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Old 05-08-2013, 05:15 AM
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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

OOC: Oh lookit, another ridiculously long reply! XD

Skylar Boschtallen and Damien Wright
Demi Vampire and Guardian; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in the New York
ARPers: None right now

She sat hunched in on herself, on arm around her legs, the other holding a phone to her ear...though one might not realize she was a girl at first, with her short, spiked hair and thin frame. Next to her, on the side she wasn't holding up the phone to, lounged a young man who was similarly dressed to her in jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. He looked to be half-asleep, however he was observing, always observing, and trying not to hear the whole phone conversation through Sky's mind. He was doing a bad job of succeeding.

On the other end of the phone, a man's voice chuckled. "They have a human girl dating their son, and she and her brothers live with them, there will be no trouble, Sky," he said, causing the girl to snort.

"Until others find out who I'm staying with," Sky murmured in reply. "Then it'll get nasty all over again." Damien reached up to place a hand on Sky's shoulder in a gesture of comfort as her mind whirled with images of the attacks she had only barely survived while living with her father. Her father chuckled again.

"The girl and her brothers are Blackwoods," he seemed to ignore the abrupt choking sound his daughter made, or maybe he didn't notice it. Damien, on the other hand, tightened his grip on her shoulder as Sky recognized the name. "I'm sure things will be significantly safer there--all three have been proven capable fighters and loyal to the family."

"Oh I'm sure the children of Hunters are very loyal to the family!" Sky hissed, barely managing to stay quiet even though their car was empty. They had decided to travel when fewer people would be around to see them, made things easier. "Loyal until they put a knife in my back!"

"I doubt that, besides, you should be able to catch any problems before they become problems now, Sky. Better than worrying about the few people under one roof than few in millions you may or may not catch in time. Caitie and I are worried." The demi-Vampire's heart twisted in her ribcage; her father had mentioned her mother. She missed her mother most of anything else she had missed since practically being forced into exile for her genetics.

"How is mom?" she asked, trying to calm herself down, though Damien was still tense beside her.

"She's fine, dear. Fine, though worried to death about you," her father replied softly. "She's really taken to Danny well, and he's now convinced you got the better end of things until I..." his voice trailed off as the train slowed down and announced that the last stop was coming up. "Best wishes, Sky. I will talk to you, later." Rather abruptly, there was a click and the line disconnected. Sky blinked in surprise before sighing and wedging the phone in her pocket. She couldn't mind-read over phones, but it was pretty obvious what he had been going to say--until I messed everything up.

"I know you're nervous, but maybe they really are nice? We can always hope, can't we?" Damien asked, picking up a black backpack at his feet. Sky muttered something unintelligible in reply as the train finally stopped. As they stepped out, Sky noticed a single man standing on he platform.

...just like they described her... The words floated through her mind softly, carrying no hint of malintent, but a bit of curiosity. As she and Damien approached, a smile lit up the man's face that made her think of her half-brother. "Sky and Damien?" he asked, voice still curious, maybe even a bit amused. Both stopped stiffly, causing him to chuckle. "My name is Winter Forrester, I was sent to make sure you two made it to my family's home safely," he offered rather cheerfully, brushing a hand through the tangle of nearly white hair atop his head. Sky received several more thoughts from him--something about Laura going to have a cow, then wondering if whoever Laura was had finally made it home, followed quickly by a laughing thought about how he felt sorry for everyone else in the house until she did. Of everything she did hear, revulsion and hate were not present in any of it.

Seems safe enough, Damien's thoughts announced. Sky gave him a slight nod before she nodded to Winter. "Nice to see courtesy is still important to some people," she muttered sarcastically, which got a soft laugh from their greeter. "You lead the way."

Laura Blackwood
Vampire Hunter; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in the New York
ARPers: None right now

Laura stopped short at the corner turning onto the street she now lived on. Waiting for her was a young girl with straight hair that fell to her shoulders and was the color of butter--it was amazing how much Été looked like her brother. The two oldest siblings of the Forrester family looked slightly different than the younger two; Automne's hair was a darker, more brown color, and Winter's was more pale. Été and her brother, Haru, looked like they could have been twins if there wasn't such a glaringly obvous age difference between them. "Laura!" her boyfriend's little sister greeted her by practically leaping into her arms so quickly that Laura had to fight to remain standing for a moment.

"Été, what are you doing out here so late? And alone? What was everyone thinking?" she asked in confusion.

"They said you'd be unhappy, and it helps to have something cute nearby to calm you down." For being nine, the little vampire was rather smart and mature...well, in most areas.

"Why would I be unhappy? Did something happen? Is everyone okay?" Laura questioned, however she wasn't answered by the little girl.

"Everyone is fine, we just have some houseguests that you unhappy about." Her twin brother seemed to appear out of thin air. "The parents agreed before telling any of us and kept their coming a secret until tonight. It wasn't the best idea, considering they should know how you are by now, but they said they couldn't tell Niccholi no." Laura frowned, as she only knew of one Niccholi, and he was rather infamous at the moment for--

"Oh no. The mother or the daughter?" Laura groaned, not that it really mattered. It still meant she was going to be on her toes for the duration of the time the houseguests were going to be staying.

"The daughter and her human guard. Solomon's been evicted for the moment to remove that danger from the equation, and everyone else is supposed to be on high alert...we all kind of got drafted. They pulled Wes from the kitchen tonight and Shirley is about ready to have a panic attack--no one but Haru can understand half the words coming out of her mouth at any given time and she makes the daughter nervous." A look of nervousness flitted across Angelo Blackwood's face. "Living with a pair of telepaths is going to be...interesting."

Laura laughed in reply. "That's one way to put it. Hopefully it will prove more useful than annoying," she told him as Été's nose brushed her shoulder, then the side of her neck. "What do you think you're doing, young lady?" she asked, lifting an eyebrow as her boyfriend's sister lifted her head again.

"You carried a werewolf? And it let you? Haru is going to make a huge enough fuss over you because you went out patrolling, but you know he's going to make you prove you aren't hurt once he smells werewolf on you, right?" Laura groaned at the little vampire's fairly accurate observation and her twin's reaction; Angelo's expression turned incredibly dark as he stepped towards his sister.


"All she did was growl and make rude statements. She'd already taken a few cuts from a silver knife, the poison weakened her to the point that she couldn't have scratched me if she'd had the energy to try--and trust me, she didn't. Some vamps had been chasing her for a while, from what I was able to gather. I picked her up long enough to carry her to Leena's for healing and nothing happened," she told him before starting to walk towards the house with Été still in her arms.

"Try telling your boyfriend that. Été's right about the fact that he's likely going to inspect you the moment you walk in the door, important houseguests or not," Angelo replied, quickly following his sister down the street and up the stairs to the enormous house they called home. Before Laura or Angelo could touch one of the doorknobs, the double front doors practically flew open.

"Finally!" A male voice exclaimed, and the trio found themselves looking into frustrated glacial eyes framed by messy white-blond hair. The second-oldest of the Forrester sons was an imposing presence at times when his patience wore thin or out completely with his athletic build, expressive face, and inhuman strength, and it had seemed his patience had been worn out completely as he let go of one of the doors to yank Laura inside with a single large hand to her shoulder. "There, she's home! We don't need to go out and rescue her from anything, you can stop trying to wear a track in the hardwood now!" he shouted over his shoulder, likely back to wherever his younger brother was.

"Hi, Winter. Nice to see you, too," Laura greeted the vampire at normal volume. In reply, he looked back at her and patted the shoulder he had grabbed to pull her inside.

"Sorry, Sunshine, he's been more unbearable than usual, and tossing his hysteric maid into the equation, as well as a house on high alert, and I'm ready to go break open your equipment locker to get a stake or torch." Winter punctuated his reply with a tired smile, but Été gasped, flinging herself from Laura's arms to cling to her older brother.

"You wouldn't!" she growled accusingly, only for her brother to laugh.

"I wouldn't," he agreed. "But that doesn't mean I can't entertain the idea for personal enjoyment. I certainly don't want to get on Sunshine's bad side for actually doing it--she'd probably stake me faster than you could say, well, stake." Été didn't seem to like the joke, cringing at both of his uses of 'stake'.

"Winter, please stop talking about staking in front of the nine year-old, or I might just consider having a nice, long discussion with you later. One that involves a lighter." That Angelo wasn't as deadly as his sister was a fact--he didn't have years of hunting experience under his belt--however he didn't need to be deadly to make a simple threat sound like a promise. Laura frowned and opened her mouth to reply, however that was when Haru appeared out of what seemed to be nowhere, pulling Laura into his arms for a hug.

"You're late," he said softly, though the words held nothing but relief.

"Something came up, and I had to visit Aileena at the end of my patrol." When Haru's eyes widened and he sniffed the air, Laura rolled her eyes. Seeming to smell what the others had, her boyfriend immediately reached for her jacket zipper, jerking it down once he had ahold of it, and Laura stepped back. "Hey now, where are your manners? Why don't you ask like your sister did rather than try to rip off my clothes in the entryway? I didn't get hurt, there was no blood exchange, I just picked her up and hung her over my shoulder, where she snarled lovely but useless threats at me the whole walk over to Leena's. I'm fine. Now what is all this I've heard about houseguests?" she asked. Haru frowned, but his older brother's face lit up in reply, not seeming to be bothered at all by the werewolf story.

"You mean Skylar Boschtallen and Damien Wright? They seem to be just as unsure about us at present as we are of them. Household security has been stepped up to make sure no one was on their trail and comes barging in on us for now, not sure how long it will be stepped up, but it will be at least a week, at most it will be for the duration of their stay. Mom and dad have already made it clear that if they so choose to go out, they go with someone, likely you, and that they aren't supposed to bring more attention to themselves than they do already. Damien is like her walking food supply, and though she needs less than us, they've been informed that if they plan to keep to that method of feeding, it needs to be done outside of the house, even with Soloman out." He gave Laura a friendly smile and patted her shoulder again. "Wes has already practically interrogated them, Sunshine, all you need to do is go up and introduce yourself while attached to Haru's arm so they'll settle down, seeing as you're the one with the fantastic track record," he offered cheerfully, as if he wasn't talking about the possible death of his family and his brother's girlfriend's rather famous previous career killing vampires on order. Laura found herself wondering (and not for the first time) if there was anything out there Winter couldn't put a cheerful spin on before she sighed and reached out to grab Haru's arm, sliding under it to tuck herself against his side. Once situated, she glanced down at her clothing and smiled--she doubted they'd be expecting someone with her "fantastic track record" to walk in wearing a black skirt and shirt with a burgundy and pink striped hoodie with pink shoes. Not when most Vampire Hunters had solid black wardrobes of skintight clothes and severe attitudes.

"Well, let's go clear up this situation. Time to go meet our new houseguests," she said.

"Have fun, they're upstairs in the meeting room," Winter offered. Haru allowed himself to be led off by Laura, who started immediately for the staircase, leaving the others behind to go meet the new “houseguests”.

Aileena Crowfeather
Warlock; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in New York, USA
ARPers: Haybalebarn

“Oh hell,” Aileena murmured when the bird began to speak in English. Real English rather than the bird-noises that translated themselves in her head as English. “It’s not just a bird. It’s more…like me, I think,” she breathed. Alois made a croaking noise that, in human context, probably could have been a whistle before looking to his warlock expectantly. “What is that look for, Alois? You seem to act like I’d abandon him even when you know I’d sooner cut off my own arm or lose my wings than willingly leave a bird in pain or danger.”

“Leena surprised,” the bird replied simply as his mistress turned her attention to the bird in the bush.

“My name is Aileena Crowfeather. I am a warlock,” she said softly, extending her glowing hand out to him. “One who has quite the fondness for birds. Of course I will help you,” she offered, her hand coming to a stop just millimeters away from the strange crow itself, and releasing a quick, sunburst-like green glow that wrapped around the injured crow. It was a rapid-fire, weak healing spell meant more to briefly ease pain by giving the target a quick shot of relief. “The spell I just used on you was a minor healing spell,” she told him. “For me to perform the more extensive healing I would need to do to fully repair your wings, I must move you into my home. Is that alright?”

Alois watched the exchange with what might have been mild interest, but it was really difficult to tell without him being human. At the end of the statement, he hopped up on Aileena’s shoulder. “Leena always treat birds nice. All birds part of Leena’s flock,” he said encouragingly, though Aileena wasn’t quite sure whether or not whatever this creature was would fully understand the language of the birds.

Reine Gisela and Straton Sinclair
Yuki-onna and Demon hunter; Pro-secrecy
Somewhere in Europe
ARPers: Enkaku

Straton looked at Ash with contempt as he eyed the frozen man now lying when Straton had carelessly dropped him on the floor. “Yes, minor of course,” he said sharply, “and one whose solution Davide most definitely does not need to see. We need to get out of here, and fast. There are likely many more on the upper floors that will come back down in due time and we need to get her to a place where we can keep her safe and I can call my people to report that she’s been blatantly targeted now. They knew.” Reine was still looking at the frozen man with wide eyes, as if she couldn’t believe what she had done to him and muttering to herself. She was only brought back to the present matter by Straton snapping in front of her face, not daring to touch her.

“I’m sorry, what Straton?” she asked, voice coming out tiny and still trembling a bit.

“After that, I’m not guiding you around by your shoulder. Come on, we need to go. Now,” he said before moving towards where Davide and Neige were surveying the damage the entire group had done beside the door to the tunnels. Reine followed quietly after him, only then realizing that a layer of twisting ice had formed on the back of Straton’s jacket where she had grabbed onto it earlier. Partway there, he turned back to look at her and repeated what he had told her before: "Don't think, don't look, just keep moving.” In silent reply, Reine almost jogged forward after him, about the same time footsteps and cries of anger erupted from the staircase across the room. Seeming to forget his previous statement, Straton darted past her, pushing her forward as he ran back to cover her retreating body. Of course, that was when he remembered something else.

“Ash, the security station!” he barked, “It will have video from all over the building—take it out!” he squeezed the trigger of his stolen gun a few times in succession as an unlucky few came down the stairs at the wrong time before he glanced back to make sure Reine was heading into the tunnels with Davide and her brother before he began to back up as well. “When you’re done, you know where to find us,” Straton told the Fae, taking one last glance to see that Reine and Davide were out of sight before he bolted towards the door after them.

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