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Default Journeymon [RP]

Welcome to the World of Pokémon. Well that’s what you would hear, but you already knew that didn’t you? Here’s something you might not know. A few years ago, a man by the name of Ghestis tried to manipulate the world through deception and power, nearly freezing half of the planet solid in his cruelty. Years before a man by the name of Giovanni tried to create a clone of a legendary Pokémon in attempts to create the most powerful creature in existence. Team Galactic tried to create their own world while Team’s Magma and Aqua sought to bring more land to the increasing population or rinse them clean respectively.

All of them failed thanks to the efforts of Trainers from all over. Everything has been at peace for a while with no criminal organizations rearing up their ugly, world dominating heads. Trainers have been going off on journey’s to their content, development of cities to promote Human and Pokémon relations has exploded. Even ex members of criminal organizations have come out to commit to public services for their misdeeds. Team Plasma even reformed to become a service group to work alongside the police force.

With this new age of peace, each region and their representatives all agreed to build a monument in celebration. However, a scientist came to the boardroom and suggested something more. Inevitable was the thread of misuse of Legendary Pokémon power, so he suggested these monuments of peace also be built to prevent such things from happening again. After testing the technology behind it, making sure it wasn’t some other plan in the works for destabilizing the bonds between nations, it was approved, and put into the towers. One main conduit tower in the heavy cities for easy upkeep and maintenance, and a few, less powerful ones in forested regions where lore said these Legendary Pokémon lay.

As time went on, the towers worked very well. There were few Pokémon-Human encounters when the towers were built, mostly about them being unhappy about where these structures were being built. Plans to build them were moved until there weren’t any further attacks, making a seemingly wonderful peace with nature at the same time. Once the Conduit Towers were turned on, nothing out of the normal happened, but as far as everyone knew, they were working.

Working a little too well.

Months later, powerful Pokémon began to gather in packs around the towers. The largest ones in town had swarms of fully evolved Pokémon that would scare even well-seasoned trainers. When people tried to approach the tower, the wild population attacked them with such force, that the damage caused should not have been possible. Soon organized attacks, and even capturing runs by the civil service groups failed more and more, with capture’s being few and far in between. Any successful captures resulted in Pokémon going berserk even more, causing accidental deaths of humans, and Pokémon seemingly unaffected by the odd obsession with the towers. There was no choice but to flee to the outer areas away from the towers to regroup and plan on how to deal with. Some developed collars in order to help mellow out the fierce tendencies of the Pokémon, so that they could be examined to see what was wrong with them. The only thing that could be found was that their powers and abilities had increased tenfold, dwarfing what was considered the average standard for each examined species. It was suspected the growth was caused by the towers, but no one could confirm it due to the near suicide attempts at getting to the main control server to shut them down.

With the collars in controlled production, their control quickly fell to the few who worked for their own desires. These small pockets of Trainers who had captured these empowered Pokémon and had them collared, organized themselves to the name of RAGE: Regional Allied Guardian Enforcement. Through their own, undefined means they helped protect the city living people, and those in heavily fortified areas. Their methods were questionable but effective, making sure that the licencing of trainers was limited and carefully checked. They even went to the point of confiscating owned Pokémon in order to determine a cure for the tower plague, or from people for harboring dangerous individuals. Even the few that came out who had owned Legendary classified Pokémon, found their powerful beings of myth were little match for the common Pokémon, affected by the towers.

Small protected towns that are closed off from much of nature, and rarely visited by RAGE, house many more of the human population where the tower’s effects are far less effective. You, a new or somewhat new Trainer, has received a special letter to come to Aspertia City. You are told to meet in the old Pokémon Gym, that had shut down years ago when the attacks started. The attacks started about four years ago, and you wonder why you of all people have been chosen to arrive.

Journeymon works as a point based role play. As you role play you will earn points of which you can use to get new Pokémon, evolve them, obtain items, or need to get to new places. You may do this when such things become available as we go along. Points will be awarded by the RPM [meaning me] at the end of NPC posts. All NPC’s will be controlled by me, and all outcomes of what goes on in the RP will be posted by myself. This is story based so there are no rolls, the only numbers will be in points earned.

Points and Outcomes: What determines them?
That is all based on how you as an individual role play. What you decide to do, how creative you are in battles and coming out of problems, is all up to you. Points are not based on post quality length, though you may earn bonus points for that. What happens in the RP does depend on what you do, as I may be nice or not so nice about what happens depending on what you decide to do.

How do I know when I've earned points?
I will post which player gets how many points after each of my posts.

How do I see my points?
I will be keeping a mental track of them; however that is up to you to keep track of your points. Post what you spend in this thread so we all know.

Is what happens in the story completely and only up to the RPM?
Absolutely not. If you want to discuss some plot arc, let me know what it is, or have an idea of what you’d like to do with your character, PM me and I’ll see if I can make it work out. Feel free to discuss story ideas within the thread itself.

What about NPC's?
I'll be playing all of the NPC's. They will be recorded and kept by me, along with their story details of what has gone on so far. No one controls the NPC's but myself.

  1. No godmodding. No bunnying without permission.
  2. No spamming, flaming or harassing other members.
  3. Minimum post requirement of three sentences. Yes, three, as in 3, sentences.
  4. Under no circumstances can you start out with a legendary.
  5. No Fakemon please, however recolours and shinies may be used.
  6. This RP has mild violence and romance. Nothing is to be posted if it requires a fade to black. That’s why fade to black was invented.
  7. Have fun or else. No seriously, have fun.
  • Point Values for Pokémon:
  • Evolving Pokémon: Their evolution level x 2 [Eg: Charmander to Charmeleon, 16x2=32]
  • Stone evolution: 30 points
  • Item based evolution: 35 points
  • Happiness evolution: 40 points

Pokémon Capture costs:
  • Basic Pokémon: 20 points
  • Basic Non-evolving Pokémon: 40 points
  • Stage 2 Pokémon: 40 points
  • Stage 3 Pokémon: 60 points

Pokémon learning a new move costs 40 points. It can be any appicable move, but one move must be forgotten in it's place. This does happen in the anime.

RPM: Aspertia City, Unova

The sky seemed less bleak in Aspertia City. It was partly cloudy but the sun did it’s best to climb through the greyish masses and peek through. The sky seemed to be filled with spots of various colours, resembling the crowded streets down below. People sent messages to each other in town by Pokémon, as Aspertia was one of the safe colonies that weren’t affected by the Conduit Towers. People seemed happy enough, however there was a slightly nervous ambiance that was growing thicker with each passing hour. It may have been the Skarmory circling around in the sky, his armor glinting in whatever sun he had struck on his path.

One of the least crowded places, if not the most avoided places in Aspertia City, was the old abandoned Gym. Time and neglect had faded away the paint, bleached the wood and caused some of the walls to crack with grief. Within a kilometer of the building, a Mienfoo seemed to be wandering around, jumping on the stair railings and scaling the walls with the utmost of ease.

Today there would be strangers arriving, if they had not done so already. They had no idea where they were going, or who asked for them. All they knew was that they had a note, with a simple set of instructions:

“Find what sticks out like an unusually shiny object in the sky, and follow the tiny master, and give the master’s master your name. That is the password.”

Current RP objectives:
  • Decipher the instructions and find the rendezvous in Aspertia City.
  • Avoid bringing attention to yourself.
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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

IDENTITY: Lee Thatcher, Psychic Boy Wonder
LOCATION: Aspertia City
CURRENTLY: Entering el cit-tay

Avoid bringing attention to yourself?


Heeeeeeeelllllloooooooo Aspertia!

A mischievous light glinted in the eye of a black-haired traveler as he made his way down the crowded street. Though hidden beneath a pair of sunglasses (which were quite pointless on a day like today), the boy’s travelling companion seemed to sense it. A bipedal yellow fox with squinted eyes shot its Trainer a warning look.

<Don’t even think about it, Lee.>

Lee’s mouth slid into a sly smile. Feigning innocence, he arched his eyebrows at the Abra. “Why Shadow! What on earth would I be thinking about?”

Unfazed by his act, Shadow reminded him, <We’re not here for a show. We’re here on official business.>

Lee’s smirk slid into a frown as he returned his gaze to the people wandering the streets. Slipping from speech into telepathy, he directed a thought towards his Pokémon: <But look at all this potential… Imagine all the loose change jingling around in their pockets, with no proper place to call home… It hurts just thinking about it. And, you know, these people look like they could use a pick-me-up.>

<I don’t think so,> the fox sniffed. <These people are nervous…>

<Nervous?> Lee put his hand behind his head. <Why would they be nervous?>

Shadow took her time to reply as she assessed the thoughts and emotions of the people around them. <There are some… stray Pokémon hanging around, it seems.>

Lee let his hands fall back to his side. <Strays…?> he asked warily.

Before Shadow could explain, a light glared in Lee’s face. Though the sunglasses saved him from being blinded, the psychic boy halted abruptly in his path, startled. A shadow slid over the road, and he looked up in time to see something shiny flit across a sunlit section of the sky. It looked like… a metal bird.

<There goes one now,> Shadow pointed out as-a-matter-of-factly.

<A Skarmory? It isn’t one of those…?>

<I’m not sure,> replied his Abra slowly, <but the citizens are getting worried. I think that a show would scare them more than amuse them.>

The spikey-haired youth shrugged indifferently. “If you say so,” he spoke aloud.

<I say so,> Shadow tilted her head and crossed her arms. <Stay focused on the mission. Whatever it is…>

Staring after the Skarmory, he started thinking. <You don’t suppose… it has anything to do with those weird directions we got, do you?>

<What?> she raised an eyebrow.

<”Finds what sticks out like an unusually shiny object in the sky, blah, blah blah”. Jee, now that I say that… it sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it?> he grinned sheepishly. Glancing back up where he had seen the Skarmory slip into shadow, he added, <I guess we’re supposed to follow it?>

His Abra followed his gaze uncertainly. <I don’t know, Lee. What if it really is one of those violent Pokémon?>

<What if it shows us the way to the gym? Come on, with the instructions we got, it’s gotta be our best bet.>

<I think you gamble too much,> Shadow replied with a huff. <But it’s your call. I’m not the one who signed up for this. To be honest, I can’t fathom why you agreed to come at all.>

Lee’s smile faded. An uncharacteristic somberness settled over him as he remained silent.

His Abra studied him carefully before relenting, <Well… I’m just making sure you don’t get into trouble. If it’s that important to you, we’d better stay on task. Guess we’ll follow that stupid bird…>

The smile returned two-fold. “That’s the spirit.” The boy psychic winked at his Pokemon. In a flash, he produced a skateboard from his backpack. With Shadow holding on to his leg, the duo rolled down the street, pursuing the bright flashes in the sky.

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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

Helena Raiken
Aspertia City
20 Points

Black, raven hair swished back and forth as a small-statured woman crossed the cracking, paved ground. Her boots clinked on the ground with every step she took. It definitely caught some attention from the local folk of Aspertia City. The raven-beauty huffed a grunt, "You'd figure they've seen a ranger in their days..." She pouted, crossing her arms tightly, creating creases in her hot-pink half-jacket. Sighing, she looked back, searching the entrance tunnel with her forest eyes, "Noctoralli? Where did you run off to?" The woman questioned becoming worried.

A low growl permeated the air, "Ummm."

The woman turned abruptly, turning in her boots too quickly, falling over in turn, "Damnit, Nocta! What did I tell you about sneaking up like that? You could have been one of those wild Pokemon everyone's been so uptight about!" She spazzed, glaring into a pair of red eyes hidden in a darkened alleyway.

An elderly man passed by the raven-haired woman, lending out a hand, "Are you al'wight miss? I saw'ya take a 'ardy fall there." He huffed, having a hard time lowering himself to lend his assistance. The raven-haired woman smiled lightly, "Thank you, sir." She replied, taking his hand to help herself up.

"I 'avn't seen a ranger in 'ears. Who may you be?" The old man chuckled, placing a shaky hand on the small of his back.

"Helena Raiken, sir. I'm... recently graduated. Now, if you don't mind, I must be going." She smiled sheeply, rubbing the back of her head, "Come on, girl!" She hollered, waving to the darkness that loomed behind her.

Out of the shadows jumped a body as sleek as a baby Sealeo. The rings that encased her body let out an ominous yellow glow that permeated the slightly cloudy sky just briefly until the sun kissed her delicate fur. The elderly man let out a yelp before tumbling backwards, "P-p-pokemon!" He hollered, his breath running out as he passed out into the grass below him.

Helena sighed, shaking her head, "Nocta, why do you always have to do that?" She puckered, dragging the man to a stubby tree near a few abandoned looking buildings.

A low growl made its way to Helena's ears, "Ummm."

A sigh escaped Helena's pale-pink lips with a follow-up of her eyes rolling, "That's what you always have to say for yourself." Reaching into a bag that hung around her body she pulled out a slip of paper, "Now, where did we have to go...?" Helena spoke aloud, searching the paper for any sort of information that may lead her to her next whereabouts. Nothing. Helena let out a frown, "You simply have to be kidding... Nocta, this paper is kidding me, right?" Helena twitched, leaning over to show her partner the faintly printed words.

A low growl permeated the silence, "Ummm."

Helena smacked the paper to her face in annoyance, "I KNOW you don't understand this either... wait, what are you doing?" She questioned, watching Noctoralli stand up abruptly. Helena pushed herself up, brushing off the pieces of dead grass from her tights, "Where are you going?" She questioned once again.

Noctoralli said no more as she began sprinting off into the alleyway just behind Helena. Helena stuffed the parchment into her skinny bag and rushed off after her Pokemon, "Nocta, Nocta, wait up!" She whispered, her fear escalating as the alleyway grew darker with every step they took, "This place... is so creepy. Please, Arceus, I don't want to die..." She whispered, losing track of Noctoralli, "Dear, Arceus..." She shivered, unable to see anything in sight. The buildings towered over the alleyway, thus, hiding the sunlight, "N-Nocta...?" She cried, backing up until she felt something cold and hard against the back of her head. Her red fedroa falling off in the process, "Ow, ow, ow..." She grumbled, leaning over blindly placing her hands in front of her. As soon as she found something that felt and resembled her headwear she lightly picked it up, brushing the sides off, "Noctoralli, if you're out there use Moonlight. Now." She growled, placing her fedora back on.

A low growl made its way to Helena, "Urrrsaa..."

Helena felt her heart skip a beat and felt her sweat grow cold as it dripped from her forehead, "Oh, Arceus, oh Arceus..." She whispered, placing her hands back pushing herself up the wall, "Nocta!" She whispered loudly, desperate for her Pokemon, "NOCTA!" She hollered, giving up whispering. As soon as she grew in volume a heavy breath pattered her face. Saliva dripped from the tip of her fedora onto her boots. Helena could hear her own heart beating. She bit her lower lip, trying to move as slowly she could down the wall.

The breath that lingered above her grew dark with snarling, "Urrrsaring!" The voice bellowed. Helena froze in place feeling air rush up as if she was about to be clubbed by a giant paw, "Nocta!" She screamed, letting out one more desperate cry. As if that cry brought out her guardian, rings of light cascaded itself into the body that once stood above Helena. Her body shook wildly, slumping over in what could have been, "N-Nocta?" She whispered feeling a cool, wet lick upon her cheek.

"Ummm?" The voice cooed, indeed being her Umbreon.

"Noctoralli!" Helena cried, wrapping her arms around her Umbreon's neck. Realizing soon after they weren't safe Helena pushed herself up as quickly as she realized that fact, "Nocta, Moonlight! We need to get out of here ASAP!" She paniced, rushing ahead of her Umbreon as light glimmered down the alleyway. Growls followed the duo as they ran like lightning to the other opening of the alleyway. As soon as they made daylight Nocta's Moonlight ran off and the two were in front of what looked like a run-down gym. Helena was still shaking from the adrenaline. She almost died back there, "S-so that... that is what facing a wild Pokemon is like..." She gulped. Not able to collect her thoughts she felt a tug on her skirt, "What is it, Nocta?" She stuttered, leaning over to lean on her Umbreon to collect her thoughts.

Nocta motioned her tail towards the sky, impatiently lifting her trainer's head with her own.

Helena squinted, the light was blinding, "Ow..." She yelped, lowering her face, blinking like mad to rid the painful light from her vision, "What was that for?" She huffed, feeling another tug. Noctoralli had shown herself into Helena's satchel, pulling out the slip of paper.

"Ummm, Umbreon~" Nocta cooed, pointing her tail to the sky then towards the gym.

Helena took the slip from her Umbreon, reading the words carefully this time, “Find what sticks out like an unusually shiny object in the sky, and follow the tiny master, and give the master’s master your name. That is the password.” Helena scratched her head, covering her eyes to look into the sky then at the gym, "Is this where we are supposed to be, Nocta?" She questioned, not truly understanding the message.

Nocta only nodded, shaking her trainer off and rushing to the gym's entrance, sitting by the shambled doors with a sigh, "Ummm, ummm!" She cooed, waiting patiently for Helena this time.

Helena pushed herself up, brushed the dirt and grass off her clothing, tightened her hat, and let out a huff, "Okay! If you insist!" She shakily retorted, "The gym it is..." She whispered in disbelief, still in shock from the incident only moments ago.
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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

RPM: Aspertia City, Unova

The Skarmory in the sky peered down, seeing a pair of particulars down below. With a flap of his wings, he took his laps a bit quicker, noting the meandering Ursaring down below was somewhat of an obstacle they would want to avoid. Sleek and swiftly, the armored bird Pokémon circled over the gym a few times, within the view of Lee, and then took off like a bullet, leaving nothing but another bright flash behind him. He went to resume his course in the sky, waiting for the others who had yet to appear. Hopefully they would not take too long as time was of the essence.

[Lee Thatcher gets 1 point.]

The roars of the Ursaring alerted the owner of a pair of small ears. Moving very quickly, a tan and burgundy feline darted between alleyways and over walls towards the gym. To anyone in the Unova region, they would immediately familiarize the creature, to the name of Mienfoo. She knew the bear with an unmanageable temper had been causing some problems to people around town, but he hadn’t actually gone in town quite yet. There was also the fact that she had wandered off her usual route, and was due back at the gym.

Once the small Pokémon arrived, she saw a young woman, and a healthy looking Umbreon waiting near the abandoned building. She hopped and flipped onto the steps ahead of the pair, between the door and Helena. She looked at them awhile, showing she was no hostile and hoping they would understand that note each one of these trainers had received. She took her paw, and pointed at the door, using her other one to motion the way to follow her. The Mienfoo then walked slowly, pushing past the front doors and skipping the building all together. Once they were back outside, the tattered field of the once, popular Gym was before them; pale dusty ground with only ghosts of lines remaining, adamant on clinging to the well-used battle fields of the past.

Across the field, there was someone standing there with their back turned; a khaki vest was worn over a dull blue t-shirt, paired with green cargo pants that had almost as many pockets as the vest did. On one hand was a mechanic’s glove, and the other, was a typical brand of popular fingerless, trainer’s gloves. He turned around, hearing footsteps from across the way and revealing blue eyes and dark brown hair, in boy cut fashion and only long enough to cover his ears.

“Hey, no one can just come in here, this is private property now. You need a password to get in.” He shouted in a rather demeaning manner.

[Helena Raiken gets 2 points. You recieved a bonus point for the Ursaring bit.]

NPC Information Update: When someone meets a reoccuring NPC, the NPC log will be updated with all know information. Think of it like the Anime Bio's they do on Serebii. The NPC log will be updated with this NPC's information when I get home from work.
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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

IDENTITY: Lee Thatcher, Psychic Boy Wonder
LOCATION: Aspertia City
CURRENTLY: Arriving at le Gym
MULAH: 11 points

“~Why should I worry?
Why should I care?
I may not have a dime
But I got street savior faire~”

Shadow kept her eyes trained on the Skarmory soaring overhead. It seemed to have noticed their presence, and had quickened its wing-beats. The Abra was loath to admit it, but it seemed that Lee was right; the bird seemed to be leading them someplace. She watched it so closely that she nearly fell off when the skateboard suddenly slipped away from beneath their feet.

Lee laughed at her as he spun the skateboard in a kickflip below him.

<What do you think you’re doing?> she sharply scolded him. <We don’t have time for this!>

The boy only smiled impishly. Ignoring her completely, hopped up onto the cement boarder of a planter and grinded across it with ease.

<Lee!> Shadow clung to his leg anxiously. <Stop it!>

The boy suddenly swerved from the main road, cutting through a small park. He kicked at the ground, swiftly increasing his speed as he eyed the path ahead for potential ramps. The skateboarder found a bench to grind against, but he wasn’t satisfied with its length. Gliding onwards, he soon spotted a place where the ground dropped down into a flight of stairs.

<Don’t you even…> growled Shadow.

Lee stayed right on course, shooting towards the stairs undaunted. He felt Shadow teleport away just as the skateboard shot out into empty air. Freed from her weight, the psychic went all out, kicking his board into a rapid spin. The boy held his hands out to balance himself, smiling as he fancied himself flying across the park. All too quickly, gravity returned him to the ground. He landed on his board, smiling with satisfaction.

A disgruntled Abra suddenly reappeared on the back of his board. <Are you happy now?> she asked sourly.

Lee glanced over his shoulder, immediately thinking of several more tricks he could pull off here. They would have to wait until later, unfortunately. “For now,” the boy shrugged.

<Good. Because we lost that stupid—>

She stopped herself as Lee swerved up an incline, coming back out into the streets. The Skarmory was still overhead, leading the way ahead. The Abra sighed and shook her head.

<Relax,> Lee snickered. <I know what I’m doing.>

<I’m sure you do…> her words dripped with sarcasm and doubt.

They followed the Skarmory for a ways before it suddenly shot out of their sight, faster than the eye could follow. All it left behind was yet another glaring flash of light.

<Great,> grumbled Abra dismally as they pulled to a stop. <There went your clue. Now what?>

Lee frowned, noting the building the bird Pokémon had circled before it disappeared. He was not familiar with this area at all—but he wondered if it was the rendezvous point. Kicking his skateboard up into his hands, the psychic made his way towards the decrepit building. The place looked abandoned; as far as he could tell, he and Shadow were the only souls around.

“What a dump,” Lee curled his lip as he took in the building’s neglected state. This wasn’t exactly what he had expected—but then again, why should he be surprised? As secretive as this all was, it made sense that this meeting or whatever would take place in such a… low key place.

Shadow’s ears suddenly twitched. <Someone’s here…> She stayed silent for a while as she tuned in to her acute senses. <A woman… and a Pokémon—no, wait. Two Pokémon.>

“Yeah?” Lee turned to her with vague interest.

Shadow pointed with a claw. Following, Lee watched as a small weasel-like creature led a fox and a woman around the back of the building. The latter two looked a bit lost, and he immediately suspected that they were here for the same reason he was. But the weasel thing… It was a Mienfoo, wasn’t it?

“What do you know about Mienfoo?” the boy asked his partner.

<Let’s see… they’re definitely fighting types. If I recall right, they train meticulously to master the martial arts…>

“Master, you say?” Lee perked up at the word. He frowned thoughtfully as he continued watching the trio. Switching his board to his other hand, he declared, “Well, looks like the riddle’s solved. Let’s get going.”


“‘Follow the tiny master, and give the master’s master your name’,” the boy quoted with a mockingly ominous tone. “Come on, before we lose them.”

The two hurried to catch up with the woman and the two Pokemon, though they kept a safe distance. Lee wasn’t too sure who this woman was, or if she could be trusted. The Meinfoo led them through the building and out the back, to Lee’s surprise. Waiting outside for them was a person—a male in a strange get-up. As soon as they entered, the stranger spoke gruffly to them:

“Hey, no one can just come in here, this is private property now. You need a password to get in.”

Yep, Lee thought to himself. This sounds like the right place. He brushed past the woman, not even caring if he was noticed by her now. Approaching the man first, he demanded, “Hey, are you that thing’s owner?” He indicated the Meinfoo. “If so, I want to know what’s up with these stupid directions. I mean, seriously: ‘Find what sticks out of the sky like an unusually shiny object?’ Why not just put up a sign that says, ‘Hey, Lee! This way! Meeting’s right here!’”

<Lee! Don’t be so rude!> Shadow sighed disapprovingly. Grunting to herself, she added, <You’re gonna get us all killed…>

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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

RPM: Aspertia City, Unova

The Mienfoo glared at the boy who had just called her a 'thing' with insult. The other boy was quick to notice that, but only stood there, with a smirk on his face. He had his arms crossed and stood back with a straight back. He didn't look particularly athletic but who knew what he was capable of. As far as things went, the Mienfoo didn't like this guy so far, but soon her look of insult changed to that of amusement when she saw what was coming behind him.

"That 'thing', is Dojo." He replied. "I wouldn't insult her like that."

From behind Lee, there was a heavy crash as something hard met the even harder ground. It was no more than a foot away from him, standing over him, and casting a shadow over his face.

The massive Feraligatr made up for what the boy did not have in muscle. He growled a low, threatening growl as he showed off just the tips of his fangs. The eyes of the blue Pokemon stared right down into Lee's, almost as if he was trying to burn holes through his very soul. There wasn't any space for Lee to run, as the aquatic behemoth was standing between him, and anyone else for that matter, and the door.

"I'm also that guy's owner." The boy clarified. "That's Riptide, and we don't call him that for no reason. He also doesn't like it when you upset his buddies, and well, you kinda did just that."

Riptide affirmed what his trainer was saying by growling just a bit louder for a moment, lifting the point of his nose up as he did so. He flexed his claws from an open, to closed fist, just waiting for the right moment and the command to do something.

"Now, Lee is a pretty common name... does it come with a last one or am I gonna have to get ol' Rippy here to escort you out?"

Lee Thatcher gets 2 points.
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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

IDENTITY: Lee Thatcher, Psychic Boy Wonder
LOCATION: Aspertia City
CURRENTLY: Crapping Chaps

“~They got
All the right friends
In all the right places
So yeah… We’re goin’ down~”

Despite Lee’s rude abruptness, the stranger didn’t seem too impressed. In fact, he actually smirked rather cockily (or at least, that’s how it seemed to Lee).

“That ‘thing’, is Dojo,” the stranger spoke, ignoring Lee’s questions. “I wouldn’t insult her like that.”

Lee scoffed. “And why no—”

His unfinished question was answered soon enough. The upstart youngster jumped as something landed heavily behind him. A large shadow passed over him, accompanied by slow, deep breathing. Lee tensed, sensing that something very large and very agitated was right behind him. Gulping, the psychic slowly turned around. He soon found himself staring up at a set of sharp fangs and baleful eyes. The beast of a Pokemon growled, nearly causing Lee to, quote-unquote, crap his chaps.

“I’m also that guy’s owner,” Lee barely heard the stranger speak. “That’s Riptide, and we don’t call him that for no reason. He also doesn’t like it when you upset his buddies, and, well, you kinda just did that.”

Lee laughed weakly, trying to regain his earlier cheek but failing. “You got friends in high places, don’t you?”

The boy jumped again as the Feraligatr let out yet another threatening growl.

“Now, Lee is a pretty common name…” Riptide’s rather pleased owner started. “Does it come with a last one, or am I gonna have to get ol’ Rippy here to escort you out?”

The boy psychic scowled, realizing he had been upstaged rather quickly. He opened his mouth with some retort in mind, but before he could utter a single vowel a sharp psychic reprimand slashed through his mind.

<I don’t feel like being beat to a pulp today,> Shadow scolded. <So do us both a favor and give him your dumb name already.>

“Fine,” he muttered under his breath. He turned to Riptide’s owner with a discontented expression and replied, “Thatcher. Lee Thatcher.”

The boy had never been the submissive type—and he hated surrendering so quickly. But he knew when he was outgunned. However, he wasn’t about to let this stranger think he had him under control. Folding his arms across his chest, he defiantly demanded, “And you are?

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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

OOC: Here goes...somethin'. ^^'


Becca Halliel
Aspertia City
just arriving...
20 points

Looking around, Becca took stock of the area. There were a lot of people still walking around here just like Nacrene City. Since those living at the edge of regions did not have to worry about the wild attacks, even Pokemon were allowed to walk freely here. It was nice to see after having to travel to the other side of the region. Everyone was wary of Pokemon in cities and there were very few to be seen other than those under the control of RAGE trainers. She glanced down at BJ who had stopped beside her. Rarely would she call the Lucario to his pokeball, but cautious of the controlled areas she would keep his pokeball put away in her pack. There were usually enough questions to deal with as she traveled through without the worry of being stopped because her Pokemon was free to walk around. Taking her mind off of that, she got a better look at the city.

“It’s not as big as some of the others,” she said quietly. Looking up at one of the solid, brick buildings she smiled. “I like it.”

They were starting to walk further into the city when she noticed some odd looks. Unfortunately, Becca had a hunch what it was about. A fact she was all too familiar with. The seventeen year-old girl stood head and shoulders taller than the Lucario walking alongside. Her height was not exactly unheard of, but uncommon enough that she gained a lot of notice. There were not enough people around that she could try to blend in and she was beginning to feel uncomfortable. It was then that BJ tapped her arm. When she looked at him, he nodded to the other side of the street. There was a tall set of stairs built alongside a steep hill. Walking over, she saw a sign saying ‘Aspertia City Outlook.’ Becca took the opportunity and started up the steps. The top was deserted and there was a view of the Unova landscape that reached to the distant mountains. Another tap on her arm made her turn around though. From where they stood she could see the entire city unobstructed.

“Thanks, BJ.” Her only response was a nod. The Lucario knew she was not just thanking him for pointing out the view.

Reaching into a slot on the side of her pack, Becca pulled out the letter that she had received. To her, the oddest thing was not that she had been asked to come to Aspertia, though it did cross her mind. What really perplexed her was that the sender knew where to reach her. Becca’s hometown was Canalave City, in Sinnoh. And yet, the letter was sent to her where she had been staying in Nacrene City for only a few weeks to study at the museum. At first, she had been reluctant to follow the instructions given, not sure what at all could have drawn someone to invite her to a gym. But after a small push from BJ, Becca’s curiosity got the better of her. She had to find out who invited her. Besides, maybe she would find some of the answers she was looking for.

Unfolding the letter, she looked at the small slip of paper that gave her instructions after reaching the city. “The first part is easy now that we’re here.” She lifted her head. From the Outlook’s vantage point she could clearly see a Skarmory circling. “I’d say that’s the ‘shiny object in the sky.’ The rest of it is a little fuzzy. I guess it’ll be clear after we get to the next point.”

BJ only shrugged in reply.

“Well, you’re helpful,” she chuckled. “I guess that building down there is the gym since that’s where he’s circling.”

She slid the letter back into the slot on her pack and started down the stairs. They only had to go around one block to reach the gym. The outside was sadly neglected. She probably would have seen it in much better shape if her insecurity had not kept her from becoming a trainer before the attacks began. Becca stopped at the bottom of the stairs. There was no one outside and the building seemed so empty. Was anyone even there? BJ however did not hesitate. The Lucario went right up and pushed the door open, waiting there for his partner. Becca sighed and brushed some of the road dust from her leafy green capris, straightening her gold tunic-shirt to be presentable. She walked in the door with BJ and looked around. The inside was dusty and just as empty as it had looked from the outside.

“Maybe I messed up,” she said, the vacancy of the room making her whisper. “Is this the right place?”

Yes.” BJ’s voice echoed slightly in the quiet as he spoke through his Aura. “There are others here.” He pointed to the back of the building.

Becca looked around uncertainly, aware of the emptiness around them. “Well...if you’re sure.”

Crossing through the interior, they found an exit at the back that led outside. Opening the door, she could see that there were other trainers and Pokemon on the field. One that caught her eye was the Mienfoo. Now the rest of the message made sense. A tiny master alongside her trainer. She just hoped that it was the correct tiny master and not a coincidence. Stepping outside with BJ following, Becca shyly twirled the pokeball that hung around her neck.

“Excuse me. I’m, Rebecca Halliel.” She introduced herself hesistantly. Hopefully this was the right place. “Are we interrupting?”
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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

Name: Valarie Alexander
Location: Entering Aspertia City
Current Points: 0

A soft yawn escaped Valarie’s lips as she stepped onto the clean roads of Aspertia, stretching her sore limbs as she cast a glance around. She had been walking for a while to get here, and the reason was still clutched in her hand. With a slight shake of her head to get herself fully awake again, Valarie looked at the paper once more. It was what had caused her to come to Aspertia City in the first place, but in all truth she didn’t know why she had listened to it. There was no signature, and it was written in riddles. So much for listening to her instincts and ignoring the creepy letter that had showed up on her doorstep.

<Is everything alright, Valarie?> The soft voice caused Valarie to turn her head slightly, a small black figure hovering near her shoulder. The Yamask, Coros, looked at her with a bit of worry in his red eyes <You didn’t overstress yourself with all the walking, did you?>

A laugh left Valarie’s lips and she shook her head, beckoning for the small ghost to lounge on her shoulder as she began to walk deeper into the city “Nah, I’m okay. I just didn’t get much sleep last night. Trying to decipher this riddle, you know?” Her eyes scanned over the paper once more as she read the same line over and over “It’s not everyday you get a letter like this.”

Coros nodded, his big red eyes blinking slowly as he too read the line that seemed to be giving his trainer so much trouble. <Do you think Gaiga could figure it out?> Valarie stopped walking almost instantly. Why hadn’t she thought of that? Sometimes she swore the Scolipede was smarter than why hadn’t she even asked her anything yet? Besides, she was probably getting grumpy after being in her pokeball for such a long time. Valarie reached down to her belt and pressed the button on Gaiga’s pokeball. There was a soft red flash before the Scolipede solidified in front of her trainer, looking down at Valarie with a bit of distaste.

“Don’t give me that look. I’m sorry I left you in there for so long but you know how people are about large pokemon out on the roads. I had to travel fast. Not that you’re slow.” The Scolipede rolled her eyes slightly and shook her head, remaining silent as her trainer spoke “Come on, we just need to figure this out. “Look for a shiny object that sticks out in the sky”, that’s what we’re looking for.”

The Scolipede instantly turned her gaze skyward, and Valarie did the same. They stood in silence for a minute before the trainer huffed, pulling herself onto the bug’s back “It’ll take forever to find something like that in a city this big.”

A rumbling growl from Gaiga shook her from her musings and she looked down, seeing the bug nod in the direction of the east. Valarie looked up, squinting as she tried to find what had peaked the Scolipede’s attention. Something glinted brightly against the sun as it moved towards a roof “Is that...A Skarmory! They aren’t native here...So that has to be it!” Gaiga nodded and began walking in the direction of the metal bird’s perch. Valarie sat contently on her back, some passing townspeople nodding to her or offering a ‘good day’. At least they weren’t terrified of her pokemon like some people had been.

When Gaiga finally came to a halt, Valarie looked up. What looked like a rather run down building stood in front of her. Resisting the urge to raise and eyebrow, Valarie slipped from Gaiga’s back, looking up at the decaying facade. The Skarmory was perched on the roof, ruffling its sharp wings as it surveyed her. The door to the building was already slightly open, so someone must have used it recently. Taking a deep breath, Valarie walked towards the half-open door.

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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

(( My apologies for taking so damn long, Real life and .. Yeah D: Hopefully back on track now. I've also linked a picture of Kirito in the name, because I didn't post an app per-se. +10 cookies if you recognize the character.))

Name: Kirito Kazuto
Location: Aspertia City.

The grey clouded sky threatened to cause an overcasting shadow of misery across the city, but desperate rays of light struggled to make it though, gleaming down to offer spotlights of hope on this dreary day. People went about their lives in an orderly fashion. Couples sat and drank coffee holding hands, the children played with their baby pokemon in the streets and the elders enjoyed walks around the parks. Despite the dastardly weather, life in Aspertia City carried on as usual - the inhabitants wouldn't be stopped for anything and as a young girl danced in the street with her Skitty, she seemed to not have a care in the world for what happened around her. The Skitty mewed and leapt from shoulder to shoulder as the young girl chased it, arms outstretched and a triumphant chuckle erupting from her lungs. She wasn't even aware of the man until she ran into him.

She fell to the floor and banged her bottom, which set off every pain sensor in a child brain and within seconds she was a sobbing mess on the floor. The male turned, his purple eyes searching into the child's, his pale skin highlighting the thin face as a caring smile tugged to his lips. His long leather coat swooped around him as he turned to kneel down, offering a helping hand out to the tiny child. She looked up at him with the big round teary eyes, somewhat scared to take his offer of help. Brushing his long jet-black hair out of his eyes, he smiled and whispered to her softly "Its alright, I'm not going to hurt you."

The child reached out and took his hand, almost as if mesmerized by his calming and gentle voice and tightened her grip around his gloved palm, her tiny fingers interlocking with his. Tugging her with restrained force he pulled her to her feet then proceeded to brush her down. Smiling at her, he ruffled her hair "There, all pain can be brushed away, right?"

The child smiled at the man and nodded "T-Thank you Mister!" The innocent voice quirked, before turning to skip away - the Skitty in tow.

Kirito watched the child skip away, the smile on his face fading. His memories of Asuna surfaced once again - Their love had been as innocent as that childs view on life until it was brutally cut short. Shaking his head he turned around muttering to himself "Focus." He had taken a few steps down the path when his Weavile named Dice leapt off a building and landed in front of him.

"You've found it?" He asked the agile pokemon. Dice simply nodded in return and sped off to lead the way. Kirito grunted and broke into a run after the pokemon.

Dice led the way at a considerable pace, darting in-between the residents of Aspertia, ducking, dodging and weaving his way around their legs. Kirito had a much harder time, and had to swerve, leap and pretty much barge his way He was desperate to get there - the encrypted message had struck a bone of worry in him and he was eager to see what would come of it. They turned a sharp corner, headed down an ally before Dice came to an abrupt stop. Kirito had to slam the brakes on quickly to avoid knocking Dice over and trampling the pokemon. Peering ahead he saw what Dice had stopped for.

A shabby run down looking gym lurked ahead, graffiti ed and near ruin. Snorting, he looked down at Dice "You're sure this is it?" The Weavile nodded once. "Well, theres nothing for it then. Lady, Dave, Surge. Lets go."

At his command, the Lady the Rapidash, Surge the Lucario and Dave the Zangoose walked out of their hiding place. Evidently Dice had told them to watch the area around while he fetched Kirito. The team were loyal and the best friends he could have hoped for, truly he was blessed to have their friendship.

As he entered the gym, there were footsteps in the dusty floor. Nodding to the others they headed through what appeared to be an exit door. Pushing it open with a gloved hand he was greeted with a scene of a grassy field, two young looking females standing near a boisterous looking young lad. Just ahead of them was another lad, although this guy looked haughty and miserable and was flanked by a Meinfoo and Feraligator, both which looked somewhat annoyed.

Time for some answers.

Kirito walked fully into the room, flanked by his own team and slid his hands in his pockets. "Well, this all looks rather fun."

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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

RPM: Aspertia City

Riptide glowered at Lee just a bit more, leaving his trainer to think over the name he had given him. Dojo crossed her front paws, unimpressed with the boy’s attitude and wished Riptide would knock some manners into him. Soon enough the teenage boy snapped his fingers, and Riptide stopped growling, walking around Lee and back to his trainer’s side.

“Yep, name’s good.” He commented. “Sorry, we’ve got to keep a tight look on who comes in and who doesn’t. Exclusive things and all that.”

Riptide nodded and growled, far more passive and even a bit more cheery than before, but still giving Lee an annoyed look. Dojo pointed out the other two that were coming in, both were girls with one ahead of the other. The boy heard the name of Rebecca, though not the name of the girl who owned the Scolipede. However, he remembered her specifically, due to one of his friends having specifically wanting to send a letter to this person just for the Scolipede’s sake. It looked like most of the cavalry was here, at least the ones who responded to the message were anyway. As the stranger was about to explain the situation to everyone, he noticed one final person come in, one who had a lot of Pokémon, all out and at his side. Immediately Riptide and Dojo became defensive, ready for a battle as the boy examined the other.

“Hey, this isn’t a social gathering, who are you? I don’t remember sending any letters to you…” He trailed off for a bit, as his thoughts swirled around in his head. “… but maybe she did. Only people that know to come here are the ones with the invites unless they figured it out. No, Jingka isn’t that sloppy.”

Riptide and Dojo were still in a defensive stance, waiting for any sneak attack or a brawl. The boy patted both of them, letting them know to ease up. He took a few steps forward, putting one hand on his side and making sure that he had everyone’s attention. Riptide had another idea though, and instead picked him up and carried him on his shoulder, his trainer sitting on his arm with ease. The boy then leaned on his Feraligatr’s head with his arm, knowing that everyone was sure to see him up here.

“Alright now with formalities aside and all that, you’re probably wondering why you’re all here. Obvious statement is obvious. Simply put some friends and I are working on a group and based on another friend of ours assessment of some of you, you guys were sent the letter to come look for us here. Don’t ask me how she does it, I’d rather not know. Anyway, this here, as some of you already know, is Riptide. He’s been my buddy for years now, but don’t make fun of his friends or he will make you look like fun. Mienfoo here is Dojo, and she packs more punch than you’d think. The guy who lead you here,”

At that moment, the Skarmory from earlier perched himself on the door arc that lead into the once-was Gym battle arena. He put his wings neatly into place and looked at everyone carefully, analyzing each of their most prominent features and the most easily noticeable ones for later use.

“that’s Flashpoint. He’s going to be your guide if you guys choose to go through with what we’re trying to do here. As for me, my name’s Riley, and I specialize in Water, Steel and Fighting Pokémon.”

Flashpoint took off again, circling around before going to make sure there were no other stragglers behind that may have been late on the action. Riley remained to continue explaining.

“Now before anyone gets their assumptions, myself and my friends aren’t a part of any group that was, or is. We aren’t part of RAGE, but rather are looking into them. Them and the Conduit towers as our, well kind of leader you could say, she’s got this odd feeling about things and her intuition isn’t wrong. “

Riptide growled a bit at Riley, rolling his eyes in the process. Riley just sighed at him. “Well I’m sorry public speaking is not my forte. Brimley is busy and you all know where the other two always are. Oh damn that reminds me!”

Riley jumped down, getting just a bit of dust on his pants as his knees just avoided making contact with the ground. Looking back up at everyone else, he finished his explanation. “Well first thing is first. You don’t have to come with us, but we’re looking for some help. It’ll probably involve some dangerous investigating and having to battle Pokémon in-zone. We’ll be around to help you as much as we can, but as I said, we’re pretty thinned out as it is. We have someone investigating an issue in Virbank and one of our friends is stuck in Driftveil in the PWT. Should you say yes, most of you would probably come with me to get to Virbank. You’re free to back out at any point if you don’t want to, you aren’t being forced to commit to anything.”

Before Riley could get an answer, Flashpoint came back in a flash of light, screeching a Riley about something as he hovered from place to place. Riley flinched at his Skarmory’s volume, waiting for him to calm down a bit before being able to actually understand him. The boy listened, and the expression on his face slowly turned to that of a shocked one.

“What do you mean there’s a few angry Ursaring running around?! Why are they in town, Aspertia isn’t inside a zone at all!”

Flashpoint didn’t wait for Riley’s response before darting away, trying to lead them to where the closest one was. Riley groaned in a rising volume, watching as Dojo took off with Flashpoint, following him on the ground.

“Well it looks like that’s going to have to wait. I don’t suppose any of you want to help with Ursaring relocation?”

Everyone gets 7 points because I took so damn long to update.

Also these Ursaring are free for you to control, I trust you guys will make the battle look good. There's one or each of you.
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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

OOC: Ok, so at first I was thrown off by the whole Ursaring deal, but then an idea struck and I ran with it. ....Out the door and into the next county. ^^'


Becca Halliel
Aspertia City
…trouble already?
27 points

When no one said anything Becca really began to feel that she had intruded. But, she had not been told to leave either. Another girl walked in behind her with a pair of Pokemon. The trainer in the middle of the battle field looked like he was ready to explain things when a young man walked in casually with a small group of Pokemon around him. The Mienfoo and Feraligatr were ready for trouble as their trainer looked over this latest arrival. At first he seemed prepared to show this newcomer the door, but changed his mind after a moment’s thought and calmed the two Pokemon. The big Feraligatr lifted his trainer up as he started explaining.

“Alright now with formalities aside and all that, you’re probably wondering why you’re all here.”

Formalities? So far, nothing about the meeting seemed formal. He introduced himself and each of his Pokemon, apparently the Skarmory was to act as a guide. Riley informed them that the group had been chosen based on an assessment by a friend of his. So it was not just him gathering this group together. Again this caused Becca to question her role there, but when he mentioned that they were looking into the Conduit towers, she was suddenly interested. She had been wondering their function for some time since the only thing heard about them was that they would keep people from abusing the power of Legendary Pokemon. No one had ever said how.

The big Feraligatr gave a low growl to his trainer who stopped to give a retort. Becca took the moment to glance at those waiting in the old arena, wondering if she was the only one with a single Pokemon. These trainers all looked more experienced. In fact, she may have never left home if BJ had not pushed her. She looked down at her partner and could not help but grin. The Lucario seemed to be lounging where he stood, head leaning back into his paws. She was quite sure that he took notice of everything around him, but he certainly did not seem to show any interest in them. Her attention was drawn back to Riley when he jumped off his Pokemon’s shoulder. He said they wanted help with investigating ‘in-zone.’ He did not even have to mention the danger since everyone knew what it was like in-zone.

“We have someone investigating an issue in Virbank and one of our friends is stuck in Driftveil in the PWT. Should you say yes, most of you would probably come with me to get to Virbank. You’re free to back out at any point if you don’t want to, you aren’t being forced to commit to anything.”

Well, it was nice to know they could choose whether or not to set off into trouble. Becca thought about what he said. She had barely been able to leave home. Would she be able to walk into the dangerous tower zones? Not even that. It was not just in-zone Pokemon they would be dealing with, but Riley had said they were investigating RAGE as well. Again, she found herself looking at BJ. Always noticing everything, the Lucario raised an eyebrow to look up at her. Seeming to guess what she was thinking he closed his eyes again with a small smirk at the corner of his mouth. She knew his answer. In the next moment, BJ looked upward and she followed suit. Flashpoint suddenly flew in over the building, screeching at his trainer. The noise made Becca put a hand over one ear.

“What do you mean there’s a few angry Ursaring running around?! Why are they in town, Aspertia isn’t inside a zone at all!”

As soon as the Skarmory knew Riley got the message he swung around back out of the arena, Dojo following behind. Before Riley could ask if anyone would help, BJ had already turned after the other Pokemon.

“BJ, wait!” Becca started after the Lucario, glancing back at the trainer. “So- I mean, um...I guess we’re helping,” she said before trotting through the door, calling after her partner.

It was not difficult for BJ to pick which direction Dojo had taken and the Skarmory’s flashing wings were like a beacon. But he went another way, staying on the street before turning down an alley. Becca saw the path he had taken and followed. It was not difficult for her long legs to keep up with the Lucario normally, and now he was barely running. When BJ was sure she had turned behind him, he leapt off an air unit to the roof above for a better vantage. They were about to cross a street when he halted at the corner of the roof. Becca saw him stop and approached the corner slowly, looking past the edge of the building.

Where people had been on the sidewalks when they entered town, it was now deserted. A looming figure to some, this Ursaring was barely taller than Becca. He was pounding on a door with heavy paws a short distance from the alleyway. Becca guessed that residents had ducked into the nearest building, but the door would not last under the Pokemon’s claws. She glanced up at BJ, her expression asking how to approach it.

Draw it this way,” he said matter-of-factly.

The girl pointed at herself with a look of amazement. He only nodded and she mouthed back at him, are you crazy? When she did not go right away, the Lucario sat down on the corner of the roof. He actually looked like he was going to stop and relax while waiting for her to act. Becca frowned, nose scrunching as she snorted at her partner’s casual demeanor. She glanced beyond the edge of the building again.

“Fine...” she breathed hesitantly.

Taking another breath, she stepped out of the alley. Putting thumb and forefinger to her lips she let out a sharp whistle. The big Pokemon stopped beating at the door and let out a low rumble. He only had to cross a few yards to reach the teenage as he charged forward. Becca stayed where she was, trusting her Lucario down to the last second when she ducked away from the claws swinging out at her. The Ursaring found his Slash change trajectory as BJ collided with his right side, sending the bear crashing down in the opposite direction.

Becca stood from where she had ducked against the wall. “Okay, I know that’s effective and all, but I really don’t like doing that.” BJ shrugged and she almost stomped her foot in frustration. “I know full well that you won’t miss. My issue is if I’m too slow!”

The Ursaring recovered his footing, growling angrily at the Lucario who currently was looking the other way. BJ again shrugged before he ducked a paw swipe and jumped back from a heavy Slash coming down. As soon as his paws hit the ground he leapt back the way he had come, ramming into the larger Pokemon and forcing it slide to a halt on all fours.

Time is irrelevant without experience,” he stated before he was slammed into by a Faint Attack.

While he caught hold of the Ursaring’s arm, bowing over and using momentum from the charge to hip-flip his opponent, Becca stood on the sidewalk scratching her head with both hands.

“Urrgh! What is that supposed to even mean? Time will slow down if I stand in front of attacking Pokemon more often? Seriously!?”

Again, BJ shrugged, a small smirk at the corner of his mouth. He spun around, forming a quick Aura Sphere between his paws and sent it flying at the Pokemon that was rising to his feet. Air was forced from the Ursaring’s lungs as it was knocked backward. Becca was about to check if he was out when the big creature rolled over, once more rising to his feet. A loud roar of anger ripped from his throat. The teenager was shocked and even BJ looked impressed.

“That’s so incredible. I mean, at first you were only countering his attacks, but that Aura Sphere should have taken more out of him, even if was quick.”

BJ used Bone Rush, creating a staff of Aura and leapt forward to meet his opponent as the Ursaring surged forward yet again. While they battled, Becca tried to make sense of the unusual intrusion in the town. It seemed incredibly unlikely that Pokemon were starting to roam out-of-zone when they were so attached to the Towers. Was this just an enraged Pokemon? If so, what caused it and were the other Ursaring loose in town acting the same? She realized the best way to find out might not be defeating it, but simply stopping it. She glanced around, trying to come up with something...

“BJ!” she shouted.

The Lucario was locked with the Ursaring pushing against the bone staff. BJ glanced at his partner when she called and, letting go of the staff, slipped past the big Pokemon who lost his balance as the Bone Rush disappeared in the dispersing Aura. Landing at Becca’s side in a moment, the Lucario looked as she pointed at a far corner of the street. A centuries old bell tower was being restored. While the smaller chimes remained inside the structure, the largest -a solid bronze, massive beast of a bell, easily a whole two feet taller than Becca- was hanging at the center of scaffolding outside the tower to prevent it breaking free while its anchor inside was being strengthened. Becca did not even have to explain as a smile formed on the Pokemon’s face. He understood.

The Ursaring was between them and their target though. BJ formed a small Aura Sphere that only knocked the Pokemon onto his bottom, further enraging him as the two sprinted by on either side. They only ran to stay ahead as it pounded steadily after them. Putting on extra speed, BJ leapt his way up the scaffolding. Becca reached it right behind him and started swinging her way through the bars as if she was on a jungle gym. She faltered a bit when the Ursaring crashed into the structure making it shudder. The bell barely moved, its mass holding it steady. Becca continued to lead the Pokemon into the middle of the jumble of metal. Growing more furious as she reached the other side, the Ursaring started slashing through the bars of the scaffold. BJ was forming an Ice Punch, his paw on the heavy chain that held the bell aloft. When the Ursaring was below, tangled in the broken metal pipes, BJ smashed through the frozen anchor. The bell seemed to hover for a moment in mid-air before gravity took hold. The ropes that held it laterally kept it from swinging, but could not stop the weight that was now being drawn to the ground.


Landing solidly and squarely on its wide mouth, the bell swallowed the Ursaring with a resounding clang that echoed off the buildings even after the dust started to clear. The rim was buried into the sidewalk so that it would be difficult to get anything under the edge. Becca was still hesitant to go near it. BJ had leapt clear of the scaffolding when some of it collapsed. He walked up and held a paw out to the bell, closing his eyes. He could sense the Pokemon trapped inside. Nearly unconscious, he had been stunned by the force of the strike and the noise that had echoed inside the now enclosed space.

“He’s not...dead, is he?” Becca asked uncertainly. She was relieved when BJ smiled, but that quickly changed when the Lucario tapped a paw spike against the side so that a soft, muted cling was heard. “Don’t do that!” she cried.

As usual, he shrugged. Becca checked around the edge of the trap to make sure nothing had been caught under the edge. She was just about to let herself relax when BJ pulled her out of the way of a swinging paw. The Lucario swung around a support post of the scaffold, both feet colliding with the Ursaring’s chest to knock it away. For a moment, Becca thought that the one they had been dealing with had somehow escaped until she realized that this was one of the others. And she seemed just as upset as the first.

Leaving that open in case anyone hanging around wants to jump in and save the day. ^^
avvie and banner from the awesome bff Gem ^^
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