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Old 02-08-2007, 09:46 PM
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Default Sandstorm team

This team are at level 100 and are going to be used in a 2 on 2 battle. If you think anything is poor about this team please tell me changes I can make to it don't just point it out tell whatit make it better. Also since this is a sandstorm team I am aware that most if not all are weak aginst water and ice so if you have any suggestion how to get rid of some of these weakness please tell me.

Nature:???Please help me with this
Ability:Sand Stream
Atk1:Dragon Dance/Protect
Atk3:Dig/Aerial Ace
Atk4:Iron Tail/Rock Slide

Atk2:Iron Tail
Atk3:Rock Slide/Earthquake

Ability:Sand Veil
Atk1:Iron Tail
Atk3:Aerial Ace
Atk4:Protect/Double Team/Sandstorm

Nature:???help me
Atk4:Iron Tail/Wing Attack

Ability:Sand Veil
Atk2:Leech Seed
Atk3:Needle Arm
Atk4:Giga Drain/Protect

Ability:Magnet Pull
Atk2:Shock Wave/Thunder Bolt
Atk4:???help me with last attack

I'm not sure if sandstorm effects steel pokemon. If sandstorm hurts steel type please tell me what other pokemon I should use.
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Old 07-13-2013, 04:30 PM
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Default Re: Sandstorm team

Hello fellow pokémon fan,

The sandstorm boosts the special defense for any rock type pokemon by 50%, so your ttar gets a special df boost. Furthermore steel type pokemon do not take damage from the sandstorm as well as ground types. Any other type does take damage ( 1/16 max hp ). Sandstorm does have some other special stuff but the only viable thing here is the evasion boost sand veil gives in sandstorm, and i'm sorry to say that all evasion based abilities are banned from competetive pokemon ( sand veil, snow cloak etc ). But enough about sandstorm.

I think you have a potent team in 3d gen and i appreciate your interests in 3d gen weather teams. This is not overused in 3d gen and thus very original.

Your team is very weak against water type moves and i suggest using a defensive suicune ( calm mind, sub, surf, ice beam/hp grass. 252 hp 252 df bold @leftovers ). Leftovers negate the sandstorm damage as the opponent might take damage. A specially defensive suicune is also a good option because it takes powerfull water moves better. ( rest, hp grass, toxic, sleep talk/surf. 252 hp 252 sp df @ leftovers ). This set doesn't plow as hard trough enemies after a couple calm minds as the first set but it provides the very much needed special defensive core.

And finaly i'll give you my ideas for a good sandstorm team.

Ttar. Lonely/naughty ( naughty might be better because of 50% sp df boost in sand )
156 speed, 100 hp, 200 att, 52 sp att ( for the perfect ev's look up 'tyranitar r/s' ) @leftovers
-dragon dance
-rock slide

Skarmory ( takes earthquakes ttar doesn't and takes fight moves fairly well because of 140 df. ). 252 hp, 252 defense. @ leftovers impish
-drill peck
-protect/roar ( roar preferably )

Suicune ( special defensive core and skarmory defensive core, takes all specially oriëntated moves ment for ttar and friends. Watch out for zapdos. 252 hp 252 sp defense @leftovers nature +special defense -att ( don't know it by hard, calm? ).
-hp grass, or ice beam if you play on a gameboy and don't feel like iv breeding

Flygon @ choice band. Switch in on zapdos and jolteon if you don't fear hp ice. 252 speed 252 att jolly.
-rock slide
-fire blast/flamethrower/hp ghost-fight
Fire blast detroyes skarmory even after the negative nature. Hp ghost for gengar, watch out for ice punch. Fire blast is the best option.

Magneton @ leftovers. Magneton is a good option because flygon and skarmory take ground moves and mag doesn't. He traps steel types that would maybe stall you out because they do not take damage from the sandstorm. So use magnet pull ability, not sturdy. 156 speed, 252 sp att, 100 hp. Modest
-thunder wave/toxic
-hp ground/grass
Hidden power grass hits swampert and OHKO's after the much needed spikes provided by skarmory. Hp ground hits other trapped steel types such as metagross-steelix-aggron etc even fellow magneton.

Dugtrio @ choice band. The man, the myth, the dude allways having a threeway, night and day. Dugtrio is so needed. Whatever you do, please take my advice here, use this sweet-ass moleman. Dugtrio is a revenge killer. Trap an opponent with arena trap and KILL, not faint, kill the opponent. Choice band earthquake hits hard. Be carefull with swampert, but if you have several layers of spikes up it's unlikely that swampert lives an EQ because he is a defensive core and he is switched out and in a lot. 252 att 252 speed 4 hp adamant/jolly.
-rock slide
-slugde bomb/aerial ace

So this is what i had in mind. Of course other pokemon are usefull such as aggron and his sp defense boost because of the sandstorm and claydol and cradily ( cradily replaces suicune nicely but you wanted something resisting water moves ). The skarmory and suicune provide a good defensive core but make sure you keep suicune alive at all costs. Suicune stops a lot of sweepers that would plow through this team otherwise after speed and attack boost such as saladance and agilygross ( if magneton fails to outspeed, using max speed and timid nature might be a good idea instead of some hp ev's ).
Use tyranitar as an explosive lead without explosion. Sand stream provides infinite sandstorm. Ttar is bulky enough to take some hits as he sets up some dd's, and after that attempt a sweep. He isn't stopped by skarmory because of fire blast and after 1 or 2 dragon dances medicham is OHKO'd by earthquake. Breloom might be painfull as he OHKO's ttar with a choice banded mach punch. So set up and sweep and don't weep when he gets taken out. simply revenge kill breloom with slugde bomb/aerial ace dugtrio and if medicham takes ttar out, use earthquake. Salamence and gyarados lose due to rock slide by dugtrio, but both of them can switch out because they're not affected by arena trap. Flygon is a powerhouse with choice band and can be used as a late game sweeper because of the toxic from skarmory and suicune and the spikes. If you need to switch out flygon, let suicune take ice beams and let skarmory take outrages and physical moves. So make good use of spikes and let skarmory set them up slowly ( use toxic to fear sweepers away and set up some more spikes ). Magneton's duty is simple yet dangerous. Trap steel types and be carefull with metagross.

Furthermore, watch out for gengar, salamence, metagross and other magneton.

I hope my advice was ( besides way to long and boring ) usefull and i hope you have a lot of fun using sandstorm teams in the 3d generation.

Good luck.
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Old 07-13-2013, 09:35 PM
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Default Re: Sandstorm team

Another very good option here is scizor. Flygon can be replaced by scizor because scizor can also be used as a late game sweeper. Flygons movepool isn't that big but when using scizor one should know that he only has a handfull of viable moves in the 3d gen. If flygon is replaced, magneton gets a part of his duty: taking thunderbolts from zapdos, but this shouldn't be a very big problem. Scizor can be a very scary late game sweeper after an agility and a swords dance. This is ( my opinion ) the best set. Scizor @leftovers ev's: 252 att, 156 speed, 100 hp.
-swords dance
-silver wind
-steel wing/hp rock ( i like using steel wing )

Double boosting scizor is very dangerous indeed, but don't be to greedy and switch out when needed ( scizor doesn't take a fire blast, not even from a fire type as bad as macargo ), so switch into suicune in those occasions.

Hope my advice was usefull
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