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Old 04-15-2013, 04:13 AM
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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Pro-secrecy, Mawr Cattân
Somewhere in Europe
Affected RPer: Winter

A flick of the wrist sent several fireballs spinning across the room, each slamming into the cameras that had only minutes ago been snapping pictures of Reine--and possibly pictures of him throwing fire into the air, hence the cause of their destruction. Satisfied that he had destroyed all the evidence in the half-melted cameras, he turned and almost skipped down the stairs, taking them three at a time and leaping clean over the bodies that littered them near the bottom. He skidded into the large lobby area, almost bursting right into it, and he stopped himself just in time.

It was a good thing that he did, too, since the middle of very spacey room was not a place to be. He saw a dark shape lean out from behind a column and start to take aim at him and he let the whip in his hand fly. Usually carrying a whip would considered inconvenient against a gun, but humans didn't carry Fae whips. Almost instantly it was around the man's neck, stretched a distance that it didn't look like it could travel, given its appearance when it was in his hand. Ash smirked and gave the whip a hard jerk, snapping the man's neck instantly. Ash then dove behind the nearest column, puling the whip back to him after the body fell to the ground. Bullets chipped off of his hiding spot, and from the sound of it there was only one shooter left.

He looked at his hand contemplatively, then formed a small fireball in his palm. He chuckled a little then tossed it out casually, and watched it bounce along the floor like a tennis ball. It quickly veered off, sensing its target, and exploded. There was a scream of agony before it was mercifully silent. Ash waved his hand out from behind the column before stepping out. "So, I trust we've been taking care of ourselves while I was gone?" He said, sauntering over to Straton and Reine. "No cuts, scraps, bruises, holes in the he--oh." He stopped in his tracks at the sight of the frozen man, his eyes lighting up and a grin coming across his features. "Little problem, I see."
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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Chandler Steele and Dalton Amaro
For Secrecy
Affected RPers: Just about everyone in the bar

Chandler struggled to hide his excitement when Serena said they could go. He managed to contain himself, and began walking towards the bar Dalton mentioned. Chandler still kept an eye on Serena, making sure she wasn't struggling too much to walk the distance.

After an hour of walking, they arrived at the bar, and found Dalton sitting by the counter.

"So you came!" Dalton said, hiding a smile.

"We aren't making any promises, we just want to find out a bit more." Chandler responded.

"Well you might want to wait for me outside. I just heard the vampire I am hunting at the moment will be here later tonight. Things might get messy." Dalton said, giving his car keys to Chandler, "Your choice."

Chandler took the keys, and thought about what to say. Until he heard a voice behind him say excuse me.

In the doorway stood a tall, pale man with short black hair, wearing suit. He had crimson eyes, and short fangs were visible at his lips.

As he walked past, he seemed to notice Serena most of all out of the three of them, but continued to walk over to the counter.

Dalton Amaro

"And I think that is the vampire. Edward. He reeks of blood." Dalton told Chandler.

"Edward, I am sorry to tell you the bad news. We are out of human blood. We don't get more until tomorrow night. We have veal blood however." said the Bartender, shaking as if he expected to be killed.

"I will have to settle for that then won't I?" said the vampire, with a sour look on his face. He took his glass, and walked over to a table on the opposite side of the room, a few meters away from Lisa.

Dalton walked over to the counter, and asked for a bottle of the veal blood. He paid for it, and took the bottle and the glass, and sat next to Lisa, pouring himself a glass, then putting the bottle in his bag.

"The vampire I have been tracking is a few meters away from us. Just letting you know things will get bloody." Dalton said to Lisa, as he finished his drink.

Dalton closed his eyes, and attempted to listen to Edward's conversation. It all seemed irrelevant to what he wanted to know, except one comment that surprised him.
"My cousin got into a bit of trouble in Vancouver a few months back. Got a bit to careless with a girl. Ended up killing her. The girl over by the bar with the teenager looks a lot like her."

Dalton looked over to the bar, and saw the girl with Chandler.

"I will talk to her later. Right now I have to kill Edward." Dalton thought to himself. He grabbed his gun, and kept it hidden, then walked towards Edward.

"Are you Edward of the Blood Angels?" Dalton asked.
Edward seemed somewhat surprised.
"I haven't heard anyone mention the Blood Angels in years. Yeah I'm Edward. And you are?" Edward replied.

"The son of Stefan and Mary Amaro. Your worst nightmare." Dalton said, as he pulled the gun out of his jacket, and aimed it at Edwards head, pulling the trigger, ending Edward's life with a bang.

Chandler Steele

Chandler watched Dalton get out of the seat next to the lizard woman, and walk over to the vampire. They spoke for a few seconds, then Dalton did something that shocked Chandler. Dalton pulled out a gun, and shot the vampire in the head.

There were screams from around the building, as other people, who Chandler assumed were also vampires got up and attacked him. Dalton pulled a knife out of his sleeve, and lit a flame on his hand. He fought one vampire, while another snuck up on him.

"Dalton's car is the white ute out the front." Chandler said to Serena giving her the keys, "Go wait out there if you want. Dalton looks like he could use some help."

Chandler extended the chains from his sleeves, and flicked them towards the vampires, as he ran towards the pack of them to help Dalton.

"Do most of your jobs end up like this?" asked Chandler, as he hit one of the vampires over the head.

"Only the fun ones." Dalton responded, shooting at someone who tried to attack him.

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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Lisa Blackeye
Dragon, Not for secrecy
A Bar for the Supernatural
Arpers: Cobalt Shadow

Lisa rubbed her scaled temples. She heard the familiar sound of Dalton's voice. She acknowledged his presence with a subtle gaze as he said something about a vampire tracking blood.

He seemed to leave, and she watched when he and his phantom double roamed to a stranger. It was quite a surprise to her when he pulled a gun on the stranger and shot him. This seemed to cause a bit of an uproar as it seemed that multiple patrons got up to attack him.

Lisa pushed herself up to her feet. She stared at the moving phantoms. Her dazed eyes watched as she moved closer. Her clumsy stride allowed her to approach quickly. Her tail struggled to preserve balance. It flailed into patrons and their beverages knocking them over.

She attempted to grapple one of the vampires, but struck a miss tearing at air. She quickly attempted another phantom reaching flesh she leapt forward onto the vampire. She tore at this blurred opponent. She was unsure of what she tore, but the subject appeared dead enough.

As she was rising another thing slammed into her. She found herself on her back with her wings unfurled and in the air. She guessed it was another of the vampires... or the same one. She couldn't be sure. She just felt a tickle on her nose from dust perhaps. What was important was that she needed to sneeze.

Whatever had jumped her was now covered in flame that came with the sneeze of the intoxicated dragon. She struck towards the chest of her assailant and broke through something hard. She clawed around attacking the important organs in the chest cavity. She pulled her hand out of her assailant who fell dead. She could feel discomfort from her hand. She clumsily got to her feet. She looked around no longer sure which shadow was Dalton or pair of shadows that he could be.

She stood puzzled trying to discern what to do now. In her daze she felt something hit her in the gut forcing her to stagger. She recovered from the hit quickly and mauled whoever had delivered it. She lost time as she felt a pang of pain in her head. She cringed holding her head. It seemed the fighting had calmed down. At least from her view of shadows jumping and moving.

She began to shift her form. It was slow and painful and her newly developing headache was of no help. She sat cringing in her human form. Her knees up to her chin and her hands clasping her head, she looked rather miserable scanning the room restlessly. She found herself once again in the Ladies room as her body attempted to purge itself of alcohol in one of its less mysterious and least pleasant ways.

As soon as she had finished she began to look for Dalton, but seeing many slow moving shadows, that endeavor became rather difficult. She ended just about where she began ironically. She sat at the counter cringing her head.

Crossroads Demon, does not care about Secrecy
Some Bar in Chicago
Arpers: Cobalt Shadow, Eternal Moonlight (If they care to spot Ozgmog)

Corbos sat fairly amused as a fight broke out amongst patrons. It was quite pleasing to him. Of course he would have preferred the pathetic gun toting half-vampire to have been ripped apart, he did not intervene and accepted the outcome as it was. The only real nuisance to him was that the rising beast had sent his full wine glass into the air.

He noticed his dog had fetched the soul he had came for, so he would finish wasting his time here.

He whistled and something darted into the building through the door. It moved quickly and despite its rather loud entrance. It went unnoticed by many patrons, and he hurried it along as it stopped to bark at patrons that it believed had noticed it. As soon as his hound had reached him, he departed. His departure was the equivalent of simply disappearing in a puff of smoke. One moment he was there and the next he was home on Hell's highway to a new destination.
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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

(OOC: Socratic, I hope you don't mind me getting in on your characters are up to. If you do I can always make it unrelated.)
Lilith Killough and Farley Patterson
Demon Hunter and Possessed Laptop; Neutral
Forest, somewhere in the US
ARP: Socratic

"I just hope you realize how stupid this whole thing is."

"I thought it was your statistics that led us to this location," Lilith pointed out calmly, examining her violet painted nails. "Wasn't supernatural activity supposed to be high in this area?"

"Well, yes," the nasal voice emanating from the laptop sitting on the car seat next to her said. "That doesn't change the fact that plowing directly into where the nice little map I made labelled as 'run away as fast as possible' is a really bad idea."

"Your concern is touching," she said, sliding her booted feet down from the car's dashboard and onto the floor. "But I think it's unnecessary, since we've been staking out this area for a few days now, and absolutely nothing unusual has happened."

"Well, then we should move on then," Patterson said. The map popped back up onscreen. "Look, how about we head over here?"

Lilith glanced at the spot he had highlighted. "That area is completely void of activity."

"That's the point," he said, as if speaking to an imbecile.

"I'm a demon hunter," she responded. "Demon hunting does actually require demons, Patterson." He merely hmphed in response and the screen went dark. She sighed. "You're not in any danger, you know."

"Well, not physically, sure," he retorted. "But if something happens to you, I'm stuck in here permanently. And it's not like I can sprout legs and move around."

"Well, it's a good thing nothing is going to happen to me, then," she said primly. "Especially not at this rate. Are you sure we're in the spot I wanted?"

The laptop snorted. Lilith had given up trying to figure out how it was making noises like that without nostrils. "Of course. I wouldn't lie, and I don't make mistakes."

She was about to reply when there was a loud boom in the distance. She immediately crouched down in the car, bracing for an impact that never came. When she had counted ten seconds, Lilith sat back up, suppressing the idle thought that her makeup was probably smudged now. "Patterson?"

"On it," he said. The screen lit up. "That was fae energy, with some psychic overlap. Could've been from the same source, but I don't think so."

"A fight?" She glanced at the array of colors he had arranged on screen.

"Yep," he said.

"Fae energy. Not exactly what I was looking for," she said, weighing the risks and possible benefits.

"I'd stay out of it," Patterson advised. "Fae are dangerous and they're either tricky, mean, or both. They've got no reason to cooperate with you and every reason to fight with you."

Lilith glanced out at the trees. There was no indication of where the fighting had been in the skyline. "Can you trace it?"

A loud groan. "Oh, please no. Can we not do this?"

"I could just be looking for a way to leave while avoiding it," she said mildly.

"You're not, though," he said irritably. Lilith reached over and began inputting commands on the keyboard, and he let out a yelp. "All right! All right. You've got a serious death wish." A map appeared on the screen.

Lilith took a moment to analyze it, then nodded. She opened the door to the car, ignoring Patterson's protestations from behind her. "I'm just going to take a look," she said mildly, shutting the door behind her. That really was all she had planned. If there wasn't anything of use to her, she'd just be on her way. And she'd never seen fae fighting before. It was good research to observe from a distance. She patted the knives concealed under her jacket to assure herself they were there, checked her twin guns were loaded, and paused to finger the wands at her waist. Then she set off into the woods, grey eyes ever vigilant.

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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Thunderphoenix; Pro-secrecy
Somewhere in New York, USA
ARPers: Winter

From the edges of his consciousness, Tiel heard noise. A muffled, barely audible noise, but a noise all the same. Instantly, survival instinct kicked in. As they snapped open, his bright yellow eyes were filled with alarm. Weakly, he tried to stand, to flee, to fly, but as quickly as he got up, he collapsed back to the ground. His breaths heavily and raspy, he tried to calm himself, and make sense of the situation.

Immediately the pain in his wings returned, stronger than ever. He blinked his eyes more than a few times, trying to focus. All around him were branches, and through the branches a shape loomed overhead. There was another round of blinking as he weakly tried to focus. The shape held some sort of light, which made his yellow eyes water profusely. But behind the light he could make out… a human face. He almost cried out in surprise, but all that came out was a small croak. His insane plan had actually worked!

Tiel started to speak, slowly and haltingly the noise sounding so raspy it almost couldn’t be recognized as speech. His eyes still blinked as he tried to focus more on the face behind the light. “Tiel… need help. Wings bad state. You. You help Tiel?”

With one last rasping croak, he closed his eyes and tried to hold onto whatever he could to stay awake. The only thing he could focus on was his pain, so he did. His left wing, although hurt, couldn’t compare to the burning sensation in his right wing from his old wound, and so he focused on that burning feeling to stay awake as long as possible. It was either last through this, or suffer through the intense pain of regeneration. He’d take this pain over regeneration any day.

Raisoren Driike
Dragon; Pro-secrecy
Supernatural Bar, Chicago.
ARPers: Cobalt, Eternal

The other dragon had taken the bait. Rise could barely contain he cruel glee as she took one sip of the drink. As he watched the violent reaction, a grin slowly grew on his face. The cruel light showed in his eyes as the dragon slunk off to some corner of the bar. He made a mental note where they were, he wouldn’t want to lose such a great target, and then the grinning specter just looked around the bar, content to observe.

It seemed there were quite a few new visitors at the bar tonight, and Rise noted this as yet another new pair walked in. They looked… strangely normal. The first was mere boy. Well, Rise supposed humans would categorize him as a “teen”, but to Rise, he was a mere boy. The second drew his interest a little more. At the very least, she wasn’t a kid, or rather not as young of one. He tried to determine anything interesting about her, but his interest quickly waned, and he started to heckle the barkeep once more, glancing to the corner where the dragon was on occasion.

When he spotted Edward, the smirk reappeared on his lips. It grew into a cheeky grin as Edward learned of the lack of human blood and he snigger slightly at the vampire’s misfortune. Almost as quickly as Edward left with his veal blood, another customer ordered blood from the bartender as well, but Rise couldn’t be bothered to notice much more of him than his presence.

Suddenly, there was a loud pop, and merely a moment later, Rise was out of his seat and facing the rest of the bar, his knives at the ready, and a snarl on his face. It took him but a moment to assess the situation. Edward was dead. While sheathing his knives, Rise made a noise of disgust. There was no fun in death; you couldn’t pester someone when they were dead.

Rise felt his foul mood return with a force, and with a snap of his fingers, summoned to fireballs into his hands, ready to throw into the escalating fight. His eyes caught a movement outside of the fight. The two who had entered earlier. The boy was standing next to the girl and with a quick word handed the girl something before he went to join the fray himself, on the killer’s side. With his left hand, he hurled the fireball at the boy, and with his right hand, he lazily tossed his other fireball at the one who was fending off all the vampires, presumably the killer.

After that, his taste for violence was satisfied, and he edged away from the fight, towards the door. He tried to keep track of the girl from earlier and follow her. He was in a foul mood, and most of his playthings were fighting or on the floor bleeding out. Hopefully the girl wouldn’t join the fight, so he’d have something fun to play with.

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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Manus Flynn.
Neutral Human/Fae Sorcerer.
Moonbeam Marvels, Michigan.
ARPers: None.

It's not going away.

Manus shifted his grip on his staff, thoroughly annoyed. The woman who had inspected his quartz crystals was gone - sans a pretty penny but plus a 'healing' pendant - and now he was alone. However, he didn't feel very alone. The Unseelie presence that hovered just at the edges of his senses was still there, lingering like a bothersome insect. He began to wonder what the other fae was - or were, depending on whether there was more than one - doing there. No one had come around since the old days, when he had lived by his staff and his knife and everyone was either his target or targeting him...

A cold knot of suspicion formed in the pit of his gut. No. Surely no one, not even an Unseelie, could be fool enough to come at him like he had gone rusty? But there was no way that he could just let the possibility go. Especially not when Cathleen's on the streets, Manus thought. At the thought of his niece a pang of panic struck him, but he fought it back. Everything would be fine. He just needed to check something. He hurried up the stairs, shouting at the front door to shut and lock itself as he did. There was a silver pan upstairs that he kept for scrying purposes. When it was filled with water and activated with a proper dose of magic, it could provide a handy view of the surrounding area. Before he got all in a frenzy, he would track the presence to its source; if he didn't find anything worthwhile, he would simply drop the matter and ignore it as best he could.

He set the full pan down on his study desk and muttered an incantation layered with ward-breaking magic. Immediately, the surface of the water rippled and twisted. Faint images appeared below its surface: a group of blurry-faced people standing in a relatively clear-looking city. Manus scanned their surroundings with an attentive eye, greeted immediately by a cheerfully-colored building that confirmed his worst suspicions.

A convoluted and very loud string of foul language left his mouth as he bounded down the stairs, out the door, and into his car.

Heracles (Thomas Archer) and Achilles (Leonard Cole).
Anti-Secrecy Manticores.
A bar in Blackpool, England.
ARPers: None.

Guitar chords, sweet and melodious, echoed through the old bar. Seconds later, a sonorous voice joined in. "When she was just a girl, she expected the world," sang Achilles the manticore-in-disguise, "but it flew away from her reach, so she ran away in her sleep and dreamed of para-para-paradise!"

The bar was abuzz with conversation. Live entertainment was a huge hook in almost every case, and Achilles tended to draw crowds with his - quite literally - enchanting voice. Even as he sang, he layered the music with magic so as to inspire emotion and imagery in the minds of his listeners. "She'd say oh-woah-oh-ho, I know the sun must set to rise!"

With a quick riff on his guitar, Heracles finished out the song. "Thanks, ladies and gentlemen!" said Achilles, even though no one was actually cheering. "Any requests?" he added, and when no one responded, he shrugged and glanced at Heracles. The latter responded by starting up a new song with a loud chord on his guitar. Achilles turned back to the mic and began to sing again.

((The song that Achilles was singing is Coldplay's Paradise. Also, Cathleen's exclusion was deliberate))
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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Freya Smith
Anit-Secrecy Phoenix/Stymphalian Bird Hybrid
A bar in Blackpool, England
ARPers: Velocity

Freya walked toward a bar, she had left her weapons back at her hotel room, she didn't need them at the moment since this was just a little visit to see what kind of creatures she was dealing with, he client hadn't told her much, just that they were Manticores and rather vicious. She sighed and flicked a few strands of orange hair over her shoulder as she walked, remembering what had happened only yesterday.


It was a nice day out in London, and Freya was enjoying a nice glass of wine in her favorite club, she was supposed to meet up with a client today, get information on who she was about to kill, she had only been to England a few times on a couple of kills, but it was rare for her to come to this rather wet country.

She spotted her client walking in, he was rather short, a little stubby but he seemed to be the posh stuck up type of stubby, not rich, just posh. She watched him walk over with a beer in hand and he took a couple of big gulps before starting up the conversation.

"There are a couple of creatures I would like you to kill." Freya rolled her eyes, this man was getting on her nerves already.

"It's two Manticores," Freya raised an eyebrow, she had read about Manticores in a book once, she wasn't sure how reliable the source was but apparently they could be fierce creatures. He handed her a small folder. "I have some information on them, pictures, their fake names and where they live, as well as some likely places for them to be."

Freya smiled and the thumbed through the contents of the folder, she could easily find out where the two creatures live but having the information given to her was so much easier. "How much are you willing to pay."

"As much as you want." The man almost shouted, "Those things killed my brother an-" He was cut of by Freya's raised hand.

"I don't care about your motivations, I just wanted to know if you could pay." She sighed and thought about the job. "Give me £5,000 upfront, and then another £5,000 after I complete the job, can you do that?" The man nodded and they left for the bank.

End Flashback

Freya walked into the bar as a song finished, she was never into music and would never be able to name the song or the artist. She walked over to the counter and ordered an orange juice. Once she got her drink she sat down near the back of the bar, watch the two people on stage. She sipped at her drink occasionally, ignoring the few stares that she received.

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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Tanzanite Gargoyle|Neutral
Somewhere else in Europe
ARPer;s: Winter and whoever is with Winter

'The sun will set in two hours, three minutes and fourteen and a half seconds.'

It was a castle overlooking the Oceanside in grand old Europe. The castle was old, based on the architecture and style of the buttresses and arches. The most aged pieces of the entire building was anything made out of wood. Even with that, the entire place was locked from the inside out, and not a single soul had been in or out of that building in hundreds of years.

That was, anything not human. Triplets of bell towers rose from each corner of the stony piece of history, arches that doubled as bridges worked between them to connect each one to the other. In the centre of a large courtyard remained one, single tower at the centre of this network, one that looked over the entire grounds of the castle. Few had ever seen this sight, and those who did were in awe, and somehow knew to pass on. Within the castle were many old rooms, the tower included. At the top however, one would find the unexpected.

The room was held together with stone arches that lifted the ceiling high into the shadows, but ones with crystals of all kind growing on them with lights glowing from odd plant life not seen or from the planet they were currently on. One could not see where these supports ended, as if the ceiling itself were its own night sky. Pieces of furniture including a few cots, a chair, a couch and a very large table with chairs all around it decorated the room, if one were to put it kindly. There was a desk opposite the table with an old music player next to it, one that looked recently used. Beside it was a laptop that was currently on, and a grey tabby, swatting at the keys on it as if attempting to type something. Beyond it, looking out one of the openings in the wall where crystal seemed to me replacing where stained glass used to be, was a gem covered, stony beast. Still and unmoving, even as it sat it loomed over the edge just a touch. Eyes were closed as it seemed to be meditating of some sort. Everything was so calm and quiet; one would have been able to hear the shifting of dust should the wind blow through.

Moments after the tabby had finished attacking the laptop keyboard, the great beast opened her eyes, looking out to the horizon that would soon claim the sun in slumber. “Lexife.”

“Mrrrow?” The tabby answered, jumping down from the stool and making his way over to his large master.

“I sense a chaos… one that intrigues me.” She told her changing familiar friend. “The crystals have shown me that one, or many need help, but being neglected of the Skysean entity of nature… I cannot say for sure.”


“Haven, was the key. I believe they need one, whoever they may be.” She continued to explain. “Find them, and bring them through the passage under the courtyard. Fire and ice… fire and ice.”

“Meeeeow.” Lexife responded, darting off down the open trap door as his body changed quickly from that of a tabby, to that of a German Shepard. The trapdoor shut with a slam behind him as he changed shape, heading down a very steep set of spiralling stair cases, down a ladder, and into the courtyard where the grate that let water into a pond flowed from. That grate led down a tunnel where the water was a bit more than ankle deep, and after long twists and turns, finally led outside into a heavily forested area where the foliage seemed to choke out any hint of their being a secret entrance. Lexife crawled through the small stony spacing between the boulders, shaking off his fur in the process and putting his nose to the air. Catching the ‘scent’ of ice and fire, the canine darted off towards where his master claimed trouble was.

When he would arrive, he would attempt to lead them to the ‘haven’, otherwise known as his master’s medieval penthouse.
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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Mira and Michael Mikulak
Winter Changling and Psychic
Mount Mitchell, North Carolina
ARPers: Doodlebop

The entire forest was covered in ice. Plants had withered and died; the chill in the air became biting, everything in the area had the mark of deathly cold.

Everything, of course, except for a triangle, starting a few feet between Mira and the boy and branching. Mira’s attack had not touched the boy.

But the mental attack the boy had initiated ceased. Which was what Mira had been planning from the beginning. She did not afford the boy any time to start another mental assault; she coiled up like a snake, and leapt at him.

To his credit, the boy did not try to directly apply force against her trajectory. Instead, he resorted to applying countering lateral forces, one to him, the other to her. The result was a simple miss.

But Mira could not let him get footing long enough to invade her mind again. Instead, she summoned forth a howling gale of Unseelie chill to support and turn her as necessary to attack the boy.

The boy and the girl danced. Each attack the changeling could throw was countered by something innovative maneuver the boy would come up with. Every counterattack the boy tried cleanly missed the preternaturally quick predator woman. Gales howled, rocks flew, plants froze, the ground bucked. Each force one of them employed was defeated by an opposite and equal reaction force.

But there was something Mira was counting on. Psychic powers, especially thrown with such violence, were very tiring.

Whereas Mira was a supernaturally powerful scion of a fae who could do this all day long.

After a couple minutes, Mira’s breathing needed a little more effort. The way the boy was swaying made it clear that he was barely sitting upright. It was only a matter of time bef–

The boy collapsed.

Mira was a bit disappointed with the fact that the powerful battle ended so anticlimactically, but she didn't hesitate to go up to the boy and put her hand on the boy's throat to rip it out. Just as she was about to pull, though, Mira heard a shear from her pants, and–

Agony! Agony like none she had felt before, splitting her open like a physical thing! Agony unmatched by rolling in boiling acid, immolating yourself, and being flayed alive at the same time. PainpainpainpainpainpainPAAAAAAIIIIN!

And just as quickly as it started, it stopped. Mira turned her head around (keeping her hand on the boy's throat) and looked down. Her jeans were split open at her right thigh, and where she could see her skin, it was a bright red, as though burned. And right next to her leg was a levitating knife.

It wasn't remarkable, as knives went. It had a wooden handle, a blade that, while long and sharp, clearly came from the kitchen. But the bread knife had one attribute that made it so painful to Mira.

Its blade was clearly made out of steel.

It was obvious who was responsible, so Mira turned to the boy under her hand, and snarled,"I could rip out your throat."

The boy showed his teeth, and with a clear effort and hoarse voice replied,"Bleed? 'R poison?"

Mira remembered where the blade had been pointed. As she ran through the angles, Mira realized that if the blade had gone in much deeper, it would have hit an artery. And it was clear that the boy knew it, too. And he could still make it happen.

Not to mention the agony of having an iron blade thrust into her leg.

"What would you have me do?"

"...Deal. Alone?"

"No. We can't just go our separate ways. You attempted to invade my mind, and I cannot forgive that."

He pointed at her,"Here." he coughed,"Reason. Help?"

Mira caught on at last to her Queen's game. The boy was clearly powerful and the Queen just as clearly knew he was there,"Yes. I'm here for a purpose. If you help me, I'll forgive you for your crime."

"And alone."

Mira turned her head to the knife. "Yes. Alone." She withdrew her hand from his throat as he buried the knife in the ground, blade first. He gestured towards each of their heads, and then Mira felt a vague, but not invading, psychic pressure on her mind.

"You do understand that if you attempt to subvert me, I will either take you with me or be avenged?"

He simply nodded. Mira tentatively let him inside her mind, ready to try to force him out at a moment's notice.

A deep-ish voice made itself heard in her head,<That's better. Sorry I couldn't talk much earlier. Something They did hurt my vocal cords.> Mira could hear the capital letter on the word "They", but she said nothing indicating that fact. He continued,<So why are you here? I need to know what to help with.>

It was terrifying, knowing that this boy had just exposed her to some of the most terrifying things she had ever seen (and she had seen plenty of horrifying things in Arctis Tor, Medb's stronghold–the Queen absolutely saw to that) and was talking about what, if he knew as much about the Fae as he appeared to, was probably him having to assist in an assassination, as though he was just being asked to buy groceries.

Mira knew the theory behind telepathy, so she thought,<A demon binder. According to my sources, he's operating somewhere in Pennsylvania.>

<You got sent for a demon binder? Those guys tend to explode themselves really quickly. I mean, usually if you're going after a bunch of things that are trying to eat your face, one will eventually succeed.>

<Medb wouldn't have sent me if she thought he was going to explode himself.>

It was silent for a second, before she heard a slightly quieter (and somewhat fearful) voice go,<Medb. The Medb. As in, the Queen of Air Darkness?>


<Monarch of the Unseelie Court. Ruler of Winter.>


<And you work with her.>

Mira smiled.

<I am suddenly quite glad you're on my side. Shall we?> The boy got up an offered his arm like a perfect gentleman. Minus the blood, the messy hair, the gray skin, the tattered clothes, and the sheer number of scars the boy had, it was quite classy.

<Not until you buy me dinner.>


<But seriously, I don't even know your name.>

<When people called me by a name, it was Michael.>

<Most know me as Mira.>

The battered boy and the fae woman got up, and walked, the boy leading the way north.


SorrysorrySORRY for not getting this up sooner. I got superbusy, but I should be able to post more quickly now.

Also, Lilith should approach the two before Mira smells her/Michael senses her. Otherwise, it'll probably end up choppychoppyfreezefreeze.
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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Lilith Killough
Demon Hunter; Neutral
Forest, somewhere in the US
ARP: Socratic

Lilith advanced through the forest at a quick trot that slowed when she the cold rapidly became more intense. It was as if winter had suddenly lashed out. There wasn't anything natural that could explain the cold, which left the obvious explanation of magic. She pursed her lips, weighing her options. She didn't want to get turned into a popsicle, yet she didn't want to turn back now. She had too many questions that needed to answered- and while she hadn't gone looking for fae, she was sure that they could provide some insight. But she wasn't exactly equipped to fight fae. She resisted the urge to sigh.

It was then that she heard the sound of footsteps.

Lilith, listening to the footfalls, identified one person- then after a moment, heard a second, much quieter. They were heading this way. She didn't really have a choice at this point then, she decided grimly. Lilith began to walk briskly and as quietly as she could towards the footfalls, casually rearranging her weapons in case it came to a fight. The guns first, she decided. She knew those would work. If it got close, she would use the knives. The wands were a last resort. Having just had this last thought, she emerged into a clearing just as two other people entered it from the other side.

Damn. That blew most of her plan out of the water. She managed to keep from frowning, instead donning an enigmatic smile. "So sorry to interrupt your walk," she said lightly. "I was just wondering if I could ask you a few questions." She kept her hands at her side, wishing she had had time to replace the gun in her shoulder holster. At least they wouldn't immediately dismiss her as an ordinary human. Lilith took a moment to scan the two. The woman was obviously fae- she had that sort of unnatural beauty they supposedly possessed. The boy looked human, but there was something very decidedly off about him. Odd couple. She had no doubt they were the source of the activity Patterson that had picked up. In her jeans pocket, the wands were thrumming. Lilith would have hoped they couldn't pick up on the magic, but she was already sure that at least one of them could.

Well, she'd been in worse situations before. She smiled sweetly and prepared for the worst.

THANK YOU CHAAAAR. *uberglomp*
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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Michael Mikulak and Mira
Psychic and Winter Changeling
Mount Mitchell, North Carolina
ARPers: Doodlebop

<Someone. I smell someone.>

Mira voiced her concern in her head as she entered a clearing with Michael. Lo and behold, there was indeed a smallish girl in the clearing in the forest. She wasn’t tall, shorter than Mira by a couple inches, with a shock of light hair to contrast Mira’s elegantly bunned black. She was clearly human by her scent, but--despite not appearing to know much about the fae from the way her request was phrased--she was clearly competent. Mira was about to speak when she heard a voice in her mind speak:

<Two someones. Not one.>

<I would have smelled another person or any corporeal being.>

<Keyword: corporeal. There are two minds. I know it like my name. I suggest we flay her and use her intestines as garlands.> Michael thought calmly.

Mira believed that Michael intended this quite literally: she noticed a hanging intestine almost exactly the way one would hang a garland just before she saw Michael.

<Not yet.>

<I thought the Unseelie Court was made of predators.>

<Have you ever seen a cat just eat a mouse? Or does it play, first?>

<I don’t like the second presence.>

<We’re pretending it’s not there, at least until it exposes itself.>

Michael completed the thought,<If it tries an ambush, it gets the nasty shock of someone prepared.>

Mira nodded her head imperceptibly. An idle part of her mind noted that only about a second had passed--the conversation literally took place at the speed of thought.

Mira took the time to note that, despite clearly being deadly and at least somewhat in the occult (though those tattoos and mascara would have made Mira think the girl was just a poser if it wasn’t for her deadly stance and the capably handled gun), the girl did not understand just how bone deep the fae were tied into magic. If she had, she would have at least been more discreet about preparing magic, especially since the girl didn’t have the sense to stay downwind.

So, Mira gave a small smirk to the blond in reply to the smile. Mira’s clear and melodious voice was calm with just a hint of being shark like as she asked,”What questions? How many? And most importantly, for what price? I cannot give the valuable commodity for free, you know.”

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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Lilith Killough
Demon Hunter; Neutral
Mount Mitchell, North Carolina
ARP: Socratic

The two were silent for only a moment, but Lilith was dead certain they were appraising her and how dangerous she was. She hoped they underestimated her and she was overestimating them. That would most likely even it out. Lilith wished she was more prepared to deal with fae. The woman smiled at her, answering her with more questions. She seemed certain she was in control of the situation.

In response, Lilith shrugged a shoulder. "I wanted to ask if you knew anything about a series of disappearances that have been occurring to creatures of a more supernatural nature." She tilted her head and smiled while she carefully planned how to play her cards. "I'm sure you've heard something about it. The Unseelie Court knows all, doesn't it?" This was something of a gamble- she was assuming the faerie had a direct connection to the court- not all fae did. She was also assuming the faerie would not immediately gut her for knowing about it. She was fairly confident about this last bit, though. She hadn't struck yet after all. "The amount of questions depend on the answer, and as for price…" She paused. Letting the faerie name a price was an obvious mistake, but Lilith wasn't exactly sure what the appropriate price for knowledge was. If she survived this, she was really going to have to do more research into fae. "I'm sure we can negotiate something," she said primly. That seemed appropriately vague. This was like picking her way through a floor covered with shattered glass- from a glass she had dropped.

OOC: Ahahaha please don't eat Lilith ;-;

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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

(DP, ignore)

THANK YOU CHAAAAR. *uberglomp*
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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Raiju not for secrecy
A bar in Illinois
ARPers: Dragotech, Eternal Moonlight, Haybale Barn

"Soren, he got to Edward." Said a voice from the other end of the phone.

"How do you know that Jesse?" Soren asked, angered that Dalton had killed more of his own kind.

"I have connections in Illinois. Edward was at a bar, and Dalton showed up, pulled a gun and killed him. There is a fight there at the moment. I will SMS you the address."

Soren ended the call, and felt his phone vibrate as an address appeared on the screen. Preparing to fight Dalton, he changed forms to his wolf form. He snarled as he shifted onto four legs, and light blue fur covered his body. He felt his teeth extend into fangs, and heard the crack of electricity building up in his fur.

The wolf ran towards a street light, and jumped. There was a flash as he changed into a bolt of lightning, which shot into the light with a bang, shattering the globe.

Soren felt himself speed through the electrical grid in a matter of seconds, until he found himself doing laps of the wiring in the bar. Soren escaped the wiring through the lights, destroying them in the process. A crack of lightning hit the floor from the roof, and after the flash, a wolf was present.

There were many people here, all most trying to kill two people. Dalton and a boy a little bit younger than Soren. He fought with chains that extended from his sleeves, whipping and choking his enemies.

Soren hadn't been noticed yet. He howled, and raised the fur on his back, causing lightning to crackle more so than usual. It was obvious he wanted to kill Dalton, and some of the other vampires stood out of the way so he could do so.

Dalton Amaro, Chandler Steele and Soren

The fight continued, and Dalton and Chandler were holding their own well enough. Until Dalton saw two fireballs aimed for him and Chandler.

"Chandler, look out," Dalton said, raising his arm and gaining control of the fireball, throwing it at a vampire quickly to keep its momentum.

Chandler wasn't as lucky. The fireball hit his wintercoat igniting it. He ripped it off and threw it on the floor as it burned revealing his chains. He had a nasty burn on his arm, which stung badly. Chandler looked around, angry at what had happened, and saw a dark haired pale man with a cheeky grin walk towards the door.

The door was bar the bar, where there were several small knives. Chandler detected them, and assumed control of them. He held them in the air aimed at the man, as well as pulled four hidden knives from him, which joined the bar knives.

Suddenly there was a bang, as the lights disappeared. Underneath them was a pale blue wolf, with electricity crackling from its back. It started at Daltom with a look of rage in it's eyes.

Unable to see the man any more, Chandler threw the knives at where the man was, unable to see if the man had escaped them or not.

Dalton fired a shot and looked at the wolf, noticing how much it was looking at him. The wolf howled, and the vampires nearby stood back. If Dalton was right, this wolf wanted to kill Dalton personally, and the vampires knew it.

Chandler pulled the chains from his burning jacket, and whipped one out around the wolfs neck. The wolf barked, and Chandler felt and electric shock flow through his body.

"Chandler, get the girl and take her to where we spoke earlier today." Dalton said, "I will take care of this, just make sure you get her to safety. I need to talk to her."
Chandler stood up and nodded, and walked over to where he left Serena. Dalton looked over, and saw a vampire following him. Dalton aimed the gun at the vampire, and killed him.

The wolf charged a white ball of light above his back, which shot at him as a bolt of lightning. Dalton ducked out of the way, barely missing it, as the lightning bolt hit the wall behind him and exploded. Dalton threw a ball of fire at the wolf, who ducked it, and ran at Dalton, locking its jaws on his left wrist.

Dalton accidentally dropped his gun, but pulled the knife from him sleeve, and slashed at the wolf. The wolf released its grip, but jumped at Dalton.

The wolf jumped as Dalton, who grabbed it in mid air and threw it, before it had the time to shock him. The wolf hit the wall, as Dalton picked up his gun and ran towards it. He beat the wolf over the head with the weapon, as it howled in pain. Suddenly the fur disappeared, and it changed shape, revealing a teenager, a few years younger than him.

Dalton aimed the gun at the man, and readied himself to pull the trigger.
"Give me a good reason not to kill you now," Dalton said.
"Because you would be killing more of your own kind." Soren said, "we should be free, but you fight to have those that believe it killed."
"I fight for the safety of everyone. Unfortunately those of us that believe we should be free, generally tend to be idiots who threaten everyone else." Dalton said, "Just like you."

Dalton bashed the man over the head with the gun, knocking him unconscious. He turned and walked towards the door, gun ready to kill anyone who would stand in his way.

OOC: sorry for late post. I wanted to wait until Eternal Moonlight posted before posting again.

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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Michael Mikulak and Mira
Psychic and Winter Changeling
Mount Mitchell, North Carolina
ARPers: Doodlebop

<You idiot.>

Michael did not actually telepath this so the girl could hear–he wasn't stupid, after all. But Mira couldn't help agreeing as the woman allowed Mira to name her price. At least the woman wasn't completely clueless, as evidenced by we identification of Mira's loyalties. Not that that was hard, Mira thought to herself. The snowflake ring on her hand, alone, would give an indication to those in the know.

I should probably remove that so that I don't get identified by any schmuck on the street next time.

<Yes. Probably. I figured it out from your glamour and the cold, but you don't want less observant people to start speculating.>

It was kind of disconcerting, rememebering that someone was in her head.

<I aim to please!>



<Don't respond to my thoughts unless I'm thinking to you.>

<And what price will you pay for the performing of this favor?>

Mira did what she usually did when she was annoyed and completely ignored Michael.

"The number of questions depend on the answer? We can negotiate something? Very well. You are correct. The Court knows some little of what you speak. I can give you information about it, for one of the standard going rates. Three favors you will perform for your debt to me. In return, I will answer here your questions about the matter of the supernatural murders that have been increasing in rate."

OoC: Why would Mira eat someone she's clearly not done toying with?
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