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Third Generation Discuss the third generation Pokemon games: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen.

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Old 01-23-2013, 03:22 AM
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Default Favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn Dex?

Of the 202 Pokemon present in the Hoenn Dex, which is your favorite? Personally my favorite is Rayquaza Salamence. It is a long time favorite for me but, it was hard deciding. Gyarados, Metagross, Manectric, Aggron, Altaria, Absol, Alakazam, Swellow, Skarmory, the starters, Latios, Zigzagoon, Rayquaza, Groudon, and Latios are all contenders for my favorite Hoenn Pokemon.
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Old 01-23-2013, 04:37 AM
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Default Re: Favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn Dex?

Milotic is my favorite! I didn't really like Gen III Pokemon though...The story was alright, but the Pokemon imo were...ugh.

Milotic, Linoone, Manectric, Swellow, Sceptile, and Gardevoir. Delcatty and a few others are good too. Not really much else. xD

I like Pokemon that have a more realistic look. Fennekin, Typhlosion, Jolteon, etc. Or cute/cool Pokemon, like Dragonite, Togekiss, Leafeon, etc. :3
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Old 02-21-2013, 03:30 AM
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Default Re: Favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn Dex?

Latias, Milotic, Salamence and Absol! Haha I always have multiple favorites! (I love Flygon too!)
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Old 02-22-2013, 11:43 PM
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Default Re: Favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn Dex?

I love Altaria. Salamence is pretty cool too, though.
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Old 06-15-2013, 03:36 AM
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Default Re: Favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn Dex?

My favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn Dex has to be Metagross. With Psychic types being my favorite, I thought is was cool that they mixed Psychic & Steel type together, and it looks way more badass than Bronzong.

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