now!”


<With her personalized tour of the town complete, Char finally gets the opportunity to recuperate in the Pokémon Center …>

“Good evening! You’re out late.”

“Don’t judge me.”

<…And shop at the Pokemon Mart.>

“Don’t ask me about Poke Balls, kid, I ain’t got none.”

“Tch, you never do in the beginning. Kind of convenient, huh? HUH? You just HAPPEN to be out of Poke Balls the instant I start my adventure. Doesn’t matter, though—I always get my first ones for free elsewhere. BUT I’M ON TO YOUR LITTLE SCHEMES!”

“… What in the heck are you talking about?”

“Thanks for the stuff.”

<And thus, having explored all there is in the city-that’s-not-really-a-city of Cherrygrove, Char continues on to Mr. Pokémon’s house, taking her first steps on Route 30.>

Hmm… wonder what kind of Pokémon we can catch here…?

<Char wondered this, but even as she wondered the grass began quivering before her… What should appear… but a Spinarak!>

*o* Y U No Have Poke Balls? Dx Ah, well. Toby?

<Yes! More action! Bwah-ha-ha!>

<Great, this guy again… Well, if I must narrate… Toby and Spinarak immediately engage in a battle; both use their extremely limited move set to their maximum potential—however, each of their attacks miss their attacks.>

<It seems we are evenly matched, spider. But you are powerless against my… LAZAH VISION!!! WEEEEEEEEEEYOOOOOOOO!>


<…Why did I volunteer for this again? At any rate, the Spinarak was incapacitated-->

<You mean, decapitated! >:D >

<…Incapacitated and Char pushes her way through the wild grass up a gentle rise. Her path is obscured by tall pines, but as the path winds through the groves a house appears on the horizon. No doubt this is the home of the eccentric colleague of Professor Elm—the fantasist who isolates himself from society and spends all day and night on various internet forums.>

All right, guys—we’re nearly finished with this mundane tutorial-of-a task. Who’s ready for phase two?

<Dude, I’ve grown like 5 whole levels in this post. I’m freakin’ ready to move on with life.>

<In typical Nintendo fashion, Char skips over knocking on the door and barges right into Mr. Pokemon’s humble abode.>

“AH A PERSON—Wait, are you Char?”

“Yep, the one and only. You must be Mr. Pokémon.”

“Oh, ah… Yes. Yes I am. Er, hold on, I’ll,er, get that… thing… Just… stay put and don’t… touch anything. You can visit with my friend, Professor Oak.”

“Hello, Char!”

“AH A PROFESSOR—Wait, you! You got me into this mess!”

“I beg your pardon. I don’t think we’ve met before.”

“Pfffft, of course we did—you had to ask me whether or not I was a boy or girl. And then you asked me for the time.”

“Er, I assure you I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Playing dumb, are we? Well, I’m on to your little conspiracy! Mark me—I got my eyes on you!”

“You have quite the imagination, don’t you?”

Le Me:

“Right… Well, I don’t suppose I could ask you to do something for me?”

“Fill out the PokeDex?”

“How did you—”

“I told you, I’m on to your little games! But sure, why not. Everyone’s giving me free stuff right now.”

“Thanks! This will help out our research tons!”

Sure, considering the LIMITED amount of Pokémon I can actually catch…

“Okay, I found it… Can you take this back to Professor Elm?”

“You got it, Mr. Pokémon. …If that’s your real name…”

“Of course it is. Now, hurry along. Shoo, shoo. I’m sure you children have better things to do. Go do... child things…”

“Whatevs. Adios, peeps!”

<Char steps outside, just in time for—>

The call of fate!

<…It’s rude to interrupt you know.>


“Char, it’s horrible!”

“Say no more, Professor! We’re on our way!” *hangs up* Toby?”

<Sounds like a job for the fiery ninja of death!>

<Sped on by a sense of urgency, Char and her partner rush back the way they came, retracing their steps to Cherrygrove City. Yet as they skipped their way through the village, an obstacle came their way…>

“I told you, old man, I don’t want any of your advice!”

“But tutorial time is fun! D:”

Cue Angry Ginger Kid. Heh, ya know, I thought he was a girl back when I first played Silver. I named him after my sister once >:3

“Get out of my way!”

“Hey, dude—not cool. Picking on lonely old men… How low can you get?”

“Mind your own business, brat! Unless you want a piece of this?”

“Ew. The only piece I want from you is your money and some battle experience.”

“You want to battle? HA. Funny. You look laughably weak.”

“Toby, did you hear that? He called you weak.”


“HAHA, that’s your Pokemon? It looks like it can’t even see straight! Hey, rat-face! I’m over here!”


“Why don’t I show you a REAL battle-worthy Pokemon? Come on out, Totodile! Let’s show this freak what we’re made of!”

Toby (Level 10) vs Jaws (Level 5)

“…Dude, are you serious?”

“Shuttup and fight! Jaws, scratch!”

“*sigh* Toby?”


<Two turns later, Char’s victory was sealed. And the ginger’s—I mean, the strange boy’s— hopes were seared. Literally.>

“Um, you better go get that checked.”

“F-freak! Were you trying to kill me? You should learn to control your Pokémon!”

“You did insult him. He doesn’t take kindly to that.”

<Hold on, I missed a spot—HIS FACE.>

“Toby, that’s enough. Come on, Silver, let me help you out.” *offers hand*

*swats it away* “I don’t need your help! I’m going to become the strongest Pokémon Trainer in the world, and then I’ll stomp you and your rat flat!

<With that oath, the angry ginger kid ran off, quickly slipping from Char’s vision.>

“You know… He’s the biggest jerk since Gary… But I can’t help but feel sorry for him.”

<What? Why would anyone feel sorry for him?>

“Well, it’s a major spoiler in the game but SPOILER, he’s Giovanni’s son.”


“Yeah. Angsty fangirls eat that up.”

<…You ain’t a fangirl, iz you?>



“We need to hurry back to the lab!”



No changes, lol

Curret Team


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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade

I like it so far!

I also really like that you named your Cyndaquil Toby!

... Brother Pig.
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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade

Hey, glad you're enjoying it! :D

LoL, I actually named him Toby because that's what I called mine way back when--but since I'm a Tobuscus fan, I had to put this spin on him xD Somehow "Weeeeeeeyoooo" has worked its way into my everyday vocabulary since I started watching his game vlogs (yes, it's a vocab word now :P)



I was hoping to get something new up everyday, but this week's been torture for me, what with midterms and application deadlines. Tomorrow. Maybe. Hopefully.


<The suspense is killing me... :P >

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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade

Weeeeeeeeell, Midterms are evil guys and gals--but this insanity is the only way to keep my sanity, SO I'm going to update this even if it kills me xD

Suicune, would you like to take it away?

<Hmm, yes, I suppose I have the time... And considering how dull and unimportant this run would be without me...>

Just get on with it. :P

<Right. I believe when we last left off, Char picked up an egg from the social recluse Mr. Pokemon, and had an encounter with the angry ginger--I mean, mysteriously short-tempered young man. Now she's making her way back to Professor Elm's lab, jumping off ledges like a reckless juvenile delinquent. Miraculously, she made the return trip in half the time it took to travel through it the first time.

Strange how time works like that, eh?>

*grumbles something about programmers*

<Before she could stop to admire the work of the programmers, she finds herself back in her home town, right before Professor Elm’s lab. Police cars were gathered all around the front entrance, flashing their red and white sirens.>

Where are you seeing this? I don’t see any police cars. Or lights. In fact, there’s only one cop here, and he’s inside talking to Professor Elm right now.

<I’m allowed to use some creative license, aren’t I? Use a little imagination here.>

No thanks—I’d rather deal with one cop rather than twenty.

<Very well. Char goes inside the laboratory, passes the assistant who’s practically foaming over himself, and walks straight to the back where Elm is speaking to a man in a blue uniform.>


“Char! You’re back!”

“What’s this? You say you know who stole Elm’s Pokemon?”

“Indeed, sir, I do! It was a young man with long red hair!”

“Yes! That’s exactly what Elm just told me! Is there anything else you know about him? Did you happen to catch his name?”

LoL, nope. “Of course! His name is… Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen!”

“Right… Smitty Wer… uh… That doesn’t quite fit in the spaces, if you know what I mean. Did he have a nickname?”

“I think he preferred to go by Silver.”

“Excellent! Thank you for your good work citizen! Keep a sharp eye for this Smitty Werben…”


“Werben… Ah, just look out for the kid. I’m gonna go buy a coffee.”

“Thank you officer!”

“What a terrible turn of events… Oh, but Char, what was Mr. Pokémon wanting?”

“Oh, yeah! He wanted me to give you this: BEHOLD, A POKEMON EGG!”

“What? An Egg? But this means… Pokémon can reproduce?”

“Apparently. But before this gets awkward, guess who else I ran into?”

“Who would that be?”

“That dastardly fiend Professor Oak!”

“Professor Oak? He’s in Johto? Why didn’t I hear about this?”

“Probably because you need to get out more often… Anyway, he gave me a PokeDex.”

“He did? Do you know what this means?”

“He’s too lazy to do anything himself?”

“It means he saw great potential in you as a Trainer! You should take on the Pokemon League!”

“Oh, I intend to, Professor. I intend to >:3 Can you remind me where the first gym is?”

“Violet City, if I recall correctly. Are you going, then? You should go tell your mother before you leave like the responsible young woman that you are.”

“Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, if I have to… Later, Prof!”

“Keep us updated, Char! Oh, and I’ll let you know if we make any discoveries with this egg!”


“AAAH! Oh, it’s you, unnamed assistant. Er, what can I help you with?”

“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take these!”

“Free Poke Balls? Why, you shouldn’t have! ;D”

“Good luck on filling up that Dex! Seriously, good luck. I tried once. And failed. Miserably. ANYWAY be a good girl! 8D”

“Yeah, and you… Try to stay away from coffee for a bit, mkay?”

“But I was just making some for the police officer and myself D:”

“Aaaaaand that’s my cue to leave. PEACE.”

<And now, the Nuzlocke can really begin… Mwahahaha…>

That sounded evil…

<Mmm? Oh, that wasn’t me.>

I’m pretty sure it was. It had the same colored text and was enclosed by inequality signs and everything.

<Char, my dear, I have no idea what you’re talking about.>

Suuuuuuure. Anyway, I guess I better go talk to my parental unit.


“Char! There you are! I was so worried! I was just about to call the cops!”

“That probably wouldn’t have done you any good. They were kind of busy at Professor Elm’s place, actually…”

“Goodness! What happened?”

“One of his Pokémon got stolen, but that’s not important. Guess what?”

“Not important? Char!!”

“No, no, it’s all good—I found out who did it.”

“You did? But how? Honey, you better start telling me where you’ve been for the past few hours.”

<And so, Char launched into her story, beginning with Professor Elm’s errand and ending with the police interview.>

“Wow. All that happened?”

“Yeppers. So, uh… I’m going to go challenge the League now and stuff.”

“You’re what?”

“Yeah, I’ll be sure to call in and check with ya often and all. First I’m going to go to Violet City and—”

“Not tonight, you’re not!”

“But Mooooooom!”

“Don’t ‘but mom’ me! Someone in this video game has to be responsible for you, and I’m not going to let you take off again in the middle of the night!”

“Hmm… You’re more considerate than I remember. But what about the Gym challenge?”

“If you’re that bent on going… you can leave in the morning.”

“Ugh… Fine. I’ll wait till tomorrow… Maybe I’ll be able to catch some cooler Pokémon during the morning time…”

<Thus Char was sent to her room to wait out the night until a more reasonable time to be travelling about came along. The timid rays of the morning sun shone upon the little village of New Bark, finding Char saying her last good bye’s to her hometown.>

“Farewell, my hometown! I only knew you for a few brief moments but I will never forget you!”

[Flash forward to the future]

“Oh, I’m from some backwater town in the south. I think it’s called Littleroot or Twig Town or something like that.”

[Flash back to the past]

“Is there anything I can do for you, Char?”

“Nope, I think I’m good.”

“Are you sure?”


“Oh! I know! I’ll keep an eye on your money!”

“No, really. I’m good. You don’t need to do that.”

“No worries, hun! I’ll keep your funds safe and sound!”


<Placing her trust in her mother, Char set out to retrace her steps for the umpteenth time. Yet it felt to her as if she was truly seeing Route 29 in a new light—for now, she had Poke Balls. Now, she could finally capture her own Pokémon. Now, the Nuzlocke truly begins.>

“Hey! I’ve seen you around a few times! Have you captured any Poke—”

“Back off, kid, I know what I’m doing.”


Okay, I know my first encounter here was originally a Rattata… But this is a fresh, clean slate! Let’s see what our real first encounter will be… *please not Rattata, please not Rattata…*

<Crossing her fingers, Char steps into the tall grass… and suddenly a wild Pokemon appeared!>


Rattata appeared.

…Fine… Might as well catch this thing. *Throws a Poke Ball*

<The ball rolls once… twice… then bursts open. You’re not very good at this, poppet. Your aim is terrible.>

FFFFFFFFFF You’re not worth this! *throws another*

Captured! Taz, Male Level 2

“…You’re only level two?”

<Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuse me, princess, but I had better things to do.>

“…Yergoingindabox. Next chance we get!”

<Unfortunately, not every Rattata can be in the top percentage. Still, Char heads northward to see what other areas she could chance for encounters. Her path eventually leads her to a dead end at Route 49.>

What is the point of this area again? *turns around*

<Yo, man, you in mah turf! Get out before I crush you flat!>

A Geodude? Sweeeeeet!

<Hey, what do you think you’re-->

Captured! Beat, Male, Level 2

“Aw, you’re only level 2, too? …Two to… Tu? ….Also?”

<If you even think about putting me in a tu-tu, I’ll beat the living pulp outta ya.>

“Well, you’re forgiven. Because you’re rock-typage will troll everyone at this point >:D”


<After grinding Beat up to a reasonable level—and neglecting poor Taz—Char skips over Cherrygrove and makes her way through Route 30 once more.>

Okay, so it’s daylight again… so I probably won’t encounter a Spinarak again… But how cool would it have been to catch one? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Nuzlocke with a Spinarak before! :D Ah, well, let’s see what I’ll get…

<The grass before Char quivers and shakes… then suddenly! A wild Poliwag appeared!>


Captured! Globox, Male Level 4

<Ah, finally. A water type. Now this team is shaping up.>

<Haaaaaaaai guys! Hai! I’m new :3 My name’s Globox! Oh, look! A pretty flower! :D Hello pretty flower! My name's Globox!>

<… I take that back.>

<Yo, man, I’m getting tired of all this Rattata beatin’. Can we get some serious competition here or what?>

“How about some Trainer battles, guys?”

<Now that’s what I’m talking about!>

<Toby approves of this>

<Can I...?>



<Poor Taz... doomed to sit out the entire game... But of course, nothing is certain in this Nuzlocke. Circumstances may... change...>

Dude, stahp. Stahp with the ominous comments at the end of every post!

<Until next time, my sweet audience...>


Loads of New Additions!

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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade [2/22 Update!]


<Greetings, my viewers! Forgive me for delay—unexpected circumstances popped up that prevented our updates, but rest assured! The Nuzlocke will continue! Now, when we last left off Char has finally set out on her quest to conquer all eight of Johto’s gyms, and finally received a complimentary set of capsule devices. She has made several new additions to her team, including a Geodude, a Poliwhirl, and-->

The rat who shall not be named…

<…Char, we’ve talked about this…>

UGH, I know… I should be more open to using Rattatas…

<Oh, no. I was referring to my lecture on RUDELY interrupting me.>

Oh, that.

<At any rate, Char has been training her Pokémon up against various trainers, INCLUDING the rather infamous-->

Youngsta Joey!

<…Char. You did it again…>

I even got his number! And his autograph! :D

<Wait. You got… his autograph?>

Heck yeah, I did.

<Why would you…? Ah, never mind. Anyway, Char has now made her way to Route 31, getting closer and closer to the first town with a gym! Along the way, she makes another Pokémon encounter…>

Hey, I’m up for anything. *pleasenotrattatapleastnotrattata*

<Hmm, let’s see… What’s a good choice… Oh, I know! A wild Caterpie appeared!>

D’awwwwww :3

Captured! …Er… What should I name you? I mean, I’ve had this theme up until now, but what sort of pop culture entity can I name a female Caterpie? Eh, might as well go with what I always call my Caterpie: Iris, Female, Lv. 4

<Um… Hi guys.>

<YO—this is unacceptable! We gonna training you up PRONTO.>

<Oh, um, well…>

<DUDE. Look! Another Caterpie. CAT FIGHT!> *tosses Iris at other Caterpie*

I think you guys are going to get along famously :D

<Needless to say, Iris was pressed to the anvil until a few levels later…>

<Wow! I feel different!>

<OMIGOSH, Iris! You look so pretty! :D>

<...What the…? She’s a freakin’ pod now! How is she supposed to do anything now?>

“At least she knows tackle still xD And harden’s pretty awesome to spam with. Let’s continue trai—“


“Huh? Who could that be?”

“Yo, Char! How’s it going? This is Joey!”

“Oh, right! Hi Joey!”

“Got a minute?”

“Um, actually… I was in the middle of training—”

“Let’s get together and battle! I promise that things will be different! I’ll be on route 30!”

“Oh, well oka—”

“Okthnxbai!” *Click*

Um… Okay then? Well, that’s cool. Looks like we’ll get a chance to train you up some more, Iris! >:D Let’s go torture his Rattata with Harden spamage! >:D

<And so, Char made her way back to Route 30 and chased down Youngster Joey. Just as expected, she tortured his top percentage Rattata with Harden until she was able to wittle down its health one tackle at a time. Parting ways with Joey, she returned back to Route 31.>

“Already team! Let’s head to Viole—”


“Again? Um, hello?”

“Yo Char! How’s it going?”


“Hey, you got a minute?”


“Let’s get together and battle! I’ll be on Route—”

*Click* I think I remember now how annoying that kid really is.

<And to think that you got his autograph…>

Yeah. He’s almost as big of a nuisance as you are.

<P-lease. Top percentage or not, no one comes close to being as magnificent as I am ;D>

Hmm, I guess you’re right. I mean, no one can troll as much as you do.

<Why, thank you.>

That wasn’t a… Oh, nevermind! Just move on with the story…

<With pleasure~! Now, Char finally detaches herself from her busy grinding sessions and takes her first steps in the charming old town of Violet City. To the north she can see the tall form of Sprout Tower rising high above the trees, its roof seemingly scraping the sky.>

You’re so eloquent.

<Over the rise in the hill, she can see the unmistakable shape of a Pokemon Gym…>

DESTINY AWAITS! But first, we’re going to do some more grinding.

*All team members* <Whaaaaat?>


To the Tower!

<Ever the cautionary type, Char heads to Sprout Tower for extra conditioning. But of course, she comes to learn that an HM is also being handed out…>

Oh, goody. A useless HM. I’m SO excited.

<Yes, it’s quite enthralling, really. Still, one must pace themselves. Char soon finds out that Globox and Beat are unfortunately useless in the Sprout Tower. The Trainers there are infamous for their Bellsprouts—and the wild Pokemon…?>

No! Rat be gone! I dun’ need another! Dx

<Toby on the other hand…>


<He’s quite at home here. Iris is also working her way up the ladder her, despite her disabled form. It’s not long before she finds herself changing once again.>

<I…I don’t even know what’s happening to me anymore Dx>

<Dude, chill. It’s like, nature or whatever.>

<Can I just put out there that this is hardly natural? She was just a Caterpie earlier this morning…>

<OMG, Iris, you’re even more prettiful now! 8D>

<Is everyone on this team insane?>

<With a new Butterfree on the team, and Toby flaming his way through the tower, Char finally reached the top, where…>


“Hey! You break, you buy!”

“Shuddup old man and give me the stupid disc.”

Oh, joy. I was wondering when we’d run into him again.

“Fine, fine—but you owe me two-hundred dollah! Also, you treat Pokémon badly! You should not be so mean to them!”

“Hmph! I don’t have to listen to you!”

<Our beloved rival then turned around and noticed Char standing nearby.>

“Oh, great. It’s you.”

“Picking on old men again? Sheesh, you really are heartless.”

“You think I care? The weak are what they are—useless. Just obstacles. The so-called Elder is no better than that. Now get out of my way, wimp. I got bigger fish to fry.”


<Before Char could chew him out, Silver took out an Escape Rope and teleported with trollish fashion.>

“…I really hate that guy right now.”

<Oh, it’s only going to get better. Trust me ;D>

“…Hey, Elder! Got time for another battle?”

<I have heard of your skills, Master Elder, but prepare yourself to face—A FIERY DEMISE! Bwahaha!>

“Calm down, Toby…”

<After a short battle in which Beat suddenly finds opportunity—>

<Hoothoot, YES! You goin’ down, bird!>

<Char defeats Elder Li and obtains the precious HM01. Now, Char is more than ready to take on her first Gym.>

That’s right, Falkner! You better start running, cuz Char’s on her way! ;D

<Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion of Violet City!>

…Seriously, why are you acting like this is a TV show?


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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade [3/24 Update!]

Was too perfect to pass up. xD
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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade [3/24 Update!]

You, sir, win a cookie


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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade [3/24 Update!]

<Good evening, readers from far and wide, to another episode of the Crystal Clear Nuzlocke! When we last left off-->

*doors slam open* DESTINY! THY NAME IS KICKBUTT!

< Get ready to hand over that badge, wimps, cuz that suckah’s ours, yo!>

<Char’s rather overdramatic entry attracts the attention of one of the Gym’s trainers, who looks rather unimpressed.>

“Heh, you? You’re kidding me, right?”

“Excuse me?”

“I’ll see for myself whether or not you’re tough enough to take on Falkner.”

“You asked for it, birdbrain! Beat, if you’d do the pleasures…”

<’Course, boss.> *cracks knuckles* <Start saying yer prayers, feathers—I ain’t showin’ no mercy today.>

<Bird Keeper Abe sent out Spearow—but the poor bird hardly had time to blink before a well-aimed Rock Throw knocked it out of the air. To be succinct, the battle ended as quickly as it started.>

<U mad, bro?>

“Wait, seriously? Tch, how pathetic. I lost to a rookie.”

… *pushes Abe off ledge*

*patting hands* “Now, where were we? Ah, yes. DESTINY!”

< … Uh, right.>

<While Bird Keeper Abe fell through a bottomless pit, Char continued on to the back of the gym. With Beat’s assistance, she easily cleared her way through Falkner’s Trainers and finally made her way to the Leader himself.>

“Aha! We finally meet, Falkner Skywalker! For the last time!!!”

“Er… what?”

“…Disregard all of that. I challenge you to a battle!”

“That sounds more like it. Let’s see what you can do, then! Go, Pidgey!”

<I got this, yo!>


“…Wow. That was… fast. Better bring in the cavalry.” *returns KO’d Pidgey* “Go, Pidgeotto!”

<Ha! You birds ain’t got nothing on this!>

“Mud slap!”


It’s super effective!

<Boss… I’m alright, yo.> *bar still green*

“Oh. Er, in that case… Rock Throw?”


“…Dang. There goes my Dad’s Pokemon. Oh, well. Here ya go.”


“Looks like we… ROCKED your SOCKS.” *Glasses on*


<…Seriously, Char? You’re going to imitate that?>


<And I expected better of you. *Sigh* Well, before Char embarrasses herself any further, let’s skip ahead, shall we? Char finally obtained her very first badge—the first fruits of her diligent training. After also receiving TM 31, our hero heads to the Pokémon Center to make preparations for the next leg of her journey. Poor Taz is placed in the box (which is probably best for him, really—I mean, this really is a rather rag-tag bunch and he’s better off-->


<At any rate, Char decides to head north first, delving into Route 36.>

Eeeeeewww, it’s that gross tree thing…

:D Look! Look! It wiggles when I touch it! Tee hee hee hee~!

D: “Globox, get away from that thing!” Dx

<As Char snatches away her Poliwag from the strange tree, she suddenly stumbles over something. A wild Hoothoot appeared!>

CAPTURED! Male, level 5: Kaepora

<Ho, hoot! I beg your pardon, madam—I did not mean to trip you. I was simply waiting about here to inform passing adventurers about the world outside their forest. You see, if you head straight this way, you will find that the road leads on to Ecruteak City. You will meet a Kimono there… If you are lost and don’t know which way to go, look at the map card. The areas that you have…>

<Good Lord Man, how long will this go on?>

Wow. I wasn’t expecting a tutorial this far into the game…

<Ah, yes, but the road has been blocked by a strange tree that wiggles when you water it, it seems. You will be unable to pass through that way. But if you head south, you will find the Ruins of Alph, which will lead you on a detour through to Azalea Town. Did you get all that?>

“No… I mean—!”

<If you head straight this way…>


<After repeating the tutorial several times due to a horribly placed cursor, Char turned south and started her adventure anew. But just what will she find in the Ruins of Alph? You’ll have to find out next time~!>

Wow. I think that was the first time you didn’t end an update with something ominous.

<…I thought the title “Ruins of Alph” was ominous enough.>

Psh. Psh. Psssssshhhhh, I’m not afraid!

<Mmm, I hope your courage holds up, my dear~>

Yep, and now we’re back on our trend. Later, peeps!


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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade [4/2 Update!]

I just wanted to say...*Ahem*


Pokemon clearly lacks it more than we thought. The outside of Falkner's Gym is like the normal Gyms, buildings, etc. With the exception of alllllll of the towers.

Picture for your convenience. ;D
Picture (c)

Now the inside, is as tall as Sprout Tower.

Another one. ;D
Picture (c)

Hmm? HMM?! Logic'd.

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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade [4/2 Update!]

They let you run off from your family and school in a dangerous world full of powerful monsters. THERE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE LOGIC.
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